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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Amazing Edition - 04/07/14

Apr 7, 2014|

We tackle four topics that revolve around AMAZING feats in sports, all prompted by UConn's amazing 11-0 record in Championship Games.

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I'm not a -- what's gonna happen today. At forest for. And Hollywood. He's better. You and he's the night I got it. Good if I don't it's all about auto tune. I don't know if not it's all okay now and what it sounds like give you auto tuned for two missing. Might be right -- that's the same wave like Andy's on Dale Arnold auto Andy helped us out what's the theme today. -- -- It's amazing all would have made amazing things port -- brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans -- Possible and not have to is it 100%. Yes so it is amazing feats in sports -- Sports entertaining and it's. Question number one tonight the UConn men's basketball team in its fourth national championship game tomorrow night the UConn women's team in the ninth. National championship game so far UConn basketball is Lebanon low in national championship game somebody explain it it's historic Connecticut. Is this the most amazing feat in all of college -- I gotta say yes. I gotta say yes -- do you think about the men's program in the women's program. Getting to that level at the same time it never losing. The national championship game they've had true. The women -- about not mistaken I think they've hit two. Undefeated teams championship teams this will be the third. If they pull it off. And what the cliche you always hear basketball or you -- in sports people or are comparing it to well -- -- Out of the Celtics the 1963 Celtics matchup with the 2008 Celtics cliches are you can't compare errors and a -- arrows. And I guess there's some truth to that but if you look at UConn from the women's side. You don't have to compare -- Geno are you ever came into the game when pat summit -- at the top of her game at Tennessee. They caught him they went tonight they catch and Jindal character Tennessee. That same error you overtake them that combination has just have to be I can't I can't think. More amazing accomplishment. Callousness about you you got one. Because I got one the other one more -- -- that 88. John Wooden -- and 188. Games in a row hole. I mean for awhile -- they have that stretch where they won ten NCAA titles and a twelve year period including seven and -- all. Seven in a row and 88 straight games that's the most amazing -- ever. It's amazing it's a great stat I would tell you it would not happen today there's no way. They would have won ten out of twelve because. What was the -- that field. The tournament field at that time it was only 32 bit I don't know don't take -- -- to there was very small I mean the you've got to go through you've got to go through some things now that you didn't have that you have to go through then added it's adding there's more parity that. And there was. Forget all the teams in your role in division I mean you look at mid major teams. If you're a mid major team you're just as good or you've got the players they can beat. Behind in teams -- John Wooden coached the what did you I -- I. Africa for John -- beat duke if he was coaching Mercer to answer says stores with the best five years of my life that. -- Mystery our Kevin Durant has scored 25 or more points in 41 consecutive games during this past Jordan on the list. -- commented saying he wants the street to be over. During -- six games to catch Oscar Robertson. And -- 65. Games to catch Wilt Chamberlain. What is the best NBA accomplishment you've seen in your lifetime. Greg you're the NBA. And hard to -- now all of us that -- shouldn't pretty low then. Best accomplishment I've ever seen in my lifetime. Could have been so many things of that and that going to buy mine Kobe's 81. Jordan 63 -- -- so no I would I would I would go obviously with which Chamberlain a hundred but -- around them. I just think the group the six titles -- Jordan won in the ninety's such as I don't think it'll be matched anytime soon. Two 23 feet from Michael -- pretty good out Michael Jordan the part of my answer to but you have to share it with. Hakeem Olajuwon. I believe those guys when you can be. MVP of the league. And defensive player of the year in the same season. I think that is really at that really stands out in Jordan did that I believe -- 88. And Hakim Olajuwon that is as well. I'll cheat a little bit because I was alive for this but I was too young to know about it only in hindsight reading about it Oscar Robertson. Averaging. Thirty point eight points twelve point five rebounds and eleven point four assists for -- The only player in NBA history to average a triple double for the entire season you know how we make such a big -- a lot of triple doubles now yes. They -- only did it for the season by himself which can be taken. Point gone through that little bit up and could have -- more offense at what we're back where I may 125. Gave up 26. To be 33. Larry Sanders of the Milwaukee Bucks has been suspended five games for violating the NBA's anti drug policy. I did they do back -- I know. By the way -- -- gotten better -- says both of -- BAT's -- in his lifetime Jack making two free throws and a. -- that's a pretty good one Sanders is suspended for using marijuana. In commenting on his suspension Sanders said quote I believe in marijuana in the medical side of it I noted is if I'm going to use it I study it. And I know the benefits it has in a lot of waves -- we've been deprived of the prior. What the hell was he talking about is this the most amazing response to a suspension in sports history. You know those -- Yet he was immediately followed by Ricky Williams Mike yeah Bill Clinton. At -- an average defender to Bob -- and I'd like yeah -- on the show what it's like completely understand where it's got them from higher -- I applaud him and he got a neat way to approach I'd never -- in the war. Respond to a suspension that's where I -- -- make all the corporate response that was supposed to expand our policy. I try to even back with the I violated the policy of mine at least. Not yet but not unbreakable. Do you think the Jeff twists of the Milwaukee Bucks their PR got the -- Wrote that on you that was him exactly that crap that ought to be -- they I have I really let down my thing I believe. I've -- bear a lot of we've been deprived. I'm impressed you know debt that is -- to approach your punishment I have studied it. That right after that he demanded a trade to the Denver nugget yet to ever dogged effort and -- -- of -- -- -- and went right -- made his statement he demolished entire letter that Iraq. I control everything. About it's illegal. In the NBA to use marijuana. Current month is it legal to take endorsement. Could it be like you gotta be. The face of a lot of we need friendly products was. Ski trip to Denver. It I just basically get trained to -- that they don't let you know they don't want to do at an all in -- not a candidate that -- at the new commissioners parties and it's against our roles like it has on -- and he delegates said the same thing project -- else that I don't care for its legal -- we -- -- that you don't think a -- With certain times -- the Larry Sanders had any brains. I think this is correct like. In the NBA thing no -- they're getting tested for week. -- -- -- -- -- General -- -- should become freedom fighters Wear it and if this guy just because we wouldn't make acutely Rhodes scholar and -- Or preferably. And I say look. Commissioner -- Commissioners over with all due respect their. But laws of the United States of America what with all the laws of the Colorado. More important. National basketball. Colorado. Have to worry about more -- more Simpson's billion yen down. Our economy journal is greater -- Colorado. Yes that's exactly Goodell it's -- -- take you see. And after the AT&T question of the day text your answer to the eighteenth -- -- 37937. Last night. The undertaker entered -- and yet thirty with a perfect one on -- oh record at the show of shows. To everyone's surprise Brock Lesnar defeat the undertaker and now his record is 21 and one are you disappointed it was Brock who broke the streak. If so who would you have preferred to have seen beat the undertaker and end the streak. Greg Mae West still around. Pack up your thought it was actually older than. Many young men don't ya it -- -- that question pretty amazing job and Mae West and other uncle from my definitely had nothing to do with that battle in the squared circle where I was actually older than a fabulous bull and it's pictures with us anymore. If he may end Michael -- -- mr. Big Apple about. You actually watched a couple of matches -- -- pictures I think pictures that's ago. As secure when I mean you know that -- a guy who was really impressed with his own accomplishments. Speaks multiple languages. Yup that was called the European. Upper cut that -- All right the big swing -- the memories. Like he actually picked up. The big show. And threw it over the top rope monitoring. The big man -- its -- battle royal and about 6530. My pick -- -- -- it would have general I've studied this very Israel and their standards and I've studied it. My -- would be Roman rains. -- one of the three members of the shield. I think on the verge of being a big star. I wasn't disappointed. That the streak came to an end last night when I was disappointed is. But they let a part time guy who's not even going to be in the company full time going forward. Beat a guy who went to the straight. So I didn't wanna see Brock Lesnar and if I wanted to a young guy who could get a rob as they say in wrestling is get a push from. So is -- a great choice on your part Michael Roman -- would have been my choice a young guy who would take that. That push that that he would get from undertaker angle for whatsoever what's your eyes I'm trying to understand this what you're trying to say is. Instead of a a young guys. You'd rather have cut -- has bill or you you don't want that you'll want to has been you want the nice young guy like a young guy and then can get up a work in radio. Not to go to actually yeah. -- -- that that they go back of the old guy you know depending on -- I'd -- with the young guy but Breslin and us open that can -- -- goes the other -- you apply for a place for Seattle will have a project in Seattle about him okay. I'm well that wraps up our. I've got to ask you know we don't we don't talk a lot of black college basketball or college sports. On the station but if you look at. College best national championship argue converse Kentucky. Is that the true underdog UConn. It -- there weren't expected to be here whereas Kentucky. Their last ten games but beginning of this than you thought they could just put together probably number one Italian at the beginning of the season. And and once again John Calipari great recruiting class all star recruit in class five freshman here. But if you look at this. Your car. Pull this off four championships. In fifteen years and think about some of the legendary programs in college basketball. The joke. North Carolina. Enhances. UCLA. Syracuse averages and they don't. None of those those schools. Have accomplished this. Thought -- would four championships to coaches. Their -- championship depicting a long time legendary -- thing LaRoche the had a guy has been their two years ago. And I think you got obviously is is is recognized as a perennial top fifteen. Program. In college basket you have to put them up even higher. Before you can't you can't even argue with the -- fifteen years -- -- it is their right down the road so he's you've -- nice story. Let me ask us even with forty in fifteen years if I say to the average college basketball fan -- you tell -- the number Kentucky hasn't done. Nobody if I say to you and -- green with your point yeah. What are your top five programs are going up and god willing on the list direct North Carolina you're going to probably Louisville you're going can Zaki. Com I don't know -- will put the Kentucky running an oil will be there because of pitino Florida I think I would mention if I'm most college apple figures at Florida Kansas before I ever mentioned UConn. But your right and the fact that. If they win this one tonight that's two of the four in which they kind of came out of nowhere in the tournament to end up winning the title. Nobody expected it back in 2011. And more people that expected for this year. And I don't even say back in 99. Public a lot of people expected -- -- -- not have been the the rip Hamilton team. -- won the championship. I just can't figure out how to do I mean I've been -- human. -- business at Hartford they're not even in Hartford current sort of make it that much more I -- bill -- -- -- The other day and and I can't think of the guy's name god bless them. But the guy from Ohio it was such a disappointing hire the new Boston College I'm Jim Christian gentry. It was just so disappointing that she couldn't get more of a bang you couldn't get something more. What do we haven't been able to get something one has to understand college basketball is 47 on the food chain in this town. But you can't tell me that. You can't make a rise out of this program when you can you can win and do what you've done in stores Connecticut he can't have something similar to that in Boston. One of the great cities in the world. You don't need a big name. What you need is there an ally to an admissions I was -- I cannot -- I'm fortunate it was ginger admissions -- that's why -- respond to stop the sudden stop saying you wanna beat duke. Or Stanford you're not going to be them just beat Boston that I believe in education -- Education is very important. -- -- -- I have. But albeit sort of music if I had eight top recruit in the country. It was Thomas. It's been my admissions policy -- -- All right. 500 -- and great job yet to spot on the team the birds here for years to understand that. And end in all seriousness error there are some school at Boston College bring up them. They have to really reconsider what you're doing here. Like. All the schools that are in art in the NCAA tournament are bad institution. And Stanford made the tournament. The F school. That's what but that's my -- -- bad. Boston College Golden Globe or whatever the go to the Mac or or or go to the NCA AC don't go. Don't Atlantic Coast Conference the ACC and just try and hang -- If you're gonna go to that conference trying to win here might be a competitor problem people who say that you can't win at Boston College because of the emission standards. -- just make excuses. It's not true because you point out there are great academic institutions. That do just fine thank you very much. Boston College with just trying to hire the cultural -- vote. That little Ivy League school across the river. Stanford deal coming there there -- perfectly fine academic institution to find a way to recruit the athletes who can win Boston College hasn't been able to do that. Because they can't get beat the coach who can who can make the connection to the athlete football or basketball by the -- -- not. After -- the -- them they've had instances glimpses where they've had people Don it. I mean when when Tom Coughlin was coaching football at Boston college and it was a constant battle for him. In getting the admissions department to let kids in it all right though and he did fine thank you very much in heady state -- he would have continued to do fine. And I am I'm not knocking Jim Christian at Arlington element and we as I know you know where he coached. He may be just the guy. I -- feelings up against.

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