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Rick Middleton joins Planet Mikey

Apr 1, 2014|

Nifty jumps on the Planet for an hour.

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Parity. -- always game now. As apparent headphones. Don't wanna know me well on item and you're surprised about real guesses studio tonight. They're on the planet Mikey show promoted him all set up writer how -- A great Mikey -- -- -- -- like the sign he brought in today yeah let me just to mention that. Somebody somebody who April for your -- first rate it is -- all day. April 1 so of course today's a big day for jokes you know ha ha. So what's up my car in my driveway brighter today a big sign. Duct tape to my car. That says honk if you love LeBron James I do. I think the people are hoping those good drive away get some hogs. And I noticed that there was a gigantic. Very artfully done to went away. LeBron James sent back -- -- colors. And he collars. And these goofy kids today you thought about if they don't raise it wasn't identity was you -- what elegant with that. You don't do that we're honored and pleased to have one of the great Bruins of all time Rick Middleton studio hello Rick. But -- -- -- nifty way to -- -- that are already if that's you know bear. As you know people -- realize sometimes especially if they're younger conjured Dublin and the eighties and last year much younger I was the last season 8888. The best that I delays would go to the guy that's right that's right center tonight against Edmonton as a few -- it's frozen that were boarded the days we have lots of listeners who were born the very young you know young folks at some award. Cognizant NBA season. I'm just how unbelievable player you were you had like almost 900. Points. In a Bruins uniform. -- That is I have to hit it. Two season throw -- a good blitzer is not a thousands of well I don't look at. But two seasons with a hundred points or more your captain of the team you're -- let's first talk about how you got the Bruins is that since he story. If you rule played Providence for the Rangers. Minor league club. I got drafted and 73 by the Rangers Rangers and the Bruins went to the cup in 72. So the Rangers still had those helicopters in couldn't crack the lineup and they seven of their farm team which was Providence reds and knows -- reds I was nineteen years old those playing the very first thank goodness the very first years of both the civic center -- -- -- And living in Cranston, Rhode Island podcasts and especially young India as a young wannabe hockey nineteen yes ten single guys living room apartment building. And so they'd ever had any fun it was not a part of at all I don't remember it editing room. I went through that knew the thing that people brewers his own bottles and realizes that the trade that brought -- To Boston was for another Bruins legend Ken Hodge and he's at the end really caddies at the end of his. And he's a few years older than and you know whether it was at the end of his career and this does yoga trader earlier that year yes that was the big trade as well and that name for park. And from everything that I hear her dead fastball one on one of those old wingers. And I'm not sure if he said Kinnear over or Wayne Cashman. Particularly you know but and wasn't like accurate Middleton to I don't -- it was like I don't know. But the Bruins I think at the time from everything I've read between them has soured any movement. And decided that he was expendable and the Rangers is John Ferguson -- that we just -- -- -- York it was like yeah they thought I was having too much fun. -- -- that agreement was one of Providence. Bruins moves about as large and all I got lucky that I went from a team that didn't make the playoffs and so -- five to a team went -- cup finals two years and rolling out here you know who's spent -- Act and that you know course you your contributions on the yeah. I'm -- brewers team you know a year after year after year just you know how many times you score forty plus goals I'm sure a bunch let's look at our David Garrett. I know what the two time general hundred points that that was key. The one one fingers -- -- 5150. Goals once and that's right one but I only -- 49. Years ago I always two for Google's net net over Leo -- we -- the way to put that is -- articles are members of the yes we do it. Rick Middleton of course was that you will get -- you want to see it on at home. -- -- was -- yeah I it was a nice and have a Harry -- to make me a co captain with ray -- from 1985 to 88 when I retired yet and we did switch him back and forth obviously if I had a lot of home railroad and road but -- wasn't any set. A year or I I -- remember if was month leave your half the year and the other thing like capitalism like every game we switch back and forth. And a nifty -- just tell educate the people how many -- Cuba. You know all I honestly don't know and I wish it was a better storybook Jerry chambers takes credit for its argument to Gerri we know why he's cheesy and so if -- Yeah we don't -- -- And I think you lose somebody turned over urban to a known in the newspaper and it's stuck. -- you know it stands alone it's like you know you don't get that -- could you sake you know they take Richard -- say well I -- at all and they always nice about a -- it was on us and their for a few years young kids -- I came up and article mean if -- -- -- -- -- -- board of -- now. There's got to like your relive all that time saw but it really like the nickname when it first I think grow. And to hear it -- it's like -- nickname you know after -- -- -- it becomes synonymous would you would you become comfortable win -- -- knows what it means where you know where it came from that disagree -- -- nerves or sell the -- -- so well -- -- -- -- -- hockey -- a live with this -- especially provocative sports in general like my nickname might never really care for either. But poll that I mean I don't I got a lot of weight is relative to. -- -- -- it -- but it I just don't know him -- and my mom didn't like him very much for now we have a great season going here and it's been more than one great season. And -- you noticed this brewers team I was talking via following. And I'm so convince I have been from what persona writers we hear about over and over again now I think is definitely be the brewers in the Stanley Cup finals and it's for me to get ahead of myself that far. I got a lot of confidence in his team you you watch him play. Reckon the points I told right decision today one thing is indicative of this team we talk about -- -- agree coaching analyst of all the time. When I look at that chart of it is the stat I'm in love with the issue with this team plus minus. Six of the top fourteen NHL players are Bruins with the you know plus minus candidates. The system they play they play that so similar service over and over every game of group of the year and some games today they're not on and go through stretches where the offense is scoring. In the games looked boring because they're not scoring goals and it's really to defense and but they work on that assist them all year and there ruling on it now I'm hoping that it's going you know like in any sport you have your ups and your downs and and good times in your bed and you know a lot of times people say while they can't keep doing it they can't keep playing like this -- The Bruins play like this all your -- -- there could easily keep going like this and unless they hit it team was caught. And stops meant by that I don't think they're gonna beat himself. It's generally a one GameStop and they're right back at it again they don't seem to get Adobe big long seven game series though it's gonna take a really good team yes yes and it's not boring like that the old I called the pat -- devils when they were you know -- it was a little sort of as the you know it's like that that is that is drag this doesn't affect me that way it's the same kind of consistency containment procedures and -- -- The overall generous attitude they have amongst themselves spread it around. -- got some guys who can carry the -- now they don't just dump it in all the time they get to. Good mobile defenseman to move the plot thickened a log and up the ice. You know as opposed to the way used to be was just like one pass across from east to west yes try to get it up to a guided to -- in the analyst we'll get to see what we can go. There there are being a little more creative with. It's a lot more fun than this year's two I've had a good time watch these guys -- you know I guess your expectations get as you said in the hall yet I expectations based on what they did a few years back but. Nowhere and that you're supposed to whatever -- yep and people in Boston we know we with a Red Sox experience there was an 86 year drought with a Red Sox threat. And then all of a sudden they win it no Fordham expects it every year and I guess that's a transition you make is a fan. Where once you what you know dipped to be in the magic potion you wanna keep going back in there and know when he's going to get sent down. But this guy crude according crude he's a tremendous coach marched in a -- first came aboard here or break passes well here's a former royal Montreal guy. He's kind of you know history looks like curly in The Three Stooges and he talks you know did it in that fashion that he talked. And you say what had which covers do we have this guy that bull bull -- only builds up does resonate now it's like cruise control everybody loves and trusts them. It wasn't what was great about the Bruins team that maybe they didn't have in years past is everybody's on the same page from the general manager to president for the coached players. They know the system they wanna play and they bring the players in here to complement that system via the -- goes -- -- an injury or somebody gets traded. They go and get another player that commandment that can play that system. -- and I don't think they thought was ready or could. Play that says -- score of forty shoulder and -- -- Charlie polite but needed to at all you're gonna put up a really good talented player because he doesn't fit in and that's right. And right now they can do that because they're winning everything's rule. SA -- -- -- you know in normal years if the Bruins were suffering and not doing well we we'd be hearing about stylish say you know he's not here we heard it with -- when he -- All -- well could we use or realize that -- this year gas well where you know you have ordered that all Internet and thought I can't imagine how how do you know if you know the second what you third or something in league and score some more there are watching them. Yeah how how -- do you think it is that the mix they have because they've got a really great mix of younger guys that have been in the system emperor front stolen while later twenties of Lucic is still a young -- more chance and it -- guys like a gala in the in shore as well it seems like -- not only do they have the depth but it. -- but a nice mix. In terms of they have a great mix and they have agreed. Bunch -- guys have been together great nucleus. That a stuck together and one together. If you talk to any player the hardest thing is when and a first. Once you win their first was like you know how to do that bring reform and you know how to do it now. And he can teach you of -- what's needed to be done. And they're good leadership. You know like I can go on and -- the one thing there were word what was your goaltender but look at you know. To who's right there is ridiculous haven't missed a step up and there's no reason to believe that they that they can't go all the way because they can roll four lines. Chicago was the only team that could match from last year with four line yeah and barely eked out of the Stanley Cup can be almost so it should be similar this year. This and that's my old pal from the Hartford whalers Joel Quenneville he's been he's developed today you know he might have been a slog as a as a harassment by an authority and catalog no he was in -- -- -- -- almost like he got so that -- acknowledge -- is a great stay at home defensemen and opted. Yeah and played the game on us hard and would elect a ton of bricks that you yeah. And he you know he went on to be you know he's he's got speaking of coaching resonates pretty pretty good run grown you know between the two teams he's done well with. And -- Chicago team. Is similar to brewers team in the -- date approached beatable than yesterday that's a good hockey club but they -- injuries right now Sunday I think is can be. Some injuries and they're not playing at -- through the top of their game but you know there through the playoffs their news a long stretch and what do what they have which means you wouldn't think is really good goaltender got very good goaltending. And a defense that moves up puck better than -- defense in the head during handled -- and you know that's stretch -- and and you know if if all of a sudden this stretch passes working you can stop but you start backing off those do you give more room and they start rushing the puck. And you ever get the puck in there and on the right so Chicago completely game either way right now they're struggling because of injuries -- couple guys -- warm -- expect that the term community do you look at them as the a bronze possible toughest opponent of course abuse Stanley Cup at that point well you know I think there's two teams in the -- you know with Pittsburgh maybe you know feeling like -- Pittsburgh run for it some people think it's going to be Philly Boston is but analysts and the -- 5% in -- -- could take a run batted in including San Jose and -- can never tell while Leo quick and that now Saint Louis say loyalists has been up there all you shark -- a little but. You know and then they got some of the some teams that wanna be of their like Colorado. That has played very while the -- You know so it'll be interesting this year to see who's going to be the spoiler. And I think there might be a couple spoilers in the west but as opposed to the -- great I've Iran before I -- -- Your article we know well I ask Lazar I don't and I for the kings not enough might have the kings knocking out Mike he's ducks -- they beat the -- and I -- -- -- -- hooked up for the -- this year and and -- -- an -- ball and fired but you know the playoffs are totally different -- -- you guys are like. Offering of the season's over OK brand new season let's go to work and start all over yeah. It is a whole different world but it is it is and I say this proudly I love the NHL hockey playoffs as much I love anything and every sports. Because. The big difference even though. You can ask a player all year long all playing hard and don't give a 110% all that stuff yeah I guess what do you found an extra 10% a playoff suddenly I saw. Every single guy jumps is game. Absolutely and especially if you're playing on a good team because you have to raise your game. Yeah but. Especially the first round because I think it's harder on the failed -- -- for two week -- catching the country is close games the west goes games out to these coast curiouser and every other day every day. And mostly for two weeks. And even if you DV army -- watch from -- still not sleep if he's got to be edited or watch him on tape escorted through them the minimal commercial. That's a great amount pocketed on many commercials that based baseball game and every ten minute more than -- rubberized on the NFL. Our net felony UK I -- a guy you can. You know you can you don't just get up get a beer and go to the bathroom you can but on the street get a look at North Carolina wash -- argues someone else's bathroom of you have to. Rick militants and a house -- your phone calls for real might take some follow hockey all right 617. 7797. 937. For nifty he's everywhere this till 7 o'clock if you wanna talk some hockey with Rick Hilton would be happy to have you -- John. -- -- You know -- saying we're back -- -- planet Mikey show Rick Middleton and a house Rick who lives up into a New Hampshire -- comes out here for a whole bunch of stuff including Bruins alumni. Yes so while most of our games are in mass who we play all over knowingly and then we actually go up to Canada for 23 times a year for special occasions special care that. Take it up north of the border bus that we and we was the -- of yeah I -- we got a lot of people want charges so let's get to some of these callers for Rick Middleton nifty in a house chris' in plain Bill Hall Chris. We're absolutely. Honor to cut -- but he -- What. You know when I was growing up. I'm -- -- -- I could not understand how about people -- and Adam -- -- let -- -- Goal expert about. Just a quick question how how do you how -- people that is as a goaltender it's people. The person who who commit themselves how you. Oh we can -- you do it. You have to go in new lease school. Which you can't these days is that everything is so fast with the back pressure in the back checking. You -- go right to the net and make your play you can't -- and you know the illegal meal with the way he did I mean when he was moving fast it was moons will always has had that look larger. Stride one of the greatest players ever you know if you can slow it down and make the goal lead. Make -- first mover back in a little too fast. And then he realizes oh I'm back -- my net too too far out and he's got to do something -- to stop you and you haven't shot the puck yet. You go to -- immersed in trying to get a commitment out. Yeah you try to review some. He's got a rhythm to his coming out to block block the angle picture gonna Schubert and he's gonna -- and as you get closer and that's gonna open up -- -- I'm just absolute -- pleasure and I really good luck to you play and this is not going to. Well I real I really appreciate that thank you thank you Chris. Rick Rick how much do you think the game or has it changed that much from the 70s80s up until now to speed things besides I think this mainly the goaltenders in the equipment the equipment and the style they play in the butterfly now now -- there's -- file I couldn't play -- -- -- -- level. There's a death in Europe for most guys are already teams that he never hit the back of the net to supply ups over the red -- and that's a particular there was squeeze it through the -- ago. We put in there is a yet -- Quincy old -- They get I don't and I drove the market -- -- -- bring him back aways where it was torture -- him most days they were fun days. Here are I get this some I was on NHL dark armories and watch tomorrow. And it -- apply it to the guy on the -- heroic think it is real sort -- Supplies they are only two on the broadcast but normal what set that I see were melt into. Supplies that you have a border that are really brought it back to debate as one argue I was watching play house moved. Have you you did everything the passing sticking him -- the shooting made it look so great and so we keep. Well in dog food and people thank you for saying about people ask me where I got the handling skills and we sit I play a lot of street hockey. Not because I I had to but you know when you're kid growing up in Toronto in the sixties to leafs won four Stanley cups and there's three channels on the TV. We have a new video games it was a much else to do right on the street and bureau frozen does all the and these -- drawn on the sixties it was expanding into the suburbs and there's a -- kids are all the same age and we just played hockey arena and I didn't realize that it was happening but it it kind of morphed over on the ice I guess and and I had those deals with tiger only I really didn't have a big shot so I had to get inside the defense when I was gonna score I had to give -- -- -- goalies. Try to develop some moves. Had eyes on -- on the team that pitched it could have had a big shot only I -- -- -- because you may get back at you know I get off I didn't have put -- -- my respects go I never had the big slap shot -- pretty quick snapshot. You know you -- away a lot pretty quickly. And is fairly accurate but I didn't have the big booming shots so I developed a style to get in close and -- your. If you're gonna mix up the defense when you have to -- little middle there you see a lot of guys today it's up and down north insult and that it's easiest thing in the world. But the defenseman but it's also a hazard to steer help. I -- a -- has one last question regular. If you had if you had to put you on the spot -- defenseman and the -- to play and we do you have a -- Someone in mind that that was atop the toughest play against. Well people often ask me if I was gonna start the hockey team who would always start with there is surprisingly ago Chrysler with the Larry Robinson. -- Larry who was you know maybe because. Montreal beat us all those years ago Larry could play an. -- only beat the flyers. And then he can rush that you see you know once in awhile you take apart from behind his net after spurt it was 656 election. Gangly legs he can move pretty good -- Marty played forever to it and yeah it and they still coaches saw it -- here's a guy I played with a meant to Canada cups. And he was a great leader in just a regular guy you know didn't mean. Wanna Wear the C didn't wanna leave the guys -- is easily guy as far as a goaltender. Apologies you know as a score I never had any respect for eagle -- Like -- lawyers and managers need anybody yeah yeah well and it you know the ones that really gave me trouble with a goofy here good goal the -- the world policy. As you used to see in the one way. Right in the middle Sunday a Little League and -- -- and that quick millisecond of thought process -- normal looking something like look like mere colonias disease rulers you know guys like yeah. -- you know I always think about -- yeah -- but not to be goaltender anyway I think a lot of museum you know it Patrick wants the world and -- and it really edgy weird twenty guys I don't -- -- couples -- -- past. Realistic but -- the burrows is one Markel baron -- was about back a -- with a broad knees and he he couldn't cut Gordon. This is superstition. Like I said Google is data from there there was no door knobs on the doors leaving into the way how to get a -- I thought about -- also a does save saw him standing in front of doors for half a pain in the neck and his roommate will open the door for mauled that's real weird. I mean that's always judge -- weird the toddler out with a doorknob and not that man but how how weird what goalies have to be for the agency's amassed. This rock music -- -- the -- just I want you. In an era where they didn't Wear masks. -- Ohio or loud or homeless I mean. You know I talked to. Old wars and pianist in a game summaries really doubt I don't commit up -- -- you didn't play on an indoor ring until he was seventeen at. And he would have a warm house. Clearly -- them clintons know it didn't. Spla elements -- these five degree is dues may be image although there was only six goalies in the world. I am obviously very -- for going to be crazy and specialist -- don't want to sort out there would gnome has become -- -- you mention the candidate cup but did he played on the same line as Gretzky. They're ready for I was lucky enough to be put a lot of wood rescue any -- Michelle -- now we end up -- Russia rescue does that mean he couldn't play. I'm not lie I tried to do with two point bump he can't even couldn't shoot couldn't score couldn't skate up farm. That must have been quite experience there really was intimidating because when you play it was someone at that level you wanted to try to raise your own view that would be. The -- you know he passes the puck -- should be. If you're not fair you know you sort of bad air gap you know anyone's day and review news we're -- we have -- wants just about the hall of fame and I yards one -- from the outset -- there's no one I've ever met doesn't that you should be in the hall of payment to -- in New Hampshire go -- John. That that's my question I got what do -- play yeah. -- from really good offensive player. To an all around great player and I -- I I think your point so I don't -- like 91990s. My dad. But. I have no doubt that you belong in the -- of pain and he's still eligible. Yeah I don't have limits yes. You know -- they're also under on the rule I've been nominated a few times I think. And the only way I found out that I didn't get in is -- in the paper. Our celebrity film I had so I'm not exactly sure what the rules are but I believe you know they have eighteen people are so on the board you've got to get 75%. They don't have a senior categories like yes I could be nominated again. I did yeah. It's the opposite of that because -- If anybody deserved that you did. Well -- I was a plaintiff and class action will Rico lawsuit against the NH ago and Alan Eggleston all the owners might have some. -- would I would think that should anything that has to do with any added. Which you do want the ice should stand alone you know -- -- like Pete Rose about you know through statue limitations so. Austin though some people have long -- What are you going to happen now and you -- -- all I got like thank you very much. I thought yeah. So Jim and a car next scuffle lines here for a get to -- -- every night to talk a lot it might be accurate idol drew it right items -- doing great. Are -- -- -- -- sugar go ahead. They I just want that and I got a chance to play against -- -- quotes are all world alumni games and first game I think columnist he would want laws. I -- it would over a decade ago are you approaching our cookies that he and and -- you sticking out in my leg outside -- turn me around like I was on the watched in general. Against armed globetrotters. Well Ellis says is set a decade ago I don't do that anymore. OK well anyway it was it was always a great pleasure to watch you play in and to get to our membership as it used to say that you could not stick it on adult almost than. That's why don't start because -- that. I always like Derek. -- at that but well I appreciate that thank you very much. And I also got to meet you want to the golf tourney yard true collapse element really enjoyed it. Well I've been around here a long time been fortunate enough to it to make my home here in the greatest sports town in the country and be able play in these charity golf tournaments and charity hockey games and still see all the guys that we played together and you know -- who's not many -- -- around the country or even in Canada that can boast about. This sound stopped to it is the top -- you don't bet. Go ahead Mikey you mentioned that big trade against that would permit the rain -- -- you've got to look should be able to sit in that deal. Oh my god if -- does know managers held on Yahoo! and who isn't delusional this load a new book I played with Jill. I can remember -- -- from Boston new Yorker I don't. You -- the glare of can't remember that's kind of says David it's in the plus error an -- deal that let America know that culture radar I mean you'd groaned and -- my whole life. You know -- -- everybody's career I think his everybody got a new life especially you can already tell the candle to Boston. I play with a new New York you very quiet guy and you know never said -- we -- the boss and he opened right up now. And it only had some great years I was fortunate enough -- like couldn't play when I'm in New York is Roger Baer was right where -- -- when he came to Boston I got a chance. It is definitely the -- now -- And you get up you got like eight or nine years out of Iraq. It was if you what was it twelve out of -- was traders of Lebanese that okay all right okay. I thought was 79%. Go the other look see this morning we're going to -- I -- probably isn't a problem is your guardian I said -- and a -- -- what happens jamaat thanks for the call marks in Rhode Island Marco ahead Robert nifty Middleton what's up. And the Dominican and I'm like you know real good. I'm not too bad. I mean not I didn't that you played with the probably the thread I remember you being there -- in the don't need to be the prominent critics say any animal guy. I never saw a player as slick. Who could. Sickened look well you're our drew many things well it. I don't know what you how much did Don cherry. Which he has to do with your success. -- capable and good and deploy. Well you know what I what I. Growing up I mean that was my Forte he's scoring goals and you know it's the reason I made in the when I got to New York that's really all they want me to do so when I was traded to Boston dawn had an idea. Of the way he wanted to use his. Team to play. And he you know in mind that score Patrick wafers it was a broad first and eventually the rest of the years that launched Cashman. And watch mark Klein who watched it would and ought to watch O'Reilly his older -- Well and it was really through attrition of ice time you know Peter McNabb and I look at each other news room together three years like what is he one theory. Again you -- saying you think you're playing percent think you're doing right. But until you do it on automatic and until you you'd know you're doing and it took me a good three years and then when -- left. I was kind of the go to guy for jury achievers it's really directly related to what Don did -- you particular candidate coaching. You know when I was a little younger UNL starters that. Now -- so are you could still go I run jails and is accurate easy for her that but does sound like you play the -- the biggest thrill of my hockey crew was coaching the US nationals play and in 2002. And Salt Lake City we won the first gold medal and just this year they were in Scioscia and the beat Russia won nothing when there third -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- AMR go ahead -- get that security. -- all part of a report -- produce and -- your career though -- -- agenda should be involved and there's no question about it thank you very much we -- -- don't concur -- that no question about -- thanks -- Other call we get phone lines for Rick Middleton as I knew we would. -- we -- talking hockey of the program and would know better than Rick -- to -- this will take a quick break. And welcome back to you right here on WET. -- -- -- -- -- man. With little. Good thing going the wrong way up not seeing middle everybody's done everything out to. That nobody else he went elated about what Carlyle. But a it was that -- -- so he's certainly in the you know where India silicone like correct and I remember losing a lot it is when Merrill yes well that -- You know it's not gonna throw a body part -- Ohio wherever it is rounder and a and I get an affiliate blocks -- use in those -- in the garden used to be right beside the bench about Jerry comes out on the back and at. It goes I didn't too -- to fight like that got to do all the talk I turned Goldman's want to listen to. There's probably no but I emotion that I can't move my hand again I got a hold the stick confide them. It. That's not you know people have specialities you know there's no question about it. -- -- -- -- Put the -- in the -- gives somebody what the no question about it our Rick Middleton in the house basketball kind of stuff about what's going on right now is that but first let's get some of these calls been waiting. To talk to learn to nifty let's go to Joseph in Yonkers,. New York Joseph. Hey how the goal Mikey how are you you don't. They Rick I grew up long -- assault Boston Quincy Massachusetts. We only played baseball. -- -- came apparently. Everybody drop down may have baseball bat -- they all -- -- to. They built those -- But they also got his skate you know. So right you know grew up and I played like hockey through high school stuff like dad had a pretty good slap shot they used to tell me that. Like the slap shot the golf swing we're all kind of similar. Sort playing golf. But I. -- I don't -- like that it will wanted to step on a great weekend. Exactly yeah at the -- is totally different gear. Icu at the jedi golf tournament Australia Springfield that you read space man Attica -- -- -- remains -- -- but you know what there's a lot of pro hockey players who -- great golfers -- there's substance it's it's common in the swing. A little lost Pulitzer went. -- similar wood baseball players is just to swing your development swing -- lyrics like I said some guys have. Better swings and others whether it's your hockey shot in some other guys have really good golf. But as you know it's not just how far you hit the ball out that's an asses off to T touch you go to Cuba straighten. Do you think that they don't chart and hit the ball long white. I've never seen -- they don't we have a golf tournament the Bruins and the Bruins alumni together every year I've never seen the big -- to play I'm not sure he does. Be a little hard for us too tall to mean yes totally dead on so long that's right and not many NBA players agree now. -- too long in this swings too long. You look at Dustin Johnson mandate that pregnant. Talk about an -- -- if you can master but you know his -- probably -- from -- Joseph thanks to the college -- Franken here from Rhode Island frank -- next. Hello frank you're on the -- and yet it in the -- yes -- on the are you on speakerphone. Now okay. -- -- could drag that where you that -- -- -- you know this is a real pleasure thank like gore and I mean you Rhode Island am or maybe it -- elaborate a little bit I was fortunate enough to walk across the street. Some big John -- both wars and America are legal referee. And begging -- night watching games. And -- podcast and ordered the equipment manager. All body. -- out. Any time we got a lot hello -- RH UN you know future. I've sin I've seen him over the years playing charity games down there in the games against Providence Bruins alumni. You know I got I was only there one year but they still keep in touch with people. Great memories and the reds have those society of the Providence reds historical society. They get together every year Johnny Bauer comes down -- Mets at Providence -- really surprised how many guys played for -- what that team. During that there are yet. Dude what I got a question and remembered you who let you know they don't want it would help our old you are -- Doug you -- -- my roommate a half I thought our -- value is a Laporte here. I -- and I want our poll is -- right. I -- -- since 1970s -- the water without -- -- and what he was a good player you just never made it. You want about it all the fact you don't want as they don't know Noah does frank that's for sure I -- ginger from Gilligan's Island on TV the other night Apple's new. You know she was beautiful it is now and Jose cisneros yeah that's I think just but it tank and all over the place. You have this what happens time marches on texts are from New Hampshire is his luggage nifty yelled that you a couple of years ago from a white van when you were coming out of a Bank of America and Alice avenue -- Over I used to work. -- fell out of the rumors of his sword in years. I agree this guy says do you belong in a hockey hall of -- -- Jonathan the toughest guy you ever played with. One of them I'll tell you you know stand. Stand. Was different because he was five -- and he threw up when everybody was thrown down -- -- on the you know we've yet famous blue short flight -- but willow made him different was used to smile when he fought its class so you like I I asked wonders -- our biggest smile when you're fighting a. -- if I guess -- voice. Jeff flight -- -- -- six look at I hate nobody is so good at it of the legendary stories about him in his fights. And and you know it's. Attitude -- -- -- his -- -- body you know he wasn't afraid of anybody in -- -- -- -- -- there -- -- who's a little -- and the Bruins if you PJ jays thought he was small to write -- a small and you at all he fought a lot but it wasn't heavyweight no in the and he took them to bed beatings but go to. Stand I never really -- -- flight. This guys -- rickets and the best hands in hockey ever never seen anyone as nifty since his playing days at planet host well. We have Kevin and Revere. I'm standing by I don't know but ultimately not only -- load. I -- in the that it -- driveway of all do our favorites are where Edwards were required back. Irritable or coming back awhile ago and now he's busy doing his radio show -- look quite right after the show the promise -- Is nice enough to put a game on with the alumni every year we're good friends and it's fantastic you know we have. So many people that that put the games are consistently year after year but Kevin has been well. Well look forward to personal record -- we should be an -- all the same -- you should also -- that -- out of Iraq now the dark. Do you know maybe you'd call them the same time Oswego. And I have it would have looked forward to playing who we're playing and that NHL alumni to Children's Hospital I think you're going to be. Followed with -- -- pro am yeah you know draft me. Our lot and I didn't last longer. Well. Well last year by the time I got a chance to -- As I have I can't earn a waitress was left because -- upon -- Oh you're like -- raised more money -- volatile words so. Yeah. I've never scored -- real. Play in our employer to play in the water. -- at any early but I. Will double or nothing on the -- things don't finish but I. Don't. Everyone -- yet. What you have questions or not -- Barrett our man died alone and embarrass yourself bases Mattingly he's gonna -- you have the -- oh yeah again a -- tomorrow. -- and Jason did Rhode Island let's get Jason it and -- you -- -- might you know he'll do is not a Rhode Island people along Woodward an astounding you know. We're just down there for two games in -- midfield. And Harris bill this week. Rhode Island rocks yet you know what's updates. Well yeah I just I just told by a lot with the old more reverend -- Otellini used to be as we -- -- I never played their only son on the -- hospital and they you know what you're -- by the time -- built into the civic center yeah I was the first year the weeks and now the other hospitals -- explores convenient. At. But as they are a couple quick questions and a lot of real -- came up. And that's really the -- -- Pelham public the boy growing up you know bless you Don cherry years and you know life and in the global -- to come -- up. I am just curious what that locker room was truly like with with the Jonathan in the way instincts to know -- yourself quietly and not my real question is. I have early memories of U bolt with a helmet in without a helmet. And I'm curious if that's accurate and if so do you have any comment on that and I'm just curious. -- -- -- First question was the word the comes from in my first was it was special because. You know Don cherry was eccentric if you lose his own guy a he wouldn't listen anybody and he wanted to do it his way any. Paid the price for in this coaching but I gotta agree career. With Hockey Night in Canada. And afterwards you're still there wasn't the same but I was fortunate when I came to Boston to play with. The Johnny abuse X wing Cashman some of the hold over here each humors Gary Goetschl hold over from the cup years. So we have good leadership and they really helped me assimilate into and already winning team. And took us for the Stanley Cup finals my first two years here. In the third year of course was too many mentally face it -- Bat and a helmet thing I got a puck and I hadn't practiced in the 86 I go to blood clot in the brain. And it -- six weeks later but I had the a seizure. They tell me and the command dial lantern and anti seizure medication. And I started hyperventilating in the they would let me play the rest of that season. Is anyone let me get off the medication. Solve my mother said I had to put a moment. Couldn't play and you got a list -- -- there's nobody cares about I don't want a Jason thanks for the call. But I did you think you know I got a friend who runs that our warmest ever restaurants out -- no west -- heads as name's Bob Bremer he's from Washington DC area. And he he knows rock Wang -- wants to know what your opinion of rough languages. Love -- -- you know there's another guy that if I wanted to -- team tough as nails. You know maybe in not the best offensive defenseman but defensively he was hard to get round and he makes your partners he punish your. When he got in the quarters you know you always had to be aware of where rod was on the -- yeah as -- one ignores one year. It was always and he was the fifth or sixth defensemen on Montreal's team when he came while the area and luckily got out of that organization because those guys were there for -- -- and went on library and India and really helped turn that franchise around. I Chirac from time to time we still looks -- using your star for the franchise and one half and a great athlete to UNH now football bosom buddies of mine went to school with them is just super guy. So what's. What's Rick -- up to these days now what what QB -- -- And I'm very active because president -- on the real we have talked about that yeah I just got involved with the a company called you know our international sports management. We do our hockey high school hockey showcases. This company does showcases. For high school students in every sport. Help put together a package to send to our school coaches to get them the best education. And help them play the sport they award in the school. This fellow that runs through the company. Wasn't doing -- -- it was right Hampton tomorrow of them grabbing the other sports but not -- -- that is a project professional soccer player while ago real Irish -- And -- Ireland. And does across those softball but you know much about hockey so ignorant about what they told me what he does and there and NCAA sanctions bought the franchise for years ago national company he has. And we're doing our first 1 June 14 fifteenth and Marlboro new England sports. Restaurant map out Barbara -- might check it out so that's really -- -- a bridge between the the the high school coaches and and and the furtherance of the high school of athletes' careers. Well my feeling is that the I didn't realize there's a lot of money available in the the financial help and if you have good marks in your good player you can pretty much name what school you wanna go to because they're looking for -- Yeah and you hate to think that someone just because there in. -- -- fifty plus all quite nifty middle and then they've always yes and then. Latte well reaching great have a yen is so good CA and out of the fans out their loved it and hope we will beat them back some -- next time you're down he has cost let us know bring you back in front of my number now I don't know -- That's -- said that years ago and Bradley back at herself well it will be different I trust via that. Rick Reynolds and everybody's nifty should be at all they want an all time -- great thanks for -- that you will take a break we'll come back we got a up all night dizzy -- he's a comedian righty rated alas the ask always that's our number two planet Mikey come. Next written it ultimately fourteen seasons in any jail too well with the Boston Bruins. He had five straight seasons of at least forty goals and ninety points. Always a consistent goal scorer. Middleton achieved a milestone goal on December 22 1987. When he scored career goal number. 400.

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