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Bill Barnwell, Grantland: Day One of NFL Free Agency

Mar 12, 2014|

Bill Barnwell of Grantland.com joins the Chris Villani Show to discuss day one of NFL Free Agency and possible moves for the Patriots.

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Sports Radio WEEI chorus line with you until midnight give back the phone calls in just a bit -- toxin free agency now though with. Good buddy of mine covers the NFL for grant land grant when dot com bill Barnwell -- don't bill. I am doing pretty well you bent. I can and there are certainly been an active day today it has been. Try to take out all the by the people that. I'm just bank kind of following out of chapter -- -- especially just. It just gets the job done form. Of everything that's happened today just kind of -- the landscape was the thing that made you raise an eyebrow most made. You for sure I think that's a really obvious like this terrorist -- and New Orleans Saints. I never in a million years thought that same -- cap it all year really struggled with that. You know -- based entirely appetite -- referred to a -- that -- twenty million dollars irritate. So I was really shocked that. -- the number was big for him what about the number for a guy like out front -- because we're hearing. You know 1011 million dollars potentially annually for this guy gets fourteen guaranteed that's -- -- Yankees you know relative or other can't look at it sent shields Scott nine and a half guarantee. Pop out cup counterpart the McCain and that low attendance figure could be closer to that -- but. Maybe it's just something on the market you know and we've. Tend to think we know a lot about these things but in reality in politics wanting to kind of reassert create -- market for. It seems like there's been in really has been a lot of secondary guys safeties quarterbacks have gone off the board already. How much of this because quarterback mark wasn't so great going back last year much this is a reaction what the Seahawks just did what the rest of the league just witnessed. I tried that I mean -- -- -- -- -- and I think teams realize that's a BF. -- -- to be -- and to have a contract they can simply have to have a strong secondary after the strong pass rush that's why. In order to grip and back up for the vikings got 24 million or whatever guaranteed to stay in Minnesota really out did just that hypocritical is that. Yen as the -- obviously tip pretty well in their secondary so let's get the patriots here if you're -- pats before you get it to specific guys. What's your approach because I've advocated. A little bit more aggression over this year in the next few years with his where Tom Brady is age wise how aggressive should patriots beat terms spending free agents. Only -- certainly feel that would make sense I think that's something I think it's doing right now. With the prospect Eric -- contract they know that trooper -- -- Peters left to the level of American and try to take advantage of those years. And the Patriot -- I think selective aggressiveness. You know I would like to see them panic on the market for the pop side I think to be honest -- you think -- find a way to create the cap space and to sort of I doubt that lucrative markets where I think technically signed. Thought that a particular kind of -- -- for one guy at a high level as opposed to kind of looking for. We have four guys typically prices or -- they're typical sort of partly based strategy. Well -- -- -- -- to leave I mean is he the best -- the best quarter left on the market but potentially the best it. Or New England left on the market. I think you'd figure at the same time they -- -- -- -- -- and they wanted to -- -- -- Why can't they cited in the season when they could start it without adding that the market and mean. I really don't think he's the guy out they had -- -- long term outlook I think Iran certainly excited tomorrow and I have I have been a great deal but they haven't been really aggressive with offered him a long term contract. If not to leave if your power rankings actually don't rank things here we powering them -- the other but were serious. I the other quarterbacks that are out there on the market that are still left. How would you do who were the guys that if you're the patriots are just really ready to they they you'd be pursuing a particularly the patriots knowing the scheme. But there's not a -- happening you look at to -- kind of the -- are left most of big drop off I actually did that and that some strange but. What about Obama can -- ability to. Had an injury last year but this year with very different yet. And probably under the command and at a big cap figure maybe for three or four billion dollars -- year. Get a chance to finally felt his value. Up automatic asylum like Cory -- having immediate lopsided in the Al Harrington but. I think look what the patriots did their very comfortable drafting quarterbacks and -- usually having not work out. -- a bill Barnwell grant land and grayling dot com NFL free agency now six hours and forty minutes old for those keeping track. It is due to the pats need to meet outside quarterback safety seems like another one at least to me where they could potentially -- not 52 million dollars worth of bird. But what are some names that you look at at -- guys that might make sense for the pats even guys that aren't. On May be on the higher end of the anticipated pay scale. I think what you look at with the pictures from the past but think they've really -- it was versatility. And so I wonder if maybe they look at someone like Charles Tillman who has a quarterback his entire career. But could let people to safety that's something that's been kind that. African in the past couple decades actually the public safety you know I get pretty good one I wonder if the actual look at that direction diplomats. He's a playmaker he's still you know a useful player but maybe the player he used to be but. Certainly about veterans who might be able to help out some of the other players on the secondary. And then the passer as you mean you mention a guy like where Jared -- it's kind of been my big key. Yeah he's pass rush the key for me from which is odd to say allow another to actually say out loud. It this that feels like our guy we're supposed to talk with the Broncos now it feels like the kind of move that the patriots just don't make and I guess that's where some of my frustration stems with this team. The other about the only thing I have to -- sort of killer instinct to move -- -- -- -- happened in the past but not really recently. -- a decade ago they went for what Adalius Thomas with someone who you know they went into the top of the market by the dire political sense. But not recently you know I want they would go for someone who's sort undervalued. But the more plausible in the public just to talk to. You know it product could be the guy used to -- but if he can be a contributor on an occasional basis. Inside on the island packet bound -- maybe questions aren't even if the patriots in the super ball. I'd be an option for the. Overall where would you assess the patriots in terms of where they are right now in other words. How important is it that they add pieces to get to that next level -- just about anybody would put them in the top. Two or three in the AFC top maybe 67 this is being maybe a little too conservative in the NFL but. How much -- they need to get up to the level of a Seattle San Francisco Denver the teams would seem to slot ahead of them going into the pre season. You know I don't think it's that much really think -- more I just adding that for them. I'm really what sort of torn apart by the end of the electorate just all the injuries and that was pretty legacy. It'll be helped your next year if you had a piece to the draft maybe your little work -- -- holding onto your picks in the draft especially in this year's deep draft supposed to. You know trading power trip into the future but. I personally don't think there's one piece and say okay if the patriots kept it. Darren Bally's Super Bowl contender and they are not without that -- it's more to the broader you know try improve but -- really you're going to be playing -- the core security app. It's funny how much the narrative change of the patriot today in a two week stretch -- -- after the Broncos lost it was Brady doesn't have the weapons and then after Seattle. Laid out laid an ass kicking on ten currently is in need some hard hitting secondary guys but you're getting back to that that first point. I mean I obviously apparent and it's his stance stays out of jail and Rob Gronkowski is in the field nobody's making an argument about weapons but we already and is coming back. I Gradkowski seems like an injury or is going forward. How important is it for the patriots to add or at least retain if they do make -- Julian -- some of the targets they after Tom re going to next year. All I I think other portable people where in the past I would say -- upgraded the -- from -- it doesn't matter anyway you know they can bring in and Wendell -- adult man and Erin stopped at a critical facts are the truth is. I think that the air all the injuries they just didn't happen people who work with a passing interest we'll stop there. I would like this and bring somebody adamant about it I don't think for example. But some might make sense at a different kind of caught an opportunity gravity to offer she might be a great idea but that's not what they're gonna do. Well I don't have to feel like these players they pretend you know I think last year they -- so many plot guys and so that is sort of underneath receivers that. -- that's sort of variety of players involved and maybe some of -- -- region is arguably the bank. But it was a threat -- -- I'll often what is healthy and productive. Michael -- At sort of in groups and that is exactly. I thought that the market for receivers ministers free period but I think for the variety of what you're looking for is the bigger -- What do you anticipate the market's going to be for Julian Edelman I -- pat Gillick would slot receivers and they'll tell you plays you know half the snaps on on the outside but. Our guys that are undersized receivers. You know mark was great for Welker clearly last year what what could it be for Julian Edelman realistically. I don't think it's that much higher than it was the -- activity readers deal in the 101112 million dollar range I think everyone realizes what we're insider. Outside the intellectually settlement or more of the patriot and if anybody else. It's gonna get more -- and get more -- the -- -- -- statement went on there and it achievable I think settlement amount lineup so. I could think it may be gone summer is a -- receiver but in reality I think. An element despite better off staying at -- Will be offering a range and in on the action. Bill -- grant when dot com joining me Chris aligning with these Sports Radio WEEI. Another name has got added to the market so to speak is is to Rel Revis and you're one of the things I don't know about Revis is to be frank I don't watch like Tampa Bay Buccaneers games on maybe that shame on me. Maybe but probably not. Is is Revis still reads the other numbers for quarterbacks are aren't always. Indicative of performance you really to task -- watch the -- when he Tuesday as he labeled the work is he's still Revis island. The guy he was booked for the field there but meaningful is that guy get he's still young and you figure your effort at sealed air here can come back you're gonna be in better. He's about to be at 888. A true number one quarterback and upper Echelon guy. And I think -- the upside of returning that previous levels so. But he's about quarterback available on the market. If you think it's released then I think that. You know giving him -- -- sixteen million dollar you're like the boxes that they can contract in that. 910 million dollar your -- could make a lot of sense and actually be a pretty good idea. But he thinks the team that can benefit from having his services and I everybody but studio. I I look at it could -- that -- I think it's the perfect. And they -- starting quarterback to play Argentina winner of the first round pick last year. -- cap space they haven't really met with a lot free agents say. And it would be a great battle company had been to be a great story that you betrayed. You know we that the -- the first draft pick and get him back here later for nothing and that's incredible. That some like straight out the movie you're at there. At the end of the day what what do you just bring it back to the patriots Indian day what do you think they do appear if you're trying to. It is -- -- ballot check which can be difficult thing to do what what do you think these teams. Freeagent hall including trying to recited some of their own guys ends up being -- -- process. I don't think a lot in I think they bring -- that the quarterback couple got a couple veterans maybe not to believe. I think they recital in bring them -- on the offensive line for the typical you know modern group recent -- patriots all season. I think they're gonna go crazy for a guy they would rather radically different but they offered to a guy it would happen. So would happen -- -- -- only count states that tight after the first six hours be patient but it seems like a lot of dollars is spent the first six hours. Offer -- -- absolutely it's the right idea what you are saying you know that people aren't in the sympathetic. Ambulances and -- is the first paper agencies but. There's a fact that a lot of big guys were giving. Huge contract he left today so I certainly think the -- would have gone for one guy and then sort of agreed that available for free agency started they're gonna get that contract that. Give me the number on to leave as a closer to Sam Shields there's a closed out front burner. I think it's about halfway between those two I think to a Japanese -- -- before 32 -- -- and -- sense I think people are still concerned about believe that. You know -- and also concern really is an injury prone quarterback is great when healthy is legitimate number one quarterback when he's ready. But he's not always back out. And when he hasn't been on there the results have been pretty dramatic terms of the Patriots defense is no question about that. Bill great stuff appreciate job opportunity to find him on Twitter at bill Barnwell and read stuff to grant went online to grant when dot com thanks up like. Appreciate.

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