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Ian Rapoport: Brandon Browner and Patriots close to a deal

Mar 14, 2014|

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport joins the show to discuss a potential deal between free agent safety Brandon Browner and the New England Patriots.

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Ian Rapoport is an NFL media in Saudi can follow on Twitter. I'm sure you are few are hell you do this time a year at rap sheet at rap sheet on Twitter. Ian -- -- ball scenario. What are territorial ever a lot L what is the latest. On Brandon Browner the patriots sometime today Ian. Well. Who helped me here's what I'm now. Last night Brandon Browner told people very close in the agreed to take the patriots. At that point he was in new England and my understanding that he is still in England right. He gave her some visits scheduled. According to what is agent Peter -- Talk about the period between periods of news Bangkok you -- again. Which he lost 41 he's pissed off you lost for the war. Also he didn't Wear a cup which that's according to -- what you want it. And so I was told early this morning that. He's -- candidate it would then canceled. In the beginning meaning -- the new deal -- -- and then -- -- -- has as saying the plan still to go to the Redskins. And barrel to that it may be back on after they initially canceled this morning that. I do think I think we have have all of that -- just to the beverages talk about this case and the suspension and would look to what your tweets early both Pul gate suspension. In four games without pay but the team still has to pay it back -- to the league is here. Any chances his lawyer is he still look at this thing doesn't seem right continues to fight this thing any in any. -- reduced that suspension -- serve some. He can I guess like there's nothing in the agreement that says that you care into the NFL. But it is. Being allowed back in the league was issued in a joint statement by the end of salvia Tapia. And usually when that happened in the side. Reached a compromise essential. So that compromise -- Two. You know around to come back after just four games which -- find. Another four games so I would be surprised considering he agreed to it at -- what he wanted to be -- And it seems like this thing if that have been dragged out there was potential for. The -- side to dig in and try to maybe set some new precedent. The league going forward here and you you elevate yourself to stage three Ian and you're not -- it in the league would of I lettuce some bigger changes in the process correct. Well potentially mean I think there's a lot of issues here in the US notified that he was in our substance abuse program. He was notified by letter. -- that he didn't receive that letter at the end of a sent it to this kind of dressed. How can you guarantee that someone gear did not read a piece of mail. How do you do that you know -- -- there was a lot of issues here are saying they're trying to work out. I think in the end it's probably better off for both parties that. You gonna be suspended four games find another four. That actually playing during game five. He autopsies season is still good player 64 big got up he was saying on move over to safety but the fact he's gonna missed the first four games I think. The patriots they sort of look at that is -- get this guy -- I don't that they worry about the first force much they were about the last four. Chances of of described being in New England would think the fit would be would be a corner. Well you know again he's he agreed to deal according to people close to him last night so I would suggest a pretty good regardless of where he -- You know it's sort opposition. You know he's. He's. He's an interest in player he's big he's physical. Really struggled last year with the Seahawks. You know they are weighing our options including releasing him last year. So and then he got hurt and again extended outward rather they are able to German and when -- So I think -- play. Certainly question. I mean come into we will only be allowed to do what he does. Show. -- -- I think. I think it's probably good place for America keynote it to good platforms like wants come to New England. It happens from there. -- and I know you've you've. And the back and forth last night with with patriot fans have been waiting on every one of your reports on -- secede he's going to be here as you said your source. Says people around him saying the deal has been agreed upon. Is your source changing their tune at all today or get the same thing when you're asking about what's going all brown on the patriots. Same thing -- to agree to that. And -- you know he's doing a lot of things are gigantic you know maybe Craig can leverage. -- and make report got to pick -- visit to Washington maybe go to -- chili bowl which a lot of great players. -- would go to Washington. So you know but from what I'm told I -- the poster and Israeli -- the. Rapid owed you an -- that is on separate Cisco. Apparently turning down the offer here knowing him before that trade deadline an indication at all. The city ballpark what that offer was -- it would have banned in the odds of him coming back to win the once he visits in France. Well what should go to the building there's no chance they could keep -- guarantees are there they're definitely interest I know that so. We don't want to quite CIO leaders and it's out there on the market absorbing Belichick while at the same thing when he when he cut -- guy. You know in early September and then can't get back on the practice squad like he's got a guy -- -- got to the free -- you know that psychiatry and -- So Iraq I think the numbers you look around the legal -- No golden -- getting six million Eric -- getting seven million you know my understanding was -- -- -- fall below that maybe -- around five million year. Somebody goes out and friend today. Major opera still on the table. Ulterior turbulent but you know such as home county the three record grown up. -- is a possibilities and landing there. You -- for joining us the the news yesterday it was less about Revis once you got that. Contract details and more about -- Wilfork Ian the NFL network and you guys reporting. He wants out of that the always asked the patriots to be released any change today or is he still. Waiting for that release from the patriots. You know at this point. He would still waiting referred last night you know -- even for the patriots you wanted to be released -- content season. They act in the big pay cut it with a non starter. I think he's a little beaten down at the you know the way. He believes he's been treated. Is your typical for some of the logo are products -- inflation is defense for a decade inlet and unfortunately. The way the patriot depicting unfortunately consistently with this you know that delay electoral Richard Seymour -- -- -- and get much. I -- I think the more they wouldn't get up in their thirties. And it's its stock. By being unsentimental. It one of the reasons the patriots have been able to be consistently consistent. For more than decade and like it's certainly keep both sides in this. It's upsetting and it's understandable and in the same breath. You know -- a lot people talk about this could take sometime in any -- sits back and who knows that would be beneficial for both sides to get this thing done. Soon here -- get on the market at the patriots any interest they can go and get somebody else. Well it the patriot you're gonna replace then it's our salary cap applies there I think the situation but there's no bonus coming additional. There's no reason for them to do anything until they -- practice. And hey they can keep them honest they number. In the can that's an option -- obviously the strong indications the pictures awarded. As your opinion changed -- old Revis deal -- -- that she saw we all were brought wildly reported as a one year twelve million dollar deal. Becomes basically a two year deal with a poison pill and that's second year or 25 million dollar cap it is -- possible to stomach how do you view that was that. A much better deal for Revis that it was for the patriots. No. He I think what it what it does for read this is the last -- the possibility of being free agent after your one. And it prevents him from being franchise history. So that's good for reasons for the patriots until the best players in the game that's got the jets don't get them repulsive that. And may have the option of starting to work on the long term deal for Darrell Revis before anyone else. And if he plays next year like I'm -- gonna play. And you'll see they can work out long term deal. If it doesn't work at the patriots intended and these things don't always work for whatever reason. And they just declined to pick up the option to move on. -- -- you'll hear from both sides. Myriad other area governments talk a lot about -- defensive end have you heard anything at all Jared Allen. Julius Peppers anything at all as far as doing the know where they could end up. Well you know peppers are still trying to figure out this market in Jared Allen talked -- fourteens. Pretty regularly. You know at this point he's gotten a scheduled. And you know he wants it's fair market value as he didn't get it in my understanding is going to walk away from the game of football. And you know that that. He's he's willing to. Say -- to live my life. So. -- TPW get fair market value but he seems comfortable in either way he's a very very principled guy we know that. Aussie also be a key to leave sign a lot appears look at that money to Denver gave up in Wada. That looks crazy a lot of risk there but when you really look at it would talk -- here a minute to look at that contract there really isn't all that much risk when it comes rookie -- and money they gave. Now I mean I think they're protecting themselves pretty well. You know artery into the break out -- I was -- and it usually get a -- So you know it's really nine years very three years 27 million. A lot let you know in that you can't get out of videos that thing with the two leaders know that he needed to protect himself against his fast. He showed the last couple years that's it not been an issue but. You're looking to me to be Smart and I think that's a deal and eccentric both sides that goes but he goodness he can be on the field. For another issue. Last one for me a lot of talk but the salary cap Ian up ten million or so this year. Is the expectation for next couple years we're going up ten million dollars loss a year and that we could get to that. 16170. Range you know in the next three or four years of the NFL salary cap. No Woolsey and Erica projections are -- -- -- post you want 2626. Million. Probably should go -- and all -- sudden there was one surgery -- was ago and that's what it is now so. We'll see and they're typically a lot more optimism has been more healthy years and there's been spending this year which has been talking and should players like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for all the latest free agency news have been locked in last couple of days -- we're gonna do you watch NFL network's NFL total access tonight 8 o'clock in fallen nfl.com. With the free agency tracker and follow Ian on Twitter at rap sheet at rap sheet. And will keep -- tweets for mourners some -- patriots expense. Are. -- pirate stuff rap sheet joining this year.

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