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Why can't we say the Bruins are the best team in the NHL?

Mar 19, 2014|

We discuss the hotness of the Bruins, and really how there isn't much debate about who's playing like the best team in the NHL right now.

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You know if it wasn't for the ridiculous of the statement might say Michael -- got the white man overboard over -- it's this August it. -- -- -- I'll -- If you're. Going to -- to god. Our governor moment right here having a moment of hard time believing. -- would be would find himself in a mosh -- somewhere in pioneer square this Seattle with this. Now -- gets missing that Rage Against The Machine is certainly what you feel you did too but at some argue things out. We have for it's like okay who do the black -- yeah. And argue rant by decree that I. Don't know local. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the adrift of -- haircut man really seven years after seven years in the -- Not really not really was. This time like the last few miss them know. Lot of what I would argue it's like I Agilent a little coral it now and not -- of all -- am -- -- ball well you're agreeing usual gravy wet ball. No no you don't LeBron James and Sony -- guy I would like one block. -- Warren director ponytail. One. We are you going -- top middle or in the -- -- -- -- a -- right on the -- baby. Territory house. Yeah I I probably should if -- -- on this a little professionally than I did just about time you got used to the three man we've that we had going -- the last couple of days. We introduced the Forman -- That means that Michael Holley of course here is always Christian -- is over here is always and I'm over here is. The last couple days in Jerry Horton from bar to bar still sports is here joining us as well so we have a fourth today. And only two -- Taken anymore baca got a big game. He got a big new evidence that you -- who retired accurate -- know I'm coaching and a fourth grade fourth great girls' basketball team. Yours is to unite and I don't head coach you're the head coach and I have -- -- -- co head coaches we take turns you know taking charge and one guy travels again takes over. The guys what exactly is labels your system to -- and I I. Sort ever regular season yes and Reynolds and -- the regular season and against zero. It zero we won zero games we we did beat our own school's third grade team or the fourth great so we beat -- -- third graders which I really -- now. Now to tell the girls that doesn't count we don't want -- course that count. Our greatest so so but we're determined well coached team you've lost you won no games in the record we had no clue what we're doing from the very -- we had no clue I listen. Just being just because you can play basketball has it does not mean you can coach it. OK so. -- more determined now all the kids play in this saint John's tournament down in because it. -- now -- saint John's saint John's and it's we are we're -- the semifinals right now. It so anyway you want to zero game yet you still qualify for the boy -- the regular season that did the -- that they are much light hearted NHL yeah at the college football bowl yeah turner started and we've we've we've lost one game -- double elimination now -- we we won three games are in the semi finals moment game where the June July and those teams in the NCAA term that they liked. -- twelve and 1512 and seventeen go on the game they win their -- Call eight. -- I like Apollo asked herself. Up for the record the arcade goers the scores are game like six to two. Six to eight to three maybe Emmys so it's it's like hockey scores. Yeah I always picture and let's be honest we had this discussion earlier -- I don't feel bad bringing this -- the year. There that they did say it to the off the -- that you know I picture you is be in that jerk coach I'm team. I got my son does say a -- lot but I am just hasn't allowed bullies so like a candidate -- -- makes it's been out. Definitely all about having fun but it is funny -- the -- we we get to the chairmanship brown. I could feel myself getting more tense and more people about what the girls are doing their fourth grade girls -- practice yesterday. And half the time they're dancing and half the time they're they're paying attention and -- that I don't know what and where they are you know so. It's it's definitely a challenge by. I don't think -- that guy. Now I -- the other extreme where everyone gets a participation throw he would. Good job Melissa at this stage yes you just dribbled the ball -- -- -- that which leads to -- a question wait a minute. Port rank in the fourth grade girl you know right yeah -- I thought the are going well now because I have a chance to taken them a fair fight. That is really the only people -- -- -- but it. There's a spectrum there and coach and for eleven years football baseball mostly but. You know there's there's a balance between just being completely uncompetitive -- a cycle like -- a -- nightmares. Because that that was the other question. At what point do you have to do as a coach repair a parent coach whoever won do you have to start taking the coaching serious. Where -- you'll become a jerk -- to -- nobody likes that but when you start making it. Serious -- not everybody's going to play. Six or is charged extra to get those kids ready for high school in order sounds like dale. With your contacts. Needs introduce coach Fauria here the coach clue surely you know coach -- Who doesn't have any problem -- not winning there is. A certain segment of Bruins nation who think coach -- gives participation trophies out. You know the criticism of coach load is. You know he rolls before -- out there he he doesn't try to win every game that he's worried that everybody's happy. Which is a load of crap by the way it's why they are as good as they are because they don't roll four lines out. Yeah I had that coach -- this kind of shuts people up here I mean he started shutting them up on the one Stanley Cup in their back in the final last -- shut up some more. It's become shut people up now. Well you know I'm not a guy here but -- allowed you to speak. You know maybe we don't know mr. hockey we know that mr. auditors are -- on the hockey minutes hockey tennis and hockey minister preached -- -- later today. From the book of numbers of course the number the numbers and so what do we make this what does this mean. Idea I said this before and you palace jump right in and disagree with me at any point you want the Iran and is that it was that I have that timing out your timing was perfect out right now if you're asked -- meet today -- which teams the best team in the National Hockey League. I think it's the -- And I know immediately detects Klein tools are all you Bruins want Q. They're two point -- The thank Italy for at least either two points behind a saint Louis blues overall on the National Hockey League. The two teams the Bruins and blues are you know like second and third in goals against in goals for -- they are clearly the two best teams. For -- the big difference this time a year when you're looking at the standings look at that category that says ROW. That's regulation and overtime points. The Bruins are clearly better than the blues and that number. By a pretty fair chunk where the blues to their credit I'm not saying this is -- criticism -- rate shoot out. You saw the Olympics -- RT JO Sheikh where they are great great shootout -- ocean and so she's so they have picked up a bunch of points and shoot out. Bruins don't even get too many shootouts to be honest -- -- -- five the entire season. The Bruins -- and by the way to shoot out disappears when you get to the playoffs the Bruins -- the best team in the NHL. I'm gonna go I don't know what you guys. I do have to give respect mr. Lewis. I would say Saint Louis because. As recently as what two weeks ago. I was hearing. From hockey team and maybe you're one of them but -- a lot of Smart -- ago wasn't -- a lot of Smart hockey B ports and the western conference's better than the Eastern Conference. So there are there in the west and they got a 101 points. You have to look you have to look at them and say okay they're better than abroad and also asked that. Well let me just let me interject -- you know the bruins' record -- against the Western Conference this year fifteen foreign four. -- -- -- In overtime art but also. In a complaint that they lost to the blue sedan not as good as the blues game Daria well I'm just saying you're you're talking about. What their record is 15441. Of those four losses to the saint Louis blues they -- feet and foreign four against that vaunted. Dominant Western Conference we're looking at this situation -- are we looking at a repeat of last year through when you when you get down to the Stanley Cup final. Last year you had Chicago Boston and we kept hearing how Chicago as well coached in Boston as well -- been. Chicago. You know -- is there answered that -- Patrice Bergeron. You've got to wrap their good and all on and on. But ultimately I think Chicago was the better team last year they had better players. They have better players in the pro. I think the best team won the Stanley Cup -- -- I think you look at saint Louis the case of if you look at top -- talent. They're top in town and it's probably better in the bruins' top in town I disagree with you okay with the Bruins lose. OK Dennis Seidenberg -- prettier right. Yes. Can you answer. Are -- to -- And bullies. Alex the -- a low is is their version of your Zdeno Chara and he's much better offensively. Betray -- younger applicant here he's got I shouldn't say is much better offensively he's not much better offensively. Zdeno Chara has more goals -- preferential does and points they're not that our our national defenseman -- and I and I am just saying he would -- you are Zdeno Chara is their Alex the torrential okay Hoosier Hoosier vote mr. And probably Adam -- When he's healthy enough to be able to play I'm and and that's one of the issues right now. I feel fairly confident you're gonna see him. When the playoffs start earlier not seeing him right now. There their leading point scorer is TJ ocean. Was got seventeen goals and 37 assess the Bruins have about four guys who were as good or better than TJ -- There they're leading goal scorers Alexander -- he's got thirty goals. Well you're leading goal scorer has won basics. I think that the Bruins are a much. Deeper forward unit in the Saint Louis -- get deeper reds and. I'm saying better detectors at home like you don't believe that of course of course I believe it. Of course -- about to sit here and say yes the Bruins are the best human hockey you have to look at the entire league when I'm saying is. We've spent a lot of time mostly here talking about the Western Conference how deep they were not suddenly. Chicago and I think game 414 for Chicago is Chicago's fallen off a bit yup. I don't know you and people in Boston probably aren't excited about San Jose because of Joseph Morton. And you still he's still have a a -- for tax on them. You look at Saint Louis. And David and and look at LA. So maybe it's got to be fair about it can't just sit here and say oh Michael Michael Bruins have. Three guys with fifty or more points the blues have three guys with fifty or more points. The Bruins have a vezina trophy caliber goaltender in Tuukka Rask. The saint Louis blues now have a vezina trophy caliber goaltender in Ryan Miller and Ryan Miller. But took a Rask has been better than -- earlier this Nebraska he's better alternatives. -- up at dale if I can win and nearly as a proud pandora app right out of Bruins pink cat nascent. As as Harlow is vast majority of Bostonians that tend to just start paying attention this time here absolutely what you say to the argument that Dave. These ten game winning streak they have completed. -- that be incorrect to disabuse me of that notion sure I wanna I wanna feel good about that while. I mean then I'll go back through the schedule just you know so we couldn't make it even more complete -- and -- even count as I'm pulling it up trying to be the exact a leading -- -- further. The Bruins and their last twelve road games are 90 entry. I mean we've talked about all these different things these streaks the Bruins and their history have had five streaks of ten wins or more. -- Juli has been the coach of three of them. In their long storied history they've had I streaks of ten or more wins closed coached three of those streaks including the one currently. They are 10010 in the last ten games they -- 90 with three in the last twelve road games. And and I am and I apologize for not having pulled this up sooner but I think in the last 25. Games. I think they've lost story. Texas is the Bruins remind him or her of the Blackhawks. Maybe they may be better also this federal -- the best team in hockey. A fellow of the bigger better team they were last year just look at. If you look at the the rankings just break it down. Top ten in the league in scoring. Top -- and the top five penalty. In goals allowed they're actually number running goals allowed now and number three are still a top five in both those categories and here's the surprising thing. And this the first time in how many years. And Boston to -- today. A power play -- the best teams only when it comes to the power play and how much time we talked about Jerry was three years anyway right every year they -- love her -- -- -- all of them are conservative. And. And -- to answer your question I'm gonna I'm gonna work backwards here during this ten game win streak they beat the New Jersey Devils a team that's struggling trying to get in a playoff spot right now debate they beat the Minnesota Wild. -- -- -- They beat the Phoenix Coyotes who wore a playoff team in the west they beat the Montreal Canadians Florida Panthers don't count they beat Tampa Bay. A team it's banging away trying to get into a playoff spot they beat the Washington Capitals they beat the New York Rangers. I mean during this ten game win streak. They've beaten some teams that matter now they haven't played. Anaheim Chicago because right now the east is playing the east the Bruins are playing the east and they're going out west that they'll have a good test Friday they go to Colorado played the avalanche. Although the avalanche got thrashed last night in Montreal six to three but they're a good team good goaltender -- and Barlow mop it'll be interesting to see if the streak continues Friday. Public -- this fact that I picked up last night that actually broke my brain a little bit arm. Correct me if I'm if I'm run Julian won his 300 game last night as the Bruins coach. In a -- right if he's second in the bruins' all time list yes of wins by coached by Art Ross now on the pink -- a but I know he's got a trophy named after. Yet slowed Julian is the best Bruins coach of your lifetime. Not of my lifetime but of pro -- back he he is the best dressed like kid and end the irony here is in this town. People like to make sport of him they like to make -- of him you know -- de -- he wants take everybody out for for ice cream after the game. This guy -- it has got the system in place oh by the way ask the Canadian Olympic team. How important -- Julian -- he was in charge of the team defense of the Canadian Olympic team he was the guy behind the bench in charge of the the penalty kill and the team defense. And they they were impregnable. Wanna cut the. And -- Bruins like in the Olympics the Canadian football -- who was who was also -- the year who was also an assistant on that team. Can Hitchcock -- can hitchhike in on it and coaches say it was -- -- expert have not gonna say. There's don't take a drink beer always gone to what I was shocked at an argument must once last night or the guy bragging about -- -- like you know a lot of Megan. Well and -- -- able -- now no decision this is. This is. You guys touched on everything you know if you're gonna talk about who the best team assure the west has. More teams. That play at a higher level consistently can you name him off LA Anaheim San Jose. Saint Louis on Chicago we're gonna see number -- game next week actually. So if they don't lose before then we're in trouble. I mean you know I think that's why you are you root for -- very very big it was on the twenty what I -- and no -- they yesterday don't be afraid don't play don't be afraid. Don't be afraid of greatness what's gonna happen today if what we're not gonna go to the game they've organized in there to blame us for the longer -- despite what will they be in the streak for the record. We were there at ten now. So game on the game on Thursday if the streak continues. Will be to tie the -- called client win streak I have to I I'm happy or fourteenth win and hardware and I Holler and I translate. See me get out the back door -- -- if if this streak continues they may play Friday in Denver. Saturday in Phoenix Monday against the Montreal Canadians they windows there at thirteen the Chicago game would be the erratically. They're fourteenth straight win which would tie the all time Bruins franchise record. So here's here's the Bruins do that I can relate to. Today they're able to break your spirit even though you'd think you're playing at a high level even though your enthusiasm. As at a high level. You think you're in the game they have the ability. To squash your spirits I thought when we talked about this this morning. You aware that ex athlete in when you were breaking us down I thought he cats this. I mean this guy knew ye when we're talking about this because you're talking from an athletes respect and you're talking about how the Bruins as you said break your will. Well it is a thing but it's it's one nothing it's going to be and they tied up so it's 121 it's a power play at a disadvantage. -- you know 54 seconds left a bit more seconds later. The Bruins score and then they score again so now you're speaking at the crowd's into it you get new life -- -- into -- -- we can win this game. It's 31 now and it now my question is 31 in hockey. Is like what in basketball or football at what point is it a -- read suggestions much like a six to two gaming -- When your coach your. Blow out. The oh what are that Soviet exhibits three -- you're in the second period. Mean they frantically when they one example goal and not know an army Zoloft -- road -- so it's it's one of those things where as soon as you find life. As soon as -- aside. -- -- it's usually what other teams do to the Celtics the Celtics kind of move. Stick around with everybody they play top they don't give up the show a lot of effort. And the next thing you know the other team whether it -- San -- your doubts they zealous supporters are making the report is a medical clutch plays a Celtics can't do. That's what the Bruins do to everybody play at least in the last. A lot of people love about hockey. -- Loveland IQ of flights. Yeah we all don't we ought to fight so I got to find out and we got to take a very quick break this is worth holding out for find out. According to this -- Jared Norton went in on. Our rob gorges today on Twitter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It will take that break welcome back in just couple of minutes both of you who would like to help me out here because evidently. Some of these hockey neo fights need to be nudged over the edge you hop right on board you help me out as. I may not have you know the knowledge base that I need you can help me. 6177797937. As telephone number the eighteenth -- text line and lord knows it's gotten hot and heavy right now. Is 37937. Hop on board you Bruins fans this is your opportunity. And if you if you want chance to brag on your team you go right ahead if you wanna be those negative guys who wants it on on I don't know. There too hot right now that's a bad thing they need to lose some games. Especially before Thursday of Michael's got anything to say about it well we're ready to talk about I would -- 617779. 793 sevenths telephone number here at Sports Radio WEEI. No it's happened where a few guys -- don't find cracks and the different rising even as he -- as thousands came and it's always nice to see senator players that. Don't get -- for different their reasons and obviously he's been around for a long time and you know. I was a big goal he scored for us again tonight in the right now he's he's feeling that we just gotta keep going. Claude -- last night was talking about Jarome Iginla who is feeling it leads the team with 26 goals. Text in the AT&T Tex lines as dale defending management and the manager. Everything's awesome come on dale just wants look critically at something and remove your fan glasses. Okay tough guy. -- -- all called a radio station grow up there aren't and tell me exactly. What it is you should be looking critically. It's getting ugly is definitely a big player gimme a plan here all right just if it if you got a clue and I sort of doubt that that that's the case but it can't do. You call and tell me exactly what it is there is to be critical about right now concerning that hockey team and other line. Tell me when I -- critical you know what when I take the fan glasses off and I am and I stop defending the management and the manager. Only 1%. Let me do this had a had a come from not following them nearly as much as you have or release that are you either -- about it. So -- -- already ordered everybody in the room. We're here like just just virgin nice day trying to dissect -- trying to figure out who will who's in who's got value who doesn't. And as of right now. Which is to be a potential problem. There's really nothing. You can really be to grow -- they start slow every now and then at that that's an out they'd start little slow. Last night of the game four against the while the start little slow. To watch Tommy got after skate pretty fast and really challenge them but. They figured it out right away it's like there. Their ability to figure out what's going on an -- overcome a slow start. Is an asset. So the critical -- says as of right now everything looks great. Which at the Santa has OK everything looks great. Now. But two things personally so it looked at this Weaver denies that ship has sailed long time. But -- got to all right come on. None a couple of games you're you're friends apparently right now Michael what you -- done with your eyes we don't really. -- in two dale maybe we're at this point with the Bruins because. They've been so successful lately. Winning the cup and then going back and going six games with the Blackhawks last year. Maybe we reached that point like we do with all teams in this town when they reach a level of success. I would -- do and policies. That -- is why is -- the reality is this good and I don't cares is it good enough. To win the damn thing I had about a I would say. Yes okay so let's say that they could and I agree with the and that's why we're telling it just doesn't matter how you're critical of this team in this management and this coach right now. Because he can't criticize games that -- played yet. You're right that's the one thing maybe the sale -- well let's just wait it's okay five. But then tell me how you criticized whether rat now. They and the saint Louis blues are clearly it's -- the best teams in the NHL. Tell me if this is in the -- And I you're. The Bruins are so far I mean that the division is over right over our way over. Is it important in your opinion is absolutely important for them to finish with the best record. In the National Hockey League yes. Okay will get the best home record in the NHL or 287 in two okay well I'd rather I'd rather that they have home ice than I was concerned that excellent nitpick because I would look at it and say you got additional charge. Who always are set -- so that yesterday so he got Chara. You've got Jarome Iginla -- 36. You've got a a goaltender who is not gonna have any days off -- the post season starts so. You might as well start scaling back at him now that your Johnson was American last night. Maybe this is the time is an epic that's that time we start to say our voice we got this. Now we're gonna take -- would -- take your minutes down because we're going way back up in a month but that's. That's not a you -- yet that -- expect that in other words they're playing too much. -- Is that fair. Well you're asking Christian Fauria who's been just grind and his his. What's great girls into it that does not strike out trying to make a playoff run so you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- would say not think now it's -- Veteran team got some young defenseman up. Out there at the same time but majority. A veteran team with veteran leadership from quality minutes in important high consequent high high critical games. Where they've come out on one and they haven't on the other so. I wouldn't -- because that would be my issue is that they played so well. So close to the start playoff time. That the biggest question is are they peaking right now you -- it's it looks like that it like Peyton Manning led the year they were going undefeated. And the jets ended up stealing one from the Canadian Solar start August that it -- voters aren't they all other starters their. Now take -- -- -- so it's like OK so you you watch second year worried about it because -- she QBs should be doing that should be should you be. There should be easier way for you to ease off the gas considers put on the break altogether. -- says that shallow. Shallow -- the -- young defensive -- and I think that's a fair point well and and it -- concern last year because remember because of injuries. They all had to play in the ranger series all three of the young defensemen all had to commit the exact same time Seidenberg parents. Redneck forget who the other one wants all got hurt same time. They all came in in the ranger series at the exact same time they've had. Stanley Cup playoff experience so it's not like these are rookies who've never seen the bright lights in the big city -- speaking -- rookies can -- it's -- somebody. Increased and we can hear -- -- your coffee. -- -- -- -- I think maybe what I am I gonna. I saw -- venue -- holds some elbow and funny and I don't know what to do that and I I pushed the Mike green light and ordinarily. -- -- -- -- -- -- That it -- -- strong in pistols a coffee all right dale. I'll go negative -- -- the John Dennis argument that they're peaking too early look at how. -- like -- gonna go before the game to go guys who want to go out there give 75%. Are right let's we're gonna we're gonna saved 45% early -- -- and got a bank. That and Gerri I've heard that. Concern is the right -- not criticism I've heard that concern. But here's I'm -- on the play it right back in a Michael's point. What's gonna happen is if you play like that now. You can take the last two games the regular season it's AZ you're not come into the -- They did this before they have they've gone on the road at the end of the regular season and told chart you know what you just stay home. Not only can you not play you can even go -- us. And if you do those wins now if you peak now and get those points and bank those points and then get to the point where -- the divisions done. Now we've done our job with the Eastern Conference -- sit down the three most sit down. -- that's funny because you know that's a great way to manage their health so -- he is -- you want them big play you want them to be able to play at a high level. For a long period of time. So if the guys figure out how to play at that high level now ball it's all about managing their health so now I want them to plateau at that high level. So. So playing on out is the you can look at the budget different ways bothered their plan their best hockey now was it their best hockey either best best hockey isn't. A month and a half down the road would be our biggest they're just figuring it out -- and I'll take it. One step further TT it's your concern legitimate concern. If they were riding a ten game win streak because the David crate -- line was just other world and you know and it on this hot streak of biblical proportions that you know they can't sustain. But that team is right that there win in these games. Then I'd say okay you got some. They've got the best balanced scoring here they're getting contributions from all four lines if you did shut down the crate -- line Friday night. Well that's okay -- the Bergeron -- doing great. The Soderbergh -- doing great but the -- line can can produce on a consistent basis so you're not you're not relying on the east these out of body experiences for for somebody you get from everybody in the lineup. All right it's it and I was being facetious can all right that's the classic. Boston media thing to say you know it really when things are going bad. -- this guy is on and then when things are going good is that yeah but what happens when things don't go. Well you know I've met well what happened to Britney gets struck by lightning you know to me and this is. This is the classic example of that let's let's turn. Up positive into negative because it's not common at the right time based -- about the Red Sox by the -- last year from. April to the duck boat parade yet. All the way through 6177797. ID 37 Paul's and having to Europe first. Eric Garland until. Our airplane now. Yeah I know you're in order where a player. In the battle in the player are battling. A point where it. So that our whole thing it's our rat out including. Without making -- it would be looking for like -- include. And desperate battle for the top -- me. A terrible the western call to test at this point I'd say right now. Article wall and -- which can't because Iraq no guarantee that all white or not almighty. Know Gary want that home ice advantage. The same time he got up and are up to regain luck wherever a lot of time and make basic that I that the great. All old -- to period. -- sort of brought that you're open site -- What are probably 27 minutes of -- time again that make it appear yet and it maybe okay they're very. He did not play -- dirtier play for real and that and to tickle it but I say you can't panic and the fact that try to wreck the -- second call quality. Which can't. Now for the time being battle. -- an -- And and close to his credit isn't isn't backing away from that. He he started out by saying what we want to win the east we want and this was when they were five point behind Pittsburgh we want to win the east we wanna be the best team in the east we wanna have home ice advantage. And now that they see Saint Louis only two points ahead of them another -- well dammit let's go get that too. Why not go get it I chase on the cellphone a chase I don't. They got to get you -- guys -- -- -- I I would like talk a little bit about Doug Hamilton observed for dale here I think that about management and specifically. Specifically -- got a pretty good job managing thought he'd -- last probably two weeks following him being healthy scratch last week against. Montreal and I thought I would -- Monday night and I thought -- he just. Ever since he's -- that hit on spirit sort of been really focus in on and I think he's said. An enormous. So about growth and I thought -- you know he's just been. Well the last two weeks skating the puck well he's been more physical and I think the biggest hit a bogey over the last year or two with the -- and saw. I think he's he's really get into those battles I'd just like it you you guys to become that you know. I think you bring up a you bring -- a great point about the way quote is handling the defense cents. At the trade deadline that brought. On -- All of a sudden they've taken those three young defenseman Doug Hamilton sat out two games then Torre crude sat out game last night it was Matt park how -- he's taken those young defenseman. And and I don't think they're saying it explicitly I think it's more subtle -- this it's. Thank you need to pick up your game. You wanna play here you what you one are you wanna uniform hanging in your salt. Well it's it's not just automatic here. Don't get -- talking about -- he thinks he's low over rated over hyped but what is the what is -- Need to do to take his game. While I enact a caller made great point he had a hit in Saturday's game against Carolina I thought he killed this -- and it was one of those clean. Shoulder to chest open ice hits and and my Twitter. Timeline exploded with things like. Mrs. Hamilton ansari on the were criticized your son again you know stuff like Canada and all sudden Bruins nation which lows. Rough and tumble hard nosed hockey day. He has built like Tarzan but doesn't have to play like game. So I think he did need to bring it up -- -- physically and I think he started to and and I think you know. Guys like our house -- had a terrible game. Them the Monday game the Monday game here on the winning -- the wild yet terrible game -- Italian. Well implant last night Corey potter made his Bruins debut and Mac its chance to look at the game from the press box and maybe get a little different perspectives that help. Well. Help guys or is it just -- when those things haven't approach if you're not injured. And you're you're healthy scratch you're going up to ninth floor hanging out with Jack -- obamas decorate 334333330. So he's up there were Jack and brick. On the ninth floor. Are you getting a different perspective on the game where he -- so -- seen. Well one of the things guys Tellme from the ninth floor big game slows down so much you guys notice when you're watching the game on the ninth floor. It looks so much slower looks so -- it -- he -- to -- here in the middle love it it's like it's so fast I got no time to make any decisions -- got more mobile. And they watch it from the ninth floor it's you know what I probably would have a lot more time on that played and I thought I would have had. And they get a different perspective in that regard but I also think it's more mental it's like. You know what the line -- gets posted Doug Hamilton saint -- group's name it's on it it's it's not -- a question now all of a sudden it's question it's like what maybe I have to. And I do this in different terms about ten to 44 because because boards -- -- not lose and it's up to. We -- we did it what do you I am I hear this story I need to hear the story -- a breakdown -- can't make every hour now to 44. But I promise. Prompts which come -- gonna tell me the whole story about you. Taken down -- --

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