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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Sick child at sea

Apr 7, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed a family needing to have their child rescued at sea.

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Headlines brought you by eighteenth -- to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do. Precision fitness equipment. -- we start right to San Diego. California parents -- a one year old girl fell ill on a sailing trip around the world -- military crews rescued them. From their -- vessel on Sunday defended their decision to sail around the world with young children. Done to these two this these artists Hoffman couple nothing just to -- that's -- -- -- well. Bill the bill well you know seize the boat -- violence in their sailing around the world right yes so the -- -- of them mechanical difficulties. -- sailed. Right. -- in the microwave didn't work or something good question. The -- just got a huge fever -- that they couldn't figure on the -- -- know they what's that called in the PP this news made it an SOS to some you know that the -- they can accuse can be you know in the ocean island home -- and pick one and a three year old -- -- around the world crew on -- 36 -- Oh. That's that's abuse you know it's one thing to -- like -- yeah well we all have that. Quixotic. You know nothing in the outfield Catalina and back. A week. A week we come back. -- just. The you're one year old will be the worst trip possible that your kid. That you have that victory of policy around the world. No but I'm Stan we all have. Oh -- -- you wanted to run a marathon and every state and Udonis. The idea -- It will help to the kids like teenagers. I'll see that's too late in the players room after that wanted to go with the with the only want the kids are. That you just don't go out and they don't guys and you've got Richard -- will not just you know book proves that celebrity so he'll take you around. You get -- -- us hospital. And doctors -- a career ever -- hospital and hospital they do. The hospital hospital. -- -- -- -- I don't get out of control and -- the real -- -- general but it says it's. A week ago that the things. Like doctor highland Earl -- -- He mocked cruised to its -- -- kind. Of professional baseball. Does seem good at some of that would go purely and Rooney's age that's true the other crews have a good time you went to the -- as you know wake up. It's pretty good well overboard good way to go actor profits leader three year old sister pour it started across specific in March that he be developed a fever rash. Covering most of her body was respond to medications after 36 foot sailboat lost steering and communication abilities about nine miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas. They -- the satellite call for help the US Coast Guard -- comes in west Coast Guard they parachuted into the water. These are. Described as a cross between. Wartime medics and Navy SEALs who can do all these they they have medical skills and -- have Navy SEALs were as Obama would call corpse men -- important -- recording our ports and and forums. Parachuted into the ocean and climbed on board and save these two idiots. And their support to really -- the kids parents and pat has gone through it's thought that if you know parent you know name of their boat. Gives -- -- ought to quixotic. Can give you get hit -- that the opening propose a rebel heart. Yeah rebel art rebel marks if you just -- weeklong -- -- on Catalina no one -- -- -- -- he backed out at all around the world that. And that reputation. Did you your appearance here just because some -- forget what word he used that those like -- -- -- few words we -- -- I think so it might have been our. Thanks thanks for follow us on our -- crews. Shot. You mentioned Mickey Rooney died at -- nine victory over the weekend and John connect. It was most famous for being and it's a series they'll have some big fat. A -- right right and being a series finale -- field which he was the -- it on the right died in I believe and hotel in Pittsburg. You know -- and other natural causes they say real age fifty. Natural cause to -- -- deliberate heart disease I guess that's natural resources thousand pounds overweight yes it's not a good to be that fat funny fat guy. Not a long shelf life to that and I mean we'll see -- there's a problem for John -- Candy and -- pollution species now president. John Goodman saying and then -- -- yeah he's always got cleaned up at least though they do drugs anymore -- drink anymore it kind of goes up as Waco is up about Q. But what he doesn't mean that this is a difficult path was about being obese right and he is I mean he was four pounds to partake. There's some -- Friends but don't expect me champ from daily updates to the media when you get off the -- me. We went to friends these shows every night. And I was dying for Italian food. Some French food. But it. So much -- it would just iPad only seat load is a lot of satellite. Thought I'd probably get out and in pump afraid that it was gonna come straight. -- -- telling everybody you with isn't telling restaurant you don't Italians vote not a steady that. I'm six we did today show but we're happy straw. As I would love Italian vote. So that we went to six weeks does the world of 45 minute drive to Italy from -- we go there. Yes why don't we do now. I'll tell you invaded 'cause I need to. It's crazy when I was pregnant and my. Atlanta. Job and that's dead at the age of 550. We never did it as a -- a huge. I mean either. He had to point audience in good long run him in May it is. And a good -- maybe eleven but the not a fan of that. Same old. Ripped it into airline not topical or tell it's close on the screaming you must it would again. Had terrible and it may well made -- attic and and I had a following a good career and our business. It's amazing what Mickey Rooney and applied to Shirley Temple that he's still alive Mickey Rooney was was famous for eight years. Mickey -- was Mickey Rooney was famous for more than 13 of the existence of this country yeah true. And he was a massive massive star -- young -- those party movies through -- where he was the big star that never never seen him anything but I know his -- some of the boxed in and remember that justice I get tons of news -- I think it's healing accurate movie I've ever seen him. Never seen any of them I think yeah I think it was a special these guys what was that a whole lot it was a name. -- -- A -- -- what it was it was a TV movies right culture much. Out of I clarified -- talk amongst yourselves not all -- it. Yes we've continued without bothering me out so the a murder trial Oscar stories continues. In today ramps up at right as we speak right now -- distortion on the stand. He talked vols athletic accomplishments his cross examined yet as as before this started. I talked about how like the stuff for a lost his legs his mom Debra -- on -- and really saffron being interrogated today. You feel you. Stubbs the what issue and so. And offended some stumps. Can stand the most of us. Constance still almost -- Not for 666 month -- -- -- wake up in the morning don't put them on. In America it's a bit of -- to -- -- To -- them done seldom have. Tomlin. Nowhere in the Pacific -- on the -- occasional. I'm in modern view mode and put him on the -- just wanted to street chewing fun. When it's if there's something in -- close close proximity business but it has. Three dependence. So the stories apologized to -- camp Stanley but said. It's just liberalized a lot there have been a lot of crime in the neighborhood he was just scared. When he files had no idea all of her voice of -- cold blooded murder crying their candidate by the way this is -- boys cry and given that. Bill is the deal goes do you think that there could be a better term. Historians and stumps. Well it should be a medical some sort of view for mr. kind of you know ourselves. Abbreviated list all of us are pretty strong yes it seems could prove somehow. Guys. It has a lot of their things in order to him -- -- them called. Some medical. And we like who's in that situation. Would you want to refer to Jeff as an example of absence comes to me -- he'll. Let me yeah. Call for other you're not sympathetic to the short somebody we'd like you care. You think Jeff was offended by I don't know it just seems like a crude -- to -- doesn't I guess -- -- -- beauty who calls herself -- Jeff calls would ask -- don't know we can ask them I don't know that war but yes so written a book but. Its -- it is X is a good idea excellent job on the book which is called stronger stronger stronger and it's a good cupboard is -- I think he was. Very very honest I'm I'm I'm only like been maybe 25% through a senior -- -- you'll get to a -- He blames me for something that had nothing to do with real world likable -- on the day and that that talk with a when we yeah. Good when we see embassy mentioned Dennis Kelly in the first interviewed now now now now charges me wrong I don't think -- -- -- and then all of that. That's headlines brought to you by AT&T architect. -- forty degree I'll be allergy. 6177. 7937. Jim Calhoun net. Will join us in the 9 o'clock hour. And number. We we were gonna discuss. These crazy antics of yes -- Wiig. But but if we -- you know we are in trouble committing on the -- -- and your -- -- is an ice fishing term yes we are out there on thin ice if we dare. Question why he has -- league would go head first into first base. Which is always some stupid things that -- -- when Mike Greenwald that is stupid when the Pedroia does it's stupid when tweet does that we can't we don't -- label. As long -- not to mention -- is endorser. You mentioned the person who is propping him up. I will ask you some very pointed questions when we get back such as have you ever set off a fire alarm. Thinking it was a shampoo dispensers did you ever buy dog food where your kids. Did you ever crawled around a bathroom in an airport trying to figure out how to flush 812. Walking to Stop & Shop or Shaw's and nearly faint. And go weak in the knees because of the beautiful Croat news you saw in front of you in general question yes we are going to deal with.

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