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Patriots sign Revis, Browner, LaFell and Edelman

Mar 17, 2014|

Mut and Merloni recap the moves the Patriots have made since the beginning of free agency.

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To give -- -- little credit at the memo today. You always Wear the Boston Celtics. The warm up jacket nice look. Who's got the Celtics hat on though were lucky shamrock I got the green shirt three for three. Rarity around here much load on to 37 WE yeah I hope you -- your set a good Saint Patrick's Day weekend. Giuliani parades a little I know our producer -- our bond was itself the yesterday causing trouble -- it's atlas that you. Did little thing and then things accomplished next schedule so into that -- depart. After the show's after party as the amount that the user by keep looking -- bar still pictures of the GO. It's LP our producer -- bond not yet hopefully get those at some point today lateral and survived and if you survive be right back after it. Here today Pierre McGuire is gonna join us in studio for our peers in town. I the next couple Mondays NBC sports network as these Monday night games -- ball in the Bruins. Tonight it's -- the Minnesota Wild next week it's Montreal -- -- and now we get a chance to stop by talk hockey for an hour. How old do that appear. From noon to one it will take calls during that -- as well throughout the year. But all things hockey on -- got a good baseball story for the daily diamond as well. Obviously a lot of football today because god knows we were on tennis god knows we had this thing -- Last week. Joy that after the Aqib Talib was headed to the patriots have not done anything yet we heard DeMarcus Ware was on -- -- anti ward. Was on his way to Denver and all these quarterbacks were off the market break time prize back in Miami and Vontae Davis and India. Denver is doing. What patriots fans or an Iowa a lot of people speak for everybody -- screaming about. You every window and you have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL Manning who was aging who probably has about three years left. Goal out and make a run. I don't care for your cap health for years and now I don't care if -- 5114 years from now I don't want an eleven and five team for the next fifteen years. Okay that's -- -- I would I would I'm willing to accept the fact that when Tom Brady walks out of Foxboro. That there are going to be some tough years. The most people I took a step in the right direction this week -- awaits in the -- can we have the money up but it seemed like they spent plenty of their money. This -- doing what you want the patriots to do -- -- dual ring Friday of -- and dictate what -- do what is your guy he's doing it taking your most in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About way he's back in the -- out to that zealots out of last week last Wednesday last Thursday. Boarded things change over the weekend person got Revis done and then Friday night let's go in sequential order about a timeline of how they happened. We talked Ian Rapoport on Friday show. And I am on the record as being team rap sheet as a team rap sheet team -- there. I have team rap sheet wrapped -- you Mollison Friday it's -- stand by what I said didn't. Brandon Browner has an agreement a place. That happened. Friday night the Buehrle talked to kids in a bad you are upset in this football team welding team wrap on your not -- Why no like rap but sometimes you know when you. You're out there -- free agency and this a million things going on and you dive in on everything and yet there's nothing wrong with colon a 49 for fifty. The key arguments that go well that and so when we get wrong. Well for a lot of sensitivity of our agreed to a two year deal was a three year deal at a Friday cash bonus year conceded. Yes I can't confirm he is taking a trip to Washington on Friday morning right -- Briere both. But then he didn't take the trip schedule that why would we confront that you're taking the trip. Stick with that. At that -- fairly -- at the white flag the whole thing like well you might have an agreement with New England but he still gonna make a trip uses leverage what a lot of that. Know you gotta deal knowing that you state knowing that you don't go to Washington. So you wouldn't failure sides already got a deal at New England so I think he wavered a little bit at the end. When he confirmed it admitted yes he is go to Washington that is white flag I was wrong. That it comes back he was that you that NFL I -- we know who was right. It was a two year -- three year deal that he conceded. Go to Washington I'm just saying in the team right jumper got a team -- after argument when it comes to this one and then shaft on the back end. Giving Jersey to Anderson the credit forget him before she before anybody else what has really -- port had an. I'm saying empty rap sheet. When that heads up. And you get a quarterback. That alongside Darrelle Revis puts you in a pretty good conversation. It terms a secondaries in the National Football League you wanna start with the signing they made. On Friday we talked a lot about product like on Friday show because -- -- like it was getting close -- questions is human safety what this you gonna play. I'm more convinced than ever read either Scott reports over the weekend a pro football focus a degraded this guy out. Evan not to below one spot below Aqib Talib and some other major. Pro football focus -- system this past year a year ago they have their top ten. First 2012 seasons so big brown Erica -- the big physical press quarter. Goal the other side Darrelle Revis and it gives you two guys that can man up and be physical. And punch someone had receivers in the -- and -- play some pretty good guy recent rhetoric that's one of its because that understood the big physical corner. Press coverage get the what is she about his route and it just delay it a little bit. Now I think that they can move some guys around you look at the depth at they have that we although Rockingham for the first four games. But that's -- first four games you know you right back to what you are basically it to substitute Revis -- to leave. And you're right back in that it had dinner Logan Ryan you know Kyle Arrington mold that I think brown comes in a key set is in that mix. Don't look at what would you be shocked in camp at some point a practice starts you're about him -- moving back in the sixty -- as some versatility -- just like with. -- -- It might take a snapper to be on the line as a corner during games but we don't always a safety. So that versatility I think only helps and it's pretty much what the patriots are all about. Shall -- little bit of both but it primarily like you said press corner in your face six ball up big big beast. Go from there about the trickle down effect there I thought when they signed Darrelle Revis to a one year deal. They're pretty good depth the quarterback of Kyle Larry general Logan Ryan -- for quarterback. I think you should feel pretty good I feel pretty about the -- the patriots have at that position coming off a year where one player went down it was holy crap these guys can't stop anybody. How proud are in the mix. -- reported three year seventeen million dollar deal. If both your top two week five once product comeback in playoff the the four game suspension. That means I can put bettered her -- ten or Logan -- the slot and then after that. Now my number five quarterback you know it's funny because with Kyle -- -- -- price Friday night over over Comcast and we were talking about the defensive backs. And any kind of reference the whole like 2007. Feel. Yet different position right when when the patriots looked evidence that you know -- we get a score and went -- it was Welker and moss. You know you've got those two guys. Now loss was not coming off. -- Revis when you're still in considered the best wide receiver in the game. Where's my Revis is the best corner and game but the ability. Was there is the motivation that was the question yeah Kenny is that same guy because -- you know what they get it done and Oakland was was quitting. Refused to go across the middle west welcome we so we didn't in Miami and again be relayed the idea that you -- the impact that he did. But you went out and you get Welker and moss. Well this year is a different position to present the ball which I'm happy about. I'm glad it's -- a difference is that the ball but the Revis Browner combination a corner as the same similar feel different position. Sosa it's and it's nice going all in on that as a. You're not only changes you know did the depth chart their changes the way it'll be the approach teams it's a much more physical. They're physical what to leave at the number one quarterback spot now they're physical number two. Yet they have the number one quarter of the game and Darrelle Revis on one side and on the other side. You guys can be very physical brand of -- they got a couple different ways they can accuse the phrase last week. Talking about the secondary to voices in the cap -- -- once not a physical guy on the other now NEC. Denver on the schedule on he's on he's passing teams they play some really good wide outs the -- season just based on the schedule on paper. You don't. Concern yourself with much you're gonna get lit up. Because there's some talent there we have that much -- the secondary is should allow all. Bill Belichick to do different things up front with their defense and blitz more -- and aunts and safety sports eight. We said brown. It opens up so much. I don't think it's overstating it received change your defense will be editions of the rowers -- Brandon Browner. And that went down Friday to tune of three years and seventeen million bucks but get this Saturday. Saturday found out what midafternoon. -- elements come back. An -- says yet weeded out -- released doubt that the patriots in my home and I'm look for a be there. I hear it's a three year deal by I've heard no numbers whatsoever. Attached to it but he was the most important offensive player. Odd that they had a their free agency list was one of the wrong guys into an -- for a couple reasons one because not just offense also specialties but to. This would have in the second straight year Brady's go to guy was like oh. And admitted to get the free agency six days ago I thought he was a -- When he started taken visits and said the San princess grace and okay. So shocking is everything was this weekend I'll admit more than brown -- mortal fell. The fact that settlement is back here after they basically said go test the market. As a shot and it shocked by that as anything I saw this week and a -- element is back in the fold to some sort of. But the -- already saw the deal also kind of around the league right any any sort of had that feeling that you would return you saw. Was it I mean in knicks with three and a half. Steve Smith most of these deals that you saw bill Hawkins those kind of guys you offer sheet net four million dollars. Per year range three years 124 years sixteen. One year three and a half -- had an idea of said he get the idea what the market was as an outsider let lol like himself tournament and his agent. Seoul yet the -- of the numbers. Avoid any of these guys and we know three at seventeen to brown we're that's broken out how -- structured deal we're guy's gonna miss the first four usual in Italy we don't know. You know -- fell another guy three year deal don't know the numbers there. -- -- there was some cap space available is there any cap space remaining sure there's a few bucks here and there and it is still do some more things. But ethic the market's sort of set itself so I had an idea. And maybe there was more interest in San Francisco there was interest -- are you grew up out the music just -- a cinema there. Now we've got over like that situation they were there weapons. Cleveland as the offer sheet out Steve Smith goes to Baltimore two teams Cleve of ball which didn't drew an -- economic closed up a little bit on him. We look back it's at -- witnesses this is right bill that are right this is the market and gonna come back here where canal operating. I get done on a roll is here. Auto works so well well it would work so well for them because they keep Brady happy they bring back guy who is more productive than anybody else in their offense. A year ago that on top of that the final over the weekend. Was at a brittle -- of their big two these -- all three. Relate to the patriots in some way brown was basically done on Friday. You know -- was rumored to be taken a visit in and -- obviously was a patriot a year ago. A fellow of the three I mean does that does the least to get -- gold as a patriot fan he represents eyes on the outside at 62. And represented different look at the -- your position they have damage dole that settlement in the middle of Dobson on the outside and now brand to fell. On the outside he was not productive. All the productive and Carolina. But he is a good long run blocker you got -- GRD Comcast Joost we've got some of these still shots of -- fell. In the run blocking game. So he's more than just a big tall receiver can catch he's physical. Where his wallet again there -- blocking get a little bit dirty I'm not -- saw the on ESPN Boston today they had a good scouting report. On brand -- fell where at 622 handiwork in the slot mostly Carolina but can go on the outside. The size and position. And body control what they like and those are good things when you have a receiving court -- dominated by smaller players I think changing it up give hundred different look. Why it will be a million dollars a year was a speculation Carolina what this guy again the open market. You give a different opportunity to a bigger sized receiver. Indeed you would at sonic crazy salary does look. Low risk and reward there I mean that's you know -- it was a big piece that we talked about. Getting a bigger guy Aaron Dobson dialect she kind of sliding today at two anatomy unity -- there now -- -- -- -- -- gets healthy but another big body. You know there was all the young guys show promise -- Tompkins. -- Josh Boyce Woolsey -- take the next step. Aaron Dobson again you know couple must now at the surgery at the foot the stress fracture. This is a guy out of that -- us the that is more ups I would Dobson and -- fell nearly even in that. What he called the the the the inside -- scouts view of -- -- of felt this for a guy his size. You know he doesn't play a powerful game. You know and he's he's he's played a lot of slot with Carolina Panthers. So as -- may move a little bit more to the outside. Good and everything is that just good. You know I mean there's there's not really want they deliberately felt does great if there was probably have been signed from all morning long before -- -- more quickly to that site again. It's the size maybe the recognition of you know big corners. -- physical one of the best -- in -- forget about it is one of the best. But a big physical corner Brandon Browner six war the big wide receiver you know it Brandel fell at 62. If you need these big physical guys. That if we seen this. Come playoff time I think you see it more than anything is originally Cohen Bolden is is okay in a regular season is a beast in the post season they'll play a little bit. Let those big physical guys big physical corners wide receivers gotta fight through -- -- -- it is a place that's that's why get a guy may be like this a bigger guy bigger guy like Browner and perform a little bit better when it matters most. To -- Update here as we start the show yeah we asked about Brandon Browner contract I just before 10 o'clock ESPN Boston got their hands on Brandon Browner steel. The maximum value was sixty point eight million dollars the total value -- twelve point three. The signing bonus is zero there's no signing bonus whatsoever. And just a quick hit thought it base salary of 1000001 point nine and one point nine. From a team perspective writes Mike -- and feel gates the guaranty financial commitment is just one million dollars the base salary for this year. Is the only guarantee they have of the Brandon Browner deal everything else brown -- earns it based on performance and participation in the off season program. A key marker in the contract to be that two million dollar roster bonus if he's on a ninety man -- the start of the 2015. League year. Contract to different -- because the suspension but. Basically comes down to this the only -- guaranteed. He's the one million dollars guaranteed this year it is base salaries over works out. Getting him next year for the two million dollar roster bonus plus the base -- Pam what four point nine it would be. At some other bonuses there that's still pretty affordable for a legit number two quarterback you would think. But they protect themselves where if if it goes south of -- this year based on the story just posted on ESP -- boston.com. By Mike recent field Yates. You're not locked in a -- long term he got 88 top ten quarterback in the market. -- as -- track record of some issues which went over a lot on Friday show and you got him for a mall at. If he gets on the underwent one million dollars guaranteed this year. That is a very Smart deal by the patriots and I'm not sure proud -- some more deals elsewhere. But that's a team friendly deal for to win -- -- shall we deal for Brandon Browner. He gets to play here alongside Revis and obvious that helps his stock. Across the league because will be and so many national games but boy. That is an awfully friendly deal for the patriots and if your pats -- -- -- make you very very happy the have not sunk like guaranteed money. -- -- -- one strike away from potentially you'll want suspension of the National Football League. We're still awaiting the. Bizarre Charlotte and quick as far salary cap run these years three years seventeen million dollars. In and right -- -- in the payload. -- half six million dollar salary cap hit. In other spread this thing around. So I think you'll look at those numbers doesn't look like much here you're one especially. You know you're too when this roster bonuses near three of two million dollars its integrated bigger cap its year to when you're three. To try to go through traffic goes up. With those 61777979837. Is the phone number the AT&T text -- 379837. So 56 days ago. Yeah on this show especially we were saying the patriots had to get involved a free agent market they do. Revis. Browner. And old men -- fell. How does that stack up with the Denver Broncos and would you. You brought this up for the show a lot of people or are calling this the patriots going all in on free agency what to compare the Broncos. The patriots really. Going all lived in a free agency market a big on just completely Walker's. When it comes to requiring talent we'll talk about that with your phone calls next. Saint Patrick's Day this year -- -- ID 37 WEEI your calls at 617779. 7937. AT&T text line. Is 379 B 37 a good weekend if your patriots fan. You brought this up for the show that. So the phone calls. I there are some of the callers stated here a lot of the host necessarily say but some of the calls this weekend to. WEEI specifically with our body which stern yesterday afternoon. -- Patriots going all in -- NFL free agency -- necessarily love that term. Heard that over the weekend dogs why don't I don't. Think that the only Revis is the one to me where it's like you know. Will sell this thing plays out I don't know if you -- that want unity at the best free agent on the market. Any -- would it -- had to do to get him here it's for one years so be it you'll have time to try to -- hopefully work this thing out. Given the player he's gonna pay it pay to keep the the other guys -- -- and adamant. If you bring him back three is again it's tough when the contracts on -- your face. It is what we said before -- law. Bronchos throw money way to keep to -- Their goal -- too much risk paid way too much and you realize that his first years pretty much exactly electoral Revis is. And by based on perform think almost -- whenever they want prime minutes. Certain guarantees are only guaranteed because of injury so. We -- looking at it Browner the steely just broke down sort of the eight. Pays you play type of deal. Here for as far as how much money it doesn't look like the base salaries aren't big roster bonuses will see if those kick in and not. Rattle off well I don't consider all that he's a nice addition. Mean big wide receiver. Nobody's. Record a pro football talking at a top wanted to watch it free agents he was ninety. -- best wide receiver. But for this team they did what they had to do as far as fitting needs for this team but no I don't I don't think it's all in May be a page -- version -- ball and I guess. -- makes you feel like it yeah but not that they're Smart signing -- -- signing Tuesday named the Broncos have gone all in why justice Faris. When you go the way you did day one and you get. At the time. You know the number one corner but I mean you know as far as pro football to their -- -- by the -- A dip in the -- even though we all know Revis they once we became a -- he was the number one free agent in the off season but to leave. Number number two -- second best safety. The markets where second best outside linebacker and Iraq ball. You know it and they went and got Emanuel Sanders a sort of stole a Morgan that a little bit from Kansas City but he was still wrecked by -- as far as Ricky wide receivers fifth. Best that they just went after the big big name guys on a free agent market. Maybe spent a little bit also met or seen it more yeah more and more risks or risk yet so I think when you start talking like that. That sounds more like all in the making smaller -- pitchers. -- Texas has to be all in means sacrificing long term for a win trading draft picks picking up long term contracts. Patriots haven't handcuffed themselves it's like Keith. Oh text that at 37937. And and -- -- -- -- traded traffic's. Is ours and other Sophie trades but. The the Broncos have invested more money it looks like in these players and that the riskiest one of all these is the markets where that the separated three when you ask. Who -- more all in -- Broncos or patriots. The markets where guaranteeing him twenty billion dollars over the next two years. Is risky than any of the moves the teams made on either side. That's the one -- Aqib Talib is -- a one year deal. TJ ward based on what Jerry's Byrd got and some of the players. She's a very affordable contract a manual Sanders the report is three years and fifteen million dollars in that's the case my question will be are the patriots involved. At three years of fifteen million that's net and a minute yet. The markets where the separation because for two years and twenty million dollars guaranteed you might have got yourself. An elite pass rusher who is trending towards heading to the hall of fame. -- -- got a got a guy Charley casserly says can't get by average. Pass blockers anymore. Like that's the 13 -- separates that and if you wanna say one of these teams all -- it's the Denver Broncos. And I still I -- now that the dust has settled here and you're six days in a free agency. I'm sure doesn't bode well patriot nation right debated this last night when that's contributor Mike salt. But I I think the Broncos -- NASA contributor -- -- that Rico rather with him that's what they call them over there NASA contributor Mike -- I think the Broncos and the better off season. I -- I -- Revis is the best player acquired by either one of the teams. But the Broncos got eight top order to quarterback. Top water to safety. The upside of the markets where. And got a wide receiver who might help is to replace Decker but -- offense. Yet to replace Decker. -- can't Julius Thomas pick up some of the slack eagle four wide with video art though for skill position players of the various Thomas Julius Thomas Welker. And Manuel Sanders. -- better necessarily replace Eric Decker. Well I think this I think is different -- more all in field jumping on day one of free agency spending a lot of money. -- saying that the other better offseason. Because still only a week old and I'm -- go there yet -- five days or whatever it is not really go there. Because you know you spend all that money on three guys and Emanuel Sanders make it four -- the patriots again we'll see what. How much monies freed up you know when I first heard the -- brown a deal three years seventeenth. On at that seems like a lot of money. You know and every -- here -- let's take. You know -- that day one is kind of for the -- to go around sick at three years seventeen is for keep to lead today's legal wrangle about look at the amount of money I got. Eight to date threes for the team to kind of explain. You know to make him make a fan base. Okay all right now it's not really all the spots to be perfectly honest but the day that eight got -- -- at play gloat. And then date to date three break down a contract the departed Browner -- ago. It's that we see if it works if not can't see it thanks comic. You're seventeen fine. It will deviate too great nearly two would have three million dollar cap hit this year may be the way it broke up and it goes up to six maybe 67 the next couple years -- in that range or go when you deal. If you like united not thanks coming erupt. And so. Less risk there. Today if you're if you're going with deals like this deals likely fell bring him back Gallic element -- all the numbers are there but -- not that he's gonna break the bank either. It and all of a sudden -- offseason continues into week to week three week for. Well Denver Broncos Anderson. We do we do we got a guy that's -- -- You know up to that be more to be done that could sway your feeling about little better off season. It's it's typical patriots writes that one team goes out it's nice three huge names they would be -- day one and patriots -- eight guys to host three. No it Revis cherry on top and an eagle wedeman ending for a little. Wednesday punish it might be done immediately Texas has negative -- -- to more free agency I disagree one and I'm also not seen the patriots had a bad first week. The patriots are on the winner's list for the first week of free agency. It is like trying to compare to sports cars -- the ball really nice they both go really fast the ball company got -- checks. But if you made me pick the first six days I would say Denver Broncos and it's not over yet. I'm not saying it's over yet but this idea that because you got Revis that makes the rest of the offseason and Winfrey you not I'm doesn't work that way. As -- work that way. The Broncos got veteran -- at cornerback and safety. Added where Sanders I give them a slight -- not a huge edge by still I would still lists them by the way so far the clear favorite. -- America -- America in two weeks the opening day in the AFC and I feel like -- six days yet they've had a better stretch year. But it is only the Monday the week after. 61777979837. Is your phone number Toms at Wakefield he joins us 937 WE EDI hate Tom. That doesn't feel good -- doing. That and it actually thought Craig let's look at what is indeed my day. All right. That that's okay. Had a lot of quick comment I'm gonna get -- some more details but this million dollar up front for the gentleman who was seventeen -- looked around suspension I assumed it. Is preemptive -- where you know where because Hernandez -- people shall we profile an indicator behavior we want or just you know. A million dollars is not being leaked it because he -- complaint suspension has gone to whip -- -- this chat about this. Or what or chatting about it's not it's not an upfront bonus it's it's his base salary for this year. Is the only guaranteed part of the contract peace he could make as much as seventeen million over three years. -- sixteen that is not guaranteed the one guaranteed -- party has his contract year. Is a million dollar based -- this year everything else in this deal is all based on off season. Bonuses and roster bonuses of playing time incentives. Like you said that conditions are yet to complete programming -- his player development anger management and the issues. That -- suspect is now it's. What what anger at what what in what. What anger management you talk about. But in the player development program that he had a policy that is. He was on probation he said it suspended which I human negated when he transferred to a new contract. No he's suspended for the first four games because he found marijuana in the testing is already in stage three. Which which basically was because in 2005. He failed a drug test -- the Broncos never made the team year to later was in the CFL. Wally was in the CFL the league tried to test him. He did not respond. -- it was no longer in the league and they -- mailing it to his ex girlfriends house. And we don't respond that is in -- they basically positive on the test. So -- return of the NFL news guardian State's three recently found marijuana last year in one of his tests. Because they suspended for the first four games this year is most games last year. We're not anger management situation. He smoked -- week. Right that that's welcome relief some very glad to hear what you call a little more negligible. Artwork bring up a quick point you characterize you know how the money to -- was offered was a record -- or 56 on paper the 29 here and he. A week getting its -- that. It structure and drag the money -- which so many years it was six years with relief knowing that you'll never get to that money and keys to salary cap blown up on one year. -- it's the contract money vs guaranteed money. Mean that's why don't Peter King writes that in the first day the first weekend of -- they spent a billion dollars really. Garrett he money's a lot lot less that -- Italy it's a good thing for league they like promoting out that the spending a lot of money makes a league look good but the leaves deal we found out. Is not six years and 57000000 and 26 guaranteed ends up being. A one year twelve million dollar deal -- You know 882 or three year deal at -- yelled -- spend five and six on the -- it was all old Gary brown and monitoring her guaranteed money now others even. He came in bank on that. Right because -- to leave basically guaranteed twelve million dollars this year. Any -- base salaries guaranteed money you know is guaranteed. -- five and a half for 20158. After sixteenth but it's guaranteed injury only. Thursday -- care that they can still cut him based on performance. So it's it's the whole thing is really the way -- contracts army. It got enemies. What's my signing bonus what's the first year gonna get that's -- and count on. And let's go from nick Hampshire can find -- -- somewhere and a steal and a we try to talk about a Friday am not make -- trying to make it right the Brandon Browner was not an lateral guy. He was not a repeat offender over and over again drug abuser in the NFL. When he came into the league in 2005. -- a positive marijuana test that started in the program he left the league is Lucent. And when he left the league they kept him in the program he had his lawyers want to fight this tooth and nail and take this the court instead of that happening. When he got the one year suspension for another positive marijuana test this past year the League City and a lot -- -- year. We'll suspend you four games next year and then the next four games games five through eight you get AB turn your pay over two. The leak the only reason why should care about athletes smoke in -- In professional sports. Is because it gets caught again I lose the player for the whole year yet. But I mean it's not like you know as a lawyer and understands where -- that's where -- are now -- and edited more than just smoke we in college as we found out there's a few stories. But he was linked to keep the violence there was all the things that we're going on. If you look at a guy that smokes we needed that to me is that the bottom of the barrel as far as this guy's a problem child. The gate not everybody in the league -- -- if they get tested for right going to be in the program to get tested for. If they tested every guy in the league openly in all sports they would be serious. Serious concerns with not a numbers of athletes that might. Apple might dabble in it an agent talk about it when it when this when they talked about legalizing marijuana in the NFL agent came out suspects the close to half the league. In the NFL smokes marijuana. The testing is simple for protester at a certain time only -- -- the -- and assigned. And violate our statement in the union. It makes it legal over there in Denver -- -- it happened there was some of those Denver Broncos awful fault lines on the NFL free agency in the with the patriots did 617. 77979837. AT&T text line 379. B 37 are they all live and -- rank them. Up against the Broncos back to your calls and export radio WE yeah.

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