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It Is What It Is Cast: Pats defense is looking good post-free agency

Apr 2, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price discuss the free agent additions to the Patriots defense and how much better the unit could be this season.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium again everybody my name is Mike to -- -- joined as always by patriots expert analyst. -- WEEI dot com Christopher price. All right Chris were really into the meat a free agency they're patriots made their moves made several significant moves obviously reshaping. The look of their entire defensive secondary they're defensive backfield. You're impressions are bringing into -- Revis. And Brandon Browner. Well I think bit there was one area where they could have improved on in free agency when it came to. The defense -- the ball that was a quarterback they lose to lead which was a -- them. But the only guy without there was able to upgrade that's secondary was Darrelle Revis they -- the go out there were of the get Revis. Are they relatively team friendly deal owner talked about a guy like Revis one of the three best quarterbacks still out there. It if they think that makes good sense for them going forward Revis Browner it puts them in the conversation. To be. A top ten defense they need to go out there they need executed they need to stay healthy there's still questions we talked about the questions before backup linebacker -- need a little bit more help and a defense of -- -- situational pass -- between now and then. But I think -- are really good spot -- of the additional -- the additional Browner are really for me is the wildcard Browner played great in 2011. Fell off a little bit last year so we played I think at 719 or twenty games the last two years -- between suspensions and injury -- he's able rebounds. That secondary going to be awful tough in 2014. And obviously Brandon Browner will. Indeed miss the first four games of the 2014. Season for PED. Violations under the NFL CBI. Obviously might take. From the patriots signing both the -- Revis considered to be the best all around defensive back on the planet. And Browner is you're gonna see a lot more bump and run you're gonna see a lot more press coverage close to the line of scrimmage why is that well. You have to look no further back than -- AFC championship we saw sports authority field in Denver. Peyton Manning really kill them off the line of scrimmage were quick hitting passes and the patriots have been susceptible in the past because patriots. Opponents know full well that -- this is a bend not break defense they'll give you the underneath I think -- checked. And his staff -- clearly trying to shore up that aspect of their defense provide a little bit more pressure on the line of scrimmage and when you do that. If a quarterback has the slightest miss -- you can create turnovers and interceptions it's. All about disrupting timing really more and more we see this with -- opposing passing teams I think your point Mike is very well taken. You wanna be a little bit more physically wanna get that guy had that initial -- off the line you wanna be able to disrupt his route. Wanna be able -- disrupt his timing you're not going to be able to hit on those short crossing patterns those intermediate routes over the middle. If you're able to get her hands on opposing pass catchers like we've seen from -- like we've seen from Browner and Browner for me is that is the wildcard. Very physical guy beat teach defense to back played differently in Seattle than they do here in new England and -- bit there a little bit more physical in there are a little bit more inclined to say all right we're gonna take the penalty. But intimidation plays into the game a little bit as well I don't wanna see you Browner changes his overall style play. Brown was like for either five or six penalties last year that would been one of the leading totals on this year's team there at the 2014 -- itself. And interest to see if he tweaks his game a little bit changed it here now that he's in doing. Now and I also think that in in -- Darrelle Revis are clearly seeing. The best pure quarterback off the line of scrimmage since Ty law and I think that's ideally what gold dollar check would like to get back to with Aqib -- he's no slouch he's. He played a sensational. Brand of football for the patriots for a season and a half but I think he was better actually people off the line of scrimmage and pass coverage that he was. Closer to the line of scrimmage the other thing you have to keep in mind. But the patriots bringing in. Browner and the Revis is the fact that. -- -- trust his safeties -- a lot more now than he has in the past may be five or six years and that's led by obviously Devin according. Who are going to benefit the most from this I think McCord is going to be the guy who's gonna benefit for the most. From the upgrades at cornerback because guys are going to be more. -- could become a fully -- the middle of the field and gonna make things a lot easier for -- -- -- wanna see what they do with that strong safety spot though Steve Gregory is not here anymore there's some possibilities Tebow on -- -- you dream -- in a false hope out there. I think you might -- GB Collins work a little bit more -- -- type role is what about Harman -- apartment is also great possibility as well so there's some guys out there. That can fill that role. I just wanna see how the transition into that role when they get the pads on the field for those spring sessions and to be treating him. All right now let's we've talked a lot obviously about the defense of side of the ball. Let's talk about the offensive side of the ball the big. Creation offensive acquisition addition if you will I was. It was -- fell Brenda -- fell out of Carolina and we saw him. And a Monday night game when the very controversial ending the -- -- grabbing. Rob Gronkowski in the end zone -- -- had a very good game that -- look fellas a great guy. When it comes to situationally versatility he can play outside he can play in the slot he can do a lot of things. The other thing and we talked to Ron Rivera did your owners' meetings about this the Carolina coach. One of the things that really stands out about the -- he's a really good blocker he loves to block get them interested to see how that translates. Into the patriots style play Hines -- do exactly the kind of behind toward each. Kind of a guy he's a bigger got a little bit more physical so again he's another guy like Brett marijuana steamed at the pads -- -- wanna see him. In see how he works in this in the in this profits in see how he transitions into the system at lucky the guy who quite frankly should be on the knicks played out to Southern California working with Tom Brady. You know it did they have those offseason workouts -- USC we've seen in the past with guys like Amendola. Look fellas a guy who needs to get with a quarterback needs to sort of the quarterback being need to get on the same page. Let's talk about some of the losses first of Paula Garrett -- doses Steelers. Obviously the patriots are one of the teams met one of many NFL teams. That likes running backs but doesn't value. In terms of cap spending. On -- on a running back for quite frankly and -- Garret blunt. Proved his medal here in New England. We'll see if it was a one year wonder type -- deal in in terms of his rebound of his NFL career. But -- he is gone now what do the patriots or use of first of all were you surprised that the patriots lot of -- No I wasn't there I think he had a great year and -- a fantastic finish but having the same time when you look at blunt when you look at his history. And you look at the marketplace at the very soft year for running backs is not just in free agency but. There's a real chance for the second straight -- there's going to be no running back taken the first round of the draft as well so. The very soft market for running backs that being -- in the patriots would be able to go out and find someone. To be relatively. Good to replication of what they got from what last year I think the other thing too with pictures to really deep at running back picture too deep for the most teams are running back Jeff -- -- a thousand -- guy yet Shane Vereen is a 4040 got a forty catch forty Kerry got. In you have Brandon Bolden is a back up. That really doesn't leave a whole lot of room for another guy I think if you're looking for changeup guy again we talked about this. You can find someone in the mid rounds of the draft to come in and kind of work is that is it a bit of a relief role. But I don't think the patriots are in in this earlier panic mode when it comes to their backfield I think. You look at Ridley you look at -- you look at bold and that's a pretty good group you augment that with a draftees in the media and other I keep casualty a guy that the the cut again July. Think you're pretty good it. All right defense of side of the ball we already mentioned Brandon Spikes is not coming back you're not particularly surprise I think both of us. Four saw that the obvious that Brandon Spikes and and bill well Jack -- kind of fell out of favor with -- each other they were good for each other it was another Florida connection but yet. You Brandon Spikes like Jermaine Cunningham he is off to greener pastures but I think Brandon Spikes will certainly have a much bigger role. With the Buffalo Bills and certainly the bills are expecting that the least of pro. You look at the fact that he wore out his welcome here in New England you look at the affected his BF staff. A pepper Johnson is with the bills now. They got him on short money for one year deal I think it was just over three million makes a lot of sense for buffalo in the direction that they're going to realize -- for him to -- doing that again. Do you least surprising transaction the offseason in the -- do need to do something to address depth at linebacker I think those starting linebackers they have across the board as we mentioned. All really good and they're really good shape when you talk about the starters the loss despite the loss of Fletcher it's not a matter I think he needed to go and find someone in the mid rounds the draft -- -- that -- a couple of special teams obviously deign to lecture linebacker but he also played a big brawl. On special teams he is gone. And also are -- a little bit surprised that Danny Aiken has some competition now yeah you know it did they do like to bring in those specialists say I am not and not really surprised to you know kind of push from a little -- I think deaconess fairly secure. Adding deaconess had a pretty good run here in New England as a long snapper so. That being said it wouldn't be surprised to see -- bring in another you know late in camp by their punter or kicker to kind of you know push discounts ski and in the right now a little bit and also give them a little bit of time off fuel quite frankly during during the summer. Any more big do you foresee any more significant. Free agent signings for the patriots know -- I think that there's a possibility of a handful of guys out there and Will Smith is has made a visit I know Michael Bush the running back. Kind of knocked around a little bit if he's made a visit but that's really what -- look at it right now is the bargain bin. Those back up guys those depth guys occasionally. A guy will shake loose when it comes to those camp cuts. I always go back to guys like Ted Washington it was a pick up in August I'll Rob Ninkovich was in August pick up as well also visit she has the you can. Kind of tweak your roster a little bit between now and the start of the season. But really the first major step in the team building process free agency. Pretty much done. Free agency I think Chris I think you'll agree with that can be summed up for the patriots this year. Early and often that's how they really attacked it after months. The -- toll domino fell for the patriots didn't waste any time really reshaping their roster. He is customer price our Mike petroleum at Gillette Stadium WEEI. Dot com.

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