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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, discusses the Celtics win over the Heat and the NBA Draft Wheel

Mar 20, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN Boston discusses the Celtics win over the Heat, the implementation of the NBA Draft Wheel, and the ongoing Vince Wilfork situation

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I Jackie McMullen joins us every single week at this time and she's on the ATP hotline Jackie -- Dario. Hello gentlemen how are we doing today. Did the free throw shooting arm survive. The great free throws for hunting graduation as these this weekend. You know I had a really bad day there I played in the morning. Played for like 2 hours in the morning. And I guess I used to be elevated his. I the obviously got -- death after like three minutes. My daughter kicked my butt and so did my son's cell we're passing the torch -- capacity of torture LE -- -- winning member of the Hanley this year. But I heard it was great success though yeah. We do we had a really good a good time a good day that would raise a lot of money and I think called view. Our listeners that donated -- -- as well so we had a good it could turn out a lot of young people which is what I like because down. -- isolated you know we just so greatly get a -- and really wish we could happen for Huntington's disease -- thanks -- everybody for their support I really appreciate it. Is the is that right -- still -- is the question. I'm glad there's a lesson on what it. But the problem led down by broke might come about to remind all you guys knew that. And I should wrap this and I didn't and I got home my thumb looked the size of like one of those cartoons when you get hit with any handle or something and so that was the real problem. You know Jack you were told commenting earlier that win last night for the Celtics in. But the fans and how excited they were for that end and say well that's. When he out of the game that that's the way it should be you know and right I'm almost at the point now I realize this team is not gonna finish in the top three or four and wanted to happen organically anyway so. Now this young group. Is that important win or you Steve still look at this kind of conflicting. Well -- the it. For the guys on the floor it's super important for the coach behind the bench it's critically important because he's trying to figure out. Who's with me here with me who put -- going -- -- you know bath has been struggling -- that I had a great game last night. Defensively too much if anything did a great job on -- And and you know the wrong though Fargo will continue because if he would -- not he's certainly played like he was last night did -- him and he was is -- he's been since he came back he looked. Fluid if you looked confident that little floater with going in and in addition abolish itself. Yes I think it is important for the guys on the floor and the coach behind the bench. And and I would get it even Danny Ainge and anyone else that wants them to get to by partnering into Wiggins or -- -- whoever it is. You get caught about a game like that you want him to win because it's Miami for crying aloud what everybody hate Miami and they hate Ray Allen even more steel which is. Confounding to me but. They -- and I. A mom like you guys I can't move past that I'm so frustrated now when -- when Gary Washburn writes it's a good way to build momentum. I just source shake my head and say. Whatever you do this year Jackie I think we'll have zero effect. And actually -- they lost every game the rest of the season. I would say how the spurs do the year before they got you know Tim -- right -- -- the Celtics did it -- at this point there's no carry over -- actually there's no momentum you can -- it's all about. Getting the best player possible. We're really carry over I think modest but I agree with you most of what you just said it's absolutely true but the number of I can't help myself in any sporting event when I see a team playing hard and playing well. It's just counterproductive to -- that hard to say. Well they deserved to win that game and then say no but they don't want to let you know it's just it's right it's human nature not to think that way. But you're right from the business perspective on that issue but I I do disagree that this. There's no carry over because Brad Stevens -- to find out. If you wanna go forward David Bradley or not. You know do they want a trade Brandon Bass in the off season or maybe they keep him CN. I guess I assume Jackie that he doesn't. I am wrong but these videos have a whole lot of saying that that if Danny Ainge. You can get it like restrictive free agent Avery Bradley back and it's not a crazy deal but he'd be back to state their decision -- Brandon Bass has already been made. By age -- up -- trader -- than you think that's still in flux in the Brad Stevens had input in those moves. I do probably probably more Avery then that Brandon Bass but I think -- but about Howard journal addict too and I think everybody just assumes -- they're back. Well they're both force. And once in awhile wonderful place five which is put in and out of position so what's the future those two in which one you wanna hang onto it. And those kind of questions but but overall -- Every team needs to win once and -- certificate would tell me that. Yeah Jack you know watching that game last night -- Avery Bradley have that game day you remind you we haven't seen here and Rondo together and I are together it is something special. Well it defensively it you know and I was thinking about this from the -- perspective after the game of course talk -- LeBron didn't play. And I actually saw him in the locker before the game I was talking with a man. Also meat pulled something out of it back -- that -- -- electrical -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- when you get electrical -- your back you know I have 45 minutes before the game you know planes and he would be the next flattery to that was another good -- -- -- but but. -- they don't eat what worries me entities like the Celtics clearly is on the lower end of the NBA Atlantic -- -- over 50% against me. And and that was because Avery Bradley and and to a lesser degree -- down the stretch we made some big shot. That you're the heat you're looking at your. Last regained all three teams this shot 50% against you you -- six in nine. It is that. Grieve for those keeping a lot to the shadow of 50% that you -- you got to defense concerns which she thought he'd never say when you -- -- It's funny we talk about the tanking aspect of Philadelphia -- Mexico now and -- I think the lottery the way it is right now Jackie's OK what I think is that the guys replacing your guide David Stern now Adam silver. He -- that -- article column yesterday on grant and and he's got Adam silver quoted in there. Any story were result -- wheelbase he says the lottery wheel is common in some way shape or form the lottery Willis coming and I think that is going to be. And it's an overreaction. To a a conversation about tanking I think the league. Has that right a big change and it is is gonna be drastic for the NBA. No that he -- here's where here's where your mistaken. Because the lottery will have been coming for about five or six years now and the architect of the by the way is none other than -- here in the yet to GM of the Boston Celtics. And there's been very it's. Incarnations. Of the we'll -- original one went so everybody -- Once every thirty years and you go to 12796. Sam I don't have it exactly that the that was one of the first -- then what -- came up with woods. Do we needed to -- like clusters so you pick one treat sick. One year and then you pick 25 through thirty let's say somewhere in there at the next so they'd been various. Tweaks to the lottery wheel on the lottery concept and this has been going on a long time so this is not a knee jerk reaction to this year that had been in the works for. Quite a while we're just hearing about publicly for the first. I guess I like all right. I thought I was sitting down looking at it with them they'll gain him like Aaron that the only analytic it's fascinating I'm gonna. Whenever get a chance that like to write about it because it's set its ability it's a really interesting. Concept. CNN the with the quote that popped out to me was like mark Cuban's quote source mark guy. And he says I I like it in theory the question I have is how do you sell hope so say -- Milwaukee this year you know. If not in lackluster year of the 13 set right in the cluster of 25 to thirty how. How do you sell your fan base how do you promote your sport knowing that there -- in that light at the end of the tunnel health do you build a team when he kicked it created to come to certain destinations. That's a fair point it's not perfect. This this whole concept. The the other thing that you hear the criticism you hear a lot about -- if you blow that first pick for that second pick you it's a while before you get another crack at it. But my feeling about that it could do your job to back do your job right. So I would like to see. -- some -- some form of what Mike Mike aired just a brilliant guy and I'd like to see some form of his handiwork come to pass because I know he's been working on it for a long time. On the status -- fantastic mind he would he's. You know reasonable enough guy to adjust. And listen to people and to try to eliminate some of the criticisms of the original concept so I think it will come I don't think it's imminent. But I think Mike Mike and answer the people working on it with and now we'll come up with something really cannot I'd like to see it. Your second carriers ask Max last night Comcast but the league MVP now LeBron is one for the last five years and I think there's different street best player in the league MVP. It yet he still says LeBron as the MVP -- can can you look what Kevin Durant is doing without Westbrook this. This stretch a long stretch of the seasons and he is more deserving this year. What you have LeBron. I think you know I've. It's a really good question. I've been leading towards -- Because because LeBron hasn't been great because the minute direct -- get a lot of publicity LeBron just -- it -- But I will say that you know that he dropped that 61. That's what made it a -- six and nine so make of that what you will. I think LeBron is it's. The best player in the world but I think Kevin Durant is having an MVP he's. The college basketball scene local yellow there shake up Jackie was Steve Donahue. Finally getting the -- their BC. -- Tommy M workers name has come up and occur obviously the duke connection went to Michigan. I'm not a great stretch there but has gone to Harvard and been terrific there do you do you believe the reports that he is the number one top line choice for BC to try to pry him away. Well with -- caveat that I don't know report these past -- at all because I don't pretend like I have it in an attempt an obvious choice. He's dynamic he's a great recruiter what a wonderful day. You are I was gonna say franchise that at your college team you need to turn things around there he's done it. Every place he's gone I know -- -- Michigan where it was and about standing. But he makes a whole lot of sense. For Boston College if -- little bad for Harvard because they're in the NCAA tournament and that should be their time in their moment and I think it's. I'm sure he's a little frustrated because I'm sure it's been somewhat of a distraction for him and and maybe to a lesser degree his team. But boy I think BC hit a home run that they hire. Although I do think it's ironic isn't it that Boston College it's a basketball you know supposedly the biggest powerhouse in this region. Is gonna go back to back -- Ivy League coaches that's kind of ironic is that. This I think it's critic Dick is keeps them with chemical -- And I'm happy with it got a prize Pruitt and -- and and a great job with the silly noise in America god bless and keep cool down and out. Great a great candidate but -- -- if you include. Would you even -- You know that works directly. What's -- going to be. Money talks -- -- he's done a wonderful job at Providence College wonderful job he's he's terrific anyway. These big -- at. Last -- for me -- surprised a week later we still don't have any resolution on Vince Wilfork and his contract and where he's been the last couple days. Now I'm not surprised at all because I think. What the patriots are hoping that cooler heads can prevail. You know it's just made it known what he wants but doesn't mean the patriots have to do it. I think they're hoping they can still it would just be better for everybody wouldn't it if they could figure something out here better prevent better for the team I hope that work out. I was a little surprised. That can it take in this trial but you know let. It's a bit this week all of that every single day of the week so you know we hear that all the time when the players get cut. When Vrabel get shipped off to Kansas City they're told they've managed to business -- You know he's he's just plan that came to -- I I can't really criticized for. Jacki thanks is always the time to enjoy the tournament this weekend you thought Iraq that -- of a final four champ. I detailed should I know that. I'm. Wondering from me it's Florida. Yeah I would content in the front or -- all I do to yell and I have Louisville. And then I have. Who is that Michigan Michigan State is eight yet and I have Florida with a little things. Once he never went golfing. But I and it happened to have a look hot spot for Billie Dunn and that's how old am Lou I covered him back in the daily -- When he was Billy Billy Donovan before he became helped Billy Donovan and took into the final four Billy the Kid. I just think a lot of him personally and professionally. And I like I thank you can't name one Florida star but they play like a team and they play with play. So even though that's the obvious overall number one pick -- a little bit. I like that finals -- would that be -- on pitino verses to. Doing all that -- I think if the lot of people rooting for Ricky pitino appear in that one page he's got people are rooting against I've heard that a lot I wanna route right or am I did -- you know at the mentor and protege right be great. Look to see -- great story lines we journalists we do about it. -- great stuff enjoy the weekend basketball it's an oil -- next week. All right count on Jackie Mullen joins us every Thursday Jacqui brought -- you buyer friends and Toyota Nashua and by common wealth.

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