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Buster Olney, ESPN: joins MM

Apr 2, 2014|

Buster discusses Lester contract talks, Miggy's contract, Opening Day overreactions and the new replay system

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Lunchtime hour -- -- -- -- 37 WEEI Christian -- in the house with us until 2 o'clock it's baseball season it's Wednesday -- that means. -- -- Only joins us Foster is brought to you. Fire friends at -- turf care. Buster buffalo Christian today our event without -- I hate baseball CNN underway. The weather started to kind of sort warm up here in the northeast and maybe it might break forty. Odd time for Red Sox opening day at Fenway on Friday and I'll start with the red socks buster because going into the weekend. And -- to came -- so we're gonna put a pause on the Red Sox Jon Lester negotiations and I'm curious as we get. Underway in this 2014. Season what's the latest you've heard how far apart are these sides and you expected to continue the conversations during the regular season. I don't think they're close. But I think the middle ground it's pretty apparent. I regret that comfort levels probably you know for years. Twenty something a year and I think let's is probably looking for you know six years. You know under the probably twenty something year and in the middle ground going to be somewhere in five years and 110151000120. Million well whatever number they come upon you know and then they're both gonna have to go out of their comfort zones in order to make this happen I -- I really think ultimately. And the -- you guys before it happened. It's going to be because Jon Lester makes it happen the way that Dustin Pedroia made it happened last year the Red Sox philosophically not in a box themselves and the way they have in the past. Even if that means same Jon Lester look we get it. On the current market you might believe more money we totally understand that. But we just don't wanna be that came. But I I think if a middle ground it's it's down I think it's going to be there but they're not close from what I understand right now. And why. They are set to wonder -- like you know. The Red Sox Ivica likely -- you know the kind of built on 2012 as far as innings and the rule that you -- -- exhibit Pelosi for moving on. But haven't got to kind of be that leader of the staff -- because he they can't rely on him. You wonder the Red -- they need they need this got to give 200 innings each and every year now. Yeah and I think it's worth to remember terminate. Within our own eyes that Jon Lester became a completely different pitcher. In the last few months to the regular season last year and in the postseason. Elite pitchers -- -- in speaking with them my colleagues they talk about Lester. ADP still like if they're here you know -- is not -- and not and a lead guy. I think he's made that Klein and I'm sure the Red Sox probably believe that you after Brady wasn't seeing it all the confidence that he pitches with now. And you -- wonder that. Fact he didn't do their thinking you know maybe they can find some middle ground that involved a vesting option and because that's you know that's what the Red Sox are trying to avoid. The long term risk that we just -- it seem like the tigers take on with a Miguel Cabrera checked adult wanna get themselves. 24 out on a limb if that's what they got to wait from when they made that huge deal with the Dodgers. -- buster 03 days coming gone. Now I feel like every prognosticator. Or preview MLB writer is us talking about how the sky's falling. What's the -- the biggest over reaction so far since opening day. In terms. Just -- general it is what are what are the biggest over reaction that you that you -- so far people where you woods tells them by -- pump your brakes. And well it isn't you're dead on about that and we think it's funny and Lou you can because -- that would be focusing without knock -- in the writer. You ready for opening day it hit me that. You know it -- it was a problem if you lose -- available for you know April Ford. Because if it -- July we would be caring about one game. I think early on I yesterday he hinted that he was absolutely terrible. And they talked to get out this morning about it they're like -- got in the Miller played he wasn't thrown hard. I would say on that want to give a little bit more time before writing at the caps on CC. Conceded that -- spring training like -- it looks like he's he's been able to start to figure out how to pitch with less stuff. But man he was terrible yesterday that would be one potential place slow reaction from -- I would follow up -- Mike for Carroll's story today in the post which was -- under the headline is that -- them but you CC walking that thin line to be evaluated the -- talked to buster. That they attribute his lack of velocity -- lack of velocity with him losing so much weight is that affecting his pitching early on this year. Now they don't think so you know I had one holders -- meant that may I you know I can think that's more you know urban legend. About you know weight loss with that I think it's brought more the fact is that the guy's been unbelievable horse in his career. He's thrown 230 innings a year. -- delegates to the belly never had a problem and and this is something worth remembering when he. Sign that extension with the Yankees in a couple of years ago. Remembered that they put in a clause. Which protected them in the event he suffered -- shoulder injury if you read between the lines that. There already were concerned about a shoulder. At that time and you know that might. To be part of the reason why we're seeing -- velocity drops so much two miles an hour over last year. You'll -- exodus of his Contra Terry mentioned it on the go Cabrera. Greatest hitter in the planet I don't know open but it really argue that -- at best all around player but the greatest hitter. But for the love of god I mean ten years to nanny to me at -- point finished I regret in this one. Well it's -- we walked out the door the well I taillight. I have never heard that type of frustration. From people without it -- over a contract. As I heard about this one because they do not understand the timing of it for the tigers. Because it Cabrera still to full speed in the week for free agency. And they wonder -- wanna wait till next fall. Can offer you look -- -- 48 million dollars he'd probably not gonna turn down -- the -- -- in the fall. You EP gold and -- one more summer one at opportune next spring. But at the question why not just payment outrageous amount of money for like a three year extension. He turns 31 and a couple of weeks. Rather than give him eight years in fact once in Sydney you know hell I'd given 45 million dollars a year for three years. Rather than go out and on an eight year deal. And the other thing -- is that people were noting that. He already is kind of a glorified the age we just got David Ortiz get the highest salary for -- -- baseball sixteen million. It ain't quite that. And that's why people all around baseball -- scratching their heads about that deal. To date about the tigers general manager talked about how is this is Hank Aaron Willie Mays tonight we're in literally what you said is right. Everyone thinks he's a great player. But they can -- at some point he's going to be worth a lot less than what they -- So -- last summer had you on the phone we talked about the replay system but it was pretty much in the you know dealing with just spraying ball in there wasn't enough cameras there and really could get a really good idea how was working or how was going to work. Now -- days and this saying what your thoughts now. A couple things one. Any talk to a man. Managers and staffers this spring they think it's great you know generally speaking they love the technology but that we saw last night. The massive loophole in this saying -- and it reinforces that think Dick Al lot of the question that a lot of people in the game haven't. Why the managers even part of this in Hawaii have a challenge system. Why not just have some something in place where you know last an official -- hit the umpire and crew. He's involved and if there's a mistake. The making corrected I don't know if you guys saw what happened a giant game last night to play the Diamondbacks. Because Bruce protein used to challenge. There was the play at the plate and he was ruled an AJ -- a base runner for Arizona where it's safe land replays showed clearly that he without. And yet everyone has to stand there and take that and why not just have the basic point of it be to get many calls right Japan's. In my opinion from the beginning this thing MLB is absolutely all over thought that part of it. Just yet and many calls right as you can and don't worry about the stupid managerial talent system. So we do it goes back to how quickly buster will big publicly in the big changes strikers I think the game last night there were -- talk about coming up here. Points out the big flaw with the challenges they build anything and where they can on the fly this year. Scrap the challenge and say you know what we're gonna challenge pretty much everything the challenges to miss out can they do that. During the year this year we're up to be after the year. Well I you know they have the run through some stuff with the players association. But if at some point they identified particularly take it to the I don't think that's gonna happen. You know they're not really built that way Larry Lucchino had a great line in describing Major League Baseball cities like to read not like an old battleship it takes years to get it to turn the direction. And it and so I wouldn't expect you would be achieved now could you beat you and let's take it from the beginning MLB said look. It's going to be a work in progress they didn't even have a replay for those first two games and in Australia. Still it's not a if you dealing with a system that they have insisted on being placed in the beginning of spring training. And they actually have those stations set up any ballpark where they're asking you know some somebody anointed by each team to monitor replay of tech put an umpire in that seat. And and give a budget of one of the guys on the field that is about on call like they have a the last two minutes to kneecap in the NFL are scoring play. Did you know but the umpires saying -- reverse it. -- you know the great thing is that that I think that the managers and the umpires and everybody involved and essentially embraces. We don't have a long argument we used to have but black pointed that out the of the day before we of the Padres on on that senate baseball. That you know that that's sort of set aside -- one that -- the time you have to get all the calls right that you can. The I agree with -- biggest internal of people see that time it takes reckoning streamline this thing in a -- last that we are saw a couple of times where. Coaches who ridge would run out the field looking back into their dugout wondering if they should challenge are not waiting for -- -- sort of stalling this process and waiting to get a response from their people. It and you would see ago some heated Doug -- you know shake their head like no it and -- who just walked back in the law deal. Or Washington walked back into the about it I think now it's almost like a single and install a little bit longer -- well. The -- to break -- record for managers they refer to it it's all ball and it kind of silly games like bowed to round out there and he doesn't even know what he's running up. I think I would -- wait I get the nod yes don't. And that. -- still sort of in that -- why not do have a thing where. I it is questionable call the umpire ahold of it and told the did you back off the rubber for second. They wait for -- don't work from the replay -- would it would it can be very efficient. With a get elected know it and at the college right or not and rather than go through this sort of arguing questioning discussion. And before we get you know the. -- the best coach you know given that thumbs up thumbs up from the dugout. Buster great stuff is always -- talk about season gets go we appreciate the time we'll -- you next week. Our -- early BSP and joins us every when's.

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