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Mar 21, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed another story on the future of WEEI from today's Globe.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment. -- the pros -- precision fitness equipment you know. -- pretty well by now I think so you know I like dirty laundry. Tea cup so like dirty movies and burial I directory group sought thirty puts out the public's or start with the Lopez -- one show. It does this I think the station talk what's going -- with the other shows that the station. -- did you get clearance from legal on this written in the in the globe that a very good point by -- friend of the program Chad fan writes. What. It for the he's as much a friend of the show as Jeff Brown ones. It's -- put those same with the white paper it's overdue in my same time. But he foreseeable future WEEI is going to the future. Michael holy and Dale Arnold. -- will rated received tandem on the Sports Radio stations midday program from march 2005. Until February 2011 reunite an afternoon drive the next several weeks. And perhaps beyond. Perhaps the quote they sound good together dale brings up the best of Michael vice verses and intercom vice president marketing manager -- Zachary. Revealed that the shall also could be rotating cast of third hosts. Quote what I hear now coming out of speakers is good radio it's very easy to listen to. Response from listeners and advertising has been very strong those two -- rotating third coast. I guess so. Thank you -- items that Jerry won't be. Pop -- once wild guess -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't believe that. That's very that's various in the paper check it right there must be true is -- can be so defenses in this -- tortures let's say I I doubt the brass that's a good point yeah I ain't perfect. Gigantic bucket of -- Yeah also plans at irritating third -- submit a program featuring -- Maloney Mike and it's the everybody. Yeah could be that we may have to baby buggy third manned program. So we says that is well Chris manic ex Christian Fauria. Armed car and everybody is pleased with Paul in Arnold's. On air after ability and approach what do you think Youkilis and. I I like. -- very solid deals league a true professional I've admired bill quilt work that pop the question about that -- but I think the addition of aid you know. Co host for trying host -- great idea yet a third voice super delegates an example on a patriot Monday. Christian Fauria. Steve -- teacher would be the third man in their best schedule oral Lee George and -- medics right. You know robber. Whoever exactly. Like it each show would be sort of custom tailored to win everything the all overall. Subject sure would be yet here's deceit just wanted to forget the other stores record up to look at -- -- WTI's other programs backers that he's comfortable. With the morning Dennis Kelly -- remains. -- showbiz registering -- all right as if I was aware of from Zachary. I was second call curtain and and because he's made such a great difference and it shows access and desperate. But that's really a chicken certainly won't let it kill -- which could kill -- and that's not easy walking into too strong personalities Goldberg predicts like you know in Jerry Kirk is not the data signal moment that's not true -- you've been very good there I think we've done anything -- -- for five months to validate her ex president to not make him and this were made up in a percent. At percent as the little asides made no it's not sound films. It the end of Dennis account. So I mean I agree with him on that once again. Thought I was in the -- for the statistics that you went a bit I know that I thought I would be considered what you said you can't you got -- coming off the bus. I can't see -- well yeah. -- -- right to hire somebody. Some iron driver you'll get -- -- is always on the last got to find find on the paper from the front of the program Chad. At Dale Hall sequel is -- so congratulations. I guess I. It's it's for mr. foreseeable future. So we don't say that the quote says for the near future does that. It's who have perhaps beyond foreseeable future fit right -- he writes that -- it was notes Phil's book has all that matters is what builds and not what appropriate rights and -- inning. It -- -- -- here NASCAR it's very easy and now this segment and about a time period. Where's the line perhaps further is that -- liners several books and perhaps beyond as there's been several weekends is several that. Phil said that -- and wrote -- I know who eroded to set it -- in it was not that it wasn't well maybe jetlag shed extra. Fred Phelps the founding pastor of Kansas church known for its. It's I didn't protest at public events including military funerals -- -- children's. Has gotten production before you continue with this generally when somebody -- over now either good or bad dies. There are mixed emotions about that person passing. Case in point. -- Seymour Hoffman. Sure I mean everybody agrees it was a great actor but there was some dispute as to whether. You know he was a jerk for doing what he did because he has kids and all that right and there have been bleeding heart -- this is but is it different picture I understand my point is that almost -- and it almost any time anybody passes -- people there are detractors who. To keep their -- -- speak all the dead and the people who you know. Pulled up on a pedestal where I have never seen such unanimity. In my life about the passing somebody and not in a good way and he deserves. In a statement Thursday the church chided the worldwide media for gleefully anticipating the death god forbid if every who sold the west Borough Baptist Church were to die this instant interpret serving. The true and loving god it would not change one thing but the judgments of god of the weakest deeply corrupted nation and world. Well we wouldn't happier idiots espouse these stupid things that not to do with God's word that would change I mean remember again it would -- Was at the com. She's the guys on -- site -- by a hells angels haven't they were gonna go do these guys are threatening to go to sandy hook remember. Yes and they they kept him out of there were threatening to go with -- mark Richards were threatening to do all these things by their standards that would have been over the top. All yeah I mean it's it's nauseating to think they would go to -- funeral of a deceased military. Person because of but to go into sandy hook. Because they're living gunplay and their contention is that the auto run -- marriage and all this god this is God's will he's doing his team. Here's here's the late mr. Phelps almost six. -- walking abomination and an instrument of god. And I'm not interested in anybody else is estimate god. Hates that which is it profound viable true. Invited doesn't -- god -- and doesn't read the Bible. -- go they're going to fail. No Phelps you are in jail. What's his -- Is the gay guys running around in his yeah let me -- pretty good second -- characters. Transition I guess the man you stole the show at the Scioscia Olympics was amazing style eye catching outfits. -- split from his husband I -- that I tweeted this out into you know Johnny where Victor loves all sports figure skater. Commented on Twitter is -- great Savvis announced my husband -- -- are no longer together my heart hurts and I wish him well we are 29 years old. Dispensaries it upon love no matter what I -- a cheerleader of love. In partnership and creation and said I'm thankful that was loved and that I could love me now here's the best part good rabbit I was sitting merited now. 2000 Lebanese border is his soon to be ex husband on New Year's -- he does Victor also said he was shocked by his sudden and the -- shocked. But he abrupt -- in my marriage and dealing with the trauma including multiple things I'm now just become aware. -- mobile slowed down and read that with distinction Victor his husband. Said he shocked. By the abrupt ending of the married right. And surprised by the things. He is now learning yes sounds like somebody was. Straight -- outside and marrying outside the marriage you're disappointed everyone. Yeah can be and that's definitely what it sounds like now. She. That's that's that's -- guys she more than girls and it's me big problem is gay marriage sort of it's long in the tooth that's a lot more I think he took place yeah. She's. Old horn dogs yeah yeah it's going to be tough and indeed especially Johnny Weir. Insert the peak older man what kind of high profile welcome atrocious. You know dirty phase thing and -- out and everything I mean good for him I'm saying you know if you're married you married but I'm sure the temptations were much greater for Johnny. That they were from Victor. Right but that's not the case is all over television and network in DMZ in and entertainment tight yeah. Red carpet at the Oscars I got together and know when you get married she's too young mr. young point 516. Young yeah I get second marriage with a victory cheated on Johnny to. Yes you do I do not -- I don't know that -- my guess yeah. But you're certainly saying or implying or what Johnny cheated on him to open pictures for us. -- traveling all the time it seems yes you're young guy year in your bigger Jameer literature peak of right bureau is as sexual prowess. Sure your lawyers will be doing well you're in the same -- die hard Republican got yes might -- wouldn't say yes I wouldn't you if you made me choose one or the other insidious given feelings is the story were going to be. Up paying attention some stuff can happen from revelations. It just elected just off the games airing the dirty laundry speaking of dirty and biting story to some weird stuff about -- shot -- Yeah how you Malaysian update. Yes mum. Malaysian airlines are aware of a cell phone call. The pilot. Of flight 370 made just eight minutes before the flight took off. The information has been passed on to authorities. Now may be ordered pizza or maybe saying by -- somebody here maybe some plot. But anyway he made a call and know whether that's -- usual are not for pilot. To make a cell phone call eight minutes before the flight took off but the information is passed -- out and yet a second outdoor weather problem with us. Finding this I don't. Mean that they I mean I -- -- found it every from the wreckage right no. It's a two hour flight out a two hour flight back and they only have six hours of fuel -- fly out from Australia hours. They have two hours to look. An enigma got them back yet why did -- with fuel and wants sweetest at the flight time gaps accountability. More than. Not on these particular aircraft threat search -- out there longer range navy and air force planes you can go much much log of that but there about a quick -- on the stuff. These planes so for this they have six hours it's two hours -- two hours back would ever find. Arafat to our assertion to -- back. And and then never gonna find. That's headlines brought to you by AT&T. Ambac precision fitness equipment. 61777979. 372 things you need to know about later in the broadcast and you gotta pay attention in this. I am going to. Give you a hint about the gigantic. Announcement it's going to happen on Monday. In this broadcast subtle entered. Yes it'll be subtle that was the last time they say all of this figure skater who may have cheated on his boyfriend and he wears relief. Flamboyant clothes -- does it actually Johnny about the subtleties facilities that John has -- limit the field and I think that's a good boy. Good point anyway it's an announcement coming later in the broadcast that's going to help you understand about big big big big thing is going to happen and it will playlist if you wanna get X. Extra clues because you don't know about this. Sooner than other people know about it is you have to fall will be on Twitter this weekend I will add clues the first clue today like. That's what's your phone locker -- it's I -- -- -- used to do scavenger oh right right exactly. Yeah and up more toward the moment when we come back we have some numbers for a view. Regarding your bracket and my bracket and -- bracket and everybody's bracket in the nation. After half of the first round games actually caught the second round game. Don't interest which is so stupid safer from its -- now. After sixteen games at the first sixteen games we have some amazing. Statistics were we can.

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