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Mar 18, 2014|

LB joins Mut and Merloni in studio to talk about the red hot Bruins and their current nine game winning streak.

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Our -- what -- ID 37 WEEI your phone calls all day and a sour your phone calls on the bro it's the body -- a -- six point 77797937. AT&T text line. 379837. So. I want to thank you because you're actually here this week. -- -- apps aren't barely audiences. Aaron doesn't it make it time for -- show I do this and are -- real it's all I do this for free and I do it because I love you two guys and and and I love being -- nine and I love art and sports. So I apologize. That I might might might buy digital blog took a little vacate. And now I've I've -- I was out. So I apologize. But I don't. -- I'm just thanking you for making time for I just love having you Indio -- call it as yesterday -- that. Yes or outright -- -- -- broadcast. To a call early in the week will get a visit earlier in the week about -- that's a little violent just -- date and its MLB are not. And I love I love it it was a crazy day a streak agreed you know -- what more do. Now whiskey Irish whiskey Irish true supporting labor examples by this I'm not on hydrant. But I came I came -- the new concoction that guy. -- -- Crowley owner watches it had named it did he polar vortex it's -- duke -- pull orange dry and it took rock. It's so refreshing Crist. It's an awesome summer cocktail that's gonna take off this summer so and then put capital a lot linemen not lemon lime. In that and you go -- me this summer you can make pitchers Roberts -- status on the there's a need -- polar vortex up what she's so good and then I did Dow off the record with the Lampard Michael lands -- my old diver -- pat buddy Derek butcher. I used played twelve years that Vancouver and then now -- give -- awesome keys don't last night against the very good Minnesota one. And that's the thing in the Minnesota had been great against the brewers here Boston. Been forever since the Bruins had really lot of success. Against Minnesota he can argue that last night's game from beginning and as good as any sixty minutes the Bruins have played this year. Given how much does an opponent LB minus a couple of mental mental errors with the what did you know that are just illegal -- -- pocket and Doug -- a couple of times -- -- the one cool thing I will say is that you don't have to guys space and out at the same time. So. A couple of a couple of opportunities were were worth of thwarted because you know like got the court record your opportunity an incredible save by Tuukka but. One -- -- -- -- what one -- -- position the other ones not which allows Tuukka. Do not have to focus on that guy to his right and make the save to his laughed as incredible as the wives. It but he's focusing get that -- make that save and you know it's a number one highlights. Quality debut audience. They took that it is an out of control lately I -- he really has you know you have out of it's that yes the other day and that face off. You know bark -- general we saw on the felt the -- draw one that face -- clean was taken off the net you can out of position Peter McGuire talking about out. -- was lenient to -- bitten out political Tuukka. Saves the day there in on that one out at an even the Carolina game on Saturday you saw the game and it was a rally -- the charges collided gas and it was a breakaway and took up again the site I again it makes big stuff but man. Well when your plan really good hockey when -- -- like you you know the Bruins a plan really good hockey league might seem much said the pace the past. I haven't let you know what as much as we wanna bust -- -- he's I think he's a plus 22 Doug Hamilton a plus nineteen. Terry -- a plus thirteen. You know you you've you've got these defenseman. That there are are consistent and the Bruins and their and their carrying the pace for the sports like they get that pot. They turn that puck around they're going the other way the forwards are anticipating the -- being turned you know they they they don't even wait for for chart using a one of the guys gets it and they're they're Wheeling around going back the other way and they're catching teams on their heels and and and and the make an impact. It's only natural when streaks are all about this thing -- don't even you know getting on these guys that map Archos is actually played well last but he did not and that's fine. You know I think that Doug Hamilton has played better has been a couple times were. Here you wonder what I was doing and falling a lot it's just meters in the keys and -- out a couple of times. I think that tells people -- -- -- -- and I I gagged him a lot of credit I think you know -- it took big hits from them when you and I know you're like well you guys almost LeBron what he's trying to play the body. I Israeli daily going out of his way to do you know did you drop a shoulder to take the body and when that happens you know you have a gas on the -- sometimes. And and now but you know I again I like that he wants to be more physical he's -- you know it's good it's good to the brunt. And in and they got fourteen -- You know it's awesome you know the got a -- three game any road trip here you know back to back Jersey. Mom yen and it got dark at Colorado and Phoenix there and what they've taken points in 21 games on the road I should review in -- -- -- you're gonna worry about. What's been happening Jersey -- -- play while other teams above 500 you know on the route out and obviously you have a good game tomorrow I think these guys are ready there on a roll. You know there there -- did you know it doesn't look like anybody's tired. And whether they rather not know they'd be you know the rodeo on the Roland. It'll go to get themselves rest yeah communism in the one guy really even though. This they've had an incredible stretch does it quiet in the starting to get rumblings about because has been extended a rally Smith last night gets his goal is the first time. Eckstein gave the other goal the guy was just an additional leading to together big -- a Little League team in goals early on a year. Everyone raving about it but the stuff happens you know that right -- scores will be fifteen games. At the -- some guys targeted day at a telecasts that everyone in this lineup has gone through it now Mayweather it's ten games. Ninety's maybe fifteen indicates a rally Smith Marshall Maher started the beginning of the year twenty years old kind of frustrated pressing a little bit admitting it is -- and get that. That dirty goal in front of the net. -- -- -- -- delegate RCA you know you get general does it again what I you know that that a school of public. God that was as good as addict -- attempt -- tell you that you can aim at Syria and donors and -- -- give him picking up. But those -- worried rallies without I'm not worried about the offense for this team. Everybody pushes everybody. While on on this on a squad and got here it was awesome with the guys as I just Pierre McGuire can listen that -- at all day every -- just. He no sold much about hockey and I wrote. I I did not understand the gentleman who called it and and was dripping Peter -- rally about the Sagan trade as he noticed where Dallas is in the standings. As he noticed that guys notice we have a 22 year old who's leading the team in scoring. I mean do we you know we traded a kid that was was toxic. -- is allegedly toxic in his life you know little bit of a party year election like -- -- and everybody there was a lot of things going on outside the game you know rumblings about the parents everybody you are a lot of stuff that. -- a lot of baggage. And you train for a twenty year -- a comparator complete team player that two completely -- sent up. On -- on onion you know your top lines and it's it's India rattle the guy wants at the Boston Bruins I mean enough another mutt. I don't see any rest coming -- is your close enough mounted you you're you're like you're you're you know -- -- they're never gonna say it yet but they want you know how do you not want the presence. -- How do you not want personally you know because it's I'm there you know it's not more important in getting Chara and raskin Bergeron and -- today play another final fourteen when you went through road would you like on the road would you have liked to have had the 23 and to about 88 in -- in and -- in Boston -- last -- team has proven they can win on the road and I I I just -- I guess I thought I was going to say it. It's one it's one of those say your honor roll you gonna stay a role it was a we -- I mean the best they can do is not lose tomorrow. That's the beauty of this team is that you can actually. Synagogue he's charged double winning -- -- -- if you have to if you -- want it to why -- time it's still -- -- you can you can rest. A guy and still go out and win a game. -- rest is -- plus three. Plus 34 games. Awesome I just to be so there and put the body weight on guys I mean. I'd decide great a great pick up. I decided I think it's just to -- this team is really really really. That's -- a solid man as you know I -- an -- I've -- Saint Louis is on a roll there I think Barry 11 in their last ten San Jose's general or late care added 91 on one in their last eleven. You know they get you -- there's some good teams there's some good teams at their that the Bruins are showing that. I consistently. Their bang and -- you know that they've been doing great. I think the run and galas on all of -- sleaze is it is every lot of good talking about drama in the the other guy is counsel Albert is that. And last night not pass -- that is like Soderbergh it's notified Myers the worst 3430 hours total -- I gotta -- keep myself probably if you look at I don't want to. -- -- -- it was the pass right that set the goal up but it was how they even got the popped in the back check right right stole the -- Base there in Minnesota's socially -- -- this is back checking it and curled back around giving back to home and that's remade to be great -- Ericsson group has. Great position all hockey great threats from the double that and that's how they habit that that's that's what makes the Bruins so good right now is the forwards. At -- are committed to Claude -- its system. There they come back they come back Smart. And today they bottled in the other team up on the end up you know detonated turnovers and and they're going the other way and great job by we're seeing. To I had to go to they don't go to clear space. To give Soderbergh got opportunity come back. Across some the net for the easier opener for -- -- a couple of goals like that last night where they they got the gold because the work they did. Keep the pocket you know that that well chart got the shot on net and get -- is -- as Riley Smith. Got the rebound blurted out it's only scored because they made a great effort on the back check did to keep the puck in the zone and keep the pressure on why -- You're you're you're. Rescued nearly got to get locked right now which which if you're young guy and -- -- -- right now because it wasn't EEE -- he's gonna generally those are the best thing. The best traits cameo ever had was heat heat heat heat and let his. Teammates. Do their jobs if two guys -- according he'd he'd go to the front of that because that's where he is successful. You know severe Riley Smith of your -- young -- Right now and and Jerome a gala I mean in the roll he's on I Eagles the front of that -- he finds open space any any goals left -- right guys he allows. The other four guys to do their jobs and other guys -- yet forget that the guys -- front of their. Innuendo what's in Spain which isn't easy -- -- -- -- yeah tiger not exactly trusting in one to be involved in every right right which which doesn't work so you know just doesn't work all the time I mean it's very unique. He's on a -- this is -- not trusting your target to music it's not notes tool to guys against me in the corner but trust me I will come out of this quarter with the popsicle backed away -- Where where where my supposed to be right now where you I don't know where you're gonna and absorb my supposed to be it doesn't work -- I'd like. Puck right now I'm gonna take it from you laughter stick -- behind the net on the to do what I wanna do with -- your calls and they'll be at 617779. 7937. Go back that you mentioned Pierre embark -- the titles together to mark Dell's Q makes the mistake they -- that the goal in the breakaway help space -- offensive and clot has pissed about it and a Europe again -- read and see you put Pierre said. Now on the telecast on NBC sports you know Claude just got into map mark -- ski pretty good. Here on the bench for the mistake that he made them at the mistaken grounds that goal. As a young player like that. You know you've ever get yelled at on the bench and and how do you react in a player -- put that on your mind in the middle of the game where you're trying to make it nine in a row he played a pretty prime minister -- While that I mean that's what -- it that's how you become a better player you know it you know I was one of the -- they're gonna -- great qualities about awesome superstar players are. They could do something that would give up liberate Kuwait and the other team scores they forget about it instantly date they've they've. They locked it and put it put it you know put it up and they had they know what they did -- it doesn't happen twice you know ray Bork. Doesn't happen twice he you know he you have to move forward you have to you have to absorb it. Know you're good enough to be where you -- You know he's already he's proven he's young guy that can get the job done so those in the memory bank did did you try to get a -- not to do it again and you know it that the I really I really like the young guys and I I I the way that Clark coaches -- W dot. Jim Barry I mean these guys listen to their coaches and they respect their coaches. And they realize that you know Claude Julien is not going down -- -- -- on the bench economists as stupid idiot he's no -- me -- here. He's going down to let him know lists and -- check in well. You know absorb what you just give it a mistake and I don't wanna see it again. Well people talk about experience -- experiences learning from mistakes. And not making them again well being -- I got what did you right -- OK so we all recognizing situations they Enola. Last year or last game or last month the last week this is what I would have done now I know better if you continue to make the same mistakes again. You're not gonna make it you need to be told once if that happens the second -- better not happen a third time. -- he's gonna recognize what you know he's an Anderson was in my footwork. Did I turned did I turn right seven turning -- what will what was I supposed to be that would that made this mistake happened what's what and how why how to how to lie after. I make sure that I'm in the right position. To be the aggressor and to be the -- that doesn't get beat. And he's he's played a lot I don't think he's taken healthy scratch it's as -- Some faith and his ability that's route your calls gonna figure out between now in the playoffs. With that rotation you'll like defensively 6177797937. LB -- buyers and how has your phone calls. On all -- hockey with LB Jon at. General qualities next up on the show -- John. -- mine Lou I'll be accomplished -- eight. Eight to grab first of all I mean that's ultimately know what he knows he's going to close. I would not -- number not -- I mean he's got to be very easily integrate their for MVP I mean. He's been there for these guys to keep this I mean you know he's -- so many games they during this disaster this nine game winning streak he went right. For the nine arm took. What do wins and is the first period where the -- down down to write auto or art or Tuesday and hey guys official anybody even. He keeps a scoreless like he did it against Montreal and last night against Minnesota Wild -- huge saves there in that first period. He's been outrageous I just John -- gets a rest here I want Chad Johnson back in their tonight against New Jersey. Why are -- got I got arguably his -- I mean the -- space. Spectacular keep it seemed lost that you can get upset -- not militant and that essentially that -- so -- QB just awesome. Guys season he's cool headed man in on not his best -- authority authority already raised about the the confidence that that too good to be carries and now. And he he he's like I said he's a man among boys right now man. Well -- and I called OP you know. You sort out the picture in the Louis Eric -- met and -- -- really you know -- and -- insult the year. Trying to. You know back and sport a head injury to Bobble by I think -- -- be in good for the Bruins but he said before about doubts dollars. Were placed in involve a lot. Dirty play but I expect LB I mean they got their -- playoff -- every night in that loaded Western Conference and pilots seek it has been. I I you know I don't not -- and I'm not saying that but I'm not saying Tyler is playing bad I'm on the Tyler Sega stand by. I think I think he's -- -- phenomenal -- I think you know my my point was. The guy was calling out surely make making this out to be like a bogus trade and and when you web what I was expressing Bedard is. This is -- this is one of those trades it ends up being a win win. For for everybody I guess I was really I I would I was disappointed in the fact that they -- I didn't recognize the fact that Riley Smith. Is having a career year and he's leading you Boston drugs and. Yeah and a lot of Boston Bruins are firstly all you can do any better than Nat. Why you know I again it obviously their plans so while there -- have been you know it they've -- that went five points up -- on -- right now just. How their plank. As a team is just really really. Fine and I'm excited arm you know is fourteen ago a Marty and play out Mauna Marty on the -- -- -- -- already got these guys to one of the Stanley Cup finals. And now I was of the game last night and in Russia -- -- -- Asia are is our -- Karen. And I get to meet a bunch of Bob Bruins fans up in the sky blocks are actually -- clot on the button on the monitor I only knows button that he had yet look at those sweetheart she's the best. But on you know high and inside did get to see that -- when that went on went down and and who lit up Archos. You know I do think that -- but thank you out today that it would -- this palace -- you know obviously seven agree year. Any kind of feeling a couple of open a different type of system right in -- year Boston there were some issues maybe off the ice. But I I do think they said back then that distant agree with that and I still don't that that the contract had nothing to do with it. -- -- If you make in one point five against the cap you can continue to be patient with a player. But the -- you pay a guy six million yes you expect and demand a certain type of performance to be when he -- to a three players and team. And -- Sagan starting this year. Was gonna make five point seven against the cap and with that. You better be one of my better players you bet you pop it up and I don't want to get. Me yeah why did you better be a guy threw I counted -- that believes in his coach's system and is willing to me Tyler say -- -- -- he was Tyler Sagan was good enough to play -- -- hands. Type system and he would benefit from it what it looked elegant look a Patrice Bergeron. You know I I and I it it really barbers we mean when people refer to. Patrice is someone that doesn't state Willie kind of lumber is the guy is just he's he's he's of he's a very talented player he showed it in the Olympics he was playing he was playing with Sidney Crosby. He made Sidney Crosby better suck so don't tell me that Tyler say again. Couldn't play Claude Julien system and he chose not to. And and and where did that get him he had everything else and and you have your superstar that. That you need to be your leader to two to play the system at its best. So that everybody else follows -- so -- you know. If that's why he's -- you got an aunt and great -- he -- been doused there and indicate there did make you know they're gonna make a -- up -- maybe hopefully I'd love to see it. But I'd now he's flourished there. Because they don't play the say they don't they're not there he's in the high client -- I mean this year you video Bergeron at 65 says cap goes -- note note Lou which is at six. Great she five point 25. Bergeron is it five I mean so in -- charge it's 69 that's the high. If you got to pay a guy five point 756 million on the cap. You can't have questions he's got to be that kind of player you know Bergeron -- coach -- guys you down on the one hand it out that's why I think. They'll like we he's not ready for this week we paid in the deal unfortunately better be ready for it because he's not. It's above value and a salary cap league has to get a couple guys that equal that amount that make this better. And they're better and it is -- into you know and and not for nothing great. That we are some Winter Olympics came to a bullet confidence and as dialed his game in and novels I've outlined his eyes -- Phnom. All that they set up -- if if you -- make -- one point five. Instead of five points I think he's a beard C I think there was. I think you'll and at -- for half million bucks to go add another player I agree I think you're right about the contract outs that they were they got to a point where it. You wanna have to wait for him he is off the ice ketchup is off the ice maturity. Catch up on the you're paying him to be illegal and you can sense it -- -- -- that's how it's tied together my guy kick it away from the south I think what number of what I. Rationalize you have to rationalize that he was not committed. They committed to it to Tyler says you Tyler Sagan was committed to playing Clyde Julian. Boston Bruins hockey that that is made Claude -- the best. Coach of the Bob -- the cut it in you know maybe -- all time -- not be committed to be a professional. While that you have the EU Agassi united as he talked to me. This clown on the planet I mean I -- had one Eagles a year but it points to join us eventually and if -- elect -- second defensively on on odds -- it is auditors were do we use what we do we talked about it way it's it's -- you know but. And it all you know I just think that. With the other stuff if he -- bought -- -- system he would have been that much more successful on -- as the Bruins -- probably wouldn't. Well would have been that much more successful and and you know 11 another cup. Quick break we'll come back LB is -- a major calls on all things hockey 86177797937. AT&T excellent. They're 4379371. LB easier brought the buyer friends operated smoke shop and -- LB is doctor -- doctor these may. Doctor Robert Leonard -- Leonard who is a saved his hair metal lost creek. If you lots -- a default welcome back LB is gonna join us Mattel on New York phone calls while Sports Radio W yeah. Well. You know when we lose a guy that we thought was going to be back with us then we're -- -- -- last year so. I was being called kill and -- he's come in there and and show that the whole. Really well obviously you mention all the stats I don't have to repeat that -- just straight and so well -- that line. You know he brings us the same thing give the other guys did where his size and his scoring ability and he's a great job and again matter we're talking we're veteran here who's cut a tremendous leadership qualities so. You know again maybe not surprising to a lot of people. What he's accomplished here and certainly even had a great asset. Toward Timor because said it could have been a lot different had we not gotten him. -- -- duck adult things come at a level yesterday Mozilo. Now to 37 WEEI LB yeah yeah hang it -- has brought or two buyer friends of friends smoke shop by Seri doctor doctor. -- -- -- AT&T -- line 37937. I see -- team as of was it march 19 whatever today is winning the Stanley Cup. Well that's security planning -- parade and I wanna -- Kolb and you know. March I mean I don't. I wanna say I called it now and it's rugged it's there on the certainly Sosa the -- what twelve in -- -- final fourteen when the president stroke be. The honor roll. It's crews are accidental here clot out comical classes yeah. You enjoyed an ideal ideal audience I pointed out Pittsburgh you feel pretty good year you know what went when lute came out a few days ago accident hope we're not peaking too soon. That comment when it got back to colonial and indeed you beans Archos is -- which things were peaking too soon. I can show a lot of areas we can give Barack not meet a five I don't think clothes really happy that maybe players thought they were peaking got a little too cocky. Ethical you know and it makes some things up their plan all right. Now why don't I don't I don't think that's likely to use some use some light up our coast there was still other there was a couple -- defenseman a couple of other forwards that trap. At some brain parts last night man and and him -- those those type of opportunities in a playoff. Our series are gonna -- union so -- you know he's he never gets complacent he I mean these guys ferocious. They in him when he had coaches I mean in in in you know in a series title last week I mean basically went over and and Claude Julian hockey one won a gold medal for Canadian. So well the beauty of it -- is because of where they are with that lead. If there is something that he feels a guy my play you know is is the effort isn't there. You sell live black into this line up the other day and that's a sharp thorn is one of those guys these wanna get that guy in but. If there was a guy he could very easily send a message now what Churchill for awhile to joke but it defensemen in up to go okay you only get will be too cocky. Now we don't sit there and luckily we we we got some depth to do that now -- -- alive again I can't you know I'm I'm an Amish are important -- and match you know are they got you know dial up fourth line and yeah because that that's that's alignment. If you do Acela to go I would need to go nowhere to their lines together aha it's they're so they're so good they're so solid and and now. -- you know it the the common energy line for a reason because they bring it. You know they bring it and that you may help when a lot of the lot of games he gives -- some guys -- -- need to and again the thing to be out to begin our power player governor penalty kill. The thing with Thornton is you know obviously he's out the year as my kid would say to wrestle. You know it's -- delays and total showed only restaurant were up -- needs to stop Ressa is in good time -- box but. Yeah he's got -- is a fighter obviously he's out there. But he doesn't -- hurts you when he's never nice she never hurts you when he the other guys never you know may or may not be integrated sniper although it's got a few goals. We are you all that's that's that's -- Atlantis. Good yet and that's that's that's what they're there for. That's what they're there for that that actually three or -- -- minutes Edberg he doesn't have to buy it doesn't have to play -- -- he's awesome you know he's he's that much better on the power play that much better. And Israel issue you know just works it works. Do you believe that stuff -- -- give peaked too early as a team that's our skull is a -- the election to be their city got to win the cup. Are you concerned they won nine in a row it's on the playoffs -- I don't think so there's too many leaders in this -- in in the Boston Bruins locker room to even when which you know I don't -- coach says that. That's that's -- Lucic being a leader Arabian saying hey look you know let's silent don't be complacent. Now where you know we've won narrow but but you know we -- as we keep our heads out of the clots. See the reason I'm not concerned about it and a lot of people have talked about couple years ago. If they came off the cup win. And they had a outrageous -- in November December of 2011 they went 21. Two and -- is not an airplane other world hockey and that we got a couple text yesterday peaking too soon and this like couple years ago. The difference would be in in one stat in particular point -- and says why not as concerned. Is they don't Chara. Is averaging about a minute and a half less per game. That he did during that stretch and the reason is because during that stretch they had to go on a good -- or they started October. Read seven bright they got a slow starts daily cup hangover out of the gate which I think. Most people expected but their reaction to was OK let's let it play out -- reaction was. Pedal to the metal we gotta get back in this thing and it -- playing guys big minutes and char even during this winning streak. Is playing almost two minutes -- for top six defensemen that's a big number of those -- game. It's awesome and I don't I don't get the whole peaking too soon think Saint Louis. I -- Chicago Blackhawks beat peaking too soon look you've got you've got to have right now you've got you've got hit you know you've got the Bruins you've got. Anaheim Chicago. -- San Jose at Saint Louis. I mean to you what you've got here is a really really good hockey team that plays fundamentally sound hockey that that is supposed to beat. Don't need them the Minnesota Wild who aren't six or seven. In the west the -- supposed to beat the New Jersey doubles. There are supposed to go out west this weekend kinda -- they're gonna have their hands full with Colorado op after roster that team plan. Out of their minds had -- -- a big they're supposed to beat Phoenix suit is is in the you know the bottom half. Of the Western Conference you know so. I asked that they're not peaking yet here you know he he would be not us it's it's I think it's a competency and I mean you see him the confidence you do you feel and see in the play out there. Like last night with the wild that yet no panicked. Don't panic when when they they went up 181. Zip and then. Somebody out of middle they have the breakaway. And that there because I think was -- -- very nobody panicked because. And and snapped and lost the composure because two academy an incredible save Dade Dade. They play fundamentally good hockey. Everybody said hey listen we get a -- -- and the next thing you know the -- a big goal get the goal that they need in the third period to put begin. Yes I don't think you peaked too soon in March meager fourteen games left. That year. No you're talking about in the month of November includes into December and you've still got four once the play hockey. You know whether it was injuries -- largest grinding it out whatever might have been. But right now I mean it's march. This is what you want to be you know it's -- -- and. Up seventeen days of the Olympics and what what we talk probably before the Olympics. You know you want your team he wanted to come out of the big a Christmas breaker whatever the doldrums in January. And get on a little bit of roles -- your -- you're go going to be you know look at a lot of guys you know the -- at six hours earlier there's you know two thirds of the team that at a seventeen day break. Well you know. Shouldn't you be excited the guys kept their head in the game. I -- to physically kept in shape you know -- and son play little golf but came back. And -- has come out and Leo well besides besides that the that the first three yeah but you know you're talking 42. Two and three if I'm not mistaken as a record Lake -- in them colossal bit we're close enough step in -- enough I guess that's that's an AA it and that's gonna. And and so I just I don't see. Where you -- anyway he would feel that these guys are -- to answer you you know you wanna keep you wanna see you you wanna play at this level -- you've got to keep up with the joneses the Saint Louis is a W. -- you -- Pittsburgh. You know playoffs -- around the corner and you're gonna you're going to be in a dogfight again. And he and it's never easy as we found out last year with the Toronto maple. Taken taken the rose to seven games and then that. Incredibly. -- awesome but -- third you know compact and. And the the guy that we don't mention it on our chest arch is is -- La Lucci to ever really mentioned yet today -- I. We talk about Milan Lucic and the team is losing when the first lines not be productive and immediately comes back to -- -- task medical Lucci just be physical. There's a stretch of games now might not be all mine these games here LB. But he he sets -- tone early that there's there's a play early in the first period where. He just starts truck and and he's willing to just not lay somebody -- but putting physical shot on somebody other bit of it seems like now. At the beginning of games. He has made it a point to get himself of all this clinic that helps that higher first want to man -- you scored the goals that again is scoring -- -- having. Pretty powerful impact on setting a tone for the pro team -- I think he's at least he's a BC uses -- he deserves every penny that they -- he's a game changer. He. A massive hit that Linus is so physical and still smothering and yeah yeah I mean. You know enough and Ivan did that take on the number one -- you have a team and then they go out said the -- Berry Berry good and the number one line every team. Yeah on just makes it that much easier for for everybody behind them. Speaking of Lou teach Matthew Wilson NASA's proposed the question of FaceBook earlier today. -- -- challenger flight would you. Now and that's a question from Matthew from face but not me I know the park too respectful. I think younger and your auto sales and it will play -- -- how how our guys how to figure out that Obama do with a how how about what I feel with which broke his hand in my face. Okay and any any any me any. He was out for the playoffs but I don't you -- build out about it just instinctual of course it's a yes of course I -- and I I think tool I'm I'm the dog and every fight. I I I never say now it's all good. And I you know I. I wouldn't -- I I includes I don't want for Iowa I'll salutes his great -- the two to one down I'm tool I just turned fifty. I can't I can't I just fifty are you afraid I I announced -- 35 plus if you're 35 plus are still gorgeous 35 and under our guys. I have a son and take care of me if he's got a future of six point seven seconds and it just does not -- seven. Awesome Matthew now he wouldn't guy -- I kinda does a little Harrison wins as let's say that one of barest Lucci Teddy and I would have -- -- to. -- -- It's it's you know that tree and a day arena when there -- -- number one that in the inside track LB fights -- each. Big story PR people walk on here -- and you at this Linda distraction. EB it'll be a distraction I don't I can be a distraction. I just I just I just made up the clot from like being in the locker only three years ago you guys patched things up guy yeah well I -- that's I talked to me on everything. I mean you know Sully calls -- summer and we don't go for lunch two and a lot of furniture event and I don't I don't strange press house because he was about EU court -- -- mad because you were in their working hours in -- -- -- get something from someone and he was an -- you weren't there. I was getting my buddy rich she's -- -- sharpened yet or the east slice the ice deal that -- when he puts on for the Bruins foundation. So I used it for granted my by my old my and my old trainer -- -- Robertson. I was Estes trader -- goalie Craig -- Slater and he runs showing how he's amazing his best one of best trainers and -- the NHL but. Course you don't like guys in any way we throw an -- on me and -- skates and I just happen to go on the back Herman has an idea I think his choice words were what does this -- country club. -- anybody can come in here and and and I was -- taken aback I mean I didn't put in some time and in. -- was security and it. Didn't grow it was a lot it was an off day they lost a few games in a row I don't I don't really know I just hadn't put a lot of thought into the whole situation. And so I had I had I felt bad for keep on number one -- -- you know it was crickets funerals like. How -- guys mind standing in the hall wily detective finished the State's. And I'm -- -- -- going to stand and I kind of put you into it yet but and I we're at a charity event at seed Pete surely yes decliners today -- you know I'm really sorry worries are gone on now we're we're. I'm kind of stuff so he actually Isa was that I'll be easy if it's cute it's it's so I'm I'm happy days hitters I like -- -- -- I never say now. Rule our call our yell. -- evident tape. -- have to make the -- He called Riviera is a -- -- -- set this up I think it didn't lose all those seek. The junior Olympics for blocks and -- like gold gloves boxer -- and it had had the Red Sox and react that way to -- that kind of bothers me a little -- a -- just walking on the street rate due partly. Right for me to play in the -- team -- did that you know but again the you know I -- -- asked to run the Shelby just pop it -- I mean if it was -- -- Garden maybe you know there's going to be in this argument it's it's you know it's a new building I had nothing to that I never played in the new building. The approach I just don't you know. But now were tight not let that -- -- Now -- actually -- -- -- game -- -- nationally out of its slide right down there grab a couple of close as it needs to get that story and get some gum that there -- a lot of tape. There's a -- hockey story had to get your take on that is the story one Henry Melton who is involved an altercation the freeagent. Former Chicago bear now look at for NFL job and he did something in a fight that I'd never heard of a man doing and as a guy's been as the fight yourself a wanna know if you've heard about this will get your thoughts we come back Sports Radio WEEI. If which -- challenger flight would you. I I never say no of course you'd say yes of course I -- and I. I I think tool I'm I'm the dog and every fight. Either go you heard it LB -- a buyer says he wants to -- she is out there -- -- -- know to know that Joseph yeah it is all the crowds are trying to stir the pot yeah. The -- yeah well it is waited -- latest victim I tell me but my heart would blow up. By -- aid in the first thirty seconds of the battle I am so. Forty for example like. 6177797. Penetrated in years Tuesday that they show us -- actually -- that was going honestly you we were set their last 7970. Yarder on it you can't. I do need to get on -- garlic bogus. I work in mint julep bogus what he'd do it did just get -- -- -- went to the warmth kills a lot of things -- guys man. Over -- will this one guys sweated out I read historian and had to get your thoughts on it Henry Melton is a guy who played for the Chicago Bears recently now freeagent really. I think considered this one may be the easy the top ranked free agent left. On the board so in the top right defensive tackle. Left the board Syria as well. He's dealing with a lawsuit a one million dollar lawsuit for. He bit a man near the kidney LB is what he did his kidney he was under. He's going to be captain he's arrested for public intoxication and assault December 23. And it's at that included charges he bit a bar owner Donald Payne. In the lower back he was asked the lead disbarred -- First of all get drunk cast to leave any sort of set the smaller older and its patrons were a bunch of white trash and I mean millionaire restart there. -- asked to leave and it took a -- bad turn it took four men says the attorney. To get rid of the guy because he's a big -- in the process the decline mr. pain in the bar owner. Received a really really horrific -- for mr. -- he bit into the side near the kidney. Through the skin. Listen whatever it takes. I don't want things the cost of a bag of cash. -- So it's the American way now much we get the biting in a fight is now what does that weren't good when the -- they got such well when there's four guys on it. -- remember the grim reaper said I just immigrants and I play junior hockey with that the grim reaper he played. He said Anaheim tough different. And we pledging an idea -- training camp. We got tied up in the fight any bit MySpace. I was I was a little taken a back it to -- toll on your face -- NYU I I got my face out of anybody you know I have I have the teeth marks on the top of my cheek and and -- my undermine my cheek. Craziest moment. DOS ones that I. Keep draining campus I've had a game where if trading can't be your best buddies are sixty go to camp and I it was a it was a it was a weird at the Bartlett. Say. Half half. That's a league that you're basically handicapped but I'd I thought I never doubted me or what do you say they're ready to let your -- are what he's Adelman then by teacher pay to try to fight him again. He tried pudge is lights. -- from cross check and does a guy apologizes Biden for not regret and apologize to -- after the scrimmage so he lost his mind snapped. It happens we can do. I said so is a lot yet but this was well not at that these days gig you know guys' eyes of two minutes of these things that tilts. Are there some psychological injury there said the attorney and the thought of another human being you don't know biting through your skin piercing your skin. It's a pretty frightening experience and it's -- dangerous this happened in Dallas Texas meanwhile. One of the teams he might sign with Dallas the Dallas Cowboys Dallas Calgary arsenals -- play -- best guy on -- Jared Allen's highest rated treason laugh. That's the offseason my -- a couple of cocktails. Somebody's some restarted with them they'll play under dagger status situation towards other drunk people start -- yet your big guy. They think they just take liberties with the other billiard aptly you know they can see ya so you know there's no downside for them. I've received besides Dallas abilities from travel wise right with most court and just kind of pop in our -- Big deal VIP treatment that barred now we know it's ever it'll pay off you know -- action not trickle back to the bar which you. Taken a -- I. A lot of any body got all the shots to weigh in when he did finally -- -- -- in the value of the shots. United -- upon sodium emptied the maker in not calling your. If your shots. Don't think it's a very cash he'll settle -- with a New Jersey tonight Chad Johnson that you think to use it's I. I thought I'd you'd be it be great opportunity and I you know what's Jersey's eleventh in the east there I mean. The way the Bruins -- clarity -- I would give that you figured she hadn't and what's it. China they played them. The last week and it is back to back simply to -- in both inning gave Johnson game Saturday but it can't hit it down you know he's dressed every bit. Two guys are likely -- -- you talk about superstars superstars wanna be out there they wanna play they want the minutes. You know ID you know like big city you know very CIA he says well time -- I wanna be I wanna -- tournaments I wanna be on the top I -- -- at all. And that's that big that you get on that role in our superstars. I'll play a ton of minutes that's that's how they -- prepared Dade -- did get an irishman big get to sleep. Because they know they're gonna get the minutes and that that's what makes successful teams successful teams. I guess it's all it's all by you work immediately if you play back to back games bogeyed the next game which is basically 34 days off before you go play again right so. Maybe even better grammys after he feels good right now as we get a little more rest here I can play back to backs and then give give -- the next game -- meet three days off. -- I know and this could take sailors and you are doing your first over on a five wears a pompous Rihanna options. He got out -- and that's a -- That's addressing these guys to do for Clyde is a Glock went and and that allows him to have options to do what he. They see needs to do to keep this team. Play in the world the way -- -- can get ready for play NBC's. -- settle last night our friends at NASA and with the jacket -- zany Berkeley have the call. -- tonight will talk to you next week he'll be good to see. You back guys CoBiz and I enjoy the day peeps with -- nearly a week next week early in the week it's Coppola clearly Hewitt earlier we got I I'm here Monday. I'm here next Monday night at 118 or -- that jump though next -- -- -- myself meant no Sunday funding will just take early signing date Monday next Monday. Sixty degrees on Sunday. -- it'll McConnell to don't you eldest daughter earlier at a -- shop I was there -- doctor. Doctor Leonard thank you obviously it. Will come back and talk about imagine -- out some of the free agents while the patriots don't do somethings who have Vince Wilfork signals the Jared Allen in any other big name free agents that while there. There is no way the -- New England will tell you want to export radio W yeah.

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