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Chris Price joins John Ryder to talk the Patriots' newest acquisition

Mar 12, 2014|

WEEI.com's Chris Price joins John Ryder and Chris Villani on Planet Mikey to discuss the signing of Revis Island

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-- the planet Mikey show it's John Ryder joined by Chris Gilani and happy to be joined on the AT&T hotline by. Chris price does great job covering the patriots in the NFL for WEEI dot com find him on Twitter at seabright sent a felon of course. I had a show after just waiting out Chris derail revisit the patriots reach an agreement on a one year twelve million dollar deal. So does Barack. Play it and that that money talks are people in celebration when we're coming back from the break. More appropriate well. Now really because I hit a I think money talks would be more suited to keep Talib what he would. Oh it's a -- I you know it's good that I will give them credit her for the Obama. But you know -- I think we've talked about it before they've never seen a quarterback more than ten million dollars annually. Are sort you're gonna push all the trips to the middle of the table -- guy and bigotry and incorporate traditional corporate. I think reboot is that good -- would be a good use in that -- -- its first. But if at first glance it seemed like. A irrational seemed -- host I'd really get the return of flooding in the -- brick which are a little bit in the -- get a replacement for to leave -- in the end of one of the quarterback. You know what you -- break tradition at the you do it for him because. I act like come on the got -- floored by this move in a sense I thought I I was guessing earlier tonight that'd probably be looking for Arab -- -- -- salary of about fourteen million after what to lead sanity you know take a little bit of a dip from the sixty million but still be looking for the fourteen minutes. And I'm guessing I mean of course this is -- early and we'll hear more afterward woods afterwards Chris but I would guess that teams like the raiders of the browns they might of the especially the raiders autumn cap space they have. Would be more willing to give him more money over a longer contract but clearly. He feels like he can put in an unbelievable season the pitchers have a shot to noticeable then go out there it's -- that four year deal for big bucks. You know we're talking about this there are some earmarks. It's -- -- it's a little similar to the situation that the -- it was a last year with the -- co -- they understood he earned the war shall be -- He and what we've been kind of depressed market for quarterbacks -- the -- annually could better themselves to go back out on the market and make it big money was able to. Are you going to be interesting to see how -- -- go down the road there at first glance it seems to be your. A very positive deal for the speaker to republic could be from regular federal grievous error optically a quarter was kind of rebuttal the last couple -- because -- with a guy -- -- my first -- into second. And I think that may have played into his thinking or other or other -- to cut more out states who had more money to offer. But I think in the long term it took a -- discount ignoring them with the chancellor Egypt -- Chris one of the the points that we've talked about a lot and some people disagree but I feel like nobody really knows what they don't watching the Buccaneers a lot. Is a Revis still Revis you know is he gonna be the guy that's something close to what he was when he was Revis island shutting people down with the jets. Yeah I do I think it appears there are pretty regal tip that you you know you not read that in 2009. Intra government orbit quarterbacks. You know -- regulatory 25 years but I think our. You know -- He's acutely twenty now and you'll usually Tony and Gary -- slowed by the knee issue whatsoever. You -- in -- and number we look at the pro football focus there's a really good job com. -- highly doubt political -- People or throwing in the direction of quarterback connecting one of the reasons you know when he quarterback the first number you look at. Our interceptions in the 21 interceptions over the course is cleared to look at it it will you know what about orbit. -- 2030 years I didn't hear more it's because diet book thrown his direction. A lot quite frankly quarterback system accustomed to those numbers have going now a couple of years I -- -- I think a reasonable level of expectation for -- reboot right now. Is becoming an Indian every piece Carter he played something in the neighborhood -- -- 900 Lester if -- So you know he's durable you know relatively. He's been able to -- greatly from that needs surgery and putting beautiful even. Up from a health perspective so yeah I think the equivalent of expectation to to look at him at as one of right now probably read best quarter in the week. So it by -- just extension that I would also assume it's fair to guess that. It is the Patriots defense has the potential to look like some version but was the first six weeks of last season when Aqib Talib was you know shutting down the likes of Gramm and I Jones and some of the other elite receivers that he was facing early in the year. Yeah I do think it's I think it's really important remember I think it is so we have returned to New England I think it -- defense. In 2014. -- going to be better than all of 2013 just for the simple fact you're gonna get Vince -- comic W Jerod -- I think when you look at that group that they were able put together all the the first sixteen to be your last year. I think that we concluded that the reading what Little League -- certain kind of fall apart when Wilfork went down until we went down in -- went down and until we've had -- injury issues but I look -- you know. Revis can still be you know cubic quickly typical Revis could still be great -- I think there again we're talking about a reasonable level of expectation for the New England defense. Rivas is it is the country to -- you interpret. A John -- -- on a tight with Chris price divide WEEI dot com Darrelle Revis one year twelve million dollars with the patriots. It's amazing -- wonder with Vincent. Denver even taking you know waited waited. I love the TJ LA is a local markets where but -- -- out to leave all that money I'm still stunned and all it takes is one but how much. I don't know why it's interesting too because they think it will talk about the forward Reba where I think may have taken a better prepared to leave for the patriots. If -- Denver. Look you won a -- that -- you know could give it to you want -- Eagles sit in court record ever gotten in the history beginning. Point six million parents EU. If you -- assigned -- the -- for what -- -- or no way yours is again critical when you're you're sort of parameters are different. But to -- or all out signing. You talked eloquently when did you know dealing with the year would have opposed to multiple yours -- -- and when he took. He had to leave -- wanna get paid more there was stocks is what four years forty million. For -- and a Denver and have gone out into what they do bled to I I guess in the thoughts aren't even heading into this before. One of the concerns -- to leave was when he's not on that one year deal what type pretty you know does the work of ethics suffered nobody get paid does. Now what happens there and it is -- -- off field issues I mean these are hard these two -- or find out but there's. May be a possibility of of that -- single bit more than say at a a one year contract. Yeah I think the -- going to a place where they're going to be able to keep them focused in the going to be put you on the street -- the going to be able really provide a solid locker room infrastructure you know you look at it and looking around the league that. How that -- that the port -- think you know obviously you know we know that are going. I think Denver one of those franchises that there'd -- can offer him some stability. I think even over the long term you'll like it look what you hear you would agree really laws and no one calculus level locker room. He simply comparing your worker with the media and really -- -- art. Within the system and -- -- he's going to do the same thing and members again though it's gonna be interesting to see there is little seed in the figure that the emperor. Really you'd be super aggressive freak in the I think there's -- we report our trips to the little people. I I think there you -- next two years to recognize that we go in and they're going forward there. And it had to think -- -- equitable -- -- is gonna look like in the a couple years you know and so it it's it's it's different approaches to building -- well. You know it's worked for both of the franchise and -- interest in the total political or. This still represents a bit of a deviation though I would say for the patriots and it it's only a one year deal but to commit twelve million. 21 player is I mean outside of Brady is is pretty much outside the norm for what they've done over the past twenty years. Yes it really isn't particularly offensive player and particularly. A corner. The last term quarterback got people like this in -- -- -- -- -- lot of them did build a decade ago is so that contribute some calamity and yet. A -- overall volume system would be placed on quarterbacks we've -- bigger contracts come and go obviously been a Logan Mankins Jerod Mayo. All -- among the best at their position Brady. Remote a couple of years back into -- -- was also in that bode well so. If they beat you pay for the best about I will figure that. And in. The rematch right now it is still considered among the past about so I recruit recruit noted that some extended doesn't represent decent overall in -- our system that. He went -- expense so heavily on record. Yeah well I mean you can understand him and it's pretty pretty easy here to look at that why they would do that I mean we're talking about one of the best in the business as you just mentioned also. You would pay averages to move like this put a -- quarter. Helps out some of the younger players just. By seeing a mile tyranny and see him on the practice field on a daily basis. Has -- guys like Ryan in debtor in this are also has -- the pass rush as well. -- yeah I mean you know we we it. Erica political first of all is good that the goal -- -- and luckily it worked if allowed entry to utilize their defense -- -- In a way to play more could restrict color into the orbiter or according outside. Upon the better of orbit and number two living -- the -- And we've seen the -- according to better appreciate you being the quarterback and so you the inclusion of political -- -- -- In the same is true really would reconsider this situation you could put report Selkirk and you could fundamentally take -- -- the -- -- still don't know -- Typically decided to play more zone coverage yeah collapse and you know you're so grievously to figure me out literal sense for me and it is. It really doesn't. Something triggered secondary here and by extension do something -- in -- -- -- a guy like that out there on the field it's going to be able to you know. You're you're going to be quicker more comfort -- going to be able to get a better performance critical account for. We've got to play you know being compared entry in the jolt in your not gonna put as much on the -- of of of other defensive back another one record when it -- to -- responsibilities in the car being so. -- allows you to do more things good defense that we could force so again I'm that -- all the way out there on the world. The we all -- and I can just imagine the rise smile right now on the face of Bill Belichick and we'll security in his head about what he can do what defense would. And and how many different looks he didn't disguise looks he can give a team with a would Revis out there and this also now I thought this might happen just purely -- well it's an extreme need for the patriots also. We have -- this is no secret Belichick can't stay in the jets jets fans and the jets themselves -- a ton of Kemper I have to be going crazy about this right now. This is going to be really interest every now and again I can go back to record but you know those two games against the jets this particular the one out there it's going to be one to watch because that that the jet. -- is always great Peter's always compelling theater but you reintroduce recruits into the mix on the other side of the ball in it's going to be awfully and it's going to be an awful lot on the watch I just it is this this this. It's it's quite popular but the -- They always seemed inclined to wait to. Grab our attention in the offseason and a satin -- because we're gonna look at this. What they do go forward here if there were able assigned here analyst opened up the possibility of her political debt Emanuel -- although that's looking like a little while idiot if you go out. He -- yet. Grievous and you get here -- or some reasonable facsimile -- And you re sign up over and you've got to feel pretty good about it -- to that point you would talk about free agency. Do you expect your 24 hours where you're twelve hours milk for people banging it against the wall in order to preach it's going to. Well you mentioned Jared Allen -- and I think the next. Well maybe not the next shoe to drop another -- as to drop could be a pass rusher somebody to help -- Chandler Jones who could really handle the workload he had last year. Is -- the right fit I mean I'm just talking style wise money wise it's not. Who will the patriots be targeting if they are targeting anybody I try to address that need free agency. Well Chris I think you know and situations really thought they were a couple local first of all. I think that. There might be a fundamental disconnect there because he would pass rusher who has over thirty instill these insult of the -- player now I think if you viewed himself that -- -- situation -- power structure. The few years I think that obviously go -- kind of role. You wouldn't repeat in and so I think they're they're maybe you have to come to terms -- that market I think you're into it. With what the market where actually -- with the military and the bottom has dropped out for for -- just a little bit so you'd think it would be a good fit in New England. However I think he would. Peace situation without structure through the third down I think you would deduct would be out there and passing out so it's I think. He has to give a little and I think repeat you'd have to double ultimate -- to -- that they operate nobody Buick Open to possible. Yeah and it reserves is -- well rumor out there -- met with the Broncos the other day but that what he does wanna leave any money out there hasn't so foreign his career so what would. I mean there was reports two years sixty million dollar deal or something like that. You haven't been out for a year. Thirty million dollar deal buying a multiple reports indicated in the essentially you've got money to the market where. When he became available so. I think that. That they're thinking right now is you know something relatively close to that. Although I don't know over the patriot I would do three years thirty million but you're -- -- -- -- to start the temperature they'll also talk a tyrant who don't know which. Politically ignorant of that different situation though. Of that to the situation the bird watching the Olympics -- all the guys got their means all kind of stepped down as good looking for pure power structure. Of Julius Peppers and the -- -- clout but after that it could -- -- itself. Again again there are some things out there and they also think that there's some availability of the world and they'll cranked up but -- -- -- incumbent we want part of the building process around the the -- -- -- -- itself it's a pretty good year for brutal because the -- and so. I still believe the metallic Rasheed treatment these in the library that Minnesota. You could exit the system so if they're not able to get one of those power structures in free agency might turn to go to the well as a. And then there's the other side of the ball to receiver and and I was an interesting approach. That they seem take -- Julian -- a man -- hardline approach with him. They've they've treated that position I always say like it's AA expendable interchangeable maybe whatever the word is that too short of that. Is it your read the landscape -- settlement eventually come back and they look at somebody like Steve Smith. Because clearly I think another target for Tom Brady is something needs in order and that's the spot where personally I don't wanna see them go through the draft. You need to get the dependable pass catcher in free agency I recruited Chris I think you need to get at least one veteran body. And in pretty agency because I think at the group the wide receiver pretty young now. And I think it's I don't think you need. Make that group and younger. I think Steve Schmidt will be -- -- that -- it would be a -- to make it work I think ultimately. I don't believe the government -- that was back in knowing that the former -- and I think that. The -- compares you know they're making is. Of the younger Robert -- in Washington he got four years sixteen billion I think people -- guaranteed. I think that would include neighborhood which when he that the market for a guy who's primarily as a receiver who could also play outside. Robert didn't have the breakout year. The settlement over the course is perfect he's been pretty consistent in common errors -- caught -- portable and retrieve your four straight years. Are we have a little bit more consistency. When it comes to present itself. I think that the good starting point go that they walked -- -- -- -- -- I imagine for years twelve to fifteen million dollar deal we've 67 guaranteed because he does have that special -- value. I would think that -- good soccer and directors. And Chris on what other TNT here and anything else besides Baltimore on the patriots in interest for adult men and where do you think they go next or where do you think the bigger need is. And now that they've landed Revis which had that was the top needed to -- quarter but after that is it receivers did pass rush. I continue to receive I think again I think when you look at. The market. As well as what you might be able to get the drought I think the bigger market entrant to reach into Tikrit has -- before is that wide receiver I think that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One of the defense deployment in the draft arm. Other in Baltimore I don't know of anyone else right now as we security 44. Are available right now who is involved in your book entry that's not to say that they're not approaching out there but of the Baltimore right now I don't know who's it was a contender or computers services. All right excellent as always Chris we appreciate it will continue to follow on Twitter at C Bryson a -- of course all the articles. Intrigue and we're gonna want to get -- I've done you know we had a guy. Thanks appreciate it all right thanks Chris Garrett I'd see it.

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