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WEEI.com's Rob Bradford reacts to David Ortiz getting an extension

Mar 24, 2014|

Bradford joins Dino, Gerry and Kirk from Fort Myers with the latest on spring training and David Ortiz.

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Rob Bradford WEEI dot com joins us on the AT&T hotline a breath of Bradford your the best buddy is them having a meltdown Monday here in Boston. However I. I think I don't think he misses Q Brad though I think this is ship ships going down Brad -- he can only say one. Can only say what -- minute hand or big pop -- don't make it -- who gets the life preserver with. He. First but also -- barker retired. -- allow trophy to the course appeared Jerry. Google -- thought Brady or Brad tracks. I'd say fact is Brady would never drowned he eat he can walk don't wanna. -- courts at certain. He was ready for -- -- -- Charlotte Christian -- -- thought -- put it to you this way if if I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Callahan. Bin Laden and Hitler I -- talent wise. But a. They -- before -- regard to purple jaw and ask the tigers compared with tiger's the man. We saw the benefit of the doubt here I was actually prosecute -- down here is. Great great thanks -- is it's it's it's unbelievable it's it's three days out of the entire year Brad folk. Where they are not kids with cancer they're just kids have a great time in the sun. Are important or remembered our direct from around awesome awesome I appreciate that. Pay a first of all before we get into baseball stuff and Big Papi and all that did the Jerry Remy story that Jared -- story that appeared in the globe. Create any ripples enough Fort Myers yesterday. I don't really great it made for the Boston Globe done before Myers Jim -- told -- to blow to all over the place around -- yep. Police tell you we're being in the media dining room and you chief scout reading this and a little awkward. I'll be commuted -- you're kind of walking around by. Are different page ignore or or -- what Jerry approach to Alter either you know -- felt good coming you know it's gonna be right out front page one yesterday so. Are made because the globe was down here and there -- everywhere are I think that's what people or talk Durbin because of the story. But did Jerry being here I think that's it's expected. Do you get any sense that there is any back room discussions between the Red Sox and NASA and and Essen and Jerry. In terms of we need to reevaluate or at least discuss what's going to happen if this goes from bad to worse and whether Jerry remains. With the broadcast. Well it's hard for me to believe it may -- already gone through scenarios already yeah I don't know what what kind of coming into turn its -- Press conference -- -- I don't go to -- more and could get ugly and it will go to court. We hope they know what they're -- -- -- -- greater. Impression that there will and buy it literally will provide ago. I blog at Columbia are emigrants abroad just because debate on the radio or are probably your QB. By being around him and talk to people he he seems okay but you don't know how that country and played as but he stole art here. As anyone asked John Henry -- or may be one of a spokesman. Why the Red Sox hired Jared -- was obviously a very bad guy it criminal pursuit of this criminal when they hired him. And he went to jail and they didn't even let me gold -- they went to jail for eighty days anyone asked the Red Sox -- well there involvement in this. -- that we haven't RN -- Henry yellow springs are the opportunity to him as sort of -- legitimate question -- and how to fix up. They've -- a question that. I don't know and -- you know whoever should be should be and -- principle that the globe's story -- that our party we -- to vote. All these things are gonna happen in the future and -- -- -- but until it's smacked in the face yesterday it would that story they didn't really become all while this could really really be paying him to -- our point. Do you think it's fair. Rob Ortiz that he can has played this season knowing the does have a contract for 2018. And -- you think that's reasonable or else. I mean I don't think it was very between you don't have to wait a lot of your contract either earth so you don't. What do you guys start making the case for 2018 and nineteen Ortiz went -- the day get together. And well you know. Peter you are part of the contract because I I tried to articulate in the -- today. I think it is it's. Ideal that you are arguing against it I know that you say that. Why don't you slide out this year. But if you look at it from a business decision assuming. That you've got to have the same sort you're a big hit last year. Assuming that another war and it's one of those years. I think it is a good contract because -- You don't give up against the free agent market that you do know about you type -- it took me this makes sense right now. It's a big leap to assume though that I mean you -- do those assumptions second assumption OK if the first one comes true the second assumption might be legitimate but isn't the first assumption. A fairly big -- at the -- I don't it was great last year but he was hurt the year before just to assume he's going to be as good this year she was laughter pretty big big to -- Yeah yeah he heard it called -- -- -- soon regret its 700. Regular season in the regular school. But you might break here's another point though you -- what -- an ordeal yet it was fourth and baseball. If you would have dropped down a hundred points. Which which have realistic is that what you're talking about right right at this trip that I could dip -- still fortieth in the majors I think I played Giancarlo bin -- Gloria. All the labor peace and it's still hold valuable and that -- -- debate -- country for that team who really doesn't have an answer that so I'd. Abroad we know he's not leave and under any circumstance we know -- here if he were to reach free agency. What name means the teams that would make him that offer that twenty million dollar a year offer. If you had a good year this year and -- and see in November. Who would bid on them. Well first -- -- -- -- -- go to dividing line to the argument because. I -- think that if you have that year that teams are gonna offer him big deal now you have for which team a lift them. Partners -- market comes off the book yet keep all we didn't play a White Sox had a daughter comes off the book -- really don't have an answer. -- has its moral hundred TH. All these key ceremony all these kids for our guys who have this skill that is so far art the art in baseball. Even -- that it. You warn people willing to do it tax equivalent to do it last year. In Carlos Beltran. I think I won your younger who waited three years at 45 million dollars. If he's going to be -- DH. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com if indeed David. Doesn't really rot raise his game much beyond what it is now although that's hard to believe that he spent a 59 let's just say he has a precipitous fall off. From last year's production of 309 whatever else was and three RBIs all that sort of stuff. Hum do you think. The Red Sox will regret what they did yesterday or will they look at this. As the cost of doing business and making sure their iconic -- ornament is happy for two more years. Yes -- by the iconic hood ornament argument that you can get maybe they'd do it because duke of judging by the John -- comment. And pay somebody for that is that struck the deal here. And to answer your question if if that's been out here drop -- -- -- regretted shortage he he'd -- big regretted writing can't sort contracts. Right until he walked away this does refer to risk did you take especially for our dialogue that. Who again it's so hard to find in in the world baseball and it has calmed down through its. He's going to have a -- year and it feels the similar year. In other going to be another team out there that would go after him because if spirit. Then this with a good deal I. Tell me how this lacks any kind of business sense let's just say the best case scenario baseball wise. David Ortiz absolutely positively duplicates last year's production. With this year of production and the Red Sox came to him. On Halloween and said David we wanna give -- the sixteen or eighteen million dollars now would David because he felt disrespected all year long say Null and went free agency -- say this is where David Ortiz is David Ortiz Allstate for sixty million more. Well a couple things number one is that you get into a free agent situation and that and that is I don't care -- chased the money. And I know that there were people ought to -- -- aren't quite. He doesn't strike give the guy -- is gonna take its enormous compound discounts it would seem like Yankee group is willing to unload. Their their piggy bank and the other thing about it darned is that. You like bureaucrats that. Fact that your which you would have to pay any contract negotiation. Is potentially a lot lower with the option and plus you do. An option that -- discretion what you would never ever get in a free agent negotiation. So that's why it makes stupid cents. If art so for let's forget of Ortiz for second masters is that going to get kind of when it's done -- -- prediction right now -- -- inside you notice. What -- the years in the dollar's gonna be the last. I think it could be around the -- bill. 147. Lives. I mean you -- a great -- You match up the numbers I know that you. You match up the numbers would Greinke and they're very very similar error and laughter has. BA elite -- throughout the playoff performances. So if he had a year are really good year. A year around what you haven't been out what -- -- default under constant current surely it is it you know it's. But it's only not a free agent that's really give the home -- -- deals a bad deal it was a thing it's also bad contracts. But definitely you know this is by Rick curry and see where the pitching market go right yeah a particular party install and outfit now but not. And especially with the free agent market out of going to be weeks or six years. You have two guys perceive that number one urged her serve and -- In order and -- the comes off the boards that you go to upbeat report but it felt the only hometown discount I can see it be if you. Dark comedy here to -- -- five. And maybe put an option -- -- -- like that but but yeah I had built that you're going to be expensive. Final question premier rob Bradford one week to go until opening day in Baltimore and by the way it's nineteen degrees here in Boston today what's John Ferrell worried about seven days ago. I think too worried about Felix brought up. Well you look crappy yesterday and it would probably go out to two outings in -- listen to my journal actually -- -- data out because jar large. You've been around you kind of know you'd get them you still don't know what you -- you -- Hewlett abroad. And so I think got so worried. That's the real -- I think -- -- William -- there ought to be some sort of -- of -- and you have to figure out in -- right now if you knew what they're gonna do I think this site or start you're in the minor leagues. And yeah. And because because. I just don't think that they've seen and our problem is pretty good yesterday you were not good by the way for the first -- a one time striking out a couple times. But it. He's -- because -- haven't seen an alphabet and -- well he dropped it yesterday I thought which was -- you'll get cute that's. For two years may not be enough. Concurrently as pretty good enough so -- -- out SpinRite. Who grew domestic -- ago. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers, Florida thanks Brad -- my stock India. -- -- -- sun screen -- six plus seven so -- only that multiple lines of bill welcome back and talked Alec Kirk Elliott David Jason now.

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