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Can the proposed NBA Draft wheel fix tanking?

Mar 20, 2014|

Mut and Lou discuss the draft wheel proposed by Grantland's Zach Lowe and whether it will fix the tanking problem in the NBA.

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It's okay. -- Butler and ID 37 WEEI I'm not talking about both sides your mouth you want guys like selling -- ruby want them to lose. Nikki feels good about a twenty point game at a loss probably not but he's improving as a player. Not a matter next year this whole momentum thing in building positive. Reinforcement and we're winning culture is bull crap. Against the spurs over the got Tim Duncan is -- Celtics who before they got a ping pong balls went their -- it -- Jeff Green put them for Ray Allen came back -- triggered KJ. Seventeen. Doesn't matter that crap does not exist there's like five guys in this team will be here next year all likelihood. That those five guys all of us. Q loss at Miami last year we can't possibly win this year I look today I don't believe -- -- by previous you know to electing a pelicans game lost an old time. It got blown up by the knicks have a competitive lower their bad teams so you're you're you're one in five in the last six. I was wrong with that I want BO six our friends and a -- talking about the MBA -- had Fred. I don't -- pressing for an. I -- always -- outlook of the out video. The Cincinnati ship captain. It feels that he hit it. And -- Carol you know we're gonna talk about that during the daily dime and today I think strikers you're right when you see that YouTube video it's gross. -- hit them or to call or what you know little real villain here is still in the -- with with. Waiting at this set up that you can get that number one draft. You've got to be so bad. -- route here why don't do if not I'll repeat all ball -- if you lock. The rubble while we're street. Well let's let's just say percentage chance you have a 25%. Chance. Now the number one overall pick your -- of the worst overall record. Fred -- hung up on which you know I still think it is their problem okay with the lottery. Andrew Luck sort of turned everything upside down in the NFL right suck for luck as he was a franchise quarterback. Special team like Indianapolis just -- Peyton Manning and it's one of those things would it would it replacement that we -- did have a backup quarterback Blake as we. The group for that that we get a guy like Andrew Luck who can change any NFL. Only that franchise quarterback. A number one picture fired got kind of change in the NBA. We've seen this before right I mean one guy can impact. An NBA game more than one guy can impact in quarterbacks probably the only one can really compare to your team's rushing at the worst -- before you know Taylor Hall Tyler Sagan. Not a Mario LeMieux back in the day with Pittsburgh but. What's a while this happened to baseball you don't really hear too much of Washington harper Strasburg. But the NBA but I still think the lottery is no guarantee you the worst team in the league. There's no guarantee. But he puts up a better position but on every sport does this does bad because in the NBA because it's one guy can change as much. Just all the attention is on this I think I don't -- I don't know how else they can deal with. I don't think we'll thing that they came up with a while ago yeah makes no sense to me. At all Zach -- Back in December for the first time released the MBAs. Apparently working on the lottery wheel. So edit its initial form and you add this one of -- I think this was say get the first pick in year one. Are -- thirty year lottery wheel -- all thirty teams in the league. Would cycle through one draft slot once every thirty years you get the first pick Sonia what do you want your trio of thirty you three have nineteen euphoria of eighteen. So every year you're slotted to pick so that you via the worst record doesn't guarantee. You get in -- -- overall -- And that was kind of joke -- bolts that we'd rather have a lottery system in place awful idea so. Six passport yesterday sacked well again the wheel of misfortune. He writes -- you eliminate tanking in the NBA star with the draft lottery. Andy says he's in second in paragraph number two after talking about Philadelphia's 21 game losing streak. In a column where he quotes Adam silver the new NBA commissioner over David Stern. He writes the wheel isn't going away. Despite initial fears it would allow consensus number one picks to -- their NBA destination. By entering the draft only when a glamour team was up next. He writes at my exam on the Celtics assistant GM and the architect the -- -- has already presented silverware and revised alternatives that would address the issue. And several others purse silver. And other sources. And it -- goes on to say not only is the wheelock going away it's being worked on revised and the draft lottery you know what is going to be gone. Apparently they don't want they don't want -- Me -- isn't the idea of the worst teams get the best players coming out of the draft the year one you get the first pick UT get the thirtieth pick. -- and very deep and any AT and big is in this new system it would be as follows is Aaron re organized it civic groups of randomly selected teams. Might hop through buckets of six picks. Say 13 61 season and then 25 through thirty then her next season at that point for all the great five years at best. Instead -- original thirty years system in which teams that cycle through each Pacific pick. -- did she win it with Vinny but Pia was under in a lottery got that that that -- that are causing problems. Because you get a bad team right I mean a team like Philly team like Milwaukee they say OK now look -- -- we are but we can get a guy that can change it weakened. We we can get a fan base excited about won't -- you can sell hope via solo five years from now. And the team that wins NBA championship. As a first pick overall. Is that we really want absolutely how random can happen and that's a joke. As a joke that it beat the concept is the worst teams get the best players. That hit. It all now have teams are sitting players to do that you'll make it up injuries to do that that's a league issue. To investigate. That a mark Cuban's right about this he says in this story can check it out a -- dot com. I liked the wheel conceptually. I think it makes it harder to sell fans on hope. And hope with a huge connecting point between the rebuilding teams and their fans absolutely. Like it a -- Milwaukee already bad teams Philadelphia. If Philadelphia so outward about it they traded Evan Turner's they would lose specifically this year the league has got to be annoyed at that on some level. It doesn't guarantee like you said the pick I think. Even if he had these buckets of of section your drafting and guess what teams are still going to tank in within those sections. Because they wanna have a lot of original six picks. So it's still the worst pick -- worst team of that sixteen bracket is I had a chance for the best pick it up practiced with its 25 pick -- first pick. So tanking still going to exist I think they're overreacting to. The -- conversation. I don't think that they are putting your perspective in this league having a top fifteen player getting up player the -- is how teams -- how else would you built. Culture make it happen because those small market teams. Aren't gonna get Noriega -- there at that get a point for a pick this year and could have maybe the eighteenth pick next year you Milwaukee. Yoga. Has -- -- no real good not Arnold weighs just relocate just used to -- it. Because it's just a hole I feel like it's an overreaction QA a copper face and about their league they don't like they don't want -- league knows the -- week. For the last three months of the year before the playoffs start. But you're overreacting to beat you -- overall the system that this is going to somehow get rid of tanking altogether but the wheel itself I go read it. Adam silver quarter extensively in this story. -- lows as tight and as any you're young Smart -- BA guy. You think it would written this column without knowing again some assurances that hey this thing is going to change. And he'll look a lot like which are right about -- -- police.

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