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Michael Holley, Dale Arnold and Chris Mannix - Hour Two

Mar 20, 2014|

We start the hour talking to Red Sox reclamation project Grady Sizemore. We expand the discussion to how to best build this outfield roster, Sizemore vs Jackie Bradley JR and more. Plus we get your take on the Sox outfield.

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It's his one on high fly well he did away senator Sizemore back on the track to the wall leads the catch and a slamming into the fence just to the right of the 379 mark when a fine play. Drive to left center failed back those Sizemore the -- To -- K hops out and fire didn't pick not top man. -- I was not very I was slicing away probably Grady Sizemore was having an absolutely sensational -- you know. -- hard to his right. A couple of lake I'd rather hit the ground -- came straight up and fired a strike there are rare in the kind of spot. You heard both Dave O'Brien and joke a stately on talking about highlight defensive plays by our next guest. Guy who is making a name for himself as if he did to had to do that all over again. Up playing spring training baseball for the Boston Red Sox Grady Sizemore joins us now on the AT&T hotline -- dale Michael and Chris how are you. Under it or not I'm my guess is. If you had any expectations for how spring training was gonna go when you when you came into this whole thing. It's gone as well as you could've expected may be even a little better. Yet if you know didn't really know what to expect so there there -- where I you know I just wanted to cut comment -- have -- -- -- -- That's helping -- in shape and apartment it was there that. Great let's go back awhile what led to use signing with the with the Red Sox are no a couple of years ago. Indians and Red Sox were in conversations with you when you decided to sign with Cleveland how about this -- art Deco. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I give him everything out need to now get health he would get back on the field there on the field. You know there's a couple of -- there and I just you know I felt really confident that coming here has and get back into the game. But we we're talking about -- -- about ten minutes ago 1015 minutes ago where he came on and I was just theorizing. Hey when they signed him. Maybe they said let's see how you do in the early stages this stages of spring training was there ever any conversation about. What you gonna do at the start of the regular season or is it hey we're a week and a half away from that point now. Maybe we need to have a discussion about what the strategy is going to be to get through an entire season. Yet there is no real discussion you know be on spring training he you know myself included I don't think they -- or are you really -- -- -- You know from a physical and while from now he'll you know on the field so you know those are. You know I think we -- questions wasn't. Artists as well when you've been gone for so long you know -- Look out there so there was -- was -- -- -- outlook in the field. This well. Pretty could see the results of -- you play you play very well during spring training but. Physically has your body responded as expected better than expected worse than expected over the last month. Our record. Even now are three accomplices to alcohol -- -- then you much. You know this could be held. Continue to -- There and authorities about it. It you know a great he would Rick's gonna put Joseph I don't know if you can Harris are not gonna put your whole like right now on super can establish a better connection. I wanna contain have a conversation with them. Lot of things wanna get too excited malls and other than every other store. But yeah but the cellphone this cellphones those shaky right now maybe the area he's going through war. Maybe we can get a model landline and continue games would you like to see -- on -- is realistic for him populist K okay that's great question. That's a great question realistic. Say. 125130. That's realistic 125 let's see if this connections any -- tactic in years and about an operating. And -- are oh inherited we can hear ideology on an -- -- -- managed just that's a great question asked radio I'm just curious what a realistic number of games for you Grady assuming you are. Playing everyday and -- -- in that deposition what's a realistic number of games you could see yourself playing this year. You know I don't think I'm not gonna put -- here and I you know I don't hold my expectation because I think I I believe that you know continue to on the battlefield movies. An everyday player you know I think you have to also be -- consider. -- -- -- -- And what -- -- from the surgeries. So yeah I think it's an auto accident or reevaluate you know every week every month and continue to try to. You know up the volume up below which just be Smart you are interact. -- a critical quite hear the answer to my last question for about how your body has responded. Physically after this first month as you expected better than expected worse than expected. You know they're expected I didn't I didn't go to coming here and be able to. Pushing this fast and put the -- so early in our after I -- in the country handle that more you know the amount that -- -- outlook discard your confidence you -- Everything I need it out there there and help. I felt it everyday common man like that it's. Just push push. The volume or intensity every day and now -- about. He sent Spector to a certain injuries I -- just spoke on plan. Both your manager John Ferrell and Torre look fellow while wanna hear coaches was in the Cleveland organization when you were there they got to see how you work. Up close and personal. At one point -- played 382 straight days as straight games and and then when you got hurt he kept getting hurt the it'd have something to do anything to do with your style of play to -- -- You know. It's hard to answer the question. I think Curome. It probably would have happened regardless of Marseille player I think it was more just. You know kind of freak thing -- -- how my body was put together my make up and then you know when you have those injuries are sources of it's not a perfect storm -- -- -- so easy and comfortable these kind of injuries and it was one of those things we just literally have a good idea of not only how to treat it but out of stated comfort and -- -- back and that's because it is so great about it kind of identify those so little footnote -- kind of you know sort of alert and how to get there and and continue to work and push without having relapse. There are a lot of times inside his baseball Grady a lot of sports where. We're guys will say hey when I was a young player I thought this would last forever I thought it was easy to make the playoffs easy to get -- World Series Super Bowl whatever sport we're talking about. For you -- you think about 2007 march apparel says you're one of the greatest players of your generation. That a couple of years later. The injuries start to happen to you -- you described as. What your mentality was before the injuries. And and what you've learned now that you've gone through so much. Well -- I don't think mentality changed you know I've always. But it became a certain way and -- -- where -- never content and programs. And I still the same way I think you know try to -- art you know going -- we've gone through and -- for mass unity. You know pull back insert -- You know regular pregame workouts are such danger out is a little bit depending on how you train. You know as far as baseball goes nuts and changes in -- approach to the same way not just. Turbulent more cautious so what you've gone through and maybe you know back off a little bit here there and the department well I play in my mentality that's not gonna change. I was ever a low moment we thought okay it's not gonna happen for me my career is over. We have did you ever go through anything like that. You know I try not to. Think about it but it you know -- when I was going through everything it was one of those things where it just didn't matter in the matter related I was hurt so. You know I hope -- never advocates. A there are certain point about what my body and make the decision or is that just couldn't get. -- it's only -- a month but you know your body jobs you've been anybody. Is it all the way back. You -- I think and a good place but I doubt they'll do little improvement and I think everyone would agree that it. You know part Hitler that he coaches and in the medical staff say that -- -- -- against the inmates but that the best I've felt on the last call for fighters. And that's that the huge. That's from I think the progress we'll continue to grow and I think you know point it out -- more -- immoral. But Darrell Armstrong -- it. -- game last week they had -- four point two from home the first is that about as fast as you are is that is that. Where you were before. You are coincided. -- -- really. At first I'm the first her. And they -- that. You know I -- to move well of course there's a little bit against and they go to war. Of course he -- some quickness in the book in this but I can't improve on so you know it's that that if that's -- not a big -- I think. There's -- -- my game in a group well and he's has locked them out their client and get better and producer I think obviously it's -- I mentioned your experience with both John Ferrell and torrent of fellow in the Cleveland organization did that play into your decision as well. Yeah a little bit you know way I think it made a lot easier it can't -- routine or you're the manager and coaches act -- They're down and sort of the post also you know he's been through some answers you've been gone so long to come and try to make it team. Which you don't -- Our record itself further. That bloggers and and you listen to their current numbers are out here to push here and have a communication and that's a couple of -- that's been huge. I did you go outside of out of outside of your sport. To talk to people after you had. Micros a micro fracture surgery on both knees to talk to anybody who had gone through it for inspiration. And it was or somebody who. Who you went through and an it help get you through this thing. Not gorilla you know I -- -- different medical opinion. You know as far as like players I really didn't like there's anyone had gone through a particular situation you know the my practice with a lot of other things too so early -- me when I prepared -- -- elect Europe you know alone in the dark on how to define your way out. You know apprentice finale -- real supporters and human Nolte at Sonoma that is open or else all and now is hosting network behind you like to get -- that had on a -- program like game plan. You're joining a team that's the defending World Series champions are coming into a clubhouse where. You know some guys but maybe not some other guys we've heard a lot about the atmosphere in that clubhouse what have you found it to me. I actually you know -- -- -- -- -- shot slightly and they do the right away you know a couple of every day it's been. Exciting and to act you know to get back to back up and you know feel the guys surprises but you know what he's got an outsider -- there have taught. Credible treatment -- last year great turnout and to be part of the -- is not an effort -- -- -- What's your maintenance like after a game because I'm kind of picturing you with like 37 ice bags on various parts of your body. Yeah I setup and the -- Every day that's on and it did bill. You know it's sort you know I mean I don't mind going -- -- early treatment -- -- -- treatment. Now bluntly to go. Would you tell the 25 year old version of Grady Sizemore anything right now. -- don't built host the Rangers try to play the Soviet heroes -- started and fight through. Like you're cramming it in doubt but one thing I -- learn you know when you're injured. You know there's no noted that battled through it interpreted as a hero and and go about their play he just don't have it that's only gonna create more problems. And with your comeback now Grady is -- center field that said is that the only position that year. Comfortable playing -- interest in applying for the Red Sox. You know I think it's probably going to be a little bit tired last. Or there -- a little bit since scramble sides let -- senator you know trying to get a couple of bumble positions. -- in -- and it is a critical. And some guys say in the as far as a lineup is concerned. Hey can bat lead off that's -- he badly 67 that's okay too how about you. Did it didn't matter -- says respond -- as oughta ask and I'll. I'll go out there and where that put -- it is -- And he got the idea have they given you any indication of when they're gonna. Start to finalize this roster and give you an idea where you're gonna -- Nine and I haven't. From here and -- that you know I think it had to do the same way -- -- -- -- -- You know outlook on the field you know the body holds up so. And I decide just -- has stated it and and come on don't. -- would it mean more to you to be a starting center field this year then maybe when you first start your career got your first starting job. Just because of all the things you've gone through over these last four years. You know I think all appreciate it a lot more in as a young kid you're just happy to be there next Saturday. It is don't know what you know you don't really know what what does have to go out there now -- -- golf for so -- and -- -- in particular community have a much better appreciation. All the little things that you're going to this this game that -- It's sort of be happier and get back and play baseball again. Play your plane tonight against the Yankees. Well good luck to -- it's been fun watching you play in the spring so far we wish you the best of luck is is you continue on here. Great decorating that is -- Grady Sizemore Red Sox center fielder. Who I think he's got a pretty level head about him concerning this whole thing and where he's Latin. Where he hopes to get to I think he's he's probably down playing. Probably down luxury he did say he. It's it's gone better physically and even expected to go on a grizzly -- the line and a good place. That is or are you all the way back and look you'll be great. If Grady Sizemore to play 125 games a dimension but. If you are banking on that you're insane they're totally insane to think he's gonna be capable of doing that may be a miracle happens at four years after. All these devastating injuries micro fracture surgery that's. Some are all on both knees this is like some mart's bottom our -- for there right this is legitimate stopped disorder that is I think. How realistically -- the season so you can get eighty games out of him. That's OK so he's eighty games out of Grady Sizemore historical -- -- Bradley junior. If you're counting on him 480 game. I have eighty games. Which Shane Victorino. In center field. And Daniel Nava who are you today in dollars right who are also saying by the way that they're working Daniel not into some games in center field -- next week or -- about that I don't like that at all. Again we're talking about spot duty I'll give the guy I think that's spot duty for possession that you got to be able to play every I don't want to separate Daniel -- spot -- its second basing that Mike I think we're circled around the same argument I'm making the same argument and -- are you saying like. They gonna play Grady Sizemore to -- bricks. Just play -- out there -- for -- -- if there -- -- -- -- -- -- and nobody but it platoon him with Jackie Bradley give Jackie half the games. At that position until one of them distinguish themselves what the other. It where where today -- -- me at Twitter situation or not there which is semantics when a Twitter situation Grady Sizemore. Is does that make sense for Jackie Bradley just to who rot away on the bench in Boston now doesn't but he wouldn't do that anyway. So you think Grady Sizemore playing every day complaint. Every day it's going to be -- going to be a mix Nancy actually ended -- and make this where we disagree on this one Michael I think that if Grady Sizemore. Makes this team he's the starting -- center fielder. It because they've come to the determination. That he's a five day out of seven kind of guy yeah I would group because -- they are not on the Rocco Baldelli situation again. With a guy who you know he can play today but he can't go tomorrow suites that come out there that -- Wednesday but he's got to sit Thursday and Friday. They're not gonna do that -- And and it has my brother from my AT&T text mother right here says how do you know victory in all the -- Think you're -- you know -- I don't stop that stop that anybody argument. Victor Reno was banged up last year Victor Reno is banged up right now in spring training. So you've got two guys in your outfield. Your your theoretical starting outfield. Grady -- Shane Victorino. Who you have your high on for injury reasons. It's even more reason to bring in the personal defensively Jackie Bradley junior who can play standard do -- jobs and in center field. -- can do the job and right. I know we can play defensively. I don't believe in it'll know right now. And I I don't I can't afford a hole in my in my batting order and bring it but ring him up later that if that's the case of what these guys breaks down and is a need for Jackie Bradley fine. But as long as these players are healthy put them on the field let them play till they break and let -- get the bats need to Pataki because if -- -- right. Can't hit it last year. And has it all spring treat us such such certainty already have a player do not not a guy -- -- it'll never yet. I'm saying he can't yet he's not gonna get better sitting on the bench to get better. -- -- Triplett that's -- says great just what we need another fragile princess in center field waiting to break down. We'll go through life latent finding that perfect guy's gonna give a 162 is. I'm not true that exist 6177797937. This telephone number eighteen tee tax minus 37937. You guys want talk about. -- Grady Sizemore and Jackie Bradley junior that means we do to Sports Radio WE yeah. I'm not gonna put it in the you know I don't know expectations -- I believe it's you know continue on the path of the old movies. An everyday player you know I think you have to also be Smart consider. -- -- -- -- And what has gone through from the surgeries. So you know I think it's an Austin or reevaluate you know every week every month and continue to try to. It's not cut out a little sooner we thought -- try to get better that's great otherwise trying to -- and I had a better day by day. What they had done that's -- -- -- and managed to better every day every day. Here's the thing that that baffles me just a little bit from folks out there. Grady Sizemore is a three time all star a two time gold Glover a one time solar slugger. Who has had injury problems. You have 750000. Dollars invested in which means if this doesn't work it means nothing to your organization. Nothing yet and given a draft pick given traded anybody he got 750000. Dollars of John Henry's money tied up and that's -- countered that. Well but my point is if it works. Great news. If it doesn't work is. Well okay that that I agree with that part but it does means this is what the problem. If it doesn't work. Jacoby Ellsbury left -- and an I don't have a problem with of the yankees' signing him to that contract in the Red Sox saying now we just not gonna go that far. What it means. That you watch Jacoby Ellsbury leave. And you really you're you're you're center field situation came down to the negatives applicant has. You're center field situation came down to a guy who sat 750000. Dollars and played two years. And eight young prospect who you're not sure. It is good enough to hit. At a Major League level. But here's the thing John Ferrell set at the start of spring training center field as Jackie Bradley junior job. His job to lose how that -- out more you know what he may have lost it. But that's a good thing for you'll be dead -- -- he's got -- be he's been outplayed by a guy who's got a track record who's got a pedigree. Who's got physical questions I understand that he gets hurt you shake hands you say go -- you move on. I don't see what the negative is here if this guy sees as the job from Jackie Bradley junior the positive not a mega that's upon not married to Jackie Bradley general America. Negative the negative is a matter of you see it this way bail out the negative as if if Grady Sizemore doesn't work he doesn't fit. The negative news. Yours you you're you're stuck with the guy playing full time with a question who's in major question mark and and if you -- If it doesn't -- We added if you if you have such Sizemore just doesn't like and these different responding Catholic two weeks and he'd take two or three weeks off. And then will give it a go at the out respond. Now you're in a situation you're in flux the entire year and for her -- Which is how you went into spring training anyway I wanted her son while John Farrell said this is Jackie Bradley -- job. That's what he said at the start of spring training he's our center field out -- Bradley being good come in for two a two week stretch out but it. He bring if if gray Sizemore says -- -- -- he might -- excited though and he hurts -- a play for two weeks to bring Jackie Bradley junior he's put about 150. Let's get the call C which you guys think 6177797937. Johns on the cellphone hey John. This -- sitting in the pre -- to Alter that situation you can get that thing so you declare browbeat the starter. And she is -- and portraying OK art. Qaeda who who partly -- who are grown and take it and did you go or more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- rather present in 48 o'clock market ticket it seat if you park pocket and got emotional victory Campbell the senator. Support Obama -- or Mike -- for whoever. What you during a victory or are you getting -- -- -- So there's no viable plan here other than. Do you side more accurate for our children start Bradley you -- got to ride it out much like it did last year Nick -- you've got to right now. Tell me. Don't tell me you'd think that that they have been better off doing. What they treat could have gone out there are -- -- I don't know I -- and being -- center field. The good that somebody with a little more are. Record at their government I they've got one of those that's Jackie Bradley junior. Well -- -- -- -- got to at some point immediately. You know bring criminal -- you gotta give this kid that the medical and Ed you've got to give a chance to play. Very and they edited it it hurt the beginning so be it but it's important. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that he said you're losing something if we win Shane Victorino goes to senator you're putting somebody else right you're not a strong defensively. Yeah yeah it's a major drop off defensively. And that's one of the keys to last year when you had Victorino in right you had -- variants that are that the Ellsbury was always great. Instinctively and -- field even -- the -- some balls but still. A very good center fielder very good right fielder. So that's why do what part of disagree with John is. Just look around and make Jackie Bradley junior in the fourth outfielder. Who was capable of playing rights and I think you need that guy if you're gonna rely on -- I want or 24 year old in that situation Michael and -- point as -- fourth outfielder. As a guy who's gonna get it was not I nearly bare spot duty there. I got like 24 year old playing virtually every single out let's let's. Forget about a year or there or gotten number of games manicure escort the questioner how many games is gonna play how many bats. -- -- Ideally. -- -- connection realistic expect. 400 ounce at three okay -- up 300 Jackie Bradley is offset Jackie Bradley against heart. Why did it at 300 at bats for Grady Sizemore. Only 300. When you're talking about as oh lead off guy. Who in a season that 700 at bats seasons in his career Dale -- for the candidates is that page right now Jacqui. No amount sizable -- I got a -- at his career -- the best -- seven -- and back 628. Public plate appearances at 74748. Plate appearances in fact in in successive years he had 706751748745. So you're talking about that guy. Cutting his production in half or more. There's a lot of opportunity opportunities for somebody else it's just a question of what somebody else to big Jackie Bradley junior. Is going to surprise -- is rushed to anoint Jackie Bradley as the next great center -- I don't think we've done. Today by the I don't he's done nothing I don't agree that if you get accused great. I think he's a guy will -- and may I don't tax -- but I don't know I don't know that he can play the position defensively yes. No doubt about data from a defensive perspective I don't really Sizemore might be better than him and you're probably -- to turn it around. -- -- is an -- -- healthy Sizemore probably leadoff guy right then we're Jackie Bradley junior is in there he's my number nine -- I tell you right. I'm not okay with allowing Jackie Bradley just work the kinks out -- the first two months of the season try to make himself. A Major League field we've gained that -- this isn't a team competing for fourth or fifth place. In their division you're trying to win games trying to get to the the playoffs that you don't have you don't play. I got a proud to have you back 200 just to play defense you gotta put guys out there. But it's when the battle -- -- says I'd rather have Jackie Bradley -- and center for 27 out tonight and not Sizemore three or four at bats tonight. I don't know I didn't I don't think detector understands what -- -- are good defense apply cold glass defensive center fielder. Mean I lost a step a little bit with the injury but I still at least one item level center field area this is not you know -- club and defensive center fielder. And Jackie Bradley junior is Willie Mays as you pointed to the question you you wanna answered the question that's out there is are you would you prefer Jackie Bradley as a part time player in Boston. Or full time player in time Pataki I think we're all assuming right now with eleven days to go for the start the season. At Grady Sizemore has done enough to win the starting center field job. A week an agreement on that so far yes so -- they were -- team today yet they're starting and so did you want to do you wanna allow you want Jackie Bradley sit there on the bench for half the week. Atmel at at best or you wanna -- every. That there are perhaps the week OK because of if he's -- the -- every day. You still haven't asked this question for me I -- let's stop avoiding it answer this question of wait. Who is that guy you've got you -- Grady Sizemore for 300 back. So who's who's give me the other 350. I don't think Ed I don't think them for 300 okay Bradley more than okay Bradley's and the pocket and in your system and the medics just. How's that -- the gimme gimme that 350 baca. See you keep trying to keep trying to make is that -- requesting it hurts because you don't you're not listening to our answer unless I don't wait what are with the way you're right at. The weight the weight you're describing it Michael Grady Sizemore can only play -- the games. If that's what -- he won't be here if he say if we say three or four game a week guy he won't be here when the season starts we're gonna bring it going to be gone. So -- not -- he's oddly enough it's Sizemore full time or bust yet it's not gonna have an adult part time platoon guy. They've you to -- Accurately excited for 750 -- It's a flyers can -- to change. For two for John Henry. Shaughnessy Morton at the -- or pay the 750000. Dollars I noticed -- -- and hooking it. Why would you why would you say 4750000. Dollar. Three time all star two time. What gold Glover one times still like yeah what you. Why would you say well you can't give us that. Perhaps are 750 grand is now we -- -- more than I 350 at best for me I think you are pretty well. -- that they brought in and year on a medical flyer if he's healthy he plays if he's not healthy he's gone. I'll be healthy you'll stay on the roster even -- is a part time player and I got a guy like that a veteran. That can obviously -- -- field I declaring -- -- this arrangement is with them because you know maybe they say here well look we want -- But you know you're our bench guy platoon guy and some other team on Major League Baseball is what we've seen enough -- spring training -- 3820. He's looking great defensively I want as my everyday center fielder my guess is he wouldn't be here as a part time platoon bench player. I just don't see that I don't see it makes sense for them or for him I don't how gold backed Jackie -- I don't know how would help his development platoon I think at his age and his state of his career he has been playing every day to learn to be in Major League -- And -- -- -- just I don't think it works any level whether it's football baseball basketball whatever. I think it doesn't help development if you're playing every third day. At the slope it's great to be here it's great to work with these coaches -- you gotta be played every day Mike gotta be playing home every single day. I'll meet you hear. His comment there man I believe and build bridges. Chris manic -- reach across the -- view and -- -- -- -- it is good for Jackie Bradley junior to play every day. It is better for the team. To have him here just in case. Things get hit just in case he gets chaotic with this. We're not supporting him decide theory of -- from 49 minutes down the street it's always easy to get impact here in those situations after -- school but -- -- -- was Siberia perhaps it is looking explaining green Biller some than OK maybe but recent attack it. They bring -- guys well. -- -- Amtrak. I don't World Series champion Boston Red Sox and you guys. Tell me if it's a party. With you Nancy dale maybe have a different theory. True keeps saying that it is it's unrealistic to expect a lot out of Grady Sizemore. So go -- and explain. I'm not expecting that much. Does -- an appellate medically not expectations. Probably a mile I've done well -- -- -- -- low expectation man -- and -- gauntlet that insulin needs somebody when when Grady Sizemore back going to be in there. I need somebody to do the job the Astros. I wanna go in there Jason's in Portsmouth page Jason. Hello Jason Jason. I'll put him on hold explain that hole and second delay thing -- on our case in Bedford -- Keith I don't. -- -- Bomb I am totally I would Michael on SN -- I I can't remember the last time you are so far off. I think we're sitting in really top -- right now we've got. To all the guys playing right and center inside more and Victor Reno and we got a young guys sitting on the bench. -- jump in the sixth inning and seventh inning or whatever. Do us all of a little bit. I can't believe they did they'd figured turning this into a disaster because it's -- work late. I guess my question is best. What you know it is that more important. Break a break Bradley sitting on the bench. Two -- the guys. Or is it do we need carpet and by the way I mean. Are we really clearing it Jackie Bradley and I think that's playing every day stop this crap dale. And it would dude will respectfully disagree that's all -- -- 24 year old guys better off plain everyday yes. Well he would be but by the -- Needham I'd like Michael said. -- that team needs them on the bench. It bought it all you were worried about keep what's this year. I'd agree with but I think there's a risk though there's a risk in bringing him up and playing and every other day because he's very much still in the developmental phase of his career and you don't want to lose these guys mentally. You know what -- hand the job degree Sizemore. Evan sitting up here twirling his thumbs for three or four days out of the week you want him somewhere playing. Keeping his right focus Brandt and job program yet and Debra yeah you'd you'd you don't want a cap this guy sitting up here just sitting on the bench you need it down their focusing on baseball. And showing you hit. 6177797937. Is the telephone number the AT&T text line. 37937. Whole bunch of B of wade in there hop on board you like to do that. Some of us think Jackie Bradley junior always better off its. Playing and attack and every day if he can't play every day here some of us think he's better off being here and being you know a guy who can jump in at a moment's notice will CB you'd think we -- -- You know better than expected I didn't I didn't particularly in here and be able to. Pushing this fast and -- -- the art so early on but I have to compete in this country handle that more you have -- set some records described it your confidence you. Everything handed out there and stay out there and they'll. I felt it everyday -- it and -- it. Just push push. Deployments -- intensity every day and now or about. He sent back there just -- -- certain -- injuries I mean just spoke on plan. At Grady Sizemore who joined us earlier in the hour and sort of touched off this whole discussion. To the text or who imports Michael -- get a different co host because I disagree with -- And who says the younger players never better for the job in the kiss -- veteran here let me today clearly it's not up to me. -- would be in this situation in the first place let me just make exactly exactly go to the -- ought to be -- -- let me make this clear TOK if Jackie Bradley junior is better -- Playing every day. Make it near center fielder which they did by the way coming into spring training it -- better quite. If Grady Sizemore is better. Play him now if you're gonna tell me both are helping salary -- Jackie Bradley juniors in the same stratosphere is Grady Sizemore. If Grady Sizemore help the he has twice the player Jackie Bradley junior. Not even close. Now maybe down the road Jackie Bradley junior was only 24. Develops becomes better I mean I'm not expecting him to be a full blown full made baseball player at the age of 24. If you're lucky he becomes Grady Sizemore -- If you're lucky. You got Grady Sizemore now -- him. But okay that makes sense what doesn't make sense to me -- -- you saying. That have Grady Sizemore can't play every day simulator yeah why. I just don't think they while opportunity is just way I don't think they're gonna carry five outfielders on this team so somebody's gonna have to go well okay well. Okay simulator but they're some I bet a 380 and not let him unless there's some guys some guys that would let go before Sizemore. And I know in the intangibles and everything of Jonny -- shore but Jonny Gomes is not untreatable. Mike Carp does not untreatable. So you know you look at some you look at those guys and I would say one of them you right. Bank can't area a hundred outfielder Gary five outfield like he did what but one of those guys. Is is attractive to another team you can get something. I probably wouldn't be Gomes but in my -- the obvious can all he's the one that and I've read stuff today about got a virtually no -- car fidelity audio -- played outfield play first base. And and give some time it hurt him so. If if you if you can make that move if you want a trait that -- away so that you leave Grady Sizemore here that's fine with me. My point is I guess and I should have stated that more clearly you're not gonna keep five outfielders I've you can get that he -- if you can get Grady Sizemore to the post season if you play him. Put to him play him three out of every six days during the week if you can get into the post season this year are much more comfortable Grady Sizemore playing center field. In a playoff game and am Jackie -- At this point seeing in seeing the kind of hitter that he's then you know the last two years I've been much more comfortable watching great -- -- up. 6177797937. Tonys -- Bridgewater hey Tony. Very hard I know. I got a it's not the -- war it's. I play a tablet almost I'd like you keep that guy and only you know. In the sky at -- spot -- -- very stable or I. I and I don't mean every day what I mean is. I don't think you can play in three days out of seven. We like that -- -- you but here's the weight of the world Bradley. Should not be -- -- law. -- am sure -- Grady Sizemore Grady Sizemore is a great defensive outfielder he scored every -- -- -- I'm not sure I agree with you there Tony. A lot I did I'd seen Grady Sizemore win a gold glove in the major leagues. Or which are they all -- and it cost a lot of -- -- in 2000. Thousands up. -- -- Oh -- are -- most injuries -- or yet one inch at a anarchy -- Atlantic yet. This guy. He's got 18 -- I would play and that's why they're successful. Eight right now not at all -- -- his -- breaks art checked back. Our -- there was goal brought the wonder are there other right now our victory go. Out there -- -- Twenty light at the plate. -- not -- You're right Leo are you don't read all. Sides or go well I don't start right don't stretch. Are they always get low skill or -- first -- -- called -- eagle -- You know -- -- -- to today over the years. Go back for Tony -- to -- had our moments. He's had some knock -- punches I have to knock out punches. All the the the spirit of a boxing the way it's supposed to be done but only very loose. Very -- on that point that he creeks will be out -- talent to get away broke down -- three guys for two positions. As this and we a look at the same way Chris medics and he does that no. My 6 o'clock at an out of what -- -- -- -- It -- your guys at 300 about player which economies the part time player Tony shut up. But that was that beautiful. We picked up a cutesy love. Till the next time he tells you shot and honestly I what I expected it's gonna happen it's inevitable they would -- open main. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good god -- plummeted chime in -- -- I think actually agree with you 100% I I think it -- Smart. Baseball decision. Bradley down in Pawtucket. In -- full time at -- Role playing time. Let them even just a little bit Lanka and -- that we -- out -- -- more experience albeit he's ready and willing to cart go down. Put him down and like a senator inside more. You know break down again. Knock on wood -- and then bring Bradley out but I I am also putting Bradley down on our docket for now. I liked at the Sizemore experience felt at that notice well -- and I think that the point. Where I was coming from here as you don't have to -- Jonny Gomes. Car you don't have to make that move now. Because. Jackie Bradley junior has options. And go back to the callers point you start the season with him in Pawtucket you keep the other guys and then maybe later on -- Sizemore breaking down we got to bring Bradley and we got to play him every day or you know we're not given -- -- then you make the move -- trade car then you trade Gomes. I can't imagine doing march. And and you know taking away an asset premier team -- in March that you may find out -- cattle which you and I. Wrote I have mentioned so if you look at it right now they're starting out -- outfield left to right -- not yes not -- ago -- war is like a marketing total victory you know yes. So then. The next guy from their perspective. Got to have them it's probably Jonny -- yes you know I know Tony's victory Gomes got -- somebody would probably not Gomes from that from their respect him. I got to four. Who sat next guy who's the next guy for the Red Sox we have to have in fourteen. If you have five -- we have to happen for our team right now. I would think they would say it's Jackie Bradley -- But don't think there's a mental part to this out if you start treating Jackie Bradley like a platoon player you start treating him like a part time player. That you risk something in his development he still at that stage might work. If you start treating him like that made you lose the possibility can be seen every day center field. This is a man with captain characteristic sets the -- like scouts like to say he has he has been a college World Series. Contributor he has been a leader he's a very confident guy. He will not think if you put him as a part time player he thinks that's your problem not part time player show these guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I note that at the top of the hour we have a little feature here that that has always been called. Or four. But in honor of the day let me just say that at the top the hour. We're gonna change the name just for today Michael okay. It's yours it's your thing. But that just for today forum for no no that's what I keep screwed it up that's a different change but this is the real change. It won't be for it for its top of the hour it'll be something.

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