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The Bruins are on Fire! Pierre McGuire of NBCSports joins the show.

Mar 14, 2014|

Bruins have won 7 in a row and have recovered from their post-Olympic lull. Pierre McGuire of NBCSports joins the show to tell us he likes the play of Jordan Caron, and addresses how important Doug Hamilton and Torey Krug will be as Top-6 defensemen during the play off push.

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Our too much -- ID 37 WEE we see you guys stacked up on the patriots and Vince Wilfork Rickie calls it just a couple of minutes. Take a brief hockey break as the Bruins. Let another set them back to backs in March they've won seven in a row and are rolling now coming out of that Olympic break and Pierre McGuire was there Wednesday. He would take on Montreal appeared joins us here on the AT&T outlined Guillermo little Dario. Two and a lot elected to -- -- low. No load their Pierre and you've seen a Bruins team right now that is actually on fire and I know you saw the -- Montreal just. Your take of a team just so we could -- fall on a trade deadline would you -- They're strong they're really -- traders -- -- Investor integrity of their roster. Of other -- -- posture getting better and better all the time I think countrymen are also get a -- and while we're -- as a they don't charge it helped our players well they've done a lot of things to all their bought Sandra block peer to try and now when you -- comply you get the sense that this is a group that's really becoming a well oiled machine. What -- the interest in data on how much it's been talked about -- Boston but the way Chris. Kelly has been able move altered the way rather an immediate shatters that car also -- is much more comfortable playing center complete center and the teaching sort of bird really start to arise and Kelly that a great trooper. Paneling that and moving from senator away. See it's it's like you normally do you jump my thought because I'll say it's being spotted differ way that third line and and what they've done it's not being spun as a great job by Kelly. Gore going Pierre the stories Soderbergh and is agog supper six games at the end of last year -- common this year. And he doesn't look like a European player he doesn't play like a guy you would see on 88888. Olympic team because he's so. Freaking physical of the Bruins expected to be this physical is that what they were so anxious to get him over here. Well -- remember last year assessment first gallery -- merit basically try to tell you this is not a typical. European players there is more about -- France and -- global player a bigger body would grade dance skills first summit so complex. Is playing from Melbourne to solve the street in the next let's all play. Is playing provincial -- which is the top teen. In the Swedish elite league and you could see it's there it's still phenomenal. His grip and the -- compete very high. His skating first big and very good. But again. You know people always wanna talk about the young star event or talked about the old guy that's kind of moved on to accommodate this and obviously the extra ice helps -- -- -- a lot and not having a -- abort option moloch. But Chris Kelly deserves a lot of credit for that really does like he'd done valiant work and you -- here and there and very well there along with Soderbergh and Kelly. It appears spent three games now Doug Hamilton was distressed the first two into recruit. Last night is this just a feeling out process do you believe in trying to see. He'll -- given zeros on the right side get him on the left sides who pairs up with move on from there. I think there's a lot that goes into it -- just think about one person -- of the year guys fighting for -- So that everybody stage fresh but everybody stays focused. That I like believe the Bruins are fairly stated as easy to watch -- Hamilton -- out back to back games no because I think -- -- to make significant progress in his career. That he didn't recruit shutout -- it's not but again this is part of having a competitive people roster. And that's sort -- I admire so much about the Bruins and what Candela Peter surely. Obviously injury betting available -- do their. You got enough you think it's it's going to be a matchup thing moving forward you know maybe when in the post season not based on the teams that go up against and they play. But if not who are the top six defensemen on this team how do you see this thing shaken out. Actually a loaded question because on the big guy they reread partly tore recruit company in the National Hockey League played as well especially last year in the playoffs all pop culture news -- that pops -- -- -- not with them every day. But obviously had a chance watching in Montreal and I really appreciate the way they played in Montreal group that I know but he wasn't in their. In a perfect world they have everybody being able shouldn't and they get Dennis Seidenberg track but that's not gonna happen. Boy chuck and -- I have to be rated top of the food chain -- with this group and then you just move from there. What are -- dressing thing you know follows as. I don't think anybody how excited are you screening -- betting Peter surely can't -- thought that tore recruit that this kind of an impact on the game. And that -- real positive thing for the group. He changed the power play last year and has been part of that bottom six year this year he's Pierre McGuire. And he joins us here talking all things Bruins -- A what do you what did you think about Jordan Koran here get a chance to see him play with Daniel pie out he got the elevation I guess the the questions become here Europe Ron had to play a lot of someone else got thirty seems to be. Next -- up how much of a drop off is -- on from what they have right now on their top twelve. Not a lot again I go back watching Jordan -- he -- in order to just -- -- as a -- player and then moved into the Quebec major junior league would promote -- It was very good with the remote ski in the should have made a world junior team for Canada bodyguard devastated. All right should this summer separated shoulder did serious damage to racial -- Hold true for the former first round or the LA king did that don't. I don't think it's a big drop off I think -- really makes significant progress and truly admire the way it goes in their. I didn't like being hit by a little eight that large -- put on him but I like the response shall drink -- anywhere right after -- -- -- behind. You know the smaller and I decided like that at all but -- -- set electorate -- children I don't think there's a big drop -- -- -- players. You appear to talk about the Easter -- and it's still continues to to look like it's Bruins and it's Pittsburgh. Where where they had now week after the that trade deadline you know as far as the paying in Martins of injuries. How they feel about themselves -- they came out of. They're actually feeling good about two children now Marshall got a quiet little slick conditions he's underrated player good depth player for Pittsburgh. They've had problems finding the right Winger playlist Sidney Crosby Christian community tried Brian Gibbons -- the former boxing college dark Brian did a great player but I don't think he's a top six forward in the National Hockey League -- a consistent basis. But what they've done it by adding -- their -- at -- the former teammate at -- black cardiac. Pittsburgh during the situation. I think it -- a player that just cardinal warm I think at least detonator going to be one of those under the radar acquisitions. -- trillion at all Pittsburgh in the playoffs and he's -- -- would Crosby included straight now so it'll be addressing that I think the train restarted feel better about themselves don't get Paul -- back before the play -- start the potential is there from the get Christopher look hang back as well the one thing are watching this member of the talking you guys about Ryan Miller and -- -- course Saint Louis -- in the same thing about bearing what -- Watch for a lot of other players not to return until after. He. After the playoff start only because then cap goes away and they are revenue cap related issues so that's something the watchword turned to players got them back into the garage. I ask you this last week you got to pay you have the Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins as the clear cut 12 in your my year. That top -- it's been a week really since the trading deadline I'm curious now. Who is that is there are a number three here their budget teams having you got a chance to see these teams start to jail after the transaction to be behind the of the Bruins in the penguins. There's a bunch of change and they're all about the same at Tampa Bay -- trot off its Montreal at New York Rangers are potentially Columbus watch for Columbus to be asleep right on a -- sure sure well last night. I just felt they that's. Not a bad thing they've sort of better Italy everybody knows that. That was a four point in a -- and they're just start -- -- now after the trade that well so -- so watch for climate but they're a bunch of teams that are very similar but the one team that I would be fearful of all the because they don't know any better they're still -- they've -- -- broad -- he. What is sleepers the pay attention to do is going to be Columbus who believe that. RPM really connected to test you because locally. Illegal call Johnny Jolly ol' Johnny hockey in -- Johnny could drill for peace and good all salute layer player of the month that Iraqis rose at December January February prop. -- the Calgary Flames what. What's the deal would -- -- drug agency comes out. I think there's a chance it pain music has been such a fan of the bought the college Eagles in the coaching staff from there are currently would coach York and Coach Brown or there was real different Mike Cavanaugh. Before it moved -- at the university of -- genetic -- head coach I like the program a lot and Martin -- the new assistant better. Hockey school -- -- I did I know that's a prologue. I gotta think he's coming out the -- here say that there really. IE -- Five ate out all. Which it cultural fight sex. I've expired I think is Bryant on the sides are you talking 56 fired seven but the thing about Johnny Google that's amazing to me again. I'll I'll go back on -- I go to last year. -- it's part of a US world junior team that Warren -- are important part of it. He had Jimmy VC -- -- a big part of the top line with JT Miller. And I gotta -- it just watching them play and watching him back on that -- came actually elevated. And that is a lot about his ability to play like I think Brian -- and try to get involved he'd be a real important player and I don't think there'd be a huge transistor -- and -- Air hockey to go to the NHL for injured because of his skill level. -- I'm not gonna ask about College Hockey every asked about the broadcast on Wednesday night now. You are usually between the boards Wednesday -- work with basic with Chad Johnson the entire game as far as I can tell you sat next to the Bruins backup goaltender. Does that happen a lot and in the UER you guys talking Eric commercial you guys becoming friends during these -- fear how does that happen. Actually he actually sat and listened to everything I was. Standing in -- she all the billing in the league. Much more apt to work on the opposite side because it is not all of these are Canadians claim there's are not the remote there. Yes still. And that's something that I Norton DC in the leaguer trying to negotiate -- or potentially for the last. There's more than an offer for. I'm speculating -- bedside vigil the other plays out or it'll play out -- -- play your -- -- it was great -- should be listening very. -- -- -- -- -- Video pack we watch the game meant he was a delight just sit there are considering are banning is -- delight of their -- he would. Great you know why go -- you don't -- a -- yeah he's great because you guys who are graphic up there. That show the save percentage of the backup goaltender -- and he was such a -- percent of sorry he was number one of course he -- to stand there. Well you -- you know it's amazing he's that was built because if he's on the bench. We're not doing that shall we call a -- at their -- in all as a group -- camera and I know that shall we say build this graphic you'll get a bring this guy into the broadcast. And that's -- that happened so he saw that took place duke and that's speaking to the greatness of our truck. For the guys to be able to turn around us attributed that it was. I was aware of that stat. I think you what they think you're aware of Alex -- and particularly a little bit to try to -- it flashed up back quickly that -- he had great stuff off Philadelphia Pittsburgh this weekend. Yes there are going to be in the -- be encouraged proud that church certain more desperate in Italy on Sunday at all the clock and a great after the game. Why didn't throughout Boston will be going to market where my favorite parts and Sunday night to watch a little Lockheed. The waterfront park down by the all of the Fairmont old -- battery war love going to the waterfront Marriott all of those guys they're watching hockey. And if things work out we hope to see you on now Monday Pierre as we get set for a Saint Patrick's -- show we appreciate the time is always an. Travel -- this weekend. I really appreciate that mark lewd picture yourself the only level beer market if the evil people at NBC make me do -- -- being in the morning at the -- best it will be either adult not a real excited to. You're nice we'll cross our fingers here thanks. You guys are great upgrade we get everybody I've asked Pierre McGuire I had a panic as I had a ghost local site Johnny.

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