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Four at Four - Please Don't Go Edition - 3.26.14

Mar 26, 2014|

We tackle four topics all revolving around expiring contracts for athletes among Boston's pro teams.

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Mr. Ford for sure. I got I got it. I don't always get -- you're better at this than I -- -- he's real good at finding the right musical number. I like this. There's there's a theme here and Andy has as encapsulated why I think. Your -- girl. Please -- ago. Maybe. And the -- better one of those dive bars with. Doing what I was talking about judging by the studio could be girls or guys normally I'm telling girls please please -- now. -- what makes this barrier neck that experts are afraid of your father and there have been no higher at one of those dive bars that you run into one of the girls that. Quarters is that you've -- latest power OK they're dancing or -- -- -- Rutherford that are out there. So that payments to people who currently. And I figured since months been kicked out of the house and we've adopted him for the day a little over under -- for. Restaurant. Where like that's silence was of resounding no. How many shows like let the left in this building that the under of that government ordered over don't harbor survivor but the other. I'd so it's about players that we don't or do you wanna see go and we've been talking have been slow for the past couple weeks and Benson the patriots and on the same page about a new contract and Bob Kraft is now. Trying to get into the negotiations Vince is upset so I -- about -- he's not trying to get into the negotiations. He's trying to get into -- the fence mending. Ali Bob Kraft is negotiating with and will work field. Nobody. I would say the fence mending is a part of negotiations and spending I think that's that's so sorry didn't mean it -- I didn't. Will Vince Wilfork continue and finish. His career with the New England Patriots. Yes. -- I I think that he wants to be here I think that Bob Kraft in the patriot and Bill Belichick wanted to hear. I think that day you know the emotional and beat the initial emotion of in other restructuring or whatever and it's a proud man and and you know once the play the contract out. I think that I think that they will reach an accommodation of some kind I think he'll be here. I I can say for sure will be did that length of his career but I think he -- I say yes and I didn't feel that way the last 48 hours Tommy current. I was on our show yesterday still our show -- shelf. And eat he had a story that basically start to spin a happy tune. The what's going on here the re recruiting that Robert Kraft is doing Vince Wilfork I think bits Dale's right. There's that. There's that mobile or is this and he rips that -- played off the locker and storms out is I'm not coming back here. And then reality sober you up and he says I can still make seven and a half million dollars which is what Tommy current report gets them excited after your box and I might up the play. Every game to do what the playtime incentives would be there. I think he's here thank you finished his career with the patriots I didn't feel that way before the last 48 hour. Have a -- how -- you -- I've thought it was god meets him and and that the more I hear about this or no Bill Belichick playing the need to verify that card. When it comes to Vince Wilfork after it was released. It's it's a nice little play on words in the fact it is the fifth Wilfork did ask for relief they Bill Belichick has inside information now that. Vince is is more open in more flexible to taking a deal with the papers and part of this is. What happens to all we talked about this lest we different context. The amount of athletes. From out of town other parts of the country in other countries. Cam -- -- -- Who come -- Boston and they don't leave ray -- it becomes home Jim Rice. Steve Grogan. I think Vince Wilfork -- Tedy Bruschi. At the Q looks -- and he says all right if not the perfect situation for me right now I would just rather they play out the contract and give my money. But it's it's it's a much larger for me at this stage of my career if -- much larger than 2014. This is not thinking ahead to 2020. But 2025. -- New England. Yeah. History -- Michael Rajon Rondo is one more year left on his current contract Brando's name has been floated around in trade rumors for a couple years now. Will Rajon Rondo get another contract in stay in Boston for the foreseeable future. -- -- -- -- That's what it's harder for me that's -- isn't this stuff. -- Susan -- I now I now or worse yet I felt like lake Indy heart and and I don't want to call. -- have got it. Another violent. That the president I was imitating life goes up every day. This is not I'm -- our friend and I know I'm missing now. I don't. Think he gets the Max contract here and I think he's somewhere else. Liza. It doesn't because he's already set public report of Britons and yet and I'm not I'm not sure that they see him as a Max contract kind of guy. They gave the captaincy almost by default and my guess is right now they kind of regret doing it based on -- -- birthday celebration thing. I -- I'm just not sure that that he is the guy now there's no doubt that. He makes it more attractive for potential free agents to come here if I think that's that that's not to be overlooked but I. I don't know I just don't see him being -- completely cut the contract things like if he wants a Max contract he will not be here they're gonna look at the Max contract two point guards who Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul -- We can invest some money elsewhere if he -- the Max contract -- trade him before the contract runs out. If if there's some sort of kissed been I don't play both sides are here which probably nothing the whole goal for four. But if you Brad Stevens have something he says. I like playing we're soldier I wanna recruit Max contract is not the goal he will be here I think it's completely tied to the dollars involved Max contract no. Similar deal last time below market aptly -- here long terminal BMX one. No way they're vocal Fort Worth count like these these holes rotation just shuffled around I'll be -- out of coverage so I broke -- a day to day basis. I think he comes back at that stage because the owner. What the owners love them but in particular I'm talking about what. And you look at Rondo when -- -- a good team. Maybe he's not the -- -- united night and maybe he's not. On the Kevin Durant type he is not the LeBron James -- he's incredible player who gets better in the post season. He's he has tough it's tough to find somebody like Rondo. These days and accuse us of the pro life as a sites -- you if you what's the Max money which at the Celtics give an -- Chris -- contract they would. When he million a year I'll tell you he's going to be here. Rajon Rondo will be felt like for like -- As an aside. It's going to be a commentator bill is going to be doing some play by play Monday night he's doing the first quarter of Michael orbit just as -- and Corbett Enron bill. It's interstate. It is if you get into it I mean let's be honest he can be a little more to rip his teammates I don't think it's her favorite. What else Brad -- -- Arafat at I got to know restore peace and direct contrite he's got an effect during timeouts I think. Jon Lester as we've been talking about is working on the final year of his deal and they've been negotiating with him -- on our reports indicate that -- deal is going well. Will Jon Lester continue his career any Red Sox beautiful. Prior to set my time I thought so poorly yes I think he's here. They've -- -- -- right right if you -- again this this I told -- the money wiring it's a lot and your money your general why don't have a I I would look at. I would look at his deal and save the 330 million dollars is now the threshold like dale said a star as a hometown discount. He won't be here he will not be here and I think the -- if they get to open I guess opening day sort of as the next. Position for him right they want resolution before opening day so by less likely he's back I'm not sure honest I don't know because like Pedroia had dragged on until June last year. The other the first two were tough -- wolf workers a tough call. -- -- Rondo was a tough moments when he's yes he's going to be back. Players can you think go over the years who have said I won't take -- hometown discount I know even asked the question is gonna bring up. I'm pretty unusual -- -- oh yeah I -- hometown discount so. He already showed you his hands he can't. Show you was it. He has lost the the PR game that he's not even if the game that you don't wanna play. But it it did if he did want to get the public on its side. It started lost the public would be if he wanted to come out and say a man that does not -- me what I what I deserve to be paid Republicans that vote. One would -- a hometown discount what are you won't. So I think he's not interested in the yes it's coming back. The drama gamers having a fantastic season for the Bruins 48 goals -- up -- down. He's sentence when he data from before the season he signed a one year deal with the Bruins do you do the Bruins need to bringing in the back. For another season or two. We'll need to I don't know who they want to yes. I think they want to win I think they well. He is having great year leads the team in goals with 28. He's been everything we can ask for. He moved his family here his kids are playing youth hockey here he's become a part of the community even playing under a one year deal they want him back. I think he wants to stay I think he'll be here for at least in a couple of years after the fourth this is the easiest he will be back we Pierre McGuire could not have. Spelled it out more clearly what he set how different this is from the Pittsburgh experience that they allege that the he's brought his family here. Feel more comfortable here he likes the -- quite like this is a slam -- about to be shocked if we -- before the season even out. They've already signed him to some sort of multi year extension of before we talked about this is the right handed layup under handles defense easiest one he's back. I think I agree with you guys it is very easy it's so easy ominous for my time instead of talking about it as a hockey folks call dwelled on and ask you. -- -- if -- -- McGuire has asked you Lou you. You know. Move in and he won't you've got. Pierre McGuire to be very loves every war nobody really really love. Go have fun out there as the year tells the players he is an ass beat him will be and we got a Red Sox game with a year or two went to -- -- -- Red Sox seem appear like this ballpark. Our choir and we're gonna go under the same guy off the year that he is on the air so we asked a question about a player like we asked about Soderbergh starts breaking down. The teams he played Ford and and Lincoln mister browns QB starts when it all the history these. A Swedish team's elite teams the same thing happens when a panel about the here I saw what happened at Fenway Park. It's what you're up and ask modest obscure player. And he just well this thirty. It's the 62 break down. Of the player how good he is his family background. Other players thought about a and he did this for an hour. With all these hockey -- he's the same guy off because Iran aren't around hockey I love the guy and I don't get there's there's a venerable monks Bruins fans with Pierre. But he gives the Pittsburgh Penguins. Too much credit to get the text every time appears on. Well what does appear talk about the Bruins he never says about the use probe -- so I don't. Look at the eight with Pierre and -- we -- have a LaMont and he's a great guy. -- off the -- on the year. And in his say that his answer on Jerome -- -- Was -- it was it was tremendous to me just kept going on going on and on explaining why -- again that was such a perfect fit. Eight is a perfect -- for the Bruins and why it may not of worked out so well in Pittsburgh. You know who will last. Well last Jack Chris -- -- next.

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