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Matt Light on the Pats off-season

Mar 13, 2014|

Matt Light came in studio to discuss the Patriots off-season so far. He described what it was like to negotiate contracts with Bill Belichick.

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Three Dennis and Callahan with men and hang around as well -- the last that we talked about former patriots who were now in broadcasting. A pretty good job to McGinest Ted Bruce -- Bruschi Rodney Harrison. Who should be doing like Lexus commercial voice overs without question. The finest post career NFL boy has yet -- spotlight -- a lot of press now that's good that's solid athletic communications that reason in school. You know I didn't know I was an engineering major Purdue and I will never ever use that again today and don't talk about it -- put him in a room and let them you know. Bigger things out with a pocket protector and a lot of you know draw there's a nerd factor there right -- It's -- doing commercials for investment firms. At the same time -- book store papers yeah. -- have -- here and there are players who thought I assume you've had offers like that that you would mean it's. Circus -- to Steris ghosts and -- -- -- diaper held diapers yeah at this very -- distinguished voice talking investment which for fidelity. Not -- Putnam Putnam Putnam Putnam yet in the vicinity it's it's -- -- down. Well a hot what -- will survive turndown and and in the past I can remember when I first got going and I had no idea. You know what this area was like you know what kind of opportunities existed. I went out to Worcester. Right and I remember getting there and I guess as always the -- of guys like me were tested at at what we're talking about here so is very confusing but. I did a thing for for a furniture store won't say it was a Rodman's or something and it was the other Wrighster. Far away the worst commercial in the history of the world in 2001. And I hope he would look at that resist I think YouTube culture yeah I definitely don't settle out of this to you all didn't ask the habit. I've got a big event coming up called bull's eye out to benefit the light foundation we'll get to that just -- second sounds -- -- surrounding yourself with a bunch of fools on April 1 gas obvious habits only time it's gonna execute and be proud of get to that just the second eight. John Elway. Enjoyed his 24 hour victory lap having -- he stole bill Belichick's lunch money to have bill come and just. Steel ball back yesterday with Darrelle Revis well I he probably still thinks he did you know him and and still probably thinks it has the better deal but. Yeah I look at this situation and I say if this is you're going to be. An unbelievable run again this year. For Denver or they're gonna implode. And I mean it is I mean obviously they're going all out and they're gonna go -- -- gonna continued rule out. But boy that that's a risky -- I kind of I don't know maybe maybe maybe is the Putnam Bagram it is the ballots -- way but I kind of like you know do do your job keep a steady approach have a template that's. A little bit more refined and and and and I like the way you know the bill builds things I mean sometimes slow frustrating year for the fans and they say. All my goodness -- let this guy walk a brilliant guy and -- -- that is top as a veteran to seat. You know a guy that's put in a lot of time I mean you know who -- -- -- -- government but in the Wes Welker deals -- discounts of those fans can be a little tough at times but. I think that approach. As a model. Can you picture bill yesterday when -- that the world was like pointing fingers Adams say what are you -- get off your thumb. Denver steal your lunch money abuse at Frazier and again you think it was at the age to be here any of it and beat that he just smiled and say to you see I got up my sleeve later today. You know I I really are. They doubt that he heard much of it. He's. -- this time -- year he may actually be taking a vacation and who knows but. That that be a rare when but -- is definitely working and he's he's definitely folks always got to do and an I don't think he really I mean bill. I don't think you have that kind of mentality and ever really you know. Given -- right and and I think you know obviously he's got his he's got his way and he's. He's been working on this for quite some time and obviously -- the first obvious thought about it and eventually you know these things all play themselves out and look at it added the Revis deal probably. You know some and they did the beyond being excited about could've gone another way right right he would have probably figured out someone else deploy again. Did you know he was up to solemn because we were all in panic mode many of us yesterday -- -- walked -- franchised him. To leave for eleven million bucks and it's seamless and missed read the market a day later he is a better player on a one year deal for twelve million bucks and Elway look silly. Did you know that that was likely unfolding behind the scenes. Yeah you know I didn't really think that for a down you know the road I did figure -- They're gonna find somebody to free agency market right -- the gonna find somebody out there that's got some experience. I didn't really honestly no Revis would be that guy Americans think the Revis would say to himself hey I'm good you know. Take a little bit of a -- and go play for guys that you know we are butted heads with in the past some of it all to believe though you do look at Revis is a guy that is. It in that point in his career where he says you know what I wanna go when it. And I don't want is a legit shot -- and and and and I know the Bill Belichick is that guy he can definitely give that opportunity to you know you. Play your your poker you go shoot Belichick keep tabs he signed last contract in general -- right. It is it is it with Belichick seems this way from us on the outside but the previous twelve million dollars you get the sense with the patriots take it or leave it means that situation when your. Negotiating with these guys is it different and you've only -- with -- talked to guys about the teams as a player of the teams is a different situation. Well you know I think take -- to me. It's it's definitely. Here's where we are. And this is wide -- no different than any other team right. But it's. It's it's pretty much probably give that there's a little bit of there's value in you coming here right. And I think he's got autograph stand on in and I think that. For some guys that definitely does resonate again that's why I think their Revis looks at the situation and says OK can I go somewhere also meant to make a few more dollars yet. But build clearly -- outlook normally give you this much mind here's wife and I'm gonna give this much money in -- gonna have a least. A shot at the title right and I think that's a little -- persuade some guys is it cordial. It's it's it's. But it's very professional. Write it and and now I don't know that's a good thing or bad thing to depends on where you've -- but it is very professional mat room. And you're not what Lewis who went to the the diner though it went the I hop and -- hammered out the deal with. Belichick is not very glamorous this when you're negotiating. And was -- I was Rodney Harrison. And other places you know the -- capital limo and may be taken to -- upon. Listen I got here in 2001. I did make a quick stop it that mr. crafts offices that. On the of that one bar someplace or whatever was -- today. And but but other than that it was a trip to Foxboro to stay at the end zone motel. Well went went literally day I would get a wake up call or a post. You know trying to get some sleep. Every time the guy would come out of liberal wings from the boar that was inside the hotel. Or the motel I would be woken up by this cheers and screaming and pool table cracked me. There was it's pretty -- luxury personified. What does Darrelle Revis bring to the doing the patriots and I mean on two fronts like physically and psychologically to lose to the other ten guys on the field. On -- thing I think the whole secondary is psychologically you know I mean if you if you if you look at. He noted the psyche of those guys in the confidence they have to go into Winston when you have when you're running with a guy like Darrelle Revis you run with a guy like you know early in my -- tile wall. Got a little bit of an edge to him you know can go out there and make plays but not just make plays but almost intimidate the other team right. It's it's only gonna give a little bit of a swagger to the rest of the guys that are back there with them and you know it -- what's that stuff is proven out throughout the week of practice so. You know a guy like Darrell Revis is -- Mary's. You don't conversing with some of these young guys that are -- some strategies here's some stuff from bill that may be hasn't tried before his dad a few more tools to the box him. You know all those things add up to hopefully you know very confident team -- take the field guys. To play in the NFL invariably say the stuff that you. Meaning Kirk and Jerry and me and the fans never -- happens on the practice field where stuff on a regular basis just like closure mine who is that guy when you played somebody said Terry -- with most guys. We just -- freakish athletic things that maybe you see occasionally in the game but in practice that happen all the time -- source. There from Terry use -- on a cell phone practice to go to a a a in the sorry that are. In value though I put a lot of guys -- just relentless. You know I think. -- who don't. He only says that about Todd Collins the Cubans discreet staff members of the yet climb up the quarterback. And the he had this great vertical leap just look like you know he could be sitting there with a summons a top two but there's not a game it's ever been invented that he wasn't good ping pong basketball. Checkers -- the case may be -- yeah well you know you -- shot got skeet shooting shooting down come on now. That's going to floor leader Osama -- yeah. Well all latte well right now -- it's in -- in the locker room right now American legal issues ago Logan Mankins the guys at the shock -- yeah. Yeah this -- an economy -- yeah but he didn't have a data. There's about where -- is ultimately you've never seen larger hands you bring them it's it's it's on believe was kind of -- really. She played about apps and indeed it when he goes canoeing does it take. So deep that you know better than we do politics up to you know everything of course Alex Bono is yeah no they're going to be a pass rusher and one of these Jared Allen Julius Peppers man guys coming here with a B receiver will settlement still be here c'mon give us some minutes to seal. Now we're saying hey listen I did I remember taking a little gig with ESP in my after my rookie year. I'd never seen addressed in my life I didn't watch the one that I got drafted and then these guys wanted to come and talk about the draft right. And and their estimate on his -- is what's bill gonna do this that the other. And it for whatever reason they did take a three tight ends right and nobody's tea absolve or gonna go over this for a do that who knows what this guy's gonna do. And that's a lot about it -- -- predictable but doing your pastors yeah I mean -- in an office of the guys are out there we we need a guy that. That hopefully can come and has some experience and -- did you know what it whatever it is 234. Hurries a game consistently. I mean we haven't had that because of injuries and young guys developing guys for quite some time. -- experience Matt -- compare and contrast peppers where an Al. As football players pass rushers detractors yet you know look I think our zone of very consistent guy I mean he's -- he's a great guy number one number two here. You know he just never lets up I mean everybody talks about his motor but. No this only things that go with you can't just have a motor and write him as orderly PP what our show -- shall go to great motor was -- has some of the thanks to that -- -- shifty. You know where. I think wears a guy that. He's seeking heating get some of those plays and and he'll he'll do one or two things are just unbelievable throughout the game and and I think peppers is a guy that. You know look if if you are not on top your game he walks boy you and I mean he is a powerful powerful pass rusher. And that cannot talk about in the -- right right comedy you know something's Taylor off you know over over the years but. You know peppers with a guide remember point against assay and boy -- dog because off -- the Windham get to with a -- here. This is gonna look so he's the most athletic of the three right I would say that he's -- -- because of the strength fact yeah. Now. You get the sense you know we don't know we have monster but to get -- sense last year Welker goes Tom Brady restructure his contract he walks now let me to work and out obscene videos. He's gonna walkways are ever -- time where Brady says nine. Skirt of sickness of sick of these guys walking -- I'm sick of being -- put this this in this I want some guys. Well Ned obviously not yet -- you were just hated himself less likely to like he's a dividend that not just getting. You know I think I think it's frustrating for quarterbacking anywhere. Two to look at them to look at a situation like he's have a look at over the years site. A matter I know these guys notes expect. And then another gone and it is it is the nature of the it's the nature of the beast right. And there's nothing you can do about it from a player's perspective I mean I he's gonna weigh in on what you -- he likes what he doesn't like him they're gonna have there. You know into the year you know here's Maria had here's here's were stand and here's where thanked him but. Ultimately you know that those things -- you know and bill's core and and I think deservedly so I always tell people I don't want that job Ned never do I would never I could never be a head coach. Few things before so before analysts say animals who walked to his Belichick disarray and these guys they called Brady in and played all before that is because -- submit him at all and tried to see -- organizations it's like that's the case. You know war because they don't see Manning pouting in Canada as any regret the day yes take. Tom sharks. It you know I don't I don't think I would things we we don't win ever talk about that kind of stuff and and look at it there's a lot of things go on between you know head coach and his quarterback that are different than. In our assistant coaches Lima and it really honestly build just you know wanted to try to run me to death on a regular basis and goes for all -- wouldn't have that. And have their quarterback's head coach relationship but I'm sure they do talk about a thing is probably. You know something where it you know they looked at. It is with -- -- or do you think he's desperately trying to win a Super Bowl before Tom Brady is done. I think he's just which I don't want us to war every single season -- look if they hit -- his approach doesn't change I mean he's very systematic again he comes down to a a template and and how he does things and I don't think there's ever going to be a Borough one overarching. You know. Saying the bed that is hanging out there that he says this is what reshoot Portman is always the same thing we got to. You know we ought to be a tough Smart physical football team. We gonna go out there we gonna execute on offense defense special teams here's the keys in the game I mean it's it's it's methodical and that's why again it's not big Elway. Let's throw the entire kitchen sink -- C you know what what unfolds. It's it's it's very calculated. It's -- safe fair analogy the guy at replacing Dante Scarnecchia is like the guy replacing John Wooden at UCLA. Probably not an enviable position to be. No moment ago though and listen he's he's he's got a big shoes to fill an end in and look normally -- but. Dante Dante Wednesday. Was it was a rare exception National Football League you don't coach. You know well over three decades and -- predominantly with one organization. And withstand that many different you know personnel changes in the and and and really the players I mean you look at the players that he will he worked with him especially -- go back to my rookie season but he and the year before baton. And you see his Bagram do you use a special guy and -- it was a tough yeah I mean he was. He's not I wasn't you would invite him to your cook out every week but you know you definitely admired you know his. Really really -- suggest that his commitment to the game as a single biggest strength in terms of hands on offensive line coach yeah I just you know -- would go offensive -- you're talking about a group of guys that never leave the field -- hundred mile an -- all the time and and -- -- -- and out right -- and there's no room for error and there's -- there's no exceptions. -- -- off coach well but it would you know that doesn't happen so. Were you gotta have a guy that has a military like you know kind of command of those. Guys -- and look he's he's he's tiny compared to the -- I mean he's walking around easily use the midget in the room right. But it but he that you would never know that I mean he he kept a tight ship and he demanded. A better performance. From the week before every single what are you -- good head coach I don't think so you know -- the head coaches is because is not a good coach is because. That's a rare it's -- skill set to be able to do. What do Bill Belichick doesn't would all -- Wednesday you know you look foolish on patent look at some of these guys and drive them. How they approach things them and their system really in the people that surround themselves with it's that's a that's a tough thing demands. Physical size aren't supposed to get fat when you retire the national -- none of the other one of the others and yet not not when you're drinking a premium white spear like you'll bug yeah. Well these are it's sterile about it what you play leeway now. Exactly the same which is a little -- little. -- on the negative side there -- set to that last statement but. He got played right around 300 you know five that's a torn up. And and I yet wanna win and -- the beard whose money. Well guys I keep the Beers that I can keep -- people underneath that is a very good looking man but you had not about the same but I am also work -- get to the two year hiatus you know tell us about full night out it's to benefit the light foundation -- nine we -- of this concept that we wanna do some locally right and we wanna. You know provide some greater -- April fools' day is my favorite holiday forget open presents on Christmas Day all that good stuff I want to do something. That will you know. Inspire people hot and so we did this -- night out we -- Lenny Clarke and a whole host communities -- And it's gonna yes it well it were a mom will be surrounded by pools that date and which to raise money for the light foundation and look we we have a signature bit would you re -- shoot out that's always great. But this is more about you know come out a little bit more low key have a great now it's -- Tuesday night by the way -- -- typically -- -- to go out. But celebrate on a Tuesday for April Fool's Day -- with all these guys and you know look I've been known to to have a little fun over the years and and break out. Video although this any other in -- figured out why why and I used this as a way to a kind of introduce some of these things we've done so in addition to the comedians there will be some video pranks that over the years you have assembled. Yes so you know who's the victim. Well. And I cleared it with the first by. World -- tomorrow sidekicks ignited. The older for a Damien Woody back during the playoff -- we won the Super Bowl with the human. And he was a back up a phenomenal guy Russ Hochstein a great player for a long time came in the league sent out. We have a little fun with -- one time and and now I'll leave -- of people assume what that night but that's going to be ago when and that we had a guy named buddy forum member armor and Amanda Brown brown -- write -- from Andover and he's from -- -- them over so we had to win a camp and used to do. And buddy was a -- -- remember that and don't I I don't I don't know why -- out but he he was he these guys it was just hard work and do very seriously and you got him. Well I don't know what. Yeah. To have him arrested and it's dollars and -- fluids. Excellent -- we do have. The south from that really distinguished yes but at Putnam. Proportional -- -- important -- the -- -- are my all all we made plays very particular -- to sting yeah it's in these commercials right and notes can lead to many many more commercials. Just so good at this week that would play when you better ones that are. And Matt did you -- attributed the way to go -- was. What the because -- huge to have the best prices. Like that -- -- you remember that a little. Welcome -- you really good. Tiger. Rockets that we know -- it's what is as. That's a realistic that's Matt Light pre puberty yet but yeah yeah it is that's not disasters early -- this I'm pretty sure that might propose they came last told you guys you know report -- -- it is sleeps right -- as I'd go in the Boston do the whole sleeves -- -- -- it was actually is -- is a beat the -- motel. Right and I and I had like the guy from a American horror stories don't look at me up real soft spoken like you all over me. But there's a question or unifil does this does no good reason things have to check off -- related to and sometimes my muscles get weak when I'm angry surprised or when I laugh. As I'm falling asleep sometimes like him move like I'm paralyzed or as I'm falling asleep sometimes I see or hear things that are not relieve air. -- Text at all. How I'm all right a look like well I think my -- was dreams still Padilla and when you're done they give you another question. -- to fill out it's like how was your sleep and I'm like so actually horrible are forced to sit on my back -- every time -- -- my side there's a voice that comes into the room because you're watching me but says Matt we sleep we please turn on your back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We moral.

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