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Ozzie Smith, MLB Hall of Fame, talks baseball

Mar 11, 2014|

Hall of Famer, Ozzie Smith, shares his thoughts on Barry Bonds getting into the Hall of Fame. Also, Red Sox and making Opening Day a national holiday.

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I speak it all famous let's talk -- were to -- your phone calls here he's not Ozzie Smith last and we saw Ozzie was out Saint Louis. Game five of the World Series Ozzie throughout the first pitch in a World Series and eventually went. It in the way of the Boston Red Sox and Ozzie joins us on -- because Diaz -- friends over Budweiser. Ozzie it's Mike in -- here in Boston how are you sorry you guys doing doing good -- you are involved with. Budweiser. Or reason make a lot of our baseball fans would like to know about tell us what national holiday you're trying to get a place for this year. Well it its opening day I'm proud to partner with but wanted to have rightfully honor America's national past time. Which is opening day trying to make it a national holiday Budweiser in baseball that I'm getting better net. Opening day is already an unofficial holiday because there's some 22 million people that have admitted that they played -- at some point in time so. This can go to Budweiser dot com slash opening day decline official partition which at this point we only need 35000 more -- alters. To get to that a 100000. Mark and then -- will be able to take it to Washington DC have them take a look at it and hopefully make the national holiday. Yet so we got a good feel on this one because this would be outstanding I guess this would be has to be at a rate. If you get those signatures take it to Washington tell me it's gonna pass. Oh yeah well you know here again of course when you when you do Washington DC there's not a lot of red tape. And I don't know we'll make it a national holly but a dale -- observance I think would be would suffice if it if we can get that so. Hopefully that will happen here very shortly we have until the 26 of march. People 35000 so have your listeners go to Budweiser dot com slash opening day to sign it -- petition. Ozzie is still working with the cardinals initial camping you work with some young infielders and I'm just. -- wondered how that experience is because are actually was in Boston for like six years -- what the Cleveland and play with Omar Vizquel. And I got to admit first day spring training about their shorts Ingraham is with them a picnic and no right being out with him and I played the big leagues what is what is an eighteen year old -- feel like -- ground balls and you. Well I mean I get kidnapped as they hit eighteen year old kid but I try to make this culpable as possible and now. You know one of the things that. -- that we have to you have to battle against when you. What you achieved in the major please when you go in the intimidation tactic and I think that. I've been able to make it really easy for guys to be able to come up and hang out have July and I certainly don't wanna be. And intimidating. Factor and in the spring training and I think Mike Metheny and and them they liken them a great job of running a very relaxed camp and -- Made it possible for guys to be able to come up and sit and -- Balkans and it's not necessarily about baseball it's -- it's about life. Now cares startled being relaxed and he saw you there for the World Series and Red Sox. Young kids in a Bogart's jumps on the scene in that kind of setting. Your thoughts in just how he went about his business and what he could be. Well I mean prove that the he's a big -- -- deserves to be here you know he. Performed on the those those circumstances and anytime you can come in that you young players have come early success. It only helps you down the road and I think that the everybody involved and they're excited about. That the prospect of this keep them being around for a long time. They Ozzie what stood out to you as you watch that World Series eventually went to the Red Sox are back here in Boston you were up closure rip these games. About the Red Sox specifically as a team one of the things that you remember about their World Series went. Well you know they're greedy I mean they're they're hard working and you know it I've always said that when -- -- best players -- hardest workers make life very easy and you know the poppy I think is -- really kind of in the face of that organization and and continues to be it. You know got a guy following is completed he certainly -- and in in this series there. I don't know why we kept pitching to them but that we did and and we paid for it so I think that they. They they prove that they're very very gritty team they work hard they play well as a as a team and you know they they they beat us last year. Is because David Ortiz you know that the World Series it was outstanding on the greatest clutch hitters we've seen here in Boston has now won three World Series when it's all said and done aussies. The David Ortiz didn't -- Well I don't know you don't because sometimes it's it's hard to explain why guys who have achieved don't make it. I think he certainly will will be you know given. Given all the consideration. This stuff but sometimes it's hard explained why guys don't. I certainly believe that he's proven that he's very very capable. Let's it's funny you bring up the hall of fame Ozzie because the guy were talking before it came always Barry Bonds you know Barry Bonds who is going back into baseball. I he was asked yesterday will he be in all -- he says absolutely given. The stuff outside of baseball you know as a member yourself a hall of fame. Is Barry Bonds gonna get in Ozzie and do you think Barry Bonds again. Well you know before all of this stuff came I think there were a couple guys that were. They wish you and I think Roger Clemens and very were two players that were -- all things. Unfortunately there you know the rove has taken a turn. Whether or not they make it now I I think it's really depends on the on the writers I think they spoke very loud very clearly as to. How they feel about what transpired over the last 1015 years and would just see how we would just see how that plays out as we go forward. You were when you played obviously -- -- took off. Late late ninety's early ninety's whatever might be was there any. Suspicion that there are things going on against -- right do you. I'm really I mean I think that you you had a couple guys who use you know figured where we're probably be here meaningless -- but it. You know for the most part I don't think that there were a lot of guys at the time that we played you know we took a lot of pride in going out there and and in performing in and stuff so I believe that the time to change in it and stuff so I don't know. I don't know where were we gonna go from here I think that we now have some things in place. Of the Carrington place that will. Discouraged but there'll always be somebody whose interest in trying to. And it could better themselves and in ways that they ship. US because just to the hall of fame -- -- to play with a guy like Omar Vizquel is curious your thoughts because this is a guy that. Defensively just sort of carried that torch and offensively kind of got -- career one on as well is he -- hall fame in your -- Yeah we parallel. We've we paralleled each other he was certainly become a part in the American League and what I call -- prototypical shortstop in a deposition which changed now you know they expect so much more offense but. But the fact that he came in notably as a defense of players and worked extremely hard became -- very viable offensive play -- late in his career was with much. Much like what happened to me in over here and internationally so I certainly believe that I hope that. My giving him little opened the door for guys like him. Ozzie Smith joining us he played I called the -- -- metric -- -- now they have something called range tractor which tries to determine how good of a defensive player you are. Of those any numbers Oz you look at do you believe he can use numbers and stats that did to decide how good it. A player is defensively having upping your specialty for so many years in the NL. And I think you can you mean that can be applied in many ways and I think that one of the things that I prided myself homeless. And in you know they probably didn't keep this does this stand at that particular time but it. You know what is the difference in driving and -- stated. You know in the defensive player it was Michael's two. To help the picture -- much as I possibly committed to say that runway I could -- and I took that to heart you know soul. It it it landed me he it is without letting me in the hall of fame so it works. Last one for me guys won a World Series in 82 the Red Sox coming off World Series win -- remember anything about that next year ridicule or fourth place team the year after what are some of the things the Red Sox will have to watch out for the year after. Winning a World Series. Worked a lot tougher. -- becoming complacent I don't think that that won't happen but you know entries will be part in the success of their reorganization and I believe that if they can stay healthy then there's no reason that they. They won't be as competitive as they weren't last year. Being as competitive as they weren't actually that necessary musical in the World Series but you know while. It a lot goes into that following the -- you know a lot has to has to fall in the places and did that year that you want. So he did work hard enough becoming complacent and continuing. To do the little things -- the thing that's gonna win more games or the little things that particular consistently sustain it. Well our baseball fans -- texting and they're gonna go to after you got hang up and they get off the road they're gonna Budweiser dot com. Slash opening day to sign a petition gets up 200000. They get yourself to the White House he can make this opening day a national holiday Gaza really appreciate stunt today all right thank you -- There is the fifteen time all star thirteen time gold glove winner. NLCS MVP and first ballot hall of fame or 91 point seven. -- percent of the vote back in 2002. Ozzie Smith joining us if you wanna jump in two and vote it's a very simple Budweiser dot com slash opening day.

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