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Four at Four - NFL Rule Change Edition - 03/24/14

Mar 24, 2014|

We tackle four topics all revolving around the 14 proposed NFL rule changes for 2014.

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It is time for four at four. You're always -- it figuring out. Mean these things. The best of luck with this what I have no but I'm. You don't know. Recommends -- Tory government. It's salary cap -- Olympic feel to it. You know obviously this isn't any -- conflict imagined this music. Video clips. Mike Vrabel -- -- so well on the in this. -- and yours there's a glass partition bulletproof idea and it's the point I've gone through that partisan -- your practices aren't as a hockey game going to be. I. What department. Rose in one of them who. OK that's what this I think that's what distance now. And god knows I'm not John FitzGerald zone so this summit with the NFL what is. Of the NFL owners are meeting in Orlando to discuss possible rule changes the patriots and Redskins are leading the need. Music for -- And avoid that god has got a break ground. It penalty flags and but it it up on what you mean by -- -- Let's -- actively anyway of the selections in this month just called protect and shield so. Roger -- beam music watched them all and that is better viewers some very suddenly -- programs that yours ago. Of the owners are meeting and they're discussing rule changes the patriots and Redskins. Well combined rules that they propose to the NFL. Question number 11 change so be considering is making personal foul penalties in the fall please and any refereeing decision review oval. As well as re organizing to replace some of the rules do you like. Them changing these. Rules tell us what's not to like what's not to like where should I let everything I've heard people tell me that something happens on the field. And it's clearly wrong with the and the official comes back and says. You know I'd rather play the play. Is the place -- Tonight the -- fit right yeah you're right. But we -- do anything about it because. You're not allowed to challenge that war. We can't do that to look forward at one year where where Jim Schwartz. Through its flag yeah -- throw its flag what's supposed to throw its flag -- get a game of the Texans on Thanksgiving. And they awarded a touchdown to the Texans that everybody -- made clear is it was not it should not have been attacked out he was down to detect the ground. And it fills it up a touchdown because -- -- he threw that flag so that this suspect you have about everything. What's what's it makes it why do they not think of this like why. -- all this money they're spending on rules and the rules committee of the coaches that are on the committee. Why did it why why can they not have any foresight to say this is polygamy issue we should probably have some sort of people power. From the -- for whatever area the re watching all they gave so you know what. Exception to the rule look at it not a touchdown that the worst thing that was how all these rules in place that have other opportunities where they still get it right but they get it wrong. I just it boggles my mind hobbies work -- -- takes three years have benefited -- out. Everything seemed so common sense to me. You know -- a Thursday game after a Monday game you know instead of having 43 active players you you'd be able to have 46. Okay why is that -- of economics -- perfect Segway. Yes we -- Michael next rule change proposal deals and everyone's favorite games. The pre season. One -- though be exam is taking out overtime and pre season games do you support this change. -- -- -- -- -- Weren't you shocked to hear that there or play in overtime and pre season games. Come on now I ask them to say about this. Then you'd please Daniel RY in all of I'll -- Happy -- dive into pre season game. It is it's it's mind boggling how they -- -- any player or any band wants to watch in overtime game. Now maybe in the third street now not ever there's no no reason to watch it or preceding game. You got guys that 90% 80% probably be on the team. Nobody's in the stands and there's nobody has the best for vested interest in the game. So it is not like fatigue you gonna get more commercials in this segment sold. I don't know like ages one hell there you wanna get there's so bad it's the last receive the game to get your butt home. -- the final cuts coming I don't know what's going on. Ago you would you would take a basket and missed the extra point to avoid overtime which you know listen to us. Factory. The third -- league is considering changing is to remove the one yard interference zone and enforce interference anywhere beyond the line of scrimmage. As well as simplifying penalty argent enforcement uncertain plays including change of possession. Do you like these possible changes. That's confusing I agree with you say it again that there's a minute to modify pass interference so we can call within one yard line of scrimmage. So the five yard chuck will be done. I mean look let's just make sure that nobody can -- play defense out a defensive back in the National Football League OK so let's make it. Completely impossible to stop the passing game in the NFL. I opened they would see how it's over they would change it back to where you can really get physical with the receivers. I want them to be able to engage receivers and write it down I didn't think that when you were receiver -- -- it but at the end I mean if it's if it's somebody pull you down okay there's your had a crowd of it there is some. He got to be creative and with that looked -- with -- it's getting all the breaks really. I would like to see there be some defense of changes. -- do you think. In the NFL at times the weakness is. Maybe over thinking things yes but for for example. The -- I think about when you were a kid watching football. What you thought what your view was the catch you knew it you know that we -- not to think about it now the way it's describe. What you're kid and receiver caught the ball. I know do little toe tap on the sideline. Areas now it is. It is start with the Calvin Johnson -- were actually score a touchdown. And he came and put the ball down. And he celebrates and well known that cats because you have not complete the catch the catch is this this that. You know I think. From watching football. In you from playing the guitar playing football when -- eight years old. Is -- to OK your play this you know in front watching him playing football when it -- I'd think they'd go to school are sometimes you. Intellectual -- the basic things and to ignore. Beyond it -- -- security. -- I'm only surprised that the NFL hasn't gone the college rule yet and one point one foot in bounds is okay reminds me they've done everything they can do to make it impossible to play. Asked defense in the national football that's the next step. I want -- that -- not bar editor rules. -- like -- college football. Michael Dexter says Horry would lately guitar the neighboring Crable and the -- -- Are these beverages shall I don't know I'm not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't like bullies be right now so I don't -- -- deal that -- -- -- gap that may just -- ahead of its unaudited it wasn't certain important elements a season. The Redskins also proposed the raising of the number of active players on game day from 46 to 49 when teams play on Thursday. Or Saturday excluding week one of the season do you like this idea. I don't know why they don't just increase it theory. To increase coming yes -- did it makes all the sense in the world are short work week -- more players available to you to use in the game. Just increased. -- I saw this of -- this dilatory okay can you guys think of account. I lied why it doesn't exist what what advantage. Is -- team do teams that if everybody is playing by the same rules. What is the drawback of having it be 49 -- support what. The outrage look at your entire team out there with the money they don't wanna have to pay them that's all they don't it's about owners don't wanna have to pay guys again -- This as -- as Thursday night games ago. I mean this is polity away so the guys were banged up her legs of its -- but really. You're not really practicing that much anyways to play Sunday your resting on Monday you install on Tuesday you'll leave once they've been waiting. If you're -- -- you're at home we still not gonna be you might you know walk through but the game plan is going to be just trimmed down to nothing. And as a player. I loved those Thursday's games you know -- I had a long weekend I added norm I've Friday while might work out and on Saturday Sunday under hanging out like. Thursday night games are great you can physically get the wrong. The awesome but -- up more players. It's gonna take any help the players who are playing. It's gonna. Who would help the coaches will do what will make find out you know we thought this guy was going to be able to gulf -- but lucky can't. The short work week we weren't able to get him ready like we thought we were gonna do defensive line rotation apartment you know the patriots are aware of rotating and offensive -- but that 49 to 48 guy. We'll probably be alignment. Okay a couple of right times and it's not sure it's sounds good theory. But they get at saint that -- know is full body of the street the same time. -- -- That was it that was -- it shows just how well we count of Michael point -- it more of a dollar for help. Out. OK I would have something to do with Vrabel slight -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this is right -- -- it's like -- I can grab the -- I don't know. How this became my mantle. Of OK -- a -- to. You can see how long -- last night by source map map and a 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T tax line. 37937. Dale Arnold Michael -- Christian Fauria Sports Radio W yeah.

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