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Ian Rapoport on Johnny Manziel's visit to the Patriots

Apr 2, 2014|

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network joined the show to give the latest on Johnny Manziel's visit to Foxboro.

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Space aliens has been a lot of time with us on patriot money patriots Friday. Rappaport now gone on to bigger and better things he's wearing his money's not counting at the NFL network and good morning do you miss us. Only a little like -- like -- at 1%. Which which did not simply exists like this a a migraine when it goes away rights like that. Replaced with regard. To that night for a while. What do you think I. And you realize -- -- that had buyer's remorse. We guys just keep going that you see where the key with the spring -- become molecule national exactly and -- and you -- get paid like once every six months by the Palestinian. I actually really good. I've done some new booty and excellent page -- it I need a calm and logical. Explanation. As to why Bill Belichick. Is spending the time and the effort to bring Johnny football into Foxboro today we've heard all kind of theories. These -- and Billy O'Brien a favor he's clustering for the 29 pick in the draft in eighth man Zell is there. And also this one makes no sense to me whatsoever. He is going to interview him and glean some information. That might help Bill Belichick prepare for Johnny football when he is quarterbacking some other team down the road help me -- audience please. He I mean I've I've heard all those I I enjoyed the one where he's getting scatter report for three years down the road partners. Like. A smidgen of truth about what it is that you keep files on really every player but he hit thirty creek got it's. -- -- highly doubt the patriots could use one on the off chance they say. China and -- Now Minnesota race. Right exactly. Not -- not just -- football Brittany Teddy Bridgewater also in talks broke her visit and they also took a closer look at Blake oil yeah. Down in Orlando. So it it's not just article quotes it's really all that -- of action. It's. Aren't they kind of threw -- early to. The patriots have. You know they've been known to move up up and around each trapped. Tom Brady is I hate to say 37 years old. By the company these guys are going to be placement. Rate probably. Her too early to think about anything like that. But I know the patriots have to be thinking about it and some form or fashion so why aren't you researching and at what so what -- these quarterbacks -- -- Probably. At least to the ground that would make 26. -- patriots say look to our research in case we wanna leave -- the ground and get our -- Horrible. You think you think man Zell and or bridge water falls to 26. -- I think one of them -- one of them will probably increasing about actor and the vikings are gonna. Probably dropped quarterbacks Morrissey like. I'm of the -- catalyst you know going to be the starter and to their feet. After that as -- strode -- the Japanese who who is actually gonna draft a quarterback the titans may but I don't think so. But the browns -- four and that and that oil is on the oil was the Texans -- want and the vikings -- eight. I'm I don't think all of those that to quarterback and back I say explores the brown go I think in major aspects available. And get a quarterback later say we're gonna you know we're gonna roll -- finalist for a year. And then you know if they think about after the titans look who has. You know I don't think either team captain quarterback until navy. The -- second pick in the -- patriots need to do to LeapFrog them each a backup quarterback for a year two years. Straight grind out for another pick. -- -- -- -- -- What's -- let's just play this game let's say that let's say it's man's Bill Belichick the man Zell is gone hall of fame he's an am with him he's in love them. And -- he has Aaron Rodgers like fall he goes all the way through even gets past 46 if he's there are 29 and Belichick thinks he's going to be a great not good great NFL quarterback. You think right now with Brady you know I understand he's older missiles that you know 34 years not to think. Would he take -- out. I would say it's. Let's say that think like about a percent which is the only plane hit that makes cancer. So let's think like Bill Belichick and say China and no -- he -- rated player on the board was taken number. And he falls two point nine. And the value so great. That he's gonna say. Who potentially will take accord that it is the values that could we're getting guys tenth ranked player between nine. And then we'll see what happens you know maybe it's for two years liberating work. -- can say this and -- There's no way to say without sounding crazy but. Everyone on the patriots everyone in the and it's now at some point you have to say goodbye to enters. It's weird and it's awkward and every great goes to this but at some point they'll say Tom Brady is. Not a quarterback anymore he's got to be prepared actually at that position even it to create awkwardness for a year to. We're talking -- -- from NFL network. In -- Derek -- out of Fresno state seem to make more sense for the patriots in terms of availability. And -- -- -- can sit behind Brady for a couple years until he's ready to hang it up and then go in and play I mean if you watched Jon Gruden. Assessment of him for whatever that's worth is that. I can make -- case for this guy Derek -- from Fresno state board number one of the draft. Yeah I would say that can make more than. -- -- you know he's also probably got what they're Texans don't -- quarterback he'd be directing it probably look at the top of the second round yeah. And you know -- this endless. Someone picture extinction first. These things so. But personal yet I think you'd be better at Integra sort of you know they got to -- for a year to. I'm would be a lot more tenable situation. But the about cricket has had Tom Brady and forever. Right yes no that's -- quarterback but what this. The breeze -- -- obviously you know. But what appears in his mind -- you know. I think I'd be to be more engaged accord that could really to complete the pocket doesn't need to be protected. Could protect. He'd always said Brady who never actually seen what it -- the -- chance at another quarterback what we look like. Actually -- answer and maybe we never will but. I think right now it's everywhere -- investigating seeing what else is out there would be an option. A quick one the Indy rookie deal now is -- a four year deal in the first round. It's a four year with a stickier option. -- so. The guy they get is going to be sitting for probably three years. Whoever it is if they get him in the first round he's gonna sit for three years like Mallard and great or right right we and we're assuming that three more years and he thinks is planned at all. And more years but -- given three more years. So you're talking if you use -- first round anytime a guy who may not see the field for three years. Yeah -- charge crazy -- and and I did it and it worked out pretty well. They have very similar situation. In very quickly could rub against the clock you're gonna -- ever seen a highly touted guy like Jon -- -- show up as number one. In some mock drafts and not even make the first round in others there is this -- -- of opinion about this guy like I've never seen before. No it's really weird I don't know what can make of that and I can tell you from the it's not just the analysts from the scouts and personnel directors in scouting directors I talked to some -- -- -- in the draft and what sort of second round I had no idea amateur without either. If you Minnesota's Mike Zimmer was blowing smoke when he -- I'm not sure about this -- there -- a lot of red flag of -- Osi gonna be the first one in the facility the last one believe perceive to be doing commercials is putting us time and -- energies away from learning to play quarterback in the NFL is that a smokescreen -- think he really thinks that. I don't think Mike Zimmer noted a smokescreen is cares and he just not in the question and for better or worse he says we think. Now can he get older that can still got we got councilman. Absolutely but I think that is at this point definitely will make -- thanks. These are for -- -- from the had a felt networking and thanks for the information appreciated -- plucked it on the road. Ian Rapoport on the AT and -- about it were good friends that -- -- Jonas if that flight 93 point seven. Our number -- Dennis and Callahan shot -- talks improved hockey which shot next.

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