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Bruins lose the battle to the Habs, but may still be winning the war

Mar 25, 2014|

Despite a loss in a skills-competition shootout last night, the Bruins still played their game, and the end of the 12 game win streak didn't really feel like a loss. Dale and Michael discuss it with you.

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They're coming to the that soundtrack. The first period. I have a feeling if you're a hockey fan you probably had all of here. All of your thoughts and opinions verified that what you saw last night if you were a marginal hockey Canada is stopped by just to check it out. You probably left and I think -- you know what I what my check in another one of those games out that was online. Great. Great. Hockey game. On a hockey night. In Boston. Terrific. It wasn't and I hate to say it was playoff caliber game or playoff atmosphere but it was closed years it would be here. Playoff atmosphere. Which is why. It may be a little bit nervous are you asked me yesterday. -- both -- us. As me Fauria. You know what I've really only -- in a case if you know I don't of course Korea. If if you don't think the Boston Bruins are the best team in hockey. What's your reason for not thinking. You know what some of the weaknesses what are you concerned about. And OK one of things are concerned about his young defenseman that in on the play at all last night -- -- all over the place and everybody did. But the -- is is this there's this wonders an opponent. You're better than that opponent clearly. But somehow. A just know how to play you they know how to push your buttons and not a ditch you in these types of games he's low scoring games. That. That worked to their advantage even though they're not as talented as you are. As Montreal. Montreal now what is it 66 of the last seven. Have knocked off the -- -- having said all that I thought that the Montreal Canadians got dominated last night Danny did now aren't. Five on five they were outshot twenty to six. Day out they scored their only goal of the of the the regulation game the 65 minutes. -- -- -- power play blue line slap shot that went off Chris Kelly and slipped past two grass. They they won the skills competition at the end Alex dealt Chechnya scored the only goal of the -- and good for them. A bad news for the Canadians there is no shootout in the playoffs good news for the pro and there is -- -- playoffs as they're terrible. I didn't see much last night that made me think oh my god they're not going to be able beat that team. In fact just the opposite I don't think the Canadians could withstand that in a seven game series they could they -- an open. I think that's a frustrating part about it you look at Montreal -- what you just said -- and we will watch the game last night it's. You know the Bruins were all over just felt like it was a matter of time and then finally. Get down to write a five and a half minute mark and they are able. Opted to break through. With a shot that wasn't great either army -- -- Doug Hamilton got -- out there yep I had Bergeron tipped well I would say for both of them for both. For both goals. In regulation. -- the goaltender has to look at himself and -- man how to pilot that we. Don't yet they they are they dominate this team put. That does have a way of hanging around obviously this game last night close game great game. Game of Montreal and finally break the streak was a five game winning streak -- had that wasn't girls was a portal one. That was a great game from the Bruins. For the most part they get into these games with the Montreal and you and you leave the game scratching your head saint. How that happened I thought last night and I know Mike Mallory said this in the post game show last night last night was the classic trap game for the Bruins. And it's it's an old cliche in hockey in other sports as well but it's it's a cliche because it's true the first home game after the long successful road trip syndrome. They played Saturday night in Phoenix scored three in the third came from behind 142. Traveled all day Sunday three time zones away played last night against their rivals that we're sitting here in Boston Sunday waiting for them and they actually traveled -- Saturday night. It it was the classic trap game and so I had I was disappointed in how the Bruins played at all. To go law can go all nervous -- onto org I got nervous early on okay. Nervous in the service all that stuff. So we're seeing Carey Price who wasn't -- and play last night. I didn't play the last game in Montreal and -- and low credit he played a hunch last night with booed I and it paid off for what more -- -- -- look at his numbers against busted out I -- I was surprised he played him last night I really wise I'll I'll opportunist like. These two teams in the first round of the playoffs you think you're gonna see Peter I Terry Price units in Peter don't think Kerry price. Three times. Already in the post season three times vs the bruins'. First time great. The shut out gained seven. OK they win the series. Second time. -- -- They get shut down. Third time. It loses seven games that it went to one. They get swept. In the middle one and a third with a classic first round classic on the bruins' cup here. What do you think about Carey Price with the Montreal Canadians. I think he's great goaltender and I think I think he's an elite goaltender. And again I just think I I don't think the Canadians can withstand what they'd what they. Took what they weathered last night they can't withstand a seven game series they're not built for. They're just not. The Bruins are bigger stronger tougher. They Wear you down they weary out. And and you see -- individual games their third period goal differential is off the charts best in the National Hockey League by far because they just Wear teams to. Enough and they grind him to dust. That the Canadians would have a real hard time with standing the physical force of the Bruins and a seven game series in my opinion. Texture says that neither team could score with while someone you would expect to score was to certain occupations so when you. It never the other team can score with that type of person last night expected more from the please visit text. And that's fine I understand but but. You -- twelve in a row. Be that that first home game back after that whole thing yet. And and you get beaten in a skills competition. And and you expected more I guess -- -- like I army knew a target on top what I did -- -- -- only because Melissa thanks. Don't want the Montreal Canadians the snap your street this cannot. The streak is not the be all end all but. There's still a nice little thing they had a nice little side -- they had gone mental side peace. And Montreal came in of all teams. Hey you know bowl this historically. Capable franchises that -- is history. The case to bond it's not just history. Gallagher. You know a lot of guys on that team. That. Richard are fired up about it a lot of fans. Of the Canadian that you don't wanna hear from you know part of but -- -- -- mystery that's the disappointing part. And I'm sure it doesn't sit well with the Bruins either alive for them. Balls above was there at night that for them I mean I'm I'm very happy for the nice folks from Montreal because I don't think their hockey teams over foreign plants. Yes I think the Bruins are gonna go further in the Montreal Canadians do I think the Bruins are clearly a better team in the Canadians are. And I look at that game last night third period and overtime again I talked about grinding teams down third period and overtime the Bruins dominated. I mean good for Peter -- played his rear end off. And again five on five the Bruins outshot the Canadians 22 to six. Six shots on goal for the Canadians five on five in the entire sixty minutes. They just don't scare me. -- -- are all replace one one guy wants here recently on the -- accurate and on their ego that suffered as a complement to your dale. Now what is that a man or woman. I can only hope that I. A yeah if you give it -- if you got audio vault today and I thought Auburn. You are experts who are on dale appreciate that I appreciate I'm glad that I knew that reaction. We're here the -- the bill Arnold. The ultimate compliment. I'll say this I thought last night was just asked if you're a man. I mean it was a lot of awesome yeah it was an off you know they had five and it was we cottage -- at all -- just there watching the game. And I said to brave fight I said you know that that video of Kevin -- -- gonna make its way around the league pretty quickly. And after -- I don't want to leave him be there. -- -- And and -- injured two guys in the same play. The at least with what they say it was a cross checked it was really just kind of an awkward fall into the boards but that's fine. You know Travis -- to his credit felt that he had a challenge. Kevin -- good for him knocked him silly. They headed to practically drag him up it's almost like they're put a wheel on his helmet pick him up by his skates and wheeled off the ice. This warmer than the real question details -- feel better from stomach -- and I asked if stitches on better that it is on better last night and she was to express and I'll of this went. No debris is lost how can you say they dominated. Because I've watched hockey game or two in my life that's. That's one text and other techsters -- -- turn the lights out meant to be wouldn't let me have -- Don't know if I don't know the difference. A gadget that it will be able to tell you what the lights -- all up and all I all right I'll be able to tell that it is different so. Yeah. They did dominate laughing but that's -- -- You look at all the -- all the power play opportunities that they had. And that was your frustration for me course -- you know especially the four in the third period now they finally scored on one to tie the game. But the four in the third period you really want them to do more with it. And brick says this all the time it's not it's not scoring power play goals it's -- you score them. That that situation in the game you know that the dagger to the put the game away or a goal that get to back into a game. And and they just had too many issues going on with the power plant last night. -- -- can you tell at times when you're listening to the post game interviews. And the post game questions. For those who were writing about the game can't you tell what the story's going to be the next day based on the questions that they keep coming back to -- With the players and workload. Last night you could tell what the questions. That a few more than a few people going to be writing about keeping your composure and discipline that's fine it's trying to write about it. And and talk about the La Lucci and talk about Johnny boy chuck. I really did not think that was a factor in the game at all -- happy you thought it could be when there's a five on three. You thought okay this has got to be a problem for the Bruins they won't be able to kill this off but. That's the thing in terms of goals Michael but it but it disappointing to see the lack of discipline. You going to that Canadians game any Canadians game knowing full well that that's I think that they'll do. I mean they baked cant skate they can't play with the Bruins -- And I apple my quotation fingers opponents said they're not big enough they're not strong enough so they have to do a lot of that stuff and you know PK -- His brother -- probably listening to a Stan province right now want to put his hands around my throat and strangle me but I'm sorry PK -- -- plays that whiny little bitch kinda game. He just does I mean you get used to it you know it's common Alexi Amylin. He got hurt two years ago he tried to Heatley teach. Man up big check you know read about the boards and he blew out his knee and right. And it's like he's had this in the back of his mind ever sense the game up in Montreal it kind of went after each other. Now when I saw the young and hip on Lou -- last night live complicit in the arena I thought it was good and have a problem with -- when I saw live. I know Lucic had a problem with that Chara had a problem with a -- when I went back and looked at it later when I got home. And I posted a photo on on Twitter today I am I can see -- Lucic was -- it I thought it was hip to hip. It was really more shoulder to knee and that's what got Lucci each man what are you can't go on -- pit guys' knees and expect the mockery tally. -- let me ask you this. Do you believe it was just -- flat out missed from the officials and war or continue or is that -- I thought no I don't eat -- a guy's knees and had to be legal and that's garlic that I thought it was a it was a good hip -- when I saw it live I thought the same thing. And then when I saw the replay when I got home. And the picture that I that I put on Twitter. It it looks and again I see why Lucic was mad icy white Chara responded immediately he -- -- hesitate he went right after Yemen. And then you had in a boy checked in and -- Bonn where against someone's gonna say the same thing I'm saying he's gonna say boy chuck went to -- Now I thought boy chuck was more of a hip checked then in the ambulance wise but again no penalty called. Boy touched down on one. Hunch I had it ran away and then and it jumps up then I don't. Bay order for the appearance what went on the -- and then and then yet but he always skip but in the true. It is that in and no matter what the sport and always happens. You get the -- you get the reaction. The officials. Very often get the reaction more than they get the entire pictures so that's what happened there -- see Siobhan it's all boy chuck going after -- -- what. I checked it was absolutely apparently he lost his composure right and and those are the things. You know the Marchand high stick. Was that bad penalty it's just you know you can't be taken nose and the penalties themselves didn't cost the Bruins last night. But the lack of discipline is something where when you played this team and a seven game series he can't afford it you just can't. And they -- -- a. I don't think -- will Liam and this -- It is. This is not a consistent thing with the Bruins and they play Montreal. It doesn't take a few -- frustration on both side there's an -- today you know clearly don't like each other and I like that. And -- This is a rivalry game and it always feels like a rivalry game there's no. -- touchy feel the pats on the back hey you know were all buddies autism if it feels like genuine hatred -- The Stanley Cup final last year. Those two teams that hate each other ball. They respected each other. I mean Bruins were heartbroken -- the black box where -- the entire series they were in the Blackhawks were ecstatic but there was no hatred. And it was hot and giving -- to know with the army guys there was too much respect there. I don't sense a whole lot of respect between -- in the Canadian completely different styles two battle like each other the other is there's a little little fashion hatred which of Europe -- All good. -- it makes the experience even better when you watch in the. Whether it's fair legal or whatever you wanna call it and I mean if you wasn't scared -- would you want you know he'd stand up and hit me in oracle after my knees so. You know it just shows so. -- -- he is that he needs to go down like that to take me down so -- kind of player he is and and -- mind you know you gotta keep your guard. But -- -- okay now does that that was their -- ideologies -- picked. That's one way of looking and here's another live look man. I thought about there was a big difference between. That the height of Lucci tonight and the head of I -- not really. There went six to -- to 64. But instead of saying he's scared of them may. Is he maybe he's intelligent he would saddened at all -- -- bring this guy down. Is to go -- I'm not gonna you think -- well I won't change belt that doesn't mean go on it a Chinese. Lucci chip belt that there's there's one thing about going low. You go after a guy sneezing you know this in any sport you after ties -- footballer you go after a guy's -- you gold there you're talking about guys' livelihood now. I know that photo that you haven't told me about it this morning focus of the photo tells one story but just watching it. -- and how many times 567 times. You've seen it I didn't have a problem with what I did I in the arena and I don't and I don't think it was a dirty hit. Mean you look at that the efficient the officials are looking at it. No one. No -- no one thought that that was a a blatant attempt. Also don't want to hear what attracted about two guys 'cause -- obviously he went right after. I mean Lucci wasn't even up yet he was -- off the ice yet when Lucci to plug Chara went after Yemen is sort of punch him in the back and -- And he was trailing the play so he had a better view that then I did it I was -- in one and the arena he obviously immediately went right after. It was set up and went after because it would place for. There's a lot of guys who played for that team that he didn't laughter. Now Gallagher was going after him that was my front of the net there I thought -- coliseum look at like are you doing down there. Now we're talking about this a little bit earlier to dale what to think about that Gallagher penalty. Now -- earlier city that was a joke of the terrible problem that was the all right one of the four in the third period I thought was marginal. I mean the other three were clear penalties you eat you couldn't not called on I got to Gallagher apparently they collect. I really did I mean. Try to be honest about it I didn't think it was that -- Was that a eat it attempted to have a trip of a bit of -- -- maybe it was just. Incidental contact. You know the novel I think Pierre -- -- in the broadcasting out of -- surprising get a penalty shot. But -- that was it but that is. His instant react ice level to decrypt the worst but it wasn't he wasn't flat on -- embezzling dimensional because he was to when he was the analysts last night. All right I I didn't even -- that in watch the game on TV. I thought that you know there were some missed calls both sides both ways. I didn't take the Bruins got jobs that in to the Canadians got the job I thought of the third period penalties the Canadians got that was one that -- I could've -- that go. What does this mean what does this loss mean just that just the regular law ought to know Arnold Monday night often. I mean generally you -- -- basically already wrapped up one of the top two playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Com. I think in the chances to be playing the Canadians in the first round of fairly slim anyway. I don't think it means much. Take one thing I did learn last night -- that. Com Hispanic isn't doing anything for the Canadians. He has scored goals in one game since the trading deadline -- three goals in the game over the weekend has done nothing. And he was invisible again last well our other Vatican battery lasts -- -- -- good call by -- -- -- came in Osaka you know -- one point. -- corporate and elegant dreaded I had called -- Michael Dennehy is playing. I mean no impact at all but you could say that about a few guys who just one of those games. That. -- is also appear was between inventions wasn't I thought I saw the spotlight when oh win when the teams come out on the ice for -- but the the opening. Based soft and peered at that interview right off the bat I thought I saw the spotlight between the benches on and there's thirty arena was dark. But evidently was between he and he does it sounds like he's the one color from there. Between the -- Well. Pars and he has. They they had Gord Miller I know did the game last night he. He's from TSN and I feel that and that's a nice feeling I'm left and and they just had peered through the game from between the -- they did this. -- the game in New York with the Rangers. That brick did brick did collar between the benches that. For up for NBC sports -- guys say about it. Whatever exit out of being at that you know compared to his usual. Ninth floor he says he said UC much more up there up -- I mean for me because I've never sat on a bench unit and a National Hockey League game. It would be an incredible experience for me because I get to see something I never got to see. Guys like brick -- -- -- or Pierre who's coached you know thousand games in his -- to mean anything to them. So they'll think that it's a better view opt opt out. Now they keep -- lots of juicy words and stuff but of them. Now from park all listen all that trash talking going on. I'll give you an opportunity to weigh in NC you think of last night's game 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line. 37937. Hop on board that if I think there are some Canadians fans out there I was here hearing from the on Twitter last night you can dive right in and and tell me a couple of -- like. I know Milan Lucic thought it was a cheap shot. Montreal Canadians fans thought it was a good hip Jack. -- -- which you think when we come back just moments Sports Radio WE yeah. Whether it's fair legal or whatever you wanna call me. It wasn't scared you would you want you know you spend up to him in Ottawa for many years ago. You know officials hope. Bigger ticket here that -- that would only about a week ago so we'll kind of player he is. And don't mind you. You know you gotta keep your -- -- for -- us. Now in fairness of the Montreal Canadians. According to -- Amylin yet. Mile -- teach. Smeared him in mean. Right Malario genitals. According to -- one out when members. Exactly when members of his team were asked about it after the game to a man they wouldn't comment they said they didn't see it. I see the video. -- all watched it last night ten times when I got home. Unless -- ambulance -- and Larry is back there yeah. Eating its beard in the groin Larry -- at spear right in the gas. Sure -- back there I don't know that -- -- I -- point out about all prepare but I just say in -- I mean. Mile Lou teach jabbed him in the -- with this stack. Would that make you better either man I don't know my point is simply it. It was it wasn't a spear was the one -- he jabbed him with a stake in the but -- a whole lot of -- back there. And and Amylin went down like he'd been shot. Because his team added -- they came -- just gotten tied Mickey kind of wanted to power play opportunity in the third period I wonder. If if if blue jeans and take close. Look what will look at that today and have the same opinion. Uncle probably looked at last night. On his iPad. After after -- press responsibility. They get these huge -- setup -- Ares I DNC everything just look at it again I wonder if it was just the emotion of the game for him. Lucci Torre felt like it was a low hit but it was the good it was a it was a good check. I maybe I didn't I thought at times but I got after him because he doesn't like the guy and the guy doesn't like him. You don't really want to give them credit for for doing something. I'm pretty good on the ice. -- it look like to me. I understand. I just when I saw it live I -- same thing you -- when I've watched it on replay last night. I didn't think it look quite as good let's get the call 6177797937. Jet is in Greenfield hey Jeff. -- -- -- -- -- Does not technically we're about Boston outplayed -- and -- game sort of thing. -- I've attacks are here who set I obviously don't know hockey if I think that the Bruins outplayed the Canadian because they lost. Yeah so it looks you can't outplay the other. The hockey puck so well I'm -- it is the losing and that absolute pathetic excuse of a shootout is it is ridiculous and emotional damage but the point is that a lot of people that got. The gain -- and would have been completely different keep in mind of them oppose our Martin Matt -- -- -- -- I'm in the third period Bergeron -- -- -- cleanly here in the this rank right up the post so and and adaptable are -- NATO and I believe in the second period so. They're a couple of obsolete. Herb -- you -- -- am I I don't. By that excuses as Jerry chambers used to say to me you know what it means that they -- opposed Jeff they missed the bleep the net. I mean that's when they miss the -- I remains. So that that's that's Pittsburgh Penguins logic to last year in the playoffs but all the post the -- all the opportunities and well at a great. But okay at the post good for you just hit the net nice Jozy Dennis HL. I'll have a question not development declared after every game is I can call that they -- that come out he was in -- broken stick. And then some -- Montreal and Lewis stepped out on the right term what. You know Ryan and I was a long ways from the Montreal bench but I thought that's what I saw -- and then I've read that since then that that that's what happened I. I knew I was watching on TV so I don't know what they showed on TV or did I thought that that's what. Happen that's right and with the comment was. A Montreal got away with one that also somebody literally just throw a stick at at a Bruins player on the got away with now. As Janet and I couldn't tell from where I was -- that's what what happened but I -- in New Hampshire -- Spencer. I don't you don't rate very. I'm doing very well again last night. And just got a degree -- elbow I'd. Thought in its Labatt well. I can remember oh wow. I like I -- what when it Spencer I keep trying to say meanwhile -- cheats thinks it was a bad. You. Start burst into -- -- -- yes and then when I watched that now I I see what -- Lucci just talking about. -- Think that would and I mean I remember a year ago there was an incident between two guys in camp the only all in the and other it was pretty hot tempered between those two development well at and that happened unfortunately cameos. But -- -- up that high speed. For the rule it out there and that they outplayed at last night. -- completely absurd to have whenever there was technician they disrupted the Bruins play their mindset. And won the game. So your team played really well -- -- While. Getting -- All I set the Bruins are completely out. Laid the Canadians last night and lost in a shoot out and I stick by that. I'm glad I got you on -- -- clearly. Look at I'd be any more clear than that for you Spencer. They completely they completely outplayed the Canadians. But still lost the game in the shootout. They outshot Montreal five on 522. To six. In a sixty minute game the Canadians managed six shots on all five on five. 61. On one and two on one hand to win that game they did not play it was a great game back to port. -- -- -- -- We came off of rivalry gave my against the maple weeks. We always outlook and force that's a blight. We came off a rivalry game with the Maple Leafs. -- -- -- Okay embrace it it -- Are we got that we got that taken care of its okay just say it it's iron. We came -- rivalry game with a Maple Leafs Michael c'mon now. With all due respect to Spencer. -- if you'll if you watched more than two hockey games in your life. I think you kind of know which team. Had the upper hand almost the entire night last night. And and for the Texas who heard her talking about while he didn't throw it and throw stick on the ice. Looked like he sat there like a guy was in the back of the classroom don't spit balls. An affront to the teacher. But Gary are you hate to smash his stick he smashed his stick on the bench. And the in the shards wound up on the ice where that that this this this picks. And a one up on the ice. From a Montreal bench. There was a broken stick on the ice from the Montreal bench no matter how it got there -- -- Yet doesn't matter if you throw it -- you snapped it over the boards it's still illegal to do can't do that. That's what happened and I and and I'm I'm guessing based on what you said debate based on the telecast that's what -- when they said the Canadians got away with right. Because it's illegal to do that. Now again I couldn't tell what happened but but from what you're describing and and what I'm reading here that seemed to be the case -- Connecticut -- jump. -- -- Don't make it look like the under yeah about the stick but. -- guerrilla type chocolate here I can't believe. In this day and age with you know with voluntary coverage that goes on dirty game. That these are recent -- a call because people I mean do you go from that and I stick. You know -- Everywhere but you know open and the -- I stick. From the get -- -- the extent behind that behind the net. Marcia -- being held down there on the night by a two parent. And the record as stereo and a look at it. -- -- Jillian officiating didn't cost the broom ball's gonna says pilots -- let's not let's not play that game they they missed a couple of calls both ways. The Bruins I thought caught a break on the Gallagher call on it and power play opportunity I thought that they missed a caller to that could have helped the Canadians that that the officiating was fine that was an that was not the reason you lost the game last night. Oh look I don't they tried to right sure that they lost the game because it this year. Saying you know that's actually a game after game is you know be blatant call and they are difficult -- all of that that they. No essentially we are having been there and between now and guys -- that would put into the -- -- and you know it's just you know -- repertoire accurately if they are are correct some -- true. -- a truly truly be you know there's such. I would think -- -- -- I would service and an end DL you don't if you agree just watching. If you if you compare all of the sports. All the pro professionals with a major pro sports. In in America. MBA NFL. MLB NH. I think the sport with with the smallest. Officials problem is the National Hockey League. I I am amazed when I look at replays and and how often they get it right. When I know they got it wrong now look at three planning -- you know it. -- and you compared to the other sports I'm not I'm gonna talk about. The wreckage. That the czar left. When he left office in February -- -- David Stern. Though our -- David Stern though. That would be the worst. In all sports. NBA -- I agree by far. Did have that sort of criminal case there are an official that that is four out of four of four -- that is four out of four right there. Then I would probably put NFL third great product. But he can't have part time officials. Where this billion dollar industry you gonna you gonna run into some problems you're asking for trouble. That way second baseball by default I guess. I think the officiating in the -- -- orderly and why enlarges from port of flip it around he can make not that big baseball third and -- you can make football second and I think hockey is the best. That was I think the officiating in the NHL as ray detector says hey dale. Our wins determined by a number of shots on goal oops no its goals scored you've watched more than two games in your life you'd know that. I've watched more than two games a mile an hour and a half and I got lives and honor and -- I know which team. -- clearly better than the other last -- I'm not -- -- to games on my era for quite some airlines about a four. Lot of work in on -- -- I'm trying to watch Thursday's game allegedly ever live off Thursday -- disappointment. You're open you know what I did you see you secretly glad the pressure's -- -- wanted to press that they can't be blaming you're welcome to pressure -- and on. 6177797937. With telephone number. 37937. As the AT&T text -- here on Sports Radio. That's at times absolutely you know -- the demarche and only it was frustration because he got tripped on the face off before it wasn't called it. That those things that are gonna happen and he means you can't there retaliate by taking -- bad -- Pork -- and he was the battle on either so. You know -- discipline but didn't score you know sort of however we lost. I think we have to get it better discipline against. The one penalty in particular that I know quote if you ask him. Would have no problem is -- killing off is that -- penalty. Where he immediately went after you Amylin. In defensive Milan Lucic not publicity -- -- much help but that's one of those on like you took a shot of my guys and fool you -- writing and and even at the time that it happened I set the record the time that's one that -- -- kill and they did filibuster was even better. But there were some of those penalties last night the Bruins took that it just you can't do it. You you did it last night it got away with -- last night they didn't score on numb. The the power play that they scored on was the one where Miller topic cross check in -- got in the fight so he got seven minutes in penalties. They didn't score on the two man advantage but you just can't play that way against the Canadians because they're gonna keep doing all night long. With art collector got a case -- -- for start up a cigar. Does he play like this. Against everybody Alia or he just -- Nelson I'll Bruins know he plays like this against -- and by the way I didn't have to I think he's a -- that's the thing that frustrates -- I think he's such a talent. And and it it it's frustrating I think for many people because you watch him playing -- think. Why do you do that crap yet you're so good you're so talented he was so talented and good enough that he was on the roster for the Canadian Canadian Olympic team. I like that. You know it's funny when he first came -- league. I think I mentioned to you before -- it has got a great enjoyment is that one of the people told him that hey you know. I mean I don't like which -- out there don't like your style Mike Richards a hook up. A record celibate gay a you know what I've got to come back to haunt you. Well a dirty players in the league himself forward or or a guy who just likes to the stir the -- -- says you are what your score says you are one team did not -- another when they end up on the short end of the goal count well sorry but I disagree. I've I've seen -- up hockey games in my liked by the way I've seen teams play poorly and win games. I've seen it happen before Canadians didn't like Portland last night by the way and I I understand scoreboard is all the matters -- team play poorly and win. I've seen teams play great and lose at but Peter -- I was two traffic last night. That is the difference in the game. And like I said I I -- -- sheltering kind of played a bit of a hunch and he played the right one and booed I've played his rare and often was needed to agree -- Jerry's on the cellphone page -- And I'd argue -- They'll aggregate out of cryptic ending game last night I am disappointed in the outcome might look like he. The -- play all that -- but you know sometimes. You know -- -- that they say and you know shot Lex saw blade of somebody step in that the -- trajectory -- -- -- little game you know. Unfortunately the Bruins are terrible issued. But good news says no shoot outs in the playoffs. Yeah. And I appreciate your intelligence. Like I know. A -- property here you're an extremely Smart guy and we are lower. -- blood in the notorious for game I agree would you. But they're accused steps that were put -- they're able to think about because I think. There's one disturbing and I -- -- out something that since there are two out there. Penalties called against the game and penalties called in the UK organic level. You can look at -- -- -- then slide your regulators and market in the the Bruins and they're at the statistical. Bottom only ask for penalties called in their favor now. While the more accurate thing is they -- at the bottom of the list in power play tries for. Power play opportunities and and that being at the panel are that they're not but that's the problem now see and that I'm Jerry -- Now -- gonna explain to me here and it's the misconception because of the way they play they take a lot of penalties they don't. That they don't give up a lot of power play tries against and I don't think there's a tendency among officials in the National Hockey League is good as they are. Funny even up the power play tries at the end of the night in the Bruins don't about a lot of power play tries against. A candidate I don't get a lot either put a number. I think the Bruins were what one for six. And -- -- -- going to the bottom that brought out at -- the Canadians were one for war. And I don't understand the question well. Politically he thinks there's a bias against super -- There's a buys -- like Harry -- now when you say no official. Harry -- will go to is great event he snapped by the way -- and Springfield they might. Guys are going on. -- didn't hear you got it back together again along as -- -- -- the other thank our. Couple and I want such -- personal alerts that don't think the Bruins outplayed Montreal. Look at the first eight minutes on the back and -- -- if you look at. To end of the ice it's still -- that she's on the Zamboni. That Montreal and absolutely no I'm and the second third period and early. I mean those who don't think -- day they outplayed -- just just look at that. Well and and again. It almost seems so self evident Mike -- buy it if they don't understand the point and I'm not going to be able to convince them anyway. Now I -- I understand that but. Another point is it not don't get -- -- I love listening to for -- night in night out but it does anybody actually pattern here Maguire doing doing the color. -- At last night. Yeah actually at some point sounded. Say like Jack because. Win I think it was gimmicks that have -- broken stick side and he tried to play it he was screaming. Like you chuck Edwards. About the broken. And and that the out there period broken stick. Was ready getting. Upset about something he slammed his stick and I got -- -- -- without it but that's what happened east -- the -- -- on the edge of the board snapped and went on right now. That's what ended up happening without. Like I I like Pierre McGuire a lot I think Indy Brinkley's one of the truly gifted collar men and in all of hockey I like Pierre. The the reputation he has is he likes the Bruins too much but Bruins fans don't mind that. Why Mike discredited satellite Jack -- what I don't think Jack. I think Jack likes the likes the -- little bit -- right tiny little -- teams about the late last -- one of six. A power play. Both -- one results. Yeah I am I I didn't -- sit there and I'm not keep the stats are anything but I knew the Bruins were one for four in the third. I knew they had four power play try and -- foreign role in the third. So so both diagnosed six power play opportunities. Only able to cash in once. I do think that there's something to be said you know that the word is that the Bruins don't dive and I don't think they do that they play the game honestly and I and I believe that I truly do. They don't flop around the way you CP case of -- and other guys do. But I think a lot of this -- do with the fact the Bruins don't give up a lot of power play tries they don't take stupid penalties they're very disciplined last night notwithstanding. And at the end of the night when officials have a way of kind of evening these things up it helps explain why their power play tries for our lower. Because generally speaking you'll find those numbers are pretty close to each other most -- Other one guy on the team and you can say you through the Bruins own -- liberalism do these things Marsha sharp -- and Florida is a lightning rock but he's one guy. I mean on -- in terms as dollar plate now the team team wide your counselor needle and and and it was a no have a guy who. They got one guy who has that reputation yes I don't think he dives by the way as much easy is alleged to dive but he had they do have a guy who who has that reputation. And note that was. Okay I thought it was a cool sound effect and I just wasn't getting the effective at. Like I got a cool sound of Victoria articles on -- I got some -- sounds very you know this hour in 99%. Of all Americans dale you. Need to rethink possible. The world. 6177797. ID 37 -- telephone number dale and Michael Sports Radio WE yeah.

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