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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, discusses the Bruins push for the playoffs

Apr 4, 2014|

As the Bruins start to look at potential first-round playoff opponents, Pierre McGuire weighs in on Colombus and Detroit and talks us through the match-ups. He also says Patrice Bergeron is a "slam-dunk" for the Selke Award and should be in consideration for the MVP.

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Bottom of the hour at 1130 in joins us every single Friday we talked cocky. With a good credit Pierre McGuire NBC sports fear is always brought to you by Norfolk power equipment and by UMass online we saw the boys back together Pierre. And doc. And I it was a great broadcast Wednesday night here back to work with the boys how -- you. Burton law I am so when he would support the view. Much -- being where you are surrounded by the adult beverage company. Getting ready for opening day. I wanna be your caddie. We -- here and employers colleague on one spot here at the broadcast. You're probably right Connecticut did your car get up here. -- -- -- road game in Chicago between the blue Mohawk but I got a good picture of that but no wow that's great but I -- think that's great to 2013. -- talking. -- this event the year because I was thinking maybe we can -- -- out did the first pitch televised Terry Francona welcome back there aren't any favorites and they don't articulate at the. -- let's do this let's start Wednesday because it seems like everytime your around this team and -- around -- more than any of mortgage you give us great insight. You always pull a nugget or two away from being around this team you saw the Bruins in person. On Wednesday night against Detroit. Give me a couple of two takeaways from watching the Bruins team up close in now lost you will Detroit -- -- on Wednesday. How angry they were after the game was over didn't do they just -- complacent they really cared about the outcome of the game. And I was really impressed by that. It also the way they handled the goal no goal in the -- it was a cool but it ended up being you know local effort to recruit shot through the screen and Zdeno Chara. Didn't lose their mind they stayed focused they showed maturity the coaching staff handle it appropriately. I love the way his team dealt with the adversity the other night in a very very loud building in Detroit. And it tells me that this team is -- not only for a long run but to be a very good team for a long time. Because there's certain maturity level to this team that I haven't seen it before. You -- -- -- also told -- to Israel and probably much rather play team with the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first round that Detroit team it's just something about that building. He would get some guys back that -- will be back -- it was both a few while others. When it all shakes out that the -- and wanna avoid their first round. You know -- is one thing you didn't say in the truly important I know you appreciate this being a former major leaguer managers manage. And coaches coach in the NHL. And this coach. There's a real good coach Mike Babcock he's as good as anybody in the National Hockey League. And quote Julian -- -- and I have pulled right up there well in terms of cockroaches in the league. But Mike Babcock can be so much with so little. Most coaches have to make enough decisions during the course of the need to change -- ability effect between ten. And fifteen points in the standings -- pulling the goalie at the right time making a great roster decision reacting properly matchup situation. Bad -- good coaching decisions can affect between ten and fifteen points over an NHL season. So that. A large amount appointed to think about it. Sold Mike Babcock who makes those decisions probably lower better than anybody in the league and it usually this season -- probably led to 122 points for his team -- so this coaching decisions. Pierre McGuire joining us I'll stick on Detroit for a second because they. Outwardly they scare me here if this is that if they are or get back the guys their rumored to get back. Datsyuk and company what who -- the realistic players you could see playing for them. Once the playoffs start for Detroit. What a good question -- -- both probably -- back tonight barring something happening at the morning skate today he'll play tonight against the Buffalo Sabres. -- spent a lot of time with the Detroit coaching staff the other -- and be traded I watched harmony the fine associate coach of the red wings put. How old that hit through the paces at the end of the red wings skated outcome when he put them through the paces big time. And then come home if given the big travel ready to play and have eventually should yet he'll play on Friday night because tonight. So he's come back Jonathan -- going to be back as well a huge towering defensemen. That'll make it a little bit of -- deeper team on the back and then I don't think they're gonna lose their hard work of identity just because they're adding those two players and a lot of people. Indeed try to concerned about that I had noticed he really -- -- -- -- all the burned through well. I don't think Detroit will lose your hard work of identity just because that took American about. Real quick. When you what -- -- -- you talk about -- was quite a bit inactive my body was explosive so that was just day. That's -- salary cap thing like they had to wait to bring him up because of salary cap issues and here is that true. That is correct while the well the sort of show with the help of the -- dark. But obviously he's there to -- now on. I had a chance to popular former coach of the university Manger in the broadcast -- protecting back import to Morita and he's just so -- where the young man had a ball to. Compared to when he first came more from Sweden it's an amazing story. And the kid deserves a lot of credit he's worked his tail off these -- It appeared does seem like they missed got to leave it needs to conference that divisions wrapped up right nice to come stand nicely and but he call out playing down the stretch here -- the efforts going to be their -- but Claudia is gonna mess with a -- of art scene for a couple of days here. Any any chance at all to getting -- in -- last couple games kind of pick it up again but any risk. The last couple games as a road teams fight for playoff chances that the last five games. They don't find it just think it just it just click. I don't think so little -- you why one of the things that I touched on the other and I think you're sure I north surely is popular show just telling me they were after the loss to Detroit. But -- hole the composure and the maturity of the team they understand that they've been the final one point eleven and had to win three games seven dead beat Montreal -- game seven meant to be happening game seven had to beat Vancouver on the road. In game seven -- that takes a lot of focus and determination so. Good portions of that -- -- back so they understand that commitment. They lost a heartbreaking game six last year everybody knows that a Boston. With about three minutes ago -- thought there was going to be a game seven obviously there was because he -- to -- the Blackhawks. I think ought to learn from that. So why don't think there are a lot of hockey left -- these guys have to learn aside I'm not that concerned about them and again I throw themselves because of the experience that I had. We I went through this twice and Pittsburgh where we have real good teams and we clinched early. And we never had a problem keep America -- focus -- -- taken him in and out of lineup tonight because doing that I think it was a really good things with the group. We're talking appear McGwire NBC sports all things Bruins in the NHL you mention it and Avalon at that he had the guests. Who is that seven defensemen right now is -- bizarre as the god required here is it a young guy who doesn't get the start the first playoff game for the Bruins. -- Matt Burke helped me. You know you're from all the other night in Detroit it was a healthy stretch he had no injury to him. -- is played pretty darn well right now I didn't physically help the power plays making pretty good decisions. I got the relationship which. Saw it again you don't know and I think a lot of it also depends on the paper's senior play in the first round if you played a more physical team. From Columbus maybe you want Murkowski -- it may be crew comes out. If you're playing more but -- what team like Detroit if you want crew did and they if you want -- results were parked helped you out. And what's gonna happen if they get Seidenberg back that's the other thing because I think at some point here I'm here in a lot about it. That Seidenberg -- way ahead in terms of his -- and there's a chance he could be back. And the last time he sits around S Carolina it's who did you hear an even more so since the last time we talked to. I am again your -- the group to talk to people. But then it is such a good person everybody and that team desperately want to back to disrespect the -- so much they like the player but they respect the man and so they can get him back could that be great and obviously keep hearing more more positive information about it. Here you go in there with a winning so much in the guess that you're playing this thing up on a stretch because they are talking and the big topic this week with -- Smith. -- on that second line is produced goals with votes still climb with the way he's playing just not finding. Find the back of the net he do you mess with that is that just a temporary thing opening day just go right back throughout -- that this. I think you go right with -- -- who have been so successful for you know one of the interesting things is just the versatility of some of the player Riley Smith who play the point on the power play the complain shut down situation. With Patrice Bergeron Brad Marchand. Chris Kelly -- left -- place Saturday could be your top heavily killer he could be your top defending the lead kind of a guy. League game I mean you look at the versatility flew here to complete third line one night. And play first finally he didn't -- two nights later because of to Rome again we're sitting out. Whether it was because of lower body injury or whether the -- wanted to get some rest doesn't matter played last night so. -- pretty quick healing by federal regulatory charge of the versatility of the lineup. They've got so many different ways to go but Reilly Smith Brad marsh and in and to treat bird or have been one of the best parts of hockey and I have to tell you guys just say no I talked about it a couple weeks ago. Am I keep saying it. Bird dog got to be in the MVP discussion I think he plans are doing the talking -- the but the -- support. But -- needs to be in the Hart trophy discussion that he's not shame on the voters. Yeah I think it's more voting thing at this point you gotta convince your voters that got -- to be top three in points or goals -- to win the MVP if they do that he's a lock but I the goalie history the award it's the guys to score points to win the. That's a fair point fair point where you might I just again I'm not saying that Saddam by -- -- kid I think the world alone as a player and as a person. But did he would be so wrong -- such a bad messages he's not looked at least one of the nominees because of the way he's played the entire season. And what he does for this team Mike Babcock we think civil. I believe it here as always appreciate the time -- wish you were here with us and now we're going to next week. You know we'll let -- begin to archive the goosebumps dorm earlier that first home run call. It's it's early right now as we get approaching even you know more so too was at 2 o'clock guardian that's that. I just know one thing I can't wait to spend playoff in Boston has spent some time with -- boys at the ballpark on the off days. I think it was gonna be the best the -- thanks enjoy the trip to Chicago thank you very much gentlemen have a great weekend everybody NBC sports MB sports network has appeared joins us brought to -- an -- power have been UMass on line.

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