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Boomer Esiason Criticizes Mets Infielder Daniel Murphy For Taking Paternity Leave

Apr 5, 2014|

On his show with Craig Carton, Boomer Esiason infuriated listeners when he criticized Mets 2nd baseman Daniel Murphy for leaving the team to witness the birth of a child. Despite the subsequent apology, Larry and Craig aren't quite on the same page on this issue.

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World. You know obviously one that went. Home opener for our fans. There at the end if they executed that's good. And before we get home. That is Dustin Pedroia little somber after the 62 loss to the brew crew yesterday afternoon our pregame ceremonies. Triumphant. As the word being used in Boston Herald this morning on the front page and fortunately. Not an official triumph for the Red Sox they lose for the first time in ten at Fenway home opener 617. 7797983737. 937. Is the telephone number or the text line as we continue what would be your 1 o'clock -- a lot of time. Red Sox the middle game of the three game set. We have Milwaukee kind of a strange. Home opener against the National League team but their last couple years they've been evening out the interleague games instead of playing in June almost exclusively. -- trying to balance it out throughout the rest of the year but it. Now would've been better may be an opponent that has more and amid -- league pedigree in the Milwaukee Brewers even the twins. Well maybe -- -- does have a good he's got to admit words that I wouldn't go that far -- -- know what it. Already -- idea and they insert the bunny play about four games it's always it's way too early to make any conclusions but I do think our Cole's pitching today. Will be or should be of great interest because you wanna see will the real -- calls please stand up. And I think the Yankees probably forever as they -- worried about about -- he gets smacked around by the -- so will be interesting when he makes his next outing but it's really early. To conclude we're gonna go to phones I just -- quickly for a couple of other topics out via that you can weigh in on you can win on the Red Sox. I I tell -- I was shocked because I respect and admire Boomer Esiason the guys have my -- -- Every ya mind a four or after the patriot games and the very very bright. Lot of insight into the games by far in my opinion as far as on that NFL show. He was one of the best on when they let him talk. So I really was kind of shark where there were talking about the Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy who wife was about to have a child and the collective bargaining agreement allows them three days off -- -- -- be with her. And very Rory hit not only Ballmer brought his sidekick the -- -- cotton. -- -- inference has -- they were all up and bombs because the guy took her an extra day off for something to be with his wife and who is having a child in a -- what kind of wrapped it up really nicely he just says. Bottom line for me he said I would do that I wouldn't go all the way down management on it for three days he says quite frankly I would have said C section before the season starts I need to be at opening day I'm sorry but this is right. Make some money in this is how we're going to live our lives this is going to be. To give my child every opportunity as a success. In life so you're gonna ordeal life tech guy to have a C section. I'm so you can make sure that you -- at the opening day of our practice going to play -- -- That's not me I wouldn't do that huge huge and you play games. Quite frankly I I would have. It I was at C section before the season starts I need to be I need to be an opening day I'm sorry this is what makes our money this is how we're gonna live our lives this is gonna give my child every opportunity to be a success in life. I'll be able to afford any college I wanna send my right -- because I'm a baseball player. By the way boomer has apologized for this Larry this is what he set up one day in and couple days later he apologized. Not to Murphy and apologized on the air as well he should. And hopefully he put that particular controversy behind probably one of the dumbest comments that I have heard any long. Long time I regret it Obama you need to react you might know a lot of our football Richard don't know a lot about life. There's certain things in my opinion that I prioritize number one is god never to his family and then number three. Anything else that you deem important that you reflected too but believe me you vote nobody plays football or sports for ever. Com in your fortunate that your -- analyst chart now so you do that for a couple of more years and and you get thrown off the set like Marino wise. Nothing is as important to me it is your family because they were asked Curt Schilling. Where and how important baseball is to him right now or how important his family is the him right now when his whole world collapse financially. And many had a heads the cancer treatment he has to go through and yet his wife and his kids are still by his side. Asked Jim Kelly the former our football our quarterback -- the Buffalo Bills who's fighting throat cancer. I went to -- the next game the other night said he shouldn't have been -- but he wanted to be there to surprise his daughter Molly after the crowd stopped cheering. Long after you no longer can play. Then you'll always at least be able to go home and you will have you a fee only. The audacity. To speak of your -- of your wife has some star -- summit some head or something on a leash that you command Europe. They're going get a C section because you have to beat -- up for the opening day is act. I'm surprised more women we're not outraged about that and I think of certain other people had said that instead of bull market. Who very popular with the media on the light ESPN didn't even carry that thing on their menu what of the front page so he's protected. By that. I'm sorry I know we apologize is well he sure but as my wife said to me. She says -- -- even a -- let you in the house if you said something that that ridiculous. On the Airways about me or whatever and then add infamy to go back out in public and stuff to know about how you feel about. You know as outrageous as it was he did apologize and that's not the first time I've ever heard an outrageous. Anti feminist comment. I'm a sports talk radio station including this one so thankfully I don't think anybody's c'mon it's anything like that well I've heard a lot of things like that I think. In general there's a lot of misogynist stick. Commentary on sports talk radio. That is it this is to grow latest in the most it's an obvious -- I can respond -- this isn't this at his low point to me -- -- that -- quite have the apologized. I apologize but he's a good discussion and shared. Outrage an -- -- I didn't -- Great -- stopping an immediate for a minute okay -- -- a minute now because every time -- phone -- during the break here in the other room on your knees out talking to -- away from afar when you read your your way if you love your wife is well you'd sure -- To stop being a jerk for men and I apologize I Christ and the service yeah any casual apologized there a lot of people who lose their jobs because they say things like this. I would like to -- I'm just trying to get an apparent from you without you just trying to pitcher about it Larry it's as obvious as the day is long while less obvious as the nose on your face watch why why why would have to add anything you're going -- -- -- about that I want to break up your setup I should -- it's not -- -- and it became the church went to -- you know what -- real sermon was. -- I'm trying to get your opinion on that Stalin and move on okay I've talked about piling on of course it is sure I -- of course it was wrong. But he apologized if he were continuing. To be stubborn and obstinate about it and refused to yield and understand. That he made a serious. Miss judgment that I would say you have every right to be outraged. But I think your anger is a little -- missed placed. To be the guy should be upset about is not him but for its -- who -- as far as I know maybe apologize yes exact listen for awhile yesterday. To see if he did I didn't hear one ounce of remorse. From Mike princesses sell direct your anger toward him because I don't hear any official apology for us tomorrow armor size than I have so much more regard respect for in so many ways over -- thoughts about that. That's -- not the story I was just. My anger or shark or outrage. Mom was that he would say something like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In 1994. Back in the golden days I have a show all by myself on Saturday how Dario worked very well I enjoyed it and there was clearly there was a guy that ripped. It was a columnists in the Boston Globe who ripped I think his name was David Mick Williams played with the Houston Oilers back nowadays they're the Tennessee Titans. And David -- would think that was his name someone can help me with this and maybe this discussion. I'm happened earlier in the week and I didn't hear. I decided to it skipped the oiler game that Sunday. Because his wife had just given birth to their child. In this columnist. For the Boston Globe just wrap this guy up and down he excoriated. Him of this or rate it is going out here. Where's the professionalism. You know that Boston columnist was Belgium will McDonough and will make Donna just ripped into this guy for being unprofessional. For prioritizing. Football. Over family or the other way around excuse me -- me over football and I spent four hours rates at that I was twenty years ago. Will Madonna never apologized. Okay well boomer Boomer Esiason did apologize and I give him credit for that he made a gross. Miss judgment are okay all right but he apologized Larry so let's well. At eight over the minute we can do that now I'm talking about the part about the fact that I was shocked. That he would even say such a thing I'm not at all that's the difference between you and may we live in a misogynist culture. Especially sports talk radio it happens all the time I hear a lot of offensive things aimed toward women that just wanted to long line of them. Well ice -- 88 cup. Consider the source that came from right. The -- out -- -- the people who could have said that it -- surprise -- in the -- -- obviously you're more shocked at the source blessing absolutely because I have great respect for -- at a guy and he's great he's a football player Larry -- is also a family man -- -- we all know the problems -- medical you know -- -- -- -- we -- -- you know the irony of the one of those -- the cystic fibrosis -- -- You know why he got his name is real name is Norman you know white guy's name this is kind of ironic. Because he was kicking so loudly in his mother's. Uterus waiting to be born his father decide to call bull market is constantly kicking kicking kicking. So it's interesting that his name actually emanates. Problem. Waiting to be born and here's a guy that -- you know many many years later. Weighs in on the subject same subject and you know make some egregious comments that thankfully he backed off from. So I just don't understand why are so angry about. I'm angry if the mindset. As you said I added that the male I'm culture I'm just -- I'm just not going on I seven I never gonna get to that point I'm never wanna get to a point were -- so insensitive that it just doesn't matter because everybody does it I you know I. Wholeheartedly agree with you he never should -- it it was outrageous. He apologized. But again more of the same from an Atlanta helps or -- but it -- how many people really feel that way. I think many did I know Brady almost ran into that problem -- last season. His wife was about to give birth and -- thought it was going to be on a Sunday in which he played. Well what he would not -- plate. Round and I and I think you know in the moment it's very difficult for professional athletes I think even more so for and I think this is the problem for -- He was coming at it from a football perspective where they play sixteen games as opposed to a 162. So that was his first mistake and I think it I guess the shocking -- that but that the shot at me was like a Tennessee section like. Demanding. Yo wife who put herself in harm's way. In terms of rather than having irregular natural burn after going. In but again expert -- you're processing you know -- -- say that's forgive me -- for acting right Bo -- to treat people like people right you know there. Professional football players just because he's. Very insightful about football hasn't but hawk radio show in new York and as a gay got national TV with CBS. Doesn't make him. Necessarily. A terrific humanitarian I think we learned that and thankfully -- given some kudos. -- at least understanding the error of his ways in apologizing 6177797937. We can talk about that we can talk about the Red Sox. Home opening loss we'll talk about Clay Buchholz debut anything else on your mind our number two -- just around the ban on Sports Radio WEEI.

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