WEEI>On Demand>>Chris VIllani and Steve Buckley discuss the latest on Will Middlebrooks and their expectations for Xander Bogaerts

Chris VIllani and Steve Buckley discuss the latest on Will Middlebrooks and their expectations for Xander Bogaerts

Apr 6, 2014|

John Farrell announced the latest on Will Middlebrooks today - he's going to the 15 day DL with a calf injury. Brock Holt gets the call up to the big club. The guys chat about that as well as the importance of Jon Lester to this staff and if he should be signed going forward. They talk about how they expect the Yanks to struggle and Bogaerts to excel.

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Sports -- -- WEEI. Its sports Sunday Chris Maloney and Steve Buckley hanging out with you owners Satterfield studios on. What do we just that industry what's Ted Williams -- received we have -- I I kind of just like on the island are went down streets every knows it won't go attack. Right -- and Satterfield the gates opening soon. We get to 81250 pre game here on Sports Radio WEEI Jon Lester is gonna get the ball a lot of people weighing in. On the tax line 37937. About the idea Jon Lester resigning in one techsters that the Red Sox have to do it. Opt not Seattle signs and they become World Series contender for years say it is Seattle's got money spent. I mean they've got plenty of it like ninety million dollars or soda potentially spend in the offseason and nobody other -- -- to know willing to take it. But I think the Red Sox and get it a deal that -- last look at it is today. When and how much proposition rather than and it don't -- I do and I think that Jon Lester if you look at his body of work over the years and I understand this argument with we are many and I Comcast. Name me a pitcher who in his thirties put up better numbers -- blah blah blah. And opera pop might have the guy keep going up there's -- light and I admit that Al Leiter had all kinds of army issues in blister problems in his twenties. But 126. Games in his thirties. Lester right now is at thirty and if left to win the 126 -- in his thirties -- that he's capable of doing that a very good team. He has the potential list to remain. With a very good organization. And if Jon Lester went -- 126 games in his thirties. I presume that that would included of the World Series championship with two analysts as a chance to go all of pain when you can realize that that if you want but. If you look at what he's done so far it's careers are 100 games he's thrown a no hitter he three you know in the World Series that a six. If he -- the winning percentage he he's got a shot. Well what I like about Jon Lester in the region like the idea of signing him or resigning and extending him five years six years even potentially. Is the level of consistency. In the numbers that he's responsible for -- one of those that doesn't really look at wins -- figure you're good pitcher and anointed him and I and I had a guy I get your what you talk about I'll Damon. And you know potentially hitting milestones for -- But his consisted of one of the degree to get a chance to win some of those games that like you say -- and good team and 2012 is going to be out liars season for Lester was a lot of players and his team. But somewhere on a three and a half ERA somewhere below one to whip. Eyes somewhere around 200 innings he stays in the line up the level of consistency year a year or Jon Lester not stand. Of the fact that 2012 everything is -- Bobby Valentine yes. It's the one size fits all excuse anybody had a bad season 2012. Including management the right side I blame him for things that went wrong for me -- you have my stock market thing you know Ali al-Qaeda has roof leak in the kitchen and and Bobby was the wrong manager at the wrong time is administrative skills had waned. Certainly a little kooky during the season with some of the things that happened I just love the fact that that. Everything but on the Red -- is that his body count mindful I love that. Yeah and I'm not making that argument would Lester I'm just saying that that's one year as opposed to the other. Seven of his career which are remarkably consistent that that's -- and even that year we pitch well and opt out Bobby Valentine's ball. He still pitched in -- still -- 200 innings and that's the most important thing that's why it's risky. Two ecstatic I likely Buchholz who is averaging a 125 innings over the past five or six years with Lester I think there's at least would never predict injuries. But he has not been a -- to break down he's a guy you can pretty much pencil and 192 ordered ten -- somewhere in that in that that's part like a bottom that's that's why would get him -- a a true top of the rotation he's kind of pitch. Andy pitched well on opening day it's good enough to win that's an old cliche but his numbers were. In line with a victory Sox didn't throw water on that day. I'm not a betting guy I had a money gambler Ramada lines guy. I'm fairly confident he's gonna win this game today. The if ever I was I -- On the opposite I was I was about to say if -- I was inclined to make a bet the baseball game today would be that this would be that there would be -- -- -- Steve -- not I don't know baseball -- -- guy's gonna bet his house on it and lose then it's going to be on me so you don't want her spot I don't want to -- don't blame -- -- now while it's what everyone -- those around here. 6177797937. Jeff in Springfield next -- Jeff. They don't like guys -- -- -- weren't as quick question about normal human beings. We're about to reveal the source of that injury. If that somebody receives steroids -- -- injury you and I have an orthopedic injury and we received steroids to cope without injury. In baseball is that it against the rules. We got to play these little semantic games that story now Q we didn't agree Stevie come over here you come over here and look if you want it's as a Red Sox dash injuries on the subject line in seeing is the Red Sox had three guys. Which some degree of injury last and I swear I thought that that's what was gonna -- I'm sorry but -- I mean do you think that steroid use our local injury is something that. So you just re ask the question and we just told you we did wanna answer -- I really don't wanna spend the entire morning talking about steroids these little games we play. With injuries and so what about the fact of the matter is there for a good number of years the game with besmirched by a whole bunch of guys who did steroids. Don't give me all these rationalizations that though what I don't wanna talk about story to the beautiful day at Fenway Park. The Red Sox to play in the Milwaukee Brewers Jon Lester is on the mommy look at for a new contract he's got a chance to go all of name what's the number. But the number for last in his contract I'll remember habitable. I always I don't know the new numbers on throwing over the noted that at 79. 79837. -- what about the what about the Red Sox injuries and when I know it's early in the year and you know these were. The the titan -- you're you're the sees it. Cities. I cap -- get tightness in his hamstring is cities pack. You know the Red -- much we talk about the depth there are certain guys. We air and injuries -- substantial -- -- lineup that already trying to replace a guy like Jacoby Ellsbury and Shane Victorino for me that's the only ones so far. It is in major concern. Not because injuries major because he nagging injuries -- recurring thing with him in the -- in his career. Well it's early in the season it's cold and listen it's it's probably not a whole lot of fun up there playing at this time a year. It though the weather was decent down in Baltimore it was certainly playable wasn't I was in the stands. For all three of those games at various junctures during the games and found it kind of balmy down there Brittany come up here it's cold and I'm I'm not the point yet I wanna get -- cold worried. A blow like who's healthy who's not mean my car to -- -- back the issue and if you point saudis they would win the game. And it -- Ortiz hit four Bradley. They move -- and right put carpet at birthdays advocates how it played out yeah so so they were able to use -- so I'm not first of all if we gotten word on the MRI yet. And it works not to my knowledge -- is scheduled scheduled today yeah that it thumping that did Beers watching obviously well -- is there aren't -- Lot of power bats in this lineup he's got the potential to be one of them. And at the drop off to the left side of the infield that's why I'm Mike necessarily go back to the ideas signings even after -- though that's still an option. But what other reason that wasn't opposed to it. Per say is even though I look at the end of Bogart's and I've got all the confidence in the world that he's going to be star. And Alec will number I think he's got all the potential in the world to be a legitimate. Middle of the order power back. The gap is we talk about all the depth it's there in the Red Sox organization. But in terms of Major League ready depth. It's not necessarily there you know guarantee -- he's never at a Major League -- guy like Brock hole to. Played a little bit last year and it was -- him -- Jonathan perera for that utility infield spot one of what to position battles we had throughout spring training. That's an area at least keep an eye on because the the depth to immediately stepped in with Major League ready guys to replace that production is not necessarily. No it's not a thing is it's an issue by the we talked about coming out of spring training that if you could pick one. Here here with him a piece of concern it would be at third base because and we talked with a while ago. That they they they didn't have a lot of depth and even -- it was the back up in fielding his time at third base is limited. So. So I mean again let's wait for the little Brooks MRI results the command but it it is something that appears watching. A couple of text -- same middle Burks might be going to the disabled we have no real Internet down here. -- not sure whether it you know middle -- DL or anything like that in and we out of the lineup today. I'm will try to get that for you because the Internet down here is this is not really greatest 6177797937. Stephen marlboros up next to Steve. -- -- -- -- -- -- Art or -- look at it one of the Red Sox did call up -- Now there's your answer yet. So he's on his way up so I went over exits going on the fifteen day disabled list and I agreed one calf strain between Ryan animal. Break I'm like a Wednesday that beginning atrocious I don't know how you -- deal but not a look I'll walk there rob. Church or are you how old kaczynski's not look at the -- now. The year you know I don't know old daughter to -- like it you know the steering it just looking down not at all and -- as -- that -- -- Kaczynski swinging too much I think is it he swings a pretty much it up today no doubt and he's up he's a hacker -- and that's the way easily -- a written how. He's seeing pitches he's just not he's not funny spots mean he's not he took some bad swings last night there's -- -- characteristic swings. And his first things -- first second that. First pitch fastball that -- about -- to stop the plate he swings and misses attic and he got another trip to pitch in that it was a strike that he took and that that's a maybe. Yes -- pressing a little bit early in the year. I still put more weight though at this point on the knob on that in 530 you're still plate appearances at a 390 on base than the not that it in. You know what twenty years 22 at bats whatever it is so -- years struck. What what figured everybody was complaining about middle or -- out who went whatever Westwood fourteen I mean. Not just its worst. -- so far not so good but you know river for Daniel -- but I would get a guy like that thanks for the call Steve is. He. You know is he going to continue to track that he was on based upon last year -- he's a tough guy to. Necessarily judge in terms of what you can expect from this year because he's a unique case you're playing independent ball and then. Only being what three years into it into Major League Baseball like -- are the biggest sample size we saw them was last year. And out on a high U -- you judge Titanic handicap what you expect from from now -- woke. I mean. He had a good season last year he had his career year he's he's a hate that it sounds disrespectful and dismissive but he's a good little player. Andy. EEE he's the kind of guy who has to be used correctly can just foreign market for 600 at bats. And with the you know what we have sixty I mean I really. It's John -- that does that region of syndicated radio show he says nothing means anything to me to Memorial Day. Now that that's a little far because when you talk about almost a third of the season -- But -- With an -- gulf war before today it raises batting average 200 points though. I I really need a larger sample size support paying down the gavel on how somebody's gonna play this season. -- New Hampshire next -- W yeah Paul. Hot or not I like that -- cute and -- are pretty much. Just aren't there -- -- -- partly true at all or has value. -- got him by three different it's two different questions he's not done. And in if you think that you didn't hear what I just said. That. It it's way too early to paying down the gavel on any individual player. So no I don't think he's done now -- that the second party questions today -- now as I was tied I I do grant that is value. What was I would have been at its highest midway through last season before he got hurt. When our thirteen oh whatever he was last year Anthony's values that I right now at all yet will I agree with -- but but is there is value is is. Not going to go up in the short term. But he just goes on a five and six and all right. Within I don't think he'd get a lot for him right now when you say is value -- is value is at its highest when he was running up great numbers the first two months of last season. Now he misses -- half -- season he went to gain in the World Series on flopped inning hit batter in his first start. So what are you gonna get the Clay Buchholz right now do you think his values that are premium right now. Which. -- about retirement -- amber and I'm. So adorable I am just think the -- to simple mathematics here. So -- -- this particular I think the most consistent pitcher -- a lot -- regular students. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's shifted in the he's won eleven games two years in a row. With the almost an identical. ERA in its parading of just looking at that the other day is -- species could really almost identical so he's consistent in -- been consistently average. I've got to invest more -- -- and then try and Q. To achieve more in store robbers are Karl standing and Nadal are. -- -- normal month here or not. I don't know we get standard from buddies -- outfielder. It's. The left field for the Marlins but what I'm saying is -- they invest in pitching with when they when you trade Josh Beckett the -- and you get west and they'll roast in return. And you've got guys like went out on Henry Owens coming along in the minors and Brandon Workman. Already in the big leagues I would hope that I would call I would call that a pretty I would call that a pretty good investment you pitching we knew. It's obviously more like that in the Morse of course that you report was really happy you aren't mature three. And actually. Why pink -- on let's put it this way if he was not a bad team. There are already emerging team looking to rebuild he be the number three guy right now I think. Bigger numbers from the Marlins. One thing I mean is that there's no. Did there is no place for him in this Red Sox team right now simply because of the what the team is coming off a World Series championship that's the way it is. Right and I'm I'm you know I root right. At the phone call and I agree the investigate pitching I mean I feel like some people look at investing is yet spend money. And we're seeing it all around Major League made that one team there's one exception it seems to that rule. That date and not that they don't want to build through cost control guys they just haven't been able to and that's the yankees' big unspent border and sixty million and I think their son. And this is an all Red Sox stand but I think there's some. Frustration. About the idea of the Yankees spending a lot of money they're investing but freeagent theater to meet the means of desperation. That's what it is. Be because the Yankees have as little debt they have guys -- -- 34 years ago. We're -- about Manny Venezuela's talent chances Andrew Blackman all the guys are gonna come up for the Yankees and succeed not -- -- So you've got to turn to. What they've done which is spending a ton of money so I think the Red Sox are investing they're just doing it a different later trying to get cost control that. Yeah we were talking in Baltimore trafficker who. Might have been Gary Thorne in the Orioles announcer news local -- these rural town main. And I think it was Gary yeah it was scary though and that he thinks than yankees in -- last place this year. And it's a tough division. And but the Red Sox loom as a favorite the rays have that great starting pitching that much of an offense but but they're going to be and it and the Orioles look better than we thought they might be they were coming up of sort of pick up season last year to make the players the before. Politico leads the Yankees in the in the blue jays at the blue -- kind of put it together I -- -- he's coming up the good outing in his first start. The Yankees might be in trouble this season chorus. You yet you and -- lockstep on Alan I think they're 500 team. I think they might struggle to be 500 I I I think that's I can't wait boy with a look at not a bad start and to a three against the Astros snapped back to earth and Harry. And listen it's -- -- starting an ideal to share is paying dot -- that limited range. If sabathia hit ninety more than a couple of times in his first start now is that not the eighties all spring consistently though. I thought I'd like to enter that you know I -- not to look great in his first outing in. Eight strikeouts no -- they think in Toronto he looked good. So. He could begin at the data had a good spree but. Actually the problem with the expert team that at a lot this year they've got guys back but a lot of people are judging him based upon 8185 last year. With all the injuries they had but they were also. A minus 27 run differential. Which -- there'll be fortunate. I don't know that purity 85 win team I don't know the baseline. Last year by which were judging the Yankees is necessarily. An accurate baseline because it's unlikely to repeat with -- kind of run differentials so. I know there are different they've added Beltran added Ellsbury -- hand but Cher has been in the steady decline I don't know what they're years could be this year had no idea. Yeah and. Yeah sky high waves and make speeches that's what he's going to be well and it's that it is that this is his last season and I. Worry that it's going to be a trouble on form. Yeah I mean I given credit for getting back and I understand how like Mariano did you wanna go on your terms you wanna go out crumpled on a warning track in Kansas City. A Mariana could come back immediately. I'm not sure where that Derek Jeter can't let's grab one more before the break 617. 7797937. Chrissie -- Chris. Hey good morning Steve good morning Chris. Particularly in the show Steve just wanted to wish you good luck in the marathon in good health that you. So. I was at the game last night and it was cold but I have. But there's some impressions. I thought you know one of the things like to -- was a look like generally do the same approach. At the plate you know last year saw a lot of follow an awful lot of -- take a lot of pitches. So even though they didn't win I received I think you know I like that approach again they're trying trying to do get -- stay with the philosophy. So that was good -- they fought you know that they fought to get back in when they were down. And Koji -- you look great. And that was great to -- -- I know you talked earlier Steve abroad you know that it's so tough to repeat what he -- and of course it is. But you look fantastic I mean he just -- down of course it was just one -- so. And I understand that. Watch the three outings actually he -- he pitched the second game I'm doing this to memory did the second game of the season in Baltimore had a shutout inning I think he had a single. Either single -- walk on the wild pitch so but it still went and scored upon innings though. In the second outing was the series wrap up seven pitches in the ninth inning against Baltimore. And then a scoreless. Nine that a non save situation last night though. We're looking at three innings no runs allowed so far so. So far so good to him look good he looked really good and do things just on injuries just -- just kind of a general comment and injuries. And so are trained to play the pro in another sport known in baseball but. And I had a lot I had to end up according in my early twenties from just had to settle on different things wrong -- -- and one of the things we talked a lot of orthopedic guys have a lot of physical therapist and help me. And what they always said there was emphasized that there is individual qualities among people so even to two people with the same injury. You know you're gonna have -- I don't people got an old burial lot in the past to -- you know taken so long to come back from things. But you know two different people -- the same injury can take you know different amount of time of course just just that general comment you know. Wept because there right knows that this does the thing is two guys have the same injury. Even even it even if -- right here is the exact same spot of commodities it student body few parties -- and yet it doesn't factor in the Wear and tear on my body in previous years. As opposed to the Wear and tear on your boy. And epic nine ethnic it genetic background and in in my more pre disposed to have injuries there's all kinds of factors of -- Woody Allen joke about. How he yet -- the he had a problem that's part. If you wanna go pay the doctor and he found that a friend his. Had a problem with his heart so he sent his friend the doctor in his place. And hilarity ensues but thought I understand -- coming from but again. Take it to anyone to -- their injury with with what the other guy has an injury it's that just a rocky -- I always -- the treatment of Ellsbury was remarkably unfair the year. -- -- a year regretted -- deeply eighteen games while army as it did. That -- -- Ellsbury got to keep in mind is that in both cases. We thought why the injuries happen. It wasn't like we picked up the paper one day and Ellsbury says he has a barking -- -- like that we can we we guys that we we we we -- -- Beltre and running into him a Beltre ran into him. And all that happened that we thought the play against Tampa Bay with a Chaudhry is testing yet at thinks -- shoulder on his shoulder at second base. These -- happened on live television we could see it happening in real time. 61777979837. Get back to the calls you a quick break where. Hanging out here it Satterfield Fenway Park it sports Sunday Chris Maloney and Steve Buckley Sports Radio WE yeah. That's John Farrell from this morning when he met with some of the Red Sox media -- game how will little Brooks and middle or sort of the DL fifteen days a great one calf strain. And -- COLT has being called up Jonathan rare is gonna get the start at third base today sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI 617. 7797937. Text line it's 37937. -- -- Steve Buckley with year mark center field studios at Fenway gonna get to a few of these text messages. Why and then I was kind of looking this up during the break a little bit because you mentioned the idea Jon Lester in the hall of fame and if you text is saying that's not gonna happen essentially. He he's not there now but year. My thing -- and get till the moment looking. Where mallet look we'll go we shall -- out the coffee yes that's for me I'll let your -- gentleman has brought me a cup brought you a copy yes. One of the Buckley and and I can't continue this conversation get back until I get that copy -- you look at the copy so I will defend apologize I didn't say he's hoping when growl. I never said that contingent upon the -- want him -- -- -- now -- -- to -- trust you to continue to dialogue with our listeners give your -- -- -- step outside back to see this gentleman and get that coffee and give him a big warm -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- Could get a copy. And I'll hang out with -- the meantime in to defend. Not that he needs my defense but what Steve said is. He it's contingent upon that finish into the thirties that he was talking about molesters get just over a hundred wins right now I think it is. You know if he gets into the low two hundreds. And I don't I'm not one looks at wins everywhere probably never gonna see 300 wins again -- just certain. Numbers that -- -- happened based upon the number starts guys get a lot of other factors but. The consistency for Lester he continues that. Another 567. Years playing on a good team you figure the winds come maybe gets more opportunities in the post season and you know those playoff numbers for me that's what to Curt Schilling. Into that hall of fame category from a guy -- Tuesday. Really good pitcher and he was able to do with three different teams Philadelphia Arizona and and obviously in Boston after that but. It is kind of contingent upon Lester is consistency going for which is something I feel good about honestly. You know that's something I feel good about because he's been one of the more consistent pitchers a year a year in the American League other than of course 2012 when. Bobby Valentine ruined all things Red Sox in in Boston. But he has been one of those consistent pitchers that's why I'm fine personally with the idea of locking him up to a five year deal hour. Giving him big money not to mention the fact the Red Sox at some cost control guys the should be able to easily afford it not thinking it anyway. A few taxis here by the whipped up one and out UConn success you get your copy yes. Right fielder apparently -- there -- a great better dale and a wonderful it was a warmer out there and notes -- but it not Ortiz it's I I can watch a game and -- weather McKee with that but right now. In the under the -- it is -- -- on and it's a little -- when you step outside argued studio bleachers in the sunshine -- Gloria won today and Italy and relocated 52 of it yet but if I don't like. By the way I have friends with the I would spend most of today's game in the stands. Yes -- difference in the stands and like leaving the president it's partly the press box when nineteen. Because it it's as he settled in your rating on deadline -- game Michael stand enjoyed the experience. Myanmar until now what I -- excited about the tasty burger presence in the predict. With decked out again and again -- you taxes one note UConn success is -- I think it pains me more than you frankly I know note to pay me more than you I only -- a -- as as I would David Ortiz with a I Turkey's guy placed me I don't hate to teams via. In all of sports yeah. In those two teams in the new jets because of always thought they were run by clowns. Going date going back the days -- Steve Gutman. And and and it they they trumpet a tradition that doesn't exist. And UConn basketball because just because the way Calhoun treated people with. In urea -- or -- Maria Emma. The way and he'll that the student reporter once on live television I thought that if I was a -- bother. And it got pounded flat is it's hard not to like Kevin Ollie and that yet but I don't like you could not throw -- -- don't like UConn and and they ran and hid from UMass they would play UMass with -- that the cal Perry still Camby. And I thought the I don't like UConn. They're all insufferable I hate the ball between -- -- are you should be able pretty active Kentucky. I don't have room for that battle situation offer me -- to Tokyo. Because you hate UConn I yet well they're -- chief rival Syracuse you heard a bunch of more whiny -- and UConn in the whore in the following a. They're up there ever -- efforts -- and aces I think I am -- Notre Dame and I think they're the most pays the bill immediately blame. Nonexistent. Academic. Religious standards or whatever it is to keep them from being. Football program again and I am Notre Dame fan but they're they're out there you confident that politics category I'm just happy -- and -- beacons. He's a guy that stepped not only am stressed that by Calvin shadow but is sanctioned shadow. He came in with with post season man knew his first here and get -- to the final four and they're the true Cinderella team. The way they tell you that they're not even know there -- seven Kentucky's eight. Techies that number one team in the country pre -- -- now I'm proud -- the little -- -- deal with it that's bear that out that's sparrow and I'm not that you can't and other people -- -- -- if for nothing else in the hands he's going to be suffer but it's -- bowling -- of the street. Real feeling among infants and passing a remarkable. Thing these two other people inside it applied -- that there were actually walking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- our guys that get on that eats it. So organizational depth we have -- feel -- it's just a bunch unproven and that. We should probably make a move navy -- couple of a model not given up on them completely. But to me to line -- that we had yesterday against the Bruins just. The brewers actually kind of felt a little flat on the brewers they have kind of our number out there as I feel like they've got to play better out and let. But I think they're really just got to make a statement and Brad talk it is coming out of little flat out wanted to make a move you guys agree or disagree. I mean him -- -- for -- what were Wheeler for moved bird and he got right at any time at all about prospects they're all unproven that's why they're prospects I understand that but it's better to have. A plethora of these as opposed to the Yankees -- next enough that in terms of Major League ready guys. So David Ortiz out of line Mike Carp out of line will meadowbrook -- lineup. I just don't like one of those guys in the lineup -- -- we're worried about that because those guys do a lot for our lineup. Then he David Ortiz is in the land today correct it is the card act -- -- -- -- Down the -- potentially though something did happen I just don't like the lineup so we have. Without you know because they want to put RT. Don't like -- line up. Without guys who were in the lineup. Well I mean I understand if they get tired I mean now. I mean what does that get Arizona David Ortiz gets hurt -- replace them. But not I. Interesting you concerns that the concern you would have with any team in any sport where. Look what happened of the patriots in a -- Tom Brady diet and an eleven at five it'd make the playoffs. And obviously you can draw a line through certain key players on the team knowing that without those key players you gonna struggle so. That's is that the fact of life now the -- the reflexively with a double -- to -- David Ortiz is that they've invested a lot of money. In at 838. Year old DH -- skills will -- that's a fact of life he's not going to be playing when he's 46. And it's going to happen sooner rather than later my conservative entities. Is not that he's going to get America he will. Is that at his age that we put a process might be more daunting than any of us realizes. That look what happened with the Achilles injury two years ago where he tried to I think he came back and played what one game gap and was out again and without again I don't -- -- -- it was Valentine's balls to ask any -- forest. And if so what will happen is. It if David Ortiz gets hurt again. We could be looking -- a long period of time not because ease any less. Why Anthony hero and a legend and all that but because he's thirty years old and it's hard to come back -- injury at that age. Our thanks a -- called -- guy but but it's the other point. I don't understand wire where that correlates as the point to Greg is trying to make it -- too. Concerns about the real way to go get it back. We go get he'll get to replace Ortiz so what you're saying. He'll get ability order brought coal based power outlet -- added you know replaced David Ortiz went oh what a deadlock and a late call up the DH. If if they would be without David Ortiz they would call open of the position player and and then it would be student body left it would be. Doing what a lot of teams doing now which is the use the deets brought them work -- -- guys. You know land in the position to me is irrelevant it's replacing the production which is not gonna happen but essentially sounds like the argument boils down to well they lose their best -- a lot of trouble while -- Yeah same for an -- in Major League Baseball tigers -- different Miguel Cabrera Angel Lichter for without Mike Trout etc. Let's grab one more for the break here honorees -- right under. -- on intentionally. Thanks. Well -- really docile. Around walking but it part it creates a little bully. -- and we tradition since 2011. Feet. This is incident Mecca and public but. Which you mentioned about the Yankees last segment while cutting you last played -- bringing a little bit and finding the equivalent. Two quarter you know -- -- people. Q you know. No -- no I'm not basing my Ahmad basing my prognostication and the Yankees -- five games I'm basing it on the fact that. If you do what we do for living you're expected to make predictions going in every season. And -- it's. As simple back the -- sitting back. Looking at the roster is in the histories and so forth with the various teams AL least in your run -- down the line. And I look at the Yankees and into -- coming back with significant injuries and -- getting older and older and the -- -- lost all this weight and presumably some measure on his fastball and I just don't like the Yankees. And I don't I don't dislike him as an organization back -- a lot of friends who worked for the Yankees and I just don't like the way they're built for this season as a team. But I sir that the shows I mean it's way too early I think just. Put them in last place I'll -- -- Yeah and and thanks for the -- I think that keeps -- predicting last like it's. The lot -- to make these predictions the end of the season nobody would ever be wrong but that's more on -- for the record. -- the Red Sox in the playoffs last year but also the -- it when I the blue jays when he at least in the reflect the plant at a Red Sox while cart team last year that at the starting pitching to bounce back in them winning the World Series. And I was behind in the blue jays reasons -- everybody everybody you get a pass and that we'll -- that I did Bobby Valentine's ball and that's there. Six what 77700. Joined -- his -- -- and that -- Or your phone calls text covered up an hour ago take -- two Red Sox pregame. Crystal and Steve Buckley sports -- -- Let's John Farrell again tiger about will -- Brooks Brock colts. In the interim called up to replace them though Jonathan -- is gonna get the start. At third base this afternoon as the Red Sox and brewers play game three of their sad Jon Lester gets the ball. First pitch -- just after 130 get pre game right here on WEEI. Starting at 1215 -- -- to go to Chris Maloney and Steve Buckley with you right now 617. 7797937. Text like 37937. This one while his Mark Teixeira I've been a let down waste of money glad we didn't sign him Joan Warrick and yet it it to -- well for the Red Sox losing quote unquote on those. On those deals you go back and look at history and like that the road not taken as the news just in recent history. What the Yankees what do the red Thanksgiving right now fill in the blank what do they signed to share fill in the blank what do the Celtics get in the lottery. After the 0607. Season. And it is limited to rant and Greg Oden and Greg Oden what what if they take great Greg Oden and don't make the trades of bringing Garnett Ray Allen. Yeah I mean there's all kinds of ways we can look at history. In his another one point. And I know what you gonna say what happened to Mo Lewis doesn't take out Drew Bledsoe now. People that they although enemy that would anyway and I and I believe that in a week or two they were gonna make that move. But what if in making the move two weeks later you've created different timeline. And and it just takes Brady few more games to get acclimated maybe they don't make that they don't get that home game against -- raiders I mean. You can obviously use salt -- can back up even one step further what if they decide they don't wanna keep four quarterbacks that yet been here before and John freezes the god cannot. You know it's funny figure on trees because I remember vividly when -- was still in the book with the Goodyear is researching the that the patriots stuff. And I went back and it looked at what the media wrote about Brady being drafted. And that to beat rising question back there in the nick final of the globe and Mike Felger from The Herald. And they both Moore and this isn't to beat them up because everyone would have written it. But it was along the lines of dot dot dot the patriots also thought -- quarterback in the sixth round Tom Brady -- Michigan. He is not expected to challenge to unfreeze. War. I don't know what that Michael big population and yet again. As the third quarterback kind of thing in and hi hi hi looking back on its feet. Six what 77797937. Text like 3793. Set -- -- this would quickly. I can you be if in both Syracuse Notre Dame makes no sense whatsoever I went to Syracuse my grandfather's big Notre Dame and they yup got me to counsel kids though. Actually in the apple mentioned Angel metallic from whispering but with no yes that Heisman Trophy winner I took he went with area know. By viewers I think trophy winner didn't always whispering there all right so so there you -- Another texas' this will little -- durability issue. If you look at him mr. Billy issue. Then I don't think we have enough of a window enough -- resonate enough of a sample size on him he had had a wrist injury a couple of years ago now. And I don't know how serious this is kick kick and I sort of to be determined on that one. That's fair because that's what I was the reason I posed the question -- -- -- -- DD drew let's -- that right the reason I pose the questions used I didn't I wasn't sure which way I don't want it either so it -- just cop out. You know -- Norway. It it's funny because with with will middle -- people keep saying can he burned so what he was in 2012. Well. He he was only what he was in 2012 -- like six weeks so the body of work on middle Brooks is is so miniscule. I don't really know what to say about him yet I know when I wanna say is that he looks walks talks like a big leaguer. And you think he can be pretty good player. I just don't know yet I just don't mean somebody was saying on the radio couple weeks ago which right I think it was. -- card and was talking about Jack and I may be wrong and he well maybe -- Thornton. Who was saying. Beason and it was Jackie Bradley junior yep I don't know I just need to see him play what do you don't know what he isn't so he plays in the big leagues for -- the monitor ball. Yeah I agree with deputies in about every prospectors have come up yes the I don't know what Henry Owens is going to be -- at Ellis is going to be starts. We just need to see him play before he knows what he has all of you -- -- -- -- being above. A phenom coming up yet as is a rookie any of those guys yes it is you just don't know. Yeah and I guess that that argument is morally you know the Grady Sizemore Mike Carp Jackie Bradley and it kind of worked itself out at least for now. Which -- victory on the disabled list things to change in victory now comes up the -- Just needing to were wanting to see a guy in the major leagues to me is not reason to. -- take another guy -- your roster the can give you a better shot to win -- Did this kid hands in the cola they thought I think Judd -- can't from I think John's university in New York. Several years ago. They aspect of the big leagues because they were convinced he had the beauty up in the -- -- -- -- I loved him that he was going to be big league pitcher and he was a big bust the ended up back in the minors in got totally lit up in the game against buffalo deal like fourteen runs. In that getting traded to Pittsburgh he's out of baseball now and there there is a guy -- when greatness was was projected. Donnie Sadler with a guy that people thought was going to be great ball player speed demon and sometimes guys just don't pan out it's I remembered when I was over the Seattle Mariners they signed a guy named. Because it was Al chambers might have been the first pick in the draft and was out of baseball on three of four years it just happens sometimes. That's said as you look at the other Red Sox prospects it feel like even though he's got a much less a sample size and -- guards are denied them will middle Brooks what we've seen from Zander Bogart says a lot of people believing maybe not knowing but. Infinitely more confident in his ability as a big league players sometimes. It's not even the amount of the sample size -- its way he was much as the quality and when it happens having those big bats in the postseason last year. You know the at bat against the plate appearance we know cause he watched that the blocking its Jake McGee was so eye opening to me because. EE got to walk and people that's a big deal he got a lucky gets a guy couldn't throw strikes -- know we got a walking gets a guy had really good numbers during the season. And on the one of the big stages of baseball's post season. The kid with a handful -- gets on base and that's help that help the when a ball game. And in and then he has a great game against pictures of -- winds that when he AL Cy Young award. You forget that you you you could easily get every bit way to put it you can easily forget that Xena Bogut was a child playing in the major leagues last year. And he's playing in the -- playoffs put up. Respectable members and looked comfortable competent doing it in -- seeing more of that right now. And I know he's not the only guy to which this applies but. I think he's helped and a lot of these guys -- help a lot. By the fact that they're born outside the United States. In fact the 18100 minor league plate appearances or whatever was before it gets to the Major League level -- like guys get trapped -- -- sixteen. Big signing bonus not a Latin America and their short -- a ball and it went to right and it's not looking good sport and it doesn't work for everybody. But it at it's hard to say that that did help you know that that he took that opportunity kind of ran with it being able to sign a pro contract uneasy. He's very smooth he's very polished he he's very bright very well. -- on a different level from statistics. You've. He. Mean the be all end though if you want if your socks he wanted to see you put up numbers on a different level if it turns out that he can play. He has got the potential to be. In and and please forgive me for even mentioning his name in the same breath as sprout. And like Bryce Harper because those -- the guys if you watch all the commercials they are being pointed now is the faces of baseball is willful violation as well they should be. Bogart's has the potential. On the line twelve times to be in that company may be not statistically putting up those numbers but he is his demeanor. His character everything of -- him his calmness. He's he's the way you eat eat me angles with fans which we saw a lot of in spring training this year. His comfort level dealing with the the ongoing media barrage shows up blocker. He's got potential to be -- face of baseball if he can put up the numbers and -- that a lot of pressure put on the -- I don't mean -- and simply projecting. Looking at the future. In comparison with what we're seeing so -- Now detectors is another what if what the balding goes through bill but there's -- in the literally go down wrote on it while I'm talking about I would limiting discussion to move that would not made yet I'm not talking about ways that were on Nightline played that one man talking about. Stuff that happened at the desk at the board room. Yeah -- trade -- decisions and decisions that it were attempted to be made especially in cases of Iraq at do you not. Just it was rejected by the players' union in -- shareware. Another one or it went on with the pitcher that he and yet when the old. Broke the chair with a contreras yes it was a -- there's another one loved Jose Contreras has great stuff all of -- stuff. -- -- career didn't quite turn out the way people thought it was going to people that 617779. 7937. To about forty minutes or so to take more your phone calls I'll get a quick break in the Red Sox baseball coming up 1252 pre game. As the Red Sox -- robberies play the third three game set. Here this afternoon at Fenway Park it sports Sunday -- a lot of Steve Buckley Sports Radio W.

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