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Spring Training Report: The center field situation and Felix Doubront's rough start

Mar 18, 2014|

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Rob Bradford discuss Felix Doubront's struggles against the Yankees on Tuesday, as well as the Red Sox' center field possibilities.

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Welcome to Tampa Florida home of Steinbrenner Field where the Red Sox suffer an 81 loss to the New York Yankees are Mike -- -- yet. Joined by Red Sox senior writer and editor for WEEI dot com rob Bradford. Rob obviously the score was who's the secondary is it always is in spring training action. First of all the take away from Felix do -- he was the starter today. Coming in here and had two starts six shutout innings like very impressive today not the case. He made it into the fourth inning. It's somebody for pictures but did not have command ten hits gave up seven earned runs it was just a rough outing he just didn't have a from the get go. He says it tries to me he just didn't have it you have -- starts in spring training you just tried not to have them. Too close to the regular season and we feel it's abroad there's been one of the stories of spring training so far he's been one of the most optimistic sign that this whole starting rotation that's why they feel confident slotting him in the number three spot. But today he was very had double they were on everything he threw up there now the key is number wanna stay healthy which as you pointed I have to commend the club bounced. He's healthy and number two getting his confidence to where it needs to be coming into the last week and a half. The other thing that Felix to Bryant talked about and and we were in the clubhouse with them right after the game were you know right after he came off the mound. And he said. That the mechanics -- the team worked with him on. Guys in the off season and here early in spring training he struggled with a little bit today he said that in the couple of the innings for the Yankees got hits. And he lost his command he was hurrying up too much. Yeah IA and one of the things also earlier in the game we could see right navigate with his tempo was and get it and with him it's so so key where you want the pace you what the good base. That's how we was earlier in the campaign and he just was not comfortable and for what you would come along lines of what you said. That leads you to believe that he wasn't comfortable with -- -- wasn't comfortable with how he's throwing the ball and both say it again that you you take this start this happens every once in awhile but you wanted. Make the most of your next start because listen the week and a half -- all right and you have that confidence getting in the regular season. All right Grady Sizemore did not make the trip but Jackie Bradley junior did it's what are they big topics here in 2014. Red Sox spring training. What are the Red Sox gonna do with the first of all center field and then their outfield as a collective unit John Ferrell said before the game he was asked. You know could he envision a situation a scenario. Where his only to experience center fielders. Would be Grady Sizemore and chain victory know he said sure I could envision that. And that would obviously indicate that Jackie Bradley junior who started today played very good Satterfield he tracked the ball to center. Off the bat of Alfonzo Soriano caught it Jackie Bradley junior could start in the pocket would you be shocked by that. -- and be shocked at all because you're just talking about too many outfielders right now for not enough positions and you. If you save Grady Sizemore is healthy and they feel like he can play the -- targeted time. That you have Mike car deal not a Shane Victorino Jonny Gomes and Grady Sizemore so there's no room for Jackie Bradley. The problem they might have though is it -- victory to have been bagged up this spring training and he's the backup center fielder -- have regarding Grady Sizemore. Who might not be able play every day then. You need someone affiliated they're gonna get deal -- at center field at some point but again the ideal world. Jackie Bradley would be on this team but this isn't the ideal world. I still think he might try to do something along the lines because drags Jackie Bradley is we saw today is a good player he's done nothing. -- to force his way up the conversation is just Sizemore has forced himself and. After the game today it was John -- saying. That were not asking Jackie Bradley junior to replace Jacoby Ellsbury far from a -- leads us into our next topic. A number two with a plate for the Red Sox last year it's Kobe Neil -- obviously. Have a little gift from the Red Sox waiting for him in the Yankee clubhouse this morning. To tell us rob you were there what was behind the gift bags so to speak in front of two CoBiz locker. Well you one of the things that he had his locker was a commemorative bottle of champagne from 2013 world championship. Which Jon Lester passed along but that was just part of the entire package which the Red Sox. Equipment people -- Brought to Jacoby Ellsbury it does you wonders what are these Red Sox duffel bags doing -- -- -- Jacoby Ellsbury locker. You figure is well in the spring training he must have these yankees gear by now while the fact was is that they had put some gifts and some nick Macs or whatever. Into these duffel bags. From the team from his former teammates to pass salon because not a lot of regulars made the trip so I think that Jacoby really appreciated that. And because you never know you leave for the first time you never know how you're going to be received and I think that it is ours are pretty pretty well. And I asked -- Colby. He was out with a strained right calf that suffered over the weekend. Some of that injury over the weekend but dead Jacoby what he had to say. Rob what were your big takeaways in terms of how he's moving on and how the Red Sox are moving on. I mean he he said what he used to say in what you expect to go mobiles Mary's say that. That the Yankees came in our name and it happened very quick they won the World Series and foam -- the offseason. No one's for -- Jacoby Ellsbury for taking that type offer and I think that's the difference here there's no. Johnny Damon the Jane let me make them make the final offer a sort of thing it was. The Yankees came in global way Red Sox just were gonna go to that level he seems pretty comfortable but you drags. I think that that we saw this with Carl Crawford -- say the same he's gonna happen. Be reminded when a guy -- within organization for the entirety of their professional career. And you switch for the first time it's never an easy thing -- you're used to doing one way. All your professional career and out so -- remains to be seen what's gonna happen but I think that right now he feels pretty good about things. All right that'll be Iraq -- from a Legends Field actually now formally called Steinbrenner Field. In Tampa Florida this is the spring training home of the Yankees who claim in 81 win. Over the Boston Red Sox. On Tuesday afternoon. He is rob Bradford too cool for shades are Mike -- rally up from Steinbrenner Field here in -- but WE DI dot com.

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