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From a Revis high to a Wilfork low... all in one day

Mar 13, 2014|

We go from being high on the Pats acquiring Darrelle Revis, to low when we find out that Vince Wilfork has asked to be released from the team. All the latest Pats talk with Michael Holley, CSNNE's Tom E Curran and Field Yates of ESPN Boston

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I was telling guys rusty Serbia the New York Post and when he was riding but. Don't get to that in a second because you got something else. That is just come across. A tweet from Ian Rapoport formerly of the Boston Herald now the NFL network Ian Rapoport says Vince Wilfork. Has asked for his release he has asked the patriots to relieve -- Tommy currents that during the break I guess the restructuring talked and goes so well I -- not. Right and I think this is one of the interesting -- rules we talked about the patriots having in mind value and they pay structure within their organization. And rarely have we seen a player from outside the organization. -- rod in and put -- top of the pay scale we wondered what would happen because this thing hands. I know the people have been out of a mind that they'll go get what we want to. You don't go get a player. And everything will be fine just purchase of well not a Darrelle Revis was signed to when you're twelve million dollar deal and all the other ramifications. It's just -- I can't I can't help pick to elect. -- so he's he's pissed because they asked him to restructure. And then went out and gave a guy. Twelve million dollars cash even though as you said you put up very well before field Yates is in Boston's here on comic -- can recognize voices. You put out if you explained very well seven million dollars on the cap a twelve million overall. So he gets mad flat out mad -- -- guys make more money in real time he's a mistake today. -- some context here to add is that this is something it's been in the making to a degree with a -- some before they had previously approached him this off season. About some sort of restructuring of his deal he is duty count. Eleven point six million dollars against the salary cap for 2014 with a base salary seven point five million. The patriots are saying to themselves that's a big number for a player coming off an Achilles -- A big guy three and 30000 can be tougher for some of those players to deal -- these weight bearing injuries. And he's going to be thirty to -- the patriots looking to get that number perhaps down perhaps it comes in the form an extension like. Troy Polamalu side or Terrel Suggs sign -- you add some extra years lower the number now. Get some relief now. Worry about the rest the stuff later when we extra years gonna look like though and he's going to be an -- below the six are going to be seven at the very best exactly. So they're telling him that. It would extend to get to number down and we're gonna give pay you like a regular. However and so that you know he said as the master stroke. When you're talking about bringing in Darrelle Revis. The master stroke lost that have already is it is that you have now do we need to. Rework the whole painting because I think we're getting excited. They imagine. I healthy Patriots defense Jerod Mayo coming back it's wolf we're coming back Darrelle Revis attitude that maybe one another pass rush. If you think about what generally the perception is the perception I think among patriots -- and patriots observers as advances on the downside I don't feel that way it 2012. You wrote two best that's attack and play won't be getting -- -- -- -- -- -- and I think that the general populace thinks that it's going to be a big deal I don't think the general patriots fans. Is going to be upset that Vince Wilfork. Although he's been a cuddly lovable. Good leader is gonna be upset I think it's going to be addressed the clause because I think the Vince Wilfork returned to play. Approaching the level of 2012 but I think generally people are gonna say -- -- big deal and I think will be I think generally people will say it's a big deal yeah did they think about all of this. 8617 terms of 979837. You tell us about think you know Vince Wilfork. Askew four's release them talk about the other -- you are helping but he gets differs released because he's been here a long and what he represented because a football player. I don't know why is asking for all and asking you why is it a big deal because of who he -- always done -- -- -- Arnold does what he brings that to all of that and other day will -- How you replace Vince Wilfork. Even though we didn't play well that would talk about the storm didn't play well in 2013 -- her. When he left there was an obvious I mean it was eight just eight unmistakable. Drop off in the production of the defense but they can not. Stop the run yet have enough capital Kelly there. What happened Wilfork was gone tell me it happened and now they tell -- Wilfork was part of that. But the point brilliant famine Tommy Kelly what are only weak parts of artists they would do what they do and what that way -- it look against. The Cincinnati Bengals the way they did the next week -- the week after that when they got to Denver both of them were were certainly miss this year but what's difficult about the Wilfork being is the deposition itself is difficult to occupy by nature and look at the nose tackles the patriots have kicked the tires on. The route the Bill Belichick are the ones that are really worked to think about -- thriller one year deal Ted Washington for that couple years Spain and and I finally found their anchored Vince Wilfork gave them ten good years of this is indeed the yen for him. What you have to do about it. Slightly safe yet is good at -- the other wrinkle there's the other shoe has dropped yet right practice I mean he's still the pictures you'd have. I have to kind of you know maybe some of that money saved on. Hazardous and a money save unedited that's what they do facilitate. Wilfork at eleven point six for cap number but. You have to imagine if if there's no amenable. Missed maybe -- you have to think the team went apparently strongly consider releasing him he feels strongly -- feels this. If he's if he's not gonna be himself I don't know -- -- I was not happy. Yeah he can if -- willful and I would be surprised if it totally doesn't it will force -- because this is an escalation this is now emblem. Dropped into the middle of it because if you look at the situation. He's under contract he's under contract for seven and a half million dollars -- the patriots. Which and I knew that they wanted him to do something by Tuesday into that specifically they wanted him to do something well it's Thursday and apparently as we sit in the first half hour. Nothing had been done so now they're saying. Seven point five -- again at the eleven point 68 point four. Call us we become your senses and when he came to essentially said. Well -- are gonna -- probably some out there SAI know you guys there's player comes in my mind the last high profile patriot who asked to be released to us. See more. It has been released. So this area. Not this in -- title. Remember Ty Law let me go let me go all right Hewitt Shaq if you'll let me go to the editor -- -- an audit on. The love is gone on in New England it's overt like a marriage went badly he was he all the metaphors all the analogy he kept going going. And what the patriots do. Didn't release. So. How. Does it benefit. How does it benefit the patriots big picture big picture that. Because the obvious answer is I was gonna but the patriots at least that's what for why get all that money which is the replacement player. You know and clearly the best players only scored free agency pick up that guy and the foresight. In this kind of smacks of experience. Doing this out of agitation -- -- come to pass went up since you know we don't know yet. He is saying I wanna be released prevents him from being dealt. Because everyone's gonna sit -- well you know a play there is gonna hold out the patriots laughter release of eventually not to take that cap. As capital exist even if he's not getting paid my correct your university suspended well decapitate if he's if he's released the -- it will be reduced down I believe it's three point six and what events goes on strike. And doesn't comment that -- it's still -- happy it's still sits there. Yeah I -- understand is that text survey TT tech line now -- possible 3700% Texas says. Funny how management expects loyalty but doesn't give it. I was here and in this case if this Wilfork doesn't restructure his contract he's still gonna get eleven million dollars right. So road infrastructure. It's not like. They didn't say restructure or will cut you I don't think. Well it's unlikely as it sounds like he's saying release me. While mayor he's again. I'll call your bluff and Alex if this -- tell -- gonna release may -- want to go ahead and do I knew that they wanted to read to him so that is basically you're gonna take a pay cut. You're going to take a pay cut. And he's this is his way of saying not only am -- not gonna tell you I'm not gonna take a pay cut on -- tell. Mean entirely entirely. Not only might not taken a pay cut and asking them to cut me. If he restructures its contractors to guarantee -- if he gets an extension gets warm if he gets more light from the deal helps about -- cap then that's nearly cut. And get some more money there is that worth more than eleven million dollars. Well he could in theory sign a contract extension 23 years -- gives him even if it's a million more in guaranteed money it's. As a million stolen million extra bucks and at the maximum value could be it's let's say it's a three year twenty million B 20/20 million dollar deal that's better than eight. One year seven point five million dollar deal which is his base salary right now. For 2014. So he could -- some more money for eager to an extension but it seems like he's not even thinking about extension right now the answer I wanna play on this contract and he's never hit the open market before he'd never been a freeagent. Maybe he wants a shot of it. And here's the other aspects of if you sign to a 320 million dollar expansion including this year you like to sit there are saying you know what -- Norman up quite so good this year it's seven million dollars a year. Is -- on the next two years isn't going to be enough -- when to leave in his broken body is going to make nine million dollars on Denver. That's that's the thing is the forecast that the cap going up. And knowing that the money's going out to -- Eric -- is the key to -- -- to -- -- -- look -- -- -- that's well I would OK but I don't think you know looking to convince me to state through 34 and look at apparently are. -- advance if I'm kind of like you know I would say yes. But just doesn't get a fairly elaborate game you're coming on Europe Europe defensive tackle. Our defensive line -- gone a few lines let's say you are personal player you're a defensive lineman. Over thirty years old coming off a major injury that cost you the bulk of your season. As opposed to. The key to -- Not yet thirty years old as opposed to Darrelle Revis not yet thirty years old in a quarterback market that is already established as crazy. So the money is their 26 million dollars guaranteed for acute sleep. Darrelle Revis lost. -- know lost out on sixteen million and then came back and got it you know twelve million here and next year the patriots wanted to go across 25. It's just a different animal he can't compare yourself to these guys -- different they played last year and it playing quarterback in a market that is already a -- I think players look at slightly differently though I think you look at it is the open market is the open market and my value will. Rise and only takes one suitor to pay or overpaid for my services -- it would. Rogers apple got the raiders know -- paid -- that you know it and that of falling out but don't would have paid him five years and forty million dollars maybe been sustained himself. I've never been on the open market before. The -- -- Steelers I have around the league that I would have some sort of market of our hit the open market. One I give myself the shot by asking for my release of putting my team in very precarious situation. This is unbelievable we we thought we're going to be talking about Darrelle Revis all day we're talking about torturing and how we got the Revis strain. And we got the well torturing question is where's that Wilfork train headed that staying here. Around town discussed with you guys next coming up on him says. And. And so the plot thickens. The plot thickens -- -- Wilfork is Wilfork. According to reports multiple reports now in Rappaport Adams shepherd who's always working the phones always. There's the eat. Go to movies he'd always -- normal or just talk about football days in just talked agents and coaches and general manager but they're all saying the Vince Wilfork. Has asked the patriots for -- relief. Now I think this brings up something that I didn't think it was a problem on ninety. And the it was a problem. The patriots brought in some body was making more money than Tom Brady. Making more money Vince Wilfork. Tommy Karen -- -- you guys think that this is connected. Is is Vince Wilfork asking for a release. Because they brought into -- -- and they asked him to restructure how are you asked me to restructure Darrelle Revis did not play the Super Bowl. I have. I know the patriot way and make sacrifices were you at any airport you victim man. Got some personnel. In. And out of picture all problem. You got a picture of the field. Ask me to restructure. How's this for radio. Back in -- I mean yes and no would be my answer the reason why -- say that it's not precisely related is because they've they've been having these talks is not as if the idea of restructuring will ports deal came out of nowhere. But the timing does seem awfully convenient Tom. Less than 24 hours after you give the newcomer the outsider twelve million dollars in guaranteed money for this year. All the sudden this comes to a head. To me he I think -- swallow it's the of the did that the negotiations have been ongoing this may have been you know the -- Brooke can get back and I think that. That's probably the best way to look at it because he wasn't going to be too happy when they came to moments advanced would drop -- that seven and a half you know that OK we got to do that. So we're gonna drop that seven and a half and we gonna give you some salaries in the next couple years -- pay competitively with the bad Achilles near thirty. Plus -- year old body. And he wasn't too happy about that and now. This would seemingly be Estrada breaks came back now we might find out when Vince joins us as I know he will take immediate to -- he is not going to quietly go short so when he does you'll explain most likely -- available that Darrelle Revis. He's happy he got his money and he's happy to and the patriots and has nothing to do with it. So it's either a wild coincidence of timing which it's -- -- -- was there because it's close by. This Tuesday deadline that the patriots set or is pissed. -- structures as -- now Tom Brady has to be released we have heard that when yet I don't think so a lot of talk to Tony McCarver you guys and with Tony. -- good -- -- New fleshed fruits. Pedroia and Victor Reno to put 2.3. Groups. -- look good regarding. Anyway Wilfork. Indo. I think today is -- that -- with these communities those. Which is bed in Europe is in his -- guidance. Who would take this position. Listening. Patriots since -- movement -- put up whatever. They just don't I don't understand that this is given. Likely -- would be. Tony that he should take less money. -- Looks money so you period is pretty remote. -- -- a period of terrible -- -- have been -- to get -- your -- And it but that's my contention is they're going to drop that salary. If they -- it's less this year and extend his contract they're gonna turn around say well. Over the next over the life of the contract -- -- a three year twenty million dollar expansion including this year and we don't drop your salary to about six million a year in he's gonna turn around say but I just sought to -- get. Six and 5057. And a better player than him. And I'm gonna see a bunch of guys go lots -- free agent market a Henry Melton and whoever else and that's where it's gonna rankled him because it's not this year the it's the succeeding years with the salary cap going up they're trying to trap and my gas money much or number let's talk directory to the West Roxbury was a rich. They're -- dark well pretty surprising. That I don't they -- you don't think so I think that's what forecast report released today is surprising. But -- just because. -- -- -- Tell me luck Barbara to that aren't you 340 -- -- three point. Being he's got a bad real. Q and Gary and I are broad. On the radio that you say who. Broad. New York and my guys like he has a broad back so you are right I can always call it does what Marico. Come on. The last to prop up originally it you know Tony be rich set it in a weighted. -- you probably -- wanna say it but other thing that's beyond yet but you could say he and his wife of the business partnership excuse she -- -- market. He said it in a way these shipments that it but. Looking at the AT&T Turks are right now a lot of people are wondering. If his wife has anything to do with -- and I would say yes. Yeah yeah yeah she gets up and do what they are when we talked about the. -- -- -- If she is an art mr. bright is she is clearly the last time Wilfork and the patriots how they're -- -- -- long negotiation and you -- -- -- -- first big money deal besides rookie contract. She was certainly involved very much involved in the details in the minutia that contracts and I think that she's not a part of this one. Would be naive she is certainly in the mix here but. And there's more to it than just you know his wife involved much to it. But patriots. To me. They're gonna get a defense attack on the draft anyway. It's better if they're better off if he stays but at the numbers I don't blame them for asking him to take a reduced number the fact news. That they could fit. That's an -- probably will but that. But that's the problem of thumb Vince Wilfork I'm pissed off because I know you got the money especially now that I found out how you spread out that money for Revis. So why knowing you have the money and you're asking me to take. A pay cut. Not because -- half to. Not because you need me to but because you want me to. This is why in in Texas and -- grant. Well look at that that's true but I gotta say there's a certain we got -- talk about. The textures are emotional a lot of -- simulator -- Good riddance will take the cap won't take the savings and we'll get this guy will get this guy. Bill Belichick is not gonna release a player. On that players term. So an upset player about the what went to Howard -- and use the dialogue let's move on I'll update example. Let's go three years ago. You worked for ESP infield. Darrelle Revis went to Bristol. Went on national TV. Said Bill Belichick as a jerk. Anyway back to the jets' facility in -- ignorant. And he went on and on about the patriots. And Bill Belichick. He's here right now Vince Wilfork who say. Release me he can he can write it on his Jersey anything if there are ready to release this -- not going anywhere. So if you can be emotional about Vincent advances not you know honest feelings -- and appreciate what's happening here. It doesn't matter I -- news that he asked were to release. What the patriots -- Well -- maybe they'll do that in the next five million hits when we come back but I don't think it's gonna. We are acting right now Sports Radio WER. Couple things to put out there correct some maintenance items number one. When I checked myself. I said the Bruins will be playing tomorrow night against the they're not. They're playing tonight. And we'll be talking with Jack Edwards and about a half hour. About that game tonight about the game last night -- Bruins shut down. Perhaps that's my bet on that also. That's the afternoon show WE that showed used to be called -- Ali talk about -- is no more Mike Salk announced it on the year yesterday. That he has left WE. He's going back to Seattle. On the station he worked -- before. So I'll be working with a lot of interest in people until we figure out what to do next you have to stay tuned as every day is going to be a little different today. We got the Smart. Football intelligentsia. Tommie -- Comcast sports net field Yates. ESPN ESPN Boston directly intelligence is a regular. NFL insiders guide to watch you all 22 for a living. Man and you know guys today may. Thought we would be spending the entire time talking about Darrelle Revis obvious changes the patriots. Now we just get word since Wilfork has asked the patriots were released. What does this mean feel art for the patriots. As it hasn't happened yet Michael rake the asset that you ought to do is ask all of it with no. The teachers -- -- have to oblige with full force request but they could what are you guys -- journalism that knows a thing as a dumb question. At that I have always that's correct I -- -- -- that dealt with the hypothetical what's his point. What do -- what do you because as for me too much is connected dots here to a certain former patriots offensive line coach who. Happen to have relocated this offseason to buffalo pepper Johnson. How about that for kidnapping -- and he invents obviously have been extremely close over the years as well yeah and and to be clear buffalo has very good defensive tackles Kyle Williams -- -- -- both very good players but they are sort of back and forth on Darius because he's a very good player on the field. Can be a knuckle -- an album but sometimes was linked to some means all that -- but Tommy. Let's just say you. Imagine to be some interest in reuniting with pepper who you know they spent some time together during you know during training camp during stretching during jogging and all that every single day. And didn't just add up this way you can basically stand wherever you want it was -- Pepper Johnson and Brandon Spikes would be at the end of the line closest to -- -- with a median stood. And and nothing wrong without I mean that's just to feel like hang around with certain people work that's absolutely finds nothing wrong with that. What if you take it. And extrapolate well. If Vince is going to ask for his release he must know -- feel. Was suspect he's got a destination in mind. Would it surprise anyone that's a great point by field that he made the break that it could be the Buffalo Bills and would it surprise you if Brandon Spikes who was basically. The charge to use that he was he was. Pepper Johnson's project. It would not surprise me to find him and not pit stop running backs as well so they could get them they. Meat of the patriot our -- -- -- Kevin this is what it that's -- going to be up there runs stock. Yeah that's what comes out for me. You think this is about business. Was their home just it's a big mess with Bob bitten us we're just about her feelings. Is it about her feelings. I feel events on -- Libyan Pitts gets his feelings hurt I don't like that. What are you to what's important. What's important to get your money. If they don't release you -- money is good it is the contract that you signed it is the year. That a lot of teams a lot of players on these contracts and they say that last year. Not never see that money. Because they just pushed that back. No one or restructure what the patriots -- -- where they didn't want to restructure. What if he doesn't restructure the contract he he gets the money. So don't get your feelings hurt over Darrelle Revis coming in a different guy different position. Different resonate. Younger. Don't be upset differ market don't be upset when he comes in and get this money. Know what I say when I -- Vince gets his feelings hurt. It's. It's more than that it's less than that I'm not criticizing him he takes it personally takes the occupation personally takes a preparation and takes the role he has extremely personally. And I think that all the extra stuff that he does. He expects to be treated a little bit differently Ford I think a lot of people in their particular business you stay late you do extra you want someone to. To remember that. -- time you have to make some decisions. And he -- -- adversity played like crap the first three games let his Achilles and now very predictably. The patriots are asking to take a pay cut -- guarantee of its new when he signed his contract in 2010. They're gonna come to me. At some point they're gonna they're gonna come to me in 2014. And say we got to knock this -- When they do on the Hussein. And he said no and hours after report released -- we'll see what happens my guess is the patriots they still value him as a player that's the biggest. Maybe he knows about his rehab maybe they know something about players at that position with that injury and how they bounce back but they value -- Vince -- patriots in 2014 whether elected or not that's my guess that was talked Ramone Ramones and MacArthur moment. It doesn't adored her public jets and. And -- -- you got -- lower -- yeah what -- the problem actually. He had no campaign. You have no weapons gronkowski. Who know he's coming into an economic 80. No what you've got -- and Pete this is like Baltimore. And even that actually -- actually took a tour. Well let him get beat their -- you can't school or to bring these weapons is going to be sinking. You -- you don't register when a jumping according you do realize that one team in the NFL scored more points in the patriots last year one. Why wouldn't go up against conflicting -- an insult -- all -- -- what we added I think it. Had this single give me a little book you know what's -- -- an 8300 on the court. Chris Jenkins Chris Jenkins wasn't Vince Wilfork you know. And as best he was good player but look I don't disagree or ammonia YouTube really brought about Obama needed to different and -- -- -- let me interject for a second baby. -- -- you my friend OK let me once second. You're not entirely wrong the reason the patriots lost the Denver Broncos had a hell of a lot less to do. With the defense although some of those third downs would have been nice to see and stopped. It had more to do with trying to fit. An entire offense. And ahead of the pin which they weren't gonna do I mean the best plays that they could drop. -- goes to Matthew Slater and throwback to Julian Edelman was not high percentage plays to couldn't run the ball the couldn't throw the ball they were given it to Matt -- so he's. -- raw -- you Mulligan brother. He's -- -- -- -- Ramon is not wrong pick up the bulk up the Denver audit work but both director and director Ramon say. The defense wasn't the entire problem -- it was all the defense they didn't touch Peyton Manning in a game that's what the problem yeah well it was a great at third third down numbers were bad last year or bad against the run at least that's what brought. We're not going to be able to get into a game in the high teens or twenties with Denver Denver was going to be really. Name their number in the patriots we're not going to be able to score more than 24 points period. If they score with a 24 of the note I -- I think there's this Britain's Christine what does matter what is exactly -- they -- they can all be right the patriots can be right of wanting to bring -- number down or. Want to sign him to an extension to level out that numbers opposed to eleven point six million in the cap. And they can also have room to improve on offense this office is so desperate for a tight end. I might start getting in shape this offseason you might get a chance to get they need to catch the ball besides Rob Gronkowski depositions so yes it -- I think -- got a -- environment. Hamas militarily CD's -- -- -- if she took up arms about the thought to Chris Chris is that playing though Chris. It is nice my son to called today and eat crow. Because I told him. -- you -- -- -- entity has been dead wrong and you call me Eliot. Stated that if I was -- we did you know what do you do had a call back and tell you I was rock and heavy growth so. These guys never remember that you didn't have to do that concern now. -- Chris Gary I'd like you that your person can't a guy that's your standup guy which you know -- -- talking about sports in lot of opinions and lot of blue bottle at times and throw some stuff but we -- wrong are. But I tell you what I think he should do China content I'm. I talked -- -- alleged. I am I really think that we need them -- Actual ball player and I think that we need to -- -- ordinary now talk a mosque bullets. I think that's a good talking point -- isn't it what if the patriots don't have Vince Wilfork. Do they need to address that position this offseason or Tommy do they have enough well or. Do they have enough potentially returning in Tommy Kelly coming up Tony CO. And Armond Armstead the mystery man of US Ian and cannon arm on our estimates that there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The beginning of free agency can -- to wide receiver but. Tommy Kelly is a terrific player based upon what I saw and I would bet on more of the same from him what reason because I just have not -- suck. So but I think they absolutely have to go in the draft and final one of those that this Bill Parcells called up when players and we saw many them on the planet you going get that guy. Who's 636. Sport 311 pounds can jump. Out of the -- -- -- Minnesota Minnesota. Is that player who can do those things got some -- on with some anger issues -- -- angry to -- I'm OK with -- we like you know. But. You get angry with us from really got angry last night last may have won 55. I was -- Other factors the last night would you who would you going. After -- can't talk. How old you and you got to share were the you don't want to assure the Vietnam curious now to you don't wanna change their names to protect the protecting innocent. But you've got okay it was it was yelling was -- -- in some respects Gingrich. Like that -- You say anything to regret that the worst kind right as the Madison -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- about Tom. That's not real snap it really does he -- when he flipped it really going on Larry's -- first of Larry. Sega and I'm one of the biggest misconceptions. About the rich because we're not accuses that sometimes it's about other things like they do have great feelings -- -- angry. Well they're pirating. Eccentric and and people underestimate that would athletes who have been entitled most of their life but if they -- -- aircraft something. They may leave. And a lot of times we've seen with the -- -- the other teams and I think that. People underestimate that it is and always about the money that they can go somewhere and get more -- a lot of kindness because they're angry disappointed or felt betrayed. Being with the -- in with a lot of art and I think we tend to forget that that. It's like the welcome situation and others that I think there will report which they well they get a lot of money so it's almost like -- -- have a right. To be disappointed -- -- -- ago. Shortly and I would I mentioned that he's a little tender sometimes Larry I'm not saying that's wrong I get pissed off when I think can be taken advantage of I think all of us -- But there is such a business component to the NFL. Did it absolutely positively it's just a matter of time in Vince knew in 2010 this was gonna happen now is this is a bloodless. Fearless sweat this demand from him which it may well bay -- just released -- -- -- -- that is released me because I'm not come an end. To work for another -- pissed me off. And that's that's another thing won't find out I guarantee you we will find out. Is that any different and Ortiz wanting a new contract and then next kid doing the same thing in all this. Iran and PR around these little a little move there. It's no different I think it's a little bit different Larry and and that's and that's a fair point I think your overall point is going about. I. Even though they're making millions of dollars in their feelings get hurt. His future. That's not the issue. You're still talking about a guy who is under contract with the patriots. Who we have we have described as a winner as a leader. On that defense. And he's asked him for his release. Because they asked me to restructure. Does that affect investor's story I just didn't smell right to me. What are the details by -- request restructure. Restructure or your cut restructure or we will. I mean what what of the but he -- or what what's the ultimatum he's facing I -- -- -- -- -- a couple outcomes but outcomes are either restructure or your cut but I think the patriots. We're focused on that. Outcome as of yet or restructure and let's get something done for one or two more years after this I don't think it was I think the patriots knew. They had zero leverage to say events we wanna cut she down for -- one year seven point five million dollar deal with eleven point six million dollar cap it. It would never get to the point where they agree he agreed to one year and three and a half million dollars -- -- are going to be able to just cut his salary down a key so I tailored it would be a student or never. But they had two other options that I think they felt at least one dropped in the field might have been able to work to be worked out which will talk about. Couple years -- -- on the back end. More reasonable Kapanen each -- in each year and all the sudden you get to reevaluate what Vince Wilfork were pleased he was opposed to him in just a one year seven point five million dollar deal which is probably too high for a player coming off of the -- untreated. The injury and I playing how we did last year as I sit here we talk about it. Love -- -- love talking to own injuries injuries. And him being around and I think he's been a terrific player. But let him go. Let him go he really yeah you take the three point six million dollar cap hit. And to draft somebody else. And Vince Wilfork gets his day that I mean retires -- -- these numbers every five day in it and he goes the patriots hall of fame and try and do it. As above Boise camp which you just do you know and I would just do it because they're not going to lose. Games because Vince Wilfork is in there I wouldn't let him go I would. Call me. -- come into the office. -- -- -- You have to know what what was bothering us office tweet Twitter joke about it with the media but actually have a Twitter account. Then -- Bill Belichick. Found when everybody. I think what you said you wanna be released -- There isn't it. Why do you wanna be released what's the problem what's bothering you. We are not gonna take a week we're not gonna take a three and happening dollar cap -- or through diplomacy 3.5 three point. Whatever but that's when that's been -- over three million dollars to two point six million dollar cap it if he's cut three point six were not gonna do that we can afford to keep you under the cap. We are better team with Vince Wilfork. And Tommy Kelly. And Jerod Mayo and now Darrelle Revis in win and we're not gonna do it so what bothered with talk man to man. Let's get ready for OTA and get ready for the season. And -- -- would be pretty. After eleven years how many times do you think they've had to sit down a lot stations a lot if you're events we've had eleven years of that and bill calls and says much command. You pretty much know what he's gonna say in -- -- pretty much at this point if you're asking -- -- snow is ankles going to be and you say. I've built I actually am doing laundry here. No or I'm going to watch with Taiwan. What's really Tripoli suspect. That it. I thought this themselves in Springfield subs they have. They only tell you guys Garcia. I'm gonna talk about the possibility of getting Brandon Browner on -- decent plot security about that recently. He is in the midst of making this deal -- I can tell you this he was in the building he's in the building today. And I wouldn't say that anything is you know a minute on the -- brought up front now that could change very quickly he's scheduled to move on from the patriots down to Washington DC to visit with the Redskins. If he leaves here with out a contract. You know the question that we're having right now is whether or not came after the fact in which case the pitcher felt he could accommodate. Both players and Sam I think if you probably know which is to share this with the listeners who don't Brandon Browner. Was on an indefinite substance abuse suspension. That has been. Reduced to a four game suspension. And that stems from marijuana use and then when he was in the CFL. A failure to continue to take drug tests even though it was not a part of the NFL. He was supposed to take drug test while he was in the CF fell. And as a result and and it could be details in this some missing but that's the reason he ended up having so much difficulty so he likes -- Apparently. But he's a six foot 3200 what pound forty -- 220 -- now so he's a guy who locked people up the line of scrimmage. Like. Bradley -- there in New York. And that. Little bit of nursing scheme parity to our Riley deck of this same guy many schemes with scheme fits or question with with -- -- which I think beyond suspensions be on the fact will be -- in October. Some -- some questions there on the league is he the type of player that fits with one defense which is always know in his three years -- been really good in Seattle. A -- standout Italy after signing with Denver back -- think it was 2005 or is it that play that scheme burst out can do. Some of the things the patriots and other team that are on the Likud expressed interests. Want to -- zone read about her a nice piece you have to use them effectively too because. He's built uniquely but he also has some unique limitations as well as defensive -- was. Grab a Raphael -- high part very quickly before the break was that Raphael. -- I don't directly era feel. -- question one zone defense ones are options I don't think it's obsolete computers or restructure but how about did you arguably bigger and. I feel that that yes the scuttlebutt that he you know you need it in at a chapters we noses to and is anybody -- -- on the first day for ABC mentioned that the Packers and Roger were close. On a deal when you're due to returning but. You know you as ever now nothing's official it sounds like got a Green Bay there's still some work to be done on that front but. Rajiv nice player athletic but there's requests questions about toughness and one of the things you could never question about -- tough. And he's -- point of attack raji even though he has a similar body type maybe not the same sort of toughness and and sort of anchor you need to play that spot. I got a couple things Maria here number one -- -- -- in -- -- you sound like shocker to you by. -- -- -- as a field Yates. So -- aloofness missing from its there. -- a little bit naked self importance don't righteousness -- got a little less smog that's just a little more here. There's a lot and I -- just about as much about basketball shot so skeptical -- -- all known -- such nice. Doctor Robert -- After Robert wonders if it's opera. On its. Well I don't I know we settle for did you catch him worked on my. I know exactly who operated on the other losers who swear by god it's been great it's been great I mean this -- is as I've said before we Jerious. There at times and occasions when I look in the mirror and say that handsome and that's me. That's me with the handsome so -- these days has banged -- where you feel like -- a lot more -- -- -- 805 years ago. Is it does a bit of a spring in my step with that now agree. Are much more football we did not only five more for almost a little -- -- -- delegates -- come up and Cuba first. We talk about that hated to have you with them said last night I believe that last night. They actually played pretty well -- the -- and lost were ones are gone crazy jackets next we'll see if he agrees. Hardware back on me. Showed to be named later. The show without -- game but would much game. What else curriculum call it liquid gels liquid gels you describe that they'll bring to me I never thought I don't sent. Well it's a text to just -- it's a shame doc lender couldn't do something about those annoying. Liquid -- Tommy and I know it -- my brother and I parents moved we were in college they moved to a myriad legal Wayne. In sandwich -- an ounce in my l.s right so every time I had the same area of real lane. It would be an issue for your parents taught you talk like this is -- swallow whole swallow my Els in a way Roman. Some of Tom -- Tom -- pretty good competition being talked to a guy who knows about language. And knows about hockey. A man Jack Gilbert brought to you by Norfolk power equipment and Lord & Taylor right here on the states Lord & Taylor Lord & Taylor didn't lots of new suits. Jack I was saying before game on that the -- a few Canadians including Brian John -- of ethnic. I thought they played pretty well for a period and a half against the Bruins you -- that. And you know what. It is still on even in this season series between the early in the Canadians this year it's it's kind of hard to figure out. And if they should meet the playoff. That makes it more interesting is. We haven't really had a great game between the few teams yet and they're still could -- There's one more of the regular season but for the broadest had a couple of teams that they just -- totally dissatisfied either we're persecution or with their effort. And now now Montreal saying that they didn't. Show up for sixty minutes and that's and I got to -- a passage you're gonna accept what abroad that this say about themselves earlier in the year. What you think of of panic. The -- show last night. Well you know -- there was one amazingly blown defensive. Coverage. On the -- goal which -- You know maybe that's why. In that might have been the -- form decided not. Pony up some a big asset but. You know I still like that -- -- the guy had a delay -- find the net and -- just because you didn't deliver last night from Montreal won't necessarily mean that he's not quality player is yet he's a great senator. Jack -- gates question on Tuukka for a guy who's had some moments of late -- -- for get a bowl against Montreal Canadians. How much does a game like last night and performing as well as he did how much that impact is confident are we past the point and took his career as he accomplished enough. But one game in or or one Porsche stretches impacted as much as it might younger less experienced goalie. A good question. I think that it is past that point in his career where are -- -- the -- stretch. It is something that you start to question if he's really got that on that super cup and talent. What is of concern is if you look. The game to be allowed water known. He got out of that incredible start where he had six eight games so worried allow water and on it and have one child. And 51 goal games and those those first date that he played. They kind of went cold for four games then you have water not allowed in five out of six then not not a six. And that four out of six and then only to a lot of seven and this was when he started getting pulled from games. -- got pulled from fort name's Cindy nineteen game stretched. That's what's really worrisome that he's been hot and cold this year rather than. You know having kind of short cycle so bad that bad cycle that last almost as long as a good cycle so. Looking at the playoffs. It -- -- I think suddenly issued cool offer and that's a little bit cause for. Aren't and that's amplified by the fact that they don't have Seidenberg they'll orbit on rivers are hoaxes are completely different content management and Seidenberg. Only they have managed to stabilize their penalty kill last five games capital out. A power play goal and five straight games for the first time Seidenberg. Got hurt back in late this summer but. You know you still. I have to say that it approach are gonna make. A tremendous run in the playoffs that they're gonna get past the Eastern Conference final. That -- is gonna have to be unbelievable play out this approach just don't have the veteran defense in depth that is all market gains and make it that far. You could say that you can also say they're gonna make a run in the playoffs. They're gonna have to be a pretty good team on the road and you look at their their current streak on the road what is eleven games. Last eleven games that they haven't lost in a -- is that just a coincidence or anything they're doing something now. I think we're doing earlier in the season has really pan off. A couple of things one it's they are really focused. They. Understand that all the way it's going to be and the guys in the -- over the guys in the room there are any. Acquisitions come. That it's something that. Routinely. Or maybe not routine that repeatedly -- has solidified a Bruins team. All the the last few years after the after the trading deadline scheme tends to jail and I think that's what's going on right now. The other thing is that it. They they have really simplified their game. And you know it made you look complex when there in the attack we don't and it should be prepared. You know the rain to laugh at that point when you're forty feet from goal and you're creating things and and you know that if you turn the clock over your gonna Buick. Really keep in the attack on. But since the Bruins went on that West Coast swing. You know back about mid -- ever so. They really got the part kicked out of a couple of times in a role physically by Anaheim and LA you know not really walk a lot it's it's sent the message that. If they're gonna play they're kind of in the got to move their feet they got smacked. The price that in -- play at tapes were taught in the pocket he's got to get it alone approach to playing like that supporting each other word out of our. They're gonna move the puck up yet street quickly in and they're gonna have their chances so I think. I think it's really get the -- success is -- the simplification of their game which it will wake up call the West Coast. You mentioned this team tending to -- in the second half of regular seasons newcomer arguments are -- two games two points. Seems like a pretty good start Abbott is small sample size what have you seen from him specifically and maybe also thinking about in the construct of what he brings the different. From Doug Hamilton who haven't seen over the past two games. Yeah -- is a little bit more flexibility in the attacking and the ice if you still looks a little lost at times defensively. He's made some passes that you contribute to. It ranks last because. They've been way off mark but. That says. There's really no substitute for experience with but around a long time and and I am patents that just just the fact that he's seen. A lot of things that Hamilton or are you gonna Tim Miller hasn't seen. Might make him. Less civil liability Altera. I I don't see the Soros pulling -- shoot pool -- -- -- -- in the playoffs if he does that's important prize. Quite if they're leaning on him to deliver. In a huge way it get them through a couple of rounds. That dialogue in this place I don't think that he's going in that direction I think they'll look at remorse. Something that they're adding rather than something that's that's changing it seemed substantially better. Jack Tom current from Comcast sports -- doing and grew up on -- broke went to -- regional it and you're sorry. Hey I I heard that -- -- unfamiliar with -- work a little good news is that Couric rooms offensive. Abilities. Which are pretty well documented comments compensate for those defense of liabilities. -- all cede any given time. They're the classic prepared that's the right now and maybe he changes and and advances not. Line in his career but to have a guy who's got that -- -- X-Factor. It'll you know fourteen goals and I -- only goes about Bobby -- on the all time Boston Bruins rookie the country's goal scoring list. But -- only be more Greg -- renowned well on them but what. You know the the attacking -- -- their -- has. Makes suffered he's such a liability because the Bruins coaching staff is able to spot him. Bright and realize that you know this is probably that it's more obvious football -- than any other sport. Great coaching staffs put players in positions to succeed right. Yet if -- if if we're coaching staff which you out there and yeah only exposes you you know what yeah part of its on the athlete but a lot of rich on the coaching staff support the guy out there in a situation where you bought. Physically or -- Strategically prepare them so the -- try to minimize group's exposure and try to maximize. Visibility news the attack. I know your man for a may out of all seasons the man for all seasons Jack you once you're wrote this beautiful essay. About Vince Wilfork and it was like this interplanetary. Saying you're going way out there -- events. So now -- is asking for release. What do you do about that gonna update -- -- Well you know my first concern is for us as members of the solar system because if they moved out of not a gravity. -- on from there and have a collision with the -- You know. The first thing -- -- up actually and it destroyed speaks of it being a hockey -- the first thing -- thought it was Seidenberg because the problem the Seidenberg injury. It's not necessarily. Seidenberg individual contribution which is huge oh you don't know track of that stature and I'm not making upon but I mean about the quality of its war. It affects everybody who played around in insult whites and even if you bring him. A similar side guy and at a guy who might be able with your 70% of the -- It's not gonna be here. And and it seems to me as a guy who doesn't draw out what all the watches on it is that if you if you take that away from the patriots. You've got to change the equation. You know it's been working out OK so far after the. It has but I do know it in your point is good this is why you aren't so outspent me natural season. You talk to the patriots linebackers I spent a lot of time which around mail over the course a few years and there is nobody else. That they speak about with glowing reference to the climb back to level the way they do both events. Yeah there won't take guys aren't right yet but if it stops supported the attack so linebackers and do -- -- -- excellent Seidenberg in the very similar player in the so maybe doesn't have a great box score game that you go to outlet. Dressing room small -- -- -- -- you know cyber they'll make that play we don't get out goes on we don't. The three on two wheels for that full well. Now maybe there residual factor. Opened going on around the edges that there you will notice more interest does indeed get its release. This a great thing about you Jack you appreciate the defensive guys in all sports. Say you know it's what Charlie Cole told me you know that legendary U UNH hockey coach when he found out I was make the gold at the hockey player like late night that. Always remember there are at least two things going on around -- And so on defense is actually more interesting -- -- you know -- and you know outlook defense in football to me the greatest pilots are deep but the violence. Policies in the -- -- I went. Back yard -- original -- the great thing. As you know. Our listeners aren't the -- is the where it is very sharp. Problems say Jack shouldn't be commenting on the patriots -- we spend more -- guy wanted to let you know I want a. Yeah Jack -- about 40% or seventeen games left in the regular season a comfortable lead over -- the third seed in the Eastern Conference stands what's more important for the Bruins right now. Picking their spots with potential rest. For some other top line players or jockeying for that number one seeding getting at home ice advantage. Fighting with the penguins right now. If they -- charge is not ready go a 100% all trial for the playoffs. That's going to be trouble but if you look back trooper or and so our recent history. -- often has gotten a couple of days or at least the game offered the very end of this season. It would be no surprise to the -- are locked in if that happens they're gonna fight hard for that top seed because if they have the the ability to match up in the seventh game. Potentially against Pittsburgh in the Eastern Conference final. That will coordinate all of that effort worked at the Bruins are very natural oriented team. Put another team wheeled out a certain lineup especially the likes of Crosby on one line and walked in on another from Pittsburg. And -- the brought lockout that last change that's what the seventh -- on QQ and that's the value winning the Eastern Conference -- -- you're colliding in -- Our Jack always appreciate the time then we'll talk to you next week. About bows of holly would you think about that -- -- -- -- -- They would not take your suggestions Jack order suggestions. We got a suggest. Hi -- I'm never afraid of Shelley although that. It is Procter and not very creative guy outside the box. Doctor Leonard Jack. Everybody jacket -- course sponsored by Norfolk power equipment. And Lord & Taylor and I should have said earlier. That we used to do the Boston bullets at that at 245. We didn't do it today but we head. It would have been brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99%. Of all Americans. Rethink possible. Now we need a break it down some we need to break this down I got to figure out. What's behind this will work release request I know. He's fist. -- if something else there's got to be something else will investigate the something else after the interview just showed men. Low. What is Kennedy. What is days. So we start off talking about Darrelle Revis and how -- Edit transform this defense I transformed his defense what a brilliant signing. Tommy current -- amassed master stroke field date from ESPN Boston broke it down wrote down Powell. Manageable. And then yes all right let's asked to be released as well assault went to Seattle and think -- is I I can go to Seattle. I think it's related template for a split for Seattle where -- Seattle it's my favorite daughter loved him. But I think those two things those three things that they're related to you. I think the one thing I think I don't think silken Wilfork are related. They literally or figuratively on the related but I think Wilfork in Revis. Go hand in hand in the in the restructuring. -- talked tool. It's events in your restructure the contract. He said now. Patriots went very creative Contra creative with Darrelle Revis and maybe maybe -- would this is what bothers Tommy. About his -- The twelve million dollars this year. But next bats which conundrum well it's. What that to me just even putting it out even though we know and it is a very slim chance of that. Contract happening at the patriots -- -- we probably wouldn't. The fact that they put it out different an unknown. In the patriot way. He's got one of the homegrown guys. They arise field to make sure that they don't get their pay structure totally out elect did it with a -- -- Thomas. And he was a bad guy to invest in -- he was just looking for the reputation. Of being high paid player and I was obviously a misstep and they hadn't done it since and I'm not predicting what the -- Revis will be at predicting. Like Islamic project but it -- damn good but I think. It could be the straw that broke the camel's back but I'm sure of it was agitated previous to a when they went to its advance you make it seven and a half this year. You know -- six. Cap yet we're gonna have to knock those down and and -- do that we have dad used to your contract and we and we do that we're gonna give you less than you anticipate. So that to me is the crux of it field. He's getting old Tommy thank anybody you know as unsurprisingly you nailed -- Thanks bloody death and I didn't even get a good point you wonder may be you know -- saw the initial reports last night one year twelve million for Darrelle Revis and maybe -- the first emotion was because that are really darn good player or defense he could get me that second ring prevents. Last or one of two remaining player from the patriots last Super Bowl victory. -- he -- their second year in the numbers even though the bogus numbers and even though there's a very small chance that -- campaign derailed Revis. Twenty million dollars the 25 million dollar cap hit next year you wonder maybe they said. Instead that that that just picked the struck the construction of that deal is even though it's it's not punitive to talk about the patriots. In any major way. They don't necessarily typical that they're a little more straight for a most of these deals the only don't mess around deal so much I think the Revis deal makes. A 100% since the construction of it is as we talked about earlier it's it's a fairly savvy move. I'm pinning you down if the acquisition Darrelle Revis were -- twelve million dollar salary. Cost the patriots. The relationship with Vince Wilfork is -- broke the camel's back. The -- her at the on field product of people watch and root for. For September through February. As much as I love -- and what he's done for this team it doesn't and that there. And that's the patriots thinking there and that's the crux of -- when we have these conversations on the radio or I go on Comcast to your running SPN. Or ESPN Boston writing. Darius had two very parallel tracks that never intersect right is the football team and how it's impacted by the lots of its report. And it's a person with a 75 Jersey who's pissed off that this guy did all this community work who was. Around the team when he was hurt who with a nice cuddly lovable guy who's -- investment community wants to leave on bad terms right and -- Things I think the older you get the week and step back and look at it differently but they'll always be a component because people start out. As that latter person for -- they start out as the person who has -- emotional attachment to it. Prior to the football club that you're you're definitely not leaving bats leave on good terms about right out. I gotta see -- -- -- to Burlington -- -- -- Burlington Massachusetts long way from Seattle so you have to leave yet you. Time and talk to Seattle. Originally going to be replaced. On the hard to come and yes it is so it's like -- -- -- higher learning through. Our investment Omar is history. LAU leave -- tag and that's on off -- pan -- And the art art art not the patron to take credit. Speak in January 5 regarded as a result the debate is a big projects. And the jets from the patriots we know that over the years where does the Revis signing rank. Will discuss number 24 I am in force for coming up.

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