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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday -- Preview Opening Day and the Upcoming Red Sox Season (Hour 4)

Mar 30, 2014|

Butch and Buck are previewing the upcoming season for the Sox which begins tomorrow. They discuss the pitching rotation, the importance of Peavy and Buchholz and if Lester will sign a new deal with the Red Sox.

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My favorite songs lover madly. My favorite movies through the doors movie was good president. Desert action Bill -- yeah. His job with. It is not a few I guess -- and companies like what eighty pounds then we'll explore coming into the sees little for an. Steve Barclays alongside got a busy stretch for -- here is getting ready for the marathon. Get ready go to Baltimore for opening day as the Donald -- -- shut down everything. You gotta bring nice clothes because -- the White House. It'll white house on Tuesday -- -- don't travel with nice clothes I guess rob does -- he's -- he's scam if for some clothing placed -- talk about will address the use though. A look forward to seeing that tomorrow and you wonder. We're Wally the green monsters to start the season. Ever wonder. No apparent reason found so let's go to -- we've found. Wally the -- guys I Wally. I -- I have read such and from my best game in nineteen body as the guy Red Sox. That's at the grave city series game home. And the other kid -- -- grade so I got back with the red desire to move. Yeah and that denigrate and I'll be here. -- Barkley yes there. I spoke to you quite a few years ago one time. And you -- -- not on WEEI so. Mohammed and yes but you're not creature -- gonna come out of the wall I did -- and that you were going to be naming -- arbitrage. Yeah. And I suggested a -- coming out of the wall why don't you call Wally I'd say actually this would eating green giant. The green -- I do remember this. So I am accurately my name is Wally. I feel like I'm Alibaba. -- the other. In all seriousness which the reflected announced they were gonna unveil a mascot. And we did get a caught presume it's in this gentleman saying that it would be call quality green monster that is -- fact -- we broke the story of equality paying. On this very real estate well there we go -- it was over in Charlestown simply spectrum that. Let's go from Wally to -- how's that I -- -- reason Malden. I type like Steve -- -- I. Statement. Yes you surprised that currently still Albania I have to theory I love these series going. Why and forfeit trafficking to my kid monitor that teams don't want to give up. Eight. Well yeah I mean. Clearly the best option to him would have been a resent the Red Sox I think I think -- they wanted him back -- -- wanted to back. Yeah I'm surprised the -- -- at that surprised that he thought there easy. Would you know he's. I think not only Farrow wants them back but he does second baseman like dumb but pitching staff like them because they don't -- behind the and they kept it -- Let's talk about keeping the rally cap on that truck stop -- allegedly. The one and Detroit is going to be opening yet he's he's about the senior political aisle but. You can't predict what's gonna happen but you don't put the year he might be out permanently. They -- likely to have that problem people but not this. The daily equation right. Well I mean yeah that you ultimately it needs some back up but has -- -- capital outside the infield. Well they get Herrera. You watch him play this spring at all. I thought a couple of yes they are a couple of things but applicant. I'm looking up the World Series -- -- did hit. I understand your point -- I guess I'll run the Clinton noted. Taught -- it all running game six. Yup that I mean it would step about a -- -- saying I'm not but that it didn't novel batting average over in Korea right. We'll leave that out because almost no one was -- it really went out. Tell you about Stephen Drew is that from from where I sit. Last year the as you know the there was a lot going on the Aaron in a situation. The Boston Marathon bombings the Bruins go to game six is Stanley Cup finals. And and and so many other things -- going on. That's -- -- I didn't really folder it's like on a regular basis until after the all star break and and I read up on them. I read all the commentary -- game stories analysis and so forth and I kept hearing the beat writers. The guys through the every day the Wahlberg is and they in and the Bradford hasn't commodity oh boy dead end and -- to the globe guys with -- every single day Gordon needs almost to a man. Where were talking about how important Stephen Drew is in and use that at what he's meant to this team and I just thought he was this. Voted journeyman guy coming up an injury the -- and shortstop blob while blocked well after the all star break. I began watching the Red Sox rather than just reading about the Red Sox and and I became a a late convert late in the season. To just how important was this team so that just just my two cents. I'm sorry state. You know what I think that's a lot of things to activate because I'm old that they all right get it activated. What everything in that people blame. The agent Powell. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you aren't we the only time I'd blame my agent is that they lie and all. Are out. Cannot account I'll tell -- apply it directly accepting something that isn't true that ticket office that they don't really get that I blame the agent. Otherwise the -- -- It that means so you know I think -- too much I mean technically he had power against. Or but I mean c'mon he works but why can't they take it all they -- -- about not -- lot. It's not be. You know what I say -- they're misleading the play -- lie outright about what office that's a different story topic is still out I would hope. You know so that's my story. Our -- thanks for the call. Appreciated 617779. 7937. People are talking baseball because the season starts tomorrow and as a lot on everybody's mind -- the Victor Reno injury. -- is that sort of top story today with the -- -- because he may not be in Baltimore tomorrow or may not start the season he says I'll be fine I'll be there. But he -- hamstring issue and it's an issue for the Red Sox but for a lot of reasons because -- go home at Grady Sizemore and accent Jackie Bradley junior down. And Shane Victorino was not there tomorrow on the disabled list the probably bring Jackie Bradley junior. Up and they probably mixed in Colmes. -- Victorino. Excuse me Jackie Bradley junior and Grady Sizemore over this first week in Baltimore that packet then we'd open the season on Friday going to be there. Well not I'm actually from Las Vegas on wins. And -- -- -- and now I believe -- is -- in quotes. I know. No I have to go for two points SEP and opened -- Griffey family to get to spend alone out in Vegas well -- Dolly you mentioned -- my twentieth wedding anniversary is April 8. Yeah and I'm not going to be here for that's a last -- assume -- taken the famine with cute to know I'd say it's so last night I would rather -- -- Vegas for ten days the last -- Help with the help of a lot of people -- surprised when he at the anniversary apart from or what where was this in my house at a house okay -- though. Our guests something like that. Something like that let's go to Larry and Newport it was a wonderful time and hello Larry. Good morning I -- -- what I regret that they got size and -- Sizemore and the winner. I thought oh they're gonna put shorts -- this year. And it turned out the guys still able to play. And -- -- chairman talked about it with -- -- someone dispel the -- is very good. But behind him for -- extra year -- and dislike her replacement. Watch this guy a senate Hilton and I was injured. Let us play. I'm saying I think it -- good bench player. And it -- -- -- this year and he could probably kick -- over next year if they couldn't get it well the war. Yeah Sizemore is a project and by the way when they sign I didn't even as they -- what's nice. Right I just thought they were rolling the dice and veteran player. Not like when they brought him -- why they think they do what they are getting and Rocco I think that they knew Rocco Rocco wasn't brought -- to be a starter Rocca was brought in -- what they'll field. Now the if the they're rolling the dice and Grady Sizemore the are hoping against hope that he defied the odds and be -- its former self. I'm surprised these emerged as the center -- -- this. Think that would happen so. What's what's the worst that could happen it doesn't pan out he gets released great -- -- to go to center field that's the way I see it. We -- -- -- fairly young I think. It took a chance that he made -- various. Picture there. Sizemore. -- 31 but again depending on how you wanna look at it hasn't played a full season since 2008. When he got what it military or not on a well Larry look we go back and forth we can go back and forth all on it but. Two bucks point. I mean it's a pleasant surprise to this point. He may even continue to surprise that he may have one of the best years of his career which would be amazing and an amazing story and look -- the Red Sox found. Army you know they're being cautious in trying to set him up to succeed. To have a healthy season. You know and be contributors here. So cute -- about Ortiz I would add one other thing into that. For Sizemore maybe it'll eventually taken over his DH or whatever they decide Ortiz to potentially more years three years ago. Yeah I'm wondering what they did it. I'm not that he's not a good player but he's not that good. Well they did it thanks for call that they did -- Parker think you would agree that. They have control government of some of David Ortiz continues to have this fountain of youth. The date it's they are called to bring them back for two more years at third year right yet so and so that's why they did it and that situation fault lines lit up the score when he and. At a -- let me throw up. The real. I'm OK I just want to our chairman here on the Stephen Drew saying yes. I'm -- a little concerned about the the -- over there on that side of the infield as you should be -- at the middle brought. I am I know I'm in the minority here and I can even -- a bad rap because of his last name around this area that long. -- but that don't think people wolf I mean certainly the Red Sox don't think that way that he is not year. Why do they I mean they they went on got him in the first place. As a fan talking to my. -- micro. Cap era how he didn't get in the playoffs last year and -- we do much nobody except for Ortiz. Like the Sox order with pitcher. But I guess what I'm asking you guys probably have more information on what do you think Steven is eventually got -- and he think the Red Sox. Well actually signing him because it has its older and we know Boston can be straight kids is that one media in the middle of merit. Those Russian bad. Where are you really think. Again and then like and then look like late late Dustin Pedroia did. Point that there might not -- I think -- it's going to be a great. I really do what he but the odds are you're right he's probably gonna struggle -- struggle someone's gonna some ups and downs as a rookie play. Yeah and I got that veteran presence like and all around. A solid glove we need to seven. At 49 double when he. All week we've talked so much about -- I think we have to go by this by the Red Sox actions up to this point. They're starting the season -- Bogart and they've shown the voter conference by not signing drew the only reason why would they bring -- win after the fact to me the only reason would be injury. Or if they had a trade in the works Andrew was still out there on June 1. And they signed him because they -- gonna trade bowl middle Brooks in a package for. For -- collar Stanton or some. You don't I don't if you ask me I mean I'll answer your question where I think he's gonna end up I was shocked he didn't end up in Detroit. But again I don't think teams wanna give up their draft pick and I think he's gonna wait out the -- until June 1. Until that happens and we'll see where he ends up who's gonna be a team that needs a shortstop after somebody got hurt or some situation evolved where would that. -- brag that it seems like it's a numbers game I like the martz thought it was you know he made every single player last year and the player option and -- charming and I think he'll be missed at some point nearby pale echo what we got -- and you guys. You two -- thanks for the call -- -- I don't see a situation where they sign drew before. They just bring drew back and I just don't see that I mean it's. If they've -- a vote of confidence for Bogart's now besides an injury give me another reason why they bring drew back. -- Brooks doesn't hit they don't have democratic side of the infield they make it they they bite the bullet will -- it's over and sign drew I mean a -- thing that's gonna happen I'm just outlining possible scenario. Interest to go to Robin New Hampshire is an extra bark and -- hi rob. I don't let that I think ahead and they can about the -- to contract it looked like. Probably gonna get done a poor thing I was speaking about war that started outlook if they don't sign -- PH is gonna do it. And the other thing about that where I was thinking about -- sure they're broken up -- you know talks with Detroit. That is the Red Sox partly collapsed it sure there a reason. If they don't regret it is also gonna go out -- them. They're saying it the Red Sox are Lester and respect don't be sure that we keep up and and the third thing your analogy -- -- -- of little girl -- I'm the prospect to get and that -- -- you can always consult the future for extra. Exactly chipped out and we're gonna via via their debate in. I actually agree with that it's a great point it's something it's been in the I don't know I've written interests that it but it's in the back of my mindful while. That -- Brooks would emerge if he plays and hits. Into -- puts up the numbers that they think he can put up. Napoli. Will reach a point where it's time for him to move on his age and you will be -- Brooks who by the way if it happens. This is the way have thought this out you could have an all Boston farm system infield middle Brooks Pedroia there. Bogart's bikini or if you see that Major League Baseball you could also have an yearning. In all Boston farm systems starting five. Of Lester. You brought. But colts. Went missing. Workman. I think Henry Owens and real enemy guys like Adam compartment I don't know I -- yeah exactly or not I think I'm higher more though -- -- An outfield too it it's Jackie Bradley junior comes around look at him like rob. Two point about the Yankees signing guys I think there's two ways to look at this one is. What is I mean we as fans -- say that all the time while they don't subtleties in December the Yankees and also I'm Lester is gonna have with the Yankees it happened with Ellsbury again. But I think the bigger question if you the Red Sox are you given anybody. A six or seven year deal for twenty plus million. I could make the argument you don't ever want to do that again. Aren't sure there -- yeah. Are notably missing my point your -- your -- once again you're going right to the root of what dumb I'm gonna give a guy 67 year deal for twenty plus million are making the argument if you build a strong and a farm system. And develop people. Now now I'll argue against myself guys like Lester who demonstrated but he could do in the post season there's no guarantee that Henry -- is ever gonna get it or not was ever gonna get the -- buckle to ever stay healthy enough so you are buying something from when you do that however. The Red Sox. Have been gun shy now at least since the Crawford and since the dump all that money in the dodgers'. I mean I betcha that's the talks it's going -- of what is the hometown discount and all that right. Well I mean I think to get it done but there are going to be you know applicable between both parties that are not breaking the bank and I expect that total does. But I don't think I'm an -- the pay. TV -- -- not gonna have to -- Black he hardly anything. An independent -- your question what you do you bring a secure and cost of failure or do you. I'm sure that who prepared the guarantee and duke elegant that you were doing and spent the money. I think the thing I think I would go with the guarantee. But I do love having all these with these aren't buying into a broad and might think -- about three years I really do. You. -- thanks for the call rob I guess but as we go to break it about this the -- -- where we compact should the Red Sox ever sign another. Hundred plus million dollar contract -- -- They should are absolutely not discuss -- we can by the way did OK you break. This is the tees it's not -- Americans as having import disabled Lester as I've said it before it. And -- Steve Buckley Bert stern sports understood around. This hasn't been. You know oh. -- war of words that you know like golf clubs that you're out of office and and other streaming suspend suspend. I feel like very positive so. You know I'm not even thought about about the -- organization I would hope they -- about half my side and our presentation for the way -- -- -- -- You know that's that I think both sides have been very very positive just ahead for whatever reason this time frame right now is that we use we've seen -- -- -- That's Jon Lester on Friday. Saying there's no acrimony. He also -- at least sounds -- the hope this is getting that the Red Sox. -- do shouldn't be any from his part and he wouldn't. Think that the Red Sox are -- on their part so you know I don't have a deal. Sounds like. That the hawks are going okay what's your announcement molester. There was an announcement -- -- major announcement now I just think that. The Red Sox will sign Jon Lester not because the funeral go to the Yankees. But because they believe as to why that as he moves into his thirties he's going to get even better. He's gonna put up hall of fame numbers now off named Jon Lester. Name me a pitcher who got better in his thirties our name on Al -- Al letterhead -- graded it all kinds of injuries and blisters and all kinds of stuff -- twenties. But if you if you separate Al -- -- numbers just in his thirties when he became helping an established. Another lefty he won I think I -- 28 games 134 games in his thirties. And if western does that in his thirties is gonna end up with 230 somewhat Wednesday's gonna go off so I presuming you went another theater to. Question but I gonna ask a couple of real quick back to back. So are you comfortable with the Red Sox signing longer term twenty million dollar. Deals 56 or seventh inning guy in debate I mean he -- case by case aunt and when you say case by case -- tell you what I think. So I think I would only do that. -- -- Types -- guys starting pitcher. Or middle of a lineup -- You're number three went to best hitter in your line. I would add a caveat to that. I would I would. I would. Focus on guys already in your organization headed for free agency. Ward will be eligible for free agency. That you believe. Are comfortable fits for Boston. That's why they signed the jury to an extension they they don't need to sign the guy and then my boy we hope we can claim Boston Larry no we complain embossed. Think right they'll with let -- -- -- Jon Lester. But when you bring in these are guys some other organizations. See it and they didn't they -- -- cropper where they have the detectors going to lose traction look and all these. Things about him and they wanted to measure whether or not he could play in Boston and they were comfortable that he could while he couldn't he couldn't -- Boston. And did them out traded for Gonzales decided at an extension and he was the club -- lawyer and a malcontent and and going up the back stairs and all that. So you you've got to bring in guys. -- and play embossed in the can handle Boston the -- expectations the media Christ. The timeliness of the ballpark which by the way is effective because you've been -- some of these new ballpark sports and noted that they're drinking club buses are enormous. And they have all these little ping pong rooms in the size rooms and and I and I'm serious I said the and then open up Jacobs Field in a separate room with a ping pong table -- And while you can't do that at Fenway is not going to be a boom for ping pong table. So. If you party got a guy and that guy. Has shown year -- year route that that all of these problems of the media at a ballpark all of that. Isn't -- any problem to me whatsoever. Because a party shelled but I can do that you wanna keep those guys. Well -- our agreement you promised that to me going out and signing a guy to a multiyear. Point plus million dollar deal for the Red Sox right now the 2004 -- be on Red Sox. Is a completely different equation -- giving what are you guys who's already demonstrated he can perform in forming a high level. In your system. Is a whole different thing would you agree -- yes you so does it deference yes -- -- so the Lester thing. There's less risk involved because of the viewpoint though I'm sure their people. That when they urge you say that about a pitcher in his thirties Obama can give 56 years to a guy in his thirties because at the end of the steel he's gonna be overpaid however. Part of it is you already know which you have. I cannot bring -- -- Tim Lincecum. Who you don't always gonna adapt to Boston. If you turnaround right so that's a big part of it let's go to well Howard Randolph hello Howard. -- -- and I don't like I. It back Erica according redux about that like it. Who respect -- an outlet that would have been against in the -- -- there's -- well it is a pretty good. Just that took a public what talk about Steven drove. I think -- made a big mistake was struck in the what you -- -- -- lineup was full India. To that there was no way -- would -- following you know so be if we can you. -- imports were up for him and that. Well so so hang on let's let's examine the qualifying offer by their actions the Boston Red Sox were willing to say. That they would Stephen Drew we're giving you the choice to come back here -- willing to pay fourteen point one million. Let's let's change things what he accepted it. What he accepted the offer won't be talking about today would he be a backup player -- still be the shortstop. Would would middle Brooks -- traded. I think that -- that possibility but then again we didn't have there was no pressure on the treadmill books which hit the show if he you know. Orchestra. What Howard don't you agree that if Stephen Drew is in this team right now -- Baltimore. And he was make a fourteen point one million dollars to be a different dynamic. Of course. But a governor -- interest to. Know them. Are -- saying look this is this is a strategy. It's it's a chess game since they did this what two years ago but 2012. Qualifying offers -- -- they -- the way they did they get rid of the Taipei and that would be free agents. -- in his pocket you know what what's. All right up in Chiming in don't know why I'm asking your opinion become a sort of urging you to give it about this when. Mark a big market -- they could afford to fourteen million but wouldn't it be completely the risk was there is that they were taking naysayers. That they were willing to let him decide Stephen Drew if he was gonna make fourteen point one million and come back -- this team this year and we decided against it to Howard's point. Boris might have made a mistake at least it looks that way now. What will probably would Boris is that he handles so many clients. It has been weird. That. You've got to Boris on the phone with a big league general manager. Negotiating a deal for certain player. And that. Negotiation needed culminates with the contract award decision to note doctor Chapman and move on. And then Boris is all right well thanks very much and he calls me back five minutes later it's okay let's talk about my have a guy now that it. Has the strong number with the Red Sox got -- and without -- Daisuke and now are J. D. Drew. Solid outside go ahead -- And and that's a critical look at the remote quite when they made the trip actually peeping in the regular -- a lot of people very critical of it. In light of the fact he's going to be in this able to stop this season and we saw that -- two people that -- her opinion that deal. Because Iglesias is hurt right. I think so. I think people Lowell will look a little differently. Although two years from now about can be human nature want one Jose's English is playing shortstop Jake Peavy -- -- duck boat down south. -- Springsteen concerts and not baseball. People are gonna say the Red Sox made a mistake. In the be wrong I agree with. The Red Sox did make the post season through those eleven because they couldn't or wouldn't go out and get pitching -- write and add a whole bunch of guys who go five -- six innings since September. And they lost by one game. Had they not done that he doesn't thirteen and had they failed. The criticism would have been again that they didn't -- shore up their pitching and get innings eaters. So what they did wisely is they traded a piece of tomorrow for an important element today being Jake Peavy. Now you can look at the numbers and say while it would of one at this you know they were gonna go whether any but. At the time -- know that it was an important trade to make and they made it I will never and I think polices is going to be phenomenal big league player I hope he has. He can plate. -- getting injury situation now but he can play 1213 phenomenal season for the tigers I was still my dying day say that was an important trait for the right technology. Really -- and I'd like your perspective on this Tim he. There's a value. Of 22 point going outing getting pitching at that time a year. For Dustin Pedroia for the guys going down the stretch the trading deadline is an aged and dynamic that I don't think fans. Fully comprehend players weary and wonder what their team's gonna be after July 31 leading up to it. For a couple of weeks for when you see a guy like peavy but his reputation and his. Ash day to use your word coming -- on your uniform. It tells you is a player that management is serious about winning it this year. And the fact that he was signed beyond just one year wasn't just around the player I think when you added all up I couldn't agree with -- more -- and I'll never look back on that trade. Mean if -- -- becomes Ozzie Smith the becomes a hall of Famer you might but. Although I still want there still. And -- -- says one PV hurt them and plans that that misses the point. You needed to make dead -- when it was made in pilot Pete it was OK people it's pretty good -- win games who went for five games. But again it was about shoring up is starting pitching in saving your bullpen that's why he was here why they had to make that trade. 61777979. -- 37. -- on the AT&T text on a 37937. Texas has nobody remembers Jody reed. The punishment. You know to my knowledge Jody reed's name is not weapons program that will move on from now. So barker he's saying they should've signed -- I think that would what is in regard to your point that. You signed long term deals -- you feel about. Ultimately have a -- salary Ellsbury went out of the market. Ellsbury will -- yankees offered Ellsbury more money than the Red -- well in the pants off he went. Ellsbury I don't think was ever completely comfortable in Boston. The numbers indicate he could play here so in that spirit yes but. It takes two to tango Lester has made clear. Really over the top. That he wants to remain in Boston enjoy -- wants to stay in Boston Ortiz. These are guys who have. Embrace the Boston baseball experience have succeeded in Boston of one World Series in Boston too for Lester and Pedroia at three forward tees. This is what works best for them. Elsewhere don't think Everett and he played on two World Series winners he he was of role player in late Noah seven and emerged as a starter. And in the World Series and made a great catch in the ninth inning game for Colorado. So he's got two World Series rings but -- he was never I don't think. As wedded to Boston as the other three guys. Work in -- do you think like Albert pools for example it's hard to say that anybody's ever gonna live up. To a contract. But do you think that the Yankees will get their bang for their book. -- -- -- -- -- They never did not want to get bang for the buck. And no one of a plays up to the money will he be a competent successful player would be an all star at some point yeah. Willie B Chone Figgins which was announced a disaster for the Mariners they've got they would get this personal play with a good on basically in the right eyed at the look it up better numbers on base went up like. Every year for like five straight years of the angels. And then he finally reaches free agency catches him the Mariners and was a complete disaster. Will he be that no right. It's going good deeds in the middle -- hello debut on our sports on my door and OK that's not for -- came out -- I'm going to be 31 years old when he joined the Red Sox and 1971. Okay he went a 120 -- would -- -- yep. That's one of the guys in the store and use. -- -- the Red Sox and he was absolutely tremendous. -- and policy may have been in his forties let you know we get a couple of wins. So are you comfortable but do you believe. The bucks point that the Red Sox believe there's do you believe that Lester will get better. He believed that they'll take what he did this past post season and battle popped out in his back pocket like a notch on his belt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the only guys weren't funny games last year is they -- hang on twenty games that day conservative can tell you Arnold's -- preemptive. But it's a journal score baseball guy like you bring up the twenty games you -- guys won twenty games last year. I think one -- so as and it changed is my point. Why why are definitely because they they don't pitch like they used to one year Archie have pitched. 43 games I mean you know you don't see them anymore. So do you think it -- you think you be a wise move for the Red Sox to sign Jon Lester to a hundred plus million dollar contract. While I'd give it may be seventeen or eighteen million you have an -- and give anymore about it's well you're not gonna get him. Well then then I'd I'd have to say goodbye adult. I respect your opinion it's it's a good stance to take its just. I Bucky do you see -- sign a deal for less than twenty million a year now. Why woody why would you if you. It just doesn't makes it quick break we're back -- sports on. I don't segment here on a sports Sunday it would Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley baseball starts tomorrow. Boston Red Sox baseball that is Major League season kicks off tonight with the Dodgers. And the -- Dodgers and San Diego. Techsters says he to say it is -- -- one guy who didn't live up to lose money in contract was mean. All -- tickets generally understood yep yep yep and it was a 116 million dollar contract. Think of the Miguel cubs it's -- -- contracts Miguel Cabrera contract two years before they had to do. The -- look at that is that if it's not just. The Red Sox in the same thing with the -- -- identify certain players that are iconic players in your market. Who were import your brand and I think Cabrera is that kind of guy first of all you look at -- -- the last three years or off the charts I -- the big guy. I don't think he'll be playing at that Calvert 78 years down the road I think we kind of understand that but. Detroit to very very tough baseball market because it's it's a depressed economy and have to do what they can. And they have to show the fans is serious about winning and they have to have a star player an alliance that fans can embrace and I think that went into the decision side. Do you think any factor was affected TV money is getting bigger and that contract is what's the future. But but that it won't look as bad or baby is big couple years down the idea -- but I mean it's it's it's all about this is why the Dodgers and dangerous or that. That that like death match out there. For the TV market because seniors used to be content with being in the you know the cozy little team out in Orange County. And then they woke up one data is that why -- we have to be the Kwazulu team and -- -- -- rebrand themselves is what they were originally by the way. The Los Angeles Angels. And and it encroaching on up for a five and encroaching in the -- market so the -- of fighting for their market. By Hillary and about ten minutes left open phone lines right now if you'd like to sneak -- at 6177797. 937 or text at 3792 separate Chris baloney coming up next from sports Sunday. Texture says -- Cabrera is always Triple Crown threat passed here in baseball agreed. We just said that. But. What will he be when this contract ends and that's always the question. But again I think you think big market teams go into signing these big deals knowing that the last year may be you -- now for two years -- lost leaders. Don't think there where they're obviously willing. To have a guy and soaked to the point about meaning I mean where resume now. -- was producing up until the end of that -- now we can all question the reasons why and and look at him testing positive and all this and that but the Red Sox got their money's worth out of that contract. You know and and obviously. I'll look back it. How long we covered that A-Rod the Boston story that. That kid did it gets buried so much about how big story that could have been an on the -- and up winning the world Syrians. After a -- Jeff in Watertown. Mom as we're heading down the final stretch of the show hi Jeff. They're both conducted by -- to we're sure happy new year. They -- you just have to talk to -- on time I don't. I go to our most chicken and I'm glad they're here yeah that this new board. To a professional better work. Thank you I'm -- that didn't work go along and we don't want that kind of attitude that's shadows it was just about the -- become much respect I had a flat out there not -- -- And open the back of your blog where you know. I'm and I'm really glad that my children had the detector immediate community too late this year to get -- to -- basic -- about the pitching. We've got a great -- the picture -- great farm system you know. I think that the the fact that flag from Gloucester has to talk about bedding every didn't bring treaty to make is -- -- good at that is the positive side all of us. Yeah. Yeah I think so I mean again the over under is 87 and a half. For the Red Sox are a little surprise that -- the number might be a little higher but that again that's. That's for betting purposes now. And I think you know they know the Red Sox have won a World Series Vegas sets of for a reason you're gonna get a lot of people to bet the over on that. However when you think of the competitiveness of the division that's given. 88 wins is not big if -- We got a funny thing is you could end up with no team winning ninety games that division yet it would still be as strong division right. Solely because they're very good teams beating each other -- the big about that right particularly if the Orioles and blue jays. Make some noise. Go to Mike in Providence next time -- Paper -- -- about a month ago I think it was the first preceding game with Jeremy -- Rick you're -- at the Boston Globe that this past week at ticket you can war -- in the book now. I don't know are you a ticket but it's just doesn't. Why -- that while there -- you listen I didn't smear campaign. Their effort look particularly good guy -- coach John Henry behind it they can EO but what they -- they use the entire Boston Globe. But while you're. OK get this guy out lifeboat -- -- the Red Sox so. -- John Kerry John Henry is made it clear that he wants Jerry Remy in the Booth he said so publicly. I believe in her wit -- the where is the smear campaign the the. It was fired before the opening today at the big column in a Boston Globe. About you -- come out of all -- not follow my whole little lightly the -- Is this is that. The -- that the Eric Moskowitz piece was very all of a slug me very well reported in by the way that's all we talked about spring training as we knew. That piece was coming out we knew who was writing it because it was being talked about because. He kept interviewing all of these different people and those people told their friends that this guy Eric -- called me up and so forth so. It it's not like he -- banged it out -- one afternoon in the office and I'm sure a lot of vice other piece before it ran it was it was there was no opinion and there it was. Just solid reporting. And you've got that you've also got to globe editorial yesterday saying that maybe should recuse himself with the trial is over. I I don't see that as a smear campaign and I thought there and out of their way to be respectful Shaughnessy wrote it what what -- Munich a pro. Jerry very peace Chad that is written approached Jerry Remy peace so I don't think there's a smear campaign by the globe but all. And I say this as some -- worse -- rival paper. -- -- -- -- -- Mike I think you're doing cause and effect here in the wrong way this story is a huge story. It besides it's Jerry Remy the story that a young woman died and it Jerry Remy son is accused of killing her huge story so of course now the repercussions of adapting on the front of the globe last week. As former strong opinion. Around what type of person Jared Remy was and is. I mean these are all just the effects of what came out of that story. So you're making it sound like somebody's got it out. For -- is that -- don't believe. I pick sides excellent. Like not limit them all the world sir you all of -- -- -- -- critical to get the ball back its own party here. Oh let me ask you this way the wind when -- first announced. He was coming back I was at that initial press gathering that they had -- com next they think he shouldn't come back so is that a smear campaign in my part. I think you're out -- -- right. All right and if you're perfectly right I think it'll feel for the -- health elite at their daughters -- On on my odds -- we're not gonna and the show discourse we feel for the mark health. Of course we feel for the -- tell him I think this has been talked about it nauseam. This week I just I'm cutting I think you as well as he says he seems to agree that he shouldn't come back but -- refers to a smear campaign by the -- that's why I'm. -- but it was fun to hang him with your -- Logan good luck in Baltimore have fun at the White House yeah good luck on your quest for the man thank you and all that. -- Loper outstanding job as usual sports Sunday with Chris aligning. Continues on here on WEEI as baseball is back have a great Sunday everybody.

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