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Break up the B's! Bruins hot play has fans wanting more come post-season

Mar 17, 2014|

Dale, Michael and Christian Fauria talk about the Bruins and their incredible streak of recent hot play.

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Michael Holley and this is that -- -- There are. But I don't villagers seats -- slow. Hard coming out this show. She should show network. Go -- on your -- make you -- and you know Michael I saw you the other room and I was wondering what you -- it was just decide on -- I just wanted to make you were you were aimed at him and not at me -- did you meet every. Two to six I'll have another guest -- not get a deluge has yet come hungry it's shallow. And -- Let us that a big if I want got -- you're giggling and walked back him giggling should probably aren't probably not a good is probably yeah. Well it back and I didn't want it business as we turn our attention to the Bruins here for few minutes I did one Italian that the reason why I think. Vince Wilfork is probably not gonna go out and get the money that he's looking for. You know out there and free agency and and why I don't think he's gonna get released because he doesn't tip up the way he did before -- time job. I'm just say am I a and other -- I don't. Think that it's possible that he's going to be -- The guy we need a battle. Narratives these bell what he says -- is going to be on you just thought I forgot that. Word was has been around since 16100 what I don't know it was last used in the sixty about it read the English work hours and 1695. Savage you know five for of those you've had missed a word of the day. Is it up. Exaggerate prancing bouncing movement or manner of moving. To move especially to walk in and exaggerated Francine are bouncing away dispirited sports. Like a horse or did you ever that kind of France you know -- of events as me if you make a good play. If you if you see guys make you go play in any sport. Pick it up Ellis Chris critic and a former patriot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah actually I always it is still -- out there he was typically all over the place. -- -- -- -- -- This the guy that he was late for -- to -- is gonna be late for meetings so he took himself. To the emergency room to get himself an IV so he admitted himself into the hospital. Get an IV so they would give it while local wrist bands you know when you get admitted they kind of Toledo we marquee issue of Gloucester so whatever. So we came back with that. And a piece of -- like when you give blood a piece of -- -- it was inside of his arm -- -- and and that was it and his story was. Crazy it got to a car wreck and it -- to the hospital. And I was at the but he had proof. But he was at hospitals that's what get out of jail free card you gotta be kidding they did and they bought it now because he's -- got an accident a turning left. And -- that you did that get through no idea it was holes and historically that. Out of the hospital. Qatar hospital denies having an idea that he was hammered. It -- with you fluids -- you -- brought him back to reality. But still whole bowl restored. Exercise which -- renamed trending now the daily news. Mean. There's people out there think -- -- sponsored by Tropicana ego perhaps. Or any Jews are -- -- -- -- -- editor says there are trying to one up there I mean there's people out there at Lincoln way ahead of us in this whole thing it's going to be QC -- Juicy you -- good winning and that's good call 200%. -- -- -- Sir that's the but to -- hotel Maria mister Arnold about this this wagon that you have over that the garden. We have this interesting argument when I was -- in the show Sunday morning with with some of the of the Bruins fans there Derek there's a segment of Bruins nation bike and borrow that the Red Sox -- There's a segment out there that. Hates the idea. It's Phil Kessel is currently second in the league in scoring and Tyler -- consistently score. 88. Because they -- along with the Bruins be like if they had Tyler Sagan and their people who think this was the worst rate in the history of the Boston Bruins -- traded Tyler Sagan. And and you got these four guys rich partly it was part of the deal as well but everybody says you traded Tyler state. The what I made wise. If you had not made that deal. You wouldn't be as good a team now as you would be as you aren't at the moment if Tyler Sagan -- hear what you did not have. Riley Smith does your second line right wing and -- -- it's your third line right wing your team would not be as good. It is -- -- usually hate that. It's hard to argue against that now because of what the Bruins have done lately. And and they're strong in all areas I mean think about this being a top ten -- or -- team. We're not used to it now when asked to -- all of last and a concern about the Bruins. But I generally hate me. Well take a very good. Maybe not star player or potential a potential to be a star player take that guy. And then exchange him for two lesser talents and you rather have the two lesser talents. Then the one star player I usually don't agree with that but in this case you're absolutely right this is the whole makeup of the team and it's not just. That trade it's also. Letting -- go to Columbus and then. Regulate an important with the -- who by the way I think they're been assigned to an extension. He signed a one year deal six million dollars this year one year deal and I think they're gonna sign into an extension I think he's going to be here beyond this year. But it goes back to the hole and it and the patriots of the champion of this locally it's the team building things. It's not having the biggest name at every position it's having that that. Amalgam that getting that conglomeration. You know -- -- wanting to wait a minute big big I was doing. -- you all it was just it was just getting those guys you know to New York team. That the collection of players is better than any individual player they got. Star you've got to several stars Tom Brady's big star in this late one idea Darrelle Revis he's a big star in this lake Rob Gronkowski is a big star in this late. And the Bruins have some of those big stars as well Zdeno Chara is gonna defenseman is there is in the NHL I think he still has yet. -- plan to get it detects a lot about and maybe it's just one guy who doesn't like what he sees some -- urban a couple of episodes this year. Just a couple of where you can see his size is used against them. And and you know hit a game that made -- big mistake. The that was it buffalo. Where discount lost track. It lost in overtime -- -- lost any -- a -- -- got to realize. That that someone was right behind him he didn't know what he -- have. The first and it was the first couple of games back after the Olympic bright where I think. There were some guys who were a step often ends Zdeno Chara was one of those guys who's just fell a little step off didn't look now the last few games. He's got a little pep in his step he's jumping into the play offensively. He scored a couple of goals here recently and not just you know the big booming slap shot from the Blue Line yeah I think. If you're a championship caliber contender in the NHL you have to have a Norris caliber defense. He doesn't have to be the Norris trophy winner but it has to be a defenseman who is. That that caliber and Zdeno -- absolutely is you have to have a goaltender. Who is a vezina caliber goaltender and you got that with -- correct. -- -- ask you say Norris caliber defender are you talking about the type of a defensive defenseman. Because sometimes these north caliber guys are you know Mike Green for many years in Washington ridiculous you've got a defense on me to escort. Erik Karlsson who won the Norris trophy a year ago. You personally and Zubov had a right and I think they are talking about it that's -- no I get a bastard eyes the the Norris trophy in that regard. And and they have given -- -- guys with big offensive numbers but defensive skills -- a little lacking Zdeno Chara is as good a defensive defenseman is there is in the. Most experts guys because they were right there you you would you say they have eight offensive defenseman who's. Playing at that high level. Nelson Paul Martin's hurt right now to war picks the big hitter Martin is the guy went to the Olympics and got hurt. In -- look tang has started to skate again has been cleared to practice again I hope they're not Russian this thing. I mean it's a guy who had the exact same issue the Tedy Bruschi yet. A hole in his heart benefits for cause to stroke yet -- and but I'm just saying. That sort of issue. And and this was only. Month and a half two months ago. I hope they're not and I'm sure there and I'm I'm sure that their medical professionals were being very careful -- this thing. Although you know I look at rich Beverly down and Dallas -- an issue the week before. His heart. Stopped basically on the bench he couldn't travel with the team he was having a heart issues that in somebody cleared and apply so I never know about. -- -- -- Directors has come on del Toro looks like particles are on skates right now. Another when I don't I would disagree with -- -- their -- admitted Chara is the slowest player in the league but. I wouldn't say he's he's not a fast or last year he's not a dazzling skater I think this series turned the Stanley Cup final. Turned after what game -- -- game three were rubber. Toews came out and said it wanted to Blackhawks came out on the record and we're playing their game too much. We're we're we're stepping back from Zdeno Chara in the size and we need to go -- we need to play our game. And they did it can't catch. It was when they get Kane and Toews back calculating -- aide who said and and the other stock those guys back together again and they got help the air. I look I I I just think that. When you looked at the combination of Seidenberg in Chara. Especially the way they played in the Pittsburgh series. They just gave the Pittsburgh Penguins it's they're that good they can shut down. You know any offensive force in the National Hockey League and I know you don't have Seidenberg now I'm just saying that was was one of the keys to them getting the Stanley Cup final they have a Norris. Caliber defenseman. They've got to vezina caliber goaltender. And they've got the best balance scoring in the national hockey I think David -- -- who's the bruins' leading scores like 25 in the league in scoring or something. Which a look at plus minus the Bruins are first second third and sixth. They've got they've got this it's it's like the patriots. The way date that way they balance out the roster you know they spread it out over the 53 man roster so that if somebody does get hurt you -- guy and you can move guys around. And an I think. I think that the Bruins and Peter surely set about building his team the way Bill Belichick set about building his team and the weight bench Harrington has set about building his team. You know that we don't need we don't need Josh Hamilton. We'd squat yet you know this guy and that guy and he's gonna fit in the clubhouse and and you know that the atmosphere is right here. For a day we'd go to this game on the 27 yet what are you going to be looking for we are the -- there's a lot of genuine. Maybe four years ago -- -- here's here's here's my deal with hockey here's the hardest thing for me -- up watching hockey. Watching the -- And try to figure out who's coming on who's going off chipped chipped it. That is tough for me to watch that top media -- you not if you didn't grow up hockey beating Putin completed. There is a mouse he added in my body has this -- -- -- haven't watches practices. -- in person. You respect that game much more. They needed just watching on TV to -- to play in football if you headlined changes on the fly like acting kind of lets it make sense because these guys -- they go go go go go they're they're just beat. And then you realize that some of the rules are kinda you know the guys take advantage of some of those rules to give breaks to secure their wind you know. Com but the most important thing is -- The size and the musicality of these guys. Is is in -- speech. That's that's the one thing I -- -- liquids as the speed at how fast it is. You talk about this guy skates really well this -- good defenseman. Like just going back OK guys play defense all right. So he's a multi he's a multi. Pesky guy where he can announce he's good play deep threat but he can also -- the puck. So. Listen there's a lot things and -- at and I ask you forward -- not from the minister of hockey but from the minister of the real minister who is dale. -- you know I was gonna say text or -- you read my -- to take this to dale I was just gonna say. If you know the average length of a shift you can anticipated shift and then that's -- Texas as you can anticipated what you used to it. Is that what you would say. Choose somebody like Christian Fauria hasn't watched it. Thirty to 42 thing and that's at thirty to forty seconds what give -- thirty to forty really good hard second and get the heck out. Because here in and guys who gets stuck out there sometimes you can't make the change when you want to and also new and out there from minute a minute ten. And you see them there at such a disadvantage. Because they got nothing left in the tank it's just -- you your body can't recover. So when you see it when you watch it just think OK. Here comes the first line I'm gonna watch him for about. 35 to forty seconds then becomes about it and -- it justice on -- -- -- all the puck we watched on TV. Under no better now at HD back in the old bell is great in the old days it was hard for the older homes that fox give us a good thing glowing puck off Thomas donated from the first down dollars in football -- technology. DJ being our buddy now from WEEI dot com treated into OC said Toews said they weren't afraid of Chara but it was when it was obvious he was hurt. That at the time he said it Chara was Toews who stepped up and -- and and it was at a time when you know. If you were watching the Bruins -- any regularity. You knew he was far less than a 100% at that point. And and that's when tase you know basically said we're not afraid of -- well it was easier to not be afraid of that point. Given you know what you were dealing with I I think that for those people and and look I understand why you like Tyler -- he is a great talent. The Bruins wouldn't be as good a team of news here. And I know that's hard for people understand because will Riley Smith isn't anywhere near the player Tyler Sagan is or or Louis Ericsson isn't anywhere near the player Tyler say -- -- club. My question is that why does this happen with the Bruins this has happened twice. An American first -- was different now he didn't wanna stay here they wanted to re sign him. Phil Kessel didn't wanna sign okay that's true he didn't -- -- he didn't he he didn't wanna stay here right but in terms of types of players. You think that as much and I love me some counseling you know I do I know you do part. If not they're kind of guy. And Tyler said it was -- kind of guy. In the same general manager drafted both of like. -- why. I happen ID it's so hard to predict what eighteen year old kids are going to be when they grow up. I mean it's such a difficult thing to do you -- now on the NBA you know these young kids. And and you know of the -- -- and and you can you look ahead and see what they're going to be. I think it's hard you know some eighteen year old kid is right added juniors. And and okay what's he gonna be when he's 22. When he's 23 Wendy's you know when he's grown into his body. And I I think at times. You get it wrong now again goal back your guy they wanted him here. They wanted to re sign him he Natick Cleary didn't wanna stay here now whether you think that -- -- what is here because of -- I don't know I end and I mean that's the the perception is. -- was gonna hold him down you know and that's the the false perception buck load. He's he's the offense -- You know he wants to win games 00. The Bruins. Well I didn't check today yesterday. -- third the National Hockey League in average goals scored per game. Second in the National Hockey League and Portugal's given up per game. And put it in perspective the LA kings are first in goals against 27 in goals court. There is no team that's as highly ranked in those two categories is the Bruins are. And and the others this perception out there that -- just want to play defense uncle don't go on offense don't go up there just back your play defense that's all I care about. -- the third highest scoring team Italy. So where does that all come from and I don't have. -- -- -- second scorer in the league and Phil Kessel in the -- score in the league in Tyler Sagan they just got a whole bunch of guys who can all score. Now and I think he's this guy is saying don't score. What you say if you had to describe quote Julianne and what's most important to him what's dear to him. Is that defensive hockey and there's no -- isn't always that defense wins so that but that is his that is his focus more and it's. Arts he thinks all offense starts with defensive. If you take care of your own end. You then transition offense and you get the scoring opportunities but that's where it starts and I'll of this -- has no yet -- great system one cup in forty years. So I'm gonna blame Peter surely implode Julian for what happened here before they arrive right. Has it been since they arrived. How would the Bruins Benson street rally took over as general manager and Claude took over as coach him out and play and nearly comes in as president. Close Julian just won his 300 game as Bruins coach second most for any coach in Bruins history. They've won a Stanley Cup they've been and a Stanley Cup final -- -- Benson's these guys to Colfer. So don't tell me just one cup in forty years the gas and -- that -- -- real thing. And it did you know it and I'll -- -- on Sunday morning. Any -- and social stop with that crap because. I can't blame these guys for what. You know Michael Connell was doing here and and Mike Keenan as coach and I can only judge these guys on their track record. And their records really good don't you think. -- -- Mean a pretty good idea and their right in the mix again. This year as one of the best teams in the national hockey Italy up pats in Weymouth hey pat. He's not very. Good thanks emotional and frustrated note -- defense when he was here a little secret about those reported. But no I I think that he was and I I'm I'm not sure that Phil Kessel ever did or ever will play the kind of team defense that. It Claude Julian would like but again the Bruins still wanted to re sign him. And by the way they sign. I navigate without. And I -- who -- the big the -- like that has lacked a sense of now there are kind of up and does get old capital and not sitting in his. What were the -- to the -- -- the ranges -- played Nokia and the cherry made them agree to explain. Well in which you have to want -- you have to want to it's not. I mean you don't like it if it starts to pat I think you're right this displays so interest in the council -- -- -- like whenever you're right he was not a great defensive player. They knew it. And they still wanted to resign on so I think maybe it looked at the same way Brian Burke that we have Brian Burke on the show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I remember asking them you know Burke great team builder. You know -- I cut the -- the hockey guy why would you be interest didn't feel comfortable ethnic kind of guy. If you build -- you that you have on your team to build an LP said you can have one of can have a team full of the council's. But we can do things in other areas. To support him let him go out and do his thing. So maybe that's what the Bruins were thinking he's such a great score any if he wanted to fastest guys in the National Hockey League. On the ice to -- history on the move doing his thing. Very exciting player to watch. You kind of live with the deficiencies at long if you -- Court. And of its external keeps writing over and over and over what are dallas' stats other Bruins have slipped from second and -- our third in the NHL they averaged three point 18 goals per game their third. The Dallas Stars -- ninth they averaged two point 84 goals a game. And they've got a thirty goal scorer and Tyler second at the other thing about Sega. The Bruins didn't sign him to a contract extension they did give him the big ticket and traded him after that. As Pierre McGuire said when he was on the station earlier today. The trade of Tyler Sagan was not entirely a hockey decision. And the Bruins made that clear and behind the -- when they said there were things other then how he played on the ice that figured into their into their decision to trade him. They gave in the big ticket they gave -- the big contract extension they gave on the big money and then traded demanding. -- particular right to vote they'll have to laugh I don't care who. To know the real story behind your version. Until about the the real deal raw version. -- other folks out there one and out to.

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