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Jeremy Jacobs interested in buying the Buffalo Bills?

Apr 7, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss the reports that say Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs has interest in purchasing the Buffalo Bills.

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Great story today. -- in the Buffalo News and on Buffalo News dot com lengthy story. But the headline being Jacob Stanley reportedly leads the list of bills suitors. With local ties and it's a lengthy piece about the sailed to build will be sold next on a couple of years. In early on the story says highly placed sources say the Jacobs family owner of Delaware north companies lead the list of potential. Local suitors. And they have it -- of the politicians saying I'm more convinced than ever. A local Souter will be exactly we need to keep this team here in buffalo. Other team is gonna be sold to the highest bidder can receive approval. From at least 24 of 31 teams in the NFL Toronto suitors expressed interest in. The NFL other non local bidders are also sure to pursue the team expected doubt from LA. But they want a team buffalo obviously wants say in ownership group they'll be local and keep the team in buffalo. And it appears that Jeremy Jacobs. Would be at the top of that list. They are critics so lengthy part about Jacobs. Is reported network owner Delaware north owner of the Boston Bruins obviously. And it writes Jacobs ownership of the NHL's Bruins could prove to be stumbling block. Given an NFL rules bar teams from being owned by people who are franchise and other sports leagues and less that he was located not in the same city. Could one or more Jacob's sons by the bit by the bills the story -- If they divested themselves of any holdings in the Bruins. -- themselves from any position with the team it's possible. The NFL source told a news however it would a candidate of I -- in the specifics of the deal that source said in 2012. The Jacobs family and a top -- appear to send mixed signals. As long as the family has ownership and the Bruins they can't own anything related to the bills -- Wendy Watkins who was a Delaware north spokeswoman. In the same story Jacob's son Jeremy junior said that being said we'll do whatever we can't to ensure the bills stay in this town. So I read -- story as -- so much like your story than that. Why it took away was these people buffalo. One Jacobs the by the team because you would keep the team local. Would move the team to Al layer Toronto. At least some push from the that it fans and -- people in that area. That they want the Jacobs family at some way -- perform. All the bills. -- Bruins field fans feel about that. This morning read this story at their owner but -- and by the Buffalo Bills. By the eagle he rarely think about John Henry right in Liverpool and Roush racing and and and all the talk about is he losing his focus on the Red Sox. Funny how those discussions only come up when the team isn't really doing well and we didn't really hear all yearlong. Last last I checked last year John Henry still Liverpool -- Yes and they won the World Series. In hear much about it then I don't have a problem because from the from the beginning I don't I never thought. There with all that talk about you know he doesn't care about the Red Sox anymore because the live reporter bought any event the two -- separate companies. So if the Jacob's son. Bush to give up all interest in the Bruins and move on and on the bills that -- on -- it wouldn't have a problem with -- -- -- kind of interest and at Jacobs -- the Bruins already -- what's going on now what I don't want a change there at all. Public interest while at the right word is right now it a good thing going on ownership let everybody Anthony Kim nearly do his thing surely doing this thing. I don't want to change that the -- go to buffalo that's fine -- intrigue. -- intriguing NFL Robert TV rookie of the sun goes the. Buffalo what if Jacobs buys the bills and Charlie Jake Charlie Jacobs is now running the Boston Bruins a bit different scenario to Jeremy Jacobs. Goes to buffalo he gives up all interest. In the Bruins and hand the keys to his son Charlie who's the team he's the team principal right now he's running a team for a while getting to some of things that he's reportedly done at. Already behind the scenes but I'm saying it -- the Jacobs stays in Charlie goes but Jeremy Jacobs goes Charlie Jacobs takes over the Bruins. He's now the old -- what do you think of I think it's interesting in that Charlie Jacobs. Has already had -- make some moves of this team. And gold back in reading some of the Peter surely stories in Claude Julian stories. Charlie Jacobs -- quarter pretty extensively like he was in the room. When he was hired -- he was one of the guys who was front and center or Peter -- was hired the general manager of this team he was there. When can really was brought aboard. And given a different role with the the Boston Bruins in a much more. It's a specific role and a much more signature hole rolled right when he came here. -- nearly fell like he gave the team a different feeling like somebody. Was now so are gonna be held responsible and somebody with the Bruins ties is going to be. Making sure the checks and balances all work about the hockey side that are -- all the stories that I can read. After the hiring is done. Charlie Jacobs steps away completely. And he's much more of a a hands off leader where it's to rally and it's -- -- -- claw their allotted do the hockey thing. I revelry that from stories I have some feelers out people who are in and around the Bruins and trying to get a response academic hobby I have not bought a lot about Charlie Jacobs. And the Boston Bruins but the story is I'm reading your true. -- hands off. Well that nothing's gonna change your your bones for. They spend money on the teams at the salary cap was put in place this team started spending up to the cap on their players. That's the factor that before I wanna go back and only that bidding get that next player for example actor Craig Janney can't really fine. We can have that debate but since the can salary cap was put in it. They spend in that Q and up to the cap pretty much every year they spend their injury exceptions. Out on players they use that money banking money. The spending the money they're allotted to spend on the team. And if you're telling me Charlie Jacobs is not get a distraught that -- already the principled -- is already doing many of the things a team owner would do I'm OK with it. If you're tell he's got to -- -- -- wanna go. With the old fable of stop watch Tebucky Jones Robert Kraft. Don't want no part of it that's the million dollar question to me is Charlie Jacobs -- -- takes over the Boston Bruins but the for a long time he's now the owner. What changes on a dated a basis for the Boston Bruins because the system they have set up is one that other teams are starting to emulate. Right we want to get our young players in the system. -- what a lot look at the free agent market guys who fit. What we wanted to which to rally called wanna do they have a program in place it's not what people love their -- to Tyler single up thirds or they wanna. They want star players but. In this system. They do things really really well. And if Charlie Jacobs taking over is really just a -- an acknowledgment OK now you're now all the team completely your buying the team dads out he's one of the Buffalo Bills and things stay the same. All ball sport if he's gonna go all -- here and -- for the organization I don't care is Charlie Jacobs or Jeremy Jacobs junior I. I see no need for anyone to disrupt what's going on right now with the Boston Bruins. So -- million dollar question is what type of owner. Charley Jacobs speak and be hands off fluke that I I see no issue. Ryan have a concern would be -- gonna try to do things differently and try to get involved more. Any airport early years which is sort of a hands off approach that's the only question. I would have about any -- -- -- you really don't know. But it's been run well in the last few years collateral. I would agree with that would be one concern. -- it's done before other leagues right decision to not the first time as a whole list. A voters to a multiple teams -- successful Paul -- Seahawks in trailblazers. I'm like Cilic on the tigers and the red wings too successful teams when he almost teams build Davidson pistons in Tampa Bay Lightning. Kelly Kelly illness in Washington Wizards caps -- highs and almost he's in Miami two or three minute time. For a while Tom Benson we know about this all of the saints in the hornet's. Malcolm Glazer similar to John Henry -- in Manchester United and then it was obviously John Henry Liverpool. In the Boston Red Sox. I don't look at that list there and say boy one postings has really suffered. You look at this -- engulf -- Red wings and tigers. Beat a good team has all the time all by Mike diligent both an -- state. So wasn't like you look at this in the sky is falling and always gonna. All of a sudden that the Jake this it was gonna report I don't believe that an ample legal when it came the John Henry. So I guess it -- go back to your original thought of you or somebody was like -- go one nuts about John Henry owning bowl teams are taking resource away. And I guess you might have a problem what this Alan my problem I probably what type Ballmer -- Charlie Jacobs b.s are gonna be all end the year. Or let this operation it's cracked up into really really well just continue to operate. Dana talk -- bodies Josh cranky. Stand -- son. Rockies an excuse me stand cranky. -- -- is only somewhat more than three quarters of a billion dollars -- the sports properties the nuggets. Near the avalanche. He did this because the NFL. -- back into Jeremy Jacobs. Doesn't allow you to own eighteen. And all other -- -- other teams so withstand crowded market wanted to -- going to be easy it is expected same marquis can do differ -- surrogate on the patriots. Now and all the robber -- selling right now. But he wanna become the owner of the Saint Louis France majority owner. He was forced by the NFL's cross league ownership rules to surrender date to control the ads and the nuggets and turn -- -- franchises to his son Josh had just been. They're pretty bold and is -- there right. Dealt away Carmelo Anthony and -- trader for Iguodala and jewel McGee. Are on the hockey side of all the hockey fired Joseph Sacco and George Karl. Named Joe Sakic executive vice president chiropractor law. Agreed to let vice president of basketball operations the park for Toronto looked a pretty good in Colorado the language is. He he's done a lot. Like this kid jumping and I say kid. You spent a lot of time and around the organization but. -- lot of moves. Also the nuggets were not at the same position the -- work. So what I don't know via the command here and immediately deal away stars and and make moves. So he's ever takes over the the Bruins have -- movies made Jacob's -- the buffalo. They have a pretty turn key operation here do you think she rallied nearly -- system in place some -- -- was upcoming. But. They of the variety that you know different Jacobs would have a different feeling on this. So when I come back to and its. I guess a bit of a cop out some I'm trying to. Get -- people around a team but the response -- -- initially was. Lot of what's in the media out there hands off with -- let everybody do their -- thing not Gilbert's death. Not the best public speaker is not going to be walling people at a press conference. But as a big as a passion for making a fan experience better wants to do some things you sought today in the globe ironically. Huge story about a seventy million dollar upgrade the TD garden there'll be some major changes you're gonna upgrade the pro shop and do some different things. So. It seems like writes that the best people person but. Cares about the product where he's not hands on so that's the case yes. He's gonna commit a wanna make a bunch of changes. That it was a broad -- That would be red flag to me as well what would need to be changed right now -- Boston brought in annually on cam -- control naturally. Have control on those two guys to have -- as though. Generalists legally to a son hopefully just kind of stands back at this has been successful is no reason tinker with a beauty -- move along. AT&T text line 37937. A much just -- teams are modeling himself after the Bruins c'mon man pump the great up the great breaks he's music. Yes there's a model that they have a system in place. I'm not sure what the bruins' system was prior to -- Claude and I guess -- -- I don't know there was a system I don't call. Now there's an imprint on the way they play hockey. -- a certain style player they want and I don't think everyone agrees to did not every Bruins fans that are great just delay the -- statins and -- -- the world. But the system works it offensive minded their -- on it. Good goaltending and strong physical defense and that's the way to go about it they're not I was criminals high scoring team but this year. It went out -- Jarome Iginla and it was the perfect addition to this team. Yes sadly there's a system and I hope that every team wants to model themselves after these specific bruins' system. I think team's goal that's what we want we want and have a an identity. We wanna how what were known for one of the ill let go -- They are Merrill what's it the model of his other ones you look at -- I think Chicago's got a nice thing going on -- locally you know so I think did there's a lot of teams out that he -- Saint -- to turn this thing around it. Novice it's seems a west and in times San Jose and no championships but you know recently last couple years but still it's yeah. They are there's no doubt they have an identity of an ice core group young core group that they tied up they they don't have anybody really it's gonna hold them back financially. On their next job you wanna see that messed with the biggest thing here if if you're Bruins fan. What type of all aware Charlie Jacobs pretty. And I also want to recognize. Cam -- he is the heart and soul. Of what a -- means. -- have a better later. He brought us the Stanley Cup so he could do while he was gaining. OK okay. It's. Got. I had to put that in though he gets little. And I heard that much as great not good so that that's I was told today in in that talk to people that. He -- more than usual bit stiff when he gets out front of the public Charlie Jacobs. I don't think the scenario I think the NFL. What would probably feel better about -- Jeremy Jacobs who has a ownership history. Going on a team make approval would be easier -- that ball for the Buffalo Bills. If Jeremy Jacobs bought the team and not Charlie or as others on. OK okay. Okay. All alt a validly Charlie here -- looks really that much more awkward of an apple like days tape and get texts from people -- around a team not say who but. -- let's get a few more stiff than you've heard right there. And I look -- -- there's a long be a long list of of older brewers fans who want to destroy this ownership group. I think you've got to move past that now Texas is immediately Audi AT&T text line from New Hampshire is very different than all those owners you name. Over teams in the same city a low. The Bruins are Boston the bills -- buffalo conflict of interest. Well. I was there are a conflict of interest for bill Davidson when he on the pistons. -- Tampa Bay two teams in the market will be the conflict of interest media team in Boston against -- of film buffalo. Mean to be conflict of interest if he was involved with the patriots in the -- Messiah I don't I don't think it be a problem goes for the -- change you'd Bruins. I'll talk to Paul's an average and he joins a -- -- 937 WEEI -- got. Very ethnic element you bring up to report to -- -- it. Our particular coach Eric got a look at bill are all you got a lot of portable what makes -- -- become successful and there's a lot of actors they're going to look beyond just the -- every talented players and I think people eat out of whack here. I would have thought the Red Sox had gotten worse. And that 69 point they want to -- before but something happened where. Everything clicked young players there are many get a lot of things going on so. There's a lot tactical and I would ask anybody why don't why don't Kansas City loyal to the Pittsburgh pirate. I mean out the door welcome antidote blog and time while he's like back. -- chance of winning the white -- to do much better than they do it because it. They don't have a bad -- on the Atlantic all support the team that is a contributing factor to nabbing the resource and to go out and get players that they need. Ops and want actor and others like I just said. Wouldn't read -- and right now Sox to a sport not in it you'll dole dole right the ship had nothing to do that along even back. -- got a great I hit it in bleached to -- potential for that -- consult. A lot of political ideology and doing well and and and not so much going well like I RJ -- that put the belt. I don't really care he got a -- of the ought to feel -- -- department. You've got to think back to oh it was always order advocate wanna spend money for the early years ago oh yeah and somehow the -- and -- what they'd change it means. The salary they're all go back to look the salary cap was put in and since then the Bruins have -- Spent sort of up to that cap number extra relatives and it only had this job leave we got to go to some of these play. Say you're Olympic probably -- Lotta sun -- -- -- -- -- the NHL ham it up a gap outlet to get the priest of the what that Alec that they're able to check it out to. The equipment in order actually you can be act YouTube people -- -- -- you people public eager -- electric actually Delaware which would be. So we're about that delicate reaching out to. Salary floor yet you have those two in the NFL the new CBJ Paul. That's seller forest is hard Sally for comment other than like. I guess the tickets -- -- -- would spend more of his money and the money has been on buffalo would affect. What he would do with the Bruins. Salary cap in bowl weeks. -- any Major League Baseball be the one sport where you say boy he can. As adults who are you -- luxury tax me to -- not so much you will wild wild west how much you wanna spend it was amateur sports the NFL the NH -- Here's a salary cap here's what you can spend as a little bit leeway maybe. But it's it's is that black and white. All the guys can be hands off of Charlie has taken the -- I I I see no problem whatsoever 617779. 7937. Is the phone number AT&T -- line. Is 37 on Teresa must curious the Bruins fan. -- still hot button. Issue for US Bruins fans how -- oldest team in the prices everything else to departure when a couple weeks of people were pissed. Do you feel about the thought that he might leave -- Buffalo Bills and Charlie Jacobs takes over we'll get some calls on that order to set for but we got a big. Big night tonight to UConn basketball as well and Red Sox and Rangers all the table Sports Radio W request. Okay. Okay. Best shot back get a -- -- -- 37 WEEI your calls until 2 o'clock 61777979370. AT&T to excellent. Is 379. 37. Better scenario is that Jacob Stanley sell the Bruins and by the bills my least favorite owners in town that is. A text we're getting a lot of -- conflict of interest has buffaloes in the same division as the patriots. As an owner his goal is going to be to beat the patriots. So as the brewers' spring you'd an edge I guess -- accompaniment from trying to lobby or texting and about the conflict of interest that would be there. If the Jacobs family is somewhere issue performed own -- what if sort through separate entities. Are -- -- Bellingham he's on 937 WEEI Scott Dario. I'm all right thanks. So I just got out of work and attorneys station right if you were reading the report about the Buffalo Bills being possibly -- by Jeremy Jacob. And I got to tell -- that a long time Bruins fan on the 25 year bill CN. And I'm excited if he can do with buffalo what he did with the Bruins in a lot I'll be on the top of the world. A bill he's built a program here he's been part of a building program he's been a steady owner -- in British team you know hiring -- people. -- -- an outstanding early enough credit this town. I almost can't get small credit that Peter surely. Really. And it's you know DiPietro with general managers mail these moves so I think he's Jones are the right people and let them do their job. That's what it's all about can direct people underneath -- and -- hands off I was capable and ego and the stories I heard this morning basically had. Give Charlie Jacobs the credit for hiring Peter Sharaud. Yet it was a story where ray Shearer was gonna take over he was in the mix here on the reporters. And I forgot that the time they reported -- share was gonna get the job -- get the job with this rally and you know you have Charlie Jacobs quarterly stories and I -- all these beat reporters told there were wrong. A ratio was never gonna get the job here Peter should with a guy we're gonna work with so I Billick he was there are so I. -- you're right about that the -- she gets credit may it was Charlie Jacobs. Who was 10 hired here and is it gonna stay out of the way that I don't see the issue really deal. Us these in Fall River talking about this today I Steve. How why you what what -- question it is a litmus test that Jeremy Jacobs was full well what what is the question. Well the question what does that he was the quintessential bad only it was Jeremy take a lot of years. Much I know you're a young guy but the Red Sox was sold the beginning of the decade but I heard he was in direct that that might be my heart skipped BP. It's a what do you think our that then what do you think about Jacobs now is over the. Obviously probably was -- -- but I used to be that dedicated -- But this guy had Michael Connell and all these comedians in and and the other guy's -- piece for years. All the other team to spending money and I got to hit at least in the tell me how -- other teams irresponsible what it states that hold them. Stanley -- you're rafting yeah. And the only thing they would admit to an insult beyond that hashed out but apparently these -- -- that -- some qualification. -- because about the battle. Is that they paid. That table was in the bottom third of the and their ticket -- on the top of the Mittal they would admit it would never told -- buddy we expect that went between -- -- And this guy it was a bad -- And I -- -- the other bonus to be told we got to because they had a summit after all the ownership got -- place. Somehow some battle with the nets and had all the older than one place at one time. Toward new covenant -- remember is that -- remember that. They all came together all the awards and Jeremy Jacobs the -- Red Sox ownership in the -- So emotionally damaged coastal some of that stuff he's said to Henry -- I U I you are right. When you optimal yeah I'm living off thirty years slightly separate like -- that -- every -- -- this guy that guy we still get a com. Yet -- influenced that they move towards him and I'll give you one example. Well let me ask you mean you'd you'd you'd Dennis they moved towards him you really hate -- -- has -- do you hate what that John Henry's group is on the yeah I would -- ownership is done ready start red if they listen to Olmert in the did pretty good. A few questions. The Red Sox had different visit -- wonder if you could put the red sex in its wholly different light. They have to pay up to the top. It -- always crack down that it's really pissed you off. Since he's an attempt arrested in in winning the Super Bowl winning -- that's not Paula Jacobs met with them when he bought the team. They won three they went receivable are now look at the lowest that although it was that low was tapped to that let's get to the summit took place when it 2008 or nine. All right after all the only can replace in the early part of that last decade what he's talking about they wanted all three gulf war. And no one little okay and then and Matt Wright was right after the of the Celtics who were the last team to be sold there was some. All big press count as -- all in together oh seven's. It was an -- settled the Red Sox at different they are held to a different standard when they. No way based this game people ramp up like staple that could have freed cheap focus session that was a prop. These are mobile one at the summit take place for God's sakes because you don't want a championship after. It beats apple -- won't let bought what they've all won championships after that -- and you're saying that Jacobs wouldn't they're -- and there aren't they all spend and want since then Steve what's employee teams are in such bad spots right now evidently these owners wanna get a but I don't. The guy who lived off a championship with thirty is keeping well. And he told these that would guys come down. You can do it here that we are all all -- teams have the highest ticket prices by the -- So you -- and Jake if you give them credit. God Steve -- was that I don't Joseph is pays Joey gets -- -- I can see bumper to law but I'm trying to get him to explain his point so we don't. Get to the end this thing go what what Steve talking about. That's unfortunately we are what was Steve talking about his grip and Jacobs and get together of these owners and since then -- wanna -- chipped -- Oh. And here's the issue. Okay obviously there was a time when -- against the other owners in this town he was the worst owner by a reputation. He's still might be the worst owner. Look at the product recently. Wright is in their since the salary cap was put in place has there been a difference. Don't they spend up with the rest of the teams and he doesn't agree it would -- and it's at which was it's unfair that someday they wanna get -- -- that any. Maybe Jeremy Jacobs of all the trying to keep salaries down I've looked at. I've got beat -- that the rules changes become more of a level playing field. I'd say it was the issue. And I would save your bills fan yeah that's you're getting a guy that is salary cap that have been put in place and it was on the same page he spent an. Karl's call in Long Island today Carl when he got. Hey guys that I think the basic issue. Really is that -- sands of of the Red Sox and Celtics Bruins patriots. They're fans of all four of those scenes I think that's that debt with. What people are alluding to I -- -- Jeremy kicked up saying yeah of course you want to horse owner. I mean I don't agree that he argued about Eric and everybody agrees with that and regionally it -- have been great but I think the fact. That they're gonna have a team or you know maybe use. Somebody in the family is going to have a team. In the AFC east. You know battling directly with the patriot I think it probably would go out people you know cranked up I think otherwise it really isn't -- -- I think it goes back to that. I mean you know how that opening day. And -- its -- week almost team together walk out of those trophies. That is an awesome thing is a lot of cities get that together it's really all and I think Boston is it really. More unique a lot of the cities in that respect. Because there's a real bond I didn't you know between the fourteen. Ali you know imagined -- re Elba. And think it's -- -- -- -- sure and they can get to go a lot of people upset there ports either bills you know battle the patriots here in year out. It really would compare. Well listen if you're talking about -- Jeremy Jacobs in the offseason whatever it is kitten together a function of the Robert Kraft and asking Robert. What makes the patriots go and try to get a blueprint. So we can tell his son. Is that the conflict of interest here because it's like you know craft's delicate Jacobs and say. Either you know you -- your son now owns the bills you're dead to me I don't wanna talk Q anymore not gonna discuss any thing. Then okay. I'm -- secrecy -- giving up to one another as it is it's I got everyone's a Boston sports owners are all it's a tight knit group maybe it is I don't know but -- isn't. But I guess that the than dame debut and every conflict of interest I I don't CP passes along with sun. And his son now owns the bill's okay I don't -- a -- just don't change who was senior. Boston Bruins I'm specifically looking for -- Bruins fans are probably because historic him up for re -- on -- year today indeed. Lot of Red Sox fans. Had some issues a word about the Red Sox in Liverpool right John Henry Red Sox Liverpool's over the Bruins fans feel the same way that's what I'm trying to get to the bottom of today. In this conversations. On Tony's import like Tony. Our vehicle could tell thank you the ticket might call government I think. Jacobs until the salary cap command I think you would be cheap bit older. And without that salary cap I don't believe liberal -- ever -- anything might -- on as long as he yelled at me. -- you'll agree that. I would agree he seemed to be averse to. The what he would say unfair. Take that extra spending -- And a low. It is look at our guests. What are you playing. What you -- you play Winter Haven. No -- -- did an excellent spring training with the Indians are still there guests all a given for season. Okay our exit at like -- yeah. I creepy there at the end what did you. I don't their point that maybe it's I don't know disordered people wanted to the info. But Taylor yeah and not to up the -- I -- OK good thanks. We battle and hey. You don't why don't involve our good thanks. When we talk first -- was for -- first year. Or spring and if you broke in Fort Myers and peculiar for misery a like that I'd ever heard that nick and import or -- Real quick -- get the break out appoint you to lose Twitter cal we're talking about Lou Woodward's been worked played at little Maloney at. -- -- on Twitter you to -- got a picture of what is should be newest Red Sox Ryan Roberts called -- Maine and Arizona the picture you tweeted out. Holy crap. This guy goes after those -- -- with a shirt off even more pets but I wanted to really we don't pitcher and not suitable for work there and offers young kids following Twitter in the -- on the arms of their yet the city's goal thirty. Tattoos yeah.

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