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Was the Ortiz-Obama selfie moment marred by promotional considerations?

Apr 2, 2014|

Dale and Holley discuss the Sox at the White House, and how a cool moment with Ortiz and the President soured a little when it was speculated that Ortiz only took the selfie to appease one of his sponsors... Samsung... maker of Ortiz's cell phone. We discuss.

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Okay who had 22. With a -- Led to Opel and -- to bandage you have to -- to make its total skull. Who had too simple as you lose. I mean still in the running for -- info I have I have three so urgent to go after. There's still -- big -- to what Ari what do you have I'd wanna amount. Asked -- -- got got I got -- -- thing as -- six. X six well I mean there were a lot of folks who were convinced yesterday with just. All April fool's joke here anyway -- wasn't. I thought it was true Carolina are clearly a rocket. Clearly brought -- -- for outlook as I'm back here that's Greg Dickerson who is -- third man in today Michael Holley Dale Arnold here on dale -- gate to. And we're going to be all over the place today with a baseball John -- gonna join us at the bottom of the hour the manager of the Boston Red Sox. It really wanna ask him about it seriously itself -- home on Obama that's a much what the experience was like Walter Reed yesterday. Because. And it was one of those weird coincidences Luke's Celtics are our nation's capital. At the play the wizards and they just happen to be scheduled to be Walter Reed Red Sox were scheduled to be Walter read. It was like both teams just sort of converged on Walter Reed yesterday and some of the pictures -- it was very cool. Yeah I mean you know that Red Sox every time they they go down there. And then not like he may win the World Series every year or -- by that but the when it when they won the World Series in 2007 it was a similar thing and also in 2004. They're very good -- Maximizing their trip. They'll go to the White House and then they'll do something else. You -- really that really represented prince and I think that that I think that is one of the things and it's ultimately crazy about that now and it. I learned -- lot harder like yeah I did like we're gonna happen elected yesterday I was when I thought that was it was just sold. Or -- -- it was organic it was great thing to find out about the sales and jobs. I I have to admit I was sorely disappointed. I loved yesterday's seven -- airline. I mean which Abbas if we have the opportunity to pick itself with the president of the United States no matter who he has no matter what your political beliefs are. Like you wouldn't do it if you couldn't and I thought that's so cool in the tweets -- -- -- about -- -- John Ferrell in between the tool of the in the background. And and we find out it was all Samuel -- -- -- Samsung. Article the whole Samsung. Press release in which they say we're so glad that we can be comfortable with with. All bowl quiet moment to -- the bulk of the already. Created the moment and talk about the -- What happened what I wanna know. In the Samsung David Ortiz contract does he get -- -- -- like an incentive if you get your megapixel the president. You'll get an extra 250000 dollars -- probably 500000. Yen. -- -- that is the bill. The pull off. I mean and it happened at the Oscars the whole -- nothing with the -- beat you know and it's set the world record for the of the most re tweeted thing ever in the history of the medium. And and you find out at all Samsung and I like it. I like they -- it this Q this is -- you know and we're gonna re tweeted and -- now at Samsung's push in the senate -- is really funny. Was when -- was sending out pictures backstage. At the Oscars before the big giant re tweet. It's right on their. Picture from my iPhone a -- -- right out and out comes the big Samsung deal -- adults abzug is at -- It's sort of lost some moment for me. Come on which was worst that which was worse the -- Jonny Gomes jacket fiasco. Or was that the that is just a healthy -- fiasco just looked. Just look foolish I thought to what are like I don't think I was a huge deal put. Look like a deal I don't Michael Silberman had a great point and today's herald when he wrote about it and I and I given credit shut ball. He said it if you had 3457. Guys sit there and a jacket. I would have agreed with -- one guy. So you have one guy who's you know making his patriotic statement he has a very patriotic guy and he'll tell -- what he's got tattoos honoring the different services. Yet one -- it's okay. And I didn't have a problem with it and I know some people -- this is just Jonny -- say hey look at me I'm over here and maybe that's part of probably -- think we're both exactly that. But I'm sure it was both could have been hey look at me look at how patriotic I mean there are some people like. You know they won't they won't measure like okay you're your your picture and think yeah I'm -- was present day you know you know -- What are always does -- president of the united -- -- -- -- fixing everything about seventy public -- -- tattooed on your legs god all things so I think he has he has won those guys very patriotic act. Not that David Ortiz thing in the -- Maybe it comes back to is are some generation from us because we're not in a position. Perhaps to -- say if you can take a picture with Barack Obama. Give you an extra -- -- that deal in place we give you an extra 25275300000. I mean look at -- on let's just be honest here okay. Because were all about honesty now a threat how many times -- you city AT&T rethink possible in your lifetime let's just be hot as the area ample opportunity. -- I had done it. In any form where year. Where you're not expecting it. I think I deserve criticism for that on what he's got a he's got a relationship with Simpson by Nathalie she got on with his relationship serves on don't bring it into an area where. We thought we were in 88 no commercials the whole thing really is very scripted. -- look at it is a bipartisan affair. They they all laughed. Even when it's not that funny they all collapse. On demand. You know the president is gonna say. We all know that you don't really know with a Red Sox players are. Clearly -- -- -- of the holy marketable but it's all it's all part of the game it's part of the BS it's BS I expected. I do not expect the this commercial moments this beautiful organic moment brought -- and I am an analyst Phil yeah. Itself -- background on all our -- just share -- pitching -- -- guys are going teaching its main renewable and I didn't I didn't connect it. You know I thought all that's the money shot I thought that's with the sort of thing they were doing. And in the background if we if we played it further Arnold we even have -- Andy we can find you here guys in the team in the background on chi Ching. You know -- upset about it John Ferrell what am I don't know about threats to the White House problem and eager. Can I don't think Barack Obama is allowed to have any you know commercial ties to any advertising into these out there and if -- -- -- -- back into the cabin got played. At. No I don't like Samsung and important -- and it's like five cents in the -- Our Dana I hit it in a -- how many times you can have references to animal house and they apply. You leaped up and protest at a lot of us here here's the longer version listen to the background. Richard. You particularly when. You -- wants to myself yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Well -- trophies. Talked about it and truly disgusted on the plus all the way over there it's when our winter is longer do that blonde and my drives -- -- -- you get it guys stay out of the way I Project Natal won't impact. Happened if if John Ferrell. And again rated a lot on the back steps there and he says here -- here's the Jersey given the president. On not a hell yeah. I mean I sort of debate -- talk about a contractor. I think we're gonna take away from a -- with the board -- on the contract that I disagree I mean I gotta be honest I sort of think of Pedroia is the de facto captain of this team. And I don't have an issue with and I didn't have an issue to -- in in hindsight look at a M and issued David Ortiz presenting the president with the Jersey. Generally speaking that's the captain in the past Jason Varitek is done. -- -- It was the -- a captain really thought about it is there one half dozen Leo the arms and protect left. -- that obviously with the captain of the team at the time now it's like Celtics captain John rock group that we all truly believe he's the capital that. Now -- of this team yes. If you if they had named him captain last year when Paul. All still here and GGY no arrests in this kid with a Red Sox I think I think they're co captains. Many of the Red Sox and maybe even three I would think of I think of Pedroia. Ortiz in a different kind of captain is Lester. -- not what I see he's up notoriously the pitching capitalist like they have special teams captains yet I can see Pedroia being vocal. Ortiz is being there because of his accomplishments. He is your Ortiz is the -- 00 you really think you could -- while we got this guy here he's our secret weapon. And Jon Lester it's just gonna go up -- pitch in big games for Mac I don't think he's really got to say much. And well and and to meet he's almost like a hockey team names a goaltender captain I don't think that guy can or should be captain. And a guy who pitches every five days I feel the same way -- it's not fair to Jon Lester by the way. He does what his job description calls for him to do and certainly you know takes the ball every fifth day like he's supposed to. But I sort of feel the same way about a pitcher being a captain of sorts as a goaltender. That there was one team in the NHL who whose. Goaltender -- the C one point I can't remember what is not apologize that but so that was kind of goofy look -- what's he gonna do there's there's some beef with the official. And Andy's gonna talk to the captain up the penalty box and keepers gonna come screaming up from the net. Equipment what what do I have in Iraq and the economy. I could come I try to act like I got a world. The little sip of water bottle with -- -- Let's work it out wondering I mean I just don't pictures and I don't picture pitchers in the same. And you and your right they don't have a captain. -- -- for captain about -- obvious. Talents like captains it's like him but this get out of media -- -- -- -- clearly that the Red Sox have won last year officially. And it worked out fine. -- that it is just obvious that it needs to happen have you aboard those guys. You have those. I hate this but you know one of those Derek Jeter types. -- not just I really. -- who's this captaincy. -- let's go back of the the -- -- and the captain back in the TJ -- me. Text it was Robert Longo had to seal or the other -- I think I got to let but I don't know that I take router and I'm all right -- are all it's all -- everything that leaders I constant need of having his tires on is probably not a guy you want where in the C ministers but. Well we'll talk baseball with the John Ferrell and just a little while. -- whole list of guys who then captains goaltenders captains. But it goes way. But I think the jays right Longo is the one I was at the minister's. Eyes and look at. To watch what you want from their captain to be afraid to play. On the road or to have a completely different. Performance on the road where you don't look like the same guy like you -- -- you -- -- want to go to play -- -- -- -- that would make it worse. They lose in seven games and then your first opportunity here's -- rematch. Against the Bruins in Boston I don't know I don't know. I don't need to play. And I -- -- -- BC. Deserves this opportunity. Always does that hurt -- Boston you're so spooked. By the. They really give up another seven spot out of land in Boston combined hobbled -- hockey is the afternoon goes on the Bruins are in Detroit tonight take on the red wings. A no Pavel Datsyuk no Daniel Alfredsson for Detroit. The Bruins had concerns about -- of their forwards David crate she sat up sore throat issue. And -- soderbergh's wife is expecting. The birth of their child any minute now but according to the morning skate looks like both guys are going to be Ian tonight. Which means probably Ryan Spooner got a trip to Detroit for nothing now that's that's when you know things are gone bad. -- -- get called up you get the big money he gets big ticket money for the day and that's all good but you don't get called up to sit for a night in Miami year LA. So we're gonna bring it to Detroit went to enjoy yourself and you still get that meal money. Yet the real money at the real money helping let you get the big ticket money for the you know that. I I I don't think he's on one like contract Siegel from your American Hockey League -- year NHL paper tonight. But assuming he doesn't play tonight these two guys are all okay it's a trip to the -- Only -- about Detroit but I probably suffered just that Campbell Africa -- -- -- money on the planned growth from the holiday and two that -- -- four seasons in Detroit -- and it all we -- ago the Celtics we used to stay on -- -- No all out there Auburn Hills skeptic of the name of the town it was a small town. I heard Shawn Thornton's on this morning with Dennis and Callahan. And and was document go to dinner last night. He went to Windsor and her it's like I don't let alone I don't want it wings -- for dinner -- a few other thing I -- got -- through -- out of the -- for dinner that their next question is how much did you -- I'll tell you what not -- tonight or game day in Campbell -- -- -- -- -- -- absolutely. That he actually -- -- He said he went to decay in Windsor. It has taken yet. And it and about I. I got asked this to -- got a slot machine in a minute collateral but that it animal -- Kate whether you can gambler not I don't picture Sean or any other players. Going to the casino the night -- this is all. Incredibly foreign to me with a somewhat basketball background so you're saying hockey players the government it clocking tonight. They're not going -- -- walk but they're not going out. Let's play a couple slot machines at 830 will be back and bit by night they don't do -- I noticed April 1 o'clock game for Mike and I don't think so. A shocking right I would I would Dickerson well because -- eggs -- -- yeah. The NBA players would last one day at a National Hockey League rules and let the players don't play slots. Casino on the back play well there whether it's slots whether it's clubs whether it's real high stakes blackjack and they -- think you were bad comedian that you said so you'll be back right and right. What -- And they're. Our efforts when turnaround -- about thirty or eleven up this way -- When you're the number one team in the National Hockey League and you've been 151 and one in your last seventeen chances are you're not gonna want to try to screw things up for your team now they. They are very low key on the road I am not talent tales out of school here. Now the -- segments on. I pilot and I always say -- was here pilots think it would shut down a place. I'd argue he's he's I think he was the the Al Leiter among that group. And look don't get me wrong if if they -- playing tonight you know if they had an off night in Detroit you know when a plane till Thursday night. State of course they -- but it's reporting by image hockey play night before it was and I can tell they don't drink much they really don't mean it there's not a lot of alcohol consumed by hockey players on anywhere. I just had -- -- -- I've always thought we use the same play hockey team and that would literally be to what we couldn't drink on the -- What was banned by the Celtics but there would be 23 cases of beer. And the chemicals that take -- if you want to -- was from the the flames last week it was from the Blue Jackets what you should see public on this stuff. I know that that different teams approach I don't I don't have only been on the Celtics charter a couple of times. I know that that like the Red Sox changed those rules if you are flying home. It got to go there's no alcohol there's no alcohol on the plight which makes totals. You know you fly home land you gotta get your car and drive your house now in country got a lifeline to Detroit and didn't give us. As much as you can and and they're getting on boss and being taken to -- hotel. It's a little different situation obviously. I haven't traveled with the Bruins for a number of years old what they have -- just. And now they told energetically and don't let me back to Atlanta that if we don't really well we're we're not exactly without bill are -- radio talk about it. Vowed not to worry about it. Texas here's Tuesday at your full of bleep has dale ever -- LB. He hasn't played a couple of -- I thought about as tight as I said before. It's different now -- -- -- -- debate and yes I've met LB he's a friend of mine it's just the little effort now that -- back in the day. Intricate and nice to talk about. A bottle might -- -- I travel. The travel to drink. Out we will. As we said talked John -- just couple minutes of this regular weekly endeavor -- on every Wednesday will talk to the manager of the Boston Red Sox and the Red Sox are home. Obviously they're in Baltimore tonight when their home will be done at Fenway Park in and dynamism with a -- studios. Am I haven't had the opportunity. To talk to John -- since he's become the manager of the Red Sox Michael you and I used talked to a lot in the day. When he was pitching coach here and I always enjoy those conversations. Priest mark -- So here he's got a he's got a lot to talk about today as you said Walter Reed. -- the Red Sox visit there the White House. Game one some of the decisions that he made in game one I don't know how you felt about it great but. You know late in the game there were a couple of decisions that. -- you could you could second guess. John Carroll said he wasn't gonna do that clearly he's the one who could have made the decision to didn't do it. Leaving Jackie Bradley in there I have a problem and I had no you don't care and how about. Leaving Jonny Gomes he of the patriotic jacket. Jonny -- there on the bench -- Pierzynski up against matters. Going back to Bradley for a second. I see what this guy happens it's the first game of the year it's not like you leaving him in there middle of September -- -- right to -- -- nobody asked what he didn't make the team. August so it party despite it down got a artistic confidence I wanna -- trying to build up his confidence someway somehow against Tommy honor. What are you gonna do pulled out of the lineup yet exactly -- -- -- -- them for it for eight war that's that's not in that situation. That's the idea that ninth inning. Couple outs yes -- You would feel more comfortable I know you would you you feel more comfortable in that situation with Jonny Gomes. Rather than Jackie Bradley right I thought we would but I'm not one of those guys who sit here willing to say Bradley's done. So all of our deep down there he's mean he's never going to be the player we thought it was going to be a year ago. -- wrote for the Q I want to see the -- in that spot. Often -- -- that's spot but I understand your overall point. The manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell joins us next dale and -- Sports Radio W --

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