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UConn competes for another title... why can't we get teams like that in Boston?

Apr 7, 2014|

We discuss the eternal struggle that is college sports in Boston, and how academics and popularity of college sports weigh heavier here than in other major and college markets.

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For all of the people who -- correctly point out to me that there's a difference between. Division one football and basketball programs as opposed to division one hockey programs and I agree with yeah there are many many many more athletes available. For the basketball and football programs there's a smaller pool of athletes available for the hockey programs there is a smaller pool of schools they're 59. Excuse me 59 division one schools in the country to play hockey. But job much smaller pool of athletes to draw from Jerry York it's more than his fair share. And I don't think it's just because you know Boston College offers the best educational opportunity. I think that Jerry York gets kids to commend -- play -- they don't all stay the way of the world now in college athletics nobody. States anymore but other advocates -- you're also dealing with different types accuse me that if they knew they obvious racial differences. Within I think if you look at the economic breakdown. Of hockey -- -- -- basketball -- on average. It's an expensive sport to play at all on average yeah I'll I'll I'll bet you that there's the -- huge difference. In family income. With hockey families in basketball -- are always exceptions coming in only one exception okay Grant Hill not to worry about that you know mom's a lawyer. Dead you know famous football player. Yale educated on and on what. If you just look at the big picture that's one of the differences now another textures there's something about -- BC BC is staying within its standards. And they should be applauded are that they should be applauded for. Valuing education over and over anything else okay well tell that to. Helps get the caterpillar this Steve Donahue. Steve Donahue said I know -- eight and 24 last year my kids went the collapse. My kids are good citizens. Acute care about each other on and I'll get on out here. They are not it is not about valuing education I wanna win a slight fire Al Skinner. They moved on because they wanted something more than just making the turn him. It can't have it both ways if you want to be. An education first school. You probably should get out the ACC or stay in the ACC. Electrical stay there for twenty years and don't pay attention to was -- in -- -- Joseph what do what holy cross did a number years on no is different now. But go to the Patriot League where there were no scholarships. Fifteen years ago now where there are scholarships but don't go to the ACC don't go to the the best basketball conference in the land. Total it's total conference where. You can stand up to your academic standards and play -- -- -- Texas it is it harder to get in Harvard BCF I -- I have a hard -- -- would tell you start talking IDC I don't know about that no I think we all know what the answer is Roland is it will bring him payroll and I don't. What -- Duplicate make all hardcore bought -- -- in fact hockey baseball wanted to do a mate but I grew up Bridgeport Connecticut. So after the -- made a run in 2011 you're -- you guys talked for two weeks about the greatest sports -- seven championships in ten years. I'd call Robin -- on that day and I said you know throughout the northeast and etiquette. But hardcourt the contents were also bought considered. -- that was K championships in twelve years. We get three NCAA title that it can adapt to a championship. But the big deal right what is the shore and at that point I'll make is you know you look at -- 88 he got. Well hate being taken right now. You'd think until you get a top draft choice. And and you know it's kind of being turned out. -- it went -- America don't sit there pat yourself on the back for the don't eleven titles and then sit there and kick dirt on what teams do win an NBA title or an NHL title. My point exactly and in India and if you don't have a big star you're not gonna wind and it and it college football. If you don't from three conference that you're not played for the public college basketball as it does anybody can win. Not anybody can win a -- went to two straight title in the mid -- could nowadays and they still -- But the big schools are wondering now and a lot of cases so if you're looking like UConn this year look at what seniors on their team. Have a chance to make it would make for more exciting basketball to walk. Yeah OK yeah that's -- for airport but I wouldn't I wouldn't get 22. Right does with it because there was a reason. UConn wasn't eligible. For the tournament last year we -- just to the struggle -- the the the purity of college basketball. There weren't eligible last year because of academic standards. Like the academic standards were were -- that was from the NCAA. And and it felt like there are the hoosiers story got some really. Talented players. On this team there. Although all the run a bunch of we don't have a bunch of kids that could barely make it. The show we keep column should ask Mohamed from UCLA from last year Chavez Napier. Hell he 'cause cut his teeth with the 2011 championship team for years ago. Every weekend in and -- up about mid majors and -- -- -- you that was our point early UConn is now one of those one of those schools. Where you have to mention Texas eight Kentucky one four championships the last eighteen years -- imagine -- just imagine that text. What you have to say hey Kentucky is right there but you'll come on my. Even saying that it's a tribute to UConn. Dexter says as a piece. Maloney on TV talking to John -- Work and working over at Fenway Park watching batting practice right now Dexter says -- ABC sophomore. I know there are plenty of dumb ass legacy kids running around if we can lower the standards for them -- -- -- the -- and that's aircraft. Now I will not yet. There is something to be said for that tax. A lot of these there there are folks that got man who might not about exactly what the the school was looking for you know which we need for a library just wanted to let you know just pointed out -- in Connecticut page. -- Let it go I wanted to talk about the UConn game and I pretty -- that are predictive PH here at all. I'm I I can't download direct experience here like you I double file. Are about that. Bought that little reinstated at the brewers but got the night. You're gonna see I UConn where -- he would -- -- their ears. And Kevin how he's very mark -- I -- in fact about the eligibility and the compact. There are eager to bring the scene where they are now. Odd -- -- be successful and I hate in their -- All UConn. We dementia -- -- I -- was your fault julliard yourself the last few was incredibly impressive for him to win 121 gains. For a team that couldn't go anywhere it's his first year as a coach it was his second year as a coach overall for -- as a head coach. And he's one of the best or original cult about it that's the simple question yes in this town there. We care. Now window tonight but does it matter elect the estimate now we count on grad I would I can't tell you not allow my understand. We care at all the majority the majority of people now. But I prop I would guess that would make it 20% percent listen on what what's the rating going to be tonight. Red Sox game and I don't visit to lower. Headstart but. That is at the turn the game starts at midnight. And I get later later doesn't -- -- collect are able to watch most of problems why apple like any -- unbelievable basketball game tonight or John and Gerry as a judge Jerry you'll be able to watch the the national championship because they're gonna go to bed at like ten. All they -- component of god I don't know I don't know what they want it a little doubt about that tomorrow 6177797937. Is telephone number. The AT&T -- minus 37937. It's dale and Holley and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WB. Simply cannot compare. Goalies who play with a mask. With guys who didn't play with them -- Good point stand pastor god. How long ago was that that was in the first incarnation or -- college. That's our -- Stan Fischler. I. Prayers and and 1946. I think even nineteen points and did I think. I'd tell -- about the future. From nineteen to our number four -- holly Greg. Uga Uga you guys to understand. You broadcast in Springfield right -- a five point five FMR Springfield area you do understand there's a lot of people listening -- Connecticut I understand all that I'm excited about it. What are. You about this game point I made was that in this city right now. In Austin. How many people care about tonight's game who aren't affiliated with the during the to a school is there aren't I can't wait for the -- in the -- I love what UConn has -- a huge fan Kevin -- I care I think. 85% of the people that leave with him. Forty miles or fifty miles of downtown Boston. Could care laughs -- Couldn't I was forget which one couldn't could couldn't care could not care about that you could care less you could hear that's what is Europe and another texture here says how dare use it to me. How dare you say you don't care who wins tonight don't you know that Shabazz Napier from Roxbury. Why would you want three freshman from Texas one from France and one from Illinois to win over UConn I would root for any New England team over Kentucky. Am not rooting for anybody my point isn't that I don't want Shabazz Napier and UConn win. I'm just saying that India. City just got a phone call. From -- coach. 88 fellow coach because not all the guys know this summer resident and a little coaching Ramirez. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back in the days so there is a program Roxbury. While the notebooks noble program and -- pretty at all noble. Yes OK -- -- snowball a candidate that fairly self explanatory. You don't study the -- so it's great program. And that was coach of one of these teams I was an assistant coach. And apparently. I was coaching against. Shabazz Napier that he -- -- it I -- it -- -- can't hide it gave up your right it was probably. Struggling to keep up with this introductory. But it was amazing you know it it you guys know this from. I'm sure you've had some. Experience coaching youth sport the first thing and often do this. If you get into it you're really really get into it and just like Fauria coach in the yeah girls. Those girls team and I just remember when now when he went to the playoffs gets a bath Napier human lost out and it. It got. Guys. As with a triple double -- -- -- -- was coaching against these young so bad Napier whose who has the chance to win a national championship tonight and probably gonna leak in the government partially out of Arizona -- that's the -- story a story does not remember -- Or or the political and if that team could their -- that enough Matilda and I. And he's going to be back I can like them up no problem 61777979837. Mike -- -- Mike I don't. And I expect -- call your site. That's just life you know -- very patient rather quite an academic. Program in and joining me she surely. Why are you actually yeah hey duke. Oh wait aren't sure that you are pretty good academic mission and get it done. -- let's read -- -- I don't want. But the point is very getting kids like get all the kids into their school to play and Boston -- just the opposite might sound like you agree and that's exactly report what you just said that there there are other teams of Virginia I'm glad you brought them up great school. On North Carolina very good school. Duke all the all these all these programs. Have done pretty well historically and expect -- do well. Yeah I think they're lowering that debt that I don't think. They are about fact I'm pretty sure you're not. No I think they do I think I guess I at least say what path they allows student athletes in. The Boston College would not let him yes I do believe that. I think -- I want to -- web and what's on myself I always always been a lot of these kids getting into these schools but don't give in Boston called what's the difference. -- I think that there are no exception being made at BC our current outbreak. I -- not right they are you're not gonna let that not enough about -- a little football team how president at the right athletes and only so it might. I'm okay and -- Story about -- All right so let's let's let's let's say you're right let's go to premise that you know he's got away. I'm not a guy ought to have a color of a role with the premise that I got after it. But so what you're saying Mike is. There are no exceptions being made at North Carolina duke Virginia. Nor Boston College so it is just a matter of recruiting those guys flat out recruit better -- BC. -- -- -- -- Well that that was art and our point early Iran was unit they've got to find a way to get those kids that come here because. Jim Calhoun prior. And Kevin -- now. Are apparently finding a way to get kids to go to stores Connecticut for -- and a lot -- says all Boston is too snowy and cold yet stores Connecticut is always right -- Yeah I think Mike has a fair point about recruiting -- recruiting as a part of the story. Especially if you are in Boston and you see all these kids -- -- Sheldon. Jeff Adrien. Shabazz Napier. You see these kids these Boston kids leaving the city. And that's a recruiting issue but it's also. 88 standards which I think is both I think both arguments can be correct. Now the -- you bring up the whole. Whether thing that drives me crazy is I see teams like Iowa State in Ames Iowa and I think the myself. What god forsaken seventeen year old kid says to themselves. I'd like to spend the next three or four years in Ames Iowa -- was it that the programs like that gets these kids get these kids. At a place like Boston I can't get these kids SP economy. I think it's also was some of them understand me the other day at a BC graduates talking about the facilities. That their maverick. They are probably knows the garden is up for seven million dollar renovation. I don't know if -- a seven million dollar renovation. For Conte forum and the practice gym by his powers Jim yeah I'd be getting. And they need to be seven million dollars but need to -- some dollars wolf if you're competing in the ACC how are. What is gonna exclude duke and North Carolina different level. I think you have to go to waking up to look at Wake Forest get a look at Virginia you have to look at that North Carolina State you have to look at Virginia Tech. Have to look at these schools and ask yourselves. Ask yourself. To work facilities matchup with the -- And the answers if they have to know you absolutely have to rhetoric. I I actually was getting a whole earful about this the other night at an event that was -- about the lack of facilities at Boston College. When the football team is playing for instance. Op people park and tailgate as much as you intended to Boston College on the baseball field. Your park on the field to them for the baseball -- -- that's all they got. You've got up a pretty nice facility in Conte forum but it shared by the hockey and basketball teams now. NCAA rules state very specific late. That if if you're playing at Conte forum tonight if you're a division one basketball program you get to chew on that floor before you play. Well I -- -- the hockey team than testicle practice uttering the Watertown ID ethical practice at a at a Muni rank in Watertown when that happens. Team the tennis team. Division one tennis program major division one college tennis program has to go to some tennis club. That's not too far from BC because they don't have the facilities for. They wanna beat a division one in major college program. But they don't wanna have the facilities that validates a major division one college program can you imagine if you world. A lying back or top fifty recruit in football. And what are your visit was the Boston college and you came to peace in the middle of October and they were playing and Rutgers was a third to whoever temple but there -- Rutgers Bill Belichick of. I don't look at you out of -- right there. Can you imagine what those kids would be saying when they see that that they had to -- it's a -- -- -- -- -- great atmosphere and I don't you guys are seated -- you'll -- -- their back in the day I sought with Notre Dame in Virginia Tech remember on a Thursday night but the atmosphere -- just has to drive kids away controls. Dogs in Derry New Hampshire dot. And public comment one I think you guys that are. Arguing with yourself the term facility being the issue. What -- example he'd get cute but not hockey team and hockey team that let good facilities. There and many people against -- compete. And they are phenomenal every year. Problem is not. The facilities the facility aren't apply. But it don't tradition of winning. And I can't like do you wanna win and he got a couple bad breaks at. I'm cop and he would. They'd be the art equipment that it -- he -- -- doing great about it -- -- actually in terms of culture. -- -- not playing a lot of traditional rival at Harvard now but they they don't wanna play. Technically probably it really crops anymore. They don't play it what you -- I think it at that. Starting at about the -- traditional wedding. Inhabit and the elite hockey o'clock here Jerry York. -- -- You know making that for peace is one thing I'm not BP guy. But. They'll order academic standards to the plight of embarrassment to get the right hit it ain't that and it and they're Latin it and picked up and get. Well let me ask that you -- US you talk about dumb. Tradition in winning tradition. Although at the 1996. There was a greater winning tradition in basketball at Boston College than -- was -- -- -- Are you -- been able to develop as Michael said before one of the best winning traditions in a whole -- country in the last sixteen years. Answer there are they gonna have a they had it bad enough. Michael's in -- champ. New York Michael -- Good are you know this time. I'm just about a whole lot peacekeeping. In bridge -- New York by Vermont -- Red Sox patriots they'll expand. A report but talk about pot in college being on the same page at duke academically. -- -- he -- hit it. Look at any of the Collins reports. They're there they're not really on the same playing field so recruiting trip between duke and Indy I don't think it's reality. I -- terrible. Lot what I do know is that there are some very good academic institutions in this country that can still compete at a high level. On on the athletic field court ice whatever you know facility one. So why can't it happen for Boston College football and basketball why isn't it happening here. Well I I I again I think -- if it is. Release our student. Athlete has that the -- go to either. Deeper duke or -- -- Carolina SARS and bird or are Berkeley these types of places that. You know that were -- the policies themselves academically. Date they really -- the. You're all the other way -- -- BC SA BC does not compare to the top notch or not I'm not sure about that Michael you know what does that mean a tweet two minutes ago. As -- Michael you are where there's a major academic fraud scandal going on UNC correct I was not aware of that though as the Lola local here reference -- And look at it absolutely right there was -- fraud scandal that have been going on for decades. And there were kids taking classes. That they don't necessarily go to. -- they were turning in work that got. They were signed a high grade with no interaction with little to no interaction with their professors. -- North Carolina. -- I don't think right now. Anybody at North Carolina would say. We have what we stand on in an academic moral high ground over Boston College I think they're probably whispering right now and don't wanna draw any attention to them -- We go back to the original question we ask that the beginning of this part of the discussion. Somehow some way vague yet good basketball student athletes to go to stores freaking Connecticut. Eight they get away to get them and get them to go there. Now if you're telling me that none of the kids were playing at UConn could get into BC academically not none of them while then there's nothing BC can do to compete at the level they wanna -- that. What it back to when and what what one of the callers. Earlier. That's amazing to me. But indicated the planes stores and -- and where site is Kansas. -- -- -- Kansas and you can look at some of the you know you've got Greg mention Iowa. How Iowa State. Mean there are some Syracuse. And amateur journalism students. A lot of votes on the woman on the departure Bob caught up by NS wants to be well above just noted that that isn't really blow me away. I think it is easy it's you'll look at the resonate. So if you are Jim Calhoun you say while had Ray Allen here and he was a lottery pick -- had rip Hamilton here -- he was a lottery pick and I had Donyell Marshall here. And he was a lottery pick and Emeka Okafor and just keep going down the list. What what you wanna do what you wanna do what do you see yourself and in five years seven years playing in the NBA can make that happen forty. This program can make that happen for a -- that's. When a championship. This program has won every championship opportunity to win a -- so whether it's in stores Connecticut or New York City or Boston. If you have -- you sell to a -- you're pretty good shot. So it's so it's the coach. You gotta start with a -- coach in the history. Well in the -- theoretically could help developing an economic not only -- on the UConn had a history for Calvin got -- there had a bad history but not on this right Yankee conference warning that -- it was a best player back aviators that's that that says enough you know that -- The -- went to the TrailBlazer with the big 611. You know want to do that yet they had a great player back in the mid to late eighties -- -- -- years in the day. We'll figure off the pick -- -- OK to -- from troubling and he has. -- it was on last time I checked he wasn't no. Note activity was not like OK let them know up until about how I I haven't seen a little while but I really I don't think he's like anymore or -- -- -- now. I did mention to you guys that our technical problems Greg thank you aren't much that's -- I'm not -- definitely always said if I mention the guys that that there was somebody in stores Connecticut not looking forward to tonight who is. Eyes name's Derek. Derek is an RA at one of the dorms what's your problem at Powell at the university gathered at a here's the email am I won't read the whole thing but here's emailed Derrick set up his charges. Everyone. He's gonna gamble or somewhere else to watch the game. Midnight quiet -- still apply here so responsibly go nuts elsewhere. I'm on duty tonight in its gonna be stressful. So please don't push it on our floor -- -- -- going to be a lot of our race and police around north if I wasn't an -- I would personally stay away from here tonight. In the and remember that the only reason you care about the game is one. Because you're wearing UConn uniform they're wearing UConn uniform or beat you want an excuse to go wild if it's the first -- you're cheering for laundry. It excited if you want but it's nothing worth getting in trouble for if it's the second one be as far away from me as possible tonight. I will not appreciate being disrespected. Over the outcome of a basketball game I've done all like can't expect you when your privacy since August. Please reciprocate this respect and be civil on our floor. Why you might get caught up tonight please remember the night will eventually end and no matter what the basketball team does. I'm still going to be your RA for another month on the winner -- wanna watch brought to buy it don't disturb. Have -- Mary Sanderson tickets okay. Governor if they're very -- learned to relax and not the worst are inherently our -- -- Lived on the floor invite everyone in my difference from every -- on shall go nuts and Derrick floor up to you if you're Derek in it and finally if this is even re -- might want to make her life miserable that's what he -- it if this is real when Derek really did that out with Andy. Everybody got a Derek Lowe art and I watch the game to get ready to go knots. 6177797937. -- -- and Greg Dickerson Sports Radio W media. We're all those people it's a deluge just out of the sport guy Derrick and the lesson I read. Something -- that on the Internet I mean on Twitter it's been everywhere all day and I'm not venture real. But that Israel lighten up Francis but come on now it's everything deserves. I mean if -- Israel and I'll stressed that part. Thoughts on the news that was on the wild ride -- yeah -- that's got a bigger threat of real enemies hear it it it is all over Twitter today a lot of people have tweeted about a lot of national people. Have been tweeting on. Sleep Derek is a huge sports fan I can tell loves sports and it's really looking forward to the game tonight. Extra sizzle title nine require that our rate to -- post the same email Tuesday night. Well probably not because I don't know -- the parties will be. They want as it if they had a at a price it will not a sobered up yet but there are no it's a little controversial. Talking college basketball men's college basketball. In Boston Sports Radio. If you can take that to the in -- you mentioned women's college coaches say it. I'm amazed by I don't know how much you God's gonna watch -- You talk in the morning. And able Bryant's their call you've got two undefeated teams. Playing for that I -- never happened before right to undefeated teams -- -- the national. Estimates. Ed have you have a whole villain thing 'cause my political and market. Notre Dame coach -- -- it. As -- -- -- -- and gave us some people in the Yukon. Athletic department who's the villain they might say geno has it Muppet Muppet man roster malaria among them talked -- divorce can't stand them. On the nice Catholic values of Notre Dame. She did league light him up a little bit that nice Catholic values and you know Catholic institution like Notre Dame. And one of reporters masters hate too strong and be fair assessment pay a model so Muppet has -- is number. But you know connect. Connecticut. By third win by third about fifteen -- -- which. Brian's lol hey Brian I don't I bet they go Abrams right. Some guys held serve and and a million people that called mission peace deal you know the reality people calling a multi seat. It's pretty dark arts school to get into our number one student then last year. And out equator regionally to a Vanderbilt northwestern not bad company guys. But the big investor have you taken into anabolic wondered about BC is like you have it. -- athletically and -- academically and what are the school has been and other Michigan. Which is -- -- admission -- concrete reputation academically it's astounding. And you took -- economic -- outside of the night -- force my school but a lot of -- to talk a pat. Should get a superb example -- -- academic reputation as it is outstanding but they have whether or really really good argument -- Yeah -- it's very. I don't know if Michigan is the is the great example because. -- Michigan I think there're others candidates get this gives a good score nothing's absolute but in terms of the the enrollment at Michigan. Vs the enrollment at at Boston College. I don't think there's any compares I don't believe. Look at this along time but a lot of those Big Ten schools. Are just massive enrollments it would accept I don't know what of northwestern northwestern. It is is more I think northwestern is more comparable to -- to BC the Michigan I think Stan. Academically I mean I don't but but athletically they're not what BC aspires to be either northwestern. BC aspires to be. How well I don't know but Patrick what that maybe that's the question what do they wanna be any. They ever defined what they want that it's pretty obvious by going into the conference that they've gone in two man that -- one to beat. Wanna be to -- you know I don't know it's simple. In a portal -- the raging jealousy understand why would be noted that always wanted to be notre. That's it -- like. Verdict a huge bit of jealousy about Notre Dame is understandable the number one Catholic school in this country. They wanna be noted I -- without the barrel with the last time Notre Dame and -- it. Asked proper -- left and went to the final four. I think academically. Academically I think. Athletically Austin Karzai Waterford had to drop -- Apparently got a lot of -- our our brand but they do have regrets at all fat especially deadly football wise you can definitely say that. Athletically our -- and -- general athletics they wanna be noted let's think about. Sure about the agreement that would mean no -- I -- probably. Eric Gordon was a -- player -- -- a year former Celtic art. If you wanna be Notre Dame. In football. You think about everything with that goes with Notre Dame football. A lot of money involved that NBC on the hook. They have they have much larger stadium they continued to renovate and -- money. It -- Notre Dame stadium they are a national. Recruiting animal. When it comes to when it comes to football. And yes at times. They do. Play or play around with admissions a bit. To get in the athletes that they want and football I don't know I don't look at what we ordered. That's -- that things and ordered the book oddly and then what you got I don't know I don't know if that's the question I think there's some there's an identity crisis mics on the -- On -- like. -- -- Plain and simple often called -- the -- fans and all of -- collegiate it's about time we heard from somebody you'd be you'd. I am not. No doubt split not they have the worst fans in all sports are in the -- before -- go back while being a football beat people called -- economic and when you go to a BC basketball game it is -- joke with you candidate that they -- out there where the kids go to school where. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Joseph war -- freshman or sophomore. You Nestle wanna make yourself. Head over to the Conte forum in the middle of January -- BC take on. Wake -- You're a student why not why wouldn't be at the game. You know what I did what they do play duke and Dickey got bi cultural up and make sure about that the super sort of video -- on it that scroll back that the Caremark. The plate is still not something I mean they -- we -- all -- completely in North Carolina. We're probably still wouldn't help them they don't -- for the games. Why don't people show up for a NBA or NHL or Major League Baseball game allowed -- to know because the teams are very. And upper class white abruptly student and the general fans alike don't show on paper group that put some players in the league BC has been -- and talk to the tournament. Have we got it don't -- even when they were I think Mike's point is well taken. Even when they were good team. Even when they had -- definitely when they had Craig -- when they had Troy bell and and they were -- were thinking about. And I'd be pretty good team it would make the elite eight this year. The attendance was a little spot. So I think I think it's airport has -- can. That's right -- -- We're all we have this sound. The Teddy would have to say that the fans were there. You are obligated. Not text brings up a good point. Why are you all about BC. UMass is way more comparable UConn easier admission better area -- -- why aren't they trying to be better. We have been talking about BC here it's him ballot question. Folks listening out there on the dime double nickel out in Springfield bull will vouch for this -- at UMass is trying to make that next step they're trying to make that improvement. To their to their athletic programs. So far hasn't worked quite Williams -- it's a huge uphill battle would go from. One double -- 21 a football championship series the bowl championship series. They've made us the hard they were pretty bad the last couple years but at least they're they're trying a basketball wise -- a couple pretty good to the last two yeah. Basketball on and they bring me the tournament this year. Brought back one of their own to coach a team just like UConn -- Kevin -- what the earnings coach -- the team Derek Kellogg. You know part of the part of the U -- glory days coach of that team now -- it's not as as but they're not. On -- level. But now it's. They're similar. In terms of profile state which fuels right you can't have such a head start. Even if you compared. If you compared Villanova. To UConn now compared Georgetown UConn both schools. -- to UConn. About the -- start a conversation. To look where you got -- there's no shame in other words. There's no shame if you're UMass graduate or fewer UMass coach student athletes there's no shame -- out and you're not on UConn global. Because neither as a kid right now from Kansas. Neither -- a -- from UCLA. Or Washington. This is now one of the top programs in the country. -- is a cell -- it can't. Ottawa could be species cheered for years. Football in basketball. And -- to hold their athletes to -- ended. Her freshman year -- Mary TI and they had the -- when they were number two in the country over I'm old. -- of a percentage point because -- great. And I cure. Come -- football game and it would first go. County to be out and then you're a basketball game in the afternoon or early in the feed them. Not only the -- all the -- accountable for their -- Her little brother who used to play video games and BJ raji role model. Much better student -- -- trapped -- couldn't get in the BC this year they've increased their academic and the last ideas so. I think they do all of. I cannot I have no I have no issues with -- that's what BC sees itself as I I applaud them for. But then don't allow them and higher basketball coach and fire a couple of years later because -- basketball team isn't as good as you think it should be. I'm not sure it can be as good as you think it should be if that's the academic standards -- try to adhere to and that's fine I applaud you good for you. MIT's not going to be in the tournament anytime soon either. You got to look at it just say what do you want us to be here. What do you want to -- you want Boston College Thabeet UConn UMass tell us what you think that it what's the vision for the school on the program and then try to go from there. Let us from -- sudden there's this if you can answer this question. What would you guys if you had. If you had eats these stores like situation -- -- situation right here the BC. It BC basketball. And it was on the verge of winning its fourth championship. In the last fifteen years. You think -- You would be a regular at county formed entity yes I mean -- winning so that's what it would -- the whole city would be into what's the whole thing. Is not into it now because we have some disdain for college sports. It certainly does look for order. Well I yeah I won't mostly item at a I think that. If you did have that I don't think college sports no matter the heights they reach around here. Let me get to the heights of what the Red Sox -- our -- all hi hi all know -- -- I -- thank you barrage -- but. It's like is we're approaching here. People weren't interest and the Bruins twelve years ago because they weren't very good people working interest in the celtics' ten years ago because -- that or -- -- because there. Bottom of the barrel it to it's it's the way it is and at least when those teams win. People show up they get better TV ratings there's more interest on talk radio. Unfortunately for college sports right now it's taken there are so far down and so far off people's radar it's nearly an impossibility. For them to actually compete with. The four approaching terrible the problem you have -- your Boston College Renny at the program UMass had the same problem of football. He picked the wrong that are on the program. You picked the wrong guy out UMass. And by that we made may be the single dumbest decision I've ever heard in my life. Play our home games two hours down on the road at Gillette Stadium. Oh that's a good plan to get the student body involved in your home football games. Let road trip -- basis killer out there that I thought it was stupid when they announced that its dom now to. They picked the wrong data on the program it's it's everything back Boston College did the exact same thing in football they picked the wrong. And it's set everything back at night trying to you try to make up for lost time in the same thing now with basketball program as well. Your point Michael starts with the coach starts there. I don't over the next Jim Calhoun is the Boston College basketball may be its aggressive garbage don't. And benefits Jim Christian Boston college's basketball team will with the program will improve and and the interest will go up will be signature on a national championship easy playing for a national title at some of you up there but Jim -- wasn't that guy polish one year contract. This are the dale and -- program brought to -- ARS restoration specialists -- your commercial project manager. Or at great sales relationship skills rich -- is adding to the ARS team just a phenomenal company. Is that IRS -- dot com for a RS career. Opportunity. Just saw -- the other day in Fenway Park for the home opener nice. It was nice it was a nice part of it the result not so good we started the show talking about. Your level of concern. For the Boston -- -- Through loose tonight. We change. You change your mind is it still but you guys still on the it's it's. Early to keep -- going early. It's early don't worry about it two and five. And alters by the time your four to six by channel four. Rarely could mean nice it may be on different but. New York even if they dry in different a lot of ways they drop the 2262 to seven to woody -- 110 c'mon now I don't know a lot of equipment. IGoogle -- this season. I don't have these huge expectations of conversational get different arsenic I would if you have inaugural if they dropped three in ten. I'd be wore them -- people are like. That and it now here's here's the crazy. What are some players like you to. A lot of players a lot of fans like you didn't expect anything from Tony thirteen Red Sox winning the division was ninth. Thought they would struggle against Tampa beat Tampa in four games -- Ailes yes. And when they beat the tigers they felt like Dave O'Brien. The World Series. I go to the world's. Women's World Series ticket at. What year. So anything after this. Front -- -- bowl last year until last year. Wonder if some of that -- contentment. Is creeping into the thing. I think is definitely there on the fanned by the without it until they're random. -- I just don't sense the east players with that kind of attitude human nature I and I understand that you've got to be of guard against that not an all that stuff I just started as being human I I I look at look at the core values I look at the at the but type of person a guy and I'm just using visas examples kind of person Dustin Pedroia is and and Mike Napoli is just don't -- guys who. And where good. I mean how it works like that. But you know you fighting to win a championship of fighting for respect. In and again. You don't have that chip on your shoulder this year that you had a mutual laster knew what that giant chip on your shoulder last year for a number of those guys this year that little extra. Thing that drives you through the month of August or September of the dog big gains in July or August don't have that this year you how much I know they don't. -- in team meetings and a bigger team means that Tito wasn't on furloughs and and he had a team meeting bring in Rodney. -- better -- But listen you guys. You wanna get that chip on your shoulder. You pick a couple of members of the media got some candidates for Shaughnessy picture RC. He's always good on it doesn't believe and you think you guys -- you need to -- -- to -- -- -- -- villain. And go look at bill on the. Hired Michael Holley said you world that could last out right you've got lucky if he got very -- -- -- stopped. As a content. With what you accomplished we mocked Rodney Harrison for that to its face by the way to our credit we mocked him to a space about that. About you know that they'll hold it if if if there weren't people giving you guys are times you didn't take it out tomorrow you make it up and he admitted that they would. By about a I don't blame him actually. Who won one our our bracket challenge are are back at. Think this was between CDC about -- ECD's you smoke or dance team a lot to. I don't -- the little by the literally means my evil was plucked out of it that's how they announce election results in Chicago a lot still a little that's how they did -- don't ask anything further just. Trust us on this that was the vote. Could work out that way upbeat in Connecticut eight Pete I don't. -- -- -- -- -- just are you can't talk about you've got a little you match or the common object by UConn basketball so big and etiquette. A bigot and a lot to do with just -- etiquette here I mean Q Condit off our coast ports in regard we have not been elsewhere for kinda -- torn between. York's -- bought schools or to. You've got oops this just like one of the unifier. -- all those. You know all the people in the warmer actually we're all not cheer Connecticut I think that's why. A big reason mighty Connecticut basketball so big here and it being. Look at that in malevolent and a place like Boston where you have you know you get from pro sports and -- people like. While like I do agree that that the other isn't much else for the state of Connecticut there -- -- professional teams and your right about all -- I can understand that for the men's program I still am amazed at the support for the women's program and in the state of Connecticut. Like it it's it's what -- -- but it is just because women's women's sports in general on -- the same. Level of of support as men's sports for the most part I think banning Connecticut I bet that you. At that level but once again it's it is not just Connecticut. Look at Tennessee -- when pat summit was there. You know before she hatter before shatter an unfortunate issues. Tennessee. Tennessee UConn that was me Baylor -- brittney griner down ever anticipated game Notre Dame we're playing for the championship. -- think. If you've you've got a program like this one of the best programs in the country if not the best for the better premier program in the country. -- is one championship behind Pat -- I remember when Jim Calhoun. When he left the talk was whether Gina would -- coach commenced. I remember when gee you know it's yeah I didn't get bloody death and got away I remember what you don't. Went back in this must've been championship. Three championship for for him. I went back to his hometown he's from Philadelphia. And the they played Tennessee in his hometown. I remember at that time estimate that when the championship here. Against Tennessee at home that this will be this will represent kind of hit it. Where. He may be trailing pat summit but there's there's got to be a new is about to be in new. Standard set in college basketball. And yet they won that game one of fairly easily. And that there -- some of standard. Her best you you measure yourself against -- you know measure yourself against Tennessee anymore. Congratulations to the New York Yankees who not only played their home opener today about one their home opener this afternoon Derek Jeter's final home opener. -- one tiny little issue. You know that giant scoreboard in center field in the picture and -- that Somalia. And misspelled Jacoby Ellsbury. And it Arctic OB ELL. Asks. You will be RY. L -- Jacoby also Marie was playing center field for the New York -- that wasn't their only problem today. A lot of people showed up either on opening day -- siege -- Jacoby also very. What happens when you. We gotta get out here we go over -- what we don't have to get out. I picked it that it went like. Oh that's when I was Ronald couldn't give Orlando -- this had better be worth it or what you and I are gonna come close here. They Orlando aren't you -- noble -- yes -- actually I am. Hold up and -- you -- Why I can't wait. Orlando -- Building at more Red Sox and the mean they all bought. Well or not but -- -- lap with that don't. And let that happen now and they'd rather than just over there. You. Are so popular market right conduct bode well. -- use -- black districts are right do we. Go quite. You called Albert pike. And got -- you've got now. -- -- read enough. It helped people bought the -- are written that is rated -- 08. Have frozen pizza prohibits the great. I had original it's with juicy one hard Cardona and I'm glad he did switch a -- anywhere from sliced bread -- frozen pizza but that request for hundreds of why they had a good for -- I have not never. Now can -- ago. Normally we should go well that's what -- guy humble guy. That's in between now want to a pregame 25 months we'll get tomorrow and tomorrow. I have no idea territory Eric -- tomorrow asking me you -- no thoughts just teasing me. Jerry partly in tomorrow will be here's a great guys and Elena holly Sports Radio WB.

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