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Andy Brickley, NESN: Talks Bruins with Mut and Merloni

Apr 2, 2014|

Brick joins Mut and Lou to discuss the Bruins' mixing up lines and they're final push towards the playoffs.

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An archive -- and Andy Berkeley joins us a brick it's -- ludicrous scenario. I'm doing great uploaded -- -- in the studio altogether and hire back in the proper spot of that Norah you're in order to gain. Way to go. I'll go Bruins are trying to litigate tonight against a potential playoff opponent brick and I'll circle back to Detroit but I'll start with this Bruin team specifically Claude Julien brought it up. Late in the weekend early this week when he tonight might tinker with maybe Riley Smith. Backed out of that -- line -- -- up to that second line I want no part of and I want that third line is stay together I love those guys playing together as a group do you. You get what Claude is trying to do there if he makes that move would you do that if you Claude Julian. Absolutely I have no problem with tinkering with -- right now and -- I expect to see guys like a Bergeron or even Avery creek get a night off between now and the final Indians or. The regular season and you gotta be forced at their current combination and if you choose to break up some wine in order to see what something like how is the time that bill. You know expect you don't want it happened but -- expect the possibility that strong possibility you know. An injury order short term and long term you know postseason and and it articulate even guys together you get a call on time they have that had a consistency and familiarity and now would be to time over next maybe 67 days. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I guess you know you get deep into the post season -- we've seen before first driving is good stick around changes are made. If there's some familiarity -- -- before those changes are made it might help but you shift some lines around a lot of people it out which company yesterday were. They're playing so well they were losing games you you do it in deep you shipped just attest to take a look. Edit if it's just take a look -- right back took is -- that they've they've really been so successful. And they -- so -- -- their system and an -- offenses relied on their system and how they orchard in -- -- cycle in the offensive zone and how they come back in the winter interchangeable because it's the first guy back at what. Pressure on our area. Now elect when he might end up on the rights actually understand the dynamic. He turned the offense. And you play at the latest just the does that familiarity becomes will it. Content will be -- evenly -- with different players much like the same guys. You appointment about a third line at. And I love ally 208 such huge difference for the Bruins in this year. We re ally now account -- a palpably not play any NHL now he played outplayed on a second I'll play unit or one or two power play units. Has been very effective there Louis area and -- at least he's also on one I'll play units and even though we didn't get it to where you're really the other day he'll eat out there because they don't trust them and -- situated and Kelly. Price penalty killers any hurt or not but he can play Wayne anorexic because so that third line a lot of what flying under the way to play. And handle significant minutes during that month what you point seventeen games. Really -- the -- in part from rank and file. I -- so I kind of feel like we're in the doldrums right now -- other brother Marty -- -- division. -- seven games left so now you're talking about sorts of lies and giving guys chances and see what works and so I guess that the next question is who would you want them to play the first the first round would be Detroit from Maple -- IE I guess so Washington Capitals are a viable option also would what's the best matchup for them. Columbus there experience oh he's worked the pro ever. I think they like April -- I L hockey which the pro right it's a boat to eat out or out AA. A Montreal -- act. -- style way. This school but you wanna estado what do you that you know he pretty much can handle and that you wanted gradually increased. Well motioned. Randall. The -- get into the postseason. What you want somebody to really be all right up the act get their emotion where -- BOC. So. I thought that it didn't matter you've got to be re really achieve similar to the final. He going to be horrible able to when Italy up short really doesn't matter. We had a rainy cool -- -- would be I think Detroit -- -- up that list. If they are -- I was gonna this operator for me Richard Columbus Detroit -- feels like those who had two wild card teams right now. Columbus the younger team brick in Detroit that veteran team out of -- is this something about that uniform other the Eastern Conference that. I I think a -- they David banged up but they have more veteran -- the Columbus right. They do they do that and again. There he is their help if they. If there's a possibility that occur if Jimmy Howard. Hillary learned to play in -- -- Hitler to compete what they're young players because you know entry problems that they. They get a terrific coach and -- local acuity coaching up is group -- is coaching staff well. They do the same Detroit Detroit and a model franchise we're going on two and a half decades. And they they are protection. And they don't give up people in there still are to play an actual Serena in the poultry -- all the reasons that become a match -- but. And abroad are better that they're deeper. They've been together longer than Detroit. They know how to win in the postseason and seemed to be a much. Much on the maturity with this court -- now. Motorola you know thirty games then they understand what they are they know how they have. Play. And they played that way in and they tribe when they played Atlanta and that's -- like the Bruins team. -- they have been concerned in -- out of the Bruins when they were the front runner or the favorite -- into serious not so much anymore. You know -- go Mexico also -- quite freely give birth any day is that a lot to do with the Ryan Spooner traveling with the team would who would when you expect to be out for him. Well I'm not sure you know what the -- -- doubled in the Toronto travel today but. I'm not sure exactly of the rules -- somebody Kurdish culture allowed. I thought that was ought to be out of a cue from Iran artistic you guys rest so whether it's college meets this -- for rational reason. Or the broad look at it now one of the -- you know senator men or what it's all which. It's borderline of being you're one of the key player a breeder. I really doesn't matter this point me. Wreck last one for me at least seven games imagine getting guys rest the top that -- for me will be Chara. Sold the seven games they have remaining. Won't be a good mix for him in your -- in terms of guy play in the Olympics important party -- play a lot of minutes in the post season. How many does he sit of these final seven to get himself prepare for the playoffs in your mind. I would like to would be the maximum. I would even consider not even take a minute shorter. What that strictly you know little I'm on trial I -- -- players -- -- Make sure that these guys that they actually possible. -- -- -- are the guys in the daytime. I'm on trial sort of ending the extreme hate being Olympics so. That wouldn't surprise me that the direction they want their culture but I do expect the -- -- their lineup. Together probably wanted to not all will be game they expect that a player -- -- the wanna be in that rhythm they wanted to you know have seen. Playing games preparing. And totally being ready in when he wanted to play out. I elect -- you know you were you just prior to -- in the post season so maybe that's the optimum time to get. If Jaret -- can look down and which direction when it. -- great stuff is always -- say that Ronald watch you what tomorrow back on NASA with the boys appreciate the time is always. You got out expert any Berkeley NASA joins us here on the AT&T hotline eight -- brick joins us. -- brought you by -- full power equipment and by HSA insurance.

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