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Red Sox lose to the Orioles 2-1 on Opening Day

Mar 31, 2014|

Lou Merloni did play-by-play with Joe Castiglione today and then joined The Planet Mikey Show to talk about what went wrong, and a few things that went right as the Red Sox started their campaign to defend their World Series title.

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-- -- is on the hotline he's. He's pretty good he's pretty good at that play by placed color analysis analysis I urge it to analysts. Say -- it John writers Sarah be -- Maloney. So what's going -- guys and girls club. You've been targets they ran off the top here you gave me his stats and I was shocked that Lou today. We'll update that was 2121. And one run games last year I really thought it was a higher number than that. It's not surprising believe me I was shocked as the Euro -- he was popular years. They will also regained its whatever and you look at that -- and say you know. That's -- number. Did you expect him to approval. That's 500 baseball or its current. 97 team 500 in one run game now Imus absolutely shocked at that. But a great job today and let let me just start up by asking you what you think of this analysis from me because -- -- -- professional analyst. Where -- just a -- on the radio hit it but what about the fact that this line of kind of sucked today. I didn't like -- lead not I didn't like middle Brooks hit last. To me I was I was baffled by that. Yeah you know I look at this -- -- and -- elected royalties and happily will be attached. You know like in some way the Supreme Court will do whatever is -- report five other than that they think they can do a lot of different saying it's early. -- -- -- comfortable here. Although obesity you know based his whole career. You're scared and today -- it is sort of pick the pressure off right now or. But people twelve guys on page -- -- -- a position inability to regain order a sure. Yes so the story was I I can understand gain you the logic dogs tried to Mikey bad -- would now receive the -- -- said the same thing earlier that. Takes some of the pressure of middle Brooks. Any ideas bad numbers and they wanted to get some lefties in there against whom. Yeah annually at the cute kid is Grady Sizemore -- I don't think people wearing here in the leadoff QB either so important to keep her going forward to. Guys that perhaps in two years certificate -- putting the outburst in game five at bats each and every night the one god that that you don't really old but it didn't. In many pitches so. Interoperability. And a couple games for this may -- inadvertently or earlier but yeah I mean this kind of -- -- -- the whole spring no you know throughout. Devil you know this thing -- cold front for certain reasons because it's spring training to lead off. You can get to three at bats and an out in and out of acting rightly point to spend. Exploiting in the unit to post baby sit in the bottom of -- spring training was more of a strategist predicted at bat in minimum using the deal. You know I -- the thought of added that I know ferret him over the fact these thought you know well if you if you -- -- -- all year he's got more much more about much more chance getting -- -- course you'll. You can take a lot of games really -- awarded eight it's no you'll Larry -- yet or or sit him against lefties or whatever once a while. I to me I don't know with his fifth thing -- would not have fifth than him. At Sizemore I'm -- would not the first and Sizemore Phil I just at the thing kind of felt fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what it means. That they were greeted like you know I think he's. You just try to control I enjoyed what I saw here today because I I'm hoping you which took lord your -- your quick exit. Everywhere you are and the it's -- hope that he just thinking she'll open feel good got -- it -- and so. Enjoy the moment I think they're trying to do the same things like this plan of making sure they have this yeah well retard seed in the upper super couple weeks you don't. And Lester is a very encouraging today because he got the and I think he's so pissed now probably -- After losing this I mean he really Odyssey to get a real cheap -- nearly one -- one mistake to cruise. And the rest was all really beautiful eight strikeouts one walk. He he looked like has like a Cy Young candidate out there today and I I think you may not -- for the next ten games because he's going to be pissed about losing this one run deal today. That you were really good you know even the cold on the cruise. What an awful picture Amir good fortune -- -- half the -- you -- what you could import from the -- yeah I'm sure part of it and so does. But check in with and had no secret that Danny had a vote to. And he ends up walking up and and you know. But the other careful readers what you do -- not so -- that's not you know that's not good look at all bad luck but the -- to walk to leadoff the inning. Was critical one real mistake that god made all game long it secure is it to win more games and not compete America -- that issue. A little would you think about Tim Ortiz of the play today so much made about his spring training struggles. -- -- it was timing today. Well I don't think you know first about what brand processor interpreter illegal or taught to be certain that -- -- it up. In other that the change from jail and drive and -- like. -- that they. Where it is doctor before and that remote you know there's 237. You know if he threw batting average -- it was -- make sure. -- people word but make sure you bring up the fact that it in June. Let people know it if he's reached retreat is but then jewels on the be careful where. Which is not true yeah I mean nobody would -- opened the ball so. On the word of. You know the young guys yet Bogart's you got Jackie Bradley junior who made a cameo today based on the injury that there. Victor Reno Bogart's looks is common relax as a young Derek Jeter. And -- and Jackie Bradley junior looks as freaked out isn't young Donnie Sadler. What's what's gonna -- most of. I think it -- it's a little bit yet because. He'll Bogart is justice Douglas you know it is and you're under new -- started -- through the cold weather. It's -- the other -- server. But I agree -- -- you know spring training I think you know really pressed. Struck to both -- and show that -- -- fastball in the -- what he sold out audit Japanese what's engaged I'll try to drive the ball out of right field like you. Relax you know use that to keep pitches use the middle of the field -- credit beat them -- -- And now record or received it does -- in the low. Look look scared that it looked in the side but you know preaching to see. How. You know they use Arum called comfortable they are Whitcomb. As far as filling in here against the -- -- borrowed some from Casey Stengel very little he never minds at least he's ever called me about it there was into the moment and in a Buck Showalter goes up to the mound to talk to the pitcher. After about nine fly balls of the track and I and I said I've tweeted that you know I don't know defy attempts -- tired but the outfielder sure. That they were chasing down fly balls all day out there anymore at least six or seven balls hit to the track. So really I mean they were like if fractions of an inch away from losing this game -- Tillman in the Orioles. -- -- that was gonna keep Nelson -- ball in the ballpark but do it it seemed like it networks are applicable to military that is not right he'll -- It alerts and recollection about the report regain their you know their second inning with first and second no real Mike -- Within his first -- He's got a halfway. With nobody out he should -- at second base. Wouldn't recruit -- they're already great person there was one out and don't know what happens -- A little mistake that happened to wondering game of great record -- lesser depth and what's involved here in -- Well -- down there. All in one and two in one run games. Yeah so at that to work on for next time we did a great job today was great here and on the Americas we loved baseball when it comes back it's a harbinger of spring. Absolutely have to get ready to Ryan brought by the way do you might. -- home opener what an actor what an act of low. He says throw tremendously gifted actor here you go all right when you albums listen for tomorrow you have a great night thanks for Conan -- They use him over -- everybody on the planet Mikey show we'll get to your phone calls after this brief -- 617. 7797937.

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