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Vince Wilfork wants out of New England

Mar 14, 2014|

Patriots Defensive Tackle Vince Wilfork has asked to be released after refusing to restructure his contract.

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Since John Dennis is here today LS the rhetorical question. What time is at 10 o'clock show start. Well. That's a good at eleven Butler and ID 37 WCI happy Friday. Happy Friday indeed the NFL free agency machine continues to crank LB all over. Are the NFL today as some other things as well Pierre McGuire just under an hour from now join -- 11 o'clock at his thoughts. On the Bruins winning streak institute is around the Bruins went tonight what he thinks. But a couple of scratches for Doug Hamilton Pierre and eleven. And we'll talk to a Red Sox outfielder Daniel mama you'll join us at 1 o'clock but is it has been the last really since. Like it's Monday -- has been a week of NFL free agency and I I believe there's a chance of really good chance the Brandon Browner. Is announces the latest patriot at some point between now at 2 o'clock but will cross -- we get to it. Let's are we do know and that is that Vince Wilfork is all the NFL network he wants his relief and I got to. I gotta start off to budged giving you credit. These last night were full we guessed that before we signed off forget the predictions. You know we we went about it a little have a job. It's a San Francisco doesn't have a jobless UPS will -- to a club which you said. Somebody in the currently in the patriots will restructure that deal did say that. In a week -- and the -- production of the week with the NFL for you didn't say that you know the guy might rejected doing it. Right that that it will be news of a restructure. Will that be news of a release I was two for -- yeah. Forgetting Tommy Kelly restructured deal yesterday -- say the patriots almost a million -- forgot about Tommy Kelly I have to see I'd. I thought -- gimme credit for that not be Vince Wilfork. Basic -- for release but I'll take credit are both those -- in the second dating. Thank you done well done. I didn't think I was gonna happen like this actually -- -- public that teases we run for the show the next stated run a station out today what's coming up I think Michael -- nice guy. Talented good radio host he's asking the wrong question it is -- today. Yup this almost running all morning for -- doesn't do jail. Who's right who's wrong. Vince Wilfork and the patriots -- that question. Right or wrong in this case the -- ball right it's I mean I. There's no it's not a a black and white issue locate the you're on the right side of this patriots you're on the wrong side -- Wilfork. This is just businesses sell the NFL works now there are some other questions I'm interested in is this a Smart thing for events how the patriots handle it. But like a right and wrong here I look at Vince Wilfork the news yesterday he wants out of his current deal. I'll give him his -- raw illness in the chattering class. -- the year ago talk radio near Reno. Start talking about releasing Vince Wilfork in an -- -- referring to Ron Borges is article. When was last Wednesday. Talking about chattering class and this -- football guys I love my man Ron Borges and I don't agree with the on this from the way about it. I do agree with another article that you receive written which we'll get through at some point but. We are talking about why people wanted it's will fall to be released. But there were some. It just sits -- just released ago there were others think like that you'll boss that said well you -- to restructure him and and it took a step further and said well what if big events. Says -- the bought let's just look at the the cap number of eleven point six. And do you think that he will play for the knowing the patriots at eleven point six. Salary cap it. I think we both agreed that no. No they should know shot it and they shouldn't do that they're for the patriots. Now that they've freed up some money again it but still. You know IA is nothing wrong with freed up another four and don't get another good player. But he should extend him. But if Vince digs in and says no I am playing for this or release mean. That's when you start getting into the talks of its -- realities could be released by the patriots we brought this -- months ago as well. It was like nobody's even really talked about the things -- -- Vince is gone never gonna play another game for the paths. And then you we are -- that reports that he is that doing -- patriots for his release. He should want his money and the patriots should wanna get him at a lower number this is just in its business I mean -- -- pay a bit it's. What happens the National Football League I'll be honest I'm a bit surprised that Wilfork is that'd take this route. And I thought yesterday and I and I hear a lot of -- are -- a lot of Tommy -- -- gates and Mike now. And they were picking through a lot of this and they make a lot of sense. And even -- Yates and and and current cup for the patriots for a living. -- sit there basically admitting. Vince had to known in 2010 when he signed his deal he was never gonna see the -- in the final year. And what I have a problem with today is that the way it's being expanded by the way it's being spun by some people on board just to -- completely goes mr. action. But this idea the patriots are doing -- thirty. -- K at it 2010 and made and the highest paid defensive tackle in the history of football. He is coming off an Achilles injury. They are well within their right to go to Vince Wilfork not treating him unfairly by going to -- saying -- we'd like you to restructure your deal. Now are they offering such a low amount. That Vince says not worth it to him the way -- was offered a pair with a -- lol balconies that banks and opened through a test free agency. Does he have a a deal on his back pocket so where the body pepper Johnson up in buffalo. I don't know but I didn't think to get to this point or public we Vince goes to the NFL network to say yeah I just released me. And it would get back content is that telling Vince would know this is just business and that's the surprising part for. It and probably you know -- -- -- -- radio when it was -- -- -- of those two guys there and and and talk about this -- that up with an article -- -- -- dot com and it's. -- a done. I highly recommend it it's just typical Tommy current fashion. It is that it's outstanding it's almost like it -- letter to Vince in a way. -- talked to vote. What could've happened is imagining something went like this they bits. Seven and a half million dollar salary for this year let's make it three and a half -- will take four million dollars during the signing bonus on extension it's yours take formerly -- That lowers that salary get captive for four million bucks -- as you -- and spread it around. He can he says now the salary we seek it's going to be an extension for 2015 sixteenths three million for many musical. And it's. The -- appreciate the full million but while on a plate for seven million dollars. The next two years combined when the salary cap is polluting the way it is about a way instead of maybe seven million just this year just this year seven and a half million right this year on a play that. Or two years that the pick up show the first part was correct you know seven app lets make a three and a half before -- signing bonus. On the extension to cut its salary cap four million -- the second half at the numbers is just I guess you just wrote up at three million forming knows. Those numbers a 596 months. Neil that's when you start getting into bush being a little and realistic here. Right it is -- say it all final -- some of that whatever but next year kept going up. And a lawyer to pay me you know ten and eleven. That's comical goal crease all the caps up ten million dollars next year ten million dollars or 07 in Seattle 89 whatever the numbers are. -- for seem a little below maybe get the port five. Andy you negotiate this thing I think this is an emotional decision by -- right now at a Kamal that's what I think. OK and I think he's a businessmen. But I think the last whatever how many days -- try to iron -- -- Demi get a negotiation there's a boiling day and it seemed like yesterday was that nope sorry. Nope can't take anymore any media outlet -- -- look for -- release. AT&T text -- 379837. We're getting versions of this the first nine minutes here on the air honor the contract. The people saying out of the contract either are not patriot fans who just want -- -- patriots fans today right that this is that there all. Mike he went on the contract that the patriots should too when you wanna stick -- the pats because of your patriots fan. You'll recognize that cap hit that dollar amount for player coming off the killings injury you just don't pay you don't. It's bad business. I would talk about how it's business all day today when it comes to -- -- the patriots it would be bad business to allocate that sort of cap money and even dating so that's real money. To Vince Wilfork. So what we did. The big X-Factor here is does he bully -- numbers are true and I've no reasonably when Tommy -- says. He's just spit balling that they've been very few guys is tied in his time on the patriots beat okay. So I take those numbers that they got gospel pretty dark clothes. Both numbers like you said you do feel pretty low. And on the other side of that is the three major markets so far -- I heard Jerry is hammering this point today. You know look at BJ raji BJ -- BJ raji. I BJ Iraqis 27 years old he turned out one year and eight million bucks. Annie's been offered one year and four million for the Packard and daughters -- services you can definitely dark tea yet. But -- and he said thanks but no thanks and saudis left with a as a one year four million dollar deal. On the table from green today. And he's basically do you look at the stories at a Green Bay last couple days he's basically said -- -- but he's looking around. And they use that and Henry Melton two to two of the top defensive tackles on the market a lot of lists both guys and sign ACC. You can't make money. Was guys in the market the debates are pretty decent money Jason Hatcher defensive tackle that's 31 years old. Signed a four year 27 and a half million dollar deal -- Washington where reportedly twelfth to thirteen that is guaranteed. Also lie I am plays elsewhere and I am not to -- -- is named Ryan guys will you guys will correct me he was for Miami he's thirty years old. Big -- in the middle. Signed a five year 33 million dollar deal with the falcons. Fourteen million backed guaranteed -- He's thirty and a little bit younger but -- he got a five year deal 33 told fourteen that is guaranteed. Scrub like Ziggy Hood who did nothing. Nothing in Pittsburgh was a -- basically. You got four year sixty million with five and a half guaranteed. From the Jacksonville Jaguars. And is a bunch of other offensive tackles who have signed year. So part of me thinks he looks he's looking at this list and say I'm better than everybody here yes and caught coming off an -- but give me a deal that allows me to. Prove that -- healthy and let make more than these guys. It's not a simple say hey BJ raji Henry Melton don't have money because defensive tackles have gotten paid to keep gaullist Clinton McDonald four years twelve million. It is a million guys you mentioned here on the market. There's a pretty big names up there at their left defensive tackle defensive -- -- Melton -- Alan I don't agree with the audit of the team nor life. -- -- Again. They made him the highest. Paid defensive tackle in the game. Game and it -- in the patriots. Just don't do. So he's -- when he signed that five year forty million dollars 25 guaranteed eighteen million dollar signing bonus. Than any seen 32 million of it. -- These guys in NFL the other -- the contract structure the way contracts are in the NFL that. This isn't something new to delete the last two with three years. This is why guaranteed money is so important. Okay this is why when you look at some of the contracts that are out there in the way they're actually broken down and -- -- and a no figures finally coming out with a keep the Lehman beat you realize what the deal is. Really. So eighteen million dollar signing bonus point five guaranteed. You know he's been in this league he looks at his contract and says you know what that last year my cap it goes from what was the last 276. In -- 78. Balloons to 116 almost twelve there is going to be an issue that last year have been held -- two million in my pocket this NFL -- contract structure is not new to them. They know of this thing works the poison in the Major League Baseball are well aware of the way contract work in baseball so was and -- like Vince Wilfork. He knew that that last year was gonna be the case if he's healthy enough. It was gonna be your restructure over there was going to be an extension to lower cap numbers all he was gonna just be released was never gonna see it. I don't buy the whole -- thing because it's the NFL. This just the way it's set up and the players know the rules when they get into. The others. Think it's been speculated that he looks at the drill Revis deal and takes offense to. And that that that would be so out of character. For an NFL player in my opinion. A look at what a quarterback is make it as a defensive tackle. And take offense of that -- it was was in my -- -- a testament affiliates with the guys like that it was race. -- asking you about in the locker room when a guy in your own team makes the money you know -- when Aqib Talib guys -- -- guy Vince play with for two years. He got his money in Denver Vince Wilfork -- up congratulations to my guy. Revis is not his -- have been a jet and a -- he just got big money for the patriots. -- -- He's too Smart to take that as an -- right he's too Smart -- Think OK that affects my money that they're paying Darrelle Revis he should pay me what -- all -- the games through those two things can't. And against changing it's a -- yesterday it's like this day and age Rio may be. Ten years ago. They guts as a fullback right now BP -- to not get more wide receivers. Up because they fullback 25 years go to -- impact he goes so we played game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the game right now is he passing game stop the pass that's how it played so it's about defense event corners and safeties. As far as linebackers go it's not about prince spikes anymore it's about Jamie Collins. It's not about a run soften linebacker it's about a linebacker -- cover now I mean you wanna bounce and I get it. But you're not gonna pay top dollar for that balance. You know again will we talked about all of the guys that are out there and now Revis is a different category as these twelve million -- Every single -- and not have one single player in the franchise tag numbers came out not one single player. At or above the franchise tag number for their positions. Except Vince Wilfork was two million dollars over. The defensive tackle franchise tag the writing was on the wall two million dollars more than now. That's just not gonna happen in this league anymore. It's not. You know you'd get your money when you can. And you put whatever you want the -- knowing you're just not gonna get a this is not gonna happen so. We start there with the Vince Wilfork news and it's not right or wrong. It's you know. This a Smart move by events and should the patriots on of the contract as many of you were texting him because you like the player. He's a good guy I just don't view it that way does the -- I think anybody that does not like Vince Wilfork. Seriously the -- of the climate the F an -- one that's about it no England that is it patriot fans that does not love Vince -- for. A chance Steve from Fall River is like them. He just seems negative I don't know anybody that wouldn't like you -- so I mean Joseph equities. Products like poppies -- or ice cream or Vincent I don't know why you wouldn't like Vince Wilfork. But there's there's there's a difference between love and the player -- The realization of what the league is -- -- contracts -- -- no surprise beautiful -- already talked you guys next 6177797937. Is the phone number 617. 77979837. Text to -- at 37937. On Twitter at Lou Maloney at -- WEEI interacting Albany with you Vince might be out random Browner quarterback might be in a mixed that it with your calls next Sports Radio WEEI. It was all from my team and organization right now and are really working with our remember. So that team. What's the first thing that came to your mind your career didn't flash before your eyes and. Never did from our school -- this my first interest so. It was something different for me. It's Wilfork talking on showtime. Went on talk about being just business what -- 937 WEEI we start. He pats free agent signings Vince contract business finance. Group calls on the board wanna get your calls your second misty today. Steve placement on ESPN give his take this morning up first take up its wolf fortunately this. I'm a native new Yorker who is going on radio in Boston. On WEE got a great great Sports Radio station he always called me come -- I've been everybody cause you to come on that is true of a battle going everybody at about on this stage because their first class what I'm saying to use this. These guys I went I -- a native New York who went on there radio station and say I am jealous of Boston. Back because of the success. That they have had in that city. They you know in terms of the world in terms of -- it. Whether it's the Celtics whether it's -- -- wins whether it's -- incidents and then Boston Red Sox now the world -- World Series champions well obviously the New England Patriots who have dominated the New York Jets in the division. As far as I'm concerned. The bottom line though is all that glitters may go everything that the patriots do is not right. Most of it is many deserve our respect us why not call them America's team which is the ultimate form of respect coming from me. But let's be clear here. They have now won a Super Bowl since 2004. That is Stephen A Smith talking about Vince Wilfork. Also talked about WEEI. All shot out here while Kevin Stevens out of national pup that NE SPN. What are you -- and it during the break spyware for a response are two sets and in the just at the looked up quicker access refused to believe. We have actually confirmed. I don't know tackles right difference -- tackles and when it's out there -- any idea. Went -- to consume his contract is this year of any idea what a lot about his contract and it is no shot 22 point four stop. There how dominance was -- it for 2014. Will be 22 point four. That makes no -- did that there. Once every negotiated that I don't know what you -- Diego Diego Detroit. If they're not they have not -- are negotiating -- -- we negotiate that is one of the reports sent to -- I looked up when he mentioned the player for a look at the numbers that are not talked about redoing his deal. 22 point 42 highest -- not our football purely through Jay Cutler -- note that the sugar free quarterback up their Chicago. I your Vince calls as promised John isn't camera leads a -- -- 937 John what's going on. Hi John. You got the flu rather than fascinated how about checking crowd -- it. Together these guys -- -- the Kool -- but I gotta tell you I think include where and and let's move that pollution gonna talk welcoming Putin left. Who has kicked that's not a negotiation you guys considered anywhere you want to go played by rivas. Mental game and now we're fortunate to negotiate. And now world -- went out in -- anything campus who's got this morning I think and slight panic mode. In -- already know eventually eventually want to wait. The play as well compensated and did it and -- to -- hometown discount it and comply booted -- I don't think so and I think of cooling hardware and off. John what team you're fair enough. Perfect. Yeah I think it's a it is pretty obvious that. Where that was headed. I don't I don't think that. I don't think that. Police I didn't. Think that the patriots made out in this deal with realistic at the player one year. I think this is Revis who wanted to when -- deal not the patriots won the one year deal and if you want a one year deal that fine we'll do it let's lower the cap as much possible that it it. Settlement -- the pilot -- if I lose June adamant and he replaces important Steve Smith back I'm OK with that. I was aware that Logan Mankins is restructuring right now as we speak and refuses. I've heard it like he was maybe next year's contract is one closure might look at all that does something affect the pile on to that made effective. At that Israel Steelers fans a lot of times do that and ignore that their players and their own team and restructure in Monday down. For Paul Malo. Heath Miller. Rahm Emanuel Sanders probably only get out of here -- -- Emanuel -- Friday off -- first call some steeler fan. They're really gonna go order with what throne after we just get some real quick we can pop up Paul and Abington lawyer up and mark little Oreo. Good morning and -- -- scale at -- an out of body than nine years ultimately. A longer still pretty -- It's frustrating is that really -- and believe we're all frustrated. From their point of no looting players that it -- to get it -- You know. Associated with the -- be allowed to hear everything else by. As much like it to really say a mark oh with laughter I operate now could you don't only a year it is -- -- You know it you're you're gay play you lose players. We're in all actuality it -- so we have one all in nine years by the way I'm not and yet. I'm Google fight just like even expert because again that we like oh yeah we want to -- -- -- -- -- It -- it oh yeah and edit it to matter. Oh losing -- simulating a bulletin whoever made eight -- get the picture credit for the longevity that they -- to be able to be competitive. I mean is that is that the ultimate. It's the ultimate -- should pull all the a -- is -- -- it every year it'll still be open to bring the question a lot a lot Everett which had to win one championship and -- nine or rather. Competitive and you get the best example -- the Atlanta Braves have been 92000. I kinda caught the -- -- somewhere that and an -- at -- We at such a depleted defense interpreted or why it. Really helped us out I mean yeah. You get you know relate to carry out. Well or whoever it that I would get vehemently -- -- all I'm sorry. I'm not surprised actually think sports nowadays. But I will be 100% surprised he played another down for the mere fact that every 100 problem and I don't kill people say quote the 430 years 300 public on on an Achilles heel. Injury especially at 33 guard on that you don't commercially got. East oh like this are are concerned -- -- a basic. I think you've got a great pitcher hitting a bottom but I will be doctors present surprise -- -- -- -- guys. -- politics is you know I think that dumb. It did debate is I mean do you want in the restricted to the extent. To me it's that you you wanna lower that cap that four million and have Vince Wilfork year. This year and next year I do you -- -- -- prices are or what is gonna cut free take eight million. Go to supplement now because it's still -- offensive tackle on the Bob Kraft can sell it wants about target these known names like Jones Avalon -- -- slugger command here. The track is the patrons -- from went from ninth -- thirtieth. Against the run from one year to the next. And the two injuries this year up front that affected at the most Wilfork and Tommy Kelly Tommy Kelly back but he is a veteran second defensive tackle. So if I were given the choice I don't view it as a gifted Vince Wilfork wants he released I would try to renegotiate is deal. And spread it out put him in the middle of my defense that makes my defensive -- better he's motivated to prove he's healthy. And it makes my entire defense better he's not back. I'm not comfortable with Tommy Kelly silver slugger Chris Jones and -- -- on now as my starting rotated defensive tackles. With Chandler Jones and Witten enigma I would be -- are you. Which rather -- just walk away it's been a money elsewhere to to for away. Really it's a would you get me to give BJ -- point four million dollars at the offer these turning down right now. You know can you replace. The guy less a caliber of Vince Wilfork. Again at. But that first round pick very well could be pretty good what could be good player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Defensive rookie of the year. So -- jets fans can be -- that Revis ended up in New England but at least you get defensive rookie of the year so it can you find a guy a rookie. The -- up there and played deposition. And and and bring another veteran around and use eight million dollars in other areas. You know what we've found -- Revis contract really was salary cap number and it was seven and seven million as opposed to your twelfth. Now you're talking about 101110 million bucks to spend. No Vinson got -- eighteen million dollars to spend. The guys that leave you tell me give -- the crystal ball I think he can work out either way. I'd like defensible for care because the guy is what he's meant and I know you put him in the middle and there's your running defense. Right now I get Revis and the -- Eddie Rush defense don't want kind of milk makes Tommy Kelly better makes her -- ashore. There's also -- to whiskey -- Are you saying Gordon you know -- last year last he had yet to replace two tackles the entire year. All you all across one of the names of the visits off the list for the patriots -- show after reporting former Broncos linebacker Wesley what year to. Signed with the titans escorted to Jozy and Anderson so would you was in here for a visit early what -- while the patriots be up to linebacker would -- off the board he goes in it. To the titans 6177797937. -- the show right now at 37937. To your thoughts on Vince Wilfork. And his apparent demand for the patriots he needs to be released and a quick thought an update on the got it might be on the roster today as Vince goes up random -- -- quarterback of his age you can just put out a hockey stick for a second. Might find out if he's going to be here watchers that next. Who is going on radio in Boston. On WEE guy great great Sports Radio station they always call me -- want. I've been everybody cause you to come on that is true of a battle going everybody at about on this stage because their first class.

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