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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Liz Warren is a riot

Mar 17, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the St. Patrick's Day breakfast, our senior senator was quite the star.

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Headlines brought Cuba AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment shop the pros do. Precision fitness equipment. Big weekend Saint Patrick's Day we concede that they of course today. While my favorite days lovely green. You just mean that sort of an observation. That time you -- you've seen it Friday -- -- -- just to cool at least maps that Johnson that day what's it who ironically hip and I am half Irish just the abide. -- never did like you -- every -- The government raised my dammit you're not drink Guinness record for us now I don't drink Jamison -- like -- you know on track that's it's not special that it's not why. What's the significance. Actually -- saint Patrick tests. All mistakes I'll. That's true you do they'll settle here mistakes. And they thought it was built. I guess it was only one of those less Irish and then. You. Is Liz Warren on true delight and otherwise the -- analyze issues at -- Pakistan breakfast. Which I want Chuck -- addressed the corruption and opened the -- that surprised that. It was quite for four. This is on the heels of busting their note. You're -- you watch this to and use -- -- I mean I analysts of perverse pleasure when a vehicle it's like watching. And really bad said that -- like watching Lena Dunham host at -- whatever two reasons one for comedy too for spank back. But don't LaGuardia again everybody is so politically correct it's it no one was that the the woman hosting it. And and for re right or may yet regret in the globe that she's African Americans married to a white -- the local guy in the you know it and they you know it's she's used her kids there with an. -- fell over themselves say how great she is because. You know they were so afraid that that that the whole thing and be labeled. You know could be would -- racist sexist or whatever. They they do it's like a roast. But without any of the usual. York's ducks because they don't want athletic okay -- its right to -- decent post. Which you can have viewed -- as a PC roast there's -- our senior senator yeah Elizabeth Ward. Thank you thank you. Before I began I want to take every. A moment to remember those who are no longer with us but enough about Scott Brown moving to New Hampshire. Am thrilled to be here with so many wonderful. Irish elected officials -- prime minister. They -- Walsh. Congressman Lynch senator Markey. And of course. State senator Linda O'Brien O'Malley who -- Donahue of Flanagan O'Grady Sara Dorsey -- -- and it was applauding that joke. I'm all sick of France. Yeah is are people your views on the Charlie Baker. -- that Charlie Baker is here and how he was once called the heart and soul the well administration which is like being called the smartest -- Dan Sheehan. Admire -- really really he's -- -- with real tenacity. A guy who really sticks in here he says he's going to lose the governor's race twice before he moves to New Hampshire to run again. I acted as a Democrat who says. Oklahoma's own lose warrant accusing scrubbed from them and copper Becker. She's been around forever she yes yes of course she -- -- -- we want that -- the ethicists that you left out of not completely closed at the best one can always do to. I don't working on another book and I have to face the fact when you write about you don't always end up with a title you want. The publisher kept rejecting everything I have come up -- like this what a title. What to expect. When -- expecting. To get screwed by Wall Street. Or might consumer's guide to the middle class getting hammered. It's cold. Eat Pray Love to regulate. Or even worse they're completely rejected my favorite idol. Elizabeth Warren's story. Fifty shades of gray here. And they. Did you waste on that was so bad no one laughed but it didn't even know what -- -- -- -- sought to voters I just put it on. -- us on Twitter nicest people write about how bad it was sort of put it on it's beyond that it's so incredibly bad that I couldn't turn and I don't know what I believe that she think -- a good job because people told issues good job with him live life like that should excite -- But you know -- she could say -- do and reading in the -- over the whole you know the whole crowd the BC -- the globe -- -- but it's uncomfortable the F. In the parades anti gay hugely bigoted homophobic pre went off about it to graduation to Eagles you can -- any anti gay guys and got people who -- yet twelve day people were stopped at -- -- -- -- -- go what's his name early -- early at a club until three great guys Johnny -- is dead break up a break on all went up to the Olympic color I was going. To give Stephen Lynch credit because he marched -- you know that's amazing that he dared march I said that takes guts. But he must with a gay guy like as a human shield -- -- well so he he deflected criticism -- was marching with a gay guys. Well 45 different companies pulled out this parade including this. Sam Adams our own company Entercom we're not doing its 45 companies want to use our in mobile. Colorectal and now they have had a -- used it -- -- really yet. In this -- ever money. And now. And and we think you she said Margery Eagan said Beckett should not televised. A talent which is very straight and do this company should report on. And events because it's amazing that we're gonna look I'm -- we disagree on some aspect of this but this is getting a lot of differences I understand story you don't destroy our allies directly got -- -- -- around -- -- head around I don't know why you're not I think I get it okay -- -- -- -- the new guy and -- guy that you I am not clarify I'm not going to tell somebody that they can't. Or cannot hold a parade because they believe or don't -- -- I'm OK with. Our belief our argument is -- at the preakness fine I think he people should be allowed to be met and married you don't that's that's that the discrete. What. Sort of but the parade out some like Columbia. Yeah. Not at that -- I heard this over the week and I -- a dozen times that the your biggest your behavior here they are your thoughts are not allowed to -- -- who's concerned is where they -- which he allowed to march ethics oh yeah people marched with -- equality allowed to march behind its banner. Yes yes it was. Why did I never hear that and they -- a sort of you know it wasn't -- thing is gonna turn out to be this crazy thing -- the guys were asked question obviously let's check out his hand guys can't. Good or bad president and I just yeah just isn't that exactly is that more clear jobs they thought they were all right but let's see they could march right big gains. Groups could mark should these extra marketing groups yes mass equality was allowed to march right. Then what I heard all we can probably not true when hurdle weakened on the local -- that the Massaquoi was not allowed to mark that's a lot. That's probably accurate that is connected very good -- progress. Now have you ever seen major greatness that west in the gay pride parade and you. Mean I know this this whole media is courtesy wonderful. But you see how. Margin level employee and -- a marvelous for your screen that -- -- -- wrote about that's accomplishing get the true a lot entertaining to watch -- -- I don't disagree okay that. So if you say let the much in full regalia -- -- for entertainment purposes that's like genitalia but the -- realize what they have roles as a matter. I think that's like upset right now I understand -- remember -- literally black or early and companies -- -- the group that. I have to gay bashing -- do you know what you think it's all the fault no I don't I don't. And Richard -- -- what's your definition of home awful if your son -- due to the gate he never talked him again your home I don't know I sent it sounds like a good family man these old. -- All fall back. You're sure it's I don't know where old. Page and all is okay whatever else I -- that spot on its. What did you know of what. Couldn't believe it and ride the metal movement I don't run I was right I didn't write it -- well -- -- that it's but what. Happen if they marched behind the mass equality sun L marched in the green on like -- and I do right and would they have. Got as much coverage would they have been able to hijack the store he noted that -- -- -- -- -- -- negotiated -- -- -- early -- -- -- -- And we -- announced that negotiate with them. They they they -- is the rule you you can have the mass according banner you can't go beyond the Colombian bull. Billion -- genitalia and they said no. We won't go along with that if they -- The kind of marched there would have been a story Margery -- would have been on the warpath right they wouldn't have advance. Hydrogen hybrid and like I did the security to Mexico that's not the I was of the argument I don't disagree. That you see in the game price range you -- see they -- -- stilts. They don't want the saint -- dot. That's Mike I don't get it right I mean that's that's finally don't I mean obviously you can't break the law you can't be -- you can't beat new -- to -- having sexual intercourse they don't rate -- -- it's incredibly credible on -- -- walk around it's confusing for the rules to watch that -- that's -- I think teaching moment and -- -- that's what I -- teach. Thoughts about. The Mexican response most of it going to every day to fight it. Are required to be gay I've played a lot of bass on it but the million showers with a lot of guys. That's. He has so much more. Open minded and are an eight year old kid so somebody that you just the structure of the world and never be able again hosted an incident that you implied but if you can -- -- do you want that. Elements. A teaching moment Dina talked to do you want it all goes well you want photos careers out of the world would I I saw by the way one time I was in San Francisco a -- gay pride parade and they were chanting. That whole -- We're here we're -- right. -- So you blame wacko Hurley and company for not wanting that in his tactics that I did -- put the blame -- go both ways -- No I don't what he doesn't want. OK so that's fine. Juvenile witness stand where he stands on this I agree libertarian. I agree that the -- Rachel what the guy that that's fine. My point is -- I look at some ballots sticks in the debate who gives a lot lying crap and do battle rate. We finally. Take this eight year old kid Jerry keeps bring it up. I haven't once and by the way for the record all chaps are asked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which apps by definition are asked I get this Malaysian -- yeah yeah yeah I am I haven't heard a lot faster so it's a split -- -- -- -- talk about. I'd every conspiracy. Now be your post is reporting them missing jet likely crewmembers suicide mission according experts. US authorities increasingly suspect that this appears to Malaysia. Airlines point 37 whose party suicide -- a crew member of one of congress' -- terrorism experts hold the post on Sunday fortunate Peter King told them. But still he believes that that's that's the case today there was terrorism job. By the pilots yes both level one it says here. One of them one -- can shady past on the front honesty shared via a Williams then with the -- forever and -- you know good family man and he's I think east is -- woman has the flight simulator he's not suspect a hot. The one who is the suspect I'm not sure which one I saw that picture yet only got a personal lineup got the bad guy the good guy at the Baghdad as the final piece of bad -- The sickness stories he's the bag -- reported Sunday that the F flight dropped to 5000 feet or lower to avoid detection by radar feared beard. Off its -- said the route to a normal altitude suck to establish EB Asian routes over just one guy he had to do something to the other guy right -- -- -- yes yes yes but he could. It rationally Sutherland looked at -- -- these guys go through security wasn't a big check for these guys that's. To sort out what a plane this size goes five -- 5000 feet or lower yes don't lots of people see I would think so. Maybe over the Indian Ocean what do you think it is for an Indian Ocean. The bottom of -- yeah nothing yet just crash right. No I think it's no write a mystery in between Nantucket Martha's Vineyard that we don't an -- of mature but. It is for the Atlantic every time to think you have a theory. It just doesn't mean it was a story rank in history of crazies just found out that that these guys -- liveliness and landed some small always -- to single block his storied history. Well I'm a word would be if it's never found and the families of all those 245. People in 39 people. Never have any kind of resolution is over the levels approval a photo emerge showing the pilot captain. Harry Ahmad. Shock is that right. Holding a cleaver a -- of meat -- -- -- snapshot of him wearing it sure print with the words democracy is did he is described as obsessive and fanatical. Follower of a Malaysian opposition leader. Ebert he was sentenced to five years in prison for homosexuality. Hours before -- herself -- it all ties to outbreak at all. Carly says that's not quite yeah draw -- -- years. In it was the country last week you've got -- Uganda Kenya when the we pump in -- mess around feared he gave. Avenue which relatives that are four and could not allowed in the parade -- underwent aerial look at before wrap up headlines brought you by AT&T obviously five Tom Menino diagnose an advanced form of an unknown cancer. Stage four out right so super serious -- said he'll be at work today yep for -- and today. So he's fighting yet he sees fighting -- he -- down there one down for the 71 year old. And that's headlines brought to you by AT&T -- right to radio rants you pick which one you like better when we come back.

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