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DJ Bean, WEEI.com, Joins Chris Villani to Discuss the Recent Success of the Bruins

Mar 23, 2014|

DJ calls Chris to talk about the Bruins winning streak, their strengths and weaknesses, and to take a look toward the playoffs.

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Sports -- -- WEEI get another hour to go up till 1 o'clock we'll get back to your phone calls in just a bit. But joining me now to talk about the -- way too soon Boston Bruins seized DJ beam of WEEI dot com let's go DJ. It are you peaking too soon as well in terms your columns on WEEI dot com -- we expect better as the Bruins get to the post season. No -- would be that's good that's good yes what. Are critical it it's really a plateau at this point right it's it's beyond directly. Are at a mesa. This storyline -- to me I mean it's kind of silly the idea of peaking too soon but the biggest reason I'm curious whether you agree. The -- of the last twelve games and they've won them all that's different. See a whole lot different from the way this team is -- to me it looks like an extension. Of what they've done now for a couple of months terms of their depth -- their goaltending will still trying to help pieced together some different combinations of the Blue Line. Right yeah early on that street -- -- the key senate after really having me do so I didn't think they were peaking and also the idea that there are peaking too soon. Was a little far fetched that you -- -- mean they're still kind of build error. Wait through this final -- the -- does that figure out their -- herbs that are going to be. We're gonna have healthy things like I've read that this doesn't look like -- -- going up they're trying to would call girl -- to pull you forward straight so we'll take it. When you look at the way that the Ford lions have played especially. That third line might be one of the best third lines in hockey camera low line gets a game winning goal last night. He's -- -- out -- that is deep is the Bruins. Her heavy -- it did it herbal and other personal being used the word that's being used right now but he with a good -- here in the and that it would be their. Second -- right wearing affected. Rather -- -- good enough to take that job and you have -- or your current line. That the -- because anybody else in the -- if you look at that streak. I was I was looking at the golden scored them Jarome Iginla has quite an eagle and anybody else. For more than twice for the Eagles anybody else during the streak. That third line also bird Chris Kelly. Who here and has more -- than Patrice Bergeron slide. So much or how much they've been able to turn it on a lot of it's -- the book also bird -- so credible -- You mentioned Ericsson is well I mean early in the year he is dealing with the concussions obviously and and try to give back towards a 100%. Where is he in terms of these is health and his performance now. Relative to what you expected at the beginning of the year based on what he had done in Dallas. Well I think he's kind of hitting -- stride now that you also have to consider that he isn't playing with Patrice burger also may be used in the purple debuted putting up. The same numbers that you would if you were a -- role but he certainly putting up numbers now what's the matter of whether they can say that. Tiger would DJ being WEEI dot com if there is a concern for -- Bruins team I mention that in a few minutes ago. That perhaps the number of odd man rushes that they've been giving up is that something that you got an eye on as well. Probably you saw during that. Or the -- was in. The three year span with Montreal in. Ability Phoenix and then. Corporal kidnapped that that you policy which. -- break aways in three games which is publicly -- certainly will therefore investors the better of -- really the defense personnel would -- take -- over. All those jobs there but I think the biggest concern really is just who your carport -- but are. That integrate our group are out of their case to be at their but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a very good job as well. I know get some games left but who would you ideally. Like to see the Bruins putting out there on those defensible ones who are the top four. You know I think it would -- idiots and it is liquid Julian a way to being a way to personally can't take that I think that. The door open been promising that he can play either side so you can be used him on the third period if you wanted to Kevin Millar but. I think right now math or computer guys are comfortable with from the left side I think Perry. I know early in the week there was some -- Peter surely I -- now ruling out the idea of returning Dennis Seidenberg how much of a pipe dream is that realistically. I don't know either I think that I can -- the same way that that he does which is. It it it seemed that he's had his rehab which. You're surely table and said though incident. If it is hard table. -- -- returned from his surgery which was January 7 was sixteen months -- he's the head of that schedule. The group leader in the eastern -- I'll probably say that there -- still a cup final. Failure early June so that that put the greater -- are so. If you dreading. I -- big -- that Utah. As a little let let's assume I guess worse case that he can't come back. How well situated are the Bruins defensively how strong are they on that blue line -- try to make a deep run into the post season. Or -- -- that nobody else in the eastern conference for sure a -- -- read to a team like Chicago that's when you get that you're told -- trouble. But and they said they're just as good defensively I thought better. And Eddy -- the Eastern Conference and they're given the that you have a trump card data Chara. DJ being WEEI dot com on Twitter DJ underscore -- You know what char one of the points has been brought up a little bit as we've been talking to Bruins here this morning is that the number of minutes that he's played. Yeah -- charges which guys in general do you think that the air. Will -- should be a premium put on trying to manage some of the minutes. Down the stretch over these last ten games to make sure yet it's fresh legs possible for the playoffs. I think so but -- you see the Kevin Miller leads to even -- -- -- the other day against. Against the double. So it took their -- grateful you -- -- at the I think that with the group to do address this huge -- with any. Is. They should make up some sort of upper body injuries nobody -- questions about whether conditioner what I thought it couldn't vote for a couple games. You probably don't confuse that musical David because he's got a winning streak in order. That you want to type your franchise best winning streak and you got big gave the good Canadian Blackhawks. After that I could try to get their Caracol gives us. You think did this winning streak is something that is truly important to them you know getting to fourteen getting to fifteen setting that record. Don't think it should be I think you'd get a grip of -- should be as we said earlier that's what they're really that they've been doing. It is winning streak and I think that if anything you'd rather not have a problem winning streak of about three develop that habit. The -- -- want to -- but he got Abbott school in the post season. I. WEEI dot com is -- -- -- him back to what -- -- he's done over the past twelve months and you know it really is when you look at it in in retrospect incredible. The job this guy's done it it kind of re loading these team. Over the past year in getting him right back to the spot where you know they're competing to be back where they were last season in the Stanley Cup final. Right and you need to live in a row completely bought that these -- like it -- -- late. You had the quarter to lose and they were all it's big big decision on duplicate it serves in which cleverly it. Keep secret Charlie. And then orbit beat him or they play at a navigate the -- back at it or leave so that governor please -- blast but it. The -- I would say you'd trade you know laughing -- what people -- -- of that but. All of its secretive -- worked out. Is you look at the -- trade in retrospect and I know that's one I mean the Sagan easterners are somewhere around the believers in terms of their passion. And so maybe they'll never be swayed by. You know between Ericsson and getting back to form -- just the production from a guy like Riley Smith adds. Whether better players or not you -- debate I guess but it's really impossible for me at least to say they're a better fit for this broad system. Gravy that's the biggest thing you have guys in your entire lineup. -- through one through twelve offensively where there is the single player you worry about you -- probably figured scored a lot of goals which were able to others figured. We humans when he was out there because you're the smartest player of the world because when every at the cocky got rid of it because you are getting hit. Under the guise of book Brooke -- who can Derek -- also let the voters and of itself. A couple of minutes let's hear a DJB. Is there eighty ally Colin nightmare match up with the matchup that you would like to avoid. In the Eastern Conference playoffs from the bruins' perspective. You don't really heavy -- -- could be the police showed what do appear well coached him. -- the Canadians always scare you it. About the guilt that affect their fat but because of that -- and you've got nobody you paperback of the applicant but. Really I think the government -- before the I thought that before this with extra going to grew at a far away. The best QBs -- culprit so I think division title go out there that they -- at the plate because it's digital. How big an advantage is the -- Cali for the Bruins going to be against a team like Montreal tools smaller or. I even a team like Pittsburgh obviously they've matched up against pretty well in the in the playoffs over the last couple years how big edges that. We'll -- could you see that you see that Montreal -- on that Vatican even bigger back to -- physical guy. And I think that the credit they get the election the question that I asked -- Obama keeps letting him see the peaking too soon that you. You think about the Olympic break. Ed how guys address that started -- repeated physical the Bruins they got two weeks off of taking probably go to their bodies. They play or political appeal such an even bigger advantage for that so we'll see how that that -- -- into the postseason. So really this is this all peaking too soon thing is your fault is what you sank. New York and on the players. If -- -- -- -- it is put the other two week probation. Or starting the whole -- due soon thing. Well I mean it's I -- to blame -- teachers saying it but you asked the question so really. But it would he was sitting at -- -- dropping out there was no oh play anywhere I thought that it was and in some questions to answer. -- YouTube which is the player who met him so important but but. But. Yeah I mean it's all good fun. At the -- the last guy again that allergic to pretty close to editors a guy who's -- I would like to derailment. Least he can serve your probation and be ready to go for the playoffs or at delegate to ramp to the policies. Are. All right fair a fair point there from my shot toward DJ being on Twitter DJ underscore -- I appreciate you taking a few minutes to join me today but thanks very much. EJB read his stuff that WEEI dot com you'll under the weather satellite. Maybe allergies I kind of like analogy start popping up is I get to that means spring is coming. Or maybe he's had a crazy night last -- good and they elect win over the coyotes come from behind. At the NC twelve Euro is lifetime. Right said he too is the last time he's not that old. Adds little girl in my lifetime worth celebrating. It but a crazy night for the -- So who could step up there DJ -- I'd it is all his fault that that this peaking too early stuff started ETT tech slide the -- 7937. I want to get too -- these text messages on the Bruins one years is people tend to forget. Part of the -- trade with the cap space freed up allowing the Bruins begin again. Makes trade a win for the Bruins yes I like that deal from the get go just to say drove me nuts. Is to say in drubbing -- You saw all the skill all the speed and constantly losing races. You know all of the the -- had not really fitting in to what the Bruins due in terms of their system and I don't blame the Bruins for drafting him. Because he was a point where it was like -- LeBron Darko Carmelo a year in the NBA and those were the first story. Not like this year when it's got up the years and Parker Wiggins and it was going to be. That would it was set LeBron Darko Carmel and then everybody else the dark but they did work out so well but. That was how was that it was -- vacancy in all whichever one doesn't go -- the Bruins are gonna take second. So blame for drafting immediately -- the contract. In retrospect but he never really turned into the player that. That they needed to be on the ice off ice stuff I'll look at the same light as some people. I think there's plenty cats in Chicago it out party quite a bit. And still because they produce. Our guys that there are valued within that organization it well on the ice on the body answering the bell playing this style system which team -- -- -- that's what. Say you didn't deal. I get it done keg stands during intermission but if he came out way into the quarters. Actually act played two way hockey once the races. Fine you know price no problem from my perspective at least -- -- of any from the bruins' perspective either. I'm a texture on Sagan. Is he the enticing in east I don't know what that would be ruins RI's second in scoring Sagan on a team it's like twelve Dallas minus five -- plus 78. Shut up about -- enjoy watching the playoffs at home state. And another text is I don't accept the fact that. I would say he's a great scorer no doubt but watching -- for while I'm not sure I agree it's taken is the better all around player I love what Erickson brings. And now finally if they're winning game -- you were 71 all the time that you might say they were peaking early to the Kiki but back at a pace that the winning games grinding it out sticking to the system. There's no reason to believe. That they can't get that going keep that going -- that's attacks from mark 6177797937. Tax lies 37937. If you like. You -- me on Twitter at Chris -- 44. Let's grab a collar to before the break I am not this guy while Stephen Lawler. -- are you why. Are you. There -- say yet figured they could peak too early in the past that's happened to bubble boy it would be killed I generally would rather see. The last ten to fifteen games where there -- You know -- last. What have been out last ten to fifteen you know -- managing humanities don't char is oh. -- -- -- -- for a couple of games that mean is that really an accurate picture if there -- -- managing minutes arresting guys. Well if I'm this year that -- so far as the that's good that he's don't want to look on the bag and pulled the plug on real play. So they took that something that you could -- could be -- -- -- -- -- winning -- -- dignity that. Q did not keep that keep the commitment out of all will see that they added -- -- now. You would say -- how they look. In the last ten to sixteen on the play. And want to say that at this hour you are all white all white all. Look if you know have. You only have one wife Nicky law if they decree keep getting the same goals. The United Kingdom and other life I can match to Ronald silly actually when you're not thing out of the level lie like absolutely not -- That's not help. It's they wouldn't negotiate secondly at all -- the -- who really good match what you need -- who. Like second -- you can't. The idea I want my idea of lowering -- rolling four lines is not at all about scoring it's about two way hockey it's about planet and it has. It's not a recipe but that's not a recipe to went up. All right Forbes Clark now did. They weren't weren't -- with that formula -- and one light and one got all the scar like. Got you got game six. I -- -- it's hard to call it a failure I know you look at it as a failure you don't win the last game which got we lost to a better. About the cup they won. They won a cup and it can't be one white tumultuous scarring but what you gonna to -- -- But you had four lines Al -- great goaltending which was the biggest I'll -- -- that's that's the NHL NHL a -- adding that the -- only two years ago with Jonathan Quick. Where -- goal in seven games in the final. It's not great -- but that's something we don't even came to concede. But it's not all Tim Thomas it's also two way hockey it's also backed technical -- and shot. Yeah that but it didn't give me an eight gold its revenue that something else trying to get this city. What is it that. You can't get at fault lie it's only that that actually can only have one they're gonna win this year because. They get back to an -- like that to put the plot to it's that cute. You can -- to grind it -- I want to get a little more shot the lights score like you going to be low light first flight were for the before a flight to the fruits like. It yellow that looked more like the first let you have not they're not all that they tried to actually in the pled not not this year. That's right it's because they have guys that belong. On the wrist all right guys. Because they've got until I got they've got four of them for really good lines doron right now Steve Elliott talked about it. You can glorify this all winds aren't that you have that so. Good the fourth liner game winning goal and that's and -- it is sacred are nice to have all white regular seat belt I'll. It's if you told me he pulled it slightly to 80% of -- I don't like one and not simply have a tree lights. I would take to a good -- why -- wanted to hit two mediocre lag after and I have a better chance to win it in the playoffs that's what I'm saying. Aren't even as usual -- I've followed maybe about 30% of that I gave you plenty of time I usual taxpayer. 617417. -- do you like hang around just wait for Steve to Colin. So you could send that same text 57 and it read it the FCC would have a problem with -- every time. I don't think it matters what I mean that the four line concept is not about scoring. It's not about yep you're balanced that's obviously better. Last year Chicago was successful in that the Stanley Cup final games five and six because they made it change at loaded up. They're scoring on one line. You know they were able to get get get get sharp up that top line. And that's how they were able to look up they're scoring without the big part of but the four line concept is not just about scoring it's about two way hockey. And that's what the Bruins do that's what a guy -- Smith Ericsson. Is able to do. And as far as it was a two lines one lines three lines goaltending block shots that really mattered to enough to win and that's the Bruins have done so I don't really. Again I don't understand where. I'll take -- better than three it's better than being -- -- Saudi Olympic still. The Russians at some of the most talented scorers I count up that's -- players on this planet. Oh where is their depth after the first two warrants. And I was in a short tournament so I'll take the depth. I'll take the four lions. I don't really see the argument on the other side to be honest correct it abroad six what 777 died seven died 37. I'll will take a break it back to your phone calls and -- spend the next couple minutes being entertained by Steve from smaller tax that's what it.

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