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Mike Lowell joins the Red Sox Broadcast for an Inning

Apr 4, 2014|

Joe Castiglione does an inning of play-by-play with Mike Lowell. They talk about Mike's World Series experiences, and just where is his World Series MVP ring?

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Wherever windchill factor about 35 degrees perfect weather for Floridians like all great to -- -- yet to be here that this is like little cold winter day by. You latter then. They're meant to stay so happy you couldn't be here and -- yet so much to do with the 07. Rating in the world championship that year the World Series most viable player. We come back here with Pedro and Jason first of march -- Wakefield many of his teammates. Though there. Do the city has gone through it as this you know the Red Sox they always do it right what you talked him. The ceremonies and everything they do prior to the game. You know being away now it's been three years. You realize how fortunate you were that he would play in this market with sellout crowd -- night as news. Yes indeed strike on a -- all the repairs diesel for two and he swings at -- want to shallow right field topic coming out Pedroia is out a lot more odd -- he can't get its file. Just crossed the line while on the track. This is a treacherous wind today my answer is. Here certainly no way it can swirl a little bit but it. That ball looked like it was going to be. -- blame -- -- -- on the lines those guys make some adjustments. Take the witness account that's for sure. But we've been enjoying watching you when hearing you on MLB network -- -- doing a great job he's enjoying it. I do you know I I I do enjoy that I -- -- like going once a month for a few days it. You know requires me to stay in the -- it. Keep up to date with all the guys and all the disease it it's really fun for me enjoy the fact. Why drive optical all of the shortstop -- city goes into left center failed. Strange why they let recchi had lined up. And -- take off from third. Zander if they charge and Mary did leave his feet. Star runner at first that's been your hated your -- That it's a chip there. That that that is you really know that it really though you don't deserve it. -- -- Exactly and putting it on the board here. All right here is. Luc Roy who's been real trouble today homer over everything -- double off the wall. He takes it away ball -- most days it would have been how. It's a win the Israeli. Help maybe a little bit -- say they'll vote this as a reason to contact. They bark. That could hurt PD -- -- that does the -- ago he's called apple. Sure the helmet in the back to -- the but he back to the city at a ball Baltimore's pitch missed the way to. Now vacated 286. I think that's the oracle. First there for Zander. Video bomb Baltimore where about most days opening day of John Carter of the wall in the center of the -- Is it there for Karl strike. But -- you have to follow the clobber every day because as part of your job but capture of you certainly enjoyed last year vicariously at least. Absolutely you know I think. With everything that happened in the 2012 season a lot of guys now get her but a lot of people we've disappointed with the way the year worked Bowden. Think they're looking for a lot of optimism with you know John Ferrell and the guys they brought in and I think direct talks that are really good job of bringing guys that. You know provide though the winning culture in the winning atmosphere that we've come to know what the fans you know can associate with and they hit it on every on every one of these guys like victory in Ireland Jonny Gomes and Mike Napoli. You know those guys are infectious and I see a big difference in the way the middle lineup guys run the bases might seem like something. You know that might seem trivial but -- Solio today Napoli going from first to third force is -- -- -- As a -- dollar right field side out of -- and that's an excellent point because. That was one of the best base runners on the carbon so is Gomes and even though you weren't the if it's at any speed wreckage you're outstanding an intelligent base runner on anything that really was a key factor you don't have to be a blazer yeah you mean you got to. Pay attention and you know like that they would happily -- for vs thirty understood the situation one now. And it takes a really good throw to get out of there you know you don't really wanna make that gamble with two outs or no outs that you wanna make that burst out. For the last out at third but that's a great time again when he did it paid off -- -- you know -- size more than gets an -- positions so. That's a big differences that I noticed from you know two years ago last year I think it paid big dividends for the team. Inside and I -- goes to three and two repairs to reach that the error charged to Bogart target ball is at first base. Brewers to a lot of running that -- the nationally it's deals last year. The repairs would not be one of their speech there's. But a good base runners were just discussing. -- Are hitting right and catcher that there's -- water holes it inside ball for this with a breaking ball so the first -- -- Iran without a hit. And it brings up. Logan Schafer whose life your right hand popped to short or you coaching -- Anthony is Little League team. -- we're -- up that night you know so burst your coach that that's about it. It's been a heck of an adjustment you know yeah. He gets them -- that -- throw a lot of strikes the game goes by real quick -- you know the kids that are close to the strike zone and that sixth inning -- seems like it takes longer than Red Sox yankees game but. It's a courtroom this you know the kids really go learn you know the strike so which is it the the committee's. You know figure out what you guys which you don't it's it is looking on blow that caper takes a strike -- his second -- get back to the high. Walruses have -- them back when he took the thrall. Longer than the Yankees -- that are built like a short time what I've been about an hour 45 foot. I think that is likely to have these advocates -- -- strikes and or replies that that's that it duplicate these threats what. It's been bought it it's you know make in the progression -- better. It's been a good experience. At least they should weigh in that first what is the third baseman bill in this so well here you know American League they're -- Is much different you know here you know the brewers and actually team. -- you step on -- lot more you -- read the ball and he's bobbing in the files it to the left on the ground by the ongoing circle that the -- -- -- -- in this situation is when. The runner bunting and the runner on second bowl must -- Which we really don't have in this situation. But that's where -- you know it can cause a lot of -- because. At the end which really wanna do is just getting now -- -- -- -- it anywhere in the vicinity if they're you know little Brooks should be targeting get the out of first you know -- the if the credit -- credit due. But also if it's that bought it back -- that that you got to be able to get there quick enough because you wanna get the lead -- the book is a good. That's -- Napoli still win the grass so. -- never seen this in the American well known oh. And the -- gonna swing away pops it up third base side file brown. -- goes a little Brooks -- the edge of the track makes the catch for the out. Those favorite does that get the job -- files to third. And here's Chris davis' double off the wall it'll have to apply -- -- left field what are your impressions of a little bit Brooks this season. Well you know people like about him is. He still could offer it at the plate viewers on that last night. Where I think he just got a versatile this season via bat before it at 30 count -- most guys if you start your one for twelve on perfect you're 30. Because I don't wanna see one and he got up -- Oregon affiliate at 30 greens that is great swing that -- -- -- To left field so that tells me that he still has confidence obviously in his first at bat today it was outstanding so. You know those -- little things were they can really turn into you know good stretches in. I mean what does that even though that it. You know towards the bottom of the lineup there's not a -- hit the ball out of it could be huge boost. A big run producer whether it's true that all wanted David's because little Brooks homered. In the third hit a bullet to the -- next time on Davis or right hand hitter. -- double off the long fly to deep left the all the wind knocked down the pitches in their first right. So does want and what you faced Jake Peavy quite a bit that in the national bleacher. He was. -- -- about those of us in San Diego days I think you know before -- couple surgeries it's an injury used on a lot harder news you know I I've been nice it. You can still see as evidence where he's going after hitters you know it and he's gonna compete he's if it is to win. You know I think if they like today I don't think he's had his best stuff but you look here in the sixth inning it's two rounds so if he's given his team the chance the -- and I think that's. That's all you can ask for her from a guy like that it. You know hopefully gets others to regret that -- the bottom half of the unique to themselves this year's Victor. Jack's point and he -- that he always had ninety pitches to Juan and want out. Due to the score the -- Jack swing at a breaking pitch low and away. So it goes to three and one. Which bring do you worry -- three -- -- I really goes board we know with the view not that the against feel dreary and very proud of it. But it's a huge degree it's it's more open our east I mean been nowhere pool there. The -- was an art dealer manager was so Marlins haven't. -- -- to doing everything it's a new boring it's just. It just looks so beautifully and -- feel comfortable when. And personal seven -- you with the World Series MVP so deserving. Four game sweep of Iraqi -- -- do they count. -- of Iran is still with. Want they hold a pitches if the if they -- a -- back -- -- profit track and -- makes the catch -- be over for the standings. It could jump on the ball I hit it is that are three times I -- -- noticeably pop beat he would get a ring today. Aside from his World Series ring you got a World Series MVP -- sold did you get one -- -- well. Maybe maybe I did I actually text message Larry Lucchino. Because David asked me how is that -- -- compared to mine you know. And I -- what have never responsible I'm -- -- you know into the game right now been in the sixth inning. I'm sure he'll respond to me tell me that maybe it got lost in the mail. Still I'm await them I didn't know they -- about but you know it was that David the -- that I would be really excited about. -- -- And that judge sway any ground ball to the pitcher peavy throws out just after retired the side saw they -- but don't score -- so after five and a half. It is to do on the Shaw's star market WEEI Red Sox radio network. Bottom of the sixth inning tied it two -- Fresh heart healthy protein packed dinner ideas go fishing at Shaw's and star market differently associates are ready to help with your selection recipes and cooking tips. Can't see what's fresh today at -- -- star markets. We tickets at second break. -- at W media outlets like radio network. We're visiting with a 2007 World Series most valuable player Mike Lowell was part of the ceremonies today. Pedro was involved as well as Jason Varitek Pedro so thrilled to be. Part of the organization these great you know he brings so much. Character and energy and even while we're waiting there and he's like I'm gonna raise this trophy higher up than anyone else -- demonstrated that haven't I mean always you can have anything -- -- wasn't a player -- the 2013 do you think he was like. The fans are gonna love. You just you missed the bag or the calls Varitek capped a cave man was that that was pretty funny I don't think I have the death as they -- the -- that's FaceBook -- Do news that the Paul won two. Page rather forget reverse that course it was a difference we get together Derek Lowe would. Pedro Martinez of that they their stuff. -- strike he says once I mean -- once filming this. On and one on the count Pedro of course just put down the glove and he did it. Pedroia hit a fly deep senators struck out. These two of these six the pitches one look to right field sneaky fast pit -- for a base hit and then hit a pitch him away -- in. Majority of it's it's a -- right field. You know what I love about this is no matter what he finds a way to herald the blue barrel that ball. You know if you make the mistake like the first step back to drive it I just think he understands. Really well that second and third time through with the -- trying to do. And he's capable of doing a lot of guys wanna hit the right field and they just can't execute that he. You can go to right turn on any -- the -- it. That's why on these moments -- players to watch you know -- he does so much everything he does he does that well. Here's David Ortiz whose strikeout -- while ball to shallow laugh. Over here three -- those on the right side second baseman stepped back in the grass and copy files it straight back and play. Not to get to -- due to the -- post game show sonoco say five cents and every gallon instantly. With -- -- rewards credit card. You've been on the volleyball circuit -- with your daughter Alexis. Well. And under travel all that well actually it's been all right they do about eight tournaments over the course of five months with knowledge every week that you're somewhere and it's -- no girls -- -- big South Florida. Which is -- -- -- in their land and at a hundred games going on when -- rages about in the sixteen it was really impressive so. Yeah where are entities there she enjoys it and it's been cool it's cool I think the sports outstanding. Yeah that's weren't refuses focus right now. Her erratic Gogh's poppy takes its first strike here's the throw Pedroia slides if he's out. Strong throw by Luc Roy. They took that pitcher strike. I'm not sure was a strike but. Umpire said it was. Sort of a strange -- I wonder. Wouldn't play it one with David going I think doesn't pick the right pitch it was a curve -- those pretty good exchange it for a outside and I. And with. -- step and half Purcell also -- out. And it's -- 02 count to big property. A second baseman with a runner off the bases now moves back. Deeper and right and David it's a ground ball wide of first overbay has yet. And he runs over himself the pitcher was there with David 31 for three and assisted. -- opera Napoli walked and struck out. -- rights -- South Florida connection. If you play ball as a kid against Mike how is all of my years younger I think it blew themselves. Off to college because when he started my school. But yet he's from. Or a lot of villagers current gas Hollywood you know. Couple rumors tomorrow's interest in signing him -- That's not the big difference in that we're playing more -- to those things that are now played here this year. One ball no strikes where's Mike you were made to this part. 10 pitch is law remember the first time you played here. At least for the violence. By hitting home run after the Red Sox have won. Scored to work 24 runs that I will be all right guys to remember that -- brand in line with the pitcher via a -- I still remember going through or put on. Michael there and start the game and either that you recorded now. And I played with Trot Nixon in the -- you know against from the minor -- he got the third baseman Johnny Damon was up for the third time in the first inning. I told about it Johnny Damon starts this team all three victory in the first inning I am walking off the field I think there's like ten nothing. And sure enough because -- ready to. Or -- he got his third bit. Trot schoolers that subtle play it looks back -- -- -- -- -- walk we have obvious that it -- but they do but I felt like walking off we multiple quality about point three victory. Right like but then the next night equals two on the -- it -- Over the wall -- left to win the game for the Marlins. As a big turning point for us you know we've. But like. Which could be a team like the Red Sox I think you always make yourself a look at the Red Sox in Europe as well the Yankees. You know being a young team like we were. You know what you what you. Come back with a tough game and then. Be with those teams -- -- -- a lot into those that we could be pretty good team you know throughout the course the rest of the year. While back so it's still three into the Napoli not along at bat he worked the walk borrowing off. 332 pitches in the first inning the pitch. And he swings it pokes a far right back this way where we have Michael all the same physical orbiter. Quite make it here. How about the field after the wintertime. They've always been a wonderful. He didn't he deserves a huge huge huge congratulations because. Everywhere I've doctors that has -- or -- they remember in the last forty years. To keep this stadium in this shape that. Especially the point services is that he deserves the credit they do a great job anyways but I think you had the you know unfair conditions to deal with -- now looks great the good thing is it's only gonna get better -- Hitler warmed up but even -- -- This is one of the jewels of made based on -- other file by Napoli in the next three to that she is now again in the batter's box. -- lead the league in pitches per plate appearances. Mike what did you like most of a -- here. Well besides the wall -- about three that we terrorize him before that are. You know what I like the most it was the energy that you felt the -- every day you know and I guess other guys that. That -- the market that day. Maybe it's not that big difference -- well with the Marlins. We were used to towards the end the lowest attendance here you have it -- it to a lot when you're playing a team like. You know the Pittsburgh Pirates team that was lowered their division but it Tuesday night and it's raining and hot and you have a delay it. You got a lot of work to get yourself up for that game that you're not going to let you play in front of the stadium packed you know every seat is taken. And you if you're down 61 score run this crowd going crazy there's awful different -- an -- that -- deal. You know when your when your hear what you're here and I enjoyed it so much because it's so different than what I've experienced my first seven years exactly. You really appreciated because. You know when you go on the road to play against you know every other team and every -- market. You realize -- specialist places. Off or for Napoli and Ron ready he's gone out of the bullpen for left handers we have your way here at the pitching change brought you by the Verizon four GLT of the Shaw's star market WEEI Red Sox radio network. Will Smith the left hander choir from Kansas State -- new victories. They did two previous games both against the rays want it to third scoreless innings that he'll face Johnny go home to about -- -- -- We're happily at first drawing his second walk into down in the sixth inning of a 22 ball game. Mike -- would you see a guy like Will Smith about -- -- faced very briefly Kansas City but really get something. You read the scouting reports but most guys are not. Very familiar with -- no I think that's for the video work has really changed. From you know 1015 years ago you guys at least. See what he throws against you know if it's a guy like David or Grady Sizemore was on -- -- what it's tempting target lefties. Or I guarantee Jonny Gomes you know was in the video room -- because this that this is the situation over in the lefty to face carpet. That would be -- -- -- it and I think it comes down -- ultimately to execution you know Will Smith is he's got a game plan for Jonny Gomes and as that as we look for the mistakes and try to drive movement that's the chess match we'll see how it plays out. Jonny Gomes last year for pinch home runs second most of Red Sox history. And tied for the league lead pinch homers. Happily at first two round score tied. In the sixth any. Smith whoever's in Johnny takes ball one all your the World Series yet the biggest hit the series there's. Big home run them. Big momentum swing to -- what you do that in other than the other team's stadium I think it just takes the crowd totally out of that in. It looked like I was with the team needed at the time when they took off from. If you were asked -- taken for strike the way so which 11. Mike Napoli with a two out walk at first -- opening inning with a single but was caught stealing Ortiz grounded to first. And -- you walk. Leading off first being held up by over -- Lifting video one more on that it's hooked on the ground follow hard over by the -- dugout -- into the stands turn out that when. Flag is hanging. They'll we can feel the wind coming in Beverly pitchers win today. Years. On him to do. Johnny. Rules have Sampson delivers. And its -- rolls away from the catcher can't find it it's about three feet behind it meant -- the second goes happily. Ballpark plays so differently in April and may that it doesn't realize. There -- -- you know. Those bibles that you think he just missed it you're rewarded with the wall then. The balls like today who are there going towards less than you think bill's gonna help you the just feels right there nice that's a player -- happily there some users were positioned so. 180 feet away Joseph let's see. See if Michael about the Red Sox take the lead we'll see if that was awhile pitcher fastball but he will be gone either way. Do -- duty Gomes. Is the wild pitch. Will Smith is ready -- -- left handed jails and Johnny takes a Carter law that's off the -- they catcher in here growth Napoli got hurt. Had to be passed along their border breaky -- really read that well. And just boxed around by. Catcher. That it backing and it would just off his -- it was almost as striking. So Johnny worked the count for something he does so well. These counts. Plus from Napoli there he gets off so -- known as two -- he gets a great secondary and and a great read. 32 pitch strike -- call got a fastball over the outside on a Johnny upset with -- -- -- that one. And as I retire might let you go warmup thanks so much for joining us. Obama did you watch on MLB best to your family thank you what blizzard all right Michael all the 2007 World Series MVP -- gas -- after six were tied at two of the Shaw's star market WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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