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Who leads off? Even with Grady Sizemore, the Sox have a decision to make at the top of their order.

Mar 10, 2014|

Dale and Micheal discuss the Sox line-up, how it's not the same without Ellsbury to kick it off, and who will replace Ells in that lead-off spot.

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-- Worked again and I find out today they came out with the you know aren't I don't even -- and a lot do you optic I had -- old. The Al with all policy -- -- I don't. It did. Happened when yours almost a third drew is right down the middle -- low pot belly. That rule and made and they seem common answer and it comes to sink at home and it's a -- -- that's a tough would get over -- that we -- look at it especially when -- that you're a girl. Admitted to make their -- -- nobody. Else. So my copy here for trending now is -- put that together form -- read the parts that I skipped over when when I was three. This is what he. -- had to unfortunately spoke with the sweetie and the unfortunate as that was and ignore that comment that you feel that -- stated that this is this news this is serious is journalism right here. And -- the -- as I NG OC that's trending now on the I didn't know. I thought I thought it was like anchorman. Yourself San Diego I thought that's what -- -- and he's always that I'm actually Diego I actually I don't. -- -- -- Good to see again Michael was -- it is -- assault and holly programs Sports Radio WEEI. Salt on here today site chance to a city and here we view. And unfortunate childhood stories the next four are at war -- a couple. -- all of the. Also brown -- in some -- -- that I haven't really confessed to. You start thinking about raising your own kids -- are having that discussion a few minutes ago actually yeah there's some things can there. God talk that little one. I've been awarded -- I don't think it is from instruction about a -- saved that word here in this context. And not to your mom -- that -- say that ain't that right out and always got a bunch of stuff that we'll talk about the course of the next four hours and not any of that really matters to win its. Because we're sort of in that no man's land you know. Like like free agency in the NFL. Sort of happens until tomorrow. I mean Michael Almonte when -- we is probably not gonna get the better part of -- off. Patriot nation to showing off hitter Albert -- -- -- and in 67 more times just to prove to you that I've prepared for today show. But that's about the sort of signing gets everybody all cranked up. Bruins got people excited with the way they're playing right now but most of the people still want a bitch about the future rally failing at the trade deadline. Celtics I mean it was right when he wrote the copy. They win we get mad at them. We will talk about John -- at some point today and a great story -- the Boston Globe. Get Baxter Holmes that an incredible story on Rajon Rondo and he talked to a lot of people but at the end of a little -- Baxter. During the -- yet to 45 point. Right I looked in there I would love to I would love to hear his take on on what he thought of the long long -- very long article. Talked to a ton of people. From Kobe Bryant to Doc Rivers to Tubby Smith the Rondo himself in the red back clearly -- back from the quotes. That other people it's at about -- don't read those back to Rondo. So we date but the working -- much faces him no doubt but I wonder -- wondering after you read that story if you come away with the different opinion round. We'll talk about that and and Baxter Holmes will join us later on and Red Sox I -- night. I try to get all worried in the hot and bothered you know they had the six error game the other night Saturday night at sixers in game and it will this a bad thing. And I -- who cares I mean who cares about spring training results and I try to get cranked up but let's be the area. I mean I've got Jonny Gomes on my team so I'm not really worried about anything else because he's turned other franchises are on Gomes -- -- ground work for or. The count that I don't get. So that they other two World Series championships prior to his arrival here in really. Last place team credit their last place team before he got here get here. And they win the World Series. Democrat but -- my favorite part of -- deal that would need to -- that I turn around these ten. I played for three manager of the year. Or executives of the year. I've played on the youngest team in Tampa oldest team in Cincinnati I played from my hometown days. I've seen things work and think things not work for old school managers like David Johnson in school like Joseph Maddon Bob Melvin. I credit. Check out the Icrc and energy that the. It's that which player would want to listen to all of that was the player playing for the heat. Was talking about how he and LeBron combined for 63 points the other night that's sort of what Jonny Gomes is doing you know. Like let whoever had two point exactly and I forget which player it was and it was obviously joking around he said you know we combined for 63 points tonight. In Jonny -- case you know it it's like well I've won another World Series. -- manager of the year it's part of my record it's like I what I worry about Michael is. Believe it. You know he believes that the -- really and I think it's true actually. I'm glad he believes. Regarding believes that as a as a bench player. Got to have a lot of confidence now. What -- concern -- to -- start that. Visit John Carroll's office on a daily basis -- -- -- last year donate your supposedly kept c'mon. I'm a 50550. Back had a player. And not put -- in an up and not allowing me to do my thing. But if if if he goes around thinking he's a great player. And he accepts the role that he has it's it's fine it's certainly entertaining. Got to get that. Well that's Creighton -- -- ninja -- office and get as you know at stake Dicey for all manned. Yet come on and I think does that just in the nick of Fargo democratic. Reporters take everything out of context anyway I mean. Say that this guy. Hears it if I were Jonny Gomes rather than trying to make the case for how he's turned four franchises around I'd be more worried about. But it is Grady Sizemore got might be healthy. We do the math here how many outfielders -- keep this team. Where you can believe in. -- -- just say I hate it if look at Grady Sizemore is healthy. If he's able to stay healthy that's a great addition any cheap price for bench Harrington in the Red Sox. I believe that's gonna happen probably. Mean based on the last two years probably not. And so intriguing. And it's a -- nothing ventured nothing. Am 150000 dollars. Grady Sizemore he returns to form. In return shipping if he's half the player that he was in Cleveland you've got a nice platoon situation may be just I think ultimately going to be a platoon situation. And -- between. Bradley and Sizemore got you have to keep them both on the on the roster but that is because of if you do. Is there a spot for Jonny Gomes there's a spot for Jonny Gomes -- wonder who would be the odd man out. Because -- Daniel novice comply. More often than not I mean obviously if chain victory and -- -- places he's gonna play more often than not. So if I've got that platoon in center field with Sizemore and Bradley in my gonna keep a fifth outfielder around the problem. We do you know based on the injury history of victory in over -- was banged up -- banged up in spring training. And yet Sizemore don't know what what that's what was gonna happen there I think you have to. Little unconventional but I think they do. I I I didn't think that there was anything wrong with the signing of Sizemore I thought it was nothing ventured nothing gained. Good for you if it works out great if it doesn't you know it's a little bit to John Henry's money out of pocket -- and you can that -- that. But I have to admit the more I watch him during spring training and I try not to read too much into it. The more intrigued I get because I think at the Grady Sizemore we were watching in Cleveland. -- pick him if you could get 80% of that. And stick -- Red Sox uniform. Always there it's a great thought but let's take Sizemore can't be a full time player. Do you read a lot in Q&A lot of Saber -- don't you consider yourself customer attrition. A little bit there are I'm not full blown -- about it are up Bill James junior are well a lot of that make you Rob Schneider I. Those favors some some favored restrictions say that the lineup construction is totally overrated Keith -- talked about this. That you know it may give you. And it's a difference of 1% one and a half percent -- that. It runs scored you believe that and he believed that the lead opposition is overrated because I don't love a lot of the numbers. A love the advanced metrics on and on but I do believe. In any lineup construction simply because. The players Lehman. I did they wanna know that I salute I think most I think in. It just as a standalone stat or just looking at it. It's very inning and very cold way. Cold objective and now. Does the construction of the -- matter now. It's after the first time through the batting order I mean maybe your league not this inning maybe you're hitting seven this inning I mean what difference does make. But it does match outdoors -- we're not mathematics it doesn't prop it doesn't matter prefer to my human beings yes and Terry Francona used to tell Los all the time. We are a -- batting order when Jacoby Ellsbury leading off when he's that guy at the top of the lineup and he's productive we are a better deeper batting -- He believed it made a difference and most managers will tell you makes a difference. So if if you don't have Sizemore is a full time player. Are you concerned at all the Red Sox don't have a lead off -- Or do you do you put Daniel and out there and you're happy with that -- different dynamic is not a base stealer but an on base guy at dot them liberal early numbers. Up Pedroia numbers wise yeah out Pedroia has got the bravado. More so than Jonny Gomes. And he can back it up to. Which were Pedroia we'll say Eddie sedar and on on these -- many times I put me anywhere in the lineup -- And -- matter where ago and he let it leave -- exhibit the numbers don't back that up -- -- and it's not really good leadoff guy so. If -- Pedroia there if you have not been -- Jonny Gomes. I guess Grady Sizemore on a part time basis are you happy -- This this lineup that led baseball in runs scored last year. I heard talking about this earlier today and I -- to agree with -- in this regard. Unless Grady Sizemore is physically capable of playing four games and -- five days general whatever the whatever the number it's. Unless he's capable of doing that if he's one of those like complaint today but I can't really use him tomorrow. I play him tomorrow I really can't use him again until Thursday. That it's not worth keeping camera. If the peace here he's got to be available the manager's gotta say look I wanna I -- sick in the outfield that okay bill on August they away from him today. When guys are hurt those things happen ya gotta stay away from misguided -- which can't -- into -- season saying well I can only play -- three days out of five. You know three days out of seven why not. You know -- goes back to that notion of guys like to know what their role is now it's a little too. A fear real you know -- Daniel I was gonna play. But almost days when Grady feels OK maybe he's not in -- I don't know I -- on December December I know how you. How do you use Grady Sizemore. As well what -- can't if he's not physically capable I don't I don't keep. If it now. I am not saying you have to play him four days in a row five days general maybe he's not that guy. But at least I know he's capable of handling that where in a Jackie Bradley junior had a tough stretch here. You know I really want to play for the next week Grady. I don't know like gold closed day is then I'm not church worth keeping morale. They add insult to base to base it on splits too because if you wanted to look at his career splits and say okay. No Grady Sizemore he really -- against -- Through our plan against lefties well that's Jonny Gomes territory and you know he turned -- for fraternal -- -- -- for a bunch of managers that I hear executives -- here everybody let's get. School old John Ferrell -- they referrals say that -- -- an -- -- back hyper -- -- on he'll tell you later but I don't know. So I don't know if you break it down like that in any outfield position is just a flat opportunities that are field. Where you say most days. Grady if you think he's gonna play most of the time. Most days yeah -- Fridays and Jackie Bradley is gonna play against -- and that's what it. I'm OK with that if -- capable of handling that that's fine. If if you got a strict platoon in center field I'm OK although I do think it's stifles the the growth of Jackie Bradley junior if you do that but fine. What I wanna stay away from is -- Rocco Baldelli situation here. You know where he's here but it can't really play this week -- And maybe next week QB I don't know all it and I am I love Rocco Baldelli but boy what a pain in the rear and that was for the manager. And he just couldn't he couldn't get himself right I mean that was that was something that the problem that year. And the year before and yet of where he kept waiting for Rocco Baldelli and what is his name because. -- that with Grady Sizemore. In -- Sizemore. Was a better player when he was healthy and -- about -- absolutely and and out it was not a bad player by any stretch when he was healthy. What you think about it hasn't played since eleven. He's had certain micro fracture on both knees. With a number with is separate surgeries. He's had. In the last three or four years -- he's Greg Oden. Greg Oden based on -- And I have always important. His voice Greg Oden some other ways to with a cell please vote them. I'm fortunate don't -- -- don't you know that. It is you see -- -- things and the relationship goes bad government to start. You know it's an experience that you'd like to share with the last year. -- -- -- -- Number no air -- -- all yourself -- you do the -- on our rhetoric I remember. The question I had that at 617779793. Sevenths telephone number or -- mystics. And hitting send -- usually the biggest despair of your life and -- they -- -- a bigger mistake used to or smaller and they went to prayer. No word that a good Greg Oden. All of -- -- -- -- -- please collect data always demand and room. The AT&T -- minus 37937. We've got a bunch stuff we're gonna get to prep course of the day patriots as well if you're looking for a big huge splash tomorrow. If you -- -- -- out Roosevelt Roosevelt Colvin Adalius Thomas kind of splash tomorrow I'm out I fear you're going to be a bit disappointed to. Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but I think going to be disappointed obligated to that is well a we've got the blitz coming up -- get -- for coming up. We got lots of stuff for gonna get to throughout the course of the afternoon. It's -- Dale Arnold in for Mike salt can Michael Holley you're on Sports Radio WE yeah.

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