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Andy Brickley, NESN: Discusses Bruins win streak

Mar 26, 2014|

Andy Brickley joins the show to discuss the Bruins win streak and how t he players react now that it is over. Also , he talks about the pros and the cons of the shootout in the NHL. He talks about the different ideas that are floating around regarding overtime in the NHL. Also, he shares his thoughts on the possibility of Dennis Seidenberg returning.

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Let's bring in any Brinkley message analysts are bros analyst for NASA and Andy you would get about what. So in order to. Hear that but who would you if you were saying. -- -- -- ruled out an hour ago teacher in the next. A brick quite a game the other night obviously the Bruins try to make it thirteen straight to accomplish that with the shoot out. But overall the gate at a Montreal does Montreal does that we've seen this before a lot of people just chalked up as a regular season game it's okay. The lack of discipline. We like to think that in the future right in the post season that would not happen what was your take of the game of the night. Well first Oscar I actually like political player like the way they responded when -- go back to the first I six letter that first period the -- check idea which could hit by the way. Are you able Dellucci each. You know I'd rather see a lot of that -- And shoulder to shoulder may contact our state not gonna win -- -- socially out for the for the effective hit checked but that it could really got to wait for boxes that point yeah there was some of discipline played by the Bruins so retaliatory nature. Tropical the hockey game but if there was ever gave on the schedule. That was the type to -- and I think it helps a little bit of -- subtle message. But still try to play the game play the game to win which I update it. -- -- -- -- -- the streak it was about continue to play it right away to their identity but academically Montreal. In game series I think part of that as well as you can see it Peta. You cannot -- in a long series because we want to we are you now -- it because the game get decided to shoot out. At even strength the brutal spot better. It is just a strategy though that you can see the other teams trying to employee going up against the Bruins in the playoffs. No doubt but I don't know what they have this they make up other team that is that the Montreal Canadians I figured their game plan. Iran is still out. Half joking -- post game with a couple of people saying you know Brian -- Blowing pretty stand up guy -- -- playing the way he's played as well as he has to -- captain of that Montreal he. I to have mr. Matlock urban built figure skating and is good people wait that the Canadian plate that went to strike who. -- is there any chance at this the loss from the Canadians -- does that but any way. Push -- into the Blackhawks are good do they lose twice because of that the top -- of editors they bring this in the Blackhawks and what could become a member dues to this team have. Look at the Bruins are very could it is compartmentalization. -- -- here all the time just one game at a time and show won -- they'll look and big picture given the position that they put themselves and that's favorable. It would -- -- division where they are in the conference what their goals are what they wanna look up between now and the end of the regular seat in the last game of the year futures. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As they normally would but there's a Chicago team that every player that was on the pro a year ago that was the dramatic action. In game six they wanna play this game as they much wanted to play against Montreal I'm curious. That were at that point easily guessed that resting guys -- -- and getting guys out there are key players. An out later you looked at Montreal. It would have been he picked out for some guys ordered to because the low road trip with three to return -- homes -- the fourth game in six states. You know but it was Montreal in the brutal all that basically they're they're eighteen. And I think that's the mentality that the players have right now again it's not so much about waiting -- the -- playing right away you get the win because you play the right way. That is the expectation of the -- but I think once we get beyond bar very nice to see a little bit war. Of that decision making by the coaching staff -- some guys bring. You know brick I think we've all she talked about the overtime rules and -- rules in the past and I think the NHL kind technologies it's -- -- the best way to determine it. Because they don't do in the postseason -- the daughter regular season because there's so many games. Is -- the long the long line change in that they're kind of -- doing changing and the ice is that enough forty wanna see another five minutes of overtime hockey. If you -- incorporate. You know playing. As you could talk for period in play the entire overturn -- or change that you can keep their side -- go to the it to the shootout because it. Decided to -- To really keep that window race in tight not only television. But for the players and expending energy because especially this time -- they're actually three point games. If you go a little if you go to Lou you know extend the -- -- ten minutes. But you could do it almost like a -- game where where you try to -- and -- -- and where it's 221 ratio of incorporating that won't change but I like the -- Patrick talked about within the first hour talk about the patriot football. And I think Chris Richard the concept of both to eliminate the kick off together awarding seven point for the touchdown Beagle for the -- would he get it's data go to six. Those critical of the conversation later this robot from Bill Belichick and I gotta tell you 2004000. Titles we had a lockout pregnant carrier that'll work believe -- called together -- thirty people all different walks of life. Ball GM coaches already have all the coaches referees. Produce -- television. Ill at that played the game -- -- All walks like player gold or effective. The we had to -- -- Toronto. There is pouring it might see when you look in the Bill Archer vote creek road to -- because the the the concept of -- brought out in the thinking outside the pocket and what's most important how to prioritize what to try to get to try to make little change that. I could actually. Thought -- Brinkley Bruins analyst for -- and Andy tell the truth here no way Dennis amber was back. You don't come back from an ACL injury like I'm sorry I don't do it. In five months. Well. I'm all that might myself. -- experienced that you like -- Phillips you know total reconstruction Opel needs. I know what type cable that I experience but that was several years ago and I probably wasn't as physically stronger at the start excellent -- GM saying that he's not ruling it out. You know its current decree. It a little bit into your thinking but I more -- the same lines that you were in but you gotta consider. He ever played in such a long stretch of time. And when you come back during the conference final final at the earliest so while certainly not -- -- -- -- it can be. It's not something I would have a game plan for. Wouldn't you assume that's a huge risk to a guy's future if he's going to go out there and even if he is technically field. There's simply no way that is gonna be enough strength and that need. To be legitimately helped to be 100% I mean -- Is that is got a very able and all this risking the future next season with this guy. It's it's it's. I'm not true what the motivation -- the conversation is. Against it to me it's just it's not a possibility like Mecca there. I memorized playing at the tail end of my career. Going in the old -- HL and winding down the fact and enjoying he would have liked playing -- and and -- -- really come back. Was would circulating air boxes and obviously people know that I played with and the friendly welcome you know what are -- what are you what are your opinion brick of -- agent market happened. You know what I seen this guy -- -- -- -- did come back and then forced to be retired. And it just I hate to see you know. It -- -- but it just didn't see it happening and that -- our all the outside Britain is not that happens it. I -- the Brussels the Blackhawks tomorrow night what's the one thing you're looking for. In this game. -- -- -- -- Basically. You know that that I I. Appraised values -- -- you all terrible local favorite Bruin especially postseason. Play the game the right way and NB CEO no shortcuts -- physical. Defense first attitude security. He would you structure. And -- play some commotion and I and I don't doubt that the emotional behavior but don't give our disciplined. Maybe -- settle -- -- locally -- go to oak trees and what do the right. And because right now approach really don't have anything seen of that bragging rights against black. You know brick earlier this week who we -- -- discussion and we and LB and here's well we continued the next day about the seventh it's -- player war. For the Bruins -- some similar names came up I'm just curious what would your your top three being who would you have as the winner of simpler what. Well I think -- -- number could truly serious you know when Mexico about the -- player award the essence of origin of the year award -- Well I think about seven player award winners the guys -- can come to mind immediately you know what you get outside the we will be seeing guys I think in like Jerry. -- that's thinking that way. I immediately think of the guy easily. I don't know Kevin Miller doesn't want to be local radar it's playing. More minutes than anybody really great element back in when that -- was trying to arrest -- in viewpoint circuitry or it just -- -- LC so. To me that such a name that jumps out if you want to -- support -- -- between fifty vibrancy. He's been in either quality back -- that your content owner of that I think that's where the consideration. But there were a number of Jack Riley Smith came out of nowhere to a lot of people go and I think -- management anecdote that he could be. You would be an excellent choice but there are -- number -- It was instinct is LB look the same guy off that you did that was co also report. Okay yeah I'm just that you can tell us what you see that coming is that a lot of people -- -- -- -- much. I think you're in their improved especially when they looked up to standard. In the process of helping create a third line that. You hear what the the Bruins and it'll it'll let -- when they had a mismatch William maxed out her -- against Atlanta certainly is there air. I'm not 100% convinced that it Twitter. Could be if you wanna make you know you wanna be still a country at that he's been real good look out at parties he's helped elevate that third line. But he would be no -- 341. You know what your life. Great stuff sandy enjoy the game tomorrow night at NASA travels in this road trip. Okay retarded what -- brick that's into Brinkley.

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