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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday -- Preview Opening Day and the Upcoming Red Sox Season (Hour 1)

Mar 30, 2014|

Butch and Buck are in on Sports Sunday one day before the start of the Red Sox season. After discussing Buck's column today on Boston sports heroes currently playing, the guys get into the Sox and what they expect from the team this season. They talk about Victorino's "injury" and if he'll be on the DL to start, how that effects the Bradley/Sizemore situation, what to look for from Bogaerts, and more.

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It is a sports Sunday on WEEI. Always an interesting day on the Boston sports scene because it's the recap of week. But on this final Sunday in March it is a Sunday to look ahead to the start of the baseball season tomorrow and he's seen a 162 of these seasons. In person. In many press boxes. All over the country on many trains these Steve Buckley the boss and a low block my favorite opening day always 1932. Saint Louis browns at sportsman's park Eddie Goodell had to get them now none of that respect was much later at. You know you know the it is that we start with a did you know we're gonna start with a -- he's told me not to throw any curve balls and -- thrown -- -- -- -- don't know what what -- you know Taylor -- he's probably you know the -- that's what's the connection between Taylor -- And Eddie -- I do not know. I have no idea I could guess -- cousin go ahead. They cut another echoed in his late night they're not related and not the same -- but there is a relative involved. They're not related Taylor Twellman was put up to bat to draw a walk and did I don't know this is that I don't know -- to -- any doubt. Would Eddie Goodell did pinch running the pinch hitting thing and a block. Twelve it's grandfather. And it is Jim -- pinch ran for eighty -- that the back now. Was -- 617779. 7937. Went out was that before are after -- dad was working on the script for gone with the wind gone with the wind OC a Grand Prix of conundrum for a -- How much they also script -- Yankee -- anybody anyway Sox open the season I wanna get back. I don't which worked together on time we haven't hung out you know the call you have a right. I do -- like gatherings -- -- she often invited you never show up is always an excuse. You know I don't that's the way it is it would just professional acquaintances and -- But we aren't gonna want to know I have been I've never been better I thought our you know and nowadays I I feel like -- I don't miss -- because our region The Herald and the time. Hockey to me and I don't go -- article today stars must be one of us and I think it was -- benched in week. For all that's so let's start there again as buck said the phone number 61777979837. It's a sports Sunday -- WEEI. -- -- get ready for the playoffs coming up a couple of weeks as they wind out Celtics are winding down towards the lottery as we all know. A frozen four final four all that's on the table a week but what you see how yeah. The other ego Jerry York the stormy here I mean it was only the a couple of days ago and you can somebody call. Would drop me an email sent a photo I want to see what evidence that juries have been in a bad mood. I'm sure that's good -- is that the war is make sure he can throw sticks and yell at people. All that stuff the coaches do what every seriously hey my ally you know he's like the guy -- and on its Watertown you know he says that local guy. And displays all you never hear bad things about it from ex players would you say that College Hockey coaches compared to college basketball coaches are more. It's a stereotype -- more like that I mean Jackie -- the same way -- Jack was always serious -- there yet. What do mean just. Always an arena badly -- all the good I think College Hockey coach is that the ones I've met the local College Hockey coaches are almost always a good move. Thirty cajon was always in a good move. Want to be assistant yeah I. Who sees the good luck to BC text on the AT&T text -- 37937. You can find me on Twitter at which strategy confined -- At -- in Boston will be tweeting some stuff out as the day goes on to before you to start the baseball season buck what alleged. Write this article today. About the Tom well you know our our interest -- one for those you have -- I encourage you to look at it in The Herald today it's about. Tom Brady it's focused on Tom Brady and David Ortiz but more about them as citizens of the commonwealth and citizens of our. Area here more than the sports stars that they are programs and -- -- -- a lot of it goes back to. If you lose my voice. A lot of it goes back to last year -- just almost exactly a year ago. When David Ortiz made those remarks on that sunny Saturday afternoon at Fenway the first Saturday after the marathon bombing. And you know we talked off BM big fan of the marathon I'm running a marathon runner before. Andy it it was -- that the marathon has met almost as much to me as a kid growing up as the Red Sox now you may find it hard to believe. But we don't talk marathon on the radio are we talk Red Sox -- the radio but we can talk marathon all day long and I beat icicle there when it executes -- -- and -- deeply personal to me. In -- he's made those comments that day this is our expert -- city no one's gonna really an -- and I have had our problems from. I've slammed him and never times once you're an -- -- baby of the contract stuff women about is there's a lot of things what David Ortiz that as a columnist you criticize. That really -- -- -- know what I'm told the -- that David that was one of the coolest things ever and I don't care about the F bomb doesn't bother me a bit. And if it is David Ortiz as citizen -- Not not follow up David Ortiz going to the hospital as we all love that our athletes do that that's very important deepen our. Fabric of the community to go visit kids in the hospital folks know that. I just want our athletes to show that they. One of us that that they want to be part of the community that I have to leave here year round because Brady does in Ortiz does and very few athletes still but. Certain athletes. Strike me as. Citizens. I mean if you talked to Sean -- I don't know how well you know him but if you talk to him enough you might come out of -- thinking he played hockey -- Right right. He he he is such a local guy. Whenever you and I haven't similar conversation news or go ease into Tom -- I moved here from that you know the fields of Iowa but but it. The first time going in the locker room for the Red Sox as a producer for channel 56 years ago. Remember interviewing -- we didn't. The Cleveland Indians retirement forget this it was the big story was Roger Clemens it's signed the biggest Contra program probably five million dollars this season. That right before that remember talker Carlos by a year ago and him saying that's why you make -- five million dollar but I remember talking all these guys. And it blew me away as a -- grown up in Boston did Jody reed didn't live and die. The Red Sox like idea yeah I like it just don't mean I was naive but it blew me away that these guys sort your point. These guys are not from here yet especially in this day and age especially with social media especially in Boston. You have an opportunity. To immerse yourself in the community in the ones that do it. Become genuine and I would also take it a little further that a guy like Tom Brady and David Ortiz while they might not necessarily. Have to stand up the supposed to knock on Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan that they didn't do enough for their -- -- become a spokesperson. When Tom Brady calls the radio station early this week. On his -- Tip to pay tribute to the fallen firefighters. And to talk as a witness who was on the scene and Tom Brady the patriots quarterback to -- point book. That's a citizen that's an average normal guy and by no account -- eating -- -- average normal Boston got -- some lives like anybody else in the back pay. So it's an interest to take on all of it I think the conversation good going many directions but it is cool I'm with you it's one of the coolest things out there. And that these guys embrace the fact that they live in a community that embraces them. I'm I think it's similar in other cities in -- the ability to work in Detroit and Minnesota. And and Chicago a little bit and I think it's somewhat similar but it's different errors and what you think it's different here the way we embrace our athletes in the way athletes embrace this town. Yes I'm just I just read some of these comments on the a unity thing but. Listen the way I look at what these athletes and Boston is that you eat you don't have to buy a house on the suburbs and join the elks club into a -- And and leave here year round and and all that you just need to show that you care and it. The reason I was distracted just now I was read some of the comments in my column. Take immediate task for giving Ortiz -- pass. On the up -- and now. I'm up toward police on my highest. And I have I have never used that cuss word on the radio it's just this wouldn't quote naturally for me. Even even in venues where you can -- your speech making and paying with some stuff where you know we've got like at all. Guys kind of crowd not just volume is is it just doesn't work that way for me. But nor -- offended by any stretch by those who do. If it produced gratuitously. If -- issues to get a rise out of people than than you can do better. But. And again I apologize that tend to but it just reading this Thursday but -- he's the F on my sister. Was a school principal -- he pursues an educator for like 3540 years into the school principal was tenth. At a grammar school in -- I called my sister and a civil rights help people what are you what are parents tell their kids but they would it he's using up on my sister said. -- you just tell you kids that adults use adult words in certain situations and your adult you know win and how best to use that orbit the time being don't use it. If you don't know how to properly use the word but adults use adult -- That was pretty good. And and it I was so pissed off and say that is that being go to I was so upset. By the American embodies what you and I thought that David Ortiz spoke for the masses. And went win when Tom Brady says all he was doing was watching a fire -- amok overstating what he did it with -- was a pivotal hole is over shoulder. Climbing in the windows with the -- analysts -- He just struck me as a concerned citizen when he was on this Italian the other day they were certain little things you said that really struck me. He talked about he mentioned the back pay and the fire out of the corner Hereford. And Boyle spent how many times he's gone by now we're in an an IQ spoke like a guy who understands the neighborhood in which you live couldn't agree more. And you know I I I lived in Seattle for a whole year and -- didn't know anything thirty feet left the door my apartment. And but it's it's clear that that Tom Brady spoke like a citizen -- it's not a big deal except that I admired it. And I I liked the fact that he they'll concerned enough to call into the station and and security is. He is he's mourning over the loss of the two firefighters. And it takes me back and show my age of one -- 72. It was on. It was on Saturday and I was watching the Red Sox in Wilbur wood with pitching for the -- like watching the Red Sox game and TV -- double -- notice -- -- a bit. And you could see the smoke over the wall the the roof in right field. And and they showed a couple of times you kind of wonder what it is and Ken Coleman says and we we just gotten word. That's the bundle motel. You know that voice yet and of course you don't know they damage until the next day it was and it was nine Boston firefighters. And and an -- it was Father's Day when they -- was audio so. Those things strikers deeply that firefighters with -- like the other day the deputy struck me deeply obviously it's go to Tom Brady -- that's the only point of astronomy. Dexter comes -- a little bit ball -- -- -- you don't have a tenure. We're talking about the F bomb. With a Ortiz and that always is the issue but he said that about assisted teacher in this now. I always I know what bullets into the text it's because they don't have kids that I called my sister and asked okay he has four kids I would -- sixth -- it. I would always say on the radio especially two hours and try to go back up and said. He was disappointed at a sort of a locker room Joker told on the air. And he said it's beneath you but he went on and on and -- because he was in the car -- his eleven world. And I took -- criticism seriously but I said it's not my responsibility. It's -- yeah so. You know as far as the F bomb there -- -- detect here says Paul Pierce is a good example I think when you think of guys like that it's sort of I always have the discussion on my buddies whose team is this whose owners but there are certain guys that have owned this town we all know the Larry -- and Bobby yours but there's others who have at. -- pulse of this town and Brady. And Ortiz are two of them I think we would argue Vince Wilfork it's been a part of a discussion how he's been -- into the community now. For a lot of fans I'm one of them thank goodness he's back like the fact that back. Paul Pierce it's -- because. After he gets stabbed remember how immature he was at a press conference in Indiana with -- thing wrapped around and handed to me and all that I'd never thought he played soaked game after that yeah. I -- think of how he's done -- of how he matured and think of what that moment probably did to him. When he gets stabbed ten times what became in the city. So we get that subject out there this morning box column and -- 6177797937. Start on the baseball discussion -- this pockets of very simple question why. In every sport but baseball particular European why is that so hard. To repeat. Why is it's so hard. To get back to the finals again and then to win it again in every sport now. It's harder and harder and harder to do -- I don't there's a lot of answers to his question. But you want about baseball why is it going to be so hard. For the Red Sox to do it again. This year. Well what I'm gonna save really applies to all sports but album -- try to fine -- the baseball. You you play an extra month worth of high stakes games. Pitchers are throwing more ratings than they would have -- had to knock on the regular the post season. Do you got Lester making two World Series starts in late October in cold weather. Coupled with the fact that if you do win it you go on a round of Letterman and Leno and Disney and in all of that. You become America's guests until spring training -- so you've got the added pressure of high stakes baseball for one solid month. Coupled with a rich. Rich in every way money desserts the whole bit. Offseason and then you come to spring training that you have to re calibrate. And you have to be as focused. As the CU Padres. Because you've now got every team in baseball you you want the world championship at the. -- world champ right. Defending -- in the keyword everybody's coming match yeah we all know the cliches but when you think about it when you think about it baseball. In the thing. That I learned covering the sport not as much as you but. Is it's different it's just different than every other sport. Because of every day game because of the home stands and the road trips because -- ball -- or. Would your people around senior teammates coaches and -- that you are with -- family. So when you add in the defending part. Are all say the same thing -- -- but I'll say it a little different I think it's human nature you're just not as hungry. You don't accept losing I don't think as a professional athlete any differently than you did the year before. But last year was all knew it was unexpected after Bobby Valentine was all this and that so howdy here's my point. Opening day is tomorrow and Shane Victorino got a hamstring problem aren't there people that are saying already. Here we go. This season's knock apparently 01 of them a start like the eight. Start like the eighteen and -- April that they had last year was tough to get started eighteen and eight and that led them I -- came out of nowhere. Offer to Valentine thing -- zero expectations nobody picked him. I don't know it's just the Yankees the last team to do baseball and thirteen seasons the patriots the last team in football. Careers I know I looked a bit today yankees won three in a -- 9899. To 2000. Then you go back through the blue jays 9293. Up. And I covered all four of those World Series. And then before that is the iron in the eighties. Traffic at that I Arab during the eighties the different it was a different team. Winning the American League east every year they had -- they had five different Hercules -- isn't -- years. Well here with a champions in the eighties the fillies in eighty the Dodgers and he won the cardinals in 82 the Orioles and 83. The tigers in 84 the royals and 85 the Mets in 86. As we remember. The twins and 87 the Dodgers and 88 the Oakland days -- bash Brothers and 89. The reds in ninety Oakland went to two worlds right back to back you get -- at the 88. 8990 with a three yep you're right. Are they lost to. Cincinnati and then. Are they they lost to the days to do the Dodgers on the on the Kirk Gibson home that was the earthquake quartered right and then they -- -- may not was 8889 -- -- -- they beat the giants. An 89 and then they lost to the reds win three in a row you know and and what's interesting if you look at it. If you take human nature out of it you look at logistically. Like -- let's look at the Red Sox isn't it just a matter of perspective last year but a pretty much the same cast of characters. Yet nobody yet expectations mainly because of the year which he would talk about the last year's Red Sox this -- at a whole different cast of characters. At this time last year from the year before that pretty much the same cast of characters that they have this year. All this year all the way yeah Columbine happened at the last W before an album my coin is rebuilt old team last year they had no expect people had no expectations are very little expertise last year mainly because yeah because Bobby Valentine season and all that. And nobody knew that everybody they signed was going to live up. To expectation -- you know. The guy we don't give enough attention to is speak because YST was all about Ortiz and you we are. I don't -- given up attention to how phenomenal season Shane Victorino hadn't I don't think we will ever. Properly understand the value -- part of that team last year. I Dickey was nineteenth or twentieth in the MVP balloting a look it up. And he was in the line up every day he should he he was shipped it over to right field gold glove performer in the -- field. He was as sought a pick up as the Red Sox have ever made. And they don't win the World Series like -- without his contributions. While Naimi did guy that they picked up OK Bailey and hammering and I get it but naming a guy that they picked up there and then on the team at the end of the year that didn't work carp. Oh -- what a great moments and Clinton litany start the list -- car Napoli. Victorino. Koji. If he. I don't -- I can look at the transactions I'm sure there -- a bunch of guys that didn't work out but. But no you're right Mike Mike Carp got picked up he got released by Seattle. Victor Reno nobody thought he would have in Jonny Gomes and a variety of levels spiritual emotional and club -- and so forth than. This is after the fact but again the way he embraced that America you know putting the World Series trophy at the finish the marathon. All of that that they just signed. A good group of guys. Victory -- 22. When -- thank you voting and a gold glove winner -- Last year to all right Steve Buckley Butch Stearns at a sports Sunday on WB EI. Your phone calls at 617779. 79837. On a rainy Sunday in Boston. Day before the start of the baseball season lots to talk about as usual where your free use stick around. I went to spring training thinking I was gonna pick the race to win the division and then I I was are under attack Turkey days. He's -- depth in the organization you know the financial depth they have. I picked them to win the division went about and I think I had 85 win big at the race finishing second 92. -- get the Yankees and the Orioles out of the playoffs to 89 wins but it is going to be a dog fight. I mean all of these teams these Ortiz had a great spring training. The Red Sox have the Yankees have the rays have the oriented -- -- certainly been augmented by these guys created late spring training I can't wait. As buster holding on my Maloney earlier this week talking about how we can't wait for the start of the season. Come -- and I in that category baseball is back Red Sox open the season tomorrow in Baltimore. Lot of changes in the American League east I would have to say it's easily in the debate for the most competitive division in baseball. When you add in that. On the last four years and in the Yankees the Yankees but different teams have won the division and different teams of the playoffs the Orioles. Are backing the picture of the team that was picked last year. The Toronto Blue Jays haven't done anything. And now they come in like last year's Red Sox -- zero expectations by pundits because of the depth of the division is in the east like the office division based. Yeah I mean it might be the toughest it's ever been I don't think any one team will be as good as the Yankees were at their best. When you look at the Yankees in the late nineties that that that run they went on 96 -- nearly 2000. I don't think any one team will be as good as those Yankee teams or not even parents. But the Yankees played division it was the Yankees and the Red Sox and -- analysis kind of form of the Orioles a terrible Toronto was terrible. And Tampa Bay was terrible so it was a two team race. Now you've got Toronto's gonna probably be in last place but you know they'll wing -- 779 games. Which means that they won't be that ninety to 100 loss teams sit there in the division. Fatten up on. 6177797937. As a number to join us. Morning Steve -- imports Stearns and a sports Sunday Chris baloney coming your way at 1 o'clock. -- there is baseball tonight the Dodgers. Oprah and Australia. We'll also play tonight against San Diego to. Opened the season in the states and then as a full slate against -- in the Red Sox game. Is at 3 o'clock when I look at the division but I guess as the overall question I'd like to hear from people today -- repeat what their expectations of the Red Sox this year and well it sounds like an obvious -- -- -- world champs last year bonus championship if you will considering that nobody expected them. I mean do you expect them to win again. DDB. You know their their battle tested. They're guys that sort of took the hard -- off guys like Jon Lester were some questions were answered. Whether he's in every day -- so Roy Halladay probably not but he's a guy who's pitched his best. In post season -- like Curt Schilling is heading into resonate to that degree when the games are bigger he pitches better. You've got you know for the Red Sox you've got. Bogart's in middle Brooks two young guys when a chance to make their mark. In command here history tells us the Bogart's is gonna have -- up its ups and downs is counted as yes. Arm but but. It just tells us even Bryce Harper even Mike Trout is the exception Manning who shot a little bit of an exception. We expect Bogart's polite the world on fire and we check into Pedroia -- yes I know I got how he handled though I mean he seems so. Set to be able to handle it just that the makeup of. This guy and I talked to a lot of talk to wants. He's an interesting guy. Very very Smart guys and he's he's more than Smart and savvy which is better. I don't sometimes. Old like equate this with you don't you guys we too Smart you do want them to be savvy he seems to have been devastating what's around him. He and abuses term resilient times it's my favorite term it's the Boston baseball experience which is different than any other place in baseball. Because you can't go anywhere in Greater Boston. You can be. Having capsule backup catcher and what -- -- it's giving cash -- And you know by the way I always tell this story I remember. All -- it would in 1990 intimate Tommy Hutson was quarterback of the patriots and again I get off the key. In Copley Square government and I'm walking down. Boils history and who is. Walking about fifty feet from enemy with Tommy -- He's walking all the way now -- history -- -- people watching -- It just gives you an idea how far we've come patriots quarterback lead quarterback -- -- -- patriots and like it it it could have been. You know just to ocean -- and how park and Tom Brady do that now I'll park any member of the Red Sox go any member of its rights and as far as Bogart's goes it -- I just think he gets it. He he doesn't seem to be blinded by the lights he doesn't seem to be. Over the top but the fans or under like hiding from the army does the -- and abuse. Not because he particularly enjoys some. But because it's ID. And if all those in our intangibles that don't apply to baseball and you say okay give me some real baseball. I'll give you the Waukegan street McGee in the playoffs last year where he's cut just. -- handful of Major League at -- now and keep playoff game. He -- up being gets set. And then they do that you know that -- heat up a Max Scherzer in the the potentials the of financial highlights in the war crimes of the policies we have two strikes throw -- seemed like for a -- where our count while an end. Eight summits that you suggested -- about the show him off market until walk off by Jake McGee in the -- -- is a big deal to help. And and it is he got to get 340 no I mean who knows but I I think it's going to be a learning -- season formality is any doubt about that annual heavy debt and -- away. The cold hard reality. Is that he is not going to be as good a shortstop is Stephen Drew glad. Went there because I'm starting to think of what are the biggest questions I have about the Red Sox and I think for lack of a lack of questions one of the biggest ones spring training was the left side of the infield I think it is a legitimate concern I think every time they get an error that it's gonna be written about. But you question the Bogart's can be the everyday shortstop. Yet and will we when he has that first hour. Well we talked be when he was a one run game and he doesn't get to a ball that goes into the hole. It's Stephen Drew would have gotten that I don't think is going to be groundswell of support the Stephen Drew but that would be that talk won't. God didn't can't get to the Mormon. Or something like that happen. The I mean maybe for some hardcore late. -- -- He's raising our ratings and lied to -- Red Sox fans want so badly the love this kid. Because he he is he's really everything you want in a Major League Baseball played tools wise. We talk of a five tool player which is yet. It the power. Run -- feel those -- tools five tools he seems to possess all of them so even if you separate all the intangibles. He's also he he he's personable he's good looking -- he he has all that going for a but none of that means anything -- can't play. So the fact that he gives comfortable in abuse and he smiles and he speaks three or four languages in all of that doesn't mean anything if he can't play. But he can play the potential is there. And repeat if you lose that that potential I don't think a lot of fans again failed to add that unless he makes its monitor its but it optical happen. I also don't think he's going to be a long term shortstop anyway I think his body's gonna dictate the -- and in someone's got a text or cal Ripken and Jeter ball big shorts that I understand that. By I I think with what they've got come along Guerrero and and so forth and maybe he's a corner outfielder may be the center field means that third baseman I don't know I just don't know of long term will be. Short text to show his third base defense causes me to lose sleep every night. I will -- I would Connor that that if if will metal Brooks does what he's done it if he becomes. The statistical guy that he has been over the full season of stats that he has -- -- over two years in other words if he's at 3085 guy. His errors will be livable but while they bark but he's hit thirty home runs and not getting close to a hundred runs. I -- the reduced the Red Sox would butch Hobson by years ago who batted ninth and -- 2530 home -- but. I don't I don't know third base defense is going to be that big an issue this year is that. She kept him that big an issue this year at some there's going to be talked about angst over. They're based defense. It -- it will be the morning after he sells a pro on the losing game in the ninth inning because that's who and what we are right -- Results driven baseball community sports community. Listen to it when Brady didn't have a good game UC title game. -- is one of the best quarterbacks in football history and and we all love Tom Brady three Super Bowl saints face the franchise on and on and on. But. The next day after they lost that game we may well be talking about Tommy it's an Ali you know bubble by and that's what we are we -- results driven sports community as I hope we should be. Go to the phone Steve Barkley Butch Stearns on Sunday morning let's go to rich in new -- rich how Rio. All right guys blocker you don't good thank you. So thanks for popping back -- so long way from to a man and I was gonna say thanks to you popping up but you've been and on time -- seasonal quality and ultimately quality. While we -- audio that's the name of the drug IK ID I'd be lying if I called it by name and that's the quality of that name. I don't wanna -- remember how many listeners vote but due to a lot to pick -- It here's worry whether it's like to actually be -- I like this for reasons why the Red Sox will be better I like -- and I -- index cards on my forehead like Johnny Carson used to do so we're for real Garnett -- -- well. The polls are rarely broadens actually. In any other city will be -- -- -- can't miss guy he is gonna have a good year when he -- -- Eighty runs batted in to this will let him. Dave rich if he may. Can we take one at a time just comment on -- real quick all right I agree with -- -- I think middle Brooks is going to have a really good season I think he's more patient at the plate. I think he's gonna draw more walks or not strike out as much at big east of the strike -- in home runs but I agree with -- -- bullish on middle Brooks this year rich. It's three never in the history of baseball had a terrible contract become great contract and in that way John Lackey plant for his next contract. Interest. Number too much favorite Red Sox player of all time. Tore a ligament and its come on opening day and still had by anybody else to comparison of a good seat and got them -- they're gonna come back federal. And here's the number one reason. -- -- -- -- -- There's a lot of teams -- good prospects. And that a lot of teams with money but there's no team in. In the situation like the Red Sox that they can make -- huge move in the middle of the season. And I you know my guy Mike Stanton I know we've been seeing a prolonged time but -- other guys out there but there's no team out there make them put. Oh loss of the gamble for tribe really good player to dangle -- act so that's why they're going to be better. So it's middle Brooks -- Goodyear -- planned for his next contract Pedroia is healthy. Look what he did when he wasn't completely healthy and resources that when you add up the team -- this money and these prospects that even if they start of you know falter a little bit they can make a move they need to. -- -- -- real quick to you know I would love to have the inside those board meeting at the Red -- operatives who wore black seat him. Knowing that they had all these prospects coming up I know on the election situation in the come because I got -- -- -- you know Red Sox -- is not about to have done really good. In terms of six year plan you know wouldn't Damon was gonna leave they got out very well and you know Pedro gonna -- they got. You know they got a bunch of young players come to and you know truth be told he was unbelievable lecture in the playoffs but there's no chair code did that -- -- secured through what they're thought okay. While talks are stalled thanks for the call richer according to. Alex -- Aaron WEEI dot com and according to every body else covering the Red Sox that they're put on hold Lester the Red Sox right now I do know that Steve Buckley. Which turns conversation -- we put Ronald we have been few bills a definite transition and works there we go WE I stick around. No not not. Not the everyday leadoff I don't know. You know we we look at those top spots on the line -- is on base is being most important. And we also factoring. If it were to be -- There's potential one more bat every single night and and how does that a cumulative effect. Affect him. Given the amount of time off. America's say the great he's never gonna leadoff. But I think we're balancing. The time missed. The strengths of our roster. And what's the -- Red Sox manager John Farrell earlier this week. Thursday I believe dad was talking about. Grady Sizemore not leading up 617779. 7937. As a number to join us Steve Buckley Butch Stearns on a Sunday morning sports Sunday aren't WTI -- On the AT&T text line at 379. -- 37 in go to WB I dot com can go to pat buck in Boston on Twitter. -- at porch Stearns Matt Loper is taking your phone calls. Again you can text us on the eighteenth -- text line at 3793. -- a little surprised. It's Sizemore isn't leading off -- arm the logic. From Farrell is a couple of things. One from a Sizemore perspective he fully realizes that their that this has been baby steps that Sizemore has passed every test. And he goes on to say. From again for -- Sizemore. Perspective I think we'll see him in the number five or six regional lineup initially. Again we wanna take advantage of Daniel novice on base abilities and what Shane doesn't and number two hole. We're also gonna be based on matchups. He says I'm not going to say is he said it agreed he's never going to lead off. But we're balancing the kindness the strength about roster. What's the best alignment so my question is is the start what is your question the question is this top of the order by committee. You think that's a mistake to start the season. Instead of. And -- and with these things don't these things aren't drawn up on a blackboard they happen the they happen organically. The reason they have. Would you call leadoff -- by committee. Top of the order a committee it sounds like something Victorino is gonna lead off sometimes sounds a novice on board material that -- I I'd be very surprised -- that's right up more than ample times. If you look at his numbers that drop off the significant between persons that agree. He's -- bought and paid for and number two hitter for reasons that. I'm not bright enough to tell you when he -- clean up his numbers Dropbox and felt. I don't that you got to see him batting -- Not a had a great on base for senate last year and I can see and by the way don't be fooled and making most of our listeners understand this by now we have a savvy audience. Most. Leadoff hitters these days -- I should -- most some aren't necessarily. The stereotypical. Speed demon type Rickey Henderson. Yeah you want you the F it and have some speed but more important than all that is is ability to get on base note that Oakland eight years ago. Acquired Scott had a -- it was a tractor trailer and the bat him leadoff for no other reason because you know on base Wade Boggs was never fast he badly after the Red Sox. How did the 1986 season began the first pitch of the season was that for home run by Dwight Evans Tiger Stadium. Dwight Evans was not particularly speedy speedy but they can get on base. And they can go -- they had the ability to go for first -- third which is more important stealing second you what you -- -- guy to be illegal for the third hit. And not be a one dimensional one stop at a time. Go to second go to -- go home. So if -- but he is currently up the wouldn't bother me at all. I I can understand the psychological I guess reason why that would not wanna bet sizable lead off. -- -- years ago and it was covered the still -- Harold Reynolds was one of the fastest guys the team but he seemed. To be weighted down. By a -- for is that go at batting lead us to Dick Williams had him that night. And to his days the only number nine hitter in baseball history and granted it's kind of a kind of a trick thing because the number nine internationally is going to be the pitcher. In the American League the number nine. -- has only been some other in the -- of the last forty years. But terrorism led the American League in stolen bases as the number nine hitter because you know the pressure Bentley got some guys can do -- some guys. So it looks like the lineup will be again it'll be based on matchups but did a novice seems to be the guy. Poll lead off to starts -- have -- -- left field all the when Gomes is left field I wonder. Does that mean Gomes leads off what does it mean that he does start to Wayne Grady Little but he clearly. You know -- I promise you Grady Little not that created a little odd -- -- I can only to you about that because I've done it myself on the radio. I did a novel by the way from his splits in his career. Batting first years at 252 and has a 343 on base percentage. He has batted. Six. More than any spot in his entire career believe it or not. He's career on base percentage. Is highest. Bomb when he bats. Six with this in a novel -- is a 430 career on base percentage when he's in the middle lineup. At six he's got a mostly mostly. Six or second without it but there's really no sample size at all him batting cleanup is he's had. 39 games. Started 35 games batting first 147 at bats. He's had more than you think up manually you wanna open appearance at that OK he's at 170 plate appearance. Well here it is more important at bats leadoff hitter because you'd you'd thinking on base yep so that to me that's when I -- More than I thought yeah yeah and and when he batted leadoff he's had 252 we had -- 343 on base percentage point about Victor Reno. While -- Victorino has in years is average when -- second to 89 it's 240. When he leads off. His on base percentage 352 in the number two slot in 317. In the leadoff spot again was start the season and you can over think this whole thing the bottom line is. That they won the World Series because of pitching in October mean it wasn't hitting. But they were one of the best run producing teams in baseball and run prevention teams baseball. And now all of a sudden Jacoby Ellsbury is gone so. Its interest in commuted their starting the season and the replacing Ellsbury by committee yeah at least from a lineup perspective right. You know I don't know how that's gonna work I do know if they lose two out of three in Baltimore a Mormon who's the first series and -- up producing runs and it was three to two into one. That and what you're gonna be writing about. And everybody else that's right so we'll see out you know again we here at the start of the baseball season I just spotted inched in from the outside perspective that. And barrels in Toronto Farrell but he's he's pretty honest he says what's on his mind. I'm like -- about to check in some other. Which is in town he comes out he admits look. We want greedy to wean his way back into this and we think putting him fifth or sixth gives him a better chance to do that we don't want him. With an extra at that necessarily in the game right now to start the season he admits that it's refreshing to hear that. Because there are times that we that never comes out fox. We're never gonna hear it right away or want to sign with the Steelers do you think we're gonna hear how much they missed an explosive guy like that now. -- drafts from running back in the draft or sign some veteran and just. Go on keeping on keeping. So I mean at the the pats pats fans and inviolate pets in the Red Sox and did you know generally Boston fans. But when we put our pats -- on. I think most pats fans have made your peace. With T. Cold hard reality with which the patriots do business the old Branch -- line treating guy too soon -- too late and -- that time in recent years they've had guys that become a personal favorites but daddy critical juncture when they don't think they can produce anymore -- they go. And the few guys who you know Troy Brown probably stayed a year too late. Teddy Bruschi managed to place -- create a career as a patriot. But I I thought Vince Wilfork was gone he's obviously it would appear now and he'll finish his career with the patriots and but those are the exceptions. Rather in the world text there says the batting order only occurs one or two times in nine innings so who cares I would disagree I won't disagree with the point that it only happens two or three times. But the point is that you wanna have a relentless lineup one through nine however. If if you have guys aren't producing at the top of the lineup there's a domino effect I believe the other pitcher may have an easy start of the game. As opposed to guys that are producing so. On the same Daniel -- can't get it done I'm just saying this is a story to start the season that there without Jacoby Ellsbury and -- by the way the cheapest rival. The Yankees has him just like try -- game in years ago so we'll see if it's blowing this back up a second ago what does that last thing you read about. The lead out of batting order only occurs one or two times in nine innings so who cares. I'll tell you why because that that the very term is missed guiding this is misguided because. You're thinking oh lead -- he's gonna lead off the games can lead up every inning it's not the importance of leading off the inning of the game. It's setting the table for the big boys -- you want guys it's about the into a batting leadoff it that they should call it. Rather call in the leadoff hitter that you call him the table setter. Because you want your first and you second hitters to be guys -- can generally get on base because look who's coming up Pedroia ripped tees. Napoli -- the big boys -- -- this it's it's guys who can get on base. It's not leading pop that's so significant here it is is as the -- two points out. It's generally only gonna happen once a gain if it happens twice a game it's situation let's -- -- tendency it it means that night enemy the last out of the fourth innings though. Hopefully -- guys coming up in the fifth inning. That's not the point it's the point the point is setting the table for the big -- We take a break and kick off the second hour coming back here on sports Sunday morning couple text to read gentleman in my opinion -- is the clear choice to bat leadoff. Because of his own BP but all the he's done why doesn't -- why does not always get overlooked we knock. -- it looks like he's gonna badly off starting tomorrow. Another text it to that guys said it only happens one or two times in nine innings. Someone check his math because last time I checked there were 27 outs that's at least three times but an absolute minimum -- the batting order. Will come up and the other one you'll like this from -- I would pay money to see Grady Little go from first to third says attached. Steve Buckley Butch Stearns sports sunny and WEEI come back.

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