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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Letterman is calling it quits

Apr 4, 2014|

The top stories of the day recounted by Kirk Minihane. David Letterman is calling it quits on Late Night.

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All right headlines brought to you by -- that cover more than 95% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do. Precision fitness equipment I got a headline for you hold. Holder get tough really tough and I get a tees forward Steve lions gonna join yeah. And -- on his way and he's gonna join us here 9 o'clock on the set yeah that's its newest this. Could have breakfast this is -- Turkey. Pretty grouchy he's also isn't as a final look and -- -- Turkey and changed nothing else -- I don't know. Entry that some. -- it was like the lettuce and onions and tomatoes don't whale meat -- may be right there looks pretty good say it's early -- cajun Turkey that little bite to and I. Around them out at the and I was gonna do it until that Doug mentioned cajun. Television. Bought show last night from CBS the Ed Sullivan dear David letter on a devastated. -- -- you know he's been on CBS for twenty she's on NBC ten years before that. You saw last night just a regular. Thursday night -- to Johnny Depp bought in in the second segment he made this announcement. So -- -- That night and I'm talking to my wife Regina and she said well how was a working as an old. Well we think we identified. The bird. And called the Audubon society I called her friends and Montana and and some think it's a Golden Eagles something into -- mature bald eagle but we finally came to the conclusion. In fact it's an immature bald eagle. -- uses that's great. Who was on the show. I said I I don't remember I. So that. That's when I started thinking in terms of how long does -- guy wanna do a TV show. If you spend most of your day trying to hide the birds. Should you really be running a network television. That's it Letterman late and later announced it should have bet that this is Whoopi is. This crisis will be last year -- 2015. Days a group we oversee the vote or not. Not that but bird thing was -- immature bald eagle that Ottawa and -- Letterman is done in my let's. What do -- but I think Letterman at his best the first couple years used to CBS was the best ever. But in the Carson that might help but today I would agree in his prime but he. The fastball well about well you messed his run but he had a great I mean an unbelievable. Think he's reduced to thirty you know that's the last time by up to see Letterman. I'd snow Friday nights as -- graveyard of bruises on her -- son now all the yard and a little bit. It now he is a loony lefty which annoys me he's a big liberal but I give credit for the summer heat. He called start to sell on the air -- obvious underdog which to me that's like. Saying David Ortiz didn't run first you just don't do that right now. In this damage in Hollywood in New York. In the -- the right -- the circles and those circles did you not -- which still out of its credit he never -- applicable ardea you'd ever want to these you know if you never huddled with these guys who should listen hole. We scandal walked to restore job starved for hanging out with like studio executives and all the parties are just had to keep it live on the lead role he mocked him for that the one thing I'll say about Letterman since the last guy thing. Who feels like it's a big event if you go a unit of Letterman show still feels like it's things like Carson much like it's over. It'll do I think the program and I said Leslie. It's been great you've been great -- network has been great but I'm retire this is really yup this is true this is that you actually did this just I did. -- have a minute to call like cotton. Like kids just retire but it's a Bud Selig -- you hire 2018. -- and he wants regular point five million. Movies until it easier -- it's been about money he's like a -- three and out. He must have so much money but he said he said Leslie -- always had him to a bucket of ever fired you can read to her what you want to double at ten years set. So that not a lot of heavy lifting involvement to now that the good luck finding a replacement of the DC some of these names and -- story for you Steven -- bear. Chelsea handler well Jon Stewart. Gary street ski Derry street -- I tweeted last -- -- -- -- I could see him I could see it on oil kind of become interchangeable Jimmy Seth Meyers. Carson I'm Campbell Carson Daly Carson Daly says JoAnne that Craig Ferguson -- but it is nobody at that thing about it this big there's a gravitas -- I think it's gotta be there's only one choice Louie CK. The only guy gets more fake -- looking at this point. Jerry side felt that talking about not -- you know they are not yet he's wanted me to imagine it's gonna be somewhat off the board a wildcard here that we're not think you know that would make sense that would. Didn't stand out from the crowd but they want why should really watch it B Lou are the stories -- that -- Letterman is advocating. Tina -- So it sort of did a dramatic change from the -- really stand out from those guys they're all the same. What is that move would mean. I think. How book Yakov Smirnoff is still I don't know if he's still working as much as -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we'll start -- you have a good good good good good -- somehow somewhere right outside here he's taken the curse of them well yeah it in notion those late night talk -- Chevy Chase. Magic Johnson Magic Johnson but it just so good about co host magic Johnson and Arsenio Hall. Don't be really good Mike Adams yet you what. Again that Mike got his team is best is TVs on one personal greatness that back once we got to -- well. It's the problem the whole business and -- -- afraid no one takes chances. You would if you have a guy like a modern day program director like that we have now yes it's that we get an idea. -- lunatics is gonna come out for a half an up and ran and just winged it and you know he's gonna probably be about cut his -- while he's doing the show -- He's got a it's gonna have to be honest that one is on this as he squeezes back and just do. Pulling stuff they would -- that's in no way no maybe they beat. I think and that this monster would be effect right exactly like now five cable channels as they should. Absolutely. -- you know if you could pull off what about Tosh could be doing. Doing so I giant mentioned as well. Could he do -- do it's -- as we can do that Letterman can't let people do it's I just don't see it being fit. -- pep talks do his thing that he does. Come with -- point -- Beckel said. To them do that on it until he would make everyone nervous. In the -- and people. Yeah that's why I vote to launch lifeboat for a keep a watch every night it fifteen -- -- co hosted the humble. Getting better reviews team it that's absolutely not if they could. Go on the air that Johnny jumps on the where Johnny Weir would be great Johnny how we -- much choice with his ex husband. Together we tensions after that there was a -- that was thirty phase that I and that pulls out and everything my doubles route right now aren't sure -- -- And how much I might say that right there -- no good and -- -- City Council Toronto voted yesterday to celebrate the paralympic athletes of trying to have a parade of the day to celebrate -- only one person who voted no. There was also a council member vote yesterday to -- he tried to street after Nelson Mandela only one person voted no. Anybody care to guess that was as you car crazy to -- your hard rock. We all make errors Ford said claimed obstructionist sore back and voted quickly by mistake I guess that. Pushed the wrong but of course -- support Nelson Mandela. The barrels said he supports what accounts so you still get high right. How is it hard to say yes no he should replace Letterman that who wouldn't watch that much of the insurance. Would we would kick in I think it was some health concerns from CBS's perspective -- route for what it's like women are -- and my officer -- Lindsay Lohan may take out insurance will still make it to the entire Robert Downey junior yes exactly to do with him -- Florida's known for often casting the lone dissenting vote at his votes on Wednesday drew gasps from City Council members. She tells RM bought -- Ford knew exactly who's doing everybody. But he did it's that will be doing -- he shrugged his shoulders and let ago. And a half hour later half hour later his staff given to you better fix this. For what I wouldn't want to we want politicians who aren't afraid to go against the tide against the crowd sure this is a bold vote. We vote against paralympic parents and Jeff -- -- industry after Nelson Mandela and doesn't want you probably just go along there's the picture possible and get along it was a bad call that's just not a follower. I like a leader. But Tuesday fourteen shop for any of the meetings of the afternoon as chief of staff David Jacobs in the huddle or cities you're like oh yeah his Brothers at this mayor hurt his back lifting weights last Friday's. Chiropractor. -- says he is now working out like crazy he's running he's lifting weights. Real yes we do that you'll be dreadful there I don't know about that close public. There doesn't more than enough to hold. How far they've -- for good run right now stolen treadmills sedated five and a half. -- status Hagerty question -- passed a -- could stay on for. Well you know what -- it eat it he wouldn't go very far on a treadmill but if you like an eight ball of cocaine at the far end of yawkey way and he could he could. He can make all the way to yawkey way. He's put eight ball off course could be there it's worth treadmill he's not doing. Finally you know equipment or -- behind here. We cameras are set her old self -- next -- final in the league this Whitey Bulger fit flick black mass Warner Bros. and went all star cast like this cast Johnny Depp. Is in the -- he's gonna play. Whitey Bulger Guy Pearce is gonna play Billy Bulger. Don't see it Nazi got Pierce's -- close either of those that'll that'll work. I mean it's some make up for something you'll be surprised with that but it seems people are always when you hear somebody's -- -- somebody -- -- when you see them in the movie somehow some -- Hollywood makes them look like that person. Or a reasonable facsimile although Johnny up -- it's going to be. A stretch to get to Billy ball yeah Whitey -- these two quirky maybe it'll work on them just be like a balding you know block G face Irish guy. I think whatever but he got that -- talked about it that it that it. Yeah you can do I could do it you can do it Scott Cooper directed crazy RTC crazy heart. That's Jeffords when Yost it was tumbled though he's directly responsible I've seen now almost forty -- it. Including -- aren't so let's start next month itself. The Whitey Bulger movie black and yes these guys all that they're -- an era jumped apple -- to -- still out. Stay excellent but last week he still lost and -- statements in this effort movie that's that's that shelf with -- they were gonna play those guys well that's now gone so they have watched brought by AT&T. -- 61777579. Injury several going to turn the page today after they get their rings and you what I isn't good news for you I think your manager of the Boston Red Sox John. Ferrell has turned the page on Stephen Drew based on his post game comments after three games this year. With -- Bogart's at shortstop that next would be NC on opening.

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