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Four at Four - NCAA Edition - 3/17/14

Mar 17, 2014|

We tackle four topics all centered around the NCAA tournament and your brackets.

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Paul is wanted to play this. Or four brought to you -- see beyond your technology ally you have a business to manage to -- that lets see beyond manager technology. And by integrity. Windows and doors. All right then let us have that it. The odds are one in nine point to win two million. -- -- -- -- I do that many zeros right -- pretty similar to my chances of having anything -- happen at the club on Saturday night where Alec -- was pocket earlier you have. Brooke Shields. Don't know your old Eric. -- -- -- vote Erica well maybe Brooke Shields and now we're up Bo Derek Holland. Because Brooke Shields was. At -- no -- as my chance of the -- there could try and are glad that. It's -- time and all fans -- jump on the phenomenon that is March Madness do you find that it's actually be annoying because. That guy can't shut up about his bracket. -- guy. I thought I'd do a -- guy guy that guys undoubtedly at Syracuse graduate. You know that's actually appoint. They're all over the most annoying that our guys all answer to god you have that guy -- all I know that guy if you -- that guy is the same guy. Who calls or radio station to talk fantasy football wants to know which of his three wide receivers he should activate this week. That's the guy there isn't anybody else -- to the radio who gives a damn who your three wide receivers -- him nor which to should be active except fuel. That guy also wants you to know what his brackets like and you don't -- it practiced this. There earlier there aren't really you know what happened I thought pattern -- Fourteen over three. You know of this concede it's really surprised me in -- -- -- doubtful that you don't. They don't wanna hear it I don't -- It was not pay after the first round of games. And your bracket it's -- but it just dismantled. Do you are you still diesel have a energy -- interest to -- my final fourteen stuff we're gonna tap water they go through the back. -- -- -- Rehearsal went so much better most fans don't know a couple of basketball until it's tournament time so were the teams we should get to -- -- now before our brackets are filled out. You know I think that the team the most intriguing team to me. Would be Wichita State. Just because. It's always you'll know them that they have lost the game is here also here in the final four last year. They played anybody this year I think that's the biggest question negative -- -- -- of their division now so I as far as -- treat. -- was some undefeated teams. And -- receipt of college basketball and winning the national title you know Avi. Back when and would it be duke for the last sort of drew -- India so Indiana with Bob Knight yet. -- -- -- See I wanna learn more about either Iowa or Tennessee. All right what is that you all -- Iowa or Tennessee only because -- gonna play one of those two. Well how. They get to play this is what this is the team I was watching on Saturday night I was very very interest that. And I are olde Providence Friars capsized Creighton a Wednesday McDermott from Creighton -- because Sports Illustrated cover boy. He's got a lot of attention. Yeah. These -- how to points over his career. Hello I want to see him and I'll also wanted to see Ed Cooley former BCA assisted in what probably to bring -- -- table. They're an eleven seed but -- don't you -- they can do something so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I sold I think played DePaul me about a month ago don'ts of fraudulent solid game. They just beat the tales out of the ball and they can shoot. I -- so that I actually have winning the first two rounds. You got problems when the first yeah lately I'll tell us the rest of your all right Geraldo watch and a Oscar. Parity. Where all really humbled and I bet that those that might hometown discount -- History. All right so we've talked about some teams and some players. Podium when he -- -- targets. This. Here's my bracket writers went on Eric Reuters I have a phone alive -- yardage coming back I am that guy well you know like that forgotten what it. I like -- -- -- I actually have Louisville. -- -- when you're the worst that guy -- anticipated the -- -- don't take it away I can get over these are edited hang. I filled it out by hand you don't your colleague nothing on his record I was gonna -- and who's gonna win. First time since 1976. Were gonna go -- Virginia. So -- stuff like Virginia. Which felt that I would DOS which yeah which atop an eagle on only undefeated that's what -- what do you know now that's what I wanna see desperately. I wanna see somebody -- you wanna see history so yeah. I don't see that immediately be -- I agreement pretty great story can I don't care who wins so that -- I got a feeling Billy Donovan and -- national championship and here. Florida. My bracket. I am going along -- know what. That's exercise. Mexican ports world. Electors. We call for. I'm not. Worked in there or -- To you and tell us what you are all ago would you got it you'd have to stay I -- our. We are such front runners. -- New England is not often thought of as a hotbed for college basketball this year -- Allred represented by four teams Providence you've gone UMass and Harvard. -- take to get Boston area sports fans to invest. -- -- I -- my guys this is it's a great question and then I think Boston area where streets have invested in college basketball. How -- it at public adversity. -- question. And college sports. But those who wanted to be something more than it is are always going to be disappointed. That the coverage here. Local newspapers and recovered to college sports is very good. There are devoted sports fans in the area who talk about it who look forward to go to the games. But. It's not going to be the same level of intensity and passion. That we have for the Bruins and Celtics the patriots the Red Sox are going to be so you're looking for that. That type of involvement. -- it's just not gonna happen in Boston. -- just don't matter I I disagree with you on how much there is a local investment in college you don't get here no no I don't I don't I don't hear you know nobody wants these days there are -- Gold to go take a look at BC games coming how many folks -- they're bad they're bad basketball team. -- -- You you haven't you know -- went seven games -- sure you have good attendance at a place like stores or when Hartford when they play -- because they're -- -- ovarian or or. In Amherst because there ain't nothing else going on out there and by the way they don't sell out all the time either. You know maybe in Burlington when the University of Vermont was surprised -- people. Yet these little little isolated hot spots based on all the really good this year it's the in thing to do let's go. And then as soon as they're not that good in -- not the in thing to do they disappear. Art we're talking about what we're talking about Boston. We're doing extended we've been saying all day -- afford New England College teams in the dance. Don't wanna talk about New England UConn and it definitely into excellent. Products. Now they're good I don't know all the -- -- -- where -- with the game at the dog comedy how many people. Wasn't packed -- and it wasn't a ton of energy in there. It was a good basketball and they're winning so everybody was happy every Harvard looked. They are went active -- that that's that's a different story they got the stuff to study for not having UMass is actually. You know Bob Bryant said last night on TV's that we go with BC goes says the BC graduate. I'm an advocate that all I -- CIA team you -- big city. A lot of times is a polarizing force if you are public school person look at the private schools. You know Catholic school there are a lot of reasons. You can look at BC it's defeat you can see it as an elitist school. Maybe you weren't able to get into what whatever it. It is not. The prototypical state school brings a lot of people together everybody can get behind it. Public education on and on and on and on and typically -- -- that it would go away as. Interesting stories go with what John Calipari was never refuse to lose. Gratuitous. And talk about it sure he he knocked on every door in New England practically trying to get people to talk about it. And then in the aftermath of his departure and everything else it dried up like -- -- -- again. And you know now. They're doing well Derek -- doing a nice job they've got some interest and got -- mom happy for them. I don't hate on UMass Amherst my -- went there but as soon as as soon as that interest level -- -- -- Jericho delegates to the point where somebody goes and hires him away which so happened. Somebody else -- -- pretty hot young coach there. You know I like him. Let's bring him and a great pictures but what happens around Travis Ford -- that they were he swore up and down he was happy UMass anyone wanna be in their life great. And and that I just don't think this is not a college sports area it never has and it has momentary little blips Billy Hurley takes BC to the elite eight never allows college basketball all of a sudden Marcus Camby takes well. Promise I promise you even though the records don't say it Marcus Camby to compare this to the final four but you'll never know about it anymore. And then you know things go back to normal and interest rise up and Doug -- he's played a BC NBC football hot as a pistol. And then he's not playing their anymore and not taught. Does it take will it take happening. The best player in the country let's say for example. This will never happen but if this -- -- Boston College. They were -- 42 this year recruiting which is actually bad. If they were considering yet they were terrible -- they were terrible for a long time so the Boston College wound up with the two dating -- So you know that the best player one of the top players in college football the ticket seller game changer exciting dynamic performer. It right of the street at the height they go see him. Over that which would -- Georgia. Or a year to that he's there one year. One year I did this so uterus Colorado not known for its basketball team whilst playing. Data -- Chauncey Billups out of number. Holiday landed him was a miracle wool and create your it was a miracle because there there -- -- there -- no history -- that they're true. He's got to pay their players wives were pork bellies out here and LA -- put on like I had a -- -- -- not good enough to get it in my. I think it good to I got older. My point being Holler at his senior year so that you got good money then no solution to the oil out of the hole of the story a a fact that's up already I've -- one year one year -- it is like deals that it. You see it your best player leaves knowing nobody really cares anymore is that best players gonna give you an opportunity to win that that's a people cover the games. But at least you said at the University of Colorado not known for its basketball program but has been known and known -- football program. So at least you had there was an anchor there Colorado. What would football be the anchor a BC. Well -- would anchor what the ball Betemit you're gonna caught if you're gonna caught anchor if you're gonna give a school an -- football would crawl we -- it wouldn't be bad the most ornery. Yeah football would make sense if they can I think you get it turned around. But he did have to do it on an annual basis it would have to be perpetuating. It's not just to -- you lucked out you got to dating clowning this year. To use your example you know you got the -- dating clowning of next year -- -- -- and you got a guy who's the number three recruit the year after that. And that is never gonna happen here. Texas -- again -- equally well basically it was a BC but they were very good while he was it and sell it already did have Matt Ryan had Matt Ryan. And at one point they were the number two team in the country adjuster lock. Just look all this thing was -- these things these great things were happening -- BC. Wasn't at the same time wasn't the golden age. And bosses were like 2007. Yeah so yeah exact wrong tell us exactly who got -- got the patriots going undefeated. You've got the Celtics in championship contention you've got the Red Sox. You know winning the World Series. And oh by the way I have PCs have a -- schools Tuesday that it would everybody start to pay attention. The BC that one game -- was against Florida State. Number two -- The only sport in which new wing -- is consistently dominant is hockey. From college level on talking about and they have the ordinance it's really as good -- hockey programs as as there are in the country. But and pleased Jack Edwards don't get mad at me here. College Hockey is not as big -- deal sports wise in this country is the other sports -- so there is safe -- Rabid College Hockey fan base in new England and in Boston it is very well served with -- is go to College Hockey is there is in the country. It's it's not a. At least I just antic and to show you how so Audrey Williams running back at BC. Nobody's paying attention to anything this guys doing the entire year. Next thing you know he's three games away from rushed for 2000 -- It's in everybody's talking about it this guy's been racking up yardage week in week out. It took the local media. To finally taking notice once once that national media started -- the national media picked up on and local me is all right. -- red tape of his guys write down the street hit -- 2000 and up the sport but it is a pound don't know his name. You're absolutely right -- gates for his report remember when Pete Campbell. Wrote the story and Andre Williams and saying you know he was a great Heisman candidate this is after the season history. It it got a lot of attention now that there are people who cover BC here and they know all about Andre Williams believe you're talking about your your typical sportsman you right typical sports and this guy is right here. The ten miles away probably get -- anywhere from anywhere from five to 25 miles away from you in some cases. You don't compare that to. Oh what's what because you start looking at the stats from college football -- each week a look at okay rushing leaders you know passing leader own documents LO OK Teddy Bridgewater. NEC this long guy under way of she's always and he's like in the top pursue the top ten. You know seven top five they like holy -- this past 200 yards here too we are -- what we should start it paid attention to him. And talking about it of the beast of the week. Is -- by the way Andre Williams and Europe all over college football. Does he have a chance of being an impact player in the pros you know what doesn't I don't think he has the best hands. But the guy is -- physical runner downhill runner deceptive speed is for the breakaway ability. If -- be one of those guys. Who's a running back over Houston went to a tennis please say no not him. Analyzes. The area off they're -- yet that's have a guy where. It's not gonna be high draft pick because it's just a -- to me questions one year guy had a lot of yardage. But one of those guys are given the opportunity. He could help somebody out. 6177797937. -- telephone number AT&T text minus 37937. I'm off the hook. Just got a text from Jack Edwards is I agree with you. Should -- passed through.

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