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Keep, Cut or Trade? Pats fans divided on how the Pats should deal with Vince Wilfork's request to be released

Mar 14, 2014|

We discuss the developing Vince Wilfork story with Dale Arnold, Field Yates of ESPN Boston and Andy Hart of Patriots Football Weekly. Plus we uncover some sound from an interview on Showtime that may shed some light on how this all went down between Vince and the Patriots.

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You know at this point. He would still waiting you know referred last night you know he'd even for the patriot she wanted to be released -- -- season. There in the take a pay cut and non starter. I think he's a little beaten down that you know the way. He believes he's been treated. Is your typical for someone -- a lot of -- he's inflation -- defense for a decade -- -- and unfortunately. The way the patriot connecting with unfortunately consistent with this you know and that's the way electoral Richard Seymour lawyer Malloy. -- -- to get much. -- -- has faced similar fate would get a bigger birdies. That's Ian Rapoport. Talking about Vince Wilfork in his future if there is any with a New England Patriots. And it it it's a funny thing he has such a polarizing. Personality for the sports fans and patriots fans of this area. We get we get half of our text messages say I say pay the guy and shot up. And then we have others and I saw one here a minute ago says you know. Personal feelings aside the pats will be better using -- salaried add depth at pass rusher wide receiver and offensive line. Thank Cubans well I told you during the break we put a poll on patriots dot com they -- debate every Friday Latvians. Give their say and now would you release Vince Wilfork as of right now yes 47%. No. 53%. Of their pretty. You'll split down the middle also say this let's say that they grant Vince's request and they released. And then they have eleven point six million dollars in salary cap money to play. Well it would be eight but India you're right in -- it's still a bit of money. What what people don't wanna hear. Is will we use that money and we did an extension for its older and we got a contract down with this guy and we did we get back guys. Fans don't wanna hear of that -- right as far as they're concerned you've taken the money that the use saved on -- and you stuck it in Bob Kraft still -- pocket. That's how -- and even on the field you could argue you've simply got worse you took -- off the team. You gave -- sold -- a little money or -- recording whoever it is. -- in replaced -- and it along move everywhere and didn't do anything else to upgrade the roster but I'm going to see on Sunday. And that's the problem I think if they take that money the eight million and Brandon Browner gets signed and and I think in in my -- wide receiver here whether it's Julian handle better somebody else. And they get a wide receiver signed it and you know let's go crazy maybe they get a pass rusher side. You know -- fans are okay with. It's human nature and I understand it but just three days ago. We were all I think -- knowing -- was collectively. Sort of freaking out when he -- lead Simon -- all of a sudden the patriots had no contingency plan. They're top -- with their top defensive player from last year is now with our arch rivals. And less than 24 hours later the patriots had landed. Perhaps the best free agents during the Bill Belichick era as -- you talked about yesterday your radio I think as it ever. Don't ever OK ever ever in the history of the NFL yup. Last hundred years so that might. Server as well as a lesson as to how the patriots. If they make it move in remove. It will four from the books. Just because what happens right now reduced from a historic could be very different than just percent Condit just an example they did have a gun in the Torre guy in. Who was with the vikings for the past six years in for a visit big bodied defensive tackle. Intriguing players they are examining some options already -- you have to figure that with. With out Vince Wilfork is team will be investing in big bodied defensive lineman because of the what happened Lester it was built into one Wilfork was on the field. And let me guess he started two games right. It is that you you can find those guys you can find a nose tackle and a wheat field and I were talking about this yesterday. There are guys bouncing around who have started 27 games over seven seasons they're fine. You know there an upgrade over Joseph the Lotto and Chris Jones they're never gonna be anything like Vince Wilfork but there somewhere in the middle on their value and they've the new defensive line coach is from the vikings yes to that would obviously be -- and edit and print skirt exactly so big they had our new partner a defensive line coach who is most well this defensive assistant. Is the technical partners is the official term are all assistance to some -- yes and just familiarity factor as we know the NFL is a business where. Just like pepper Johnson has probably peaked the interest of the bills in Brandon Spikes up their for a visit today the enemy because Wilfork if he were to become available on the open market and just like we see. Right now being linked to billow brining Justin because of the connection there that's how the lot of creativity in the NFL it's. I'll. Be curious to see the reaction is that the callers would get calls right now I'm gonna tell you that on the text machine enemy. It's 5050. For every text that says the man keep him. IC well on album but we use that money better other area it's 5050 with me. It says one thing. Your heart says and I love them like eighty to one Ephraim that it. Long. Appropriately. And -- the like you didn't given the 78 mile an hour fastball down the middle and batting practice. Nine Johnson Boston Europe first this afternoon hey John. Boy it's good to talk to guys commute between Charleston, South Carolina in Charlestown mass every day. What's not -- I don't know. What ya and I'll pay what they do right. Just turns around -- turns around and that. It's just one continuous strip bright. They talk about NASCAR in a couple of College Baseball also could become packet. Monday and talked about that professional sports. Eventual balk in my opinion had to know what he signed that contract that the chances were pretty good that he wasn't gonna play out. Now I know ego and in other things come into effect and I listened to people talk about. How much he means to the patriots. -- and B I -- 72 years old and during this run of the patriots. -- meant more -- the patriots over those years. And nobody knows how he's going to move. This summer he didn't feel great about his his recovery. But he's halfway there may be at this point the process I don't know the exact number of September 30 was the right of the injuries to buffer that's -- major injury for anyone and I know we keep saying this and it's annoying but at 350 pounds. It's even bigger issues that he has to prove that he can still get that pushed. And push back on double teams and everything that he needs to do you know you look at a big man and he's got that power of all in all funnels down to the feet the ankles the lower part of his body in his legs if that's not the same then the girth is irrelevant you'll get pushed around. I a couple of things for a go back to Joseph South Carolina tomorrow. 102. Days ahead in the thought about -- not typical ballot check. If read displays only one year and leaves. The pickets on the hook for five million dollars in cap space. Dead money for next year well let's clarify something on that on their because remember they would be on the hook for five million dollars of dead money next year. But they have a discount of five million dollars in terms of a cap charge for 2014. So there saving 2014. In 20145. Million dollars. If Darrelle Revis doesn't that go elsewhere next year that five million will be paraded on the 2015. Cap when. As we -- know it is expected to rise to potentially as high is 150 million dollars so. The patriots would be. Are pushing resources back but you can afford that five million dollars more next year and this year with a smaller cap in with a seven point five million dollar hit or a dead money from the Aaron Hernandez and it's part of doing business every team has dead money every year to varying degrees. I know the raiders took it to a ridiculous. Number last year and I wanna say it was fifty million dollars in debt money. The patriots don't do that but every team budgets in a certain percentage of the cap that's going to simply be. Did money so it works this is my my feeling for next year based on nothing but got in it's probably wrong. And the previous is here from with a year. And and I I know that there are those who say he's -- back out there and splash in the marketplace again and and make the most money again next year and it won't be here. I don't think this is a one and done for Darrelle Revis I don't believe that. I signed the timing and correct me if I'm -- field but it's April 1. Is the bonus for next year for Revis to to pick up the option for the that -- figures people first of 2050 in. I'm working under the assumption that the NFL calendar will be similar is that a wrong that it's come march. You know the second week of march 11 tenth somewhere in there so free agency could be again. Darrelle Revis is still on your team. And when the big money free agency is starting to wind down you could be making your decision on Darrelle Revis so there's sort of an interest in time line. For next spring if you're Revis you obviously would wanna be out there day one. You wanna be able to collect the bulk loads of money 150 million dollar cap your money. And you might be sort of stuck with the patriots so. That could be uninteresting back and forth that and at this point next year and a lot about that but I think the I think you have I think -- sized -- -- I think the patriots. Did this to get derailed Revis in the build what's -- in the building and let's get down to business one year twelve million dollars in terms of cash flow for 2014. That's what you want in terms of average per year Revis -- that's what you want from me cash flow in cap space perspective for the patriots. Went to get him in the building he gets more familiar with the surround -- he's gonna become. He's gonna become Rodney Harrison. Rodney Harrison admitted to me when he got here is like I don't know all about those guy he said then when I got in and I saw what it was like. He loved everything about it I got a feeling Darrelle Revis is gonna get -- building I wander a little bit. You know everybody thinks he's out for just himself because he -- had ocean is contracts so many times. Under change immature. They go through a bad season they wanna win in its own right point at Tampa you know it was different when you're in New York junior year with Rex Ryan in the bravado we're gonna win a Super Bowl we're going AFC title games. Even going to Tampa they were seen as a team someone on the upswing they were eight and eight I believe the year before. And any loss and it wasn't funny feuded with the coach and all that maybe -- have you ever played for a -- he's played for competitive team the jets made it an -- right champion -- right but as he ever played a team. They had some sort of balance between the offense in the -- the defense carried that team dip in New York for the two years. The offense here we know what it's capable of although it may take a step back or -- biggest impact between twelve to 113. One team remind you one team scored more points in the patriots -- Denver Broncos and was like this was some. Awful. You know horror in your eyes to watch offense. This defense and utterly without grunt for half the -- so they -- the pieces back plays on offense and -- performed where they're capable of it is defense with Revis and potentially some other nations like a Brandon Browner would be very good as well Joe's -- random page up. Hey good afternoon gentlemen are you -- there Korea Korea. Are. Everywhere want to talk about their bill dollar check right. How unrepentant in order to blow it kept me. Are we looking bearish short term AFC championship lawyer and possibly go to the Super Bowl Bill Belichick sit still didn't. New England does not war for an end result. How many movable the -- -- bringing out in the I'm sure you aren't in your report on why doesn't work you guard the ball talk about the people -- it is possible injury right. I'll keep possible injury he has in his -- colleague that you wouldn't come back. Right. I think you know one person say anything about rock who didn't waste of money. On the -- we will only do it deeply. And the -- computer. In a document injury at least I am not repealed he topic you all the stupid stuff like why people here like. Body -- people I don't know why -- then. But just -- Bodies limit people -- -- knowing that he's not even thinking that there he comes back he played a couple of games while we get rid of him. Joseph has Joseph has has has discovered brand new ground to tread on its feet. Bill Belichick gives too much money to too many people -- I've never heard that argument made here before. He's giving money to people who don't deserve it too much money. We'd just interject here for a moment to -- -- that we should attend the the last sixty or so seconds didn't exist -- by the way before a one Rob Gronkowski send a contract which -- before the 2012 season. He had missed. Zero games in his -- career and had only 27 touchdowns of 32 games. In the -- decent investment panel by the way he's 24 right now. Not 32. So there's a difference there Vince Wilfork at the age of 2425 coming off a torn Achilles. Would be welcomed back with open arms but at 32. And at eleven point six million dollars different story. I'd have to -- in villages also don't like that this in the bat. He body slammed the guy on the floor that this in the that well what's the this and the that you really had -- -- -- -- -- -- out if you only knew that he happens to have a lifestyle he is it is like a little. -- early twenties and he's a multi million purity like Mott millionaire he likes to go out and have a little fun. Ball which -- rhythm that's ridiculous all the humanity. I remember going into law -- meant to him to the game. And going -- we will give them hung in the curious and he -- he says. Sorry boss I'm sorry election. It was all about my team and organization right now and are relentless I remember. From our schools around this my first interest so. It was something different for its useless. One on one and -- home and have an answer to a friend in my teammates do. You know on our planet in horrible awkward moments in meetings. In the terminal time down -- -- the amount -- appear around him I know. Vs Uga just on this you know almost as community justice. Sit in on me you know just to watch them in there and he's reluctant because this is where no. I don't have to tell you that is you've heard enough of convinces voice over the last ten years or so that is from my sixty minutes sports on showtime. And there was another part of that interview and I'm hoping we can find it we've been we've been searching for. Where were Vince talks about this is just business. And it is always just business. Up until low point where it becomes personal protector -- -- and it's an and I am not. Saying this about Vincent football this is every every contract negotiation every player every athletic team on the planet. It's you know when the player has the has the leverage its business. And when the team has the leveraged on the -- system. We have family crest right in our you know but it's why agents exist it's -- coaches exist mean. I truly believe Robert Kraft. Would want Vince Wilfork back I think he has a special relationship. With Vince -- sure seems to -- -- -- -- I'm not a bloody side but I future seems pays somebody very handsomely -- Bill Belichick to -- business a football team. In think. Business wise so in this situation everybody had -- head jokes but Robert Kraft is the heart and Bill Belichick is the head write and the head is saying. He's a great guy he's a captain but dot dot dot it doesn't. It at this number and Vince is looking at it from the heart the emotion and we -- always emotional I've been on the wrong end it. If I I was telling field in the break. A few years ago we picked and everybody patriots football weekly must've been eight or ten picks in our picks contest it said. Patriots at Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami. And we passed -- in the hotel room. Is grunting at -- patriots won they used as motivation they had it up in the locker room and Vince was madness for. Weeks you know we'd see him in the locker room he might talk to -- he might not he was holding a grudge he was emotional and that's you know that's part of it but. Now the emotion is sort of gotten caught up in his own negotiation where maybe just an agent. And just a team would be better off. I'm -- and Nash. Hey Mike I don't. Cut and bill are you that really light just went north -- haven't -- -- since the early show. I. There's a personal I think you're the champion of TARP promotes illegal they communicate with going back again. Thank you are in little shocked that we Cingular the Holley show was and at the -- well now it's the old -- was the nail polish you you're thinking first. Yeah it'd be that was the problem. Don't know by the -- calling India because now -- instead 33 continents now a -- that come -- -- -- effects of the dads know that. Anyway a little boy you know I just don't understand that there's no question what he's done for the team but you know East -- intelligent. And doesn't he realize how the patriots work end. My opinion for him going -- they don't want to restructure it. Very RB -- a boat you know his way -- -- coming back from the injury news and you can see the same page is probably some concern so. -- position would be an I don't know if they have to can they sign someone in goal of the captives before training camp and then give that need to cap. I had an Olympic gold capped today but there's -- point night and I don't know the exact date field maybe you do where they have to be -- compliant but it's not. We've reached that point you know I thought I thought they reset the year and they did that they were everybody was cap compliant. On that day before the -- the year started. And then you can sign guys but then you have to you have to get back below the cap at a certain point known now. Now ray -- will not allow you to file a deal that puts you over the salary we have reached that point of the Aussie Amazon -- that a -- -- upheld the the other issue is some people get confused with -- that the rule 51. The salary cap right now counts your top 51 contracts. So. Bottom of the roster moves different things don't always affect the cap in the way you would think it might and I think one point I don't know it's been mentioned much but I think is worth. Met a mentioning. Is that people have said well. Why don't the patriots not just to oblige Vince -- request of released just release him now. So that they can have that cap space to use elsewhere. Think of it this way if they had a deal but they were preparing to agree to with the player and I don't know if there's any big money free agent at their -- just hypothetical Jared Allen okay -- out like so you don't have to deal in place with Jared Allen and these guys. And the only way that it would get done is if they did -- if they had the money available from Vince Wilfork release at that point they would release -- right they're not. If they have they don't have any deal percolating. And if they don't need that cap space right now you've got thirteen. In mean you're -- -- thirteen million dollars at this exact moment but if it got to the point we need because you sign more players or if you felt like it was time to move on from Vince Wilfork but the bottom line is this he is contractually tied to them. For one more year if they choose to keep -- Wilfork. Even in number they are uncomfortable with. That's their prerogative they will keep him at eleven point six million dollars for 2000 -- and over hey Brian. Figure that in -- requests in the understand I'm all in all the emotional black hole but why would you ever. Outperform its U wouldn't that's a solid do. Bill -- against Montreal. I hoped they would know everything he's done for the team. He would picture right if you don't think these were acts going forward then don't -- The only flaw with that if you're really looking at it objectively. Is when these guys like -- -- on their rookie contract he was tied in for I think six years at that point and at some point in that process he was worth more. League wide if he were simply on the open market -- was being paid. Under his -- idea and other teams in the National Football League willing to rip up rookie contracts before they reached the at the expiration date. When when. Bill Belichick did that for gronkowski and Hernandez he broke from the way they normally do business here. Usually you play that rookie contract out to the very last day. And it will get your big money on that second deal. That's what they did with bands that's what they've done with most guys. And it and a bone of contention it was the content I see why guys making little better about you know I know a a big issue with Mankins was. Are we signing a new deal or are we signing an extension and I still left to play this out before I get to my new money -- and that's been a bone of contention in any number of negotiations for them. The other issue looking back on it is. As we're talking about Vince's contract this was one of those old school six year deals and they've blown up that -- says right with the new salary cap -- think it was like nine million over the six years. Which is a whole lot of money do you and me OK but when you're an all pro -- Pro Bowl. He went blind -- he was vastly underpaid right and are a number of those here so it's not fair necessarily from -- perspective to say players are always paid based on what they do that season when he was underpaid for one. So now -- a lot underpaid does he deserve to be a lot overpaid at the end of that deal to balance everything out. If I'm Vince I could probably talk myself and arguing that I'm Bill Belichick I -- to talk yourself into it it it's a perfectly ballot. Positioned to say about the way it works I've I've played for six years. Play the whole thing out and for at least three of those years you were getting a bargain basement price for player of my abilities and production. So don't tell -- hall that he. I'm with Vince on the but. But unfortunately it's kind of the way of them that the system work bill Wednesday. It is what it is and the patriots last year good habits and say oh yeah lol we got you for pennies on the dollar when you're playing at a high level will we gave you. A boatload of cash last year for three games. So -- or order what. Would. Texas as a -- a nice a text on the AT&T tech -- don't care about the reality of the situation in the NFL Vince is special. And the -- treatment of him as a betrayal. No matter how you justify it. Hope Vince leaves and extracts his revenge on the par Simonyi is pats down the road I've read it mainly because they don't get to work part Simeone is in all I'm saying it's wild right. -- it's exactly spelt right but the other part of this of -- is. I understand the argument and I senate before Troy Brown is one of those guys who was special. And and Bill Belichick gave him a farewell tour for a season. And I understand people think Vince is in that category India's Fermi two. But at eleven point six million dollar cap hit. That's where the problem I think life is if you do with -- is Logan -- not special. Is Jerod Mayo in five years. Not special is potentially -- according. In 567 years not special where I have a public Tom Brady three years nineties when he especially -- It's -- but even he has talked about it. Heat now again and it may change when it becomes personal and it's actually at the time but he has said he understands it's a business at whatever point. They have a better option -- the value he represents under his current deal even Tom Brady says. Montana left they all leave and I will be out the door they have a better option 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line is 37937. Dale Arnold and for Michael Holley today field gates is here -- parties here Sports Radio WE yeah. You know at some point we are -- we are taking the musical. Choice decisions away from -- -- -- -- and that's what's yours either mind something a little more a little more up tempo might be in order Ian down. Playing the other day. What was that -- stuff was playing. At the start of free agency what was what was the clip they -- playing like this isn't the one that made all the money this is the color now I didn't -- which he was playing born pre and I was just pointing out that Andy Williams had them Alice -- version out other -- brought to you by. AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible our number two of Michael -- program dale Arnold and from Michael. Any heart patriots football weekly is here field Yates espn.com. Is here as well we've been discussing the -- Vince Wilfork situation. And and I'm I'm gonna say this again just because I think it bears repeating. I'm not sure we could've picked a more polarizing player in Boston. I mean it is 85050. Split right down the middle. Apple apple the people listening to us say hey it's a business bill. We use that eleven point six million dollar salary cap it spent better elsewhere and half the people are sent its variants special. India's special man by the way you've said before you know your heart your head I agree that in my heart says he has special. But I can think yet I can say it's unfortunate or two ago but. He's -- ago -- -- quite that level because it's it's just one it's where sort of a -- into the right most of multiple years but does this remind you beat poppy. And every offseason we're talking about a new contract it seems and he continues to produce and paying him. He's still good but we also owe him he brought world championships here he's a legend all that in the could eventually slide and -- The one major difference -- yet he hasn't yet but the big differences the salary and I know the Red Sox have a budgeted in -- allegedly sharing and all that. But it's not quite the same as in football you deliberate radler in the NFL it's a choice you can't cool you know I would argue that if you wanna keep. David Ortiz because he's special. Well part of the specialness OK I went over my budget that's you know some of that I'm saying because he help when World Series he's a great legend I'll have a statue up -- -- hall of fame blah blah blah so there's an investment their business wise whereas in the -- -- cap. Yet be under cap. And it's it's nice to say that we're gonna give him something big golden parachute for his time with the organization but. This watch hurts your team if you give Nickels and we have a texture here it's it's a rather lengthy text but I think it's at least ballot says this is the same radio station. For weeks has been advocating paying David Ortiz an extra fifteen million dollars what amounts to past performance and because he's David Ortiz. Everybody knows he would never get that contract on the open market but because -- so much to the Red Sox everyone says given the money. Now you have this in the same situation and people like cut him. Know what you're given that much money. I just love the hypocrisy that exists on this radio station well again and I go back to Andy's point earlier we are talking about different. Scenarios here about it David Ortiz. Was injured right. It would be a totally different discussion if he had missed. You know most of last season and without -- contractor and cap for the healer whatever the shoeless different story. It's gonna have a great year if Vince Wilfork were coming up a great all pro here -- totally different situation. And Ortiz of the world leverage is repeated at a decent as batting averages Clark productions Sox. World Series I can't steal Wilfork I would imagine that the narrative will be a little bit different right now and we're sort of split right down the middle. I could see even more favor it will forks corner if the patriots have won a Super -- in. Other of their last two trips or more recently than -- at one last year and you know finish the deal and beat the Broncos and gone on. But it didn't happen he didn't play stopped playing in September. They did not like oh by the way out now not every man gets hurt it hurt -- that it is but. You get back to the date on what time I'm gonna punch you right now he can't just say why I have ever hit Bill Belichick and I'll let access to him say and why would you it has Internet it is everywhere now. Every sport. It is to everybody around it is what -- -- that stuff. Not one of those phrases a couple of years ago that they added to like the mysteries I don't care of those universities -- the great pit road and it's not there it's it's been an easy popularized it. He's every -- Our job. Ed Bradley has that is their fault it is what it is. And and back to the point -- the lengthy text here the single biggest reason why it's a different situation. Forget about the injury forget about the World Series championship and the World Series MVP and all that stuff. Right you can't go over the salary cap and National Football League and if you allow Vince Wilfork to play for you this year. He cost you an eleven point six million dollar salary cap yet. Which means at eleven point six million dollars worth -- other football players you can't have on your -- wrecked the and adequate and you don't know what he's going to be. So not only -- these heart. Well now Anita back up forums where -- -- -- -- to be back up for him so now that eleven point six million is actually twelve point six million they had have a million dollar back up -- I mean. It's just it's not feasible it's it's totally different I don't really see the comparison at all other than the big Teddy bear -- I say off as as personalities I think there's a lot of similarities between the two in this market. Wildly popular by larger than life. You know stalwarts in the community I think there's a lot of similarities between the two. As personality. And certainly major players on their respective franchises as well. But you can't equate. A league that has a hard salary cap and a league that has the luxury tax but not a salary cap and it's just. Speeds up in Bangor hasty Qaeda. Pretty good guys thank let me calling and sure what's it at seven years ago it became a -- -- and eight hits in thirty odd years. Urban -- special. Steve Grogan was special there's others that special I love -- will work that he we got. I didn't light. Losing. I didn't like having a losing record all those years I didn't like going to the Super Bowl -- -- eat eat and getting. Slapped by the Chicago -- I loved and slow sport but for that money. In here what I want from you guys so that seventeen million dollar supposedly. Abruptly. Well that does not factored into the equation the Darrelle Revis contracts and. OK so I I understand that night I don't wanna get an. So take Darrelle Revis is lack twelve city got about ten million now. Seven million dollars for grievous because of the way they Contra three is structured. -- seventy got about ten million. So who could -- yet. But that ten million to replace him amendment replace him Morgan at -- money now I'm seeing where LaTroy he grew in. Is this guy you and you. So I mean and they've already talked about that -- and die it in real good possibility -- really likes of but again you know those 50% -- -- and spoke for. Would eat cake and Wolfsburg next year and not make the playoffs get to say thank spent. I don't think consequences it's not a -- or you're gonna make the playoffs whether easier not. I can -- but I. Your gonna make the playoffs -- in the AFC east you're going to be in the playoffs no matter what right well would deal cut as long. But the -- which we can rephrase your question of. Winners. Of New England likes to make a play out New England doesn't want to be bite their fingernails. If query you know we gotta win two games to get. -- you know like guys that have been a patriot and all my life. And you know when we beat Denver and that he needs to get into the playoffs it was a huge -- or and we beat John Elway want. You know -- and I get I think we can use that money. Her younger players in it in everybody's all worried about -- why don't we go -- go wrong. Money that he played for three games in that -- K -- can you know we. -- the Indian Elan -- there -- here I mean I I understand which try to do but what are not alone. Wise I mean that's the second call I had that made the leap and run is just silly the last time. In Rob Gronkowski case you're talking about a 24 year old tight -- who is. Best at what he does in football no question. Mean and and I'll I'll take one step further if because. Stay healthy which frustrates me that that may be an issue I'll I'll take one step further and say he's on the track to be the best who ever played his position ever. That's how good he has I get made fun of much like I got made fun of for saying that the greatest free -- -- -- retirement to be had again now I'll help but thank you bring that up thanks. I got made fun of for once saying that I believe Rob Gronkowski is the most irreplaceable players in the national football. I think he has more irreplaceable than any of the quarterbacks because there I think there -- a lot more quarterbacks. Better you lead I think there are you know the breezes the Manning's the Rogers the Brady's. I don't have another person that I personally believe is Rob Gronkowski -- the combination of skills. That he can bring to the running game the passing game the red zone all the various things he does that's a good -- let me play devil's advocate and I love them -- You're what the second highest scoring offense when he played half a season. I mean you. And you got a lot of your points when he played. So it fit your back to 35 -- and I and I and your -- obviously better with -- -- -- were greatly -- I've -- them without -- it's safe to say that the patriots issues by the time they get to the playoffs in the AFC championship run defense not offense. I think they were both I mean I certainly didn't want her out -- later great -- -- on the right they had no wonder throat. I mean they they literally were throwing deep balls to Matthew Slater on third down to on the second series of the game what was the bigger issue. I would argue often -- I would argue deep because I don't know there's these guys well. I don't think their defense was going to be dominant like we thought it looked at times in September I think that was probably gonna come back. To reality once they stop playing Josh Freeman and geno Smith and and some of those things. I think they still only to win offensively they weren't set up to be a dominant defense they got to find a pass catching tight and too. Not juices as crop insurance if the other doesn't returns on our last week -- -- All of the Gallinari. Sorry are you he's Mickey choke all there is what I mean it's hard to -- omen now into play as as I said today that they re sign him and I had no issues with that. You know when they throw the football they play dirty trick. Not his area of expertise. There. Well so -- they like what blue angels though did you see that I was -- that was very cool it was very cool I would do never gone in tight end in they need to make some -- hey here on the wide receiver market whether it's. Julian element or somebody else is available we know it and brand in the Philly entries in a bunt as well so the patriots. That's -- need to clean that up I get the feeling you're not sold on the Dobson bullies. Year to jumps were gonna get this big massive boost from them look at the current roster and I -- three EU really you know wide receiver surer things in terms of being on the roster for -- -- Dobson -- -- they don't excite. Wasn't that it's more so that you can't. If if if any doubt the -- to estimation Dobson. 23 months mystery now coming up but surgery Josh Boyce and disease IR himself in until we know is banged up. If there's any -- If any of those three can't be sure being next year you have to address this and there's a doubt will Korea and act like -- -- -- name like that. You don't -- very. And I -- to -- -- at -- -- -- -- eight at a Celtic rocket's second some global watched the giants they they win their game. Without question in the offense it's kinda let the team down at some of those big big games in my opinion. What was well alt key -- -- -- -- no sign a contract five years ago that. You can get it this is gonna come in this is gonna happen Smart people. And obviously that he was healthy I still think that despite -- happened. -- restructuring it should be a way to go out that would be my first saying I don't steel like since I kinda feel like he might wanna get release we all get the. But you know the good guy. Tickets so get I'm assuming three -- out from the perhaps this year they be extended out another year. Saying he was gonna make more cash than that from the patriots even underage pay cuts slash restructuring deal well maybe. We don't know. Well now we don't know anything but have you seen anything that would indicate that that was the amount we were talking about I haven't seen anything to indicate any amount. -- seem like people just sort of openly throwing numbers out there but I haven't seen anything where anybody sort of attribute it to this is the offer that was on the table. So it's hard to really say. What the patriots view his value at right now I know BJ raji is is signing a one year four million dollar deal right -- that I may have signed it or whatever it basically. A younger guy not as good admittedly not as good but younger and not injured so where does that come in on the events set your market events because. One thing I think Vince is -- -- what is his name Vince Wilfork. May not carry the weight he thinks it carries when people look at the the reality of the last year and I think that's. Cuba what does it say they don't restructuring he's not willing to -- got no choice they got a letter and build it actually no way in my opinion. That that they should bring him back at their current. I just can't see it at that to make any sense it's -- out in game. -- is not as important if you look at the like -- it will be facing this year on its schedule they need apps rush desperately. We'll keep you should get out rush if they don't spend is money. Audit Jared Allen are on a pass rush that I would have some definite issues. If they don't use that money correctly -- six that defense -- -- secondary help the brownout. And will pass rush they got to get the pass rush. But I just I don't I don't know where they -- elect the guy all. Why the ball well I structure he could pick a good -- -- all this out. He can weaken that was on radio show he could be on television he can work for the patriots keep it up sponsors. We're all the that the companies around here eat somewhere else he picks up people secretly bought for a year. -- -- Well let pride involved right -- yeah I was gonna say you guys let let me ask you simple question it's gonna sound silly at at on the face. In -- -- case that this does this have more to do with respect and does money. And its agents actor I think that money is the ultimate driver seven and a half what -- did it always the -- yet try to get my point is this field I think this is one of those guys. Who deservedly so as has worked in scraped and made himself into an all pro. Caliber player who who takes a lot of pride in what he's been able to accomplish. And and it may two -- you know what no no I'm not gonna to. I earned this I've I've busted my -- for your organization I've played -- at times I got hurt playing for you guys know pride won't let me do. And -- the -- we talked about this yesterday on the -- some but here's an unconventional arrangement in terms of how we handles his contract and his wife. Is very involved in the discussions and that right there makes -- different dynamic. In your typical paid Brandon Browner agent Peter -- and the patriots going back and forth on what makes sense for both sides that's what they're used to. With its there're so many more factors involved he's an emotional individual you seat on the field DC in the locker room and talking to him. And he's not a free if there are very few players who I think would sort of publicly challenge. Bill Belichick and the patriots in a way. What yesterday was was a public challenge -- the patriots she'll meet who's going to -- first. And to the yet texture who keeps over and over and over saying yeah -- does Vince have any rings yes he does. Yes his rookie season 2004 they won the Super Bowl. Vince Wilfork has a Super Bowl ring as a member of the patriots yes and a wedding ring that's also a big factor in this -- be bigger than the a couple of instinct I hear the music Michael what -- that's impulse music can't help myself. 6177797937. -- telephone number although you'll see me entering before he -- CM punk and -- At least -- Wrestling thing -- -- doesn't seem to fit. I can I I don't know -- to -- I have a couple of friends or professional wrestlers. I have enjoyed it. For years and years I saw those years you spent in the Mexican -- -- a couple of your -- And I was -- -- -- wrestler in now. I act I can't tell -- it is great I just in. And I -- I'm not apologizing. I enjoy it occasionally. Great sports entertainment the entertainment and -- -- is the -- yes. And I had a couple of times -- had the opportunity during the course doing -- show have wrestlers on the program. I can tell -- when we were in Houston for the super mobile. One of the highlights of my broadcasting career. -- spending twenty minutes on the radio with a rock. Who was the coolest nicest now this was before it became. You know the world's biggest mega action star he was still just -- -- back. But. Very cool -- I gotta get this woman and and bit Mike I'll go to you next but I really got to hear what Paul has to -- go -- ball. And they would -- guys early today. Ed it's worth a mention I've really had a player -- but I wanted to say it gentleman that. Well Bob crap that you running out of -- pocket that build people up they -- it -- in the last year and I think -- and seven million respectable. And we -- have a -- salary cap and budget Internet. The list in regard to his. I see I I got to be I thought Jordan based on what I read on my screen. I thought you were going the other direction you know outcome Bob Kraft won't spend money on Vince Wilfork. What I think that I created because of -- on that -- of -- and Wes Welker and we have a bad rap. However with the key to leave we couldn't match the record offer. And local we scored the next game we let -- I think seven million despair opera but the important. The wait wait wait wait did I miss something is is there's is -- on the rare is that there is not offer okay. I mean they're as far as we don't want it is okay. Oh OK but -- to say that the injury this is true with anybody guys and I put my Achilles in the anywhere ability. You don't recover they treat it like it as a certain value that you can't compare the money but we do get player assessment evaluation issues -- balance and -- you out there are people. Well I think personally if it is a major injury I think we can all agree that a torn Achilles that's almost ethnicity or elitist as an appalled this -- torn Achilles. Needs surgery to reattach things kind of been saved Michael fractured knee surgery I would say the achilles' the most significant entry that we sees somewhat commonly in the NFL. -- fisheries issues are also significant but. Having a hard time believing it's on on amino it is I mean there's no arguing that and I would say it's actually probably. A little bit behind ACL used to be the major injury I think they're pretty much perfected the ACL surgery and recovery. To whereas the achilles' now anymore major injury and your rights in the micro fracture would be one that is still. Kind of Dicey patella tendon is a major one that can but this is this is up there and 23. Worst injuries you could give -- -- on the cell phone and Mike. Are we ever ever ever gonna -- -- the point where average Joseph weekend warrior -- -- a parachute injury that. App. Aptly -- now in Italy I don't believe we are. Policy they'll let you do it you're not 345. -- slight lead the way. There has been statement he felt like I always grow I don't always 325 adults. Politico reported that I'd it doesn't -- that -- It. Recently I graduated. Opt not to go have been as the challenger on the lap I -- I've been here my whole life at a younger in the end. In the same the same read a couple years ago we were we are skewering the computer poll not that big breach -- law that really did she wolf. We came out of regret saying it couldn't get value for the lot lot lot -- lot. And you know -- now here it is two years later where they're quite we're trying to cut partly be structured guys who. He all things you've gotten it yet he's been a great player yet been a great contributor like been on the fuel I don't know the person be seen what a good guy and always respectfully defend -- like an -- Houston. Actor for no reason. Why the point that being is you know you don't understand how -- can't like -- you know. We got that I'm gonna have this guy and in the chamber although we get rid of that -- -- be Iraq the point you know -- -- -- -- thirty -- he earned a -- prosperity. People the wrong item 360 how the different dale and you're not an injury that. Probably robbed him of what ever explosiveness to depart now expressing love you could ever going to be. You know cute without a road runner but the point is whether or whatever course he had talked a light up the -- you about the question you get that guy. That money and have a huge -- you just go. I tried to say goodbye -- they are much bad luck if you -- a lot of restructuring that she didn't get out there and that's all got a job I work. Thank -- -- a -- should call in and go back to what we talked about a top of the show when I asked first how much of this contract -- it's actually been paid in -- six. Considerable amount more than most get the other point I I I made about these contracts all the time. Is that. Nobody gets to the end of their contract now know what Tom Brady doesn't. Peyton Manning won't know one in the National Football League. Kits to the end of their deal it just I shouldn't say no it has occasionally happen but it's pretty rare rare it's very rare and and I just got to believe that when -- signed this thing. He knew it was never gonna see the backside of it. As you're right no one ever gets there because at some point one insider the other has leverage. Either the player is far outperforming he's great okay we need to extend this because we've reached this point. Or are you know -- and that's exactly right somebody has an in this case in my opinion the New England Patriots have the leverage. Because of everything we've talked about that are the specifics of Vince's situation. When Vince had the leverage he held out. Right -- and then the way it went Logan Mankins had the leverage he held out he sat out games. You use the leverage it that you have when you have it. A couple of weeks ago I I had the opportunity to to. Post one of the seminars one of the sessions. At the F -- athletic analytics conference and Brian Burke was the general manager of the Calgary Flames who was part of my group and we've been friends for -- time. Andy was talking about negotiating with players he said he said here's the deal. When I have the leverage I'm going to use it on. When you have the leverage you're going to use it on me now contrary to what people think I don't wanna sign you for a dollar. I don't wanna get -- for for cheap money I wanna pay you fairly but I don't want to overpay you. If I pay you unfairly then you're going to be better your going to be upset -- and act like you're working conditions I'm gonna have a hard time getting other people to commit and work for my organization. He said but if I have the leverage I'm gonna use it and I know that if you have a you're gonna use an enemy and that's in life that's -- not just three NHL NFL sports anything that's like that's so. We should get to the point in sports in contract management where if it's not a one year deal. Considered the deal one less here than it actually is so it's a four year deal. It's an -- a three year deal if it's a five year deal to for your did you get the point -- so when it's not a one year deal it's whatever the total number of years is. Minus one who was school. Some. Body and -- and it it's it's one of the free agents now I think it's. It's one of the freeagent now just finished his contract with the vikings I think. Who they said got every dime of the contract. And I remember thinking -- Jared Allen Jared Allen got every dime okay. You could count on one hand the number of guys in the NFL who can say a you know I am and I'm not talking your rookie -- I'm talking that second contract he's. The other the big money contract. Count on one hand the number of guys who can say yeah I played it to be and I got every dime that was in the contract in the and I and then I moved even rarer for non quarterback because. They have a little bit more leverage because of the nature of the position in the overhaul and what it means to the team for defensive end to reach the end is is and that's. Why he feels a little bit emboldened to say. If I don't get the deal I want just that way could I got all my money you know he's got a lot Carlos is in -- MB hey Carlos. They're gonna probably going gray area. A -- boy of the principal route here you gotta trigger you know all the guys held now legal orders principal. You know without their tortured -- -- any award this babble blog and now. He old self or contract expecting certain amount of dollars for certain amount of years now he goes well he plays does it end of the bargain. -- -- -- -- -- And now they have the nerve to come back -- shape and you don't you're overweight you are -- probable block. We wanna take some of that money back so now I could see his principle being. Are held out to get this morning. So why why even bother holding out. To get this money before if you're gonna treat this money. Few more years shall -- basically help now made myself look like a jerk. Preceding got a kind of a bad rap for all without looking treaty back and and finally agreed to pay me and Powell would expect which you paid -- just the way I feel about it. Carlos Carlos -- -- to cut you off there and say this. When Vince Wilfork held out. He wasn't holding out for the money he was going to make 2014. He was holding out because he wanted to make. Much more in 2009. And ten yeah -- -- well in the prime of his career at -- the money he was holding out for this last year. Even though at the time it's Wilfork would certainly love to earn every penny of it just as he loved earn every penny of it now. He knew then and he knows now you get to this funny your your deal or sometimes the final two years of your deal. It's time -- sort of reassess the situation and says okay. Can we make this number work at this level production in the case events before the patriots don't feel the answers yes. And by the way I think despite affected and we seem to be 5050 for the people I still think more patriots fans. Would rather the patriots use that money in other areas yes and and and again ice had. Patriots fans don't wanna hear that you got mates holders contract and one that -- -- recordings contract with -- they want new bodies new faces. New uniforms stood to block purchase of the patriots pro shop they want new. But I think most patriots fans would rather take that money and spend that in and fill other holes that the team a little bit of that I think is the tradition that's in place here and Bill Belichick and the patriots have done a great job of creating the term value and -- sort of I don't wanna use the word brain washing their fans but sort of getting the fans to think any businesslike manner the way they do. And I think they've done a good job of that I think a lot of fans do now look at it like that are against eleven point six and -- the businessman's you gotta go we're gonna use that elsewhere and I'm not sure they always would have done that pre Belichick 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line. You guys have used at all after a long we appreciate it 37937. Dale Arnold and for Michael Holley you'll be back on Monday. Think if I. And they are here on Sports Radio W media. But your relationship. With this organization and Bob -- Does that make your job safer. In the cards and now it's a mutual no no not -- -- I mean it's it's a business to business. It is a business even for a five time pro bowler in one of the best 300 plus pound athletes in the NFL. That was -- and be uncle Wilfork. During the interview on sixty minutes sports that ran on showtime. It's business said both -- and Bianca it's a business. And again I should stressed nobody's heard from -- Nobody that I know a lot has talked events in the media if they have they certainly haven't reported at that we've all been able to Sharon. So as far as I know. He said that bill pay Billiton business I understand you know let's just cut me -- -- for all I know that's what he set and it's a business company now shall I can move on -- -- get another job. 'cause that's good business for me he's reportedly on vacation by the way which could explain silence the most recent tweet we saw from him and but those who like conspiracy always thought for a lot of deep Aqib -- congratulations. To lead in getting your deal well dessert something to that well deserved contract -- so. It's certainly contracts have been on this is mine now for a while. That's the last we've heard from him Vincent we haven't heard from since the reports serve -- surfaced about him asking for his. And we we talk. Vincent Bianca you know Vince is the CEO and Bianca the CFO they are the head of that corporation and they understand that corporation has a limited time to do business now the one thing I want to disagree with -- on the last caller or wanted to coach who brought up. You know just eight years did the world will be your fee you can -- radio show. I don't envision Vince has a long time doing and I think you return to Florida Iraq right now he has a a large home down there members during the lockout he had like areas built for training -- and put into the train in the sand. He's going to mean he's a legend at the University of Miami we know how that works if that if he's gonna live off a name that name is probably gonna go further in Miami. That it would go in New England so. I think that is highly overrated he needs to look out the actual cash paycheck he can get now. And then post football take care itself you'll get a big part of their organization by how quickly they give him his request. Correct he is in fact requested to be released I'm surprised we don't know about it now. I'm am surprised if if if that's what they were gonna do anyway okay events you know what. This your -- and get another job -- do today it will file the paperwork but are we sure. That they're comfortable with their assessment of what Vince Wilfork going to be and I asked that because of the help I said before what happens they decide now we want to keep -- Well what happens if we decide right now we just don't know I don't know what you are rate. I wanna get into June and wanna get into July -- wait a minute if 116. Well what if they're not sure whether he's 668676. In terms of his value. Because that's their right under contract to keep him as long as they wanna keep them to assess whether he should be a member of the team. If they can cut the guaranteed money down. Or cut cap number doubt you'll probably feel more comfortable with. A three year risk of -- or let's let's hypothetically called a three year contract that brisk. Is lower than what the one year paying him eleven point six million dollar terms of salary cap the year in not knowing precisely -- used. Roughly six months awful in major major. I I I will say this session and a -- here puts it very succinctly and correctly the contract does not guarantee. The contract has a provision for the player to be cut without pay and a non guaranteed year. That's the contract. All parties signed it. That's right. Exactly right. The patriots have every legal right to cut him today. Vince I guess has every right to request that they in fact cut him release him. If if they've -- -- asked him to take it restructuring pay cut whatever it's because they don't wanna cut him they want him on the team. Not at the number and the salary cap especially the -- currently. On the books for and that's where we get back to he's looking at this as a mirror image but it but it opposite polar opposite here where. Wait wait wait we we didn't we river up contract when I was out playing it. When I wanted to new contract and I I value wasn't right on the deal we -- play out the deal. Now -- one earlier on an annual event and if he does in fact say that I think you're right that probably the way he approached it. I can't -- he's right. He he are outperformed the contract. For at least three of the six years he was playing here. And that's where you get to like isn't fair for the thing you don't allow me to say. I. Figure out that her wills and break it may well laid on. They went on our guests are you. -- -- We cut will look like Connolly -- Wilson and try to work out Richard it really get -- dollar in -- for alignment. There we go outside and Browner peppers are and couldn't get -- and bring in the cellar and blunt. Then we go into the draft Lester president couple lines probably tackles safety and wide receiver. Well can I ask you question here yet. Did they finish last in the AFC east. No but still it would do that would bring in a nice package why do you need to do all the why not. If we bring in brown and we can have and try to -- at CP so we don't need Wilson block all the that's. Probably one worth discussing quickly -- -- brown if he does come to the patriots just because he's 64. 220 pounds that is not to say that he can easily shift to becoming strong safety to be. -- some people thought Adrian Wilson might have been assigned last year this is a guy who is at his best when he can work. In a straight line because it's got very high hips look into these big long legs. -- little stiff going laterally suggest because he profiles in terms of height in weight. As what a big safety liked came to answer some -- teammate doesn't mean this is not to insult back to he will be safe situation and certainly doesn't mean he can play at full time. Now I could easily see the identical four games he's anonymous anyway all that's true but I could certainly see the way bill likes to move things around. Where you would see him move around in the middle of the formation. Different things but you're right I I can't envision. This guy just saying okay yeah I'm strong -- -- lineup I'm going to be exactly what you needed yep became chancellor -- revolutionize your defense -- be knocking people. It's just a little unrealistic I'd like everybody says Fernandez is such a great matchup all time wide receiver what is your way to a tight end emerged just flat white. The match -- don't always look the same when you do a full time when I'm moving guys around is where you create match correct. I've been corrected by detector who said dale -- isn't right. The rookie contracts were agreed to by the players association the techsters correct idiotic. Mean the -- Player contracts in the NFL are India. The players association you know. Well they did finally make a move at the top of their association but I mean it's the players association is ridiculous in the NFL. And the -- right. Vince signed a rookie contract. That was. Agreed to by his players association and the NFL. That's easy to say in -- correct texture that that's the case. Now beat a guy who's far out playing the terms of that rookie deal. When other players around the -- -- having their rookie -- ripped up something by the way the patriots just did with their two tight ends a year or so ago. And then you're saying hold him and am I know that I signed this rookie deal and I know it means I get paid this. But I'm playing as well as anybody is playing his position in the NFL. And he'd be right. They're sort of disconnect here were some people are -- Vince Wilfork as the players who has been starved for the opportunity to ever earn big money right in his career. Make -- article about art that showed that this is a players pocketed. Probably fifty or so million dollars is that to say that he doesn't deserve the right to try to earn that funny -- -- no it's what I'm getting able what I am saying is that. If you act in a Brandon Browner a great example player who. He's gonna try to cash in right now if he can. Because he was out of you undrafted free agent out of the league in 2006 point three or four years in the CFL came back has made like. Two million dollars over the past year which is great and I don't know society yes but it NFL standards for a player who was probably name to a probable. That's pennies that's great value for the Seahawks. Vince has every right to try to get his money but at the same time we should be acting as if he hasn't seen plenty of -- -- technical. Another example would be the last two guys who've caught a hundred passes from Tom Brady from Julian -- battery is right now trying to cash in because a year ago when he hit free agency don't want him. He limped back to New England match what they want him now well. Yes and same type of thing late round pick you know a long shot story or Wes Welker who made okay money. 27 million dollars over his six years that. But at that time he caught more passes than anybody in the NFL. Never got to signed that deal like Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson and I think he's as good as those guys but he never got Eric -- shot. That to go out there even on the number two and I'm not quite elite I want my bonus money too because of injury timing various factors at work at play. Direct Vince was a first round pick. Sure he slipped a little he wanted to go higher in the draft -- expect to slip a when he wanted to worry when the patriots but. He's also made a lot of money and is done OK from. And to detect sister who says rarely -- play players making less now -- they're making more my point was six year rookie contract entry level contract are no longer allowed the national football all of your medical and everybody understood that it was it was an onerous deal for the players to. To have to work on that was the Ben Watson Tom Condon issue where Tom Condon simply despite representing the players that I'm not gonna sign you to that deal right. -- -- -- they part ways then that new representation in the ended up getting a deal. The system was -- to six years for the players in the fact that the guaranteed money was so exorbitant right veterans were seen. Sam Bradford was picked to give them first overall pick and went down -- NFL football and -- guarantee players that. Any other player. In the NFL the forty million dollars or 52 million dollars -- -- -- which is ridiculous for their ridiculous Nazis that's why Vince wants -- he didn't make that much at that point at a 6177797937. As telephone number. Dale Arnold and for Michael -- -- -- Field gates here on Sports Radio WE. It's a business to business. Two thirds of NFL players who suffer. The injury -- ruptured Achilles tendon. Don't come back. If you that's up about the body and what things they can't it can't happen. There's no way in -- somebody who weighs 300 plus pounds. Is supposed to be run an up and down the field playing 80% of the game either in their ninth intensity of their current. It I just feel like. Anything that pertains to us doesn't really fit the norm. I can tell you what the Barcelona Tim when Arctic field. And may even brighter single -- That is enough. And if you do we're America listen to my -- -- -- -- to me. Oakland he you know occasionally contain -- I can't. That is Vince and Bianca Wilfork is part of the interview that ran on sixty minutes sports on showtime. Some eye openers for both of us there now any help me out here when exactly did that interview run. Thank -- January 27 presumably. Video it was taped somewhere within the week or so before that so let's say mid January for the sake of our argument. And at that point mid January didn't sound as though Vince knew that everything was okay. I mean and to back up in the call earlier this that it's not a major injury I didn't know two thirds don't. Know I don't and I don't know what I don't know what that number means exactly. But that that's fascinating even I mean -- kind of laid out there my body tells me I can't play in can't play I don't wanna go out like this but my body tell me. And you know that's sort of ignore alleging the situation in the weakness and everything that's exactly the patriots have approached Vince Wilfork about a contract restructure you think they played -- in the background when they were talking to -- on the Luke and duke. And loop with the best pass and Vince Wilfork has to -- doubtful for the patriots even had to mean himself expressed did he mean he is. An anomaly in many ways mean it will work as some rare traits about him. That interception a Philip Rivers against San Diego during the 2011 season was one for the ages and the -- -- guys that titans and and -- can do that. And yet he still human when they say in football the and sports the only person undefeated his father time this stuff does catch up to. And just because Vince Wilfork has uncommon treats in uncommon ability. Does that mean he's immune to the after effects of a torn Achilles. There's a doubt there. Michael them like yesterday when I said his Achilles -- became his Achilles heel. You know I'm not at that cranked up about ready to be honest I -- not. And yet text -- says BJ raji -- thank you signed today or was announced today that he signed with the Green Bay Packers one year for four million dollars. What does this mean for events while one fewer plays where he can go assign. -- one thing you can have two BJ raji Vince Wilfork types because been -- want to assign some place to be BJ IG's back up. And that a guy whose late twenties. Is worth four million dollars over one year. We we talked earlier -- don't mean to get a free agency you're not paying for past production you've paid for. Future projections. Because if we're paper past production. Don't bother looking to BJ -- stacks of the past two and a half you -- sacks since the B and the middle portion of 2011 regular season. Has really struggled the past two years defending the run so the Packers are banking on him becoming the player that he was. When he was doing that dance during Nazi bull run for the Packers they got -- commercial -- they're hoping for because -- bucks for guys pilot he has over the past years not worth it. 6177797937. Will love throw some some Bruins into the mix as we go along throughout the course of the afternoon as I mentioned during trending now the Bruins now one. Seven in a row. -- I tweeted out early today Bruins fans woke up this morning they saw the Bruins were first in the eastern conference of the National Hockey League second in the overall standings in the National Hockey League and only four points behind Saint Louis. War. Second in the national hockey late. I haven't checked these numbers today I will tell you last night when I was working and we were doing pre and post game show you sound much better yeah I was a little. It'll horse last night I will tell you last night that the Bruins were second in the NHL in goals for. And second in the NHL in goals against that's good now this is the goals force that this goes back to the Brady in the Patriots offense. This is you know close Julian won't let them be created won't let them go out and be and be free and won't let them you know score. Going in the last night's action they'll escort to last night that's why Sam archer it's that if it exactly the same. Going in the last night they were second in the NHL wants. Perception. Or reality. As and it's funny how perception gets pushed by people who. Sometimes the notary and this seven game winning streak is in the midst of what was supposed to be their tough month correctly though it's -- at least seventeen games and 31 days. And are now better on the second half of back to backs than they are on the first well it's it's a weird thing they've had twelve back to backs so far this year. They're ten and two in the back half of the back to backs and I think 92 and one out and they're good in the first game to that they're gonna both. Games we -- nine days removed the Angel -- Entry deadline there was plenty of talk surrounding the Bruins potential moves that would make which coincided with some. Having some sort of question marks as to whether or not this team was built. Ultimate success or for reaching the Stanley Cup because that's the standard now for this team in the city. Overblown deal it said it overblown totally overblown. As I said at the trading deadline and not the Bruins amicable punched changes they didn't wanna make a whole bunch changes. They felt that they had a team that was among the best in the National Hockey League at that point they were second in the east and if I think in that in the NHL. They made a point of saying on trade deadline -- it really weren't interested in taking anything off the current roster they wanted to add depth they brought to defenseman and add depth. But they didn't want to trade this guy and that guy off the third line and get back guy. And what do the other thing that fans were queuing and crying about it right you gotta replace Dennis Seidenberg who got hurt December. Blowout as AC elements the album for the year. No defenseman squeeze even close to Dennis Seidenberg traded at the trade. No no one got that guy. So that I wasn't available you couldn't go get that guy if if that -- was available they might consider taking somebody off the current roster again. But that's the question the idea that players available. Terms of resources are gonna have to ship out to retain Napoli to bring that player back is -- probably cost you. Maybe not just one of your regular rotation maybe maybe it's your fourth defenseman in a third line Winger. And prospector and whatever and your Kenneth Curtis is that you know at that point. Those are certainly the value Dennis Seidenberg is more in a value of name player acts of a lesser stature but. They both perturbed I think that what being one of the things and I am not the hockey professor like daily Sybil what's unique about the Bruins team as -- they have specific roles each one that's. You can identify and if you followed closely in the all they all seem to excel on those so although the role that a Seidenberg. May be bit bigger than Gregory Campbell if your -- Gregory Campbell that's a hold Phyllis wells so right coaching this suppose -- number two defense -- -- is cyber replacement. If it's at the cost of two -- players plus the prospect. And you create a new problem and that was certainly I thought the message that Peter surely wanted to sell. In that press conference right after the deadline was. We feel fortunate we didn't treat anyone away you know everybody was -- you been doing -- every -- They were involved I mean it's like they were involved quite heavily in a number of talks but his epic that that's the Alex Adler deal had come about they'd be reported Alex -- That would cost players off this Ross -- evolving -- wasn't allowed to trade him if you believe the stories out of Vancouver. The owner of the Vancouver -- decided we are trading -- we are trading Kessler. -- that gonna sell tickets for the rest and that's certainly on you know an -- you know we've already blown this up enough. -- -- will wait until we get to the offseason and then we'll move these guys around. But let's just say that that deal was out there and they could have made it. It would cost you a couple of players off the current roster and a prospect or draft pick or something. And I can tell -- days they were adamant about they liked what they have here I think what they have here is really good. They don't wanna mess -- And based on the time we've seen since they -- right right and they never lost again 80 well their loss league didn't look very good in either of them lost one by a goal lost another one. I like two or three goals. They've won seven cents and they've looked as good as they've looked all season long. You know they they just stifle teams they just. Completely bottled them up and throttle them defensively. -- Washington Capitals with Alex Ovechkin were held at sixteen shots on goal here at the garden. A week or so ago I mean that they had nothing in there at the point where there are now managing ice time and preparing down the post season. And that's what they're trying to do and that's where they are as field said that that's where they are in this process now they're at the point where. It's expected to make the Eastern Conference finals it's expected to go money Stanley Cup. Type run here and there are deep pairings in different things of that nature and managing the ice time and I'm ready I'm ready -- cup run and and for the text -- who says you're right -- on acquiring defenseman but the Bruins could've obtained panic no they couldn't have. And this is another thing the wiesel wants him while I don't want him but let's just say you did okay. When you got your defensive help and you were in desperate need of defensive gaps. You Marty had Seidenberg on you had -- was on the shelf for two to three weeks you've got to be able to fill in holes of other guys get hurt. Once you got -- -- You couldn't get -- From a salary cap perspective the only way you could have acquired panic is that if you had sent salary back to New York Islanders who had no desire to take salary no thank you. Which is why they traded him to Montreal for a prospect in the Swedish elite league. And a draft back conditional draft pick basically gave him away because they couldn't take money in return they didn't want money in return. So no you could not have gotten -- Sorry you couldn't have and that's I've I've heard that a lot here in the nine days and days since the trade deadline -- sure they couldn't get the depends -- got wanna but the combatant manic. They had to get defensive. And they did it. The weight -- Amazon -- has played pretty well since I -- -- for those who are paying attention but when they did they then couldn't get them. Nor did the islanders were backed the -- we -- 6177797937. Ronnie some Walpole erotic. On -- I'm doing all right so. You know I probably earbud up contracts are inning and then you -- -- -- will -- And I -- -- -- I think neither side is being represented. Op -- police rule. Look at the contract process -- I think -- on the -- thirteen you'll try to play it to a contract only Castro down to renegotiate. You know on the road I felt that bunker per plate itself because they're not happy. What the contract they -- Done in eighteen and the players will be better Serbs. By signing on tracks of a shorter term and being in the held to that ended -- beat you know the salary at all. You don't like take for instance I think a lot -- often these place is. You -- such as toll that secured Parker you really think we even be playing six units are now. No -- -- -- not to leave it but that's the point it at the plate but -- Ronnie -- you don't understand why they do that they have to do to spread the salary cap hit out first they have to answer these phony -- years him. I will now because diet in other salary -- -- I understand that that that that I came to a well so. But if they reformed process salt if it can -- give mark -- or celery. And -- smaller salary cap and I and I know it's still an account against the yacht the cap the salt but to. You know wouldn't -- exodus. Situation constantly if you are on the plate with create -- in a patent then docket again if I have a bonus Jonas W Huckabee. -- stopped -- critics look at what point of the player's gonna sign on for I don't get as much of a bonus. What would it -- my -- now I guess I need them to a three year deal on the salary. And the opponent that. Actually guaranteed money -- what -- does it. The owners don't want guaranteed contracts is is your suggestion that nation -- nation a look. Shorter term deals. Higher guaranteed money is is that what you're saying like what to say -- giving -- five for 45 -- go three for 36 is a kind of what you're suggesting -- that's -- -- but I just couldn't doesn't wanna do that -- one high paying higher ever I don't -- here and obviously he was essentially talking about blowing up the system and just starting over we've. My take on what -- salary cap rules would be different everything would be different but. I think he's getting a little too caught up in the numbers that the agents play and ESP yen plays across the scroll I pointed at field there that casts. You know with a frown on your Aqib Talib is gonna get his three years in 26 million or whatever reckless that's correct so I think if if people look at it more realistically in this gets aspect -- -- for what he realistically thought his contract was. When he signed it but if people look at it realistically and sort of know. How the game is played as you said subtracting your first all right off the end -- -- -- off the year the salary everything just -- that right at the Mac gets to the end right. So and that's why everybody beats us over the head with the money in the first three years and the money the first three years on a lot of these contracts is guaranteed because the guy sign date. 1820 million dollar signing bonus the team can't afford to cut in that soon or then you go down the road cap -- it's just an understanding of how the system works this is also one thing for players that I think people understand to a degree but you know having to some of these negotiations as well. If you're -- player. Like like let's just say in essence when the patriots signed this deal with Vince Wilfork they -- mind it was really four year. 37 point five million dollar deal by the way in Vince is mind about -- what was probably one of the sounds better your your player you're an agent. What do you want about for what you wanna put on the table this. Just like you said in these inflated numbers come out when these reported deals become public. That's because the agent and the player -- people who say. Well that's -- key to -- The 57 million dollar quarterback gets the -- to this year. And that's a key to leave the 26 million -- it also sounds better for the league in general in my opinion when. Peter King writes 25 hours -- free agency over a billion dollars have been handed out today. That means the league is thriving net showing how powerful we are and you said it's really this well both sides do that. The team that signs the deal knows it's really dot dot dot and the agent knows it's really dot dot -- our season ticket holders that sounds really good it's like you're really spending money sure we -- invested 200 million dollars and five players you people -- people do enjoy that be a publicly been of the raiders are getting crushed a local label -- cap space -- -- not spending any money. They -- signed me to a five year fifty million dollar deal in some portion of that database to be up because at least is fifty million bucks I'd be happy to I'm not sure any portion of -- -- -- -- -- back. Might seem a little wonder stock ticker. It might seem a little undersized. He the taxpayer who wants to take to task because I pointed out that you couldn't have acquired panic from the islanders of the Texas -- -- now. Bruins could have sent someone somewhere else or not. -- Are enough they didn't want Thomas -- They don't like Thomas -- and they didn't wanna trade anybody off the roster to get Thomas -- why assume text -- you're then gonna stick on the third line but I'm not touch at least top two lines. The only value to having -- -- teams has played well against you like he has the previous game you mean like he didn't play well against -- the other night in Montreal Montreal stop with this -- they -- sent someone somewhere up. They didn't. Want Thomas -- They don't like Thomas panic as much as you do Dexter. So they don't like Thomas banquet. A lot of -- that's what I'm saying that this really set up like just this lightly cooked enough. They could've sent someone somewhere else he didn't want to send anyone anywhere -- They -- their team that's -- that's the biggest thing I took from that is I was amazed at just the tone of the excitement we can trade anybody. As we like this team we think we can win with this team we wanted to add depth right. And we added that we didn't wanna take anybody off the roster and so we achieved our goals whether the public is happy or wanted a bigger name or bigger move we achieved our goals. And they said seven and her. I detect you know the patriots but boss likes to go -- to -- -- Bill Belichick he goes twelve imports. Seven and al-Qaeda. Leadership rally. And for the -- who says. Calm down -- settled down your pro edu and -- we like iron and I like at least armed and in that Texas is they'll stop reading the text you know all. The problem earlier in the -- asked. Probably even the best advice I've just come back let's just calm down that rose that's rose I was combat this problem as if they -- in -- -- that come -- This is probably why you were losing your voice to somebody asked you about Thomas panic and all of a sudden now -- most Bruins fans they're now saying you know lack. -- teams probably -- it funny how seven straight wins at 246177797937. -- telephone number. -- says the Michael -- program he's not here today I'm Dale Arnold filling in for him. This hour brought -- you might see beyond your technology ally you have a business to manage why not let's see beyond manager technology. I love him. Alone him. -- He's off the charts were so lucky that your relationship. With this organization. Bob Kraft. Does that make your job safer. In the cards and now it's a mutual and not not not an army and it's it's a business to business. It almost sounds that when they taped that interview and I'm just guessing mid January Iran January 27. It almost sounds that would make taped it -- Bianca knew what was coming. And as they probably get they're probably did that mean they're pretty Smart people. Astute observers of the football scene they probably did have an idea as a matter fact -- after the most plugged in the -- demand in the NFL earlier today on sports center did say that these are not. Like recent is in the past few days conversations these are multiple weeks perhaps even multiple months when that up is filled. Perhaps this is a bit already been you know the overtures may have already taken place because it. It's what we've said ad nauseam but everybody saw it coming it's it's the way it works it is business and its formulaic it's not out of the ordinary this is the way it works -- worked -- on the AT&T top -- hotline says for those of us who came late to the party please indicate the salary cap benefits if the patriots cut Wilfork. Very good question for those who weren't listening earlier on the through eight million dollars. So his salary cap number for this year is eleven point six correct but he gets. Three and a half whatever the number is -- forget the numbers that the pro rated bonus right already has that bright are -- -- -- on paper they don't get the better think. So so what they gain is over eight million dollars in salary cap room from a salary and the work -- bonus in the week bonus that's. 300000. Dollar weight which. Initial test well I mean and again I'm not this is not his fault. I don't know how much he's been able to work out I don't know I mean I would assume everyone who has a major lower body injury you tend to gain weight especially. He is probably prone to it. You know he's been living a certain life forever trying to stay at a certain bill because. That's the bill that's required for his job when teams -- in those weight clauses its -- reason I don't peeled away -- on the union endorsed contract who are concerned about the -- middle put on twelve pounds or in the ops you do. For a reason correct and now he has even more reason because. He couldn't jog he couldn't get on a bike for awhile he couldn't. You know he's probably doing the arm bike as part of his rehab to -- a little card deal but. Hard for a guy that big -- I'm guessing not exactly eating 12100 calorie diet per day. To stay in shape right out I won a replay the cut we just played. I he's got a text message from somebody usage you should notice something so so let's play again and and let's see if if what the texture told me it is right -- alone. And them. Alone him. Not this part. This. He's off the charts were so lucky that your relationship. With this organization. -- crafts. Does that make your job safer. In the cards and now it's a mutual -- -- stopped at the text was wrong. That the text I got that notice -- answers before Vince does I know Vince answered right and -- and I wanted to listen to make sure but the point is well take. In -- it's an interview that the focal point of view is star nose tackle coming up and at least here. How many times have you seen any other and it L player conduct or be with his wife. By his side -- Tom Brady go out there with -- -- you -- Peyton -- in his life. It's on comic I don't think I've ever seen pregnant wife. -- -- Totally disfiguring -- plenty of times when his career it was a medical story might be a family your neck and you want him to come back it would have been nice sit down -- it's a unique situation. On its its business exists. Now she did she did say at the business before -- said it was for the but Vincent noble for that she's a business manager Latin by the way Peyton Manning's -- hot issue. You know what I always thought the equivalent to Peyton Manning's personal life and his wife and his kids analysts. Kevin Garnett. It's ever. Don't know anything about Kevin Garnett and except the one time worry he said good night to what one of his daughters on a post game interview okay. I mean and I mean I don't remember ever seen rolling over his brother. You know -- -- -- -- this was a guy who religiously. Guarded his privacy. At a one of the biggest superstars in the NBA living amongst us playing here for the Celtics. And outside the four walls of the garden you knew nothing about not thing. All of those but that's I always felt that way about Peyton Manning I don't know I think about his. Wife kids personal life it was always that way about -- and it is weird the different I mean obviously -- there's a reason we know about it though because she's pattern on the and he right. But remember Kurt Warner. Mrs. Warner was always front and center in the crowd ever talked about you know there is these different. And Bianca is certainly on the forefront of that she's out there she's mrs. 75 and she is directly tied into this but then there -- the others that you. Don't know whether they exist what they do oh debate like the sport of -- not like this anything. Europe's we need. We got a lot of will for top there are some other things that happened in patriot lane and hopefully it. It they sign anybody -- only the best free agent available only the best free agent in the history of and a history of the NFL. Maybe. It's the argument can be made it to Regis do you take in terms of players that are available on the open market. And talk about its defensively at least a BER I think that the conversation begin with Reggie White which is at the inception. A free agency back and it was 9293. And that was a -- -- god was on the packers' side. -- packers' side yes we just had -- program go faster so that you -- make the case that. Twenty years old Darrelle Revis is the greatest offensive freeagent has ever been available. You can argue some other players but I can make keys for Revis. Yes it was for three hours yes it was coming off of -- release one year after treatment just. The criteria is being a free agent and being a defensive player he could be the greatest ever beat. Because of the local the recent comparisons Peyton Manning you resist Peyton Manning easy franchise. Questions about Peyton Manning's member he's doing he's worked out at duke. You know behind these you know shaded over chain link fences because people were sure -- -- throw again -- -- -- -- with accuracy and strength the -- on the field. There are. Limited questions about Darrelle Revis yes he had -- ACL a full year ago he has played a full season since so not only -- second year after -- now we look like there right normal now the expectation is bull he's back is Darrelle Revis. And oh by the way. You do NAFTA trade initially thought you had to give a first round pick at your third route whatever may be. Oh well in a minute paid sixteen million dollars well for this year united and -- sixteen. Really paying him twelve is divided -- it out over two years so I think and also to add your point it we're making this a valuation Darrelle Revis of what we nobody at the time of signing even the Broncos committee. Up to 95 million dollars Peyton Manning understands there are some inherent risk involved which is why he had to pass a physical. On the fifth day of the 2013. Year or else his contract wouldn't be any one year. Eighteen million dollar investment so I think in the -- of signing you can make that case. So I think that while the Vince -- news -- topical for obvious reasons that he has meant so much of this franchise over the past ten years. We have discovered is not the -- it's pretty amazing the patriots can add. This caliber bowl player and less than 24 hours after that news broke the conversation did so quickly shifts. Right to another place and -- -- they had the player which. In and of itself is great you ready hall of fame type talent at cornerback. You added him when you needed him needed him beat you added especially after the AFC championship game when you think in cash. -- apps well yes but that aside I was of the belief that you lose. -- Revis is the only guy you can replace him Richard Sherman is not available -- of these other guys. I don't want -- front burner I don't think he's that good I don't I didn't wanna talk myself into. Antonio Cromartie used to be an all pro he used to it pretty well he's not that good. I don't have to talk myself into Israel -- not only replaced your number one corner. You upgraded with the best cover corner of his generation now let's for the sake of this discussion only lets say Vince gets cut. And you got things -- well because now right on the parade has now -- our race in this city are already Leslie finish the sentence that had. Look a little eight -- yeah. How they spend a -- it is. A step up. 88 in Canada -- How they spend the money. Now what do they duel with eight point something million the number you gave us -- -- can't remember eight it was and I believe it's a bright Eddie let's say an eight million seats they have X eight -- -- million dollars in salary cap room what they spend it. The I think there are few positions to keep an eye on whether it's the draft or read -- my content to be the number one priority. Is finding a pass catching tight end. As you mentioned Millard compliment Rob Gronkowski also provide insurance for him in thirteen receptions last regular season tight -- -- -- They need to beef that the tuneup in some capacity it seems like based off the options available in free agency in the depth of the tight and class. For 2014 the strapped. If that might be the -- export the draft whether it's -- samarra Texas Tech or some other players it's already been linked to them and various mock drafts. But I think if -- look at the free agent market. But more sort of perk that positions. Pre is wide receiving start there in an end to settlement remains the player of most note. Mean even if he doesn't get a huge money deal we understand has died -- the patriots you know and he's generate some interest he's in San Francisco rate now for a visit. Whether or not that's more of exploratory visit -- -- you read the -- offered this player and seeded beat the patriots offer we don't know that yet but he is getting some interest Werth last off season he had virtually none. I think that's listen to watch. And then defensive tackle course if you cut it. You've got some bodies in the mix Tommy Kelly would be the most veteran incredibly talented of the group decides that it's a lot of young guys with some questions. Is the market robust right now for defensive tackles. No but defensive tackles I think sometimes there -- players we don't realize are pretty good defensive tackle and always get when you sign them they're actually a lot better because you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- only 32 tackles two sacks last year. A reminder Richard Seymour was Bill Belichick was crushed in doing in particular to -- more. Back at 2001 over David throughout the -- who ran mission in one of the biggest reasons I remember reading at the time I was in high school this point. He had one and half sacks last year George. Well let's let's start with the tide in position from around here and and never got to Jared Allen when he was doing his rundown. We're gonna get him back to Jared Allen wanted to back tied and -- because immediately people a single get Jimmy Graham. Personally not a -- And -- that's actually the crux of their of their dispute down there. And this was something in all season long Matt Chatham would tell me about this the season before that Christian Fauria would tell me about this. He's not a -- He's a big wide receiver guys are really good wide receiver it's why he wants to be paid like a wide receiver. You know he says he's a wide receiver he's not a tight end and I don't think he's in Bronx league and yet he's well it's or seven million dollar player. This past year and more than drop when he gets that deal Aaliyah. And which is crazy. He's been durable for the most part I mean I know we've dealt with that -- was a foot injury last year to fascia -- -- I have to admit and I I I fall victim to this all the time the eyeball test. When I see guy play the patriots might see a guy in person. I tend to be very reactionary and hold it against him forever or go the other way gives great the best -- right. Jimmy Graham I lost a lot of respect for -- matchup with -- Aqib Talib last year I just. I saw you looking like to quit the evening did he look like a guy punched him in the old Mike Tyson everybody's gonna plan to get punched in the mouth. I thought I keep toll punched him in the mouth and Jimmy Graham took his ball went home. There are some questions about his ability to handle physical defenses whether it's being pressed the line of scrimmage. By play a -- to -- or linebacker who the patriots -- to that with that in the past but there was Dallas Clark Marcus Pollard before that the colts. And people will point to of the upside of Graham is -- best red zone target in the NFL it was seventeen touchdowns last year but we if you wanted to counterpoint it would be. Can't block -- assault. And in the -- that you schemes you know two of the biggest -- of the seat seasons lecture the patriots in the playoff game against Seattle. Literal non factor to us that they -- you've never seen healthy -- Not be primary. Focus of the patriot -- you have we have yet to see. Any sort of Kryptonite for -- -- unless I'm forgetting some of them lately overlooking them. And it's anybody ever taken him out of the game the way we -- I keep -- take Jimmy Graham out there isn't one and that's why I say he's so. Irreplaceable he so unique and earlier when I brought that up there or budget year an idiot ever hear Jimmy Graham every year Tony Gonzales different players when I say tight and I mean. Would give -- tight end I can line him up on the end of the line of scrimmage. He can block down on a tackle he can kick in and out or he can release and beat a -- your linebacker or both. Catch a touchdown make you look silly about you know last year against the cardinals when he's running deep balls and he's getting behind Adrian Wilson who we now signed as part of -- team but. I mean he is. A play maker all over the field and a wide variety of ways Jimmy Graham -- sorry got punched in the mouth then it. Well I think it but I think you probably what you're not getting -- disguise -- on bond number is not about just that maybe in relative terms like. You'd rather have -- -- Michael -- and the agreement then cut off and everybody else sure but I just all the patriots fans said. I don't know why we don't just go after the window's closing -- -- Jimmy Graham we don't need those future first round picks 21 round picks and however much money it takes Jimmy Graham will day off I think that's ridiculous for anybody not named quarterback. I think that would be ridiculous to give up all that. I'm not sold on Jimmy Graham just being the flat out best there ever no question. You know I don't have put him in like Calvin Johnson categorize me Calvin Johnson and is in a category where you can't question -- -- great. Jimmy Graham I still have some heat -- wouldn't say stuff I agree. That there. -- if you -- caught our -- -- would be viewed. Call or whether it was a weapon. There's Arnold appropriately so there are. Very listen -- vehicles here wished your heir apparent. -- -- whatever happens we're -- -- the court so. Well let our spirit our -- -- tomorrow we Apollo the chargers from there aren't. Happy even with you know are regarded that we want and demand better. What the whole year. -- work currently under our air or more are being popular football you know. A lot of people you know whereas meanwhile we're here at -- -- pretty. Where are in the current track where you know whether there are not what it should be event. Our owners are people like executable that you argued Obama secured their. I was -- -- the Vince Wilfork on this radio station. Before he signed the contract which has a year remaining on I'm looking at a transcript of some of his answers. During the course of the interview. Quote I did honor my six year deal now that six year deal is up it's time for me to move forward with the patriots or not with the patriots. Franchise tag -- decent money for most people out there. What I do it's okay. But I don't look at myself as an okay player. Like I said it's just basically a slap in my face and it's insulting to me to tell me I'm an okay player. Them the average salary of the top five players that your position in the National Football League is not saying you're an okay player. It's saying you're one of the top five players that your position in the NFL would you like to be in okay radio. Or any kind of nevermind I had a -- but but my point is that's not what they're saying dance if they tag you with the franchise player. You're getting the average salary of the top five players in the league -- position. That's not saying your an okay player this is where the business and personal become separated again ball. But I think they are now telling him they are now this and it is true this was prior to signing the big one the big one now he's probably. That's probably not a terrible description form he's an okay player. Maybe even a decent player he's not a great player anymore he's not a franchise. Type player like he was that. He goes on to say quote I want to long term deal or I wanna -- Parikh. Point blank -- -- you know the transcript Israel I love when he that's how I'm looking at a that's how my family is looking at a there's a short window of opportunity. For me to make the kind of money I want him. I'm not selling my family short I'm definitely not selling myself short just to stay back -- win and be part of a great organization. Low. Winning is a big part of sports but a lot of teams win a lot of teams went -- will see will see. I'll do what's best for my family but I definitely will not sell myself short of my ability not at all. That was from 2010. The transcript of the interview on this radio station did an interview with Michael. Com. And as you pointed out much earlier on field. He's made most of the money on this deal I mean certainly more than most guys yet. You know I think the -- the year and this is my -- -- blow for will break this -- silence at some point yes. I suspect we'll get back from the vacation reportedly armed separatists. I'm going with the tweet that includes notepad you know on your iPhone -- -- -- takes the little picture pricing through those before that's money don't wanna get. All yeah yeah I don't wanna be encumbered by the 140 characters that if I'm a betting man I'm a put -- how will port purchase. And the tone of that message will be hard to interpret. When it's when it's pictured in text right. But I imagine we'll be. Maybe thanking the fans insane I want to do what's best for me -- port. Will there be a point point. Very well could be. Multiple and there could be a couple of point blanks and I I do think and and by the way the purpose of playing the cuts that we played earlier or reading the transcript that we just read is not in any way shape performed make Vince look bad. I'm gonna start how it started the program. I am an unabashed and on apologetic Vince Wilfork -- All that's -- football player and as a person. I like him a lot and you made the point earlier your head might say one thing about wins Vince Wilfork -- your heart says another thing correct I want him to. Remain as a patriot and his career as a patriot get that red jacket up there on that stage outside the hall at patriot place and all those things. It's and he'll get that either way he's getting -- -- he'll be in the hall at patriot place someday is just a question on how acrimonious that says no he'll be back at some point I mean. No matter how this ends the relationship that he has with the Kraft family and Robert Kraft. Israel is special. And I think you heard that emotion in mister -- boys earlier when played that clip from sixty minutes that's real. For a little while business might get in the way here but I don't think it'll be craft and will -- business it'll be seen as Belichick. In Wilfork business and that's how it should be seen it's the players it's the agent and it's the man in charge of handing out contracts that Bill Belichick. Now it is it is entirely possible 'cause they don't exactly keep -- patriots haven't announced they signed Darrelle Revis her so we don't know what they're doing not to doubt be a real kick in the -- That particular never really happened -- a physical persona then and just never as the raiders about that. Inaccurate when your big free agent signings in the -- that physical but anyway. For all we know the patriots party -- Athens. -- -- -- -- For all we know. My guess is -- party here about visits -- RD hear about. About you know one gonna go talk to this team that team unless. Unless he's not physically capable of doing that right now. Unless he doesn't wanna make visits to CO opposing teams or other teams right now because he knows. Liked the Oakland situation he's gonna pass a physical today anyway well yet if you gave him you know physical in terms of could be plate that now he could plate. But. Teams would I think take that chance on him he's gonna show up he's not on crutches he walks into the building. He he's he doesn't you know you have a brace on he's to that point in his rehab so. I think teams that are -- it would take the chance on him if he came into the. To be clear for those who aren't aware sort of the dynamics of a national physical I don't know if this is the same across sports but I imagine it's similar. You know -- it's not like there is some sort of minimum threshold that every team must adhere to. Passing a physical is being content is having your doctors be comfortable with. In your team doctor being comfortable with. This player and understandably wary -- his rehab we areas and is full time recovery if there's a in the case of the Oakland Raiders feeling that physical Rogers apple they discovered something in his shoulder. They felt was poking apple requires surgery before that would put him back on the field. So that it does change so if if Vince Wilfork were to go out there you know -- because the patriots may not. Pessimists visible think about Kyle Love last -- the patriots field -- -- physical because of his develop commissioner diabetes eventually ended up with the jaguars and the chiefs those teams felt like he was they were -- are comfortable. With his level of health. To sign into an active roster dealers -- -- -- will put them keep it on their own cost. -- and I I've had people say that it. Certainly guys at the end of the season you can fail every player in every player that has played in the league that year what did you a detailed audits and certainly guys that have played an extended period in the league. You could find a way to fail them money physical. But you can also. You're right field it's it's about being cup okay he's six months into an Achilles. Surgery repair here. He should look like this okay yeah he's fine everything else checks out every other part of his body is normal and after another five months of rehab he'll be on the field so yes you have. I'm the Oakland Raiders you have a sign off he's gonna be good enough to go sign -- to this contractor wants. Dexter says duty and been released yet how can you be talking to other teams why not -- right well it would never happen. Like like I would bet that -- Hasn't had a single text or phone message with pepper Johnson I I -- they haven't talked at all since pepper left here. I'd recommend anybody who has questions about that cited check the Twitter feed of Adam -- third at 4 o'clock PM on Tuesday afternoon. And look at it from about four to 421 union might notice that about its. I'll be forged a million dollars were spent on NFL by NFL teams on free agents. That's a lot of money to be pushed around twenty minutes yes it is so yes the estimates it's almost like they have laid much of the ground work for that already no way -- Thomas liked that I and a sane about it because during the legal tampering period which is another one of those oxy morons like a Jumbo shrimp. They weren't allowed to discuss these narrative terms known only candidate under its contract numbers you can't discuss years or dollars and it probably did you -- -- -- interest. Probably didn't started to come by weeks earlier in Indianapolis a shirt it. You guys all know. What the real world -- works and like I said I mean Vince Wilfork and pepper Johnson are great friends yes. And with the nose tackle for the Buffalo Bills by the way in got a pair of defensive tackles a martial Daria -- Kyle Williams -- And they play a 43 scheme but is her tiebreak is Mike Patton browns coach was there defensive coordinator last year but. So that was one of the quandary is that you know what they have an interest based on -- pepper Johnson connection yes but based off of their depth chart. Might be a little bit less inclined although I think they're sort and I know they'd been hot and cold and Daria as he was actually. For that regular season finale your Foxborough he was suspended for the first quarter because the missed meeting so he sets him off the field maturity issues so. It could be enough to make image -- Three hours down one ago 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line -- 37937. I'm dale Arnold and for Michael Holley. He will be back here on Monday we think -- -- gates is here Andy -- is here this is Sports Radio WE yeah. I would love to travel with the team when I'm when I'm able to understand if you terminal on the stand there. But I won't be -- process. And he was right we would love to win. Them and a lot to -- and that's a closer -- year. To my guys. On game day it's almost -- -- in particular feel uncomfortable -- feel I can talk with them. Did you ever come off the field. You don't hear you every time in my -- Is not it's not what we won't here's what -- meet because you've also Wragge yeah. I found it unusual and you know until Vince told the story of going to Bill Belichick and asking for permission to go and -- been said bill doesn't normally take guys like data -- earth I like to put it doesn't take Taurus. Generally speaking. But but Bildt told Vince he'd be happy to have come along and they'd like to have him there he was there. Our most of the games you'd see him around and it was unusual for me and you guys follow them even more closely than I do that's. Not something you saw very often here now and it's and it's in stark contrast no different situation than when they. Wanted Tom Brady to be gone because it was -- -- team now and they wanted to ensure that there was no mixed message or anything of that nature but yet. There's no questioning. Vince is a great leader Vince is a great player. But my question would be to fans because there -- some very strong. Messages from fans that want him back as you said it's 5050 but the people want him back strongly want him back absolutely. Will you bit will you miss Vince Wilfork on the field. Or will you miss the idea. Of -- wolf. That would be the question I'd have to ask you will you actually miss the physical Vince Wilfork on the field or is that the idea. Of 75. What he's meant the mainstay. And I think if you look at that honestly. You might. Be surprised with what your decision would be you'd -- don't you think the emotion. A part of it is where you come to first don't you think that right now a lot of his feedback we're getting in the text line and whether it's Twitter. Comments on website posts a lot of her -- as the emotional aspect of it it's what Vince Wilfork represents not just. How we performed because when he went down last year. The same people who are probably -- We're really gonna miss -- in the patriot ought to do right by him and -- granted his release or pay him his full salary when he went down last year was. Well you know something in the patriots weren't playing now well on run defense as it was with them on the field. And without him they went to the FC title game and so some of it is just. I hate change as much and I literally am opposed to change it I don't like change. Any part of my life. Food and Matt creature of habit routine I don't want change and for a patriots fan perspective. Number 75 has been in the middle of that defense or a decade just about. Just about every game just about every play is a literal building blocks centerpiece of the defense. But is he worth that -- do you only want him there because he's supposed to be there or you -- -- their because he's makes your team better when he's going to be out there next year. And -- the fact of the people yeah we probably got about this earlier but remember if he's not here it's not as if he's not here. And you don't improve in terms of -- -- kept us from -- if you if you lose Vince Wilfork if you cut him. You have eight million dollars to play and I innocent people there sort of a misnomer the patriots don't spent if you spent they often spend. Quite close to the cap and if they don't spend that cap remember in the NFL that money rolls over the next year so it's not as if it's just a lost cause if you have to would have million dollars left over him. Some people say one not to spend the cap right now because. If you don't easily yourself with a republics say you want to extend the contract of them according. You may need them money maybe you wanna structured a deal words bigger up front and lesser on the back and so giving yourself some wiggle room in leading some cap space. And during the season. Makes and that's why you're able to get the idea of them have Rob Ninkovich last year during the beginning part of that season and other deals that you bring bring in players you'd trade for Isaacs a blog who didn't work out. Did give yourself the chance and having that cap room. That's why it worked out. That's what that's what kept. 6177797937. Josh is a New Hampshire -- Josh. Our legal guys thank you thought the bat like that like -- What I've been on the all the old port picked up demand I think you'd. One of the greatest threat to linemen to ever play the game I would agent Eric down or are almost anybody. But the fact of the matter is that he would do eleven aptly adult this year against the cap. He needs to be restructured. And that kind of money -- that your goal whether or not or. And the fact that you -- do well in the work within what we hear is ridiculous because in my eyes. The credit he got hurt like Cuba he I like it made public -- a -- I. The set out in the egg -- Yeah but come on now he got hurt playing the game we should've gotten. I don't think that he shouldn't have gotten paid or did he did get the money well I think that. If you -- repeated what's that you understand like it looked -- lethal epidemic that money anywhere else. The talk about it because they don't know where he has been. So long as well -- I'm not saying you're right about at the same time. You got to try to work something out of out of it going to be irritate -- that and -- That is an aspect of this that I'm intrigued by his value on the open market if he gets to the open market they give him what he wants and give him his release. What kind of numbers are we gonna -- thrown around when he's visiting. Anywhere I mean Derek teams still out there just. Bird -- weeded out some of the updated salary cap numbers still massive numbers out there for. Oakland Cleveland the jets the bad angles the Bucs are talking teams with 25 plus million dollars in cap space. What his value on the open market is he gonna get a three year fifteen million dollar deal three year twenty million dollar how much can he get. I don't know I would find it hard to throw a lot of money in -- opposing -- if you like me think that the patriots need help wide receiver another potential target as he operated. Adam ship you'll be shocked here at a show after reporting should mean it's true. On the other stories and good shot out of the shot -- rap sheet. At which after reports that Steve Smith as agreed to a three year contract ball more rains. They wanted to I'm doing -- is not going there well and all these places. Keep signing wide receivers and every time they do like check them off the list of possible Julian settlement. Dropping spots I am the report is he's visiting San Francis Saturday right correct. But not that it doesn't seem like there's anything imminent there in terms of an offer or their really hot and bothered to get him a certain feel bad for him. Aliens gonna start I feel like he's gonna come crawling back again and they're gonna -- Old you mean that offer we had to -- day well seeing as you're crawling back it was by 10%. The example the one thing that he has going for music last year when the patriots. And Wes Welker were engaged in the on again off again negotiations. When it became clear that Wes Welker was gonna test the market and they -- even a shot the patron to lose which turn -- to be pretty darn good shot. The etiquette exit plan in their back pocket in the act fast. Whereas this time around. If his idol there's Andelman who was interpret this go to Dayton. And -- you know what other wide receiver units. I have a feeling he's gonna end up back here but I have not -- but I have felt that way at a little -- the process are. I thought -- and up here I thought a team. With a quarterback. That was sort of establish sort of established offense might swoop in and say this guy can be an intriguing. Guy for us and did Troy leaders Cincinnati someplace where they sort of had that big receiver on the outside and might just enjoy eight. A traditional slot possession type receiver and I'm frankly little surprise that he's not giving anything marks a New Hampshire remark. I don't get great mark. But I -- to -- two part question it and army perhaps. That -- marquis got to talk about what that man I understand the human body adapting that. That and have a general idea where it is injury it work. To put anybody -- that number two and number two. Dunbar is coincidental that they're taking all the patriots players all of the sudden -- you've got in Scotland and out and. Well it's to write to me it's it's it's not all the patriots players it's Wes Welker last year which was sort of a luxury plane it's Aqib -- this year which was. Necessity necessity when you had and I -- Clinton themselves when they look at Darrelle Revis here if you believe all reports was the third option that I actually went down the road of DRC and even got in on Revis a little bit it may have offered him the same contract they offered to leave him so that was -- -- and they sort of ended up with the patriot. Not as many as when Josh McDaniels went out there when it was patriot patriot patriot going to Denver. And really at the point that was the point that I know he said you should hang up after yes but okay anything K okay. -- -- -- I have. A conflict -- feelings about it I think -- I think that. Vince Wilfork. The last caller mentioned the injury you know -- is that. I'm gonna say that. That. -- that the Achilles injury. He's so far more serious injury then the other is that most fuel may not know that much more serious and even a knee reconstruction and CEO. Achilles injuries as if you're a little older. Very difficult to rehab -- acting is -- raises millions government -- like Colby political Bryant. I think you could almost predict that guy's career -- Ole -- you'll never view Larry woods in suffer an injury. Unless I think that Vince Wilfork. Will come back probably eighty to 85% I'm just. I that's what I'm saying that even at bat. I think they should sign him and I and I because I think it's 8885. Candidates will work is gonna be better than. What -- your enemy and should just say how tough this injury was to come back from. Yeah but I am saying that's why I'm saying I don't think that -- is going to be the play harder percent of what he was. But it 85%. Is still going to be better than most players and you know. -- they they they wanted him to stay. But are less money at a certain percent and he doesn't wanna do that maybe they thought they were gonna get X percent of Vince Wilfork and said okay -- pay for X percent of Vince Wilfork but we're not getting. The 100% Vince Wilfork you're not getting out of that he celery when the question earlier as to how much or how cal for a long Vince Wilfork is in his recovery. The only two parties involved know that Vince is one Ambien and the pay. Of Vince and his wife Bianca are one and the others the patriots and their medical staff. They know as well as any and it you know events ultimately because they say you know your own body best. But the patriots they've been monitoring this every single day since it first occurred I believe it was September 20 -- and -- camera thirtieth. Fourth game of the regular season last year they have a field where Vince Wilfork that how -- is progressing -- body looks I was wade has been impacted by this. And for us to say you think he's going to be eight percents. That's fine you could be 80% but he could be 50%. And at that point. The best version of it will work to be cut that in half is that the 2% because of his injury. He certainly is -- live with and as you bring up he was he was not himself early last year I don't know what the drop off was it was early who knows how that season would have played out. That he you know played the whole year rounded into form but what if he was. 80% of Vince Wilfork last year now you're getting 80% of 80%. 0% that is but it's it's not a hundred. My head spin -- -- Jimmy Jimmy's in grants and -- -- I don't. Eight daylight -- -- my opinion is that they should let will sport though I mean it's respectful to them because. He's been such a -- -- -- so long. And we can also pick up -- -- species for real peace. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well be asked noted that. 6177797937. Is telephone number yes the deal for us. Steve Smith for people who were asking three year deal. Reportedly 3.5 million dollar signing bonus which was less than I expected actually. And yet he's not what he was -- He's an all ourself and I think it's an interest in signing you put him with had to put him with Torrey Smith. I think you're putting together sort of a diverse passing attack that can kind of attack the field in different ways I think the most part about this is the fact that oh by the way the ravens host the Panthers. Next year and oh by the way would -- this day. About playing the Panthers if you were solid team is going to pay -- 2014 and involve blood quicker goggles on because there's going to be lug it. And guts everywhere else I -- In the fight with players when they were teammates or what's he gonna do when their opponents -- like her Steve Smith is. A lot of it you know what it if anything he'll screw he'll screw himself and his team up. If he gets himself to that state when their plane if anything to take himself bottom. What they're supposed to be doing what they hope to be doing pre -- fight maybe our best interest rate now -- like the old NHL day back -- today Adams and can't. Hey Adam hey guys I don't you great I wanna Kyle everyone that's complaining about. It will work whining all this money I just think everyone being a little hypocritical because. People are clicking about players. Holding out and not honoring their contracts. But we never complain about it not honoring their end of the deal I mean -- signed a contract. The team signed up to -- I mean what. What's wrong -- one. I got an atom atom -- play devil's advocate here okay. The National Football League players association and the National Football League agreed to the provision that allows teams to get out of these deals. They're not guaranteed contracts. But -- doesn't. -- have a provision for the player to do the same thing they hold out lose money. Yeah that's I mean I look I I said all along I think the NFL PA it was wasn't is a joke. But they still agreed to this. But I don't hear that same kind of outrage on this on one side whether it allowed or not I guess I just would expect people to calm. Feel the same way about a player they would about the team right now I don't. Because people are rooting for their team. For the most part they're rooting for their laundry they want the good players and the guys that hold out that they're good their key players. They want them on the field helping their team win gains. Compete for championships and and that's where the loyalty lies very rarely do you hear fans. Put their loyalty in the player who's holding out. And because we're here for you the -- says 80% of 80% to 64 -- are a lot of those coming I am right times its patents that. My son's got a Ph.D. in statistics from Yale if he's driving and he's on his way here grant you all got he's just kill momentum. He's the heart and souls so much when you say that. Makes him that. Well I think what happens. And you can see you -- Tommy is doing here on the offensive side you're always looking. For leadership slum where there was someone steps up and motivates and brings people to our plan. And use some inspiration especially the younger guys coming. And the way he conducts himself. It's pretty special. All I can hear the Bob Kraft haters out there now sharpening the knives the figurative knives. That was part of the interview on sixty minutes sports on showtime January 27. Robert -- talking about Vince Wilfork. Com by the way this -- brought to you by -- ARS restoration specialists if your property your facility manager. And don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place be prepared and contact ARS at 877. Or 611111. ARS serve dot com. Leadership is an issue here absolutely. And he is an unquestioned leader on this team in. There are limited. Options on defense right now for that leadership. They have the lead by example good guys in Mayo and -- forty. But Vince is more than that and I do think that is some sort of consideration here I don't know how you. Put a value on that as you start to decide how much you can invest in -- Vince Wilfork but. I do think that leadership is something they're going to be sorely lacking offenses -- on -- that concerns me more than him on the field you know I talked about on the field I think you'd be missing the idea of Vince -- convince himself. I think in the locker room you would actually be missing -- because I do think he is the edgy leader this defense needs and I don't see your replacement and now well I think that even if you do keep it before it's time to consider adding some leadership and its. It's tough to assess leadership. Without one before you bring guy in the building -- like at least on the field you don't -- 3.2 guy and say. It's clearly a leader and you see it's sometimes -- non verbal communication at linebacker and stuff like that but it's tough to get a real feel for a player leadership. Until you spent some time with him in the building but I think the patriots. Of course they're far but far better to evaluating leadership without. Having and a contact any of us are. That's about the consider it I had my doubts about events I'll be honest back then they were in deep post. You know Maginnis. Paris in separate bowl going down that road and I wondered if I thought -- was more of a leader -- and I had my doubts about -- but I think. And I can remember thinking at the time I'm not sure you can buy leadership. Just because you hand the guy the biggest contract in the defense of locker room doesn't mean he becomes your leader doesn't mean his personality assumes that role. But I think he did and I don't. Just because I don't see -- me. For all I know Darrelle Revis -- and being a leader for this team I have no way you know even though we look at him as a one year and who knows what happens maybe he's the guy may be channel Jones steps up Rob Ninkovich. But I I think that hole is something that -- to be field. You lives. You guys know this better than most but some people who might not now know that that generally speaking leaders are leaders within their group. If your defensive player you're -- defensive leader -- -- offensive player -- offensive leader and generally speaking they don't crisscross. Vince was one of those few guys who I sensed was a leader that even offensive guys gravitated to listen to and talked him and that is not -- on normal thing. You know -- him. And I'll use Brady is the example I think Brady generally speaking is an offensive guy. -- and end up advances in a defensive guy but -- you sense that he's one of those guys who who almost carries as much clout among the offensive guy. Is he does the defense because I and again I had my doubts and he grew into the role but he has an air about him and we talked about the -- yesterday field. Those guys have to be jerks sometimes -- and Vince has -- -- he has that ability to be a jerk when necessary. In. I don't know I don't know the Brady has that all the time and maybe that's why he doesn't branch over as much he's kind of within his group offense he is obviously your leader no doubt but. You know Logan Mankins might be more likely to step across the line and say something to a good example by the way of somebody who like pink does cross over right now because -- he's not afraid to you know he has that. The world be damned I'm kind of -- you think -- a jerk this is what needs to be said right now and it would be inching -- to try to fill that void. Is as I go down I mean you go down the likely twenty plus players on that defense right now. I just don't see a lot of light Mayo it's clearly the leader of the not a matter of guys now and on and not know and doesn't have. No but I'm saying I think he's clearly the leader of the defensive group that remains at the moment right but too nice. Really hey you know and the worst thing I can say about it he's too -- occasionally doesn't happen often. We mentioned this yesterday one of the things the patriots will miss about keep that we don't know yet about to -- Revis is the edge he brings. In the edge he brought to doctors that the -- product -- -- on the outfield product but. Meaning and that you don't that it in the mean -- you can -- on the field. Occasionally. And affairs is an example. I who signed with the Edmonton Oilers was named captain of the Oilers before you played game four. Robbie Harris and I think had that happen year they brought him in. By the end of training camp they had elected him one of the team captains it happens occasionally. May be Revis is back kind of guy I don't know him well enough to be able to answer the question. But a guy who could be elected one of the team captains before he -- -- right now and -- difference. Good player not great player right but it greatly felt for him greatly elected a captain everybody goes wild that interest -- that sets up that speaks to his leadership and his reputation. If -- becomes a captain. I think from afar you almost say well it's 'cause he's the best defense -- TI so it's just automatic and it it doesn't always work that way New England now. I mean we've seen a variety of different captains over the years and I also don't think. He's -- captain to be the leader I mean there's been plenty of guys that any of come through here that haven't been captains haven't gone out for the coin toss and have been leaders of this but it and it a couple of -- bring up you know good point about this you know Vince is the baddest -- -- locker -- -- kick everyone's -- Logan Mankins falls into that category as well yes if he does if either of those guys did get into a player's face. And say hey listen you're not doing your job your not doing enough. What are you gonna do well I've said this before Vince sometimes -- in saint he gives these locks and he should write his right right. And they get it you know there and there are certain people -- Nazi camps on -- through Texas and in the message receipt I mean Tedy Bruschi was not the biggest -- locker room. But had that same sort clout. Where he could say a couple of words. And and yeah okay yes sir mr. -- is he too can be a jerk. And steady well but all these guys about that in the way you have to be occasionally we will be the mayor of the locker can't be the guy it's always you're shaking hands and everybody's body. Every once in awhile you need to slap somebody back in the line. By the way I did -- this. Told my son was driving up here to visit for the weekend. Was listening the Ph.D. in statistics he texted me as I didn't know what 80% of 80% ones which is 64%. He said they're rethinking that MIT conference and pathetic tonight and I had a couple he might be right I might not be invited back there anymore -- it'll blow it might. -- -- Four. The guy in verbal opt out that's kinda creepy. Act guy -- -- the yet that we -- don't remember. The only storm explains a lot. The -- has got -- what do you guys out making it today's NFL it was. And you know you patriots and I would obviously look -- Abraham in the beside. But are being tackled like this make it -- -- -- cheaper guy like are they a little bit more. Seen valued at eight catching -- -- like a guy like -- Iraq still. Out there. You know and I don't you know as much agers and yet. Just signed to -- yesterday signed duet with the road but the Packers but the unit you do your point is well taken. Is we've we've mentioned before you know the patriots last year I believe were in sub defense which means. One less linebacker. One more defensive back in often times it -- nickel and dime in order all the you know due to see you know what I'm talking about here it often means that you know Taylor Jones is playing defensive tackles porous defense event. I think it was 57% of the snaps last year so yes big bodied defensive linemen that are of their made defensive linemen that are made to stop the run. They are decreasing in value especially because the NFL isn't mentioned before is skewing more and more towards is all passing leader -- You know predominantly -- 340 factored much -- it in bowl type thing is -- -- you know when it first came -- -- Now I mean there. 43 team their base 43 team. It's -- -- oxymoron. Out awful if if it. If it's more than 50% of the time is that's our defense -- -- -- ST now it's your base defense 'cause you're an emotional connection that the word oxymoron as an -- more yes I saw -- on Twitter and yes I'm back -- who -- -- OG facts I seem means L him know the other where proxy means Sharpton. More on means doll is that over facts like legit I think it's like snapple backs. That we just you know it under the cap -- on their written by a little old lady on an -- I -- he's trying to -- I shouldn't. Assume their hunt not all of through all the time I actually I actually challenged one of them once. They said that and and I I can't give you the exact numbers but they literally said that X number of sharks die per day. In the world and I did the math and I said that's hundred million sharks a year. How many years before ought to show heart's content up and and the masters didn't add up for me you know that that that's how many sharks were so why I wouldn't take everything they say is gospel. Did you include Twitter fight with the with a were facts and points I just felt a lot of followers. A lot sometimes -- base and this is probably erroneous on my part the validity of a -- of a tweet based on how many followers. You know the last caller was talking about a guy and 195 with convertible top down in the -- blowing in the wind. No truth to the rumor Lyndon byers I mean I'm pretty sure that probably. Techsters. Stephens and New Hampshire race Steve and I don't I'm. -- -- -- -- I'll put on hold to it fears -- -- 102 delay thing Holly's and Boston hey -- -- I don't know I is that Michael only Hollywood. That. Aren't aren't they -- for taking my call and I Clinton -- diet. When he like that and adamant intently at that Pratt and create NT and it's died on a couple of points in the 28 point and then you know you get all of the thank. Why did about Vince Wilfork. And I agreed to what you got talking about about the leadership -- I think that played an important. Role for this team because they have such young players. And down at saint then at eight -- -- -- is better than a couple of nose tackle that in a leak apparently ready to think about that. If he was 85% I'd agree with you I just on nobody can be that correct. And adding an item may be that you know yes I did anybody out there it. And I've been trying to figure out why it's true value. My out at all I know tackle. Yeah -- the -- the other the other part of that holly is that would you take -- will 175%. During your -- three man roster you've probably would. -- do what I do at eleven point six million dollars terms and capture correct. No not at all not contact any. But I let you save that and it sounds simple and and we all agree. Except one very important work two very important people in their last names are Wilfork it's easy for us to say he obviously -- restructuring 75%. But if you dig his heels in and says no. Then we go down this road that it feels like we're going -- Yeah I and I thank. I had my gut feeling let's say I don't think he's going to be with a -- com you know when he starts. I think that's pretty safe bet on -- Tehran to something now it. Yet and it it and like him and I'm not sure who say it. Who would be replied I mean the patriots aren't doing well when he was playing which stopping the run and they comedic kitty to mark many -- I think that they had entire stretch there data when he left -- it's settled down a little bit later in the year. So -- seem to bring a little more stability there did seem to be more of that type of player more so. Then the Lotto and obviously Chris Jones has more of up a penetrator it. -- Just don't worry about run defense is much anymore it just. There were times the early two thousands was that 02 or somewhere in there I mean they were just giving up terrific yards on the ground and it felt like it mattered so much. It just doesn't like it matters as much and at worst run defense performance in the Bill Belichick era knowing what happened to come in week twelve this year against the Denver Broncos by the way -- They able they were able -- able to hold Peyton -- 252. Yards passing by far his lowest output of the season he conceded. Basically the run all day every day of that game. 224. Yard I think it was for no -- Moreno. But the fact they are able to limit the Broncos at least a little bit. Doesn't an explosive plays yeah I think there's some merit to the idea of the lake listen if you wanna be is on the ground and constantly get six or seven yards. Take it. But if we can prevent big explosive plays like the ravens thrived off of during their super bull run two seasons ago. We're OK with that and the other issue is replacing -- okay you may not replace him. You'll do it differently you'll have other people out there you treat that it's sort of like replacing Aaron Hernandez. No you didn't but as field continues to beat us over the head with only one other team scored more points and the patriots this year. Without Aaron Hernandez they found a different -- to do it if and by the way for the -- who says why can't to just trade vents. Because no other team in the NFL wants that eleven point six million dollar salary cap Haiti and one thing to note on that is that if -- were to be treated. It's my understanding. That. -- they're still a -- it for the patriots are trading him even if he gets some sort of value back it's still might cost yet. Half of the current cap so sometimes those trades like Steve Smith who just released by the Panthers and Simon the ravens. It was actually more action more difficult for them to trade him that it was to cut him so they ended up cutting him because it would be more punitive to actually hold onto him or furniture. And -- handled. By the -- fielder and -- hundred sharks are killed each year. And -- go to the Internet -- your fight. Well I've got one of the stories enemy says the international conference on shark protection not that they have a vested interest in -- I'm just suggesting that a hundred million sharks a year. Annuity it will billion sharks and how many sharks on this planet but. I'm guessing a hundred million would be up to five -- appearances dating -- nor does she. Dick -- you know we we actually can't find an hour and a half -- you -- That's not true. And -- entry and your Wiki page by the end of the sanctuary. Six who is who is ESPN Tyler who is. That's. It's interference Twitter and justice still play Lebanon on the random grounder talk -- -- just. So everybody -- run coming from. I'm convinced that he assign. All the stuff back and forth and go here's -- there I think you'll be a member of the -- When when there's smoke there's often fire situation as we know last night reportedly agreed to a deal. As of today his agents that he means negotiations multiple teams he's in the DC area as we speak is with the Redskins still although it's trending toward the deal. As of right now he is not officially been signed by the patriots Richard -- the outspoken. Seattle Seahawks cornerback who was teammates -- Browner for three years I believe it was was asked on Twitter. From ESPN Tyler will -- be good fit for New England to which Richard sure yours responded. Fantastic. Make of that what you make you believe that Richard Sherman knows that. Brown is coming in German actually -- tweet last night reference thing that Browner was coming forgot the exact. Specifics of it but he he referenced him coming here and pilot that was -- minutes ago he responded to ESPN towers -- knowledge this was last night for the counter reports. Most of brown are not agree to a deal as of yet routes and this could be that made it could well end up. Brandon Browner is the second high profile quarterback patriots have added this off season. As of right now though he is not on an. It will be the agent was simply trying still negotiate have some -- -- -- it it was a done deal and and -- out exactly up Brandon with -- last -- it was congrats to Brandon brown my Brothers -- accidentally some point times so yeah. That it was stimulus. Daily question. You love hockey is matches. Almost like correct it's it. If your agent. You were looking for a new job and it was the hottest time to find a new job -- your agent was I just wanna play hockey. Talk a little bit. Working the phones getting me a deal. I'd like a billion dollars moving Peter -- an airplane hockey I'd like to think that Peter was ably you know orca and our two out of his day. Around his hockey schedule yet he couldn't miss one game. Well and couldn't -- a playoff game but but it was violently gently into march 14 were probably getting down to. The nitty gritty here be here was on the line would be the rec league championship and I'm not miss and that when dammit -- people who don't know Peter -- A hockey player -- An excellent agent one of the best one of the most respected NFL agents and was none too happy last night not too happy with Ian Rappaport. Call him responsible journalist. And that was I don't know repeated six or seven more times between now and the end of the show.

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