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Bill Belichick is NOT a good saleman

Mar 26, 2014|

For as brilliant as he is, one thing that Belichick is not great at is public speaking. Fauria, Merloni, and Mannix listen to Belichick speaking to the league about his proposal of new rules in the NFL.

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Any brick Lieberman's analysts from NASA will join as the top of the hour. -- -- Baseball inside a -- BN less than the Boston lettuce is I thought because some music -- I'm pretty sure the because -- -- the sports those are not allowed to talk to anybody from -- and so. The guys up and let you -- that world when -- -- on ESPN. -- that in Tony but it spurs center and on now are at stake. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 000 just another -- Florida morning some sports some -- on his you know boy from up from the cap from California -- really have that knowledge of where medications if you're gonna live and you know and in Massachusetts and not drop some knowledge -- can't -- that it is -- look at -- now mind it's not it's a decent -- because obviously mother nature -- it's not my doing business to us to assault. And upper happy about it yet you won the tennis people of -- -- I whole person I was on vacation through Mexico problems -- not the problem apple and -- I have I hold my hand and I have a lot of politically astute politically bucks for the -- salon is that it is always -- first loss yeah I know I know there's one person in this room. Who has never committed any bad. Boris -- or at all I don't know one person why would I go what dude I can walk to get the highest. And I did -- you'll end up facility ground right now Michael he and I just I listen I'm I'm I'm breathe on me I'm based in like I get a Nestle -- Medics you I know you guys a bit -- a candidate I know. I opt. -- didn't -- -- you don't wanna mess understand you know you -- you you do despray better yet some irishman English -- John Burns your vacation person or -- you ever get like fifty. You go out liquids what. This book it's our guy goes out with his tee shirt to the beach. God I don't know but I will put the SP 500. Erica attitude it's -- -- on whatever whatever it literally is a liquid was definitely a -- -- that's about political comeback was something. If you put under on eagle you combat when they say that you went away yet if you -- -- to go back with a birdie elect counselor responsible. Yes I went away. Never got the got to be careful there's the rub you gotta be careful not to do go too far -- not to do not enough provide any appeal polite. Like straight. Yeah I actually just -- so. They go does that storage for. 617777937. Moving back along eighteenth tee -- lies open 37937. Right. Bill Belichick is -- the owners meetings and we all know Bill Belichick the gregarious man that he has the salesman that he -- was trying to convince. His fellow owners was at the competition committee that down there to commit L Roger McDowell are sitting up -- convince these people. That the point after should be abolished that they should move the PAT. Line. Backed the twenty yard line the third job I would every was saying I listen to Bill Belichick listen to what -- sales pitch sounds like. In the last decade how we haven't seen a missed field goal from 119 yards that's my mom -- -- percent. The -- PHT percentages. The last two decades. Have not gone below 98%. Now -- in six of the last nine years. They've been over 99%. Last year was 99 point six or whatever was. And so we're really talking about a non competitive play. I can't imagine the fans are excited about seeing a play that's in 99%. 99 point 66%. Accurate I personally feel that we've also made it virtually illegal block -- kick. We can't hit the -- we can't overload we can't push we can't jump we can't land on anybody so it's it's very very difficult. To competitively play the play. The proposal is to -- five yard line which puts those kids. Send me. B 880. 5% range somewhere in there which we felt was more competitive play not married to that yard line in particular. Just so the general. Concept behind the proposals to make it a more competitive play then 99 point 6%. And also decide on a personal level. I think you replay rules are very lightly obviously and confusing. -- -- You know of course before every game the officials come over to us and talk about. You know remind us what can -- can't reviewed and at times they have to talk to each other about. It's you know four pages of -- rules on replay. I really norm and I should and it's it's hard for me because things change issues I can't imagine fans won't mean announcers don't know on. I'm afraid I don't -- moment. This is simplified which I think would also be in the best interest. Of the game Bill Belichick. Sales are -- you know that reminds me of the government of Orlando jones' character office space nobody selling magazines -- -- RIM did you have a crack dealer I've tried to get off the crack dealing and employees at -- and it. Just lose the year that you need to sit people's sleep it is still talking the great part about that video though if you go one nfl.com watch the video there's a guy behind ballot check. That is laughing uncontrollably. While bill is talk -- -- up he's laughing at bills delivery at the library -- but he's giggling like a school girl. In that video. Seeing it see here's a thing like everything that he says. If you could it won't really should do is find somebody. To basically -- transcript from that. And then do a different way so I -- what actually by what he -- everything he said was spot -- everything made sense it -- monotone. It's the bill being bill. -- hit -- how hot right that just does it like I grew if you. East Asia but we've got to the pre season games last year and now it's hoping. That there was not some incident some replay incident OK -- captain -- that I have to describe or explain. Because there's so many of them and the book is like a full block and I rather just not have to deal with a period of bills and it. There's so confusing I don't even know them what's is I don't know I believe that but he does have a guy. Because the guy Ernie. And Adams Ernie Adams who is that guy. Yeah I -- I know the rules unique talent do so yet or you can't challenge issue acute challenge that. But but I agreement to stop he said that we you know we agree with -- people that believe that should be the point five I would like that. But after a lot wonder Roger -- sit there Agilent to speed than those that just tuning in my vote right -- and it is not a personal note you know the the replay rules suggest -- to do you think you telecheck is aware that a cameras on him now it's pretty obvious -- -- cameras inside that meeting in whenever the cameras on Belichick he -- Evolves into this moral Slavic yeah unlistenable. You know Craig would it change if there wasn't though. I don't know like addressing the crowd acute debt debt to be you know I wonder. Because I think he would be more animated. I would think that he would. Here's need to be Phil Donahue busy beat you know going down the aisle work in the wrong but that's what you gonna do you know -- I'm sorry a out of a sorry group and Maury Povich. That's some suggest the Herm Edwards doing I think Herm would have a better yes. Market sell her almost he's almost the other way too much he's he's. All too much which yeah detained it's about. It's about -- catching the era of somebody making sure there with you occasionally I recall what harm do no harm you know everybody I term did you call her Buick classic you read this transcript tell me how you would sell these exact words harm or Gus Johnson. Okay box that. Got yet -- is the ultimately use your affiliated with -- you know anybody -- But I don't that was all the guys I think all next to all I was phone when context I think you're my age to who would be targeted a little -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and nobody -- the only guy -- think about it would go up and down the aisle during his stock soared more poll which I was Watson yesterday he sits down bouquets of baby yours is an hour for -- -- daddy daddy. Got to want to Wednesday -- the law opal were to travel and yet a lot of -- and I can only read so much about the Bruins. The Red Sox it's more costs are still -- -- -- -- -- anymore I do not ready and my TV to be dumb down. At the end of the night I mean I get talk shows that Jerry Springer what are you did not loop I love expert highlighted now but back -- the college years for it was about. And I hated it acted like -- security zone for Tokyo. -- -- to death what is outrageous do you tell people look at those show notes go right confidence they wanted to leave for a lot of daytime hours the film that's the little gun control a lot of networks that are out there. 61777. Point 79378. TT -- -- open three. 79837. We still get Christians rant on mother nature while -- her letter rock a letter but it's -- it's a lot of -- because I don't -- -- on on me like it's grip. -- went regretted and -- -- -- we come back and do what against the Mark Cuban as much as I agree with Bill Belichick I completely disagree. With mark -- assessments. On the future. Of the NFL -- but that we can back Christmas the -- -- for a sports rated movie.

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