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Do you believe in medical miracles? Don't rule out Dennis Seidenberg if the Bruins make a deep playoff run

Mar 21, 2014|

We talk about the rumors and news that Dennis Seidenberg may not be out as long as originally reported, and how even Claude Julien isn't ruling him out if the B's make a deep playoff push.

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This hour brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans to rethink possible. I promise we're gonna get right back to the calls that you guys in just a moment but I I. I wanna make Bruins fans just sit up and take notice for one brief moment okay so at the trading deadline what was the biggest complaint you heard from those folks who wanted to be negative about what with the one complaint heard more than any. Well they didn't pick up -- impact defenseman because. You don't have -- Seidenberg. Where the playoffs. He's got detailed chart you'll need another defenseman to make a run back to comply. You needed to find a guy who could not replace Dennis Seidenberg would at least a Carolina if you got if you cut. What if you had a way to replace Dennis Seidenberg. With Dennis Seidenberg. -- Here's Pierre McGuire earlier today on -- Maloney on the station. When the Carolina Hurricanes actually -- -- but I don't want to play then he's got a lot of friends there they came to town not to be -- -- Columbus Blue Jackets. Should Iraq in Chicago for three days -- playing -- tonight and I was talking with some of the people on the team we're really tight with Seidenberg was actually elevated chassis might be back for the playoffs so that's record that he knew that box -- image goggles. So Dennis before he came to Boston played the Carolina Hurricanes still friendly with some of the guys there they were in town last weekend. Bruins beat them as part of its ten game winning streak. Apparently Dennis talking to some of his friends told them told his friends. But he may be back McGwire went a little bit further with. You know with so little they could be a lot of issues. This is an amazing athlete I don't know what you guys nobody's athletic pedigree he's a tremendous -- -- Extremely -- he's very strong everybody knows. And so I don't think to be that big adjustment for him. When he got hurt in December. Torn ACL -- -- but -- -- done for the year. He had surgery in January now he is an incredibly fit athlete to -- -- incredibly. And Christian you know better than we do being an athlete how the -- knee surgery is not what he used to date and it ended -- it is totally different now. So today Bruins had their morning skate in Denver against the Colorado Avalanche. -- was asked about this this report. The possibility that Dennis Seidenberg who played for the Bruins in the upcoming Stanley Cup Playoffs you know what -- said. I wouldn't rule it out. So we're talking about the playoffs start next month. About three weeks from all right so you're talking. Let's say he misses the first round. They're fortunate enough to witness. Second round -- a possible. Five months after. -- -- -- And just threw it out I was gonna say it's just doesn't seem I mean really give. I think the one person who lives what who blew me out now was amazing outlook but he came back. Plus Welker. -- the fact that he blew up the league this season it was able to play in the first regular season game yup I don't the miracle I'll do there's no way. Did they used not only in people out January yeah Houston. And so it was ready to go in September yeah. And he was but he was doing stuff he was doing OTA's limited but he was running around you could tell. He -- of spring in his step you're talking about and I don't know what. What it's like with speeds as far as like how much impact it would be more or less I can't assume that it's any less. But -- and the four months four months that's that's. I mean this even happens. To somebody like -- Blood and listen. Even Jack Edwards. Who thinks that defensemen like some superheroes and a -- If there are some surprisingly lost ground Edwards. Would say no way would. You know when is Steinberg returning with a plan you know what it's reminiscent of Michael you'll remember -- remember when Patrice Bergeron had via the concussion issue 2007. 2008 I think. And shocked everybody can actively plan -- That's what this would be. But it would be looked -- I'm not an idea I never thought there was even a chance which he had these separate things where first Pierre McGuire talking to Carolina guys. We're visiting with Seidenberg when they were in town last week in an opinion saying he might play. Then because of that people last -- that today at practice in and -- I wouldn't rule out. Yeah what's his. Every year you guys know. That's not gonna happen -- -- is no way it's it's nice to think about. They closed while doing the right to your city some some -- -- whoever's doubting the team there's one more guy would need to be worried about we don't know he might going to -- -- -- The other thing you got to remember is this is not like the NFL where once you get put on IR you're done for the year you can't come back you're not allowed to. While he is on long term injury. If he got healthy enough yet he could play. I mean legally yeah that they would they would allow north declaring him the rules still apply he's still got dramatically that of course the Delorean look no doctors and let him go out there. If if he's not ready no mutant. They've got now. Practicing your -- I'm talking about anywhere in the playoff -- in England. 4328 minutes again today is that fair to say well I mean I don't know what he'd be capable of the Zdeno Chara is Canadiens -- yes. Pretty much in. Thirty minute guys -- 225. 25 local. 1730. Postseason. Seidenberg. Even twenty minutes and this is his heart beating bad -- -- help stores. What you want it is -- -- restrictions that will my guess is. There were restrictions you would put him in uniform. You would you I mean if if there are restrictions involved sorry Dennis I know you're working your rear end off -- You know they're telling us he can't do this you can't do that -- when you can't play not the Stanley Cup points. This -- you know January regular season I can play with those restrictions but not the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let me ask you this now I've already made my my case that I think they're the best team in the NHL right now. But if you don't believe they are and that's fine that there's just as good -- case to be made for that. Which your opinion change if you thought Dennis Seidenberg was playing again. Yeah network well however -- no you know what my opinion would change if I saw him play and I think you would not change if I if -- I heard that OKD's in the lineup. He's going to be out there because I'm still skeptical really. What -- -- gonna tip from this guy who everybody thought this season with the war in December. Now we're talking about this bring back and ready for the post season. I would need to see a couple of games and -- -- -- Dennis Seidenberg if the opinion to. Digs up a New Hampshire I didn't I don't see now Andy I'm -- -- like the -- here but it's not working go ahead and you can punch it up there Heidi I don't. Great I do it. Hey -- -- -- what cap and applauded the Montreal in the city welcome back to -- training camp and -- -- playoffs. His was a little different he didn't blow out his -- he he I think he broke his kneecap didn't make. Yet yet but I mean it was a it was a different injuries what I'm saying. Wait a bit of what what is so are locked up last time he let someone on Wes Welker is pretty tough football player. I will say that hockey players have a reputation of you know be an otherworldly -- you think back to the the whole 452 -- with a broken leg thing for Gregory Campbell and and Patrice Bergeron played game six of the final with broken ribs and punctured lung and a separated shoulder. So yes hockey players have that reputation obviously he's exactly. But I I just gotta tell you it. Shocked me when pierce said it earlier today. And it shocked me even more when -- didn't just fire out when plugged in to -- course records that the person's point how does that benefit close to. Shoot it down. I really. You know that there's if if if there's no chance to -- you shoot it down so people stop talking about well let that bother you. Mean it is they ask you about Dennis Seidenberg and I'd like it sort of generous the president somebody else -- yeah Steinberg yes we don't know anything else. It is not -- there's not gonna bother him. If -- -- sizzle so Steinberg Steinberg update well. You know we still rehabbing. We're taking it day today and let's -- been contained. Ryan's -- New Bedford hey Ryan I don't I have got them you know you've -- banks. All -- on the big job Boston College and I heard god talking about maybe Calhoun going there. But I think I'm a really good fit for them would be Ed Cooley from Providence Hughes former assistant. You know you guys go about. I just penalty when it comes gonna say they. Everybody ABC feels good about. Everybody Providence is no way including. Ed Cooley who's done a nice job at Providence Dave what do you really what do you gain out of it if you just it has to be honest and at objective. If you look at the Providence did the job at Providence and look at the job at BC ACC. Big. There 45 minutes an hour apart from each other they were group. For the most part similar players you're Ed -- What are you getting out of -- moved to Boston College. Kid that you can't get a prominent. Yeah and the other part of it I think from that look I -- on the day that BC fired Steve Donahue I said to you on the air. I -- BC's question when they interviewed Ed Cooley a few years ago -- hired him he was one of the guys they talked to when they hired Steve Dunning. Maybe he sit near -- and one intended to. Isn't this situation you have got a good situation he's got a program that's. On the rise in. And he's got he's done he's putting in the ground work at at Providence College. That that BC he's done the work that the ECB to do right now he's got better players to DC act now so his father alone he's in the tournament. I don't I don't understand unless it's just being -- don't -- for the good old days now. I'll I'll give you some hope you can see them is called. When they won -- when they won the tournament one abilities. He's doing is -- post game interview with Erin Andrews I've heard that first things that -- -- reminding of the incident I thought of was Val Skinner. Because the last time we were here in the last summer when the -- at Boston College Al Skinner. Coats on because of him -- He uses. The words -- in his mentor he's still one of the people who feels like. Skinner got a raw deal yup at BC and continue to get a raw deal since he's an assistant coach my university Al Skinner. Don't know I I think. Maybe -- joined on the beefy I don't think -- Joseph himself on major item. I look at it once I know that -- would not. Opt out it. -- On. It's true. And you and you and you worry about training camp. Well you know it because it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter but you know why haven't -- it -- that just to get guys ready for the regular season. All mind that that there are a lot -- the clock -- That side. -- your contention that atmosphere. Here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Heavy government money -- -- -- -- and you'd want -- -- no but I think it. -- had to have that the people. You know immediate. The corporate umbrella. -- -- HL and is that my son played games that matter he was only hit one about 700 in the World Series. You know just the bodies. In this the whole. Just got to go back to the hole. Training camps -- training philosophy. You know out of junior was gone. Boxers don't like that talking about visitors. And nurture their asking the question about whether how much stock you can put it spring -- And he said you know it. Really sometimes nine sometimes -- the fact is that. You can't tell one weird that the guy has a terrible time is perjury doesn't necessarily mean that is a stroke right season. Some guys committed retreat of the company when a ball -- -- -- great spring training. And they they struggled in the regular season. So. It does it like you can't really -- your hand on the wheel at all. I think some guys -- David Ortiz probably. I hear guys like Grady Sizemore is trying to reestablish yourself it matters that absolutely has to prove that he can that he can hold up the -- And they can still perform if you don't like the back into the wrong. -- much you're putting third between the guys they have to have good spring. Because the job does not guarantee yep Dustin Pedroia hits a hundred and spring training is he not gonna start opening day at second base -- Whereas -- like the guys like Luke. Luke had to have a good spring. And it still wasn't gonna start on opening day of August as. Let me bad business -- 6177797937. As telephone over the eighteenth tee text line is 37937. I would update you on the UMass or what you don't want and all of them. Not gonna get -- 36 to eighteen to zero Tennessee 53 left in the first half. It has not been in that first hailed as there's a lot minutemen -- there's a lot of basketball at all on basketball this afternoon and I'm open Tennessee forgets that. -- his man there. -- put up on UMass right now we'll take quick break but I promise right back your calls as well on the champions Boston -- at the Marriott hotel in Copley Square. All the TVs in all the different games up you can see every single game. I don't even know how many are in this place but there are a lot just in this room we're kind of little side room -- -- ante room. And there's a lot just in here Dale Arnold Michael -- Christian Fauria Sports Radio WE yeah. The Carolina hurricane's actions were Dennis Seidenberg once played and he's got a lot of friends there they came to how not to be be picked Columbus Blue Jackets. So they were actually in Chicago for three days are playing their tonight. Without talking with some of the people on the team we're really pleased with Seidenberg was actually helped -- a chance he might be back for the play out so much record and I didn't hear the Butler -- Chicago. I was Pierre McGuire earlier today with -- Maloney on Sports Radio WEEI in it was Pierre who as far as I know -- the first person anywhere. Who was saying there was the possibility that Dennis Seidenberg could be back playing for the Bruins. In the upcoming playoffs so today the morning skate out Denver the members of the media -- -- about it of course they had heard about what McGwire set. And -- didn't rule it out he said you know it's. It's not outside the realm of possibility. Our buddy DT eighteen tweeting on it this afternoon I DJ being from WEEI dot com said. He said you know. Nothing would surprise me and I'm paraphrasing here I don't beaches we confront me he said. I was -- I was amazed at how hard he was working out when I saw him earlier in the week. They DJ actually saw I'm -- and how party was working and what he was doing. It it that they're trying to convince me that this is actually up a possibility if not a. Priorities is not gonna happen right -- that happened -- you agree though don't you I do. I mean -- this is -- shocking -- unbelievable. Everything. Miraculous. Well -- said when when he was asked about let's analyst Elizabeth hill now. The injury is not with that accurately reported possible. Close close said they were told when he got hurt it was six to eight months. He had surgery in January that would be in on a best case scenario June but he said he's ahead of schedule so now maybe you're talking may. You know maybe years as -- said maybe the second round of the playoffs and can be around first of may. Maybe it's possible. -- -- is doing a little counting counting on him so tell me down. Why do you say. I'm just using it just listen it's because he's already referencing from the viewpoint of what was he football players. Amendment congress there but in all respect to the suit that it would be -- that the -- employers to -- -- my number one toughness athlete. Including football players. We can't use that dale. I was only you know I know but I need -- mixture of the occupiers use -- the trying to get the article and go out -- third set become delegate at the last. It's just the time to time it would just isn't enough but I can't the end of I know medical science is coming a long way I know. There's lots of films and -- victory to help yourself recover faster. Honesty to admit it you say that the cynics out there it's always taken HEH -- compliment. On the department of talking like just leave. The world whatever it is you know help you train more you can recover faster rate they'll back it. Again I'm going back back to the court like the Cincinnati Paul Carson Carson -- he was the first guy who had a major knee injury that was I know. People really needed to do on the cover sports industry that made the playoffs the first time ever he gets hurt they lose the Pittsburgh. And yet Ulish Booker situation. And yet the public wrong I mean you got Rondo. There's only Peter Rose -- -- Crystal I think it's it's not impossible. What I know I just don't know what's the smartest thing to do. Well out of all those guys you mention. The only guy who came back -- Was Wes Welker. Welker came back that magnitude Carson Palmer and I mentioned. Rondo. Derrick Rose to their roads and completely different issues maybe we can we have to look at it. In hockey players that they're tougher than everybody else honestly that it is they are and if they don't think it Jack if Jack -- think they're definitely. -- Compared to other hockey player in this -- good point of reference there are other guys who places position. Tornado field toward -- you know who was able to come back. And 68668. Sometimes you think all right seven. But this is not -- so he's coming back. He comes back in the playoffs it would be 625. This happened at the very broad and flat. Is there anybody you can think of hockey player defenseman. Who's got the injury that he had it was it was about. Yeah I can't come up with -- -- -- Tom might have been elaborately yeah I'll ask Billy Jaffe -- Have a better knowledge base and I will and outlasted that very question is if it's a great question -- -- and I don't know the answer. I I will say and I do think Christian their differences. Depending on and on the fitness of the athletes and in Michael's point about the the accuracy of the initial diagnosis he tackled cyber -- Early thirties but it and and he is one of those work outward appearance that he is. -- -- Okay what it Davis. For my own personal experience. At least go. Multiple knee Scopes of Iran Havel and -- like point six in -- was almost playing four weeks. I had the exact same procedure done on the opposite me when house 34. It took me over two months to get back and not take anything from -- but I worked my butt off also. Age does that do a number on your recovery time. Just it's nature it is it does just don't recover as quickly as you would. When your point five years old so and I try to think about what would be the difference okay skating on ice skating trying to throw yourself. I mean there's no difference I think -- be a great story but I think it it's it's almost career suicide. For some guy like that to do it and they would just what happens if you end up having -- -- would you give up the wrong way it would if you're not really sure about that -- got to practice with the team. Mean -- played some sort of mock game. And then you're really. You're asking for a lot in the -- to help you that much is it worth the risk. What can help you have let that result -- yes it is -- everything I do not there yet. Okay if he's he's -- -- a 100% open if he's healthy enough that they put him on the ice. Yes so 80%. You do with it is going to be better than a 100% of an -- using the name of and that -- outspoken yes equally and you know I hope he plays. And and you know I I go back even earlier this year. Chris Kelly great to play. -- that slashed from Pittsburgh game Pascal did we slashed its embrace life. He came back sooner than they said he was in combat yet in Brooklyn and frankly. I wouldn't even know we had a broken like watching him skate watch him go to the net all those things. Yeah I would think I forget about. Different injury though I've remotely to that leads police to preseason. There's no like soft tissue damage is not really worry about that makes -- happy he's come back from me from. -- relate fingers everything but what I had a -- I was more uptight about that. -- -- -- at ligament damage of more uptight nervous about that. Just for what I've -- -- bones stronger -- the view that he revealed it's like six weeks. In bonus deal with -- some sort of infection or something like that your bonus deal. Soft tissue ligaments cartilage. Some different -- the meant it that departmental level I think that you need to get over. At the same time. Every -- difference over doctor says all right knee ligament this argument this one's more okay. 68 months I well listen. -- quicker and use of this hyper. Hyperbaric chamber you've got to play like TO it you know trying to get -- you molecules that fire quicker you know audit revealed that that the stuff. In our. Training room it was oxygen oxygenated. Water. OK so if you it injury missed the color -- war yet in -- -- okay. You were supposed to go to this oxygenated water on your operation it was supposed to heal that -- three times fast. Now according to. According according to the company that -- it I have no idea -- to the patriot notices Seattle's. You don't ago but it was all those things work. At every year but and they -- the next year they keep this contraption it's deeper acutely. You put this contraption and supposedly. It's a big help your bone heal -- -- -- six weeks that the natural human progress corporal today. It's going to be forwards now. -- and you have all these injuries yet need -- used to be put to it that you need to get cast you don't move it now. You -- injury which one goes away the -- surgery they start move and it they want they want to defeat that would -- surgery seem to get it on the right away. I guess it would surprise me I don't it surprised me but how would be -- be concerned just a little -- how how it was possible to -- -- My question to you another question for -- is who's the who's the odd man out if -- be able to come back for the postseason. Leno clone has done it the couples differently sometimes. But the same pairing of the Natal chart inside birds that went. Seidenberg with someone else is still have to number one if that you have two number one defenseman out they're not necessarily together. Who who gets pushed aside. If Seidenberg they would come back. Well and part of that the part of the answer Mike will depend on -- way. He's a guy that they shut down for two to three weeks and floats at the kind of approaching the point where they kind of kind of got to make a decision on him right now. Boy -- injury is different he blocked -- shot the other day he could play tonight. They city's going to be game time decision my guess is maybe hold them out 1 morning plane tomorrow night in Phoenix. But equated the guy now if you got boy chuck and Quaid and Chara and Seidenberg. You got those four guys you know I only have two kids who can play improves gonna play because of his power play abilities. And then it comes down to you know with this study Hamilton played they play on -- -- because they think he's better defensively. I mean you want to Corey potter at all. And probably won't he met art house -- so immediate comes down to. Art house he's already gone in that scenario and now is Doug Lee Hamilton Iran agreements are those who gets that last spot. And and no matter what happens if -- the Bruins and you somehow find a way to get through the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And all of a sudden you get to the second round and you add a defenseman like Dennis Seidenberg. At a guy like that we haven't seen since December. -- what that does for team psychologically. I mean forget about that the obvious talents on the -- when it does for team psychologically. We got back got back. Our second best defenseman. -- ago. What are just an appointment of punch and democratic chances this is guy running around the pitch toward him dressed up as I don't know what one can apply themes and guy. Again we're champion has a funny thing is that it does not like it's my best vehicles. That's because the greens this -- look. Literature sports -- And there's nothing unusual and he Arnold is -- pretty normal. People watch basketball drink in theory and it's it's great west Austin went out there. In the marry again there's an anime convention cannot keep board is diplomacy here and watch the traffic go by. It is it different mentality there often. At UMass lost those wondering. Duke loss. For those wondering. Kansas is. Another fifteen to match. Well. So it's been. That it is not on the same day I just aren't Parker head into Wiggins I saw that coming. I saw a stat and and there may have been a couple of games that it ended since then that might change this but it's set on ESPN bracket challenge -- at eleven million entries. Through like the first few games of today they hit 58. Perfect entry -- Out of a lot out of eleven million but still pretty good. I know -- a big about the percentages I know that's not estimate those 58. Perfect breath that's. And until some folks pick some big upsets yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- They filled out maybe a hundred different brackets. That's the thing it to you but you're the guy and it's gonna fill out their brackets and you studio -- won the billion dollars on the table now I -- I think you might like what you do it it is that you haven't we have an opportunity to -- billion dollars. There's no way you sit there thinking -- years. Bracket number seven. Because I have -- kids didn't dollars and yet but you do I don't think you have to go to Wendy. -- I think -- do what you played a lot or brand if you get it you're gonna win this dollars a party that thinks I don't argue that. But when you don't when you're doing that numbered at about where you. You deeply disappoint little bit of a big fan I think I got myself. It's politics my you -- Carty thought how you gonna spread the billion. OK okay I'm a Mexican appearances of him about it publicly is because I don't want to -- facilities and if so to me tell you want the war. Yeah -- part of it honestly believe that when -- -- a humble little numbers phenomenal -- -- did not have the two dollar and Margaret I want it bad. I know you're able to like borders what was three advocate that there was there was those that think with whom he path but as a delegate now if you won the lottery. I think it is good because -- -- if that stuff can't Wear that new car come from this tough thing. And elevated stage getting it all only human. Jane tonight I wanted to have the perfect life here hanging out with you fine gentleman. Wow look at look at that the circus walk by you eat without saying -- -- You're -- a lot today there were serious they knew what that little like cornucopia this is called that a Smoot a ring Snyder's open. Wings she's right she's right -- for Donald dale. Did you. Any of the greasy fat -- food he ate salad and did you want cookie I don't know what that he's called an analyst that confused when it is game. And I don't. We're broadcasting live from an audience where they've got that food that is in good. We'll be back here in just a couple of minutes here until 6 o'clock and down the champions Boston the Marriott hotel Copley Square they get all the games up that have -- all night long you see all the basketball. I'll convince them that it just peel off one TV input Bruins game up there. At 9 o'clock the Bruins are in Denver to take on the Colorado Avalanche -- Dale Arnold. Michael -- Christian Fauria broadcasting live from champions Boston Sports Radio W media.

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