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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Gene Simmons rips the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Mar 18, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Gene Simmons ripping the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame allowing hip hop artists in.

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Headlines brought -- you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible am by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do precision. Fitness equipment the -- Scott. Fashion designer -- -- part of Mick Jagger is dead. -- after rural Utah home as a teenager become a model of Paris top Hollywood stylist and finally a high end fashion designer best known -- an escrow from. Died in what is being investigated as an apparent suicide. Found dead or Manhattan apartment 10 AM yesterday no note was found there's no sign of foul play of them she. On herself on Rachel Jordan Bob Willis right -- right now we talk about this all the time and how would you like to go -- way ever how is it possible. -- 64 correct yes she's -- herself from a doorknob. The French doors at this. Whatever that French door to door knobs like what you saw campy and if it's an actual they said they found her on her -- sites she must of decided to let let it go go right. I mean got a certain white witches and I don't know -- stand up doesn't the body does human nature nature you're trying to survive Duff yeah. 64. That doesn't make any sense that another persistent founder they said that -- Part of our problem is who was overseeing her company it was six million dollars in debt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The public billion dollars a much buddies jagr -- to find that out there but she makes -- sick he's like second on the list on McCartney I would panic yet. It's going to be so she's they'll show are so tight what did you say up -- a little trouble here Kenya Kenya float me six million here get this and -- 300 million that's it for the forces -- -- and that's true yeah. And do it city had to start dating in 2000 when she's. -- Designed from -- For Nicole Kidman Oprah Winfrey Penelope Cruz and First Lady Michelle Obama. Firstly Michelle Obama. There's still opportunities include. It's fine. Which is trying to figure oh what. Pushed her over the especially ethically right asked to be something media picture fodder issues are evidently obviously. Depressed for area for a long time on issues she was 67 million dollars. And get your company was in a lot of trouble she's called persistence that c'mon over. To the apartment ninety minutes before these as the game there. If you found dealing with a scarf it is wrapped around her neck had been tied to handle French war. Police. Really strange. Wesley ward is also did you know that is over the weekend Warren commission guy no no no that's Earl Warren Jerry. Mom. Whistling Warren's child molester no thankfully no be no easy television star -- held are. Died at the age of forty night wasn't -- was famous for 132 -- score. Our guys died. Yes would you saw the program you wouldn't remember his name at least one -- you remember your program and it wouldn't be Wesley Warren's -- he passed away Friday university medical center after suffering two heart attacks in recent weeks. -- friend told the Vegas journal review we've been hospitalized for the last six weeks with infection -- for diabetes and suffered heart attacks. Wall in the hospital prior -- surgery last summer remove the ball sized growth -- used to Wear but it's -- it's his pants using the hood is a make shift Schwartzel. He couldn't get the surgically repaired. Hears us and no big secret is -- Besides the -- that makes it. Impossible for me to Wear. In normal set of trousers or or or jeans. Every step I take it's like somebody else running -- that. I draw attention everywhere I go. The world. The fiscal second so having that. It is it I don't feel the support. Of that would you balls if you let him have when he Fries. You'll. Yes and -- I think. A two run 4932. Pounds of ball -- you know that is put on public. 890%. Scored -- it. -- baggy sweatpants. The reason. Comfort them but I will say this because that's were talking knots I might might bright not surgically gone on tied. It's still good source. As yet for when the shower last night to shower last night. From the shower before the sharpest when Amir and two running to. Exercise before. Surely I'm running in place of the -- -- telling -- to try to accept that bad shape for the said the quick five minute but the shower turned out last. The steam. A totally naked my right not still hurts from the broad jump. Balls. You run naked in the bathroom in place while waiting for the show that -- this what women have sports broadens -- should get a jock strap to strap is that they needed. Five. Like where they run a regular on these fine. -- -- you should run in place. In the shower or in the -- throughout the showers on and not under the water. Obama wasting water you are wasting. Yet but you what it's really hot and -- -- BC what. Obviously your underpants on when you jog I should do yeah I didn't take off and get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Toward orange -- occupancy as she -- a few a few months -- -- -- -- general Wesley Warren did this self Chad is -- like -- The space 132 pounds having Alex in like she it's them against our -- yeah. -- -- -- Or like which one look now but somebody and -- medical students study shore. On the testicles were massive write it which is -- sent a big balls yet evidently he was big that fiscal second so having that. It is I don't feel the support. Much of the pay him to do -- he has. -- had a crate of milk crate pad. Had and we go sit down somewhere he put -- between his legs and that is Odom he'd done. Heart attack. But kiss frontman Gene Simmons does not want hip hop acts in the rock and roll hall of fame he said -- interview with radio dot com or last week they get in. A couple of weeks is the efficacy of people -- weakened the masters weekend last week also this gets in the hall of fame. Actually the 64 year old also not happy with the whole -- committee the -- more recent -- weren't invited to ceremony next month. But here's his talk about -- rap charts a few people decide what's in -- what's not to the masses to scratch their heads to your Grandmaster Flash and rock and roll hall of fame. Run DMC in Iraq for a whole thing you're killing it doesn't mean these are good artist but it'll play guitar sample they -- they going to saint. These deployed. He sang. I mean is this the -- I really -- -- Just fine for a few likely because of the concerns though he's right. It goes on the -- -- to perform it because they can get along otherwise I don't fans of the original members. Are gonna show up but not play right they gonna paint their faces. I'm sure they'll do that the band's more recent addition weren't invited to ceremony exclusions do ruled Simmons says the committee needs that are changed this is already announced. They won't perform at the public Gene Simmons is close to Mick Jagger and -- I know it's. But she's she divorced popular -- progression of capital -- have a lot to do with it. -- it can look up Gene Simmons now worth Chris talk on the legal. He cited Donna Summer -- -- example of white Disco should be its at rock liberal leader right new electors -- on my solo record -- -- on the subtle kind of artist cutesy rock. What the hell are they doing all the things that just let everyone. The regiment option following does is Smokey Robinson of the temptations -- AM yes yes -- -- it was a -- to -- but I can understand that because they -- but they were. Influential that is rock and roll the smelly -- Out you know McConnell I don't know Fitzroy and a second that emotion that rock and not as a guitar. -- it's close and rock and roll this. Grandmaster Flash I would argue that lot of guys use -- influence rock -- isn't your remote town hall of -- Sugar and would they let kiss and that. No I agree it's the media business in downtown Detroit and Minneapolis you know you're that is PC city -- -- -- -- -- -- really doesn't -- everyone gets it. Are you running up bans on notes is it -- This is -- this year. When we listen to Donna Summer. Rock. Q2 125000. Per episode it -- Gene Simmons has as much money you make kisses to the same drummer and they. There's different -- on the team they only write me a football team yeah Obama look good. Elegantly LA kisses original. -- -- -- Now it's more rock than -- of wow that is just it is now who do you -- his old town. -- -- -- -- threats this this this is the classic Disco mr. Dino it's 78 -- -- Florida Doleac nearly. It's to put the -- -- -- -- okay terrible -- and the gold. Pulls choker or that of the dark. And as -- -- a good change no TSE knows that her jewelry -- yeah you peddle cocaine spoke -- you will not anymore. You've got through that phase the of thirty years ago bought jewelry last week did you make it. Did you Wear Cologne back then. Yeah yeah I karate -- -- a lot of air Vectren. Sure enough volunteers of Columbus smoky room it's easier to get sort your Robinson in -- play -- when I get that for any song by them feared historically he's got a few minutes Smokey Robinson Bob Dylan called Smokey Robinson America's greatest public. Gene Simmons never married really we wondered how we management I was on Harry -- got to go and harder each day each day she we songs. -- Saudi pilots who didn't -- is a great soap handwriting get up. I know -- yet. How you think Donna summer's more Rocco this right we'll. -- -- Mean you know might be an. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The pressure on me. Like 617779. I think about it. Nice -- reason AT brought you by the AT and he had wells precision that is equipped excellence. The course at least. I I'm going home I'm going to nitpick or picnics. On the Bruins didn't tell me where I am wrong -- -- -- Dick's Sporting Goods commercial and we'll be right and it happened.

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