WEEI>On Demand>>Don't expect to see the Patriots show interest in the newly released DeSean Jackson. Plus, why not?

Don't expect to see the Patriots show interest in the newly released DeSean Jackson. Plus, why not?

Mar 28, 2014|

We discuss the story surrounding Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson and his rumored gang affiliations, his release today, and whether or not the 'going for it all' Patriots would take a chance and bring him to New England, even after the scrutiny they faced for Aaron Hernandez.

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Let's start here -- If you're -- patriots fan. And you secretly lusted in your heart for DeSean Jackson. As Michael would say get that name out of your mind I don't know I'm telling you there I don't know go with it a thousand miles of DeSean Jackson. I'm not I'm not convinced that I'm not convinced that that Desean Jackson's. Red flags. Are enough to make the patriots say no thanks. Now the red flag or to reflect what do they'll they'll provide the parameters were contract. So you can protect yourself just in case -- need to move on from the guy but I'm not convinced at all. Michael you're you're not a jerk in my eyes you're not -- -- damn wrong I am wrong. If if -- -- that -- -- you're -- -- no -- -- basically thanks but no thanks to Kenny -- And Bob Kraft is all over that -- told him I'll they won't be signing the picking up to shot -- -- Aren't so Kenny -- -- it's what it does make sure we take the emotion out of it and is north of -- Kenny -- I believe has been arrested nine times. So is he winning despite nine zip it up to DeSean Jackson been arrested. -- OK so no one I think it was not a -- at least illegally tinted windows. To arrest that he is not even in the Kenny -- category in terms in terms of the law. Now questions about him and Michael or how do -- bring the questions about gangs out of -- that some of the association which you know what you can. You can ask him about it you can you can look at it. I've -- -- you can look into -- you think he's in the game. From what they did you think he's a gang member I don't know I don't know but I don't lol wanna find out when he's on my Ross. That's why that's why you do your due diligence right now -- you hear what you wanna hear. And I think that the right way answer that on purpose you hear what you want a year you can protect yourself in terms of the contract were -- on. Would you think that that's exactly with the Philadelphia Eagles did which is why the article came out this morning. And they released DeSean Jackson this afternoon but those. Are already -- -- -- I think they've known. They'd rather trade him. That date bound up in Orlando that wasn't gonna happen. They knew that this article probably was coming out in the article for those of you -- ready yet. Said one of the concerns Eagles have is an association with two alleged gang members and an alleged murdering 2010. My I got a red flags going up in my mind upon Bob Kraft Bill Belichick in the -- and patriots with what they've got sick in a jail cell right now not even. It's -- it and if they if he wasn't there if the Aaron Hernandez situation never happened. Bet I'd say yeah what you work on the contract and you bring this guy this guy and because he's too talented. Well it is the story is true DeSean Jackson if it isn't murderer. If he -- to -- that but just as one of and they know. Did they if they think he's a gang member. Then he's not playing for the patriots the raiders the jets the Bengals beat anybody else. I bet you do if he's really that much of a problem. The NFL that is that is they the trivial thing compared to what you really have to worry about going forward I don't know where that area with what that does. Have you guys -- his statement that just came out a few minutes ago DeSean Jackson. No go ahead. Where is it here. I wanna make it very clear that I am not and never had been part of any gang. I am not a gang member and to speculate and I assume that I am involved in such activity off the field is reckless. An irresponsible that's from to -- -- he's gonna say that well and really. Yeah because he's looking for a job right now ID -- said. It it if any of this stuff even has a hint of truth to nobody's gonna go on here so of course is gonna say god and a lot of people were just about it is that emphatic. I think everyone would in his I'm saying in his situation but I I don't know whether reasoning gang or not and frankly it's almost secondary to me. Primary for me is is -- associated. As the article alleges with two murders in 2010. Well if on the New England Patriots that's all I need to hear associated with -- it's possible that he knows somebody did something it. His name has been to -- you would even you agreement interview him you would even ask him. What's this about you and even you wouldn't even given a line that I could ask him but I'm gonna get the exact well what I'm gonna get us what that statement -- that's not -- no. We're talking statements here be real this guy look. This is what I wanna know what the statement to what happened. What happens if you're not associated. Why is your name come up in situations that's when you don't take your word for that is part of the process. In Buick it's not discharge from the other part of the process is actually having your legal team having your people. Dig into. A before digging and everything. And if you're going on patriots don't you look at this and say. This is PR we don't wanna have we went down yeah Brady the patriots you can't even go near exact kind of public relation right. I don't buy it I think they are all I know no Bill Belichick wanna talk to anybody. And one then when I talk to you -- I don't know I want regular talk to me and I don't think he wants to talk about. -- the reason they went out and got the real readers and got Browner and resign will work in a resigned cattlemen Brantley felt all the stuff. I think it's a run it to push. I think they're making a serious -- and that's why. Bob Kraft and it would everyone's back Kenny Britt. His name came up or -- he was discussed. Any Brit was disclosed and discussed and then the owner said he's not sign an all right he won't side I think they are all in and -- 2014. And DeSean Jackson is one of those guys that they will be interested in having on will you -- to. And and I'll I'll set aside the whole salary cap thing because with the restructuring of Vince Wilfork contract yesterday. It freed up some money not enough by the latest sign DeSean Jackson even assuming that he now knows he's not gonna make what he wants mark to market. I don't know I don't know the answer that. I mean realistically. Or is it -- they've only got about four million to play with right now leaving four million for the draft class. I don't think he's coming here for four million deal which are gonna get more mad after this story I don't think the teams are. Banging down Desean Jackson's. Store or -- or I'll do the obligatory Oakland I mean yeah a lot of well this data might be right though. We don't by the cap space but they also have some moves that they can make if they want it to you yup this kid they can still -- guys. Like they -- it would vents and create some more cap flexibility. Sure -- I'm not gonna put it I'm not gonna put it past the patriots or or any other team that you would think. Just on the surface -- there's no way that team would be interested whether you're talking about. That the Broncos the patriots. The giants the Steelers the colts. Yeah I think you'll you'll find himself in a pretty good situation. Within a week. What do you think happened with the Eagles. I mean it's a pretty good player I mean talent wise did pretty good player what happened with the Eagles that got the got them to the point where today -- just request you gotta go. The great question well I think was headed toward that point of this cap number goes cap number was. Was pretty -- supposedly they've got enough money to swallow it if I think they have enough money but think about what they've done in the offseason actually they resign Riley Cooper they resign. Jeremy Maclin. So those are two receivers there that you party locked up. They're Mets Doris signal he was on the outs -- one of the things that you read out of this thing is in one of the concerns of the -- supposedly. Is his. His influence on the younger players showing up late for meetings supposedly. Very -- relationship with Chip Kelly. Having an influence on the younger players all red flags by the way that would be gone up like crazy down here as well. I I think they just said and I'm going back that'll Bill Parcells line and -- current coach jerks I think Chip Kelly set them. Told coach jerks all right so but with -- all this information doesn't this doesn't this set up a a perfect storm if you are on the management side. A perfect storm for a player who's got incredible ability. And you might be able to get 445 cents on the dollar. Took a look at it DeSean Jackson if you're looking at the guy the player. But I have a player McCain yes. I take them and and and you know exactly the allegations in the article were robbed -- kind of separated go to John Jack just -- -- -- out on the I don't yeah. You know what he can and can't do you never asked you go over the middle. What he is is just to go route guy to go around guy he's a special with in the return game Randy Moss. Fit so. In terms of his background. I have them funny and very teen friendly contract anyway. And if you have if you are satisfied that he's not a gang -- Or that he is not a guy who's got. And this is very series around here with some of the stories that come out the last year. He's our guy with murderous tendencies or guy who's on that track or got -- violent history anything like that. Then you probably got yourself a deal. I'd want it to one year deal it's got all kinds of incentives in there. And you know probably a base of a million or to -- escalators based on -- what he's doing off the field. Being punctual. Playing time all these things. Hindsight being 22 money. The red flags that are going up in this case are the red flags that many folks say should have gone up in the Aaron Hernandez case it's the association with the guys back home. It's it's the kind of people he was hanging around with here and back in Connecticut and and they should've realized the kinds of people he was associating himself with. Beyond beyond this and I don't think they could've had the knowledge that he may remain out of that murderous tendencies. But they should have known many people say the kinds of people he was -- with the win the and that sort what's involved here when Jackson's name started coming out floating out. Don't you believe the patriots did their due diligence or started their investigation. Of this -- player. Ready yet but -- -- that road yet that's why I think he's. I think he's on their radar he's on he's on somebody's an average after reports six teams of party contact them or our interest. Right now there's NFL security do you think. Enough that they -- the FBI but -- former the oddity at the numbers -- Do you think those teams are ignoring. The red -- room from Jackson. Or they have received. Information that comfortable with about that I just don't think they have a real. -- one. To their organizations like the patriots do. With Aaron Hernandez just the they haven't dealt with what the patriots have dealt with in in regards to Aaron Hernandez. Thank god nobody was like yeah. I mean you look at the if the patriots if someone had gone to the patriots and -- -- Aaron Hernandez is. Not not it's more than just the -- trouble do you think that they dealt with trouble guys before. They've dealt with with guys who have broken the law before the rest records guys that. That are are part of Europe three games to glory dvds that you have right now Corey Dylan. Now he had a pretty good rap sheet but you look at Hewlett -- Albert Haynesworth. Had a pretty good rap sheet he looked on the list of of guys coming at some of worked out some happen. That's one is that he's a bad kiddies hang around bad people that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And gang member -- but the but OK but. You hear it but. With -- Hernandez you heard it it was true he wants if they had if they have looked into it with Aaron Hernandez. They have really done again they would have found out something. What DeSean Jackson I find it hard to believe this guy is it is the next Aaron Hernandez or are inherent Hernandez like god. I don't know I just know that it in and this we're going around in circles and mobile clothes off here. I'm kind of with -- on this -- given what they're dealing with and use your -- because I think freshman is a great way to put it. What they're dealing with in the -- and go oh my god we had that guy in our locker room how did we see I mean how did we not know what. I just think if if there's any hint at all they say yeah we just can't go OK he's only great it might be like five cents on the dollar will find somebody else -- can do that it. But can't you look at it another way and say this. Because they went through the Aaron Hernandez situation. And because they had somber reflection and introspection you hope so that they they went through that. When your organization is embarrassed like that. Then now you know. What questions you should be asking now you know where to look you have learn from your mistakes if you think there's any connection whatsoever -- I don't -- that by the way and I -- that's my premise. I don't buy that the star Jackson is -- Hernandez is or is on that track and I don't buy it but if you think it. At least -- nowhere to go you know the questions to ask you know the people to talk to you. So it it's actually. In a strange way that is. -- advantage. Is that the right words if it's an advantage for the patriots to pay him. They've gone through this craziness they've gone through some adversity. With this player. What's the relationship between our -- and talk about it we think there's a good relations very good we think that you know that there could be an honest conversation especially now you know trying to trade. Where Bill Belichick could make a simple phone call the Chip Kelly you know before an answer the question by the -- you -- I asked which is what the heck happened in -- I guarantee. He has been done already. I'm Jared I guarantee you it's all been done was -- able to -- when this name -- is out of happened they've had a the the research has been done. I wouldn't be shocked. If he lines open -- it would not surprise me even a little. I'll disagree with the I'd be shocked and again it's it's it's more reputation than anything that may be unfair. You know especially if he has no association. If it turns out that the allegations in the article today -- faults that he's really being painted with a -- that he doesn't deserve -- with. But given the situation here I'd be surprised if the patriots -- one of the six teams Greg talked about earlier. We will also talked about expected Vince Wilfork is back cooler heads have apparently prevailed as we thought might be the case. He seems to be happy patriots I think -- happy. It is say a deal that will actually pay him a little more money this year than it was gonna get anyway. But spreads things out cap wise over the next couple of years we'll talk about that is well. We've got to Bruins game last night my buddy Michael and Christian were at the game last night we'll talk about the Bruins -- of the Chicago Blackhawks. And some other things as we move through the afternoon as well broadcasting live from Charley horse. It is on west central street right off the exit 24 you can't miss it you get out the exit there and right up the road they got more TVs in here -- them. Pick any of us well not Michael Michaels the warrant is out there are restless combined don't have this many c'mon down again golf -- they've got Red Sox game is on up there they've got. Everything else you could possibly want have somebody have some to drink will be here until 6 o'clock the nice folks at the Sam Adams rebel like PA have help with this whole thing together. We'll talk about -- when we come back in just a couple of minutes Sports Radio WE yeah. Michael Holley you're -- If you aren't sure. Up about damn time somebody told them to. I'm traveling north and West Bridgewater. Greg Dickerson is -- -- he's not just Michael policy and only because he got to eat lunch united gone. And it was ultimately is it a little tiny taste like an all out it was actually a -- of -- phenomenal job. Did you I just exactly in the neighborhood for. Those extra but it was worth its corporate work fearful that it was really it was a couple she's still here by the way she's still working here no he's not okay. I want to introduce him hey -- warrior. You matter but think. About that up by -- but guys come down and and get the prized bird. Which was a good recommendation and it's as good now as it was. Ten years diploma at the burger. I I don't know why I got a job a good Vince Wilfork will remain a member of the patriots at least for the upcoming year in and I think perhaps beyond that. It sounds like. I have a feeling when Bill Belichick did is old you know maybe you need to ask him. Quote at the -- coaches breakfast and he knew it was all done and he knew you know several days before we knew that you're terrified that into the -- yeah exactly how we're playing these games. And I and I am happy that he's gonna remain here I think that I I do understand it's a pass. Passing league in the people get all caught up in past Russian -- Still need data anchor in the middle of the defensive line he's a huge part of what they do here depends how I think he's gonna look like I mean in terms of on on the field what kind of with a player has been wolf we're going to be in 2014 and that the question yeah I mean he's 32 years old coming off Achilles surgery. But he's got a bit don't you look at Vance and Vince is always. Highly motivated. Don't you think he's up to prove a lot of people wrong. I think is motivation when -- your sound I hear that tweet I tried yesterday. He was angry. It was a tweet about. Italy yesterday Dickerson Dickerson -- of Rodney Harrison. Maybe if you that is probably think it's a good call you know even if there's there's not an actual. Critic. Harrison and -- have now prevents. Where they're actual critics out there I don't I don't I don't act so critics that. I'm telling you still even in in this in the moment where. He says I want my release because they're paying twelve million dollars a year to Darrelle Revis and they're asked him to take a pay cut -- do -- Even during that moment. The people who -- programs. Outnumber the anti -- people. If it's nine pro for. Everyone have a like c'mon you notice they can -- the years and all they need is that you won just one and then throw you off it throws you off. One guy ever since Abiola the what you -- community needs. Are met you here and you were so gracious here and love that you don't you won the Super Bowl as a rookie which is a regular guy says OK well war. -- -- -- What are -- that's the -- what do you -- -- do you think the six guys to come up USA hey -- I love your dad and the seven guys is holly you're a jerk you. I automatically always that was very that was yeah. -- -- order and all people out there like that what you are athletic internalize that deal would build a sense of like that it's all over sports Kevin Garnett is another one you could say a million nice things about Kevin Garnett. And here's the one negative thing. He's gonna MF -- And we see that there's -- which ultimately -- like I do. Think that did that the great athletes seize on anything they can they grab hold of to give them that mental -- maybe when -- working on the off season you know you don't wanna do those last fifteen minutes but -- those guys all -- -- washed up all I'll show them and I am fine with that used to. I used to joke with Rodney Harrison about it and I tell him if if if there wasn't anybody out there who who -- respected you you would make it he would and he admitted that he would make it out. But there was some anger more anger with Vince than I expected in the in the tweet. And more than that Robbie always sort of half laughed about it he knew that he was making stuff up. Vince the luckiest -- some folks out there. Callers to sports talk radio some posts as well. Some columnists -- as well who basically said there's nothing left there you know get him out you know move on get another player in here and I can see where that would bug them. I don't think. Has written that it and as -- columnist. Put it out there than. He did the has really done. -- talk radio broke apart from France from -- who get it done as a play music. That he's on the back. All are on the back to back them. He's he's he's he's this ten year. -- -- But they say he's on the back nine is coming off Achilles surgeries 32. People culpable way. I. -- but that are ignoring is that people saying -- Just not. Just move on when it's all those things about him that's obviously worth having on the roster if he wants to go somewhere else. Our our body in the heart tweeting about this yesterday after the after the announcement -- And it -- talked about now as important as means might -- as important as Vince might be on the field. Just as important. In the locker room on the practice field with those young players I think he's got a huge leadership role -- I buy it all the way. Obviously if you if you've got to focus on that you always hear negative comments your -- comment on and on talk radio every day. A lot of the people will be for you Libya strong segment will be against it would. And that's just part of the routine at the game. But he uses it as motivation. Good for him he uses it and salting and he's going to be early because. Somebody. Somebody out there had been built -- out and say they're Vince Wilfork should be out of town and I do think that what its energy waste. About this Michael how many times. His -- will Wilfork and spoke against. I'm I'm negative comments and they've been out there about principle on this town. Not many I mean it took its worst couple any deal deals with a different way I just -- -- point if I used here and anything. I hit it great point break even with the remember this this story Yahoo! did. A couple of years ago from this story with the -- Miami don't Charles Robinson right right right did the whole scandal at Miami was a guy's -- -- and accurate but he was like. A guy who is. Who is bankrolling we're trying to bankroll the entire Miami incident and that article there was an article even during that time it can be critical of him because you -- -- was after four. This is the Bianca effect of some guys asked you -- -- season tickets. In and -- sports cars this will fortunate or washing machine. Hello and putted it -- and not a popular. Lay it wasn't -- -- -- -- want to put your underwear all -- On the floor -- the department that. -- intelligent ravens Shapiro thank you are about. To. That's good point -- getting to get mad at him if that's what it was look at what I I just think. There aren't many but there are some athletes in this town who really don't get any negative comments you watched one play last night. Patrice Bergeron. You're right there is not and I can't even think of a negative comment nine -- and get accused of being the the Bruins are -- you're you're you're you're right I can't come up with one and it was one of those guys. And and I've always equated him a little bit David Ortiz you know that being. Cuddly guy kids wanna hug him you know EE so outgoing and friendly and and and I just think people love the guys and and they love what to do what he does on the field. He hasn't had much negative said about him in May be that when it finally happening within them. What Tuesday Wednesday and I'm done here is affect. And that's what I got a spark. I don't know I'm not so I'm happy he's back and and I'm glad they got it sorted out I might my assumption is he's happy. That wouldn't be wouldn't on the deal I assume he wasn't happy and and there may be cynics out there are saying yeah I'll tell you what happened is -- were not found out there wasn't any money out there. Not at a short -- today and whenever I get a vacuum by the -- two of the patriots looked at it said it's a big hole there. If we let him golf is a huge hole there. Well how can fill up from Vince wolf yeah that's the question -- did a lot of people couldn't answer me if you if you heard hosts and callers and it will Wilfork got to hear. The -- the the obvious question Kelly is gonna replace tonight right so -- that say that's a big part of it on the other thing is for the patriots. This has been an offseason and I don't know who's responsible maybe he's just bill -- the -- Procter and only give credit you with is that an offseason of -- financial. Wizardry. Is it really is you know some slight of hand stuff going on here. You have you look at Darrelle Revis and we desperately with the Tampa and under that contract you heard the patriots. Could be interested from Mike Florio and Gloria came out with that at that at the time. This is not just wild speculation. Florio at its core and go back he was the guy when he burst at a pro football talk he had general managers and coaches and owners. Feeding him information anonymously that you would use. So he had those contacts he still does that there's people telling him. Hey this is going on in the league if he comes out in the accident in his own words there's no doubt in my mind somebody told him. This well this Darrelle Revis patriots think it happened and he floated it out there and started rolling but at that time. People looked at Darrelle Revis in the -- since it is not a fit because too much money. No it wasn't with Mandalay 812 million dollars later fine Darrelle Revis is here. Look at it Julian element okay simulator had look at another deal. And you are on you on at the time he -- okay this is not good particularly an offer he didn't take you need to go somewhere else. He went somewhere else San Francisco came back got the deal done and Vince Wilfork. Everything was real it was not exaggerated that he stormed out of Gillette Stadium and ripped off the nameplate. He was upset he was angry believed that I am absolutely he was not in a position a mind set to take a pay cut. The patriots got to take one I didn't think what's gonna happen. I thought they would like you know and actually. Make an event and replacements. And use that space to get somebody else to -- is gonna go often prove himself somewhere. Whether it's Denver buffalo used. 6177797937. As the telephone over the AT&T text line. Is 37937. You can hop on board either way and communicate with a talk and some football the top of Vince Wilfork is back some of your happy about it some of you may not be. DeSean Jackson is available. I don't think the patriots who go there and Michael disagrees with that. Would picture opinions as well 6177797937. Telephone number were broadcasting live from Charley horse in West Bridgewater. Here on Sports Radio WEE. 6177797937. Is that. Back. While. A private discussion I LL Michael and I -- -- -- might go back to break it down. All I got Greg you should read that that tweet from Jason Kelsey. Yeah assembles Eagles and who they also resigned in the offseason very good player he just said this to just tweeted this -- a little while ago. We just made an extremely unpopular decision. But I couldn't be more excited and happy with this organization is going. A shock to me and his former teammate Dan Pasternak fly Eagles flying. -- and going to consciousness yeah I got it was awful -- -- height and sent at a sentencing. In frenzy. That's not a subtle shot you. That is -- that is a punch in the chest. I quote if you just went out there. -- put yourself. Out -- likely gets back to what I said earlier what happened. And it sounds as though he'd kind of worn out his welcome those guys coaches and evidently now my players obviously teammates one quick note before we get to the calls up law -- -- to brag on my other job for his second here. Last night the Bruins Blackhawks games on NASA. Today seven point eight raiding a thirteen share that's the second highest Bruins rating of the season season opener against Tampa Bay got a nine. It is the seventh highest regular season game in -- and history. For the Bruins. And you were there last night you saw a -- building was like I was there's a little excitement building for this team. A lot of excitement in the building and I said this before about the crowd it is the it is really interesting mix cross section of people. At Bruins games I guess you can say that to a degree -- -- about a lot of marinas but it just about to meet dale the the amount of young people who were in the building. Last night at a store and a lot of 192021. Year old. Young and I didn't -- the demographics are pretty good that new fans. Who were were really into the what I'm really excited about is that the Bruins game to seven point eight rating last night which means a whole lot of people got to hear Jack Edwards a tumble the muffin. Which he actually has a incidentally -- game yet to actually say during that when they -- the penalty kill they threw the puck on the ice and he said they tumbled them often -- but I'm telling you right now. That man has some skills what does that doesn't seem to be working for me about I don't. -- -- Don't think that my -- person I'm glad the two got will -- bracket integrity good move. He's -- he's proven himself think part of what they're -- important is that very active particularly the top when we come back from but I think it's good move. It would not note to -- on Jack but yet talked about -- -- -- you guys much -- a week or so ago today. And I had attacked the -- and then but it wouldn't go through because I'm not here. About. A little bad move that would be poisoned in the locker room and just not a good thing based on the information available that. Likely to open up a little bit today about why the pats might do it might be interested in at least talking to him. And and that is that despite what they've been through it -- -- and they they can at least. Lately and I'm allow them it would become what we've been through we are concerned about you and we need to have a lot of protection in. Penalties and hear that your your upstanding guy you'll have a problem in my enough that it works out he'd make it about one million. And -- the people of this. On her abuser or on locker room behavior are missing practice the only idiot -- getting you know less than a million or something but it. I can see why they might at least be interested in talking to them. On that kind of basis Indian today just as they can do it risk having another guy like -- I I love this Michelle -- weeded out a few minutes -- she said to have the -- released a statement yet. The just -- man. That's tough -- but the bottom line here is this guy may be in the process. Of rendering away a great NFL career maybe he won't navy you get it maybe he'll figure it out. It sounds to me as though at least one coaching staff and may be one teammate bases thirty sit in a wide enough. You wonder. How many chances do you thinking yet. Are you one of those people it is it like Jared -- saying the guy hell I always get out of it. And so you think if you're DeSean Jackson like Atlanta I got such skills I got such talent somebody else assignment. Well it depends on what he's done I guess I'd like some war. Stories to come out. To be convinced that this is just the he he terrible. Terrible idea Michael of assigning each drove around. With excessively tinted windows hole what could be worse yes it's not bad I think you know what thing about Hernandez to keep making -- comparison -- Aaron Hernandez. Think the thing that. Really worked it is. Is it and use while is that it was operating in the shadows. -- for all the things that you think about Eric Hernandez sort. Victory should have known that the patriots have known that. -- Jews who do I think they steal it now or no one not even the Boston Police Department. -- Until. This thing happened. With or low they know it had nothing. No connection. To the south and murder. The double homicide without them so. He would. It was kind of he was below the rate. Char Jackson is like Aaron Hernandez are the -- up now. -- use -- if they called it getting anger nationally. As your release from Philadelphia Eagles. If there's something out there with with with that DeSean Jackson the pot we'll hear about it in a day here to it there's no anonymity. Going -- in Aaron Hernandez did have some anonymity until. Until he was associated with the murder of noise. Cornelius is in Rhode Island god please tell me it's Don Cornelius but I don't think it is like I don't know I -- -- -- -- -- I mean that's IMAP I've borders with. -- -- -- -- -- -- The good afternoon gentlemen yeah actually it's both -- Eagles and from the Connecticut area. Just -- shot object known director of able. -- in the rappers it will enable this I believe the crypt just being associated with someone like that as. Is that it's not Smart I believe that gentleman was. In jail now for killing a fourteen year old. -- But on that that's just not Smart addition contacts and I mean I'm Eagles and are often -- have been dependent on him. As far as the -- interest you know I am in Munich I had -- done anything wrong. Means like brick city got hopefuls are having excessively into windows. I mean every. Situation should be you know the simple way Aaron Hernandez had trouble going about the college. Shawn Jackson hasn't that he. Checkered past. Yeah like doing is -- and collectively say that this. Is this is. The association is maybe not the smartest thing going but in terms of here's his rap sheet. It is pretty flimsy. I've heard so many people say in the aftermath of Aaron Hernandez's arrest. You know. How the heck -- the patriots not know how did they have this guy in their in their locker room on their team and not know. As if somehow I guess you were supposed to follow him around at home and things like that. I -- back to appoint Gregg made earlier that I think hit the nail on the head if there's even a hint. Of this sort of thing in Desean Jackson's background if if it's an association. With a gang member who was recording artist on his record label. I think those things would set up so many red flags for the patriots they just don't dare even. It looked like let's play the game that he's not in the game not a gang thing never done anything else besides the tinted windows. Just the fact that he is associate with some of these guys. That's just two giant of red flag for this organization. To want to chance. Because of Aaron Hernandez. Again Aaron Hernandez never happened I think the -- look long and -- Next week who have. They had -- Greg Dickerson here Bob and I -- -- Welcome to the great volatility is not my Jersey always been a big man how you know popular pick up that record a controversial record. -- apartments that really what the actual record six. 177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. Or broadcasting live. From the Charley horse and West Bridgewater a west central street Sam Adams -- IPA is at the nice folks who put this whole thing together for us. Dale Arnold Michael -- Greg Dickerson Sports Radio W media.

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