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Jim Calhoun with his thoughts on UConn and Coach Calipari

Apr 7, 2014|

Jim Calhoun joined the show to preview tonight's national championship game. He told the guys his real thoughts on coach Calipari.

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The madness and lose tonight in Jerry Jones towels in north Dallas. UConn vs Kentucky and it puts that into perspective for us. Oprah the show we haven't talked for quite some time former coach of UConn Huskies Jim Calhoun joins us on the AT&T excellent long time no talk coach how aria. He used and that. We go to has been a couple of years ago judge I'm I'm sure that since you retired in September 2012 or announced your retirement. That you had moments of missing the process of teach in the game certainly the competition. Has that feeling of loss that longing ramp up watching this process as these guys get to the national championship game tonight and you're not coaching them. Yet some degree but I don't think uses this -- done that I think actually would we do not actually involved in you know having. She got -- about. Like myself like. What you guys have all been guys in. If it is an end and having kids that yet again use oh right all the coaches at a we recruited keep -- focus onto what you can't do it you know vicariously. Little while I get through this -- ball team in. Didn't social ways certainly kept a great job coaches like he's good -- -- but yeah I think I missed it. And the terms of what you know temptation. That they've got a couple people but. I doubt that the current situation we definitely coming back right I. Enjoy my life but I'd like -- -- you brought social system the president. So don't -- things go there and but we've -- -- the game the game it's a boy did you not gonna -- I've realized what -- that the fact that I don't on the floor and don't get to practice. And in competition in this competition great. Social -- specifically. How are your finger still on the basketball pot does Kevin's asking to speak to the team. Do you speak to the team or rural what is your role. Well -- on a couple. -- they. Have broken hip. I -- cancer. Which was. It's just with the the source apparently has its own right. -- help -- let rescued by a rocket and Christine -- go to. The state. A year ago. Then you know on their -- and you know it came to practice in the last strike issue but I'm around my technique is to see me. And I can sit down -- or -- to talk basketball. But the holes that -- It is as well and so you know I -- -- -- -- -- -- not very directly accuse -- -- it. But -- of the I don't know what what I -- a couple of -- just watching. I didn't. Either of them and you know having some basketball side is. You know I would do it it was good judgment -- all the NGOs and you know -- -- -- -- -- -- for example during the six biking trip you know and now -- quality -- just talk like -- should. Here's the department the much at -- university. While it is true with the present news. Fifteen days and academic mission also basketball there's no I yeah I guess but yeah are you around. -- -- -- I I -- -- this before Jim but I still don't have an answer to we went over some of the names of your guys your players in the break and it's just amazing Ray Allen Richard Hamilton and Kemba Walker and Okafor and don't you neighmond Napier. I don't -- -- -- -- -- been -- stores in the dead of winter and I still don't understand how did you Jim Calhoun managed to get those guys to go there and spend their four years when they assume many of more. You mean you compete against you know North Carolina is in order. A Florida that's a good point in the you know whatever a lot of good teams could places that you get to do. I think it -- -- they feel. Can they couldn't one that's really use the -- they everybody thinks that -- three -- -- -- egyptians -- -- -- Very attractive. The the way people feel what basketball connected you guys probably -- very unique is the only one million stated in the New England at that he'll net effect is not these on the fuel Turkey probably -- a big time deal mean every game console boat people lob it. And then I think. You know -- and 1986 and a -- -- you over the years to get -- Russell Reggie Lewis and some great plays. We attempted some -- a -- in. -- I think excellent yeah absolute I told the big east York vessel the idea. You -- -- your typical -- it was completely shut down and play against the great programs that are considered John Sutter and then I believe that to believe it has some special. But frankly probably -- force governments I would prudent -- it's great cricket. You know then they -- That the big breakthrough of the problems. Thank you league and Donyell Marshall and such on the corner and Ray -- -- of great great way isn't it became a destination about all of you know they give us an I military -- big circus. But still has -- it is it is it is -- it downtown. Is here. You we know on the Shabazz Napier story obviously Roxbury guy did you beat BC and UMass to him mom was that a tough one. And you remember -- -- I do. Yep but it didn't you know that that at that time when Richard vascular we have an awful lot of what role model in the program. That he can accumulate and you know usually you -- -- -- -- that people could question but if that's about five in fact. An awful lot like -- if he -- Was not a great -- But could score people like in that position I have little window of the end of his junior year. That academy. Which also -- important. It just -- -- -- -- levels wickedly effective and want to be good and got a loan broken I don't know the directly he's usable but I really don't I know we've. Involved and they were not equality all of them but you know you think about -- in -- of the -- of the -- -- in there weren't fortunate to get kids. In the -- -- won't come. In the play basketball and that we get is nationally but once again with that thirty -- -- lately. They don't immediately got people thinkable Trippi knows what year over -- Kids want those someplace -- this could. Well. Enough to and to win championships. Was the Boston College rumored just that and it was a complete fabrication he talked about it since he came out the report always. I don't think -- thickness of I mean technical also -- you see all the people and very simply as object in addition to ridge. Duke David that people bail. Not -- not present this electric not our administration is a better word I would just kind of wouldn't think so people in -- interest in Boston brought on by you know people what's really -- Call me I changes that detonated and they did so you know it's there if they wanna see what they need to be really good. We're talking with former UConn Huskies Coach Jim Calhoun on the morning of the national championship tonight UConn vs Kentucky. And I know the following question Jim would be asking you you know which of your six grandkids you love the most. But of all the big name players that you have coached at UConn. Which when they were called to talk about you know Ray Allen might have turned out to be the best crawl when they were at stores. Tate George Donyell Marshall Donny Marshall Ray Allen Travis that Richard Hamilton around Butler Emeka Okafor Ben Gordon Charlie Miller -- a Rudy Gay Kemba Walker or anybody else you -- mention who was the best player in college that you coached. Well -- -- -- it but it didn't think it does not look once it's really you know you've been questioned excuse it was -- -- -- to look better. Yet for -- and crossed up getting Chris Smith who like to have easily got to let you keep playing it big as all American economy. Do legitimate got you on 99 so he. We try to -- Scott -- of the guys -- -- -- obviously Daniela first all American gravy sort -- -- it would have this incredible place in UConn history to make his. His right. Radical right you don't really great and you know what -- your best bet on the favorite is tangible -- That's where -- -- if it's your freshman. That we have an adjustment needed when you -- war. That the around union security haven't -- you -- Kemba -- I keep on because so many great kids. Everybody you know we need it should bet that the the initiative to get back to -- -- -- -- national championship -- the vehicle. But it bothers you just don't place didn't go to. Jim I heard one of the college basketball expert Talking Heads on ESPN -- apologize a chemical exactly you said it said. Without question the finest coaching job he has seen this spring is Kevin -- and UConn eight would you agree with that and be. What are his particular skill sets that allows him to do what it is he does. Well. I don't I don't I don't dispute all of the titles in the tournament the it is depressing is it -- an incredible incredible and an incredible. He's the guy that. Four years of point we're putting two years ago and you've got these guys recruited four years ago to come back from the NBA enough. It's tough because like I repeat it kept on and have been. Mobilize the vote what. But one thing I I keep saying we're pretty good about that the people think what would break in a -- became very defensive player -- owned registered. -- it gains to fifteen rated I will play out that Reagan's lead in the great -- to get to -- -- -- but. At that chance and special would it even more special now that he thought that it could be by the way. But but we're pretty but it is what Kevin -- -- -- you'll you won't -- -- that would late. Delegate dispute and and a lot of his ideas. Quote. How do you go program goes forward and then thickness of his ideas from -- -- -- immediately. Thought given all the -- -- -- girl that's what. -- -- -- the twelve different teams picking it and that science fourteen and they project and he survived the legal guys do that. Is pretty special resiliency these -- really -- is I think I think Spacek markets and the magnificent. I think when you look -- that may be that there is completely -- -- -- as well including better than anybody in terms of the as well into the country and last up. I just between us Jim just between us how much does John -- apparent annoys you -- Well John -- in that one thing about what John David Young can become the no. -- -- -- -- I couldn't think of another word that. And they -- but the thing. The good thing about John let's play I actually it was a religion -- -- millions of -- -- that. At least I think. If you've got to kind of at all about the only decade we got -- runner I don't do that instantly he doesn't. But he's done a good approaching and you know his work and one of them. What is it like I do it does but -- -- giving -- that that's a lot of kids to lead early. What if we can go to and you get just seems to play and he's on the details of the dead now. Let me ask you this why -- -- recruit Ryan Gomes. -- not a -- why you have perhaps a question. About. We play that is not -- that's and it's one of our favorite go to sound bites. -- argued it brought. It and -- they not what Jim what will be two or three. Telltale signs in the early minutes of tonight's game. Tell Jim Calhoun how this thing might turn out in the end. Vote but a great record that bill also accuses in in my wife tells you about that Cameron couldn't stand because I watch the game. I don't see an up and -- the reason being is because putt also I see too much. Until very simply at them watching the game a team -- reports from outside technically. It sold in this statement -- You know what you've got take some of the blueprint that would use against Michigan State and and Florida both with some big guys. Are you content as a slew of new I mean I mean Randall. Watch him. Up close first lots of little games and he's a big physical manned program is just to get up. Ships laden but to execute our rental apartment to forty. -- -- Patent -- he's accused kids. -- -- about 67 great athlete we've got to protect a personal but -- understood that wanna do is dictate secondly we'll probably do. If it were brought in about all of it with keeping the ball thirty feet. Much is that the last couple days to Q wouldn't public service we're real project -- -- then -- can get to the rim gets a big team and it is not at Russia. Deterred and are practically -- Richard won't want it cannot lose develop -- we told you on occupancy secondary people yard. All right Jim we we we leave you this question what would the set of circumstances need to be. To have Jim Calhoun behind the bench again. When this special situation could be something else. Appreciate the time always good talking basketball with you do nervous by the -- sitting in the stands because your less. You have less of an ability to affect the outcome eager to sort of up. A passenger on the ship. -- -- remote control and that's that -- and I and that's what he ought to be both very formal opening. The Huskies will be victorious and. You you're guaranteeing that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What it was -- don't think got to believe. I gave to me when I was sixteen to four against Florida comics that you guys to get blown out and -- but I don't know anything you know everything what did you think did you think it was trouble. I thought so I think the question do. Just because we hadn't done up support in quite some time in Germany we set up in some of control to talk on the bottom line is that no doubt in my mind that said that it said. When you get this matchup I think outside our quickness he's a lack of side effect -- bet on basketball a lot it's often get blown out. Well you'll feel awful for John Kelberg. Torture. You shoot you. And -- -- always a pleasure thanks for tickets of time on a very busy day enjoy the game tonight if he can't. Jim Calhoun with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T.

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